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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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means a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in get a break sit down that has a slogan that one of the prime minister boris jokes in counting the cost on al-jazeera. week ceasefire comes into effect in yemen say they won't stop fighting while the country is still under siege. hello there i missed on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iraq's political crisis deepens a 2nd prime minister designate withdraws his candidacy and the intelligence chief has now been asked to form a government. the coronavirus death toll in the u.s.
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to passes the house of spain even as the president continues his war of words with the world health organization. and hungry and hopeless the pandemic is impacting food supply for hundreds of millions of people who depend on aim. well we begin in yemen where a unilateral cease fire started 2 hours ago at midday local time the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting with the rebels say is the truth the truce will last for 2 weeks now it's a fast time there's been a nationwide cease fire during 5 years of war the saudi state news agency reported the coalition wants to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus in yemen but the spokesman told us there they won't stop fighting unless the coalition lifts its siege on the country. blog we are not going to observe
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a cease fire we will continue to fight so long as saudi arabia the united arab emirates are still using a siege on yemen the announcement by them is a continuation of war it is not a total ceasefire so long as the siege is not lifted all right through their missile systems or maritime. air defenses including the drone who continue to target their military installations and industrial sites is nothing but a continuation of the coalition is just manipulating words either a total cease and he still sees an end to the siege continue. well let's remind you how we got the push to end the fighting in yemen began in late 2018 when the 2 sides met for talks in sweden a truce was reached around the port city of her days and both sides agreed to pull their forces out of that area that ceasefire held until may of last year but then fighting resume and when the withdrawal from the data never actually materialized the saudi air campaign continued and who the forces began a series of drone strikes on targets in saudi arabia the biggest attack happened in
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september targeting oil processing plants in the east causing massive disruption to the kingdom's oil production more than 100000 people have been killed in yemen since the conflict began and it's also led to a humanitarian crisis that's pushed millions to the brink of famine. in the yemeni capital sana'a for us mohamed it seems a potential glimmer of hope today what's the feeling there about what kind of a difference this might make on the ground if any at all. as you mentioned the and more than one occasion that the saudi arabia has declared unilateral cease fires also or the whole these from their side has called for. also in the previous time the called in more than one occasion that they will hold a unilateral ceasefire and also but on the ground the 1st confrontations and also the continuation of the war that has been that has leveled most of the country's
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infrastructure to the ground also the continuation of this war has impacted greatly the millions of yemenis. according to the union nations statistics nearly 3000000 yemenis have been forced to leave their homes and also they have been forced into into displacement and also into hunger so the many hope this. unilateral ceasefire will hold this place where they are hold these according to the spokesman he made he made it clear that the they will continue their fights against saudi arabia and its. quality tional ordered. the receive all of the saudi arabia and its allies made their demands which are the top priority for them that the. the total cessation of military operations on the ground and also the total left of the sea despite the current. demand for the lifting
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decision many yemenis hope that the receiver there would continue because of that has prevented the spread of the coronavirus now human according to the w.h.o. still free from this global pandemic but hopefully that many yemenis will with the chronic diseases continue to die because they couldn't we couldn't travel outside yemen for treatment. there on the ground for us in santa thank you. thank you appreciate it. well now moving to developments in iraq where intelligence chief moose stuff is the latest to be asked to form a government now earlier prime minister designate. withdrew his candidacy he had until april 15th to form a cabinet but there was mounting opposition from some parties to his candidacy well let's now go to simona fulton who is live for us in the capital baghdad simona do we know what's prompted this. well in his resignation speech the
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former prime minister designate of 9 hours said that he failed to mobilize sufficient political support in his words quote iraq is going through a catastrophe unquote and that situation requires widespread political consensus for the next government now. the situation on ravelled rather quickly until a few days ago and then i was late for the previous candidate was rather confident that he could form a new government and get it through parliament but then we saw several parties withdraw their support which led him to withdraw his candidacy today now the reasons why because if he was unable to form a new government during their various potential factors for that one of them is that president barham saleh nominated another sort of the independently without the input of the political parties which is some just quite a constitutionally gray area it's unclear whether he was actually allowed to do that or whether he should have waited for the political blocks to put forward
