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additional powers i mean those unable to. get by the end of the electricity there'll be. even the bench to get to the measures because ultimately the. economy. whether the stats are literally what the you thing ability of the economy given you do you need to thoughtfully. on the objective to actually make the if you do with vision well as a regime for the federation for the me call it isn't pretty. 45 degree of the president of the federation and. tippett. i mean you can you do that. but the security and safety of a citizen will take more than one. vote in the house will be what you need you medicine and medical. institutions. and food shops.
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you can do in the case whether the fish know your limits of the oil companies. but just educational talk to the committee organization training the regions will have to agree decision with the federal government you want and i give you the day it's really important. when you supply look at the federal minister to call him what is it working together. you know what do you think clearly the coordinates that we work together to make sure you must give them a good life the government building the advice the government the russian federation. security safety underlies these decisions to be made. in the idea that in the regional. one thing you've done you can do much community
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agreed with the sun a tree and love to do logical thought is the most difficult absolutely clear the criteria is not the protection of the health and the safety of the tip of russia but you might looking at this situation we look at the additional discussions you need to do with correct. the measures if there were to be made. sure. part of what. i want to emphasize to the implemented measures in the fight against. the big 3 we. can keep jobs and the income she persisted the campaign is that a common priority for the government for the regions you keep. actually a commission that they believe in all of me. is just a deficiency which is a key objective simply didn't for help. the president of russia.
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but you know when you might. be very careful in the recommendations and requirements of the base he's a cat. and your marriage and shares. this time thing we have a common responsibility for mutual because maybe in. this short time this week has shown that we understand the situation. we are in convention that. we act i disagree in the way people bring about hope and to overcome my i thank you for your attention we. well you've been listening to a prerecorded speech to the nation from the russian president that i'm a person that was broadcast on state television he was addressing the country from
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his own self isolation he's now extended a so-called non-working week for the rest of april april 30th well that's now cross tolerantly he is live in london for us going to we have seen quite a remarkable shift in the government's approach to this pandemic over the last week or. yes they're taking it very seriously now there have been some concern in certain about amir putin's own health because he shook hands a few days ago with the leader of russia's main corona rivera's fighting hospital and that man then tested positive and people wonder whether putin the pictures of himself from the handshake but he didn't seem. even though he's off in self isolation in his residence outside moscow didn't seem to be suffering any ill health but yes you're absolutely true he had already last week issued a decree forcing the vast majority of russia's 140000000 people to stay at
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home people who were working were told not to work and that the state was going to pay the salaries for the time being moscow has been shut down entirely and you heard him there in that speech now say that they're going to extend that force nonwork for virtually all of russia until the end of april which is clearly you know of just just just under a month away and that's how they think they're going to get over it we haven't had a least if you have a set the figures at face value in russia not very many deaths putin has said that the lock down is working. but they did but clearly he's not taking it very seriously even if it's going to cost the state a lot of money to pay people not to work. lawrence and this is all coming as west seeing some seriously escalating numbers record numbers after some initial speculation that they were being distinctly underreported.
