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rapidly changing the world we live in. breaks it down not was a slogan that won it for the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour life and coming up in the next 60 minutes 6 in a half a 1000000 more people register as jobless in the u.s. as the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic intensifies. and the effects of the pandemic are becoming increasingly dire and america's most a city where share rooms have been converted into makeshift hospitals. all producing countries work on
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a deal to cut production iran says it's exempt from the agreement along with libya and venezuela. a 2 week cease fire comes into effect in yemen but the heathy say they won't stop fighting while the country is still under siege. and hundreds of millions of children desperately needing food we look at the difficulties for aid agencies during the coronavirus crisis. so that the damage to the world's biggest economy from the current of our shutdown is really hitting home in the past week another 6600000 people in the united states have joined the jobless queue and that means nearly 17000000 americans have now filed for unemployment benefits in just 3 weeks that figure is around one in 10 workers white house correspondent can be help it says there are fears the figures could be even worse. nothing like this scene in modern history and it is expected
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to be more because here's the reality the state's unemployment offices are overwhelmed they cannot keep up with the processing of claims so we've had 3 consecutive weeks 17000000 in the united states filing for unemployment but the number is expected to continue to climb for many weeks in fact it's projected to be more in the neighborhood of around 46000000 americans who overnight as a result of this shutdown and social distancing lost their jobs and we're seeing this all across every economic sector whether it's factories whether it's office workers even the health care sector because there's been a pivoting of priority in terms of dealing with covert night team patients and that means that other people have specialties in other areas may be dental elective surgery all of that has been canceled so they follow selves out of work and they've also in many cases found themselves losing their health insurance because in the
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united states it's an employer based plans this is typically people get their health insurance through their employers losing their jobs means that is now in jeopardy well let's take a closer look at how people are being affected by this economic news as a result of the pandemic shortly on we got to get reports from florida where an ally of president double trump is facing criticism for not implementing stayed home as soon as the 1st let's hear from john hendren who explains from detroit's why america's most a city has rapidly accelerating cases. detroit famed for its reduced to rags to riches story is reeling. the coronavirus threatens to undermine the motor city's rapid recovery from a 2013 bankruptcy. detroit's t.t.'s center was scheduled to house in north american international auto show in june that was expected to bring in $400000000.00. now
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instead beginning thursday it will begin accepting patients of a 1000 bed emergency coronavirus hospital this facility because it's been told that . they're going to create negative pressure in here just like a little road so that patients can walk again if needed they will be for other people the motor city is just the latest virus hotspot to make the demoralizing conversion from commercial hall to crisis medical center it's a model the u.s. army corps of engineers has pursued in coronavirus hot spots around the u.s. from new york's massive jacob javits convention center to illinois largest city where engineers have been installing thousands of beds in a matter of days chicago's mccormick place is north america's largest convention center but the conventions are all closed in illinois under a statewide lockdown order so this sprawling complex is now with 3000 bed hospital
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devoted entirely to coronavirus throughout neighboring michigan the virus is moving fast our numbers are climbing exponentially we knew it was a matter of time not if covered 1000 would come to michigan we took aggressive measures we've been on the front end of aggressive measures that faith has been taking but we see this astronomical rise 7 years after the bankruptcy that brought motown's engine back to life the virus threatens to bring that progress to a grinding halt john hendren al jazeera chicago. bracing for impact in a peaking coronavirus cases expected next month florida is preparing for what could be a brutal onslaught almost a quarter of the state's population is over the age of 60 placing millions of its residents in the high risk category many of florida's iconic destinations and now deserted but the statewide order to stay at home came long after other states
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already enacted similar measures during the almost 2 week debate on whether to issue the order the number of coronavirus cases here rocketed on april the 1st one month after the state's 1st confirmed case the order finally came given the unique situation in florida and i'm going to be doing an executive order 'd today directing all floridians to limit movements and personal interactions outside the home critics of dissenters who was initially worried about the impact on the economy say it's too little too late supporters of the republican governor say was a measured step by step approach on march the 23rd governor decentest rejected the idea of a lockdown by the time he gave the order at the beginning of april the number of cases here that increased 5 fold that delicate balancing act between saving jobs and saving lives is one many governors and now facing whether the delay here led to the loss of life is a debate for the future and a highly politicized one it's also a stark example of the life and death decisions leaders and now having to make
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dissenters has been criticized for excluding religious gatherings from his order tampa mega church pastor rodney howard brown was arrested over defying public health orders the arrest warrant being signed by dissenters critic andrew warren well social distancing is the only arrow we have quiver is the one thing we can do right now to actually fly current and we know that it works we want to do it in a responsible but aggressive in a way and so the next several signals were getting out of tallahassee on your minds that process. health experts say hospitals in florida will be strained by the summer as the death toll rises but politics should be put aside for now we will come out the best but we need to come as in nation. orcus. and be ready for the 2nd wave and be ready for it but the. florida faces some unique issues as cruise ships with sick passengers don't crops rot in the field and