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a nominee another reason is that many political parties especially those who are close to iran said that those fears are very close to the u.s. and that they would not accept him now what is interesting is that the new nominee . the me he is also seen as being very close to the united states and yet he appears to have galvanized sufficient political support for now we saw quite a lot during his appointment which is that many political leaders from the major parties were gathered there in the presidential palace to witness his nomination which suggests that he has widespread political support but it remains to be seen what happened to the next 30 days as we have seen throughout the past months is that things can change very quickly and it will all depend to what extent was part of me can really appease the different political powers in the forthcoming negotiations and things can change very quickly and simone i watched all these months of demonstrations that began all the way back in october so where does all
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of this now leave the protest movement itself. well the protest movement has gradually dissipated over the past few months for various reasons most recently because there has been a curfew in place for over 3 weeks now to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus here in the country and as a result of that we're only seeing a few dozen protesters who have dug in their heels here in baghdad for example in the square which has been the epicenter of the protest movement but even before the coronavirus pandemic we've seen a gradual decline in numbers the movement has really struggled to come up with leadership they have really struggled to force the government to listen to their demands the demands which centered really around achieving far reaching political change achieving and over a complete overhaul of the political system and that is unfortunately not what has really come to pass what we have seen is that all of the candidates who have been put forward as prime ministers have been part of the political establishment and
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that includes the current nominee most to me he is currently the chief of intelligence and he's very much part of the political class the political class that those demonstrators have rejected for months so as the protest movement appears to dwindle the prospects for far reaching change appears to be growing ever more fenn simona fault and there for us watching all those developments from baghdad thank you senator. well turning to developments in the corona virus pandemic now and the united states has recorded nearly 2000 new deaths from the virus for a 2nd day as officials warn the outbreak is yet to peak where the total number of fatalities is now almost 15000 surpassing spain to now become the 2nd highest in the wild after italy now even as that toll mounts president on trial is yet again criticizing the world health organization mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . a long line of ambulances queued outside
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a new york hospital and officials say the peak of the pandemic has still not been reached it's not expected to hit the city for several more days. against the backdrop of the most deadly days since the virus hit the u.s. president trump continued his feud with the world health organization accusing it of initially minimizing the threat of the virus and responding sharply to that agency's director general who said that politicizing the virus could lead to more body bags please don't politicize this virus it exploits the differences you have at the national level if you want to be exploited and if you want to have many more. body bags then you do it if you don't want many more body bags. then you'd be framed from politicizing it it would lose him more body bags i think we would have done.
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and he would have been much better serving the people that he's supposed to serve if they gave a correct analysis and everything was i said china centric everything was going to be fine no human to human keep the borders open he wanted me to keep the borders open and close the borders despite him and that was a hard decision to make at the time we're all together made a decision against the world health organization i can't believe he's talking about politics when you look at the relationship they have to china so china spends 42000000 we spend 450000000 and everything seems to be china's way that's not right it's not fair to us and honestly it's not fair to the world president trump continued to endorse the use of the anti malaria drug hydroxy couric when ignoring the warning by many specialists that unsourced medical advice could prove dangerous
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zinc they say is ink the shit is zinc now and so has to be recommended by doctors physicians but they say zinc i want to throw that out there because that's where they seem to be having the best. result and while the president was volunteering anecdotal medical advice new york city continued its preparations for what is to come fall and setting up a peeled hospital in a downtown church hoping against all predictions that it will not be needed my kind of al-jazeera washington. well still ahead on al jazeera millions of indians ordered to wear masks in public in turning those in the 2 biggest cities new delhi and mumbai.
