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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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al jazeera has teens on the ground the syrian army says determined to defeat the rebels to use advanced was a system that it to bring move towards winning documentaries and light mean. 6 and a half 1000000 more people register as job listening in ited states is the economic fallout from the coronavirus condemn it intensifies. 'd neckcloth this is out there a live from doha also coming out all producing countries trying to negotiate a truce over market share after a global collapse in demand hurts them all. to 2 weeks ceasefire comes into effect in yemen but he say they won't stop fighting while the country is still under siege
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. and hundreds of millions of children desperately needing food we look at the difficulties for a agencies. now yemen syria the rebels have told al-jazeera they won't stop fighting while the country is under siege the spokesman says there have been continued land attacks and as strikes that's despite an announcement from the saudi u.a.e. military coalition a 2 week unilateral ceasefire they say is to prevent a corona virus outbreak were but mentally as is reported. i haul in military operations in yemen. but in the days and even now essentially ceasefire came into effect. all too familiar scene supply lines across the country injured people taken to hospital after hutu rebels shelled the port city of her data more injuries to
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entails of the heavy shelling the hostess say the saudi u.a.e. coalition also bomb targets in all just had to and cider although the coalition called for a cease fire spokesman told our just era they have not agreed to it so long as the siege is not lifted we have all right through our missile systems our maritime air defenses including the drones you can to your target their military installations and industrial site is nothing but a continuation of your the coalition is just manipulating words either a total cease and hold or still sees an end to the siege or the war will continue. the saudi vice defense minister howard dean solomon said on twitter that the kingdom is taking responsibility to bring stability to the region but some analysts believe we are in the usa a looking for a face saving way out of an expensive war they cannot win and the un special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has called for all parties to urgently cease fighting and
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make progress towards peace. more than 100000 people have been killed in yemen since the conflict began 5 years ago the u.n. hopes a temporary ceasefire could be extended the warring sides are expected to hold a video conference to discuss halting ground air and naval attacks but millions of people are on the brink of fun and millions more suffering from displacement in their homes and disease. u.n. officials hope the long infighting means they can prevent another dangerous disease from entering the country farce. they fear yemen's test system is already only to collapse and it's simply good to be able to cope with another outbreak nor does money out to sea or. the damage to the world's biggest economy from the coronavirus shutdown is really hitting home in the polls we can know the 6600000 americans who join the jobless queue that means that nearly 17000000 americans have now fallen
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for unemployment benefits in just 3 weeks that's around one in 10 workers and as a white house correspondent can you help it now since there are fears the figures are even was nothing like this seen in modern history and it is expected to be more because here's the reality the state's unemployment offices are overwhelmed they cannot keep up with the processing of claims so we've had 3 consecutive weeks 17000000 in the united states filing for unemployment but the number is expected to continue to climb for many weeks in fact it's projected to be more in the neighborhood of around 46000000 americans who overnight as a result of this shutdown and social distancing lost their jobs and we're seeing this all across every economic sector whether it's factories whether it's office workers even the health care sector because there's been a pivoting of priority in terms of dealing with covert night team patients and that means that other people have specialties in other areas may it be dental elective
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surgery all of that has been canceled so they found themselves out of work and they've also in many cases found themselves losing their health insurance because in the united states it's an employer based plans this is typically people get their health insurance through their employers losing their jobs means that is now in jeopardy. well detroit is a city that had been bouncing back from major job losses in recent years but it's now one of the new infection hot spots in the united states with more than 20000 cases in the city hoping to get patients into newly built field hospitals as soon as possible 100 reports. detroit famed for its riches to rags to riches story is reeling. the coronavirus threatens to undermine the motor city's rapid recovery from a 2013 bankruptcy. detroit's t.t.'s center was scheduled to house in north american
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international auto show in june that was expected to bring in $400000000.00. now instead beginning thursday it will begin accepting patients of a 1000 bed emergency coronavirus hospital this facility because it's been told that . they're going to create negative pressure in here just like a little road so the patients can talk again if needed they will be for the other for the motor city is just the latest virus hotspot to make the demoralizing conversion from commercial hall to crisis medical center it's a model the u.s. army corps of engineers has pursued in coronavirus hot spots around the u.s. from new york's massive jacob javits convention center to illinois largest city where engineers have been installing thousands of beds in a matter of days chicago's mccormick place is north america's largest convention
