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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of what's going. on al-jazeera. donald trump's longtime ally roger stone is sentenced to more than 3 years in jail but the u.s. president says he could be exonerated. our intelligence is our jazeera live from london also coming up shock and grief in germany as people pay tribute to 9 victims of a far right attack. turkey says 2 soldiers are being killed in syrian government asked rice as aid agencies warn the humanitarian situation in libya is deteriorating. and a new front line in the corona virus outbreak dozens of people are infected in one
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of south korea's largest city. color u.s. president donald trump says his longtime adviser roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration after he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison stone was convicted last year of lying to congress witness tampering and obstructing the investigation into russian interference in the 26000 presidential election prosecutors originally recommended a sentence of up to 9 years in jail that was later reversed by the justice department after the president complained publicly the president has responded to the sentencing accusing the jury foreman of being anti trump and tainting the case this is a woman who was a person totally. now i don't know if this is a fact but she had
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a horrible social media account the things she said on the account were unbelievable she didn't reveal that when she was chosen and she's i guess from what i hear a very strong woman a very dominant person so she can get people to do whatever she wants and she got on then she became the 4 person 4 woman on the jury and i assume they asked her a question you have any biased you have any she didn't say that so is that a defrauding of the court 100 joins us live from washington d.c. and that's the latest intervention in this trial by the president to us through what's happened. lauren roger stone looked positively triumphant as he walked out of court despite being sentenced to 40 months in prison and that may be with good reason he might not end up serving any of that in part because of comments like that from the president the president suggested that stone might be
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successful in getting a new trial for the very reason the president was talking about alleged jury bias but even if that doesn't happen more tantalizing is the prospect of the president granting him a pardon and the president said he won't do that now but he clearly is considering it he went on to say i'm going to watch the process i'm going to watch it very closely and at some point i'm going to make a determination but roger stone needs to be treated fairly and this has not been a fair process well it certainly hasn't been ordinary process the sentencing phase of this began as you mentioned earlier with the 4 prosecutors recommending a sentence of 7 to 9 years the president tweeted that that was a miscarriage of justice even though that was just based on strict guidelines by the department of justice the attorney general william barr reversed that recommendation and asked for a more lenient sentence and then all 4 prosecutors on that case quit in the end the
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judge ended up handing out a sentence that was less than half of the original recommendation so nothing like an ordinary trial and a lot of people expressing extreme concern that the department of justice is not able to operate when it comes to dealing with the president's friends and allies on the kind of objective basis they are in other cases does not but what the judge had to say about the sentencing and. the response. well the judge called the case she said there was very little precedent for dealing with a case like that she said she took into account the requests for leniency by stone's friends and family she said she would not judge joan as a person but would leave that to a higher power this is despite the fact that stone posted an instagram post with the judge's face and crosshairs over it the judge did express some unhappiness over that she said stone was prosecuted not for standing up for the president but for
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covering up for him she did it was unusual for prosecutors to agree to go outside of the guideline recommendations particularly to go lower than those recommendations and she called barnes into intervention in this case unprecedented for his part roger stone played his role very quietly stood up he said i have nothing to say thank you and that's all for now until we hear whether he gets a new trial and then whether the president will take some action to clear his long time friend an ally who the judge said was convicted for helping cover up the president's misdeeds 100 thank you very much indeed germany's president has called on people to refrain from using ostracizing and vilifying language that paves the way for violence. made the comments at a vigil for the victims of wednesday's shooting in the western city of how now that left 9 people dead authorities say they're treating the incident as terrorism or in the discovery of an online document by the shia to containing conspiracy theories
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and racist views john mccain reports from bout it. this is where the shooting started one of 2 shisha bars to be targeted which were known to be frequented by members of the kurdish community the 43 year old perpetrator made his way into each place and then opened fire indiscriminately on innocent people finally fleeing the scene in a car to go home and kill his own mother before then taking his own life the shock of the local community is mirrored by that of government ministers who confirmed their primary line of inquiry it's what i just don't know i'm going to do that everything is being done to clarify up to the last detail the background of these horrific killings there are many indications at the moment that the perpetrator acted on right wing extremist rice has mars us out of hatred towards people of other origins religion or parents. this is not the 1st violent attack to be