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have it probably feels quite cold in tokyo the temperature about the average but you keep getting this wind community in the northwest as a circulation that's been bringing star recently now i was just talking about a few rain showers as you can see stabs in the seventy's sapporo despite being 16 in tokyo throughout china has a big spread now of clouds and rain developing as far north almost 0 see as fast as eventually as hong kong but the concentration the heaviest stuff is certainly in southern china tension beijing's recovered to about $22.00 in the sunshine and shanghai's like to be around the 14 mark in re that finger rain stretching through south korea and towards honshu we have seen an increase in the number of showers in india particularly in the northeast corner not what the satellite would suggest so what the forecast suggests as well obviously for most places we're looking at a slow increase in temperature of the stuff exaggerated still 39 not to occasional
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showers particular down in kerala but they're not particularly extensive just yet once again for levant wind off the eastern med which suggests about these trailing fronts keep seeing druther cooler was further south in the arabian peninsula for example in doha rup to 40. survival for haiti's poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences . witness discovers the head in worlds where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a 1000 cuts on al-jazeera. the arab.
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hello again i'm the star and a reminder of our top stories this hour the saudi u.a.e. coalition has begun a 2 week unilateral ceasefire in yemen to prevent a coronavirus outbreak but a spokesman has told al jazeera they will not stop fighting unless the coalition lifts its siege on the country. iraq's prime minister designate has quit intelligence chief mustafa me as the latest to be asked to form a government. until april 15th to form a new government although there was mounting opposition from some parties to his candidacy. the u.s. has recorded nearly 2000 new deaths from the coronavirus for a 2nd day this comes as president donald trump and the head of the world health
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organization have entered into a war of words over the handling of the pandemic. well more than $600.00 people have died in spain just in the past 24 hours that's fewer than the previous day with the rise in new infections also slowing but now a total of more than 15000 people have died since the outbreak began there and more than 150000 have been infected spain is extending its state of emergency until april 26th with parliament set to approve that move in the coming hours and also herero has moved from the dredge. but we're talking about very high figures spain still remains the 2nd country with the largest number of people infected from part of ira so though we are celebrating a little bit this slowdown still very very worrying figures because the death toll still overpasses the 15000 very worrying figures also the infected people in spain
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has reach 152000 people infected from cope with 19 in the past 24 hours so these 2 figures are really worrying and people are not celebrating as as i mentioned before we have to be very cautious this is a very slow down trend we're seeing despite the 2 pasties this figure is increased but still waiting to the extent of spoiling it is voting this 2nd extension 15 days 2nd extension of the state of emergency with the support of the most of the political parties except the stream far right pro independent and catalan party so we know this it won't be b.n. top of the list and his state of emergency. british prime minister barak's johnson remains in intensive care for a 4th day but his condition is said to be improving government ministers say he is now able to sit up and talk to his doctors the current virus death toll in the u.k. continues to surge with nearly a 1000 deaths reported on wednesday. well it's really has suffered
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a higher toll than any other country in the wild with more than 17000 deaths speaking to al-jazeera prime minister said it was simply not prepared for the extent of the outbreak the worst for him and we are talking about a national health system among the best in the world we provide treatment to all citizens and foreign residents and immigrants however the health system is not qualified for this type of emergency we did not have enough beds to respond to this pandemic and we to few weeks to adapt the situation nor was it possible to purchase ventilators at the required speed and then well the coronavirus poses a major threat to vulnerable populations around the wild but humanitarian agencies say that restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the disease also making it increasingly difficult to deliver aid to those who need it the most. reports. in syria the closure of schools because of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting for more than how children learn. it's also making it much harder for them to.
