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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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there are patients waiting for these mothers who must be in pain life's worth risking their lives a week ago one of the gang stops of vehicles on the road attacking it with what was . risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. 1.5000000 cases of koran a virus worldwide in the us toll is getting worse but the president is optimistic. soon will be over that curve will be over the top and will be headed in the right direction i feel strongly about the. term fully back to bo this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the worrying rise of infections in brooklyn a fossil among a population unaware of the virus and facing
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a threat from on groups process ceasefire in yemen's war the sound next coalition announces a 2 week break and hope of even longer. i cannot in good conscience continue about a good campaign that cannot win and us democratic hopes for bernie sanders and his bid for the white house. thank you for joining us the number of coronavirus cases around the world has now topped 1500000 friends and donald trump is again criticizing the world health organization which is leading the fight against a pandemic more than 1800 deaths were recorded in the u.s. on wednesday nearly half of those were in new york state officials warn the outbreak is yet to peak mike hanna has. a long line of ambulances queued outside
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a new york hospital and officials say the peak of the pandemic has still not been reached it's not expected to hit the city for several more days. against the backdrop of the most deadly days since a virus hit the u.s. president. continued his feud with the world health organization accusing it top initially minimizing the threat to the virus and responding shop lead to that agency's director general who said that politicizing the virus could lead to more body bags it would lose in more body bags i think we would have done. and he would have been much better serving the people that he's supposed to serve if they gave a correct analysis i mean everything was i said china centric everything was going to be fine no human to human keep the borders open he wanted me to keep the borders open and close the borders despite him and that was a hard decision to make at the time we're all together made a decision against the world health organization i can't believe he's talking about
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politics when you look at the relationship they have to china so china spends 42000000 we spend 450000000 and everything seems to be china's way that's not right it's not fair to us and honestly it's not fair to the world at this point we're reevaluating our our funding with respect to the world health organization this is very consistent what president trump said since the beginning of his campaign. organizations have to work they have to deliver the outcomes for which they were intended president trump continued to endorse the use of the anti malaria drug hydroxy couric when ignoring the warning by many specialists that unsourced medical advice could prove dangerous zinc they say is ink the shit is zinc now and so it has to be recommended by doctors physicians but they say zinc i want to throw that out there because that's where they seem to be having the best.
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result and while the president was volunteering anecdotal medical advice new york city continued its preparations for what is to come. volunteers setting up a field hospital in a downtown church hoping against all predictions that it will not be needed my kind of washington now elsewhere thousands of afghans living in pakistan are trying to return home before the borders are closed again these turn to a calm border crossing point was opened for 4 days to let stranded afghans return home pakistan had closed the border to stop the spread of the coronavirus the afghan government has set up appointing center close to the crossing to screen travelers for call that 19 that speak to come on in islamabad for us so to tell us about what's been happening at that pakistan afghan border these past few days come out and how many people have made that process.
