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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2020 5:00am-5:33am +03

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my think. and feel is generalism from around the world for many coming to this 1000 feet only chance they have to eat at least once a day. for we want to finish this war we have to get back to work the u.s. president brings in the military as many states struggle with a lack of medical equipment to combat the coronavirus at that. low i may very unfit again this is al jazeera live from but also coming up the u.k. records its highest day on day number of deaths from to get appealed to follow social distancing measures. please don't go inside to visit the leaks the beaches
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the countryside. we report from inside a hospital in teheran as iran warns of a 2nd wave of covert 19 in sanctions. and in other headlines shades of promise houses from east africa or overcoming olds to a trans global attention for the world. we begin in the united states where the trumpet ministration is ramping up measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic president donald trump says the military is being deployed as many states complain that they are ill equipped to handle the outbreak more than 300000 people are known to be infected with the virus in the u.s. over 8000 have died trump has warned of a tough week ahead saying quote there will be a lot of death we're going to be adding a tremendous amount of military. to help supplement the state's
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thousands of soldiers souses thousands of medical workers professionals nurses doctors. and it'll be a large number it'll be will be telling them over the next very short period where they're going and they're going into war they're going into a battle in the u.k. the number of people dying continues to rise $708.00 in the last 24 hours it's the biggest single day rise the government there is a people to stay indoors to spite the temptation to head out in the warm spring weather and there's more hope and it's only that the outbreak is slowing for the 1st time since it began but number of patients in intensive care has full and it's only also reported its lowest daily rise in deaths in the early 2 weeks. let's hear 1st from mike hanna in washington d.c. he says the peak of the outbreak in the u.s. is expected within the next 2 weeks. new york contains roughly
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a 3rd of all infected people fatalities throughout the whole of the united states the death rate there continues to rise alarmingly and what's alarming too is that it's continuing to spread within new york itself a neighborhood like long island for example is showing a massive escalation in terms of recorded infections this just shows how quickly it can jump from barrow to bearer and then of course from state to state and this is what the governor andrew cuomo was talking about earlier on in the course of the day saying that new york it's the fire it's a blazing fire and that is the one that has got to be put out before it spreads to other states there's a great awareness from other states particularly neighboring ones of the degree of which could happen to them what is happening in new york state but one again must mention as well it's not just restricted to the eastern side of the united states showing a massive increase in infections an area like detroit also showing
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a massive increase of infections so although in various parts of the united states the infections rate remains low to moderate it can change at any time this is the warning that we're hearing from the government scientists from the physicians who are advising the president the only way in which the rates can go down they continue to stress time after time after time is to practice mitigating factors. let's look at the global picture according to johns hopkins university data or than 1200000 cases been confirmed worldwide 246000 of those recovered and as you can see there been more than 64 deaths europe accounting for around 2 thirds of that figure but there's hope in some parts of the continent that the outbreak has passed its peak reports from one. in a madrid hospital a virtual reunion for
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a mother and daughter after both had recovered from coded 19. don't cry she says you only cry for something that is lost. and in another corner of spain's exhausted health system a 1st meeting for mother and child. miro gave birth a week ago while infected cautious steps now towards family life spain has europe's highest rate of infection but it's been declining for more than a week taking no chances prime minister pedro sanchez announced an extension to the state of emergency. this i announced at a council of ministers next. to extend for the 2nd time the state of emergency from april 12th to midnight on april 25th italy so badly hit by the virus in recent weeks may also be past its peak with infections slowing and germany has registered
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a slight decrease in the infection rate but not enough to ease restrictions no let up in the lockdown in france either where paris in the sunshine was eerily quiet here in the u.k. a week or 2 behind those countries coronaviruses claimed europe's youngest victim a 5 year old said to have had an underlying health condition. sounds as if he saw another record death toll with the peak and plateau expected to arrive in a week to 10 days what happens at that point in this lovely sunny weather depends very much on the extent to which people can maintain their discipline and stay indoors as much as possible a prominent scientist who advises the government explained earlier that the plateau when it arrives may either fairly quickly give way to reduced numbers or if the lockdown isn't rigidly observed now those consistently high numbers of infections and deaths could go on for weeks available evidence was promising with police and