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yeah and the other problem that russia's got is to do with a lot of other countries the amounts of people the quick break whitman's as well protective equipment you'll remember the russia lifted a lot to the united states the other day and had already done so to italy has been quite a lot of anger in the medical community in russia in parts of i mean outside moscow is as you probably know russia's extremely for. lots of places state television there has been explained people have to sew their own face most and why then based on that adopts a saying why are you giving of the equipment away to the americans if it's not just for propaganda purposes so there's all that source of concern as well the other thing though that i think you might see that play into this this round between russia and saudi arabia over the price of oil which led to a massive slump in the process of crude because there was the suggestion starting to come about that might now be started to be resolved and if that does lift the
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price of crude it would actually be quite a good thing for russia at the moment because obviously it's so reliant on gas for is entirely connelly any more money coming in from that would be very helpful in terms of paying people not to go to work and are insulated there speaking to us from london thank you very much for that lawrence well the united states is once again today announcing skyrocketing rates of unemployment a record 6600000 people have now applied for unemployment benefits that's 3000000 more than last week candy how can that now joins us live from washington d.c. kimberly this 6650000 filing for benefits i mean that's huge but not entirely unexpected. not entirely unexpected and do the math with me if you remember last week we're talking about 3300000 so in the span of 2 weeks we have more than 10000000 americans filing for claims and we
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should point out these are just the people that were able to either leave their homes to get to one of these offices or that they were able to call in or do it online but what we're hearing is that this has been a system under strain many people were able to get through to file their claims so the numbers could actually be far higher so what we've got in the united states is we went from historically low unemployment to now these new record highs and what we're hearing is that taking across all sectors of society particularly the low wage inner earners who are now counting on those stimulus checks from the government that have not yet arrived but also acknowledging that that may not be enough because you have to remember. many of these sectors are not coming back many people don't want to take a cruise anymore they don't want to get on an airplane they don't want to stay in a hotel so many of these jobs have disappeared and we're facing
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a new economy when ever this recovery starts already we're hearing from the trumpet ministration the idea of pushing congress to put in place legislation more legislation called recovery to bring and rebuild infrastructure in order to get the workforce back in the jobs that they're hoping for but it may not look like the jobs they were in previously did they may not kimberly house for us in washington d.c. thank you candy. now the united kingdom has reported a new record jump in its daily deaths $569.00 more people have died taking the total that nearly $3000.00 more than $33000.00 people are now infected and that includes prime minister johnson who's been in isolation since friday he's vowing to massively increase testing as his administration comes under increasing criticism for not doing enough. we're also massively increasing testing and i want to say a special word about testing because it is so important and i as i've said for for
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weeks and weeks this is the way through this is how we will unlock the coronavirus puzzle this is how we will defeat it in the end and what we need to do is massively ramp up not just tests so that you can know whether you've had the disease in the past the 2nd antibody test because that will enable you to go to work in the confidence that you can't be infected or infectious and the promise of more testing has failed to come from kline medical weapons across the u.k. more than 2000 of them and now infected easily frustrated. we should be the 1st. so that we can look up issues. i'm very sad i feel like right now. that you said what conclusion. do people going to tell you i'll say you know yes this is going overboard this is going to go on this is going to go look at germany . please. well let's now go to china hala who's in london for us china the
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anguish in that man's voice. over the lack of testing facilities and us standing in a repurposed. to tell us a little more about what's happening where you are. yes testing is a huge issue here the government has been well behind the curve since the start of this crisis and continues to be it has been frankly unable to sufficiently explain the discrepancy between a country like the u.k. trying to ramp up to 10000 tests a day and germany for instance which is doing 70000 tests today and also unable to explain why front line health care staff haven't been able to get the tests they need those exhibiting symptoms of the disease who are now self isolating at home who simply don't know whether they got it or not and if they did know would be able to get back to work much quicker where they are absolutely urgently needed but this is part of the solution it's a drive through testing site one of 5 this one is in the car park as you say of an
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ikea shopping center aiming to test a 1000 health care workers a day they're not doing that at the moment so you can see it exactly as a car trying to get in a brisk trade at the moment they need an email from public health england inviting them to come to this test center in order to get tested if they haven't got an e-mail to come get in we spoke to a friend a medic who was turned away short while ago he desperately needs to test his self isolating and he doesn't know where to get it he asked us where to get the e-mail from so there may be some glitches in the system but they'll be working through those aiming to get up to a 1000 a day making that part of the 10000 a day countrywide a need to get up to 25000 a day by the end of april and hundreds of thousands in a matter of weeks but this epidemic is fast approaching its peak here in the u.k. perhaps within the next 2 weeks. they don't seem to be getting up to speed quickly enough jane hall there for us in london thank you very much jana. well spain has just reported
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a record jump in daily deaths from corona virus anywhere in the world 950 people have died in the past 24 hours bringing the toll there to more than 10000 with another 8000 people infected just in the last day the number of confirmed cases has now surpassed 110000 those latest numbers put spain on par with italy marta herero is in the capital and she says despite the drastic rise in the number of infections and deaths health officials are hopeful of a slowdown soon. and $150.00 coronavirus dead in spain in the last 24 hours again to deadliest day with more than $10000.00 in total ricing the debt rate to 9.00007 percent it's another day with more than 800 new infected cases of coronavirus reaching 110000 of people in fact from call it 19 health minister reported today that with the curve might be used to have
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a live and we what might be witnessing now a slowdown the health ministry also reported that now they will focus on the intensive care units that they want they want to prevent them to be overwhelmed or being collapsed while iran has reported $124.00 more deaths there taking their total fatalities to $3136.00 more than $50000.00 and factions have been confirmed and while all intercity travel is banned for at least another week the government has so far avoided a full scale shutdown. all 600000 chinese people have been locked down after new infections were reported by a province where this outbreak began the discovery in a county of hell out of province has further raised fears of a 2nd wave of infections while in the philippines the president has ordered soldiers in the police to shoot anyone who breaches down or does foreign story reports. china's government has ordered a lockdown on g.r.
