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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2020 12:00am-1:00am +03

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and beyond on al-jazeera it. is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes in the u.s. president trump focuses on a new target blaming the extent of the pandemic on the world health organization boris johnson begins a 2nd evening in intensive care but his foreign secretary says the prime minister is a fighter and will pull through in the u.k. france and spain new figures show a dramatic rise in the coronavirus death toll and leaving china's who may province
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after more than 2 months only to face quarantine in beijing. the u.s. president has criticized the world health organization for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic donald trump says the agency is china centric and issued bad advice at the outset of the crisis his comments come after a leaked memo revealed the new details about warnings the trumpet ministration received on how bad the outbreak in the u.s. could be meanwhile u.k. prime minister boris johnson is spending a 2nd night in intensive care as he battles kovac 19 foreign secretary dominic robb who was stepped in to lead the government says johnson is stable and has been given oxygen but crucially is not on a ventilator and that's as the u.k. and the state of new york in the u.s.
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have recorded their highest number of deaths in a day the u.k. is resident registered 786 that's while 731 people died in new york well let's start our coverage in the u.s. from mike hanna joins us live now a from washington. so mike we have the president criticizing the w.h.o. calling it a china centric what else did he say what else was this criticism about and crucially why do you think he's making it now. well it is very interesting that the president has knowledge chosen the time to criticize the world health organization it was at the time he ordered to all flights from china or a number of flights from china the w.h.o. at the time was recommending that this should not be an end to international travel now president trump clearly miffed at that in the course of the day he's issued a series of tweets on the w.h.o. this is what he had to say w.h.o.
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really blew it for some reason funded largely by the united states yet very china centric he says will be giving that a good look he continues obviously raising the possibility of drawing u.s. funding and why did they give us such a faulty recommendation was his last week so clearly this is linked to the fact that he instituted a travel ban on china at a time that the world health organization was recommending that international travel should continue the question of timing maybe these details knowledge just emerging and president trump preempting it in the series of tweets in the course of the day. and mike it also coincides perhaps with this memo being leaked dating back from january when i guess the full scale of the coronavirus could be wasn't clear to many people but this leaked memo does imply this suggests that actually the white house was alerted to the potential scale what else do we know
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about this. well it's actually a series of memoranda and it's from the economic adviser to the president peter navarro now the 1st memorandum on generally the 29th was sent to the national security council in which navarro warns set up to haul for a 1000000 americans could lose their lives that economic costs could amount to something like $6.00 trillion dollars now that was circulated it is believed the white house or various other officials but then at the end of february vero clearly not happy with whatever response he got then issues another memorandum which was sent directly to the president in which increases the possible number of deaths to 2000000 americans in that memorandum he also states very specifically that the country is going to need $8000000000.00 facemask it's going to need $12000.00 ventilators at
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a minimum it's going to need $25000.00 respirators so this is very very detailed indeed and incidentally in that 1st memorandum at the end of january he does recommend a travel ban against china because that is where the pandemic was originating and it appears that president trump then instituted that travel ban maybe as a result of peta in the varos advice 4 which does give the indication that president trump did read all these memorandum at the time that he was saying the situation is contained i cannot with the latest there from washington d.c. thank you and just a quick reminder that we are of course waiting for their daily news conference a by the u.s. president who can see there the white house press room president not there yet doesn't look like it's about to happen any minute soon but it should happen in the next half hour or so we will of course bring it to you live here on al-jazeera. go back to europe now the british government says boris johnson is in good spirits
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this 5 remaining in intensive care due to his covidien 1000 symptoms the foreign secretary dominic robb was standing in front johnson says the prime minister is a fighter barker reports. this is where the most powerful man in britain is on the close observation downing street say the prime minister who is 55 is stable and a good spirits he is conscious and does not have pneumonia he's been given oxygen but house and been put on a ventilator as one nearby if needed the foreign secretary dominic robb will stand in for jobs when necessary leading the government's daily coronavirus cabinet meeting and a briefing in downing street he's an experienced politician but he's had little time to prepare it comes as a shock to all of us he's not just the prime minister for all of us in cabinet he's not just our boss he's also a colleague and he's also
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a friend so all of our thoughts and prayers are with the prime minister at this time with kerry and with his whole family and i'm confident he'll pull through because if there's one thing i know about this prime minister he's a fighter and he'll be back at the helm leading us through this crisis in short order. this was johnson a week after being diagnosed applauding health workers for their efforts he's shown persistent symptoms for 2 weeks. soon after arriving at a hospital he tweeted i went into hospital for some routine tests as i'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms i mean good spirits and keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe but his symptoms worsened on monday evening there was clearly much more cause for concern. messages of support have been flooding in for the prime minister across britain's