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unemployment lines grow but the focus now is on saving lives and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida well let's take another look at those latest jobless figures in the united states and more people have lost their jobs in the last 3 weeks than jurong the global financial crisis and subsequent recession the u.s. unemployment rate this month could hit 15 percent and that's a number last seen at the tail end of the great depression. as staggering figures speak to kate brown who's the director of labor market policy and an economist at the washington center for equitable growth joins us now on skype from washington d.c. and kate as i say startling figures we haven't seen the likes of these since the 2nd world war. yeah that's correct and this is also a unique circumstance because it's 1st and foremost a public health crisis that has led us to induce an economic downturn that is
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quicker and deeper than anything we've seen in our lifetimes as you noted we've that over 60000000 workers have applied for employment benefits that in the past 3 weeks alone just a staggering number and my colleague plenty of psalm at the washington center for economic growth estimates estimates that her employment rate as at the end of last week is probably 14 percent which is higher than max monday in the great recession of 10 percent so that's now that's just 3 weeks and what about by the end of this pandemic where are we going to be then. there are you know a wide range of estimates from model economists the overarching theme and what we knows so far is that it really depends on the public health crisis and how well we can successfully limit the impact of a public health crisis there are 4 costs of up to 40000000 job losses but job losses on this level alone at 17000000 this quickly what effect will this have on the u.s. economy this is we know we are already in
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a recession that is sort of what our best guess is that we are currently in a recession and what is most troubling about this for the u.s. economy is that is that the workers who are losing the most jobs are those who are already low wage workers are the last access to that type of workplace benefits like paid sick leave that help manage this process we haven't been at that social safety net that they can't get access to so what's really troubling to me as an economist looking at this is that workers who are already in the curious positions who couldn't belt out the financial cushion to weather this crisis are those who are being hardest hit right now right and of course all nations the world to soften their own economic problems from this crisis but when the world's biggest economy is struggling like this what is the global impact of that we'll have to wait and see i think it sort of depends on how quickly they can again contain the public health crisis and what to the policy measures are put into place to try to keep the economy at a sort of stable level it's almost like an induced coma want to keep the economy
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stable we want to make sure that people are getting some sort of income through benefits so that they can maintain their current levels of consumption keep paying rent or keep maintaining their current lifestyle on so that we can sort of he thinks that he right now that so that once the public health crisis is addressed we can sort of pick back up where we left off in a ideal scenario yeah and when one side is address once that public health crisis is addressed in the pun demick is over just how quickly can the nation like the united states recover from something like this. the estimates range and i think what's also really important to look at to is it really depends where you are on the income distribution i think for a lot of workers particularly those of us like me who are lucky to be able to work from home we can pick up a few what would a homicide policy to be shaped downturn so that you can write that and go continue on your trajectory back up but will you want to watch out for is that workers who are more vulnerable going into the recession could face really long term
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consequences we know from the great recession that if you started off the same much starker a downturn consequences as a worker it could take you up to 10 years to make up their lost income and so i think we really want to make sure that we're looking at those most marginalised workers particularly workers of color who will using the most and make sure that we're helping those workers and their recovery because they may face a really long term consequences if we don't have adequate relief for that now and stimulus going forward and we appreciate your perspective on this thanks very much indeed that's quite bond economist thank you if the you matt. well oil is one industry that supports millions of jobs in the united states and the pandemic has caused a global collapse of course in demand the sector had already been suffering because of a price war between saudi arabia and russia a major oil producing nations and the allies have been holding an emergency meeting to try and end the crisis and there's now a glut of about 35000000 barrels a day and that's the same amount produced by the united states russia and saudi arabia combined and the us president told trump he was asked to pick and its
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partners including russia to cut up to $15000000.00 barrels a day but there is still be too much oil and some want the u.s. and canada to cut back as well and analysts warn prices could fall to $10.00 a barrel that figure if the instability continues well in the last half hour we've been getting reports quoting the iranian oil minister saying that iran venezuela and libya will be exempt from any production cuts let's bring in our economics said it's a bit early i mean does it say that we're seeing some developments what more do we know at this point. so we guess we had the radio and minister speaking and he's suggesting that. the opec 1st group is now looking at between $10.00 to $11000000.00 barrels of production cuts a day and some of those will be fed into the future and now they're also depending . on the united states and other nations to step forward as well and introduce cuts