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county in her none province it borders who break which was the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in china 600000 people have been ordered not to leave their homes unless they have official permission the order came after and in fact none came into contact with 2 doctors who then tested positive the new lockdown has fears of a 2nd wave of infection just just china is restarting the walls 2nd biggest economy after months of enforced quarantine china's foreign ministry says u.s. officials are shameless fall accusing beijing of covering up the true picture of the outbreak a ministry spokeswoman accused the americans of politicizing the health issues well . we have said multiple times that slanders smears and finger pointing cannot make up for the last time they'll only cause more lost time and lives if they continue
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to lie just like china did at the start of the epidemic many countries in the region have imposed tough restrictions on movement malaysia is reporting early signs of a slowdown in the infection rate but the government says strict control measures need to be adhered to the president of the philippines has ordered soldiers and police to shoot anyone who violates the mandatory month long knockdown rodrigo to ted tate issued the warning after protests by residents in a poor area of manila complaining about the lack of food and government aid. to the police and military also with the village of. if there are troubles or occasions where there is violence and your lives are in danger. sure them dead rights groups have criticized his remarks with amnesty international calling them heartless and unjustifiable gloriously al-jazeera. still ahead
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on al-jazeera displaced by conflicts now vulnerable to infection we'll look at how families in libya are dealing with the threat of coronavirus. if you're on the north coast of honshu you just got rid of one blast of wind and he's caught down for was this center of low pressure disappears but it won't stay that way with a go nice looking friday was 70 degrees in the sunshine the something developing in the far northeast of china or east and russia already and this low here still cold enough to snow quite a long way northeast admittedly but it would use quite a strong wind onto that face of honshu on her carda which rain developing once more
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there in tokyo you're in shelter at $21.00 degrees and your wall was in beijing which is not 6 degrees off its temperature coming into the weekend further south the rain has developed in southern china is going to out into the far science of these smaller islands of japan and south of that an increasing number of shows a showing up daily now in southeast asia but the concentration still in common tongue some inside iraq sort of way cities was to east timor equally we've gotten daily building in sumatra and singapore in kuala lumpur increasing the year like to shout a daily basis that's not yet the case in india in bangladesh and in the northeast we all sing a little bit more in the way of rain but mostly we're still just watching the temperatures slowly rise. the u.s. park current is accused of burma's military of genocide this is the political that
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you see here. do you believe the modi is a fascist or who are 2 going to play when they. both recognize the both sides have legitimate grievances against the other climate justice is the foundation of climate action and that is why the palookas must face. to face with. the euro one. who. hello again i'm mistress here today and a reminder of our top stories this hour financial markets in the united states have opened down after fresh figures reveal the number of people unemployed in the united states doubled just in the past week
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a record 6600000 that applied for benefits as emergency measures that strangle the economy. the u.k. has reported a new record jump in its daily pandemic deaths $569.00 people have died in the past 24 hours taking the total to nearly $3000.00 prime minister bars johnson has vowed to immediately increase testing. and spain has reported a wreck or jump in daily deaths there from corona virus anywhere in the wild $950.00 people have died in the past 24 hours then bringing the total to more than 10000. now health workers in india are demanding better protection after a rise in violent attacks targeting them. take a look at this video an indoor city in madhya pradesh state a group of around 100 people threw stones at doctors who were trying to screen patients for coronavirus 2 female medics were injured and had to be rescued by the
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police but i'm joined now by doctors to rica she started an online petition demanding an end to attacks against doctors who are treating coronavirus cases and she is joining me now on skype from new delhi dr emma thank you so much for taking the time to be with us i mean in on the company. front line health in i'm sorry to interrupt but i just want to say i mean people like you and other countries are being applauded in parts of india they're being spat at as we were just being pelted with stones and i'm really struggling to understand what's actually driving all of this. so the thing is i'm the surgeon i'm boost in google on daily and. looking good the local word 19 patients under extremely trying circumstances but i have had to start up but they should with changed or do you slash stop attacks on doctors because unfortunately all over the world we have people tanking doc goes