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political spectrum including the newly elected leader of the labor party we will support the government where we can do that but we will challenge the what is necessary but the purpose of the challenge is to make sure that all mistakes they can be put right or things need to happen more quickly that can happen more quickly world leaders have sent messages of support on twitter with the italian and french presidents hoping for a speedy recovery speaking from the white house donald trump described johnson as a good friend i found boris to be a fantastic person just like a fantastic warm strong smart guy he loves his country you see that i mean he fought like like hell for his country and intensive care is big stuff. this is a challenging time for johnson's family his fiance kerry simmons is recovering from the virus herself she's pregnant with their 1st child they haven't been able to see
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each other for several weeks johnson's personal battle with the virus has shaken the government and the country just as scientists say britain is entering one of the most deadly weeks of the pandemic neave barca al-jazeera. france meanwhile now has the 4th highest coronavirus the death toll in the world the government has confirmed more than 10300 people have died when 1400 deaths were announced just on tuesday paul brennan takes a look at how france and other european countries are coping. the arrow points down but the sign just caution after 5 consecutive days of fewer and fewer new deaths spain's source sharp increase in coronavirus fatalities on tuesday. nonetheless the rise was attributed to weekend deaths only now being recorded and that overall the trend remains downward spanish firefighters are playing a vital role in support of the medical professionals fire crew volunteers are
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decontaminating ambulances and other public authority vehicles which have been carrying coronavirus patients the most important of this thirst for their the most important thing we can do is give our best to the situation there are many different groups working and the most important are the public health workers who are movie montanans we must give all we have because we're going to win we are going to beat the s. and the french capital paris city authorities are now banned outdoor exercise between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm amid concern that too many people were just using it as an excuse to go outside police are stepping up in force meant. as total french fatalities from the virus past 10000 on tuesday president macro was listening to the concerns of medical center staff one detail how a lack of protective gallons is the main problem here. is the most well thought out plan didn't predict that china would be hit and that's all countries would have the
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peak at the same time on the protective materials we thought were of no value 6 months or one year ago the most idiotic thing to do and all of a sudden we're in trouble the pandemic continues to challenge european democracy and poland's right wing government is pressing on with presidential elections next month despite a chorus of public and political opposition the plan still needs senate approval but there were bitter exchanges in the lower chamber yes me pull it i'm ashamed that i'm sharing the parliament floor with people like this people who are insensitive to those who are begging for help today mothers fathers entrepreneurs. workers who are losing yet another day just for the sake of holding on to power to run a virus has generated new respect and affection for the medical staff on the frontline of the outbreak and on tuesday world health day as designated by the w.h.o. its director general urged more recruitment to address staff shortages one of the lessons i hope the wood learned from quoted 19 is that we must invest in
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nurses and midwives without them the world would indeed be in a very dark place right now paul brennan al jazeera. still to come from acacia seats to fruit and ginger the myths that people are putting their faith in for protection from the coronavirus from new mothers to family planning how the current advice pandemic is affecting women's health service it's. bringing some positive news from china where for the 1st time it has reported no new deaths from covert 1000 in the past 24 hours only 32 new cases have been confirmed at all from people who've returned from overseas china is now reporting
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some of the lowest figures worldwide well as many around the world remain in lockdown china is also gradually getting back to normal life al-jazeera cameraman paying paying was among millions of people trapped in who by a province where the virus was the scuppered katrina you has a story. a final call for the train to beijing for these hundreds of passengers a celebratory visit to an who became a nightmare as the province was locked down for more than 2 months now the lockdowns over bags are packed with masks on everyone's finally free to return to life in the capital. among those boarding this government organized bullet train is al jazeera cameraman pumping. is 70 since i was traveling with. the family today we're going to take your druthers ready to go back to. each passenger has had to apply for that ticket good health
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a prerequisite for leaving the province. though the threat of the pandemic is never far from sight many are happy to leave the lockdown behind. i'm so excited to be going back to beijing but i'm worried about my apartment because my contract has lapsed and also my job because i'm the only employee who hasn't come back to work yet for others the 6 hour journey is spent counting the cost of the destruction. i'm not too happy because when i go back to beijing i have to pay for the koren see how it's how by myself that i would course have my month of his salary the government says they support people but if they do they should support us financially. beijing's bustling train station feels like business as usual china's leaders have ordered major cities back to work but declaring victory over the outbreak those from are greeted by welcome signs and marked by stickers the city's