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of about $5000000.00 barrels a day as well so in total we could be looking in excess of $15000000.00 barrels a day now it seems like a lot but as you just went through those numbers you can highlight if the big elephant in the room because production is down by about 35000000 barrels a day sort of demand is down by 35000000 barrels a day and so you know it will take a long time for these production cuts to come through and have a real impact on that oil supply glut that they reason at that at the present moment now whether there is a natural thing it will all depends on what the united states tomorrow when the g. 20 meeting takes place or ministers from the g 20 will be having a discussion on conference call as final and just like the opec. members are having now on a conference call because you know they can't fly out to meet each other because of
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that and and it will be seen whether the united states is willing to do us any more production based as the president trump has already said later to do 2000000 barrels but that's the natural loss in production because as that oil companies wind down some going out of business because they have money and they need oil prices up about $40.00 a barrel we're currently at $5.00 a barrel but the other thing is that right that workers and saudi arabia well the last 3 years have been worried really upset about the you. yes not contribute to get you think and shout produce is really writing on the. cuts so that they they say that the u.s. has been benefiting from from. high oil prices while they have been had to cut their production and this time around they really want us to step in and join and join the production process and how important is it for the global economy as
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a whole for oil prices to rise well for our jobs perspective very very important in the sense that it keeps those particular oil companies going it make sure that certain for instance in the united states where they report is 17000000 jobs lost it's over the last 3 weeks alone. 10000000000 jobs are tied to the oil industry especially in the shale industry and really they could do with the higher oil prices are. but when you look at the ellipse side you really want to see any level or a price it because you're right it's very american time so you want lower oil prices did help the global economy through this a fair bit difficult to really thank difficult state and that unlike you that likely to happen for some time because i think imagine that that huge right
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amount of the oil prices were off the remains around $40.00 a barrel maybe $50.00 for the for the rest of the year there isn't much profit but they're pretty right you know i think that most people would be rather happy with that but you got a place like nigeria. or but you know aren't you rich because the oil really need high oil prices to balance their budget yeah it's all very crucial stuff i've made personally that thanks very much put us in the picture there a bit early to this from london. on to yemen yemen's who the rebels have told al jazeera they won't stop fighting while the country is under siege the spokesman says they have been continued land attacks and strikes and that's despite an announcement from the saudi u.a.e. military coalition of a 2 week unilateral ceasefire and they say it is to prevent a current of our break as laura but mainly now reports. by home in military operations in yemen. but in the days and even hours since will cease fire came into
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effect all too familiar scenes of violence across the country injured people taken to hospital after hutu happens shelled the port city of had 8 or more injuries to intense of the heavy shelling the who thing say the saudi u.a.e. coalition also bomb targets in el jefe had to and side. although the coalition called for a ceasefire spokesman told our just. so long as the siege is not lifted we have all right to use our missile systems our maritime air defenses including the drones who continue to target their military installations and industrial sites is nothing but a continuation of your coalition is just manipulating words either a total cease and halt the still sees an end to the siege or the war will continue . the saudi vice defense minister how it's been so many said on twitter that the kingdom is taking responsibility to bring stability to the region but some analysts believe riyadh in the u.a.e.
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looking for a face saving way out of an expensive war they cannot win and the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffith has called for all parties to urgently cease fighting and make progress towards peace. more than 100000 people have been killed in yemen since the conflict began 5 years ago the u.n. hopes a temporary ceasefire could be extended the warring sides are expected to hold a video conference to discuss halting ground air and naval attacks but millions of people are on the brink. and millions more suffering from displacement from their homes and disease. u.n. officials hope the law in fighting means they can prevent another dangerous disease from entering the country coronavirus. they fear yemen's health care system is already on the verge of collapse and it simply won't be able to cope with another outbreak nor does money out is there well for more on this diplomatic editor james
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bass joins us live from the united nations james well a somewhat confused picture at the moment certainly we have the saudi led coalition saying there's a cease fire in place who sees at one point saying that they wanted a cease fire that he sees believing the saudi announcement is a ploy and saying that the saudis were continuing their attacks the u.n. simply saying that they have been pushing for this for a long time special envoy martin griffis when i asked the spokesman for the secretary general about the fact that attacks were ongoing he said he hoped that these were teething problems and he added this. the secretary general very much welcomed the announcement made by the kingdom of saudi arabia on behalf of the coalition it was clear from this the saudi announcement that this was made in
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response to the secretary general's own call for a global cease fire mr griffiths is meeting with all the parties involved to seize this opportunity to make sure that this is not a wasted opportunity and he will be meeting and he's in discussions with all the relevant parties. well you might be able to see it here nic just behind me through the window at the front of the u.n. the flag of the u.n. is at half mast that's because of the seat of the u.n. being here in new york and in memory of the victims here in new york also here at u.n. headquarters in an hour's time a meeting of the u.n. security council it will be hosted electronically from here all the ambassadors will be taking part remotely that's important because it's the 1st meeting actually about coded 19 rather remarkably it's come up in a lot of their other meetings but until then they haven't agreed to have a meeting and remember there's been no statement or resolution from the security council on covert 19 particularly on that global cease fire call from the secretary