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well it's difficult to estimate how many people would have crossed the border because of the chaos and confusion when gone and rushed across that border wanting to go home and. these were people who were stuck in pakistan in the middle of march. where the iran as well as of one is done on a daily basis about the knobs on crisscross that border before 'd the closure of that border that would give you a rough idea of how many people would be stuck in this would be in tens of thousands there of course will now be taking an opportunity to go back before that deadline expires now dad of course was done of the out run all the way to the government of pakistan. for their turn of the people who were stranded in pakistan but it of course. a major challenge. would then have to quarantine
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people on the side of the border there of course we're told to be surprised with the sheer numbers of people who are eager to cross and precisely do we know come on what the situation is across the border in afghanistan once people make it back home what do they find. really difficult to cover honest on had not been hurt badly although that's a big number all valvano came back from iran iran was hit with the pandemic that of course. the west and of iran it's gone to have been writing so it is going to be very uncertain and it also it's also going to depend on how many deaths they can do where that these people really be quartered. once they're on the site also there are a number of targets gone if you are stuck on the side of the border the of and of course that in order lowering the. threat to be
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a huge challenge to quarantine these people in order to. make sure and it from these people who are going back come on thank you very much for that come on hyder is our correspondent in islamabad pakistan. fossil has one of the fastest infection rates in sub-saharan africa with millions at risk the u.n. refugee agency is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is not for that aggravating what is already a complex crisis in the country is going to sock reports. a little call may be the least of the worries of these villagers and yet it's the biggest concern of aide workers it could be a sign of the coronavirus a threat these villagers fleeing attacks from groups have not heard of until they arrived at this food distribution center where extra precautions are being taken. up on our habits have changed because of this disease now we wash our hands more regularly we so before eating or drinking we strictly follow the sanitary rules
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that they taught us to avoid the spread of the virus. next to this relief center is an international gold mining operation where there are number of infected workers but production hasn't stopped the value of gold is rising with so much uncertainty in the global market traders are investing in gold and bric oenophile so is one of the world's the biggest exporter but it has little to show for all the wealth created between fs so as just 11 ventilators for 20000000 people it is ill equipped to deal with the outbreak. hospitals and clinics are closing down after threats of attack by an al qaeda affiliate in the slummy state and the. 2 groups which have stepped up their operations despite the pandemic the few 100 doctors left are abandoning their posts leaving the people of brick enough us alone to deal with a virus that's rapidly spreading. falso is a ticking time bomb this crisis is revealing how fragile vulnerable and weak some
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countries in west africa are during a pandemic more specifically this country's faced with the challenge of armed groups. the united nations is calling for a global ceasefire so countries like britain and its people crushed by the violence of armed conflict hunger and poverty can better fight a virus that is quite lee gaining ground nicholas hawk al-jazeera the neo times is reporting that as many as $150.00 members of the arabia's royal family have contracted gold and 19 the paper says king solomon and the crown prince mohammed bin sama staying in an island palace near the city of jeddah saudi arabia has reported almost 2800 coronavirus cases and 41 deaths meanwhile the saudi led coalition has announced a cease fire rise across yemen and his fight with healthy rebels has been declared to help avoid an outbreak of the coronavirus in the country as he comes into force
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on various day and his you to last 2 weeks but in the hours after the announcement there were talks reported from both sides this is a result of one said to have been carried out by who thies with missiles fired into the city of madre where the sandy led coalition is based and the u.n. special envoy to yemen has welcomed the announcement calling it a critical moment for yemen why has this update from sana'a. since the midnight people expected that the ceasefire will take place but according to news agencies that the ceasefire will hold its place by thursday's noon but so far more than 10 rays that have been carried out by saudi fighter jets in different regions of yemen especially in iran also in iran and inside saudi territories and also those inside the problems which is in the border with saudi arabia many people hope this cease fire will hold spirits place and also will. continue to support
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the peace talks that have been. that have been brokered by the united nations in order to bring both warring sides to the table to discuss how to resolve the differences peacefully and also to help the collapsing of care sector to confront confront also and tackle the. coronavirus in case it emerges in yemen especially that the minister of health during a session for the parliament he appealed to the wall that yemen yemen's health care sector has only $1500.00 beds available for 4 patients but he also put shocking figures that the in case the coronavirus millions in yemen at least 2x8ww yemenis could contracted the disease within just the span of 2 some weeks