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skyscrapers can be seen from a chartered bus window or but the journey isn't over yet one last stop at a makeshift health check hub the 4 being escorted home for another 2 weeks of corn team between e.u. al-jazeera beijing. well from washington to london to paris governments around the world have taken very different approaches not only to fighting the virus itself but also in how they explain those actions to their people to the scuffs this i'm joined by bill schneider he's a professor of public policy at george mason university and he joins us by skype from washington d.c. bill schneider as always thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera obviously hindsight is always a great thing and the coronavirus challenge was unprecedented for governments and people around the world so bearing that in mind who do you give full marks to when it comes to the way that they could knew the case of the crisis the scale of the crisis in the way that even now they keep on you know keeping government the people
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of breast of changes well after a few initial stumbles feeling to take course is going to seriously as you. be quite well known he says sadly hospitalized now you know intensive care where he really tried to move to raleigh the country british country and his popularity has been soaring he's getting more support than any other leader you know him around the country including of course president from so much focus on trial because of course he has been criticized not only for not taking it seriously but also that way sometimes he conducts the news conferences he holds and let's just remind the viewers were waiting for one of the trump news conferences any minute now how would you say he's done generally. not terribly well he didn't take the crisis seriously put quite a while until he saw that even his republican base which is only really hears about was scared they were anxious and they wanted something done about the public health
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crisis you see president obama's running for reelection this year and his priority is the economy and he was always concerned that by shutting down the country to deal with the public health crisis he would also be shutting down the economy and that could endanger his reelection so therefore he was really unlikely to take any radical steps really until he was forced into it just a couple of weeks ago politicians will always want to control the message and i guess what's specific and unique to the corona virus outbreak is that here in misinformation or badly communicated the vellum and can actually costs lives what do you make of the decision of some us that works not to take for example president trumps news conference live because sometimes he gives information that then turns out to be inaccurate you think that's a bit of a slippery slope when it comes to the media kind of picking and choosing when they hear from from the man who was effectively voted by the american people to lead them. it is a slippery slope and it's
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a very conscious decision that has 3 made by television news executives he does say some things that are untrue he lies it has been proved in the news media they have pet checkers at virtually every major newspaper who job it is to point out how many things he says you know every day that are simply untrue this i mean the press shouldn't cover him no what it means is that the pressure to call him when he says call him on those things which he says are not true he has been promoting certain into malarial drugs that doctors physicians science research you say have never been proved to be effective in fighting the coronavirus nevertheless the president claims he has scientific knowledge he has an intuitive grasp of medicine and he recommends that americans take these medications that's a very dangerous thing to do that to do with the press should cover his saying those things but we have to immediately point out that what he said may not be true . here in the u.k.
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of course the government is facing an unprecedented crisis within an unprecedented crisis because that the prime minister is in intensive care in one of london's hospitals and the government obviously being careful with the way it handles that message striking the balance again between not panicking the public but how going to tell the truth that's a fine line to tread as well isn't it. well of course it is when you have a leader incapacitated as it is in this case in the media stream really causes he apparently has deputized a member of his cabinet the foreign secretary i to represent if he's unable to act but it's a very fine line and the media i think never faced a challenge precisely like this maybe there were no media in those days maybe doing the incapacity of george the 3rd with that was. one who years ago pretty sure that i have news channels back then bill schneider thank you so much for having joined
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us on this bill schneider public policy professor at george mason university thank you because you. now the messaging platform whatsapp says it's putting new limits on viral posts to try to curb misinformation about the pandemic if a message has been forwarded more than 5 times then users will only be able to send it to one recipient at a time what subset as it has seen a significant increase of forwarded messages since the start of the outbreak much of it has been fake medical advice many people in sudan are turning to traditional herb's and remedies to try to fight the virus but misinformation and the denial that the disease even exists is making containment a challenge so far 14 infections have been confirmed and 2 people have died the government is struggling to get citizens to take the outbreak seriously hiper morgan reports from khartoum. this market in battery how tomb is known for its
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vegetables and fruits it's where most people who live in the northern part of sudan's capital come to shop but groceries are in the only thing that are in high demand in this market and many of those these days even say got my money i use a face mask but i've also tried it casey is seeds and sandal wood i've seen on facebook that it works against corona virus so i tried it a lightening i've heard from some media outlets that ginger works for immunity so i use it and we've been told by a grandparent since you were young that a cassie is also good so i burn it as incense to avoid getting coronavirus acacia seats are just one of many ideas being touted as a means to prevent coronavirus traders in the market have been promoting them along with some fruits as remedies their source of profit in a country where inflation is above 70 percent and the currencies value seems to drop every day i'm assuming that prior to coronavirus people don't really care about some herb's we used to sell acacia seeds for about $10.00 to $20.00 pounds but now they've started buying more black seeds more sesame oil we've even increase
