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tv   Chinas TV Confessions  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2020 8:33am-9:01am +03

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and son he became an autocrat and was imprisoned for the wrong lawful killing of protesters. the story of the rise and fall of hosni mubarak the family episode one just. when chinese or persons clamp down on what they see as unwanted or illegal activity . they only make the must they pressure the accused to confess until a. lawyer. of this act and. then even the right one state media often before any formal conviction on this episode of 1018 we investigate china's public confession of a real or just show. their
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feelings. i apologize for this 'd very sorry. displays of contrition. words and i want to see that. you're 8 years old. admissions of guilt i'll be hanged without any now while woody orders of food home. televised to audiences of hundreds of millions of people across china and beyond. since at least 2013 chinese authorities have subjected dozens of alleged nor breakers to this kind of treatment. the televised confessions are regularly presented as interviews and embed it in a news programs previous high like the country in 2004 some reports like this one featuring swedish citizen wayman high are also repackaged for audiences outside
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china i got quite clear sense that he had been tortured for example when he when he was the taint. it's a serious allegation. but quasars business associate lamb winkie says she too confessed underage arrests we are more of the middle of the more and more open. water of the old. age you know where you. live as i'll be going into like that. they put me in this chair and lock me in it and the page where all these camera lenses probing through the bars of this cage i have myself been made of stars and planets television against my will. besides myself and mr humphrey i represent your corporate investigator peter humphrey and activist peter darlin have since been released they're now turning the spotlight back onto the platforms that aired their confessions accusing chinese state media
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of human rights violations the media are not just innocent bystanders forced through broadcasts these things they help make to help produce them to help extract them. it's no secret china has ambitions plans to extend the global reach of it state own a t.v. network. but there are now growing calls for the international community to hold its journalism to international standards actually they are not media being a part of his punishment and. yet thousands and yet it. so well what i don't like about lamb when keith never intended to be an activist 7. but these days he's a regular at pro-democracy protests in hong kong and an outspoken critic of the
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chinese regime. up until 2015 though lamb led a quiet lie. if managing this bookstore on a busy streets in hong kong. it served a nice market customers came looking for gossipy political books banned in mainland china. but then one after another lamb and 4 men linked to the bookstore mysteriously disappeared. lam says his ordeal started when he went to visit his girlfriend in mainland china. on board one is your uncle some government guy who you have often tried and i just heard you know someone higher up were. summoned geo by geo our and imo the. source of or to stop signs or do not jar during. your call pearl.
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back in hong kong speculation grew that the booksellers had been kidnapped and were being held in mainland china. thousands of people took to the streets demanding answers. inside his cell in mainland china cut off from the outside world had no idea what was happening in hong kong couldn't think yet. he didn't realize he'd appeared alongside 3 of its bookstore colleagues in a report produced by hong kong based phoenix television in it the men confessed to smuggling banned books into mainland china we each are used by g.-d. to a whole unit usual. for months no one outside mainland china knew what had happened. then in june 2016 he reappeared in
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hong kong chinese police had ordered him to return to the city to retrieve a hard drive containing information on his bookstores cus. dumars he used the opportunity to access the internet and what he read affected him deeply. you know how much i'm guy home. although you were one guy. you ladies and i think. i gobble and what i. would like now what's going on. instead of returning to the mainland lamb called a press conference where he spoke about his disappearance and t.v. confession oh yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah.
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beijing's response was swift china's ministry of foreign affairs issued this report all but say later you don't see szechwan what i mean pathogen within me we found out john what i found eat john what are your employment i mention your chair effects essentially. we've come to berlin to meet another accidental activist. and to look away has worked on a difficult oftentimes exhausting campaign to compel chinese authorities to free her father lamb's fellow bookseller away main high a swedish citizen originally from china. i do think it makes a lot of sense for me to continue my advocacy him as my father is a resident. family here. and he has lived here for many years yes property. away disappeared from another of his overseas properties on october the
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17th 2015. close circuit t.v. footage shows him returning to his condominium in the thai resort town of put tire . a man appears to be waiting for him. then unload his car before driving off again marking the start of a bizarre saga that is still unfolding the jungle you know why that to me you would have bought off jungle whole life story and all but when you're fired for which she isn't shot in january 2016 away appeared on chinese state broadcaster c.c.t.v. the report said he returned to china to time himself in for allegedly killing a pedestrian while driving under the influence of alcohol 13 years ago really well as well so i didn't. go so. so the.