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general will akshay nj it may after this afternoon's meeting i'm told there is a new draft resolution that is being put forward by the french that won't be a vote in the coming hours but we could be getting towards that it is interesting to see why the security council's had so much difficulty to respond to this and i think it's. because of a series of tensions certainly east west tensions that always exist in the security council tensions between the u.s. and china with the u.s. pushing very hard that should be called in any resolution the womb hand virus also tensions between the permanent members of the security council france trying to take a leadership role of the international community but that has got the backs of some others up as well are james thanks very much so that's a picture from the united nations is james bay is reporting there well let's take the cease fire in yemen on with bernard haykel who's
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a professor of nice and studies at princeton university joins us by skype from new york and bernard the u.n. as we've just been hearing very much welcomes this news but who think he's currently not prepared to accept a cease fire until the siege is lifted how optimistic or otherwise does this make you. i'm not very optimistic because the 3 things are also militarily obvious and they were advancing in the east and around america which is a town that is under the coalition's control and certainly i think that the saudis really want to find a way to to to bring an end to this war because it's very costly and this is one of many attempts by the saudis to reach out and to find a way to broker a deal with the hunkies but different things i think see that they can actually take over the country which is why i suspect they don't want to stop the war right
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there how worried the saudis about the pandemic and or general flow of the war if you like i think the saudis are very worried about the pandemic within their country within the kingdom. as far as as far as yemen is concerned maybe as your reporter said we have no idea whether the virus is in yemen and frankly again as your reporter stated the suffering of the yemeni people trying colorado and malnutrition and disease is much worse than anything that's endemic and cause frankly the situation is much more dire than pope in $1000.00 what the situation in yemen is much more done but nevertheless it should it break free as it were across the country of yemen it could be just catastrophic given the circumstances of yemen right now anyway yeah i mean i think actually yemen is already catastrophic it would make a situation even worse and certainly yemen doesn't have any of where we thought to deal with this and that nic i mean it's hospitals it's health system has completely
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collapsed what would it take for this to lead to longer term peace for at least for a resumption of the political process. well i think you know that the question of yemen is very complicated by the fact that it's also a civil war between yemenis. and there are outside powers iran on the one hand saudi arabia on the other with the u.a.e. that are involved with different yemeni proxies in the civil war so so it's a it's a very very complicated situation and one in which unless i think regional actors come to an agreement in other words unless iran and saudi arabia come to an agreement to a resolution of this conflict i doubt it will end anytime soon all right ben a great to get your perspective on this do appreciate that bennett heikal giving us that latest perspective on the developments in yemen sprees and breaking news now
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and i can say that the british prime minister boris johnson has been moved out of intensive care at the prime minister was moved to deceive me back to the hospital ward where he'll receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery that's according to his spokesman of course ross johnson was taken to hospital on sunday 10 days after testing positive for corona virus and was moved to intensive care on monday well now he has been released from intensive care and he's back on the general hospital ward and he'll be able to give you more information on his condition as we get. all right still ahead here on al-jazeera argentina becomes one of the latest countries to extend its nationwide lockdown.
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hallow there's quite a range of temperatures across the arabian peninsula the moment from the empty quarter in places like bahrain qatar and kuwait we're up into the middle thirty's even 40 for quite obviously for most of northern sorry levant and egypt it's much colder the weather is still unsettled the still weather coming in from the but training heading east was through iraq now when that happens of course tempers all that high often rains that's the case always levantine coast up to eastern turkey certain northern iraq and into iraq of course the sun's out for the south a lot of cloud there is the separation between these hot southerlies in the cooler northerly so meccas down to 33 and it was 45 days ago it's warming up admittedly it was quite a dusty breeze in fact dust storms all sandstorms seem likely in northern saudi or indeed in iraq and that's probably true of africa too with that strong wind running down through egypt and into saddam the masseur cloud further south indicates where you might expect the shaft to be this time of the year they're moving ever further
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north into nigeria and further westward sierra leone and it typically example being young there of course which is daily humid and occasionally sundry. but. in the age of the coronavirus information is more important than ever but i want to investigates the battle for truth in china and beyond on out 0. everything. from the ounces in around london for the cost center to special guests in conversation as the resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that on from to its uninterrupted wire all
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of the people of color and they're just one call it didn't work that is why they should every people have no clue exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot it was a bad movie studio unscripted on al-jazeera. rule. or. but i don't know what you want to 0 remind about top stories. another 6600000 people in the united states have joined the jobless queue as the world's largest economy struggles with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic almost 70000000 americans have filed for unemployment benefits in just 3 weeks. the saudi u.a.e.