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we estimate that around 368000000 children around the world are at this moment not receiving meals because their schools are closed. the u.n. world food program and other humanitarian groups are doing what they can to continue distributing food for the syrian children and their families in many cases these are the poorest families that really depend on the fact that their children are going to school but getting much needed supplies to vulnerable populations is posing a challenge travel restrictions and border closures are making it much harder to deliver. well workers on the ground in refugee camps like in northern kenya are introducing new physical distancing measures to protect people against the spread of covert 19. in cox's bazaar bangladesh where around 1000000 rohingya refugees live physical distancing is nearly impossible humanitarian
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agencies however say they are trying their best in the delivery of the humanitarian assistance itself so we have to be very very careful in ensuring that we don't become part of the problem but at the same time that we are responding to people's needs and hopefully preventing as much impact as possible in places like the camps in bangladesh where they are the most vulnerable people in the world it's not just the threat from cope at 19 causing concerns humanitarian operations that are already happening before the cove in 1000 need to continue there are people who desperately need that assistance and those operations are there for a very good reason because people depend on it. at a time of growing uncertainty for aid workers one thing is clear the obstacles they face in delivering help are already great they will likely become greater damage
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a disease or. the hundreds of millions of people in india have been told they must wear face masks when going outside the order applies to people and it's too big a city is new delhi and mumbai as well as the most populous states and also protests now with mosques in short supply wild why and the health ministry is also given instructions on how people can make their own india has nearly 6000 cases of infection and at least one $178.00 deaths and is about per annum is in new delhi and has been explaining how those new measures will be enforced. the biggest cities of mumbai and delhi in fact the whole territory of delhi was to predict the state of which is home to more than 200000000 people and multiple they have all made wearing face masks compulsory is also a shortage of face masks in india so i thought she's have said that people can wear homemade masks to even a piece of cloth but it has to be doubled up that piece of cloth will do we've had
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increasing concerns in india that with the number of coronavirus cases rising that there is a lot of spread happening from asymptomatic peoples of people without symptoms passing on the virus without knowing and authorities think that wearing face masks will help mom buy has said that anyone not wearing the face mask will be punished with a minimum of 6 months in prison meant that might be because mumbai and the state that it's the capital of maharashtra have the highest number of cases in the country now i can tell you that any time i've gone out for the last 2 weeks to say buy groceries i've been stopped by every police officer who have come across and i've been told to put on a face mask grocery stores won't let you in on this you're wearing a face mask and some even gloves so this was already something that was happening in a lot of places but now authorities have made it compulsory and punishable to brazil's
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president is continuing to defend his controversial stance on the pandemic encouraging people to return to work. says unemployment is also a problem resulting in poverty hunger and death he criticized local governments for imposing restrictive measures aimed at containing the coronavirus his comments have drawn opposition from people watching his televised address in their homes or fear of the coronavirus is causing problems for those trying to bury their dead in indonesia from jakarta just to washington reports. in some towns in indonesia he is about the coronavirus can quickly turn into rage this ambulance was on its way to the local symmetry in by a new mouse carrying the body of a covert 19 patients. turned back the men say they don't want the body buried in their town this is the fate for many victims of covert 19 alone and isolated in their final hours and i wanted in death. was. the local mayor tries to
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get the protesters to disperse behind. it to the risk of getting the virus from a dead body is low a living can talk a sneeze the can not to have explained this over and over again. undeterred by reassurance from local leaders similar scenes are playing out across the country in at least 3 provinces the bodies of those who died from covered 19 had to be moved to other cemeteries because of community and. traditional burial practices have to be put aside for now bodies a disinfected and wrapped in layers of sanitized plastic before burial. local administrations are preparing extra plots across the communities in jakarta there were more than $4000.00 burials in march a huge spike compared to previous months indonesia has one of the world's lowest
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rates of coven 19 testing their fears many people have died not knowing whether they have the virus but. some families do have that certainty the choose to ignore it. it's not clear why the hospital released the body of this coded 900 patient to her family but they are up to a body promptly the world health organization says bodies of covert 900 patients are generally not infectious but it recommends families avoid touching them this outbreak isn't just changing how people live but how they die as well just because washington al-jazeera. now new zealand is set to toughen its border restrictions within the next hour ordering all such as arriving home from abroad into quarantine for 14 days prime minister just says the lockdown measures all working announcing the lowest number of new cases in 3 weeks foreigners have been battered since march