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bell. and that's not high that's the. way your sense of me and. life will play. his daughter angela spoke to one o one east shortly after the quake 1st confession and. back then for security reasons we agreed not to show her face we asked how she felt about her father's t.v. appearance i couldn't watch the whole thing because it was too. clearly the best that i saw seemed very scripted in october 2 10172 years after quaid disappeared from thailand china's foreign ministry
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announced that he was a free man would be a high you tell your daughter to be a parent with the young and yet you are. you treating one. you are eating each in years c.s. it's yours. are you do you should i don't you can't. read yeah. but 3 months later the bookseller was in the news again. he'd been seized by plainclothes chinese agents while on a train from shanghai to beijing with him to swedish officials. angela who had been allowed regular skype calls with her father in the months following his so-called release says she now believes the chinese government never meant to free him. i got quite clear sense that he had been tortured for example when he was detained. and he also did tell me that they didn't know all the people were
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his friends that were. did not want him to leave china. he showed me a particular set of photographs taken of him as sort of smiling and sort of doing the peace sign with the fingers on some sort of a segue in a park. you know only told me that was taken by his by his friends and the. in the tone of voice in which he said that made you know i made it bother quite clear he's friends wire and i think you know that the setting of the image. also very sort of heavily suggests that the image was produced as kind of evidence that he was having a good time you turn and don't believe the fleet of china nearly 3 weeks off that being seized from the train away resurfaced smiling and in seemingly good spirits as he took part in an alleged interview arranged by china's ministry of public security chinese state media were invited to the event.
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she is hong kong's south china morning post or i.c.m.p. was also present at the so-called interview and released this video which will be. i think they are seeing and who handled this whole situation appallingly badly and they continue to do so i believe. they saw how. they did which was to. drunk critically participate in the circulation of propaganda. in an email to the newspapers editor in chief angela wrote the interview scripted point by point rebuttal of the criticism against china's treatment of my father might as well have been a statement from the foreign ministry you still decided to run the story knowing these could not possibly be my father's own words why.
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editor in chief tammy tam replied to angela saying with regard to your father's case i assure you categorically that we did not collaborate with the chinese authorities to portray your father as speaking freely while in custody the south china morning post declined our request for an interview but a statement said it was staunchly independent we had to choose between meeting in a stage managed setting it said or having no access to him at all and we made the decision to proceed based on news merits. peter darlin never wanted to be a prominent activist. for years he kept a low profile quietly working at the beijing based legal aid n.g.o.s he co-founded with chinese lawyer one ciarán jiang but in the summer of 2015 or
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thirty's took one as part of what is now known as the 709 crackdown on lawyers and human rights activists. and then 5 months later they came for darlin. it was a massive operation 15 to 20 state security officials that sort of came to my home in the evening cameras rolling lights on and it was state security not the police. or sheriff's people. are all of our society while in detention don and realised the only way out was to agree to a taped confession. she relented ought to spending days being watched around the clock by gods and ensuring joan interrogation sessions. there was a real. little they had a script writer and we had all the camera people we had a director. then me and her the c.c.t.v.
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journalist us 2 actors and literally just reading the lines like a rehearsal except you don't see the papers. since his deportation it's all in has lived in chiang mai thailand she's now preparing to leave asia for good. we film only in dollars mindful that quaid min high disappeared while holidaying in this country and of the fact that darwin is still recovering from his old deal i had a pretty intense sort of p.t.s.d. related symptoms to deal with when i 1st relocated here like my girlfriend disappears in the supermarket to go get something without telling me and you know they'll have a minor freak out standing in the aisle like what's going on. you know doesn't really don't want to i don't know. that. scuffles breakouts outside a courthouse in the northern chinese city of chen jin as stalin's form
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a co-founder one true and junks trial gets underway and. he's been held without access to his family or lawyers for more than 3 years. the courts hands him a 4 and a half year sentence for subversion he is one of the few people that have refused to make a forced to be confession. he would choose to be tortured to death before submitting to something that he know isn't wrong like making a forced to be confession admitting some kind of crime but he doesn't consider a crime. others swept up in the 709 crackdown appear to have buckled under pressure though. in august 2 10161 of china's most celebrated human rights lawyers appeared in at least 2 separate t.v. reports. wang you said she was rejecting an award conferred on her by the american bar association. as.
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long you has since made clear she agreed to the so-called interviews for the sake of her son the teenager was attempting to flee china when he was stopped at a border town in myanmar his father long jones says chinese authorities used him as a bargaining chip hers were. put in with you all to move who's in the room. says hi go on for work you are of a mind with the city a new book of job joy you will want to let your answer. but what exactly is the aim of such confessions activist and academic dr tung bell believes that beyond intimidation and she merely ation they serve another purpose.