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military coalition has begun a 2 week unilateral cease fire in yemen they say it's to prevent a coronavirus outbreak but here the spokesman says there have been continued not attacks and it has struck. the world's top oil producers a meeting to discuss a cut to an output video conference is seeking ways to address a collapse in demand brought on by the coronavirus and a price war between saudi arabia and russia. now than iraq's intelligence chief moose stuff has been also form a government that's after the prime minister designates nanos iffy withdrew his candidacy over mounting pressure from the opposition get him is the 3rd person to be named to the post in just over 2 months as mina fulton reports now from baghdad . on thursday at 9000 feet became the 2nd prime minister designate to withdraw his bed in just 6 weeks from running iraq's leadership crisis to practice yes when the
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political agreement is important iraq is living through a catastrophe and there should be a political consensus that we can convince the political powers to reach an agreement and we found it difficult for this government to pass in the parliament. for now the consensus seems to have converged around another man within an hour of sort of his resignation president barham saleh surrounded by leaders of major political parties appointed most of the me iraq's intelligence chief as the next prime minister designate. the previous terms were accompanied by a lot of acute struggles and disagreements and between us and the political blocs today the political blocs national and social patriotic sectors have chosen mustafa qadri me for this position. government has 30 days to form a new government and although he seems to have secured widespread support at the moment that could quickly change many iraqis question whether he is the one who can
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put an end to months of political uncertainty the crisis began when caretaker prime minister abdullah abdullah mattie resigned last december after widespread anti-government protests constitutional deadlines to find a replacement were repeatedly missed because a fierce political infighting last month president saleh took matters into his own hands appointing a man i was a few as the new prime minister designate the move drew stern warnings from iranian linked armed groups who regarded sort of feel as being backed by the us their political wings in parliament accuse the president of overstepping his authority and put forth their own candidate mustafa to me that. there was no wiser except if he because he didn't come from the political blocs we have a parliamentary system the majority of the political blocs should agree to nominate him. as negotiations to form the new government continue iraq appears rather less as it tries to steer its way through
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a deepening political economic and health crisis iraqis are angry at the political class for not acting fast enough. if they keep going with their conflicts we want this we want that there will never be a government because all these parties. they want to fill the post with one of their own and there's a growing feeling that caretaker prime minister are then of the mahdi may whether this political storm on our ticket makes they want to appoint a new prime minister they will prolong this crisis and keep. in power because he pleases everyone. in march of the he said he had no longer act as caretaker but has never done less continued to chair government meetings the protests that forced his resignation have all but gone away as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic and with that the prospects for systemic political change are growing increasingly thin simona fulton al-jazeera but that. breaking news now in the british prime minister bruce johnson has been released from intensive care he was admitted to
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hospital on sunday and that was 10 days after being diagnosed with the coronavirus let's go straight to charlie rangel who joins us live from london and so the prime minister now it seems out of intensive care. yes finally out of that intensive care unit and back on to the main ward instant thomas' hospital in london one of the country's leading hospitals and one of the hospitals that took in some of the earliest cases of coroner virus in this country so as as much experience as you can have with this virus and that is incredibly welcome news not just for the prime minister for his loved ones for the rest the cabinet but also for the country which was really watching and waiting to see what happened after he was admitted 4 days ago and he is said to be in extremely good spirits as you would expect from the prime minister that is often. quite outspoken quite jokey and someone who has been reporting to so this is very
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frustrated by the fact that he has been laid low by coronavirus earlier it was reported that dominic robb who is the foreign secretary and boris johnson's denecke designated deputy had not spoken to the prime minister since saturday and that was certainly causing a certain amount of concern there was a little bit of confusion about exactly what dominic rob's role was because of the constitutionally boris johnson was still prime minister even though he was in capacitated and in intensive care so the fact that he is now sitting up in his bed conversing with stuff and soon be able to converse with hopefully some of his colleagues is very good news for the country right in this recovery comes is of course the u.k. number of cases for eternity is continues to rise. yes earlier we had the briefing from number 10 and they explained that the number
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of new admissions is decreasing and the chief scientific officer said that we can take this as a tiny glimmer of hope that perhaps we could approach be approaching the flattening of the curve having said that the number of deaths still increasing and that's because of the lag time in the number. in the day of which the deaths are reported the reporting numbers only come from the number of deaths within n.h.s. hospitals not from the number of deaths in the community and the number of deaths within care homes we know that care homes in this country being particularly hard hit. the scientific offset as to make so we are still around 10 days from the peak in this country or a tony thanks very much indeed for that update charlie angela reporting from the u.k. . now the child's army says it's killed $1000.00 boko haram fighters in an operation near the lake chad border region and the army's basically says $52.00 soldiers died in the operation. to say the group has been forced out of the country defensive was