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the government encouraging people to stay home you must stay at home to protect the n.h.s. and to save lives whatever the temptations this weekend please don't go inside to visit the leeks the beaches the countryside. take credit instead of keeping your own families and communities safe in syria over a city that hasn't seen curfew since war in the ninety's teams of volunteers are delivering shopping and supplies to the elderly and vulnerable who can't leave their homes in the midst of crisis here and in many parts of the world community is flourishing jonah how al-jazeera london. a number of new coronavirus related measures of coming to force in turkey emergency restrictions include a curfew for anyone under 20 years old and the closure of 31 cities to almost all vehicles people must also wear masks in crowded areas the mayor of istanbul is calling for a full locked out its turkey's largest city with the highest infection rate health
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officials in iran are warning of a 2nd wave of cases if people don't follow advice to stay home iran has reported that 158 people have died in the last 24 hours there are nearly 56000 confirmed cases in the country despite the warning of a resurgent industrial facilities have begun to be open how does iraq's new a d.n.a. get it was given rare access to a hospital in town ron here's a look inside. it's tough. but grown a virus has mobilized all medical staff in the world here in iran to all medical staff have been mobilized we are here one of the most important iranian hospitals dedicated to treating people with the virus the medical teams and staff are available here 24 seventh's to monitor and diagnose all the new cases here is the place where new patients are received and given oxygen's via these ventilators they're then placed under strict supervision as doctors monitors their conditions
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the patients are also given necessary medicines according to the international medical protocol in order to help the patients recover iran is one of the worst affected countries in the world but hopes are still high that country can overcome the crisis as more than $17000.00 cases have recovered iran still needs a lot of ventilators and medicines to fight off the virus and that's why it's urging the international community to put pressure on the u.s. to allow it to use cash from european banks to import the necessary equipment iran also says there will be massive consequences that will disrupt the region if they are unable to contain the spread of a lot of medical researchers are working here in this hospital to test various medicines and their effects fighting against covert 1000 in the united nations has raised concerns about latin america becoming another co that 19 hotspots the un's economic home for the region says the effects of the pandemic will likely push millions more into poverty covered 19 was slow to hit the region the number of infections jumped sharply in march across one of the us out of m.p.'s he reports
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now on the situation on the continent from bogota he says the concern is wising over the brazilian president's repeated attempts to downplay the impact of the pandemic. very very worrying numbers coming from the get this by these kind of at this point the spike and factions there the president of brazil both an advocate for me my thing they impact that the. these will have in brazil he continues to say that he's more worried about the economic impact there and so he's attacking mayors and governors who have imposed strict measures in a number of regions across the bridge feeling insisting these measures should and men will be able to go out to just for their essential needs buying food or medicines on monday wednesday and friday women
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instead will be able to do it on tuesday there's day and saturday well on sunday everybody is expected to stay at home the president there said that even if the measures so far put in place have had positive effects he wants even less people on the streets and the hope that this will mean that half of the people that go out to on a daily bases in peru will go out with these new measures here in colombia also the lock down continues to looks like it has been able to reduce the number of contagions this was the government is saying however it is still very worried about a possible increase or spiking cases in the coming days or weeks the lockdown here will go on until april tertius at least for now but there are talks about a possible extension a lot of the worry here is for venice where am i glance and hundreds of them i
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started walking back to venezuela because with occur in lockdown they haven't been able to eat or pay for do a room. the un is also warning that struggling health systems in developing nations are likely to be overwhelmed by the pandemic highly populated cities with poor sanitation are especially at risk up to 75 percent of people in the least developed countries lack enough soap and water the basic hygiene countries that can afford them are quickly snapping up supplies and the u.n. says distribution must be coordinated with vulnerable nations the i.m.f. and world bank have announced 1900000000 dollars in emergency funding for 25 developing countries across asia africa and latin america dr christophe christou is a surgeon and international president of doctors without borders he says it's been difficult to get critically needed medical supplies to where they need to go. to me the most important thing to do at the moment is to what is going to happen next