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the prices of those things because they're now in high demand but it's not only the economy that's being affected myths about how to prevent coronavirus infections were circulating in sudan even before the 1st case was announced and many people continue to repeat what they hear despite the lack of scientific proof it's presenting a challenge to both fighting to contain the virus people are less likely to listen to their advice because some believe they're immune to disease and it's not only math putting lives in danger the former ruling party is among several political parties that have accused the government of using the pandemic today of bread people's attention from the economic crisis it's the flood warnings against gatherings to organize a protest accusing the government of making a big systems of the virus in sudan and this sparked anger when he made a similar claim urging people to break curfew imposed by the government. this is nonsense telling us to stand a distance all of their advices are against islam and this government is anti islam
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and they want to distract us with a disease that is not in this country. the country of 40000000 has about 200 intensive care beds and less than 100 ventilators and the government has previously admitted that its health infrastructure will not be able to cope with the disease if it spread its issuing warnings to those denying the virus is present an upper limit to what has been a lot of incorrect information about the current virus going around without reliable sources media outlets can have people doubting the existence of the virus this is not an issue the government can risk allowing to spread their lives at stake and we can take steps against spreading false information even media outlets but with no cure and no means to get health care should they fall think many people are listening to meth and that seems a reflection of the desperation and fear people here have given morgan al-jazeera hudson the un security council is calling for continued cooperation between the government of lolli and the united nations in confronting the fresh of coronavirus
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council was briefed by the head of the un's peacekeeping mission whose job it is the stem growing in security there are diplomatic editor james bays as one hour for u.n. headquarters in new york. a virtual meeting of the u.n. security council. the 15 ambassadors taking part remotely to discuss the situation in mali where violence continues to intensify in the north of the country in the town of bamber at least $25.00 soldiers from all you know me will kill didn't want to tack this week on the outskirts of the capital bamako this is a camp for those displaced by the fighting the head of the u.n. mission in mali is predicting that the impact of covert 19 will make things even harder in the country. not. hardly.
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there got to have the product. of 2 days of positive. and didn't do enough mother and father did the un currently has about $15000.00 peacekeepers serving in mali here and in all the other peacekeeping operations around the globe the u.n. faces real difficulties soldiers who normally be relieved to retain it back home are stuck in place for now how worried are you about keeping the peacekeepers that are so needed in place yeah and at the 1st this is a bigger top priority for the for the u.n. that has been a 3 month trees all rotations since december the outbreak of this pandemic to i think really give everybody a chance to assess what's happening and to avoid inadvertence and spread by peacekeeping rotation i mean the key thing is that the u.n.
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are able to bottom out really quickly what the medical services that they can ensure are in place for peacekeepers and frankly for country teams start another start. the u.n. has now stopped all troop rotations between now and the end of june because of the spread of covert 19 they have another big worry too there are swirling rumors that some nations may be considering taking all their peacekeepers home that would be a nightmare scenario if one country did it others may well follow suit james pose al-jazeera at the united nations still to come here on al-jazeera after 2 french scientists saying coronavirus vaccines should be tested on africans testing facility in the ivory coast by protest. and printing help with new technology when dealing medical supplies of replenished printers.
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we've got plenty of warm spring sunshine across a good parts of europe now still plaguing parts of spain and portugal and down towards the southeast as well so we've got some showers still in place just around greece but they're in the process of moving away the grassy pushing ivory into turkey still a positive in particular because still see want to shop showers as we go on through the next couple days of the central part of the sunshine here 21 celsius there him up to 22 jerrick 24 in paris and rising could even get up to 25 as we go on through thursday a chance of want to rush out but essentially it is fine and dry those showers will continue on the side of the mediterranean though just around sign for southern parts of turkey we'll see some weather will say grassy making its way back in
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across the portugal i also into spain as we go on through the next dial to doesn't mean we will see a little more cloud just coming into the northwest of africa much of northern africa should be fine and dry the strong winds that we've had recently around more than possibly b.n. northern areas of egypt they're in the process of easing off at around $24.00 celsius they have to run $21.00 there are a bat says i said there is a chance of want to see showers just creeping in just around the straits of gibraltar there but the wet weather possibility then for northern pos rockaway. struggles full of pleasure. that i both saw something. on the sunny. side of the internets don't get out of the. reality it's just an intimate look at life in cuba to be clear laugh at me funny to get me down on some of the you know maybe was
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a little like the tsunami you know my cuba. on al-jazeera. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed. perceptions from the outside looking. more to the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian breach between not. in the full on knowledge of. the e.u. .