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associated with far right criminals in recent times. the 27 year old man is currently on trial for the murder of 2 people outside a synagogue in the city of helen last autumn. and lost some of the christian democrat mary of a western german city was shot dead by a person with known links to the far right there's little doubt that far right violence is on the increase in this country and something many mainstream politicians have been warning about now some are wondering how many more people must suffer before society takes this threat seriously dominic kane al-jazeera pearl in. turkey says 2 of its soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in air strikes near syria's problems its military has been shelling syrian government positions in the
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northwestern city of sara came the government captured the city of rebels 2 weeks ago as part of its push to retake the last rebel held areas turkish president richard one has issued an ultimatum the 1st syrian troops to put out or face retaliation. as before in a situation from how time near the syrian border. syrian national army which is the rebel alliance backed by turkey sent awhile ago that it took control full control of the town of nehru and continued its advance into soccer but this was denied by the syrian government which says that it's still in control of. also much of the town of nato but it's been an extraordinary day with this sudden offensive into those areas taken over by the syrian army about 2 weeks ago the turkey has said that 2 of its soldiers were killed but that it retaliated
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killing 50 syrian soldiers destroying many vehicles that the situation remains quite particular following the statements yesterday by a president as a player that his warning to the syrian government was the final warning and that if they don't push back from those areas behind the turkish military outpost then turkey with further intensify its military involvement in syria. was fighting between syrian and takes back forces continues in the humanitarian situation is still deteriorating nearly a 1000000 people most of them women and children have now fled the violence the u.n. is warning hostilities and now approaching bigger cities joining me live is u.n. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator marc local thank you very much indeed for being with us. your warning comes just it seems as a situation continues to get worse why is anyone listening to what you're saying.
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well i hope so because there are 3000000 people in northwestern syria who are right under this horrendous own slaw those going on 900000 moved as your reports have been saying just in the last few weeks they are camped out in fields in the open mean unfinished buildings on the plastic sheets they are freezing and cold and terrifying heat and the only thing that will save these people is for the carnage to stop and a cease fire and the onslaught to be brought to an end otherwise what we're going to see is they biggest humanitarian horror story the world has seen in the 21st century so it needs to stop and it needs to stop now but tell me can any aid to get through at the moment yes the u.n. every day is bringing dozens of trucks into northwest syria into it lip through
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crossings agree by the united nations security council from turkey where bringing food medicines shelter. all sorts of other supplies warm clothes stoves fuel and so on. is providing a little bit of help to people but the the aid operation is overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the movement of people and their vulnerability and the thing that really needs to happen as i say above all is for the bombing to stop and i understand you gave new maps to the parties to tell them exactly where these displaced people are and is it your impression that they are considering maps and actually changing what they do. or not. well i hope so because you know it is. contrary to international humanitarian law to attack civilians and civilian objects one of the things to understand about the situation now in it late is that there is this is
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a very densely populated place now and with a population density bigger than many of the well the capital cities and there are hundreds and hundreds of places where people are camped out in groups of a few 100 or a few 1000 or more than 5000 and there's no way that safe so the mall the front lines have been encroaching the more danger of a multiplication of these horrific events we've seen in recent days of women and children and babies in displaced people's camps finding themselves under the poems you know people run away they look to the sky and they wonder if the bomb that will kill them is being dropped right now they are terrified or what do you make of the warning from turkey that they'll intervene in this things get better by the end of the month. well turkey of course has itself provided refuge for 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees during the course of this war it is also cooperating
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with the u.n. in allowing us to bring a into the country my understanding from listening to what president is is that he thinks it's a moral and humanitarian responsibility to protect these people obviously what the u.n. wants to say is an end to the onslaught and the fighting and a cease fire. but these people need to be protected and all the parties need to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law which means i have to stop dropping bombs on babies mark nicol thank you very much indeed. still to come on. israel's prime minister pledges to build a new mid-sized city on illegally occupied lands. last ditch campaigning in togas opposition supporters have to unseat the winning party for the 1st time in more than 50 years.