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center but the conventions are all closed in illinois under a statewide lockdown order so this sprawling complex is now with 3000 bed hospital devoted entirely to coronavirus throughout neighboring michigan the virus is moving fast our numbers are climbing exponentially we knew it was a matter of time not if covered 1000 would come to michigan we took aggressive measures we've been on the front end of aggressive measures that faith have been taking but we see this astronomical rise 7 years after the bankruptcy that brought motown's engine back to life the virus threatens to bring that progress to a grinding halt john hendren al jazeera chicago. well new york state has recalled its highest single day death toll with nearly 800 deaths in the past day and more than 6200 people have now died across the state the governor there cuomo says that number will continue to rise it's gotten to the point frankly that we're going to
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going to bring in additional funeral directors to deal with the number of people who have passed if you ever told me that as governor i would have to take the actions. i couldn't even contemplate where we are now so oil is just one industry that supports millions of jobs in the united states another pandemic has caused a global collapse in demand and the industry had already been suffering because of a price war between saudi arabia and russia while major oil producing nations and the allies are holding an emergency meeting to try and find an end to the crisis let's talk now to our economics editor. and i've been hearing sounds that the 2 sides a getting clear is that what chance of some kind of understanding here. you're right nick we've had 3 hours of this video conference call right now and it looks like they were heading towards a $10000000.00 barrel
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a day production cuts for plus nations and there's another $5000000.00 barrels which other nations will need to find and that is where that detail will be in this particular deal because the agreement may say we're ready to cut 10000000 but we need other nations to find the extra 5000000 barrels a day and that would put the burden basically on top of the united states which is the world's biggest producer of. oil and gas right this very moment. and president trump has said look we're going to leave things to the markets and you know when we expect that number of of our oil producers will go bankrupt because the oil and the oil price is a solo and some of them or some about oil companies will be turning down the taps and so we reckon you know they would be bad $3000000.00 barrels there now that may
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not be enough for the opec plus group and they probably want a lot more from the united states is specially when the when the saudi arabia is cutting $4000000.00 barrels and russia itself will be offering at $1600000.00 barrels itself so is it possible that the outside of the united states so we could reach 15000000 barrels per day in terms of account. it's certainly it's very very possible well it's you know again it's it's it's whether we actually see the steel through because people who may offer all put up should cut such they don't know maybe it's let's say 2000000 barrels but whether they actually released that clique get up to 2000000 barrels is just another is just another thing we've seen over the last few years last 3 years of production deals between saudi arabia and other opec nations and opec plus nations that many of them have not been hitting their targets and they have been coming well long under so they're producing more oil in the in the market in the hope of getting more revenue now
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it's important to remember that both moscow and we have the can sit this out they can't they got $500000000000.00 in in foreign currency reserves which means that they can dip into those to finance imports for as long as as long as they need so they don't really have to worry about that and that would allow them enough time to shake out the shelf that uses it in the united states the shell oil produced in the united states employ somewhere in the region or 10000000 people and this is and will leverage that they can use against the united states and say listen join in the production cuts or otherwise you'll see a lot more job losses in your oil fields sounds like 00 total going on i mean thanks very much indeed i've been wanting that. chad's army says it's killed 1000 boko haram fights is an operation near the border region an army spokesman says 52
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of its soldiers died in the operation it's time to move to the weaker fishel say the group has been forced out of the country the offensive was launched. killed nearly $100.00 chinese soldiers last month i would address has been monitoring the story from the beach in nigeria and he says that chad is now claiming victory against boko haram but it's unclear if all the fights is have been driven out. it's difficult to verify the official sources but reports from the region from witnesses from locals who saw some action on the field indicate that a lot of books around fighters have been killed many must have been destroyed from islands in the lecture area and that followed an attack that killed nearly. 100 soldiers from the charred side when. a convoy of military in the territory of the lake chad that was when president idriss deby promised that
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he is going to route a book why don't try to swim instead of 3 is already declared victory over in charge say claiming that there is no single book or don't try to own territory now what the country is doing is trying to help other regional powers other regional forces in the region and a program called multi-national joint task force to defeat finally defeat book or oh these are countries like nigeria and the republic of congo in a similar operation was conducted 5 years ago in 2015 that decimated by populations and they have regrouped since then they've attacked several and killed thousands in the process and regional armies in the area have been struggling to deal with the problem. so that here and. the right gets its 3rd prime minister designate this year we all. if we ask if he'll be able to unite sectarian factions . as stepping up or trolls police in france warn people not to break lockdown rules