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera he was president donald trump has criticized the world health organization calling it china centric this is a leaked memo reveals new details about warnings the u.s. government received on how bad the coronavirus outbreak there could be the british prime minister boris johnson is spending a 2nd night in intensive care as he battles the coronavirus johnson is stable and has been given oxygen but isn't on a ventilator this comes as new numbers show another 786 people in the u.k. have died from covert night. france that has the 4th highest death toll in the world are from corona virus infections police there are enforcing a ban on exercise between 10 am and 7 pm. well the evidence we have so far shows that covert 19 kills more men than women but the u.n. says the pandemic is the best thinking for women in other ways there's been
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a global surge in domestic violence during the outbreak and pregnant women are also extremely concerned about the effects of the disease priyanka gupta has more. x. of the final glass julia mork is 16 weeks pregnant and working from home in new york she's expecting her child in september and keeping a video diary of fun life on drop down she says she's trying to take enough precaution to protect herself from 19 bug she's worried. and concerned about how it would in fact. be incredibly. and i am also concerned about how it's going to. impact. the birthing process and also how can you going. as hospitals around the world struggle to cope with the rising number of patients many women are worried about giving birth
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at a time of a global pandemic we are going into or we're out or person or family member or is it or. but then on top of that. delivering in a place that i don't know and with someone i don't know the world health organization says pregnant women with symptoms should be partyers for testing while there is no evidence yet of transmission to the fetus new mothers who have symptoms are being urged to take precautions they should cover their mouth so remember they are infectious they can and they could put the droplets under the baby so we don't think that through the breast milk but you could transfer it through the normal way that everybody else is trying to get through the nose in the mail so where a mosque at all times when you're dealing with a baby and again. be rigid about washing your hands aid
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agencies say the pandemic and lockdowns may destruct access to life saving sexual act reproductive health services for millions of women worldwide. especially those in poor nations the epidemic has impacts on multiple levels particularly when it comes to access to family planning and safe abortion care. when women don't have access to these services we see big rises in unplanned pregnancies as well as unsafe abortions so we can expect to see devastating consequences for women and girls around the world because of the lack of access to reproductive health care services although severely restricted life hasn't stopped because of this pandemic but it seems to have made things more difficult for women's health and their well being. the friend countries have taken very
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different approaches to lock downs and social distancing songs such of spain italy and france are strictly enforcing lockdowns other is notably the u.s. and the u.k. have taken a somewhat looser approach some scientists though are urging a tougher stance the question is how do we stop the transmission do we need to sort out who's mission. and what do we do where do we take the hit so we have a situation where we're talking about tens of thousands. was probably a general idea of what $100.00 force shut down saw. communion communication transmission between individuals and it worked we had today trying to have any 'd more new cases so fast telling us that that's the way to do it is almost like a drip out of the top if you tighten up the drip will stop if you leave some leaking and you've closed a lot of a lot 'd will be damaged as
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a result but so the question is where do you want to take it on the floor and on the top but in this case i think the jury is quite clearly obvious we do not want people to end up in i.c.u. we do not want people go into hospitals so we need to stop the transmission chain and it's no different to what we did for a boat in west africa 5 years ago. crowds in ivory coast are and have destroyed a coronavirus testing center in the economic capital of up in john where the 300 cases have been confirmed the end of the country nicholas high has more. this is what is left of a coronavirus testing center in the suburbs of you boom mobile phone footage captures people destroying the makeshift center built to check them for the virus scared and angry they stripped bare rights continued through the next morning with police firing tear gas to disperse a growing and anxious crowd many say they want the center to be built outside of
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their neighborhood this woman shouts we are humans we don't want the current of ours here right where we live we don't want it today or tomorrow she says with more than 300 confirmed cases in ivory coast of the virus is spreading rapidly the government has imposed a lockdown on the economic capital abidjan and the nationwide curfew measures that come too late says local authorities who fear many more people are infected without knowing it was and some of you will have a fever this evening or even earlier and others will cough or have a sore throat others will feel strange i mean don't worry all the districts of all will have these centers in place to facilitate and provide information is not just for testing it's to provide information. this crisis is revealing the level of distrust people have for their government and health services ivorian football star did talk about took to social media after 2 french doctors one of whom has the best . suggested testing of covert 1000 vaccine on africans the institute bester has