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which is going to be death ladles places with the most neglected populations and those places with the most dense populations the south east. africa. places in the middle east so this is where we should focus with. this moment we have to do a couple of things we need to scale up we need to scale in manufacturing capacity or both in the defense of the medical field and while we experiment the supply we also have to guard against this nationalistic the sperm seeds. and the so far that hold the medical supplies and we need the exports in other words we have to go for international every says collaboration called the nation that is needed urgently a problem that we face and we we as a medical team and condition of the moment and for several weeks now things that
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have been increasingly. critical items almost. that p.p.s. that protected personnel are keep meant that we mobilize any of all the supplies from europe for instance and let the current humanitarian purposes these bonds need to be don't. a weather update next here on out 0 then fears for the future of france tries to help faltering small businesses but will it be enough to ensure their survival. a month after its worst election loss in decades the u.k. has made opposition as a new leader. hello it's still cold enough for snow in this part of russia so that circulation is a typical low pressure area which is throwing its cold at sendai at 30 degrees max
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and it's a power at 10 is a max it's rain not snow for the most part in japan buffet she's entire pass and the sun is out when you're in show it was only 15 in tokyo and this is warmer across the korean printer and typically in northeastern parts of china central china is increasingly cloudy and the rain which is seasonal rain is showing itself in the south robin the middle hong kong's included hanoi is probably included these daily sundry outbreaks as well further south is obviously still a big scattering of showers from indonesia north was the southern philippines well a few you might think in java in sumatra but i would want to guarantee you have seen daily showers in singapore and this certainly getting up towards kuala lumpur even in bangkok sudden storms are not going to be a surprise but a sort of a daily basis but we're getting that way and surprisingly for india we're watching the pretty monsoon heat the most part and it's centered here in temperatures above 40 degrees mostly have been quite quite there as for rain the fish out there
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running up the coast through kara otherwise there's not much around. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not effective instead of being an obstacle to eddo wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a 4 part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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well again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour u.s. president donald trump says the military peter port across the country to help contain the coronavirus outbreak but he's warned that there will be quote a lot of deaths in the next 2 weeks or more than 300000 node infections in the u.s. the u.k. government is urging people to observe social distancing measures the warm spring weather across the country the u.k. reported 708 deaths linked to the virus on saturday the biggest single day lives that in italy the number of intensive care patients is for all of the 1st time the country also reported its lowest daily rising deaths and then hit 2 weeks that's boosting the hope of the outbreak may be slowing. in france 441 deaths were reported on saturday that's fewer than the high of almost 600 the day before as
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a strict lockdown remains in place emergency measures are being rolled out to help small businesses but many are skeptical that the support will be enough to keep them afloat the reports. before the lockdown in france abdul know as is worked on 3 building sites in the paris region an electrician with his own business he was in demand but since the french government ordered people to stay home to stem the spread of the coronavirus he's had to stop work now he's worried about the future. the longer it takes to return to work the harder it will be because we'll need to restart the building sites the work the materials will the suppliers be available will they have the material needed in construction you're not paid for 60 days so even if we started again in may we not be paid until july and we have bills to pay abdul knows wife's the lima is also concerned she's had to close her fashion shop in central paris and says even before the lockdown her clients began to. away all
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of us have come up at. the coronavirus has had a huge impact on the shop my clients were very scared and didn't come so far in complimented our regular clients disappeared and the tourists so economically it's a huge impact and i'm scared of the future on the city's near empty roads some taxi drivers continue to work but passengers are rare. in a 10 hour shift i've only had 5 passengers it covers my costs but i'm earning nearly nothing at all in fact i'm losing money but what's going to do as people stay home across france shopping streets are quiet and businesses closed people have lost trade jobs income and certainty about their future the french government says that because of the coronavirus crisis the country faces a recession but it will try and support businesses and companies with a range of measures including interest free loans and special bonuses for of course
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for the 1st time since the period after the 2nd world war we have launched a system of temporary unemployment benefit to avoid mass job losses like most people in france or lima is getting used to confinement but as the weeks pass she wonders when it will end and whether the financial support being offered by the government will be enough to revive a business she's devoted herself to for namely 2 decades natasha butler al-jazeera france u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly made false claims about the coronavirus pandemic let's remind you of some of his comments with which generated such huge controversy. bill that's the same as the flu when somebody sneezes i mean i try and bail out as much as possible with this almost everybody that we see is getting better at it could be everybody. the democrats are politicizing