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for the easter holidays. hallow there's quite a range of temperatures across the arabian peninsula the moment from the mt quarter in places like bahrain qatar and kuwait where up into the middle thirty's even 40 but quite obviously for most of northern side the levant and egypt it's much cooler the weather is still unsettled the still weather coming in in the mediterranean heading east was through iraq now when that happens of course tempers all that high often rains that's the case always levantine coast up to eastern turkey through northern iraq and into iran of course the sun's out for the south a lot of cloud there is the separation between these hot southerlies in the cool
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northerly so meccas down to 33 and it was 45 days ago it's warming up admittedly it was quite a dusty breeze in fact dust storms all sandstorms seem likely in northern saudi or indeed in iraq and that's probably true of africa too with that strong wind running down through egypt and into saddam the masseur cloud further south indicates where you might expect the shaft be this time of the year they're moving of a further north into nigeria and further westward sierra leone and it typical example being young there of course which is daily humid and occasionally sundry.
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but again you're watching a 0 remind of our top stories this hour and another 6600000 people in the united states have joined the jobless queue as the world's largest economy struggles with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic almost 17000000 americans have filed for unemployment benefits in just 3 weeks. the world's top oil producers are meeting to discuss accounts and outputs video conferences seeking ways to address
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a collapse in demand brought on by the coronavirus and a price war between saudi arabia and russia. the saudi u.a.e. military coalition has begun a 2 week unilateral cease fire in yemen they said to prevent a current virus outbreak but who the spokesman says there have been continued land attacks and strokes. now iraq's intelligence chief mr beebe has been asked to form a government smits after the prime minister designate a memo surfie withdrew his candidacy of a mounting pressure from the opposition to me is the 3rd person to be named in the post in just over 2 months so many fulton this report from baghdad. on thursday at 9 as if it became the 2nd prime minister designate to withdraw his bed in just 6 weeks from running iraq's leadership crisis the fact is yes we want the political agreement is important iraq is living through a catastrophe and there should be a political consensus that we can convince the political powers to reach an
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agreement and we found it difficult for this government to pass in the parliament. for now the consensus seems to have converged around another man within an hour of sort of his resignation president barham saleh surrounded by leaders of major political parties appointed most of the me iraq's intelligence chief as the next prime minister designate. the previous terms were accompanied by a lot of acute struggles and disagreements and between us and the political blocs today the political blocs national and social patriotic sectors have chosen. to me for this position the government has 30 days to form a new government and although he seems to have secured widespread support at the moment that could quickly change many iraqis question whether he is the one who can put an end to months of political uncertainty the crisis began when caretaker prime minister abdullah abdullah mattie resigned last december after widespread
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anti-government protests constitutional deadlines to find a replacement were repeatedly missed because a fierce political infighting last month president saleh took matters into his own hands appointing a man i was a free as the new prime minister designate the move drew stern warnings from iranian linked armed groups who regarded sort of feel as being backed by the us their political wings in parliament accuse the president of overstepping his authority and put forth their own candidate to me that. there was no way to accept because he didn't come from the political blocs we have a parliamentary system the majority of the political blocs should agree to nominate him. as negotiations to form the new government continue iraq appears rather less as it tries to steer its way through a deepening political economic and health crisis iraqis are angry at the political class for not acting class enough as if they keep going with their conflicts we
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want this we want that there will never be a government because all these parties. they want to fill the post with one of their own and there's a growing feeling that caretaker prime minister are going up there maddie may weather this political storm are not that that makes they want to appoint a new prime minister they will prolong this crisis and keep. in power because he pleases everyone and over in march of the matter he said he had no longer act as caretaker but has never done less continued to chair government meetings the protests that forced his resignation have all but gone away as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic and with that the prospects for systemic political change are growing increasingly thin simona 14 al-jazeera but that. one of the un's top human rights experts is warning that changes to egypt's anti-terrorism laws could lead to more rights abuses by the recent amendments include tougher penalties broader definitions of terrorist entities and imposing the death penalty on those