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launched after boko haram attacked killed nearly $100.00 chinese soldiers. has been monitoring the story from nigeria and he says that china is now claiming victory against boko haram but it's unclear if all the fights have been driven out. it's difficult to verify the official sources but reports from the region from witnesses from locals who saw some action on the field indicate that a lot of books around fighters have been killed many must have been dislodged from islands in the lecture area and that followed an attack that killed nearly. 100 soldiers from the charred side when. a convoy of military in the territory of the lake chad that was when president idriss deby promised that he is going to route a book or don't try to swim mr terry is already declared victory over in charge say
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claiming that there is no single book or don't try to own territory now what the country is doing is try to help other regional powers other regional forces in the region and a program called multi-national joint task force to defeat finally defeat book or oh these are countries like nigeria and the republic of congo in a similar operation was conducted 5 years ago in 2015 that decimated both populations and they have regrouped since then they've attacked several and killed thousands in the process and regional armies in the area have been struggling to deal with the problem. now one of the un's top human rights experts is warning that changes to egypt's anti-terrorism laws could lead to more rights abuses the recent amendments include tougher penalties broader definitions of terrorist entities and imposing the death penalty on those found guilty of funding terrorism the united
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nations says the new measures could result in more arbitrary detentions torture and disappearances it's call on egypt's government to comply with international norms to discuss this further let's speak to nearly one. un special rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism joins us on skype from minneapolis for near a welcome to the program tell us more about your chief concerns. well we have a number of concerns i think reflected in the communication that was made public today one is that as many of your listeners will know egypt has been in a permanent state of emergency for a number of years so we've had the occasion of the consistent use of exceptional law which is of course having a significant effect on the protection of human rights layered on top of that are a series of legislative anakin starting in 22015 some of which directly relate to terrorism but many of which build on that 2015 terrorism law and essentially expand the ambit of counter-terrorism regulation in ways that are extensive they're far
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reaching they relate to a whole range of fundamental rights practice freedom of expression freedom of ex of assembly a fair trial and of course the practice of these laws over the past 5 years plus and has increased our concerns about arbitrary detention enforced disappearances the use of torture inhuman and degrading treatment so the list is very long and i think it's deeply concerning that you have the state which is currently leading the global counter-terrorism strategy review process egypt as one of the 2 cold facilitators of that process and in a context where we need global leadership on the fundamental reality that countering terrorism will only be effectively done when we fully protect and enforce the rule of law and human rights these regulations that taken human rights defenders in opposition parties and journalists as we well know here at al-jazeera
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who are already under the cautions that were needed. indeed so there have been numerous as this letter indicates they skim unification indicates there have been numerous communications from the mandate i hold from the mandate on the independence of judges and lawyers from the mandate on human rights defenders from the freedom of expression mandate documenting explicitly and in detail ways the ways in which these laws are used against civil society activists journalists people who are expressing their fundamental rights in ways that produce and sustain open societies and these are these individuals are disproportionately the target of these laws now except as many would that states have a right to address challenges terrorism challenges that are real that are meaningful and that are genuine but we cannot use counterterrorism laws simply as a cudgel to to use against those who disagree with us or who want to engage in
9:42 pm
critical dialogue with us it's neither effective counterterrorism nor is it does it advance or promote the rule of law briefly for another if you would you have said that these laws have already had visible violations in the sinai region can tell us more about that. yes or the report does document the concerns that we see in sinai recognizing that there are serious threats and challenges but the counterterrorism space is not a blank check for states including egypt it is not a blank check to simply do what you would like to do disregard lists of the law and in the sinai region in particular this report this communication documents the negative effect on the enjoyment of economic social rights in particular the lack of access to water to housing the impact on employment in that region and again if we are sincerely committed to addressing the causes can juice of to terrorism depriving people of their most fundamental social and economic rights are making
9:43 pm
those hard to exercise and think about those those rights in the context of coal but 19 when we have to ensure that those fundamental rights are. protected to be safe in other ways that's neither going to help us in the context of a health pandemic nor is it going to be effective in addressing the conditions that have produced violence in sinai and which the report and and the communication pays particular attention to in our view it's been under underappreciated what the widespread effect of the use of counter-terrorism law on a range of these rights has been a phenomenon we do appreciate your time that's the special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism know the facts about. or let's return to our coverage of the meeting by the world's top open juices who are discussing cuts in output we can speak now to call me a man who's an oil and gas specialist and c.e.o. mary sources joins us on skype from. in switzerland welcome to the program so this meeting and video conference meeting is where has been under way what kind of