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the coronavirus you know sort of. a lost it's all turning think of it think of it and this is the new hoax but anybody that needs a test in. there will say they have a mouth in addition to that they're making millions and more as we speak but as of right now and yesterday anybody did need to test it's important. thomas pro is an analyst he's the author of the article coronavirus why you must act now that sounded the alarm on the growth rate in the u.s. he joins us now via skype from san francisco could have you with us thomas you saw this coming what did you see as far as the u.s. is concerned what did you see in the days that the president and the people advisor him obviously didn't i'm not the only one a lot of people saw he is but is just expansion growth people are not used to growth rates of anything growing at 1020 percent today over day. and
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this is what's happening here if you have 101520 cases and you don't know where they're coming from in your non-controlling it is just a matter of time before thousands or millions of people are affected ok so where does the u.s. go from here new york city or new york state obviously the epicenter of the disease in the united states where does it go next can the country keep a lid on this. i think the key there is that there is not one country here this really 50 countries the way to manage because of the federal level not all the management have it has been centralized the way. the management hasn't been centralized in nearly every other country here it's basically the states the leading these and as a result it really depends on the states california washington states need a really good job really early on they can't they can't outbreaks alaska for example is an amazing state that really 2 strong measures early on but then you
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have other states like florida. to go along or a time before they do what they need to do and even now they don't have the measures they need to know to take and so you can see brewing in different states prices that are going to be worse than what they did speak is it possible to mortal . that the trajectory of the the pandemic across the united states governor cuomo was saying that that it should be possible to work out where the disease is going next it's always like a game of whack a mole so that you can make sure that you've got the resources in place to deal with it as marius. as the disease grows more prevalent in certain areas of the country. i think here that precision is the enemy of insight there's plenty of models none of them are perfect but when you know ease if you have an outbreak and you're not controlling it is going to explode and one of the things for example
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that is true in the us is that we have very little testing if you don't have enough testing how do you know where the cases are if you don't know where the cases are how can you control them that's for the testing but the same thing for contractor is one of the things that east asian countries do really well is they keep they test a lot they know where the cases are and they know where the potential cases are because they're tracking all the contacts that an infected person had were not doing any of that in the u.s. letting the states handle this and many of them are not equipped to do it well we heard donald trump a few moments ago the president making some. pretty wild claims about the coronavirus what what data what science do you think finally led him to him and his administration to set up a. this now and then to accelerate its response to this. i think is more i don't know i can only speculate i think it is very human want to.
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take these less seriously than you should for the same reason i mentioned before because this is an exponential growth and people don't understand intuitively the same way as easily took these. took too long to address said spain took too long and the u.s. too long and even within the u.s. you have an urban rural divide urban area just some friends use for new york where the 1st hits and the hardest it's usually urban areas are more democratic and saw the republican leadership was likely less. affected by these because their areas were less affected by this so it makes sense that the republican leadership might have taken longer to realize that is really good to talk to so many thanks dave thomas pro there are skype from san francisco. in other news at least 19 people have been killed in a suspected gang fights in mexico in the northern town of and security forces later found more than
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a dozen firearms to vehicles in the grenade at the scene it's one of the worst outbreaks of gang violence in the country this year the new leader of britain's labor party says that he'll work with the government to fight the corona virus outbreak in the national interest kistler replaces jeremy cole been following the party's disastrous performance in december the general election it promised to unite the party and win back last voters other by leadership we were in gauge constructively with the government not opposition oppositions not scoring party political points or making impossible demands but with the courage to support where that's the right thing to do but we will test the arguments that are put forward we will shine a torch on critical issues where we see mistakes or falter in government or things not happening as quickly as they should we'll challenge that whole lot out