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a brain. is a game and analysts he believes the cease fire will not hold for long. this is more of a p.r. move for the public relations the consumption but we know the yemenis don't need just a 2 week sort of cease fire we need to end the war we need to lift the blockade we need to end the crimes that are happening all across the country that a number of pandemics beside the coronavirus and you know the color cholera outbreak of there so many other issues that need to be was often a country so we did we hope that this 2 weeks ceasefire would would hold but we know from previous experiences that neither side now that with these militia and or the house you know saudi led coalition at the herd to the agreements they either agreed to or you know we know that from the sweden talk. a few years ago that they need to release the detainees but they did and and end up doing that
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so this is coming in a time where there is an international treasure to make sure that yemenis have access to. medicare equipments you know that outbreak could happen in any time in the country of the outbreak of the cholera i mean if the corona fires so we had a very difficult situation remember again this war has been going on for over a half decades and yet many need access to food and medicine. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.n. concludes this investigation into chemical attacks carried out against civilians in syria will tell you about their findings and putting the final stamp on voting by mail in the u.s. is causing quite a debate. hello
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the weather remains dry across a good part of the arabian peninsula quite a gust. those this weather system makes its way through has introduced a fair amount of cloud and right into iran actually it's going to stay just as we go through the next day or 2 system what's a weather always a possibility some lively showers and they stretch they way back up across the good parts of southern turkey want to see showers to just creeping into the levant as we go on into friday still quite a cane when they just quite a keen when they're just pulling out of saudi arabia lifted dust in the sand certainly a possibility a little the temperature here in warming up temps getting up to 39 degrees celsius on friday naysay up the heat is on the other side of the writing potentially pushing across the red sea we do have largely dry weather around the horn of africa plenty of showers towards the gulf of guinea will see those showers peping up as we go through the next day i will say this any some wet weather there into the democratic republic of congo just around cameron southern parts of nigeria seeing
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some rather heavy rain as we should do the not quite as widespread as they might be but they are there nevertheless showers to into southern parts of africa south africa is generally fine and dry but there will be some heavy rain into eastern parts in bob way by thursday afternoon. perception is validation we believe want to be seen but in one life time we cannot see everything that we would lie and he experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. ofan testimony we know very little. with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. the the in.
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iraq i'm back our top stories on al-jazeera president donald trump is doubling down on his criticism of the world health organization he says the w.h.o. has been unfair to the world by taking decisions that favor china the agency has to stop politicizing the call in a virus pandemic thousands of afghans stuck in pakistan are trying to return home before the borders close again pakistan open the eastern talk on border crossing point on monday for 4 days it been closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and the saudi u.a.e. coalition has announced a cease fire in yemen amid the coronavirus outbreak is set to last 2 weeks and will come into effect on thursday the coalition has been fighting with the rebels since
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the war began and 2050. now the coronavirus is taking its toll on economies in europe talks between finance ministers broke down on wednesday as a discuss a multi-billion dollar rescue package that has the details. reminding people to stay indoors in space. the military drafted in to disinfect nursing homes and public transport despite a slowing down in the country's rate of coronavirus transmission the world health organization is warning the european governments to think carefully before relaxing their lockdowns or social distancing measures when you report predicts spain's economy will shrink by between 5 percent and 9 percent this year that could leave up to 800000 people unemployed depending on when restrictions were lifted on wednesday morning european union finance ministers meeting via video conference were close to a deal on support measures for southern economies worth around $540000000000.00 but
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talks broke down amid a dispute between italy and the netherlands over how to apply the coronavirus recovery fund portugal's marial centeno head of the euro group of euro zone finance ministers tweeted after 16 hours of discussion we came close to a deal but we're not there yet i suspended the euro group and continue tomorrow thursday my goal remains a strong e.u. safety net against fall out of coverage 19 to shield workers firms and countries and commit to a sizable recovery plan france is now demanding the e.u. use the existing mechanism set up during the eurozone crisis with no strings attached as well as some promote the need don't to me i would just like to point out something obvious the european stability mechanism was created to deal with a crisis and what are we facing now a crisis which is serious and profound the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has warned that e.u. itself could quote fall apart if it fails to agree
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a plan to help member states deal with debts incurred fighting the pandemic italy and spain have accused northern nations led by germany and the netherlands of not doing enough. but germany has its own covered related economic worries several financial institutions expect europe's largest economy to shrink well nearly 10 percent in the 2nd quarter that's twice as big a contraction as during the 2008 to 2009 financial crash chancellor merkel's government now plans to tighten rules to protect german firms from hostile takeovers by not only new investors. but. it's about tightening our very liberal foreign trade laws which permit takeovers from foreign investors in a generous way this is in light of the significant german security interests which for me include supplying the public with vital goods such as vaccines and critical infrastructure. of course coronavirus is already hitting hard germany's love towns