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20th from entering and the country has been shut down for 2 weeks. in the face of the greatest human health that we have faced in over a century curious here for why are we in collectively implemented a nation wide wall of defeats as a government we have pinned it notices we've had powers that come with being in the . are you held the greatest power of all you made the decision that together we could protect one another and you hiv you help save lives. japan has reported a record jump in daily infections for the 1st time more than $500.00 cases were concerned were confirmed just in the past 24 hours and that brings the total number of people with the virus to more than 4700 the climb in figures comes 2 days after prime minister shinzo r.b.a. declared a state of emergency in tokyo and 6 other prefectures. now taiwan is demanding an
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apology from the world health organization over what it's calling unnecessary and slanderous remarks against a the island taiwan is accusing w.h.o. achieve that hunnam get bread yes this of using corona virus to gain political points to hear ledge to racists campaign against him taiwan has been critical of the un bodies handling of the pandemic and an exclusion from the group due to pressure from china while the hong kong court has ruled in favor of the government and declared the band to wear masks during unauthorized protests constitutional now that law was introduced last year in a bid to quell months of anti-government rallies but the latest ruling up held an earlier decision which says the power granted to police officers to remove masks as unconstitutional facing facial coverings will be allowed in legal public gatherings . well iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has accused
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western countries of mishandling the pandemic accusing them of being arrogant in their dealings with iran in a televised address he said the situation has proven to be a big test for both people and governments more than 4000 people have now died in iran from cravat 19. if the apex of 0 national priorities from health sector putting their health on the line and they have been suffering while being away from the firm even during the holidays they were not able to be with their families and have to deal with this turn numerous errors and lack of sleep. well global oil prices are edging upwards ahead of eventual meeting between major oil producers and their allies now they want to negotiate a truce between saudi arabia and russia and their fight for market share now that battle has led to a slump in prices and a major oversupply of oil and that's on top of a collapse in global demand because of the pandemic there's now a glut of about $35000000.00 barrels
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a day that's the same amount produced by the us russia and saudi arabia combined now president donald trump has asked opec and its partners including russia to cut up to $15000000.00 barrels a day but there would still be too much oil and somewhat the u.s. and canada to cut back as well well i'm lists are warning that prices could fall to $10.00 a barrel if the instability continues gelada nonny is an economist and also the former jordanian foreign minister he explains why cuts to output right now would benefit oil produces. seems that insistent quarters of the world there is such an optimism but still even with cautious optimism i should say because people think that the amount of cut that is required is that we use 10000000 barrels and if it goes up to $50000000.00 barrels a day that would be actually the current demand for a quarter for pick which is only $1617000000.00 barrels
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a day so in their way there is a lot in the market lots of supply and the demand is there but i did decrease it so in a way i think. they have a tough decision to make but it is to their advantage to do so to the producers that used to do so because they have tried when they agreed the market went up when they had bid on difference is the market went down and what is worse than not agreeing is course is competing for the c.m. limited area of demand in the world as it stands right now. and again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the saudi u.a.e. coalition has begun a 2 week unilateral ceasefire in yemen to prevent a corona virus outbreak but
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a heathy spokesman has told i'm sure they are and they will not stop fighting unless the coalition if that siege on the country. lead dog of a blog or not we are not going to observe a cease fire we will continue to fight so long to saudi arabia the united arab emirates are still imposing a siege on yemen the announcement be by them is a continuation of war it is not a total ceasefire so long as the siege is not lifted we have all rights to use our missile systems our maritime air defenses including the drone who continue to target their military installations and industrial sites is nothing but a continuation of you know. because lucian is just manipulating words either to the season he still sees the siege continues iraq's prime minister designate has quit intelligence chief mistah for me is the latest to be asked to form a government again i was there she had until april 15th to form a government although there was mounting opposition from some parties to his candidacy the u.s. has recorded nearly 2000 new deaths from the coronavirus for
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a 2nd day now this comes as president donald trump and the head of the world health organization have entered into a war of words over the handling of the pandemic more than 680 people have died in spain in the past day that's fewer than the previous day but the rise in new infections also slowing spain is extending its state of emergency until april 26th with parliament set to approve the move in the coming hours british prime minister bars johnson remains in intensive care for a 4th day but its condition is said to be improving government ministers saying he is now able to sit up and talk to his doctors. hundreds of millions of people in india have been told they must wear masks when going outside the order applies to people in new delhi and mumbai as well as the state of the pradesh well those are the headlines families are down we'll have more news here after inside story stay with us.
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out of lockdown china lifts restrictions on the city where the corona virus pandemic began 4 months ago but is it too early and walk to the lessons for the rest of the world this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. much of the world is now imposing strict lockdowns to stop the spread of corona virus but the chinese city where the pandemic began is easing restrictions.


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