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we should see some slightly quater weather coming into western parts of australia over the next day also travel right now making its way towards new zealand the be some wet weather coming through here so dry skies there into victoria into new south wales up towards the top and this area of low pressure i'm a well developed into a tropical side through the 2nd part of the weekend so early next week we could see some very wet weather pushing in across the far north of australia to see the circulation beginning to get its act together and as we go on through sas stay because it becomes more of an expansive feature across the gulf of carpentaria and by saturday it's pretty wet weather there into central parts of queensland as well feed coastal shows for the east coast there well would be dry temperatures of $22.00 celsius could be largely drive a perfect chance to some showers see as you can see want to see showers there into
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that western side of australia may well we see want to see showers making their way into the western side of japan over the next day or so this area travel spill across the yellow sea and make its way across the korean peninsula and eventually it will gradually push over towards honshu towards q.c. some wetter weather and the time some wintry weather coming in here we'll see a top temperature in tokyo sheltered at around 80 degrees celsius. australians unchristian into fire season has killed more than a 1000000000 animals. one a one east investigates a wild one from urgency. on al-jazeera. and also a column entry election that will intensify rivalries within its political establishment but up to escalating tensions with the us i've continued protests to
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the results come to a new direction for next year's presidential elections join us for coverage from fraud as a one vote analysis. to . one of the top stories here on our syria u.s. president donald trump says his longtime adviser roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration story was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for lying to congress during its investigation into russian meddling during the 26000 election. a vigil has been held in the german city of hanau after a suspected far right attack left 9 people dead authorities say they're treating wednesday's shooting at 2 shisha bars as terrorism. and turkey says 2 of its
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soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in airstrikes near syria's it live province its military has been shelling syrian government positions in the northwestern city of sarky. south korea has reported its 1st death from the corona virus outbreak as the number of cases globally reaches 75000 has been a downward trend in the number of new cases but the world health organization says now is not the time for complacency china insists its containment measures are working or that many people are worried about returning to public areas aaron brown has more from hong kong. south korea is a new frontline in the corona virus outbreak the focus on thursday the southeastern city of daegu and its surrounding areas people are being warned not to go outside the mayor's appealing for medical help fearing hospitals may struggle to cope the spike in cases confirmed by south korea's ministry of health and wealth or just
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since last night $31.00 people have additionally been infected with covered 19 the total tally is now $82.00 people the bulk of the new cluster has been traced to a religious group officials from south korea's centers for disease control and prevention say a female member of the group diagnoses were. the virus last week had had contact with more than 160 followers cheong nooyi we are promptly investigating all people who came into contact with the confirmed patient and we are planning to conduct effective measures like investigating all devoted to detect those with symptoms in the early stages in china where the corona virus began government officials continue to insist their containment measures are working and have reported the biggest drop in new infections in nearly a month 394 with 114 deaths but the way people are being diagnosed has changed again a week after the testing criteria was widened at
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a gathering of asian foreign ministers in laos china's top diplomat said those stringent measures and other virus control methods were bringing results. china is not only protecting its own people but also the rest of the world this is going precious time for the global response to the virus. that upbeat message is reflected in state t.v. news bulletins with uplifting stories of patients who've recovered from the virus leaving hospital more than 1600 so far. in macau the world's biggest casino hub venue's closed 15 days ago are reopening but the gaming regulator has imposed strict rules for casinos including temperature checks mask protection and health declarations for staff and guests the chinese territory makes over 80 percent of its revenues from casinos the tourist visits of all but dried up while
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workers in many other industries across mainland china are being encouraged to return to work virus experts are warning that could lead to secondary infections here in hong kong there have been 2 more confirmed infections taking the total to $63.00 and that figure could rise now that hong kong citizens who are on board the quarantine cruise line of japan are beginning to return on chartered flights they'll have to spend the next 14 days in quarantine adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. iraq has suspended flights to iran and closed its border crossings to iranian nationals for 3 days after 3 more coronavirus cases were reported there kuwait airways is also cancel all flights to iran it comes as several major airlines have warned of severe financial losses as the virus dampens demand for travel to asia european airline group air france k l m says the outbreak could wipe up to