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has announced it will shut down its low cost airline german ways as part of a broader overhaul warning it could take years for the industry to recover. across europe amid all the uncertainty there are moments of hope like this neighborhood in seville welcoming home a recovered covered 19 patients. but recovering financially they also made a similar show of solidarity from. the dean barber al-jazeera. and global trade is expected to fall by up to a 3rd this year as the pandemic brings economic activity to a standstill the world trade organization does constitute cherry's all says ugly it says global markets are being disrupted by the knock down a factories and shops they had of the w.t. says this may be the deepest global recession in living memory wires and the financial crisis 12 years ago. as we confront what may well be the deepest economic recession or downturn of our lifetimes we should aim to make the most
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of all potential drivers of sustainable growth to reverse this situation governments around the world can and must lay the foundations for a strong and socially. trade and international coordination more generally will be orton greedy. patrick peregrine is an international economist he says a global recession could be far more punishing and long lasting and initiation it this is a government concession to basically have lockdowns and the problem is this is come against a background where globalization world trade is already under enormous pressure and the reality is what we're going to see going forward is actually the general forces even if we were even when the recovery comes are still good and it's global trade so you just have to look at the moves about health security and exposure the weaknesses of global supply chains that and one of icons arguments is that health
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security one's own production of medicines and health acquittance is a greater issue than the national security issues of like so why why and this isn't going to go away we're going to see we location of production back to domestic countries japan in its latest patents allocated over 20000000000 dollars to japanese companies to bring businesses back on show and we have peter navarro the president's trade representative last week being very very clear about the u.s. drug companies or medical supply companies should bring their production back onshore. now you ron is aging the international monetary fund to grant a $5000000000.00 emergency loan to help it combat covert 19 present us on rouhani says the i.m.f. would be guilty of discrimination if it didn't approve and provide the financial help the u.s. is set to block the loan claiming it won't go towards fighting the virus but to
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funding even in military iran has a middle east's worse outbreak and says crippling u.s. sanctions should be lifted to help it control the virus has sent to other news now and the un's chemical weapons watchdog has blamed the syrian government for a series of deadly sarin and chlorine gas attacks against civilians in 2017 diplomatic editor james space has the details the saw good of the use of chemical weapons in syria has been long and horrific but now finally the results of a technical investigation that finds the assad regime responsible the inquiry by the international chemical weapons body the o.p.c. w finds that the mena in hamburg governorates was attacked 3 times in march 27th seen over a week long period twice the syrian air force used bombs containing sarin this is the aftermath of the other occasion patients being treated for breathing
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difficulties often improvised the barrel bomb containing chlorine was dropped from the syrian helicopter into the hospital in the town. the report will be delivered to the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists so after such clear findings is he no prepared to directly condemn the assad government the secretary general his position is unchanged that any it is. intolerable that anyone anywhere is going to go weapons and impunity for use of the. equally an example and it's imperative to identify and hold those accountable who are used. chemical weapons don't you say it's intolerable for anyone to do this but the o.p.c. somebody says that the assad government did it will you not condemn the assam got such a government and why are you playing this lane game of not taking sides trying to
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be equal to both sides aren't you leaving one very important side out of this and that's the syrian people who have been gassed and over the last 50 years by the assad regime have been executed and talk shit i think we are on the front lines with the syrian people we have been our humanitarian colleagues have been there throughout throughout this conflict trying to support the syrian people in their daily lives so why is the u.n. pulling its punches well the answer is russia syria's closest ally and that's why you're unlikely to see any accountability for the attacks in the syrup or 'd the u.n. security council has tried to refer syria to the international criminal court in the past but russia a public member has used its feet oh james pays al-jazeera at the united nations the u.s. senator bernie sanders has ended his bed to be the democratic party's presidential
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nominee and his exit clears the way for former vice president joe biden to become the party's nominee for november's election and assault his supporters economized and then a question a factor in his decision democratic socialists had also saw a nomination and twice a team but he then lost to hillary clinton and fishes in washington and says sand as a station is no surprise. he's really been politically dead man walking since super tuesday that was really when bernie sanders lost momentum you remember that joe biden didn't do well in the 1st 3 contests in the caucuses in the primaries but then he came back from the political dead in south carolina after that he immediately got the endorsement from people to judge from club a show that was significant and important for him and he did very well on super tuesday it made things very very difficult for bernie sanders but when he talks about how he has moved the political debate in the united states there's no doubt