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for being there on the frontline but in india people have a dead a bill. habit of hitting doc goes every time somebody in their family dies and as you can see like you were saying the numbers that i've seen across the world there are more than 44000 deaths because of poor with 19 and in india we've had 3 episodes where every time a patient all scored 19 died in the in the i.c.u. on the way into late though they were physically assaulted by their relatives and it's a very very difficult time for those in india because one we are working against a dangerous disease putting ourselves at risk and day and 2nd we have to always be in fear that somebody is going to get those every time a patient that is and for a disease that does this i hate it of mortality it's going to become very challenging for all of us to work of course asking the prime minister to make it a non-bailable offense that anybody who wants doctors really be arrested and not given bail so that doc those health workers can work can be well again
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a way to train them for things you say that doctors are being attacked in the event of a death but i mean in the video that we've just been seeing these were doctors who are just trying to test patients what's driving the violence as it will this community health workers and and what's driving that whole that whole amount of violence targeting them. so that what i think i mean i'm not exactly sure what to write they would hit so badly and assaulted and such a mass killed but the main fear is that if anybody comes positive they will be taken into isolation and i think patients out afraid that they will be taken away from their homes and their families that probably could we are driving force but in another that episodes in head robot and indoor doctors will be eaten up in the hospital when they had to declare the patient they'd see there have also been reports that landlords are evicting health workers from their homes how widespread is that. that's extremely it was very disturbing it happened in delhi and in
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a couple of other cities the those who are working in the institute like him send the odd broke a hospital they were suddenly asked to or cared by their landlords and they were physically threatened and they were directly it didn't put their belongings were put on the lord and it was extremely disturbing until the administration had to get involved and they dream and at least have stopped when you say you're calling on the government to to try to support you in more strong way and i have the it did a bit bishan asking the prime minister more the clear to that but they should not change. it's got to stop attacks on doctors so that the prime minister shouldn't 3 and ask the police to give maximum protection and there should be 0 at all of them for why lives against doctors and health or good so that we can work in peace and without the fear of us saw it every time we are having to get a patient did talk to syria. and medical doctor in india speaking to us from new delhi thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera and we wish you all the best
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thank you well greece has sealed off a migrant camp near athens after 21 people tested positive for co that 19 and they include a mother who'd just recently given birth and hospital she was traced back to the red zone a camp prompting doctors to test other asylum seekers that. and there are fears that the spread of corona virus in libya will pose a serious threat to some of the 150000 people displaced by conflict their people sheltering in schools and abandoned buildings are particularly vulnerable to infection marketable why head has more from tripoli. i'm for her and her family have been living in this classroom since april last year they were risk you'd along with other families by the red crescent when the war reaches the end zahra neighborhood in southern tripoli the family miss their old house where they each had their own room now where they all have to sleep cook and sit in this rule
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though highly young horse you know hog our old house was ransacked and down and we became homeless who can make it up for us i paid a lot of money to build it we have no interest in this war no one feels our suffering we've paid a lot for this war. more than 150000 people have fled their homes in southern tripoli since forces loyal to the warlord leave for have to move to the capital. the internationally recognized government says it's determined to defend the city international mediation has failed to put an end to the conflict development projects have been halted by the war many schools have been turned into makeshift camps some have sheltered in these abandoned they have built up apartments with no electricity or running water the displaced families
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here say they used to go out in the city almost every day to have a relief from the school atmosphere. now where the 1st announcement of coronavirus and dimmick and tripoli they have locked themselves up in the school classrooms which is adding to that agony. health war could have been trying to help people in the shelters by sony to using the rooms and giving them detergents medicines innocence we're keen to not only stress on personal sanitation of the families but also to raise the awareness about potential infection and how to take measures to prevent it with the holy month of ramadan approaching more tough days a week those who live year being together is the only solace they have for now. tripoli well video conferencing app zoom has promised to step up privacy and
