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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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you know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. good what's the picture from the inside. as think russia's foreign policy is too soft going to be the most russian goals have be achieved not peace and give you full russia on al-jazeera. the worst crisis it's ever seen the international monetary fund issues a grim warning about the wider effects of the coronavirus pandemic. i wrote about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up america's top health officials advise everyone to wear some sort of face mosque but donald
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trump says he won't be doing it. health workers come under attack in one indian city as they carry have checks for covert 19 patients. and. when she. and legendary u.s. singer songwriter build weathers passes away aged 81. there's been a grim warning on the wider long term effects of the coronavirus pandemic the head of the international monetary fund christine and josie of a says the global economy has come to a standstill and this is the worst crisis the i.m.f. has ever witnessed far more grave in the 2008 global financial crisis it's keeping aside a trillion dollar war chest to help vulnerable economies as infection numbers near
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1100000 there's a battle over face masks by u.s. manufacturers says the government has asked it to stop exporting and 95 mosques to canada and latin america u.s. vice president mike pence is announce that medicaid medicare and private insurance companies will now cover treatment for covert 19 as well as testing major insurance companies will also waive co-payments for testing as well as 60 days of treatment. no american will ever have to worry about paying for testing or for coronavirus treatment i'm pleased to report at the president's direction medicaid and medicare already expanded to coronavirus treatment and testing early on and of course the president just indicated how major insurance companies across the country are not just waiving co-pays on testing but they're now waiving co-pays for at least 60 days on any any coronavirus treatment but now
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a secretary is our will numerate and i will make sure that any american even those that have no insurance will be able to receive treatment in a hospital and never have to worry about the bill she how times is joining us live from washington d.c. for more on this and see how this changes to medicare is actually quite significant isn't it because one of the things that they were concerned about was that people who wouldn't be able to afford the treatment might not go and get tested but now it looks as maybe though maybe they can. well i think we need to explain the system actually alone among developed countries the us has a for profit health care system run basically by private insurance companies medicare medicaid always did cover treatment medicare medicaid medicare for lowering the lowest income in the us medicare and medicaid losing so many countless senior citizens they were always going to cover things but those are open to those these are the post you left us then you have those with private insurance either
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personally they pay private insurance companies a premium and then they have to pay so i don't think they have to pay for their insurance or you get it through your workplace you get it and insurance thing and then even after obamacare there were about 30000000 people who were deemed too wealthy to get medicare medicaid or medicare or no medicaid. but who didn't have private insurance either so a 30000000 people who have no insurance whatsoever so that's you have problems getting very concerned about and that public is probably growing or clearly growing because so many people remain unemployed and they were getting their insurance through their employer so this is good because what parents just have to be all this are not unfeeling it's a pencil been saying this for months or you know weeks that iraq is going to get you know getting reimbursed and so on and then when you look at the small print it doesn't seem to be the case as far as i'm aware not all of the medical insurance companies how agreed to come for anything beyond testing that can recall rest as
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mandated the insurance companies cover testing its treatment and we're wondering about several of the main insurance companies have said that they will cover treatment all of those ones i've seen but parents often make statements like this well look at the way that i think that's really really really really strange in addition there are all sorts because this is a patchwork of insurance companies and different policies there are several possible really i would know i was talking to a doctor i happen to be working on a story about the insurance industry will come up next week when. stronger adult to say look we still have no clue what will be created and what what are you calling for corona virus test and your negative does that mean that you know we did some tests and you had to come into the office in order to get the test will you be logical for the office visit if not the test itself you know what if we do other drugs or stick tests like white blood cell counts were chest x. rays to see whether you have heard of ours will that be covered under the testing of current virus was it specific carnivores testing what do you want to be isolated