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$215000000.00 from endings by april while australia's quantas estimates it will lose $100000000.00 for this financial year. there's been a breakthrough in south sudan where president salva kiir and his rival rick machar have announced a deal to form a coalition government that's after 2 previous attempts failed to create a temporary power sharing agreement here says any outstanding issues will be finalized in the coming days nicola gage has more. after 2 failed attempts south sudan's political rivals finally reach an agreement president salva kiir and his former deputy riek machar say they will form a unity coalition government on saturday ending years of conflict not an idealism i say that race after the president resolve the issues of states we have agreed to form a government on the 22nd of february without any further delay so congratulations
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to all of us. civil war broke out in 2013 less than 3 years after the country gained independence from sudan after decades of fighting here accused of attempting a coup that led to a political dispute deteriorating into a years long conflict killing tens of thousands of people and displacing millions more a deal to end the fighting was signed in ethiopia in 2018 with the fog i lay in the there are few things that are still outstanding but we will resolve them together through the transitional government in the meantime things like security and protection of all opposition members in juba are not my full control. the world food program has been handing out aid packages in some towns food has been scarce since the conflict began a un report has accused all parties of deliberately starving millions of people for
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political gain it says government forces and other armed groups have denied displaced people access to wide by diverting millions of dollars elsewhere and that constitutes a war crime this crime of starvation which involves destroying essential elements for the survival of the civilian population has been used by both sides in the conflict as a way of getting people to be to displace as well as a way of intimidating the civilian population. the u.n. has called the situation in south sudan a humanitarian crisis but there's hope the new unity government will bring about positive change weekly gauge al-jazeera. is the final day of campaigning for candidates in toto as presidential election ahead of saturday's vote the opposition is hoping to break president now seen by is a 15 year rule and unseat his family did a state that's been in power for more than half a century and address reports in the capital know me. this is an opposition rally
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on the streets of talk with capital supporters want to see president for a symbol whose party has been in power for 53 years. the opposition says it's ready for saturday's election but it's calling for transparency. we're not satisfied with the way the electoral is handling preparations so far they're trying to stop agents monitoring the elections despite the obstacles they're putting in a way we are going to win anyone this election. there are 6 political parties running against trusting yourself and his union for the republican party but they mostly run on coordinated campaigns and cannot agree on a strategy to please the president supporters of the opposition here the failure to present a single candidate to challenge the president may cause. their job is met by a lot of resources just the political. want to text for more than half
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a century. while the president is out campaigning out of the capital his supporters are busy here too trying to rule the end decided he's the only possible. conflict because planning. to be the. only person. there will be. as a politicians make their final push for votes. but whoever wins quickly fixes a struggling economy and tackles rising poverty in the country comedy grease. israel's prime minister has approved more than 2000 new settler homes in occupied east jerusalem benjamin netanyahu says he also intends to approve a further $4000.00 residential units in another settlement in the same area a spokesperson for the palestinian president has condemned netanyahu is move as
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a systematic destruction of plans for a 2 state solution the settlements are built in violation of international law u.n. officials are hopeful that talks aimed at reaching a cease fire in libya will restart they were suspended this week after forces loyal to warlord holly for have to attack tripoli's main port well then 200 schools in libya's conflict zones have shot due to the ongoing violence that means thousands of children are not getting the education they need just stratford has more from tripoli. limine bay and his family were forced to flee their home in april when fighting on the outskirts of tripoli started they along with more than 30 other families sheltering at this old school. they say there is a ceasefire but that's not true they're still heavy artillery and any time one side could hit the other. the school where the children used to go is also near the front line and was forced to close the media is worried about the disruption this