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found guilty of funding terrorism the u.n. says the new measures could result in more arbitrary detentions torture and disappearances it's called on egypt's government to comply with international rules . all right back to our extensive coronavirus coverage in the u.k. his death toll has risen to nearly 8000 with more than 60000 confirmed cases among the infected is the prime minister boris johnson who remains in intensive care government ministers say his condition is improving the number of new deaths on thursday fell slightly compared to the day before the foreign secretary dominic rob people to stick to the quarantine measures. just take a moment to think of the progress that we've already made following the garden staying at home denying the virus what it needs to spread more easily and to kill more people it's been almost 3 weeks and we starting to see the impact of the sacrifices we've all made but the deaths are still rising and we haven't yet
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reached the peak of the virus so it's still too early to lift the measures that we've put in place. well italy has suffered a higher toll than any other country with more than 17000 deaths and speaking to a prime minister contact says it and he was not prepared for the extent of the outbreak there. we're talking about a national health system among the best in the world we provide treatment to all citizens of our residents immigrants however the health system is not qualified for this type of emergency we did not have enough beds to respond to this pandemic and we'd a few weeks to adapt the situation nor was it possible to purchase ventilators at the required speed. but in spain more than $680.00 people have died in the past 24 hours that's fewer than the previous day with a rise in new infections also slowing a total of more than $15000.00 people have died since the outbreak began and more than 150000 have been infected spain is extending its state of emergency until april 26th parliament set to approve the move in the coming hours the school break
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has begun in parts of france needs to holidays coincide with warmer weather and the government is concerned people will attempt to go on holiday it's warning citizens not to break the lock down and risk spreading the virus as this report. at a railway station in paris french police step up patrols under france's strict lockdown rules only essential travel is permitted the french authorities are concerned that the start of the school break and warmer weather could tempt some people to leave home to go on holiday we put in place new measures and a point more officers to prevent all hold a travel because it's not permitted france is in its 4th week of confinement for people in the city staying indoors isn't easy and some of begun to linger outside in the sunshine a little longer than allowed but. you can't stop people from going out they can cover their faces and minimize risks but personally i think the government like
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governments in many countries misinformed us and did not anticipate well enough in the southwestern city of bordeaux police are tracking potential holidaymakers from the air they using helicopters to increase surveillance of roads and the region's motorways. we saw in stop some people near the verse act toll road they were trying to go on holiday they were questioned by a colleague on the ground who are backing us up in the sector one hour from bordeaux the picturesque village of tone would usually be busy with tourists at this time of year officials in southwest france say that most people seem to be abating the lock down but the extra checks and the veins by police will continue throughout the holiday period the french government says the lockdown is working that is preventing the country's health system from being overwhelmed it's warned that if people start breaking the confinement rules now the collective efforts made by so many over the past weeks will have been for nothing natasha bottler al
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jazeera opt out suit on france. well argentina is one of the latest countries to extend nationwide quarantine measures the president alberto fernandez says strict controls will remain in place until april the 23rd security forces are patrolling the streets to make sure that people stay at home some businesses are being allowed to operate again but under tight restrictions there is about has more on the situation from one of their. the president has not announced it officially yet he's expected to announce it over the weekend but there's already talk about that this quarantine place will be extended mostly because most of the people we have spoken to here say that it has words i mean that the amount of people infected in this country will be much greater than what it is today argentina right now has around 2000 people that have been harmed as infected and 70 people have died got the situation would have been much worse like for example in brazil that's the figure
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the fear you know it's so it's like it right now i'm standing in this is the most important avenue in one aside is there some circulation it's a holiday but there's also i look down and place only supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to remain open and very and those who are allowed to leave their homes are people that have are carrying very specific permits in order to be allowed to be on the streets and what's worrying many people here in argentina is the economic situation there's an enormous crisis an economy that's hit with recession inflation among other things argentina's kaname minister is already restructuring that payments because argentina warm be able to meet many off the books the credit part of its for debt and that's something that scares argentines away because it reminds them of the crisis back in 2001 there's also the latest that this fix said that small businesses for example 50 percent of them won't be able to pay salaries this month the people going to soup kitchens is increasing by the minute those lots of