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security on its platform after complaints that its tens of millions of users could be at risk the company's head says they'll put all their engineering resources into fixing the issues tech experts had reported use a daily expand the abilities which then that malicious websites access people's webcam. on another news oil prices have now risen by around 10 percent after donald trump talked up hopes for an end to the price war between saudi arabia and russia the us president expects the major producers to reach a deal within a few days or oil prices have fallen to an 18 year low because of the dispute and also because of the huge drop in demand as the coronavirus closed factories and grounded air travel well wives now in pakistan the prime suspect jailed for the kidnapping and murder of journalist daniel pearl is set to be released a court overturns the murder conviction of british born a bedouin aside shaikh but maintained that he had helped with the kidnapping 3
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other men have been acquitted wall street journal reporter daniel pearl was killed in 2002 while investigating a pakistani rebel group come all haida has more from islamabad. omar shaykh was sentenced to 18 years ago by an antiterrorist court along with 3 others he was given the death sentence were given a life imprisonment however. in the same the high court date case has been going on for 18 years but the defense of course arguing that the prosecution was not able to prove its case that most of the witnesses were policemen and also the fact that a u.s. psychologist had mentioned that when he interviewed khalid shaikh mom the mastermind of the september 11th attacks in 2001. he had admitted that he actually was in war and beheading daniel so the court of course commuting
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that sentence from the death penalty fall. and that of course now 7 years but because he's already 18 he's likely to be released along with the other 3 who were given a life sentence each day of course have also been released by the high court. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines financial markets in the united states have just opened down and this comes after fresh figures reveal the number of people unemployed and the u.s. doubled in the past week an all time high of 6600000 people applying for benefits as imagines he measures strangle the economy spain has reported a wreck or jump in daily deaths from corona virus anywhere in the wild 950 people
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have died in the past 24 hours bringing the toll that some more than 10000 the latest numbers now put spain on par with italy. well the u.k. has also reported a new record jump and it stayed a pandemic deaths $569.00 people died there in the past 24 hours taking the total to nearly need to nearly $3000.00 prime minister barak's johnson has vowed to massively increase testing while the promise of more testing has failed to come from kline medical workers across the u.k. more than 2000 of them are now infected. it's very frustrating. we should be divorced. so that we can look up the issue. i'm very sorry i feel like right now. though you. will conclude. people are going to tell you and say you know yes this is going to be going this is good is going to get good a good look at germany. russian president vladimir putin has ordered most people to stay off work until the end of the month it's an extension of the nationwide no
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where he had he announced last week russia has recorded 3 and a half 1000 and factions and deaths iran has reported $124.00 more deaths taking their total to $3146.00 more than $50000.00 and texans have been confirmed. health workers in india demanding better protection up to a rise in violent attacks during the country's lockdown an indoor city in madhya pradesh state a group of around 100 people threw stones at doctors who was screening patients and greece has sealed off a migrant camp near athens after 21 people that tested positive for private 19 they include a mother who just recently given bath and hospital well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream to stay with us. as the world battles the corona virus pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from
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around the world. with updates about travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. coronavirus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. i mean ok and i'm melissa block when you're in the stream the sex trade is a nightmare for the millions of women and girls who fall into it but surviving is unhealthy battle and ramdev an innings latest chapter of the comic book series previous shakti india's 1st woman superhero and rape survivor returns to shed light on the challenges survivors face on trying to get back to a normal life today we meet the woman behind priya and the last girl's. shock the series was born in the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in delhi in 2012.


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