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what hospital charges if such a complicated system the doctors themselves say that they are only able to tell patients one of them what will be covered and what we're going to we have in the last few weeks seeing people with almost bills when they follow the guidelines to get tested if they're if they have symptoms when the insurance company in the us is just a model there of the difficulty of dealing with a pandemic in the united states we simply really don't really know what is covered and what isn't covered and you don't know until the bills actually come and that's that's a big problem you know it's really sensitive but from what you're saying is though that it's not nearly as clear cut as the vice president was making out but he was of course speaking at a press conference earlier on a few hours ago of the coronavirus task force there was a lot of detail that was being given in that press conference we're talking about face masks we're talking about the situation over the oil industry the riaa between russia and. saudi arabia just what would the headlines for you when you were
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watching that presser. take your pick i mean domestically it's the c.d.c. the centers for disease control's new advice or recommendation that if you're out and about if you are in a shop for example where social distancing is difficult you should wear a cough moscow science or not and medical miles and miles in order to prevent you from giving other people giving other people the virus especially now that we know more and more about how asymptomatic people are transferring the virus the c.d.c. has decided to give this voluntary recommendation on oil there was actually a raise because it was suggested it's a great deal it was in the works we know that russia is sad that they were hello that production of oil if the u.s. knows its production we were wondering whether at a meeting with oil executives being trumped with trump at the white house when they get some sort of deal apparently has not any sort of deal and the press conference he just said look it's a free market we'll see what happens so no deal at all with us us producers and
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then on mosques as you say they spat with 3 m. about mosques the u.s. down requiring 3 ounces 2 not just to you to. time but that's any mosques it produces in the u.s. not to export those to canada or latin america that's potentially problematic because it might mean that. if the cattle do well stop exporting medical equipment to the u.s. a little there's no question about that right now also we understand that the u.s. is requiring 3 of them to export anything produced out of the u.s. in asia for example to the u.s. for mosques again about various issues that we have to see whether they're going to be sorted out so those will be other things that are being so they were being discussed with them donald trump almost immediately even though there is an order now under the defense production act for 3 m. to buy but what's must the u.s. president promise and yeah but if italy or spain need stuff then they will give it
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to them so i'm not. why is it about that i that theoretically there is not directed for people even personal protection now being produced by american manufacturers to stay in the us or to be exploited to the us by american manufacturers it always sounds so simple when they say it in the press conferences either it's a lot more complex in real life she had thanks very much indeed for the breakdown in washington d.c. and what's being called a bidding war countries and even cities are competing for supplies of personal protective equipment including masks gloves and gowns for health care workers the coronavirus pandemic has led to a worldwide shortage set of reports. there's not enough protective gear to go around countries a scrambling to get hold of supplies especially face masks and just soon as possible but some governments are being accused of using unscrupulous tactics and paying inflated prices to get their share. and then is accusing the us of carrying
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out a modern piracy of bangkok said ports and diverting a shipment of mass destined to germany for itself then these are marked that must marked the whole world is buying them right now it's worth gold at the moment it's sometimes very very difficult to plan things in advance and that sometimes deliveries that with thought to be secured suddenly don't arrive as planned. the heads of 3 regions in some of the west's hit coronavirus areas in france have accused the united states of affectively hijacking millions of shanghai airport they were made in china and destined for france then it's alleged the us paid $3.00 to $4.00 times the going rate to obtain the us denies the allegations but it's need is great. as the more than a 1000000 people diagnosed with the virus globally the u.s. has the highest number of infections and like many other countries is struggling to find enough protective equipment donald trump is under pressure new york an epicenter of the virus will run short of ventilators in a few days. despite u.s.