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more than 11 centers of research in africa including in ivory coast which are used to detect viruses many people living in new google say they don't want to be guinea pigs in experiments involving a virus they believe comes from europe still i don't think this place is appropriate because it's an illness and we know how it spreads so if we need to seize up a hospital of this kind they should post it outside the city. the government is seeking to reassure people saying that new testing will be carried out on patients . but with cases multiplying fear of the virus along with the virus itself seems to be growing uncontrollably because hawk al-jazeera a group of doctors campaigning for human rights in zimbabwe is taking the government to court over what it says are dangerous working conditions the group has applied in the country's high court to force the government to provide protective equipment to front line workers dealing with the coronavirus virus
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imploding police officers and public transport drivers. thousands of afghans living in pakistan have been streaming home across the border the border is being closed this part of efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus but the pakistani government has reopened the crossing for a few days after a request from afghanistan from a wider is in islamabad with more on the situation of the border. you have to understand that budgets on has the largest border with afghanistan over 2500 kilometer but there are only 2 major border crossings one is that door come to the high bar bridges in the khyber booklet while province and the other one is in charm one which connects to kandahar that is in the southwestern province of baluchistan so these thousands of on the road wanted to go back to afghanistan in fact according to the international organization for migration which had been keeping
12:39 am
a tab and said that between the 8th and 18th of march about almost 2000 of brandreth turned back to afghanistan after that there was a lockdown progress on board the western border and as you mentioned the special requests came from of the nest on door open the border to endow doors of grandeur stuck inside pakistan because of the lockdown to be able to return but it will be important to see how this is all managed because pakistan is not allowing the pakistanis they didn't who are still in of one it's on to come back yet so indeed a complicated h.-u. but focused on doing this at the request of the afghan government but hospitals across the world lacking enough ventilators and other vital equipment contents of care units are scrambling to find ways of making do with what they have all creation new supplies all together and the chapelle has more. this hospital in
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paris was already short of some equipment before the pandemic began but as of last week it's manufacturing its own medical products thanks to some quick thinking of doctors and engineers. 63 d. printers are working 24 seventh's to produce syringe plumbers into patient tubes and surgical masks whatever doctors and nurses in the. level of the place will toy the sick the advantage of 3 d. printing is that we can go from a virtual prototype to an object in a few hours to manufacture such a device through a usual industrial process like plastic injection one needs to produce molds one needs an entire factory to 5 because the object all combined they're able to print up to 300 medical devices a day a short walk from where they're needed so these. off is another solution allowed to build the parts locally we can build them here and 300 meters down there are already in the hospital already ready to go so that's the and advantage of living
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but you must month engineers in northern italy helps meet the needs of local hospitals by 3 d. printing hundreds of breathing valves which need to be replaced for each patient. they're now working to retrofit snorkelling masks into emergency ventilators and share their design online this time they got a patent and have encouraged others to help print them in volume the patients must declare they understand the risks of using an uncertified medical device. all across the world these 3 d. printers are helping to replenish medical supplies engineers at johns hopkins university in the us are designing a valve that allow multiple patients to use a single ventilator professor some who hung says the final product must have a separate airflow for each patient without cross contamination if it does the simplest but into 2 they we can not really set if i had those can be so they can be put in that i thought that's why we had try to have it set up at all now this base
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cost of my each patient for each person had to read that's why it's right that i feel this is the most important project probably in my lifetime i think during difficult times like this governments ask the public to do whatever it can to help out from home these frontline workers in paris and elsewhere are doing their part by using their 3 d. printers to save lives and al-jazeera. still to come here on al-jazeera heading to the polls in a pandemic 2 courts in the u.s. supreme court blocked kind of time to delay voting in wisconsin's presidential primary migrant lives in limbo the health emergency and u.s. border closures at least thousands left waiting for court dates and of course we are still waiting for that news conference by president tom.