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over the last 4 years he's done exactly that people are not talking about providing some sort of universal health care in the united states they're talking about free state college for people in the united states he's taught they are talking about income equality because of the issues the bending sanders's race no bending sanders did not give an endorsement to joe biden that's not surprising because you don't give away all your cards at the table he wants to make sure that a lot of the ideas a lot of the things that he's been talking about will form the platform of the democratic convention and also the democratic election platform as they move in to the presidential campaign now as a corona virus spreads across the u.s. is a growing movement towards maine in voting ahead of november's presidential election but as john hendren reports not everyone supports the idea. after a chaotic and dangerous day at the polls in wisconsin there is a growing call for
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a virus proof november election since it will probably be moving to both find mail she wants that provision in the next stimulus bill. this is the scene few want to see again wisconsin voters on tuesday gathering by the thousands to cast their ballots during a deadly global pandemic all billy rushing. ok let alone being out here about a man and being afraid to manipulate a little with only 5 of 180 milwaukee polling stations able to open many was cons and voters including a nurse just off for shift did not get to the front of the serpentina lines to cast their ballots at all. i must say yeah but i wish i had been after the ballot as that but i didn't know it was going to be obvious yet now across the us many democrats are calling for standardized mail in balloting zone nothing like wisconsin's election which critics call irresponsible and undemocratic
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ever happens again mail ballots early balloting if in fact it turns out in places around the country they decide you can't do in person voting this is something we should be planning for now so that if it's needed we're ready to go in november. but the move has some high profile republican critics the president of the united states among them bill bell it's a very dangerous thing for this country because that cheaters trump who himself voted by mail in florida last month added on twitter it doesn't work out well for republicans. most americans want their government to require mail in ballot in the november 3rd presidential election with americans in much of the world confined to their homes a reuters ipsos poll released this week found 79 percent of democrats and 65 percent of republicans agree with the idea. with a republican controlled senate behind him the president might succeed in blocking
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an expansion of mail in voting that leaves the potential that if the coronavirus lingers or surges again in november because of wisconsin. could play out across the u.s. john hendren al-jazeera chicago. there's always more news on our web site al jazeera dot com the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic on their al-jazeera doc . again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera president donald trump is doubling down on his criticism of the world health organization he says the agency has been unfair by a to the wild by taking decisions that favor china has to stop politicizing the kohen virus and that. we're losing more bloody bags i think we would have done. and he would have been much better serving the people that he's supposed to serve
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if they gave a correct analysis and everything was as said china centric everything was going to be fine no human to human keep the borders open he wanted me to keep the borders open and close the borders despite him and that was a hard decision to make at the time we're all together later decision against the world health organisation i can't believe he's talking about politics when you look at the relationship they have to china so china spends 42000000 we spend 450000000 and everything seems to be china's way that's not right it's not fair to us and honestly it's not fair to the world thousands of afghans stuck in pakistan a trying to return home before the borders scrolls again pakistan open the eastern tacan border crossing point on monday for 4 days have been closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus the saudi u.a.e. coalition has announced a cease fire in yemen amid the coronavirus outbreak it's set to last 2 weeks and
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will come into effect on thursday the coalition has been fighting with the rebels since the war began and 2015. the u.n. skeptical weapons watchdog has released its 1st report blaming the syrian government for sarin and attacks against civilians the report highlighted 3 attacks where government forces use sarin bombs on heavily congested areas in hama province including a hospital back in 2017 u.s. senator bernie sanders has ended his bid to be the democratic party's presidential nominee the senator's exit clears the way for former vice president joe biden to become the party's nominee for november's election he'll be contesting the election against president donald trump you're up to date with those headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's witness i hope you just stay with us thanks so much for. all the work to stay with steve where was the rest internment and mass
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indoctrination your children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance or being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in australian investigation into china systematic repression of the weakness tell the world on al-jazeera. the arab .


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