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strange relations with russia and china president donald trump says will take whatever he can get was a very nice offer from president putin i spoke to him the other night as a job when they had access to medical equipment things and i'll take it i'll take it i think it's very nice we've had them from china we also help other countries a lot of mosques and ventilates is meant to us states are in a price bidding war against each other to replenish dwindling supplies the federal emergency management agency or fema says a black market has emerged with some equipment made in u.s. factories being sold to pooled brokers come in there bidding and bidding on always different people driving the price up and guess what you know where it's going the domestic sources here are being export. across the board canada is investigating reports that one of its orders was diverted to the us i've heard
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reports on this issue and of course they are concerning we need to make sure that the equipment that is destined for canada gets to and stays in canada and i've asked ministers to follow up on these particular reports we are working not just here at home but overseas as well to ensure that the equipment that canada has ordered makes its way to canada. to start slow some governments have been accused of using a number of tactics including stockpiling medical supplies blocking exports to take to the quick mint and seizing shipments transiting through their territories to other countries france warned companies they can't just supply and supplies from turkey because a visit to the strictures on medical supplies. flights in cavan 19 is a race against time and with a global shortage of fact 33 g.'s protective some are resorting to making their own mess instead of waiting. al-jazeera. the york's governor has signed an
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executive order that gives him the power to redistribute ventilators to worst parts of the state it's recorded its highest rise in the number of deaths in a single day at 562 the state is the worst affected in the us with more than 100000 infections governor andrew cuomo says hospitals are at capacity and cannot handle the influx of patients forget testing vaccine that's a separate project that's not where people are going to die in the near term people are going to die in the near term because they walk into a hospital and there's no bed with a ventilator because there's either no bed or no staff no people were no ventilator that is what is going to happen. india has been relatively untouched by the virus with just over 2000 infections in a population of more than a 1000000000 but efforts to stop the spread have been dealt a blow by mobs attacking health care workers elizabeth put on them reports from new
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delhi. health care workers trying to care for corona virus patients and carry out tests from the city of and or chased and attacked people who live here suspicious of anyone who has contact with the coronavirus the area was barricaded to contain 2 positive cases and keep 50 families under isolation but it could be very barricades were vandalized and some offenders threw stones apart from the assault police will take notice of these 2 matters police tried to convince people in the neighborhood to allow health care workers to do their job and the police the targets to one officer was critically injured when he was one of several bigger than most often they go in the state of the day after they tried to stop people from gathering in defiance of the lockdown attacks on health care workers have been reported elsewhere to the ready money and
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i really like. a community health worker in karnataka state says she and her colleagues were attacked when they were trying to spread awareness about corona virus and check if anyone had some to always get going to yahoo for money they grabbed our phones we were not allowed to call officials we have been working for the past 5 years we were never humiliated like this we try to explain to them that we are here to help them and together information about anyone who is suffering. and his health ministry has condemned the attacks that all would help if anyone has abused any health care worker then it is a shameful matter we request everyone not behave this way again because we need the help of the medical professionals is the leading this fight from the front we can only get ahead with the support. health care workers aren't just fighting coronavirus but also the stigma that comes with it all of those you know really horrible attacks on you know on health care workers and doctors returning from
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duties you know not allowing them back at the back housing complexes and in fact in new delhi the government has decided to take all the doctors from one government hospital and how's them in a hotel so that they can be free of that concern and to be taken care of india's leading public hospital vote to the government last week demanding action against landlords who were a victim doctors and nurses because of fears that they might make others more susceptible to the current a virus various states have warned landlords of legal action saying evicting health care workers amounts to obstructing public servants india's house ministry reminded everyone that these are the same public servants who indians came out on their balconies and applauded less than 2 weeks ago elizabeth ronon al-jazeera new delhi . still had an al-jazeera a london exhibition center opens its doors as the country's latest hospital. and