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let's take you straight now to a president who is holding his training was going to. new jersey for the strong and brave and they're being hit very hard right now. for the next week hopefully not
12:44 am
much longer than that it's going to start to go in the other direction in our country is being hit hard but some areas have done so incredibly well we're so proud of them. they will beat this virus we're going to beat it with the grit and the heart for which they're known for and for which our country is known and we appreciate everything that everybody is doing we also we pray for prime minister boars johnson has become a great friend of ours he loves this country he loves his country but he loves the usa and he's so he's been very good to us whenever we had difficulty he was with us and we appreciate it so we pray for prime minister boris johnson is going through a lot. as we intensify our military campaign against the virus i think that it must be brought out that we have to thank the american people for continuing to follow our guidelines on slowing the spread and expression that more and more
12:45 am
people are thinking about nobody ever heard of it 2 months ago and now everybody's talking about slowing the spread stopping the spread. even during this painful week we see glimmers of very very strong hope and this will be a very painful week and next week at least part of next week but probably all of it look if one person dies it's a painful week and we know that's going to unfortunately happen this is a monster we're fighting but signs are that our strategy is totally work and every american has a role to play in winning this war. and we're going to be winning it we're going to be winning it powerfully and will be prepared for the next one should it happen but hopefully it won't our massive airlift operation for critical supplies school project air bridge continued today as 5. massive planes flights landed in the
12:46 am
united states packed with personal protective equipment. and our nation's heroic health care workers will be the beneficiaries of that 27 more flights are scheduled in the near future over the next couple of weeks the army corps of engineers is constructing facilities that will support more than 15000 hospital beds to treat patients in need so they're building now approximately 15000 they just completed the big one in new york they've just completed and are in the process of continuing in chicago. and many other places they're credible the army corps of engineers we owe them a lot what they were able to do in such a short period of time they'll build these massive facilities 2000 beds in 4 days. so it's really something very special i know i was in the construction industry and you don't see that happen very often. i want to remind governors and emergency
12:47 am
managers that sharing real time data with us about equipment and their needs is very important when all of this applies hospital occupancy is critical a lot of the occupancy is. really getting a little bit lower than it is a paid in that's good we sort of thought that was going to happen and we get along very well with the governors this whole situation with respect to talking to us about equipment and equip and he's giving us a little bit of lead time so important all 'd the supplies. we're getting it to everybody. like they never thought possible but will ensure that we can rapidly deploy federal assets where and when they're needed especially on ventilators we're actually getting some mental it is back as you know the state of california was great they sent some back which they won't meet and washington state like was and we have some others coming back so we're using them in areas we need and we are
12:48 am
pressing forward aggressively on the scientific frontier of the medical war. the companies i've spoke to the 4 leading. i call him the genius companies they're doing incredibly well with respect to. cures and. also with respect to a vaccine that's going to. protect us totally protect us and they have some great potential it's going to take a little while yet but they have some great potential some great early results and the governor has been working hard and we are working hard with the governors has been great coordination especially over the last little while we give them a lot of equipment a lot of ventilators but a lot of equipment of all types. and i will protect you if your governor fails if you have a governor that's failing we're going to protect you but the governors are working well with us over the last period of time. today in our stockpile of
12:49 am
ventilators and again we need the stockpile so we can immediately move them from place to place wherever the monster hits it's a monster. we have 8675 ventilators right now in stock ready to move in and we have all ringback sorts of incredible soldiers our military is going to move them should they be needed in as an example we need additional in new york or for the new york city area of state if city and spoke to mayor de blasio and we're really have a great well coordinated campaign with mayor de blasio it's been really good spoke to governor cuomo has been great coordination so if they need something we have it if louisiana needs something we have it same thing with michigan same thing with illinois there are certain spots that are very hot. and we'll see what happens but
12:50 am
we'll know pretty much you have time and will be able to move it in addition to the 8675 ventilators we have 2200 arriving on april 13th. we have 5500 arriving on may 4th these are ones that we're building for the most part and we have as you know great companies building them for general motors g e we have really some great companies that are doing it on may 18th we have $12000.00 on june 1st we have $20000.00 when june 29th we have $60000.00 ventilators coming $6060.00 so we have a total of 100 $10000.00 ventilators coming over a short period of time i don't think we'll need them hopefully we will need them i don't think we'll need anywhere near them but we'll have them for the future and we'll also be able to help other countries who are desperate for ventilators the
12:51 am
u.k. called today and they wanted to know would it be possible to get 200 and we're going to work it out we've got to work it out they've been. great partners united kingdom and we're going to work it out for them so they wanted 200 a needed him desperately we now have 10 drugs in active trials with 15 more soon to follow as well as to vaccine candidates in active clinical trials we'll do whatever it takes to secure needed medical supplies and bring more production of essential medicines back to our shores we're doing that bringing them back to our shores a lot of these companies they went a little bit haywire they went away from this great country and they had them produced elsewhere so we're going to start bringing them back and i've been talking about that for a long time not only with medical but lots of other things america continues to perform more tests than any other nation in the world and i think that's probably