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our purpose when we do that is the same as the government's to save lives and to protect our country emmons who 3 rebels say that the saudi led coalition launched airstrikes on cities in the north they say the warplanes launched 13 strikes in all just governance near the saudi border fighting has been ongoing since the movies took control of the main city last year. interest has been growing globally the art from east africa some artists in the region are hoping that the international attention will help them get global recognition katherine sawyer reports from my ruby. most of this art on sale at the east african auction recently held in nairobi is a vibrant makes from the 1970 s. through to the early tan of this century. it's a rich collection by artists and collectors in what organizers say the largest auction since they started in the region 7 years ago so i know why they named his
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painting when god made money how was this if his imagination of the conflict of emotions i just a lot of red. says how work represents fans blossoming flowers and devastating we saw in central kenya a few years ago you know when you put out the lead after a few days there's a lot of weed growing after a few days is a lot of seeds coming up so so they're from us so i go telling me how they get frustrated i'd love us and buyers alike are attracted to auctions such as this across the continent but some in the industry argue a crippling lack of infrastructure and support has limited the growth of the arts market forcing talent to look elsewhere for paternity so this is from 1977 the founder of this auction says things are changing for the better there's been an enormous boom emerging markets of the art market tends to follow emerging markets there was a boom in china there was
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a boom in india it's now our time we've been predicting a boom for the last 8 or 10 years but in the last 2 years we've really seen it artist clean tone of jambo hopes he'll gain more from the industry in kenya he mentors young talent in the capital nairobi at an art center in canberra it has and wanted reputation as being africa's largest slum but this children are learning to paint a sunset in the savannah on canvas most of the young artists incubator have had their basic training here it's a place that keeps children off the streets and also notches their talents the trainers we talked to said the children they're working with have a huge potential for the embassy's he's painted since he was 7 years old his walk has helped him piece of bills but still struggles to survive. it's hard to get there i think you data is coming to this you took the time to leave iraq.
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and also it's all of the goodness of. the artists and keep their fan tower high the optimistic that one day they ought to also featured prestigious auctions such as this one in just a few hours most on display was sold fetching not far short of a quarter of a $1000000.00 katherine sawyer al-jazeera now will be kenya. it's good to have you with us hello adrian for the good here of doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says the military will be deployed across the country to help contain the corona virus outbreak and he's warned that there will be close a lot of deaths in the next 2 weeks or more than 300000 known infections in the u.s. we're going to be adding a tremendous amount of military to help supplement the state's thousands of soldiers souses thousands of medical workers professionals nurses
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doctors. and it will be a large number it will be will be telling them over the next very short period where they're going and they're going into war they're going into a battle the u.k. government is urging people to observe social distancing mentions a bit warm spring weather across the country the u.k. recorded 708 deaths linked to the virus on saturday the biggest single day rise. in italy the number of intensive care patients has fallen for the 1st time the country also reported its lowest daily rise and the number of deaths in the early 2 weeks that's boosting hopes that the outbreak may be slowing. of eber of new coronavirus related measures have come into force and keep the emergency restrictions include a curfew for anyone under the age of 20 and the closure of 31 cities to almost all the ickle as the mayor of istanbul is calling for a full lockdown it's to his largest city with the highest infection rates health
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officials in iran are warning of a 2nd wave of cases if people don't follow advice to stay home iran has reported that 158 people have died in the last 24 hours there are nearly 56000 confirmed cases in the country the united nations has raised concern about latin america becoming another coded 1900 school the un's economic arm for the region so it's the effects of the pandemic will likely push millions more of the poverty of it 19 the slow to hit the region but the number of infections jumped sharply in law which emans who think rebels say the saudi u.a.e. led coalition launched airstrikes on cities in the north they say that warplanes launched 13 strikes now jeff governance in the saudi border fighting has been ongoing the since the movies took control of a main city last year. as the headlines these continues after listening post thanks to the. award winning programming from international kill me because.
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it's really going to wipe insect life if we carry on this way. that's the stage of things no longer night even if he is no longer an excuse giving voice to the voiceless so are we ready to go along ex-pats and discussion that cultures don't exist and you're still combating that today open your eyes to an alternative view of the wild today on al-jazeera. i thought. last time i was on our street life i'm. going through a sophisticated disintegration what i was saying. hello i'm richard gives birth and you're watching the listening post here are some of.


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