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people who work in the informal sector in argentina they're not able to make ends meet especially this month with a lot in place for president out of this right now the priority is saving lives in this country and that's why it's likely that the quarantine in argentina will be extended officially extended this this coming weekend brazil's president is going on television again to defend his response to the pundit macon to encourage people to return to work. diane both sinatra had criticized state governments for imposing containment measures saying the consequences of combating the virus cannot be more harmful than than the disease itself he's faced widespread criticism and protests for downplaying the crisis. other coronavirus poses a major threat to vulnerable populations around the world but humanitarian agencies say restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the disease are also making it increasingly difficult to deliver aid to those who need it most how much i'm june and this report. in syria the closure of
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schools because of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting far more than how children learn. it's also making it much harder for them to. we estimate that around 368000000 children around the world are. not receiving meals because their schools are closed. the u.n. world food program and other humanitarian groups are doing what they can to continue distributing food for the syrian children and their families in many cases these are the poorest families that really depend on the fact that their children are going to school but getting much needed supplies to vulnerable populations is posing a challenge travel restrictions and border closures are making it much harder to deliver aid while workers on the ground in refugee camps like a cooma in northern kenya are introducing new physical distancing measures to
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protect people against the spread of covert 19 and. in cox's bazaar bangladesh where around 1000000 rohingya refugees live physical distancing is nearly impossible humanitarian agencies however say they are trying their best in the delivery of the humanitarian assistance itself and we have to be very very careful and ensuring that we don't become part of the problem but at the same time that we are responding to people's needs and hopefully preventing as much impact as possible in places like the camps in bangladesh where they are the most vulnerable people in the world. it's not just the threat from cope at 19 causing concerns humanitarian operations that are already happening before the cove in 1009 craik need to continue there are people who desperately need that assistance and those operations are there for a very good reason because people depend on it. at
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a time of growing uncertainty for aid workers one thing is clear the obstacles they face in delivering help are already great they will likely become greater damage as you know. their time for an update of the headlines here in oz is there and another 6600000 people in the united states have joined the jobless queue as well its launch its economy struggles with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic almost 17000000 americans have filed for unemployment benefits in just 3 weeks can we help has more now from washington d.c. but the number is expected to continue to climb for many weeks in fact it's projected to be more the neighborhood of around $46000000.00 americans who overnight as a result of this shutdown and social distancing lost their jobs and we're seeing
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this all across every economic sector whether it's factories whether it's office workers even the health care sector because there's been a pivot a of priority in terms of dealing with cope with night patients and that means that other people have specialties in other areas may it be dental elective surgery all of that has been canceled so they found themselves out of work. the u.k.'s death toll has risen to nearly 8000 with more than 60000 confirmed cases among the infected is the prime minister poorest johnson he remains in intensive care a government ministers say his condition is improving at the number of new deaths on thursday fell slightly compared to the previous day but foreign secretary dominic robb has people to stick to quarantine measures. the world's top oil producers are meeting to discuss the cuts in output video conferences seeking ways to address a collapse in demand brought on by the coronavirus and the price war between saudi
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arabia and russia. saudi u.a.e. military coalition has begun a 2 week unilateral cease fire in yemen he says to prevent a corona virus outbreak but he spacemen says coalition strikes are continuing. iraq's prime minister designate this year has been appointed intelligence chief mr falcon to me has been asked to form a government after 9 ells if he withdrew his candidacy under pressure from the opposition tried to army says it's killed a 1000 boko haram fighters in an operation near the lake chad border region an army spokesman says 52 of its soldiers died in the operation started more than a week ago officials say the armed group has been forced out of the country defense it was no. attack that killed nearly 100 child in soldiers now spots. here today with headlines got more news here on al-jazeera right off the inside story.
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a cease fire off the 5 years of war the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen begins a 2 week troops but who the rebels say they'll continue the fight how will this affect the conflict that has already created the world's greatest humanitarian crisis this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. yemen is one of the few places left on earth without .


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