9:44 pm
prospects do you think there have been there are for some kind of understand who has some good noises well this is a good noise is it me instead. o. plus making good on. excuse me good and well just 10000000 barrels and in caps now the question will be is that conditional on the g. 20 ministers a good thing to morrow because it's. going forward. oh i know that. they question is also 10000000 barrels a day in iraq because. the demand destruction has been more than 20000000 barrels a day and we're running out of space to store our crude oil so 10000000000 barrels and 10000000000 barrels a day is going to be enough. to rejoining see exactly that question it is not
9:45 pm
because we are running out of the i assess the international energy agency says demolish struction so far has been 20000000 barrels a day i think it's probably been one towards a $3035000000.00 barrels a day if you look at india the 3rd largest consumer of oil in the crease this consumption by 70 percent i would say it is more so $10000000.00 barrels a day is what's so far been priced into the market and you saw the lackluster response so we probably need more to build a truck so if the prognosis if it is 10000000 barrels a day if the prognosis is no oil prices will continue for some time what will that mean for say the shine industry in the united states what do you think we're going to share industry because and then read you think i think you said and also relatively high leverage so i don't know the cash they can pay that so they go out
9:46 pm
but this is being set. no beef a lot of companies like to talk about the shells the axle is off as well. however they really this you want here is storage because we're running out of storage and the regulator put a texas. oil space the texas royal railroad commission its commissioner brian sinton said recently that he's saying spot the beginning of chewing days no more space left in that space you see pipelines already tell your companies to please reduce throughput which is which is which is on her and off so we're running out of space to store crude oil run finally briefly if you were cornelia how important is it for the global economy under huge stress from groan of ours that the oil price does go up. well it's
9:47 pm
a cent it isn't important to us to global stock markets that. we're going to want something resembling normalcy that i think that's one thing it's also it's a lot of people that are employed in the space so you have probably 50000000 people signed cloyd which makes 250000000 when you look at the when you look at the whole at the at the family is so so easy to eat does it does matter that the question is just the real question here we're really coming back to about a story or story to storage are going in a depression of your perspective on those things very much indeed who in the oil and make you very much sense of the. our wallet back to our extensive coronavirus coverage of brazil's president has gone on television again to defend his response to the pandemic and encourage people to return to work. criticize state governments for imposing containment measures saying the consequences of combating the virus
9:48 pm
cannot be more harmful than the disease itself he has faced widespread criticism and protests for downplaying the crisis joining us from sao paolo is massoud as on tell us more about what has been saying. yes once again president able to confirm that his orders and directives to the ministers and his government the federal government of brazil is to return to work he said that he believes that most of resilient people want to return to work and that he held the governor's the full responsibility for the decisions and actions that they took regarding the social isolation he said that they didn't ask or consulted the federal government for those measures that they took in their states at the same time president to support and supported again the
9:49 pm
use of the treatment had to secure a queen and he said that although it's not approved by the w.h.o. he think that using this treatment may be a historical decision for the poor so you think that brazilians lives and thousands of residents life of a same time also he said and he congratulated the doctor the famous resident doctor at all birth to her. own his announcement that he used. a queen on himself during that period that he was infected by a corona virus and he he said also the doctor started to use it also on his patients at the same point also announce that started producing the treatment other particular queen here and the president and dusty receiving the
9:50 pm
basic material from india after a call between him and the prime minister of india and he thanked india for that he said that the president would receive the basic material next saturday. or a dozen times that update from sao paulo has i must thank you. well. argentina is one of the latest countries to extend nationwide crime teen measures the president a better fernandez says strict controls will remain in place until april the 23rd security forces are patrolling the streets to make sure people stay home some businesses are being allowed to operate again but under tight restrictions has more on the situation from one of their. the president has not announced it officially yet he's expected to announce it over the weekend but there's already talk about that this quarantine place will be extended mostly because most of the people we have spoken to here say that it has words i mean that the amount of people infected in this country will be much greater than what it is today argentina right now has
9:51 pm
around 2000 people that have been harmed as infected and 70 people have died got the situation could have been much worse like for example in brazil that's the figure the fear you know it's so it's like it right now i'm standing in this is the most important avenue in one aside is there some circulation it's a holiday but there's also i look down and place only supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to remain open and very and those who are allowed to leave their homes are people that have are carrying very specific permits in order to be allowed to be on the streets and what's worrying many people here in argentina is the economic situation there's an enormous crisis an economy that's hit with recession inflation among other things argentina's kaname minister is already restructuring that payments because argentina won't be able to meet many off the books the credit part of its for debt and that's something that scares away because it reminds them