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nowhere to go the new threats the coronavirus pandemic poses to the homeless. hello it's still fairly windy around japan the frontal system is offshore but the active low to the northeast still going to get a non-issue or breeze for that coast the north coast of honshu bring if you shout that took us in a $22.00 degrees is still relatively warm in the sunshine in the korean peninsula and northern china in southern china well it's possibly seasonal rain showing itself developing and then disappearing and then redeveloping but because it's coming in then i think hong kong will be affected much about hong kong forecast next 3 days does have some storms and showers or showers or 3 days with a fairly steady and humid 2021 degrees or sort of water showers
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a watch for to the south that of course we're seeing more and more than developing a daily basis in places like thailand or vietnam and of course we've seen them become rather more frequent in sumatra peninsula malaysia singapore and kuala lumpur for cross a singapore for the next few days is a fairly shari one thunderstorms v.r.s. on all 3 days with of course a fairly steady temperature although the high side of average has friend here occasional showers temperature wise is what we're watching moment time she's rising ahead of the venture monsoon not in the major towns but around much of pradesh and just on where over 40. all the world to stay with most stable my wife rest internment and mass indoctrination are we going children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high
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tech surveillance who are being complicit in the human rights abuses that are trying. to geisha into trying a systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the international monetary fund says the coronavirus pandemic has brought the global economy to a standstill it's warning the situation is far worse than the 2008 financial crisis the i.m.f. says it has a trillion dollar war chest to help vulnerable economy it's. america's leading
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national public health institute is recommending the use of face masks to stop the spread of corona virus but president donald trump says it's voluntary and he will not follow that advice. u.s. vice president mike pence says that no american will have to worry about paying for coronavirus testing or treatments mike pence has announced that medicaid medicare and private insurance companies have expanded their coverage. the u.k. has reported nearly 700 new deaths taking is told to more than 3 and a half 1000 and the hospital has opened in the capital just over a week after work and it began join to help reports from london it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of the engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar
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sites on the way prince charles cup the virtual ribbon from his scottish residence having recovered from a buyout of corona virus. a krrish to this hospital is. the result of an extraordinary collaboration and partnership between n.h.s. manages the military and all those involved to create a sense on a scale that has never been seen before in the united. someone who hasn't yet recovered is boris johnson do you back at work today a week after announcing he got the virus johnson still has a temperature so there was another video message instead as a good looking prime minister continues to self isolate inside downing street i think and alas i still have one of the sins of the mind a symptom of i have a celeb a temperature and so in accordance with government advice i must continue myself
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isolation until that symptom itself goes the prime minister's call was amplified by the health minister who earlier warned the u.k. peak may arrive sooner than expected perhaps within the next few weeks and work continues just about everywhere to prepare for it here in north west london the grim business of setting up a temporary morgue beside a criminal room you can just make out the twin peaks of 2 refrigerated structures above the fence over there london accounts for around a 3rd of the u. case total numbers of infections and deaths and new research by scientists at imperial college suggest the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close plus high numbers a very mild or asymptomatic cases mean that one in 15 londoners or around 600000 people may have or have had the disease that's 60 times more than the number
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of registered cases in london extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider. than anyone thought. al-jazeera numbered. in iran a further 134 people have died after becoming infected with the virus bringing the total number to 3294 more than 50000 people have contract to the virus one of them is the speaker of iran's parliament the highest ranking government figure to catch it iran is the worst his country in the middle east and one of the most affected globally. the coronavirus poses a new threat to the homeless population with cafes shopping centers and restaurants close to cross washington d.c. in the u.s. the homeless are being left with nowhere to go during the pandemic mike hanna has their story.