12:52 am
why we have more cases because when you look at some of these very large countries they i know that i know for a fact that they have far more cases than we do but they don't report them. we've performed 1870000 tested 8 so that's 1000000 870000 1000000 tests think of that 1870000 tests to date and now we're performing them at a level that nobody's ever seen before as we announced yesterday c.v.s. testing sites in georgia and rhode island will be using abbott labs rapid 5 minute as we're down to now 5 minutes to 5 minute tests so that people can get the results back very quickly and we're actively engaging on the problem of increased impacts there's a real problem and it's showing up very strongly and our data on the african-american community and we're doing everything in our power to address this
12:53 am
challenge it's a tremendous challenge it's terrible and provide support to. african-american citizens of this country who are going through a lot but it's been disproportional they're getting hit very very hard in fact. what we have tony here i'd like to maybe have you come up and address that one and then i'll continue but if you could address that it would be great to replace. thank you mr president you know we have a particularly difficult problem of an exacerbation of a health disparity we've known literally forever that diseases like diabetes hypertension obesity and asthma are disproportionately afflicting the minority populations particularly african-americans unfortunately when you look at the predisposing conditions that lead to a bad outcome with coronavirus the things that get people into icy use that require
12:54 am
into beijing and often lead to death they are just those very co-morbidities that are unfortunately disproportionately prevalent in the african-american population so we're very concerned about that it's very sad it's nothing we can do about it right now except to try and give them the best possible care to avoid those complications thank you thank you and then i think you're going to have some pretty accurate numbers over the next year this right but they are very. very nasty numbers are able numbers. in total. $1200.00 abbott machines abbott laboratories have been fantastic have been shipped now nationwide up to $500.00 more are being produced every week and $50000.00 tested cartridges are being manufactured per day that means a lot of very fast tests no nation of the world as developed a more diverse and robust testing capacity than the united states we're dealing
12:55 am
with other nations helping them out because the testing is very tough for them and our tests are very accurate a lot of tests are out there and they're not accurate at all fact some of the tests don't have a clue what's going on so we're working with other nations trying to get them help also. at a time when many americans are experiencing increased stress anxiety and personal loss we must also ensure that our country can meet the mental health the age of those struggling in this crisis there are people struggling and struggling and some people are getting to know each other frankly some families are getting to know each other in a positive note but there are a lot of people struggling on thursday also be speaking to leaders in advocates from the mental health organizations all across our country and we are going to be talking about resources into those that will make available to them they need help and it's a big problem when you take something where it was the most successful country in
12:56 am
the world still is the whole world is shut down think of it we're down to numbers that are incredible as i said yesterday i think it's $182.00 clinton and that was donald trump. press conference there about the latest on the coronavirus in the united states he sort of lists that he did start by saying that it was going to be a very very painful week even though there would be some a glimmers of hope but he did emphasize that there were some painful weeks ahead for the u.s. let's go to mike hanna now he joins us live now from washington they made quite a few days sort of went through on many ventilators for example the u.s. had and how many tests it had run that it wants stuff out for you like. but insidious president trump repeating the assertion that the united states is testing more people than any other country in the world that is because of the size
12:57 am
of the population is one of the reasons for that he also said that the ventilators that have been manufactured by various companies will be coming on stream use the figure by june there will be 110000 ventilators but he also addressed the disparity in terms of who's being hit by this virus minorities in the u.s. in particular african americans are being disproportionately affected by this pandemic michaela we will cross back to you a little later for the moment thank you and that is it for this news hour do stay with us though we are going to be back in just a few minutes with the latest of the current crisis around the world and of course more analysis of that news conference that we just heard from president donald trump to stay with us.
12:58 am
greece the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story the group they. believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and a surge in the far right they say that if you don't like you can both hurt you why i'm doing what i'm most of the people in power investigates western thrice contested space on al jazeera. another early morning another ceremony to bed health workers by well. 29000 to cuban doctors and nurses working in
12:59 am
59 countries around the world as confirmed cases of coronavirus increase so does demand for cuban medics medical services at the island's main export while western commentators assume cuba sends doctors mainly to expand influence experts on the other health system draw a different conclusion you're making a big sacrifice why are you willing to go. because there are other people that need me people that are sick and dying and not isn't right people shouldn't be dying when there are people who can help them. there are people in the world who want all forms of verification to just go away so we need people fighting against that really either trying to see if it's a fake review may be in syria but in a different time they risk a great deal to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major global play as we've been told to 5 cyber attacks from russia they're all dangerous and through this conflict kept. truth in
1:00 am
a post truth word on out just 0. donald trump focuses on a new target blaming the extent of the pandemic on the world health organization. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program boris johnson begins a 2nd evening in intensive care but its foreign secretary says the prime minister is a fighter who will pull through new figures show a dramatic rise in the crown of our assess told in the.


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