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conflict is causing to his boys education akin to what has happened of course it affects them they're not used to their surroundings in the students at school they are moved to they're surrounded by stories of violence and war many of the schools like this one have had to close in order to provide shelter to people who have fled the fighting in fear and how. they talk to me about war they talk to me about kalashnikovs they talk to me about rockets this is the culture of our 9 and 10 year olds. the u.n. backed government here in tripoli says schools in safer areas that are still open are becoming increasingly overcrowded because of the number of children who along with their families have fled the conflict zone the u.n. says at least 200 schools have been forced to close since renegade general who. started his offensive on tripoli more than 10 months ago computers destroyed or abandoned playgrounds deserted this is one of
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a number of schools that have been hit during the fighting in southern tripoli a warehouse that used to store books to be distributed to schools across the capital was also destroyed a look at that this war has affected the education sector very much teachers and students have had to move many schools we can't even visit because there are areas where there are clashes more children are expected at the shelter the education and development put on hold libya is a country says the un where around half a 1000000 children have been affected in some way by the civil war. that al-jazeera tripoli. russia's foreign ministry has denied allegations the country was behind a large scale cyber attack on georgia last year it over attack not thousands of georgian websites offline and disrupted national television broadcasts britain and
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the united states have joined georgia in blaming russia's military intelligence service commonly known as the g.r.u. . portugal's parliament has voted in favor of allowing euthanasia and doctress isted suicide but terminally ill people hundreds of people protested against the measures outside the parliament building in lisbon 5 right to die bills were approved by a comfortable margin the country's president could still attempt to block the legislation the landmark vote means portugal is set to become one of the few countries in the world allowing procedures. spanish but he separated what's thought to be the 1st illegal underground tobacco factory in europe it was discovered through hidden tunnels below or stables in the southern village of wonder he said the operation produced up to 3 and a half 1000 cigarettes an hour they confiscated tens of thousands of kilograms of rolling tobacco along with marijuana the factory operated with the forced labor of
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6 ukrainian workers who were found trapped inside 12 britons suspected of leading the operation have been arrested in mali catch up any time with our website hours or dot com. the mind and our top stories here now jazeera u.s. president donald trump says his long time advisor roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration stern was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for lying to congress during its investigation into russian meddling during the 26000 election the president has responded to sentencing accusing the jury forewoman of being anti trump and tainting the case this is a woman who was in person totally now i don't know if this is a fact but she had
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a horrible social media account the things she said on the account were unbelievable she didn't reveal that when she was chosen and she's i guess from what i hear a very strong woman a very dominant person so she could get people to do whatever she wants and she got on that she became the 4 person for woman on the jury. and i assume they asked her a question you have any bias javelin she didn't say that so is that a defrauding of the court a vigil has been held in the german city of one hour after a suspected far right attack left 9 people dead authorities say they're treating wednesday's shooting as terrorism after 43 year old man opened fire inside 2 bars before fleeing the scene and killing himself gemini's president has called on people to refrain from using ostracizing and vilifying language that paves the way for violence. turkey says 2 of its soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in ass
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trying to smear syria's added province its military has been shelling syrian government positions in the northwestern city of starkey the government captured the city from rebels 2 weeks ago as part of its push to retake the last rebel held area south korea's reported its 1st death from corona virus as the number of cases globally reaches 75000 there's been a downward trend in the number of new cases of the w.h.o. says now is not the time for complacency china insists its containment measures are working there's a with us when i won east is next introducing us to the 1st responders saving australia's wildfire from the country's west bush child's life and it's. true tensions could cop global economic growth by no 1.8 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in one example china be
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a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. for more than 6 months the strain of the. movie and the product is have been school. thousands of words destroyed and dozens of lives lost. beyond the human tragedy is the wildlife catastrophe of staggering proportions the corpses littering the ground nothing could have prepared me for the scale is. it just can't be described. more than a 1000000000 animals have been killed some feces teetering on the brink without going to medical it's.


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