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rather than the permits and i read the sentence. i lose face and i know i would be criticized by other humans activists. and i may lose my. rent my car is tear containment work. tongue knows what it's like to butt heads with the chinese government. he was once a human rights lawyer who took on some of china's most high profile causes and legal cases tongue was detained multiple times and now lives in exile in the united states he says he too was filmed making a confession but the footage never aired. that me and tortured me and and sauced me to 2 concise interactive in new video
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since he or other things of any means and. i would be community there in mind. but it you know. who this person was was like you know our happiest moments in our villages high school good i'd be grades there we were so brave enough to risk. we were arrested. not all televised confessions involve critics of the chinese government. peter humphrey and his wife ran a risk consultancy in shanghai. in 2013 they were asked by pharmaceutical giant glaxo smith kline or g s k to conduct background checks on an employee. that same year as authorities intensified
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a corruption probe into the drugs company humphrey and his wife were also arrested . people were being arrested my friends and so i think by the time home 40 people. shortly off of it was right it's because. i'm. just very informed me. the person we had investigated for them was coming off for us. sunday you weeks off to his arrest humphrey appeared on chinese state television. she's never gotten over the experience when they. paraded me in front of the cameras for the 1st time in all this move 2013. i had been held in conditions of great duress. to me 2 months who was 2 months. humphry says she was given
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a sedative just before the so-called interview then let into a cage and strapped into a chair. woman course you good susie you know horses so you take all the fun part your horse shit. i was very drowsy but i was still trying to resist saying anything the would amount to confessing to a crime that i never committed. but psychologically what do you do when you're locked opposite caged animal in handcuffs in a locked chair in a last cage and i even though you've never been convicted of a crime. humphrey and his wife spent nearly 2 years in prison after a court convicted them over legally acquiring information. he developed cancer cheering his time behind bars and suffers from p.t.s.d.
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but he's recovering and he still wants justice. today we're in chizik london looking for the new european headquarters of the c.g. t.n. the international arm of chinese state broadcaster c.c.t.v. . we find the right building but it's hard for humphrey to be here for long tell you when i'm doing some and i think any moment i think something is going to come and grab us. it's just a recurring nightmare from what i went through and i stand here in my own country breathing free fresh air and you know i'm supposed to be free past all of this nightmare of what they did to me and i'm standing outside you know the building which is soon going to be occupied by an organization that assisted the police in
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doing the. complete for. the 2 peters are joining forces the last week we've been. backed by darlins n.g.o.s safeguard defenders humphrey is lodging a complaint against city t.n. and c.c.t.v. . here. i have here i come the british broadcasting regulator i'm going to visit their office and i'm in this morning. i'm feeling a little bit nervous because this is a very emotional. emotional moment for me. try to launch what i think is a significant complaint a significant milestone on my efforts there winning the right. in his complaint humphrey accuses c.c.t.v.
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of working in active collaboration with the police and the chinese state his confessions he says were procured under conditions tantamount to torture he concludes c.c.t.v. and c.g. t.n. should be denied licenses to broadcast in the u.k. for violating of comms rules neither c.c.t.v. nor c.g. t.n. responded to our request for comment but this is the chinese government's reaction to humphrys complaint warmachine unevil. right british media thank you kind and to mention. where you assume in general. so. much all on you. in a written statement to one on one east chinese authorities also stated china is
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a country ruled by law the british citizen peter humphrey already pleaded guilty and showed repentance when he served the sentence and he was released on june the 9th 2015. lamb winkie peter dahlan and angela quaid have also filed complaints tof com. kimani of all thing that. caused him a bankruptcy. in. printers and other. he's lost his bookstore and his livelihood and says he still receives occasional threats but lam says it's worth the risk to draw attention to china's forced confessions.
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chinese developers are accused of destroying a pacific power to. investigate. on al-jazeera. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get to places that others cannot i was just throwing tear gas by the police on purpose i'll give you half the time and it's programming to go live to go live to where another story that may not be mainstream happening the fires are still ongoing i'm sure. they're being fine minor and the way that you tell the story is what can make
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a difference. move. or. move. follow imo seen dennis. these are our top stories russia has warned that it can't guarantee the safety of turkish planes flying into syria. damascus said it was shutting down a space over it live these developments came to turkey to syrian fighter jets on sunday and as the fighting continues in syria the greek prime minister has warned refugees not to try to end to europe illegally police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of refugees on its border with turkey the country is appealing to the european union for help. pretty 7 to the shopping mall in manila the capital of the for.


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