9:52 pm
of the crisis back in 2001 there's also the latest that this fix said that small businesses for example 50 percent of them won't be able to pay salaries this month the people going to soup kitchens is increasing by the minute those lots of people who work in the informal sector in argentina they're not able to make ends meet especially this month with a lockdown in place for president out of this right now the priority is saving lives in this country and that's why it's likely that the quarantine in argentina will be extended officially extended this this coming weekend. italy has suffered a whole than any other country with more than 70 of those speaking to observe the prime minister. she said conti says that italy was not prepared for the extent of the outbreak there the way the story i mean we're talking about a national health system among the best in the world we provide treatment to all citizens of our residents immigrants however the health system is not qualified for this type of emergency we did not have enough beds to respond to this pandemic and
9:53 pm
we'd a few weeks to adapt the situation nor was it possible to purchase ventilators at the required speed when in spain more than 680 people have died in the past 24 hours that's fewer than the previous day with a rise in new infections also slowing a total of more than 15000 people have died since the outbreak began and more than 150000 has been infected spain is extending its state of emergency until april 26th with parliament set to approve the move in the coming hours the chairman of the european finance ministers says they're close to reaching an agreement over a proposed economic rescue package talks collapsed on wednesday when member states were left divided over how to share the financial burden brought about by the pandemic members are pushing for the european union to issue a joint debts also known as corona bonds but the netherlands want to use an existing bailout mechanism that has more conditions attached
9:54 pm
detail and is introduced tougher border restrictions ordering all citizens arriving from overseas into 14 days of government run quarantine that's as the prime minister jacinta then announce the lowest number of new cases in 3 weeks saying the lockdown measures are working foreigners were banned from entering on march 20th in the country has been shut down for 2 weeks now. meanwhile japan has reported a wreck or jump in daily infections for the 1st time more than 500 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours and this brings the total number of people with the virus to more than 4700 the climbing figures comes 2 days after the prime minister that she is a way to clear the state of emergency in tokyo and 6 other prefectures. hundreds of millions of people in india have been told they must wear mosques when going outside the order applies to people in its 2 biggest cities delhi mumbai as well as
9:55 pm
the most populous state of top pradesh with mosques in short supply worldwide the health ministry has given instructions on how people can make their own india has nearly 6000 cases of infection that least 178 deaths. well the corona virus poses a major threat to vulnerable populations around the world but humanitarian agencies say restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the disease are also make it increasingly difficult to deliver aid to those who need it most. as this report. in syria the closure of schools because of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting far more than how children learn. it's also making it much harder for them to. we estimate that around 368000000 children around the world are at this moment and they're not receiving school meals because their schools are closed. the u.n.
9:56 pm
world food program and other humanitarian groups are doing what they can to continue distributing food for the syrian children and their families in many cases these are the poorest families that really depend on the fact that their children are going to school but getting much needed supplies to vulnerable populations is posing a challenge travel restrictions and border closures are making it much harder to deliver aid while workers on the ground in refugee camps like a cooma in northern kenya are introducing new physical distancing measures to protect people against the spread of covert 19 and. in cox's bazaar bangladesh where around 1000000 rohingya refugees live physical distancing is nearly impossible humanitarian agencies however say they are trying their best. in the delivery of the humanitarian assistance itself we have to be very very careful and ensuring that we don't become part of the problem but at the same time that we are
9:57 pm
responding to people's needs and hopefully preventing as much impact as possible in places like the camps in bangladesh where they are the most vulnerable people in the world it's not just the threat from cope with 19 causing concerns humanitarian operations that are already happening before the covert 1000 need to continue there are people who desperately need that assistance and those operations are there for a very good reason because people depend on it. at a time of growing uncertainty for aid workers one thing is clear the obstacles they face in delivering help are already great they will likely become greater damage and disease are. funny let me just give you a little nudge in the direction of our web site al jazeera dot com is the address you can see the lead story there south africa extending its lockdown by a further 2 weeks plenty more commented analysis there as well as all the latest
9:58 pm
stories from a. good buy. her her.
9:59 pm
it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway the actual longer numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. there are people in the world who want all forms of verification to just go away so we need people fighting against that reality tank to see if it's effective you may be in syria but in a different time they risk a great deal to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major
10:00 pm
global play as we've been targeted by cyber attacks from russia there are dangers into this conflict kept. the truth in a post truth world are now just 0. britain's prime minister boris johnson is moved out of intensive care as he continues his coronavirus recovery. live from london also coming up. one in 10 american workers lose their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic takes an ever deeper toll on the global economy. the number of global deaths grows another 800 victims in the u.k. alone a sport stayed.


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