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a street band playing polo from the other side an ironic song for local residents venturing out of the confines of their apartment to shop or stroll around in most cases observing a social distance from their neighbors but there are those in the city who do not have the option who do not have apartments in which to shelter from the virus in accordance with the d.c. mandate tree lockdown order the virus has created new challenges to those who have no homes. those like linda who stop sleeping in shelters even before the outbreak of this pandemic i used to be in a shelter and well for me and when i was doing the winter where your regular flu spread to regular run of the day you know. every lady sneeze. that would happen to her linda says she's been homeless for longer than she cares to remember but it has never been as hard as
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this or i would panhandle have a day then run a couple errands. and then i would go to my local starbucks. sit there reading the books and then give it to the staff because i can't run a wrong bunch of books it's too heavy to carry just getting out of this for a few hours a day feel a little no more go to the register pay for yourself that i miss a lot shot to long with the doors of public bathrooms and restaurants the metro and the libraries the last lingering sense of dignity now we have nowhere to go literally. going into day lies specially as a woman sorry to say pulling down your pants where anybody could just walk up on you is pretty degrading dad. dad has done me in but it was
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restaurant owners. don't have a choice there's nowhere to go this is really the 1st time in my life i can truly say i have nowhere to go and linda walks away to find an alleyway in which to spend the night unlike those more fortunate there is no other side to turn to when the music stops my kind of al-jazeera washington. tech giant google is rolling out data it says can show which countries are complying with stay at home orders the covered 19 mobility reports are a summary of data gathered from smart phones anyone who's agreed to store their location history with google can have their data used in the study so far information collected from 131 countries shows movement in categories such as grocery stores parks and workplaces for example in the u.s. the mobility reports show movement to retail and recreational areas has decreased
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by 47 percent since stay at home orders were issued google says the data will not include information that can personally identify a person and will only be used to help public health officials michael vales a lecturer in digital rights and regulation at the faculty of law's at university college london he says the data collected is not that that necessarily paint an accurate picture and it does have some shortcomings and it can also be used to perhaps raise and lower lock downs in particular regions and that's what a lot of firms and governments are also looking to do in telecoms data but we have to be careful as well because not everyone has smart phones many people don't turn location services on and those who do maybe of a different demographic to those who don't and so this data is not necessarily a a great picture of the truth in all parts of the world or all parts of the country is the same with contact tracing apps if you design them incorrectly you can penalize individuals and even stigmatize individuals and as i said it's able to be
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used by surveillance by law enforcement and for things that are completely not covert related like finding whistleblowers or own or rebel groups or people who threaten different government regimes in ways that we might not want to see them persecuted and we have to be very careful when we design systems like this because they can quickly become a surveillance infrastructure for a very different topic indeed. so legend bill withers has died from heart complications the 3 time grammy award winner was best known for his hit singles lean on me you know sunshine and lovely day it was if you want years old or a burden monkey takes a look back at his life. is so full of baritone voice powerful melodies and engaging there though with his music has stood the test of time. it's inspired
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generations from r. and b. rap and soul and it's been played in films commercials and at weddings throughout the world. even health care workers choirs and artists who are in. the near term the cuernavaca. born william harrison with his genius he grew up in slab fork west virginia after school he joined the navy for 9 years before becoming a milkman and then a factory. between shifts he turns himself to play guitar he bought from a pawnshop. a demo tape recorded lands in the hands of an effect at sussex records in 19711 of the record it would be a hit a no sunshine one of a grammy award. with his joint columbia
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records in 197510 years after his 1st grammy he want to know the 1st song he recorded but grover washington jr just the 2 of us. he wanted that grammy for recording of lean on me in 1987. songs out of the music business like beef is today hamburger business. you know if you don't have a so that's where it all starts. with this one also be known as the soul man who turned his back and forth in 1905 he quit singing and retreated from public life he didn't just. said i could be the system bass player who made to quit for them
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told someone he was with us and they didn't believe him. but he did make a rare appearance when he was inducted into the hall of fame in 2005. many thought it was honestly his. that. this is all just 0 things at the top stories the international monetary fund says the coronavirus pandemic has put the global economy in standstill it says the impact is fog greater than the 2008 financial crisis and it's got a trillion dollar war chest to help vulnerable economies. this is a crisis like no other never in the history of the i.m.f. we have weakness the world economy coming to
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a stand still we are now in recession it is way worse. and the global financial crisis week one trillion dollars war chest and we are determined to use as much as necessary in debt protecting the economy from the scattering of this crisis the u.s. vice president says no american will have to worry about paying for corona virus testing or treatment mike pence and runs that medicaid medicare and private insurance companies have expanded their coverage major insurance companies will also waive co-payments for testing and on 60 days for treatment and while america's leading national public health institute recommends the use of face masks president donald trump says it's voluntary and he will not follow their advice those are the
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headlines coming up next it's inside story life and that. is the oil price war between saudi arabia and russia about to end crude prices enjoyed that biggest ever $1.00 day rally after the u.s. president raised hopes of the troops will donald trump intervention be enough and what's the impact of the rift between the oil superpowers this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm bernard smith over the past month.


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