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tv   Ailed Guevara The Wedding Planner  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2020 8:33am-9:01am +03

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an illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences. witnessed discovers the head in worlds where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a 1000 cuts on al-jazeera. to . make. a media. make us a loony going to walk down the. doors to want to eat.
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meat on the hayride us elated that they are going to see it. again and a single person. as a lead up to the law nonlocal. placebos that if they say no you're not going. because the estimate was tough tony. also window my nope i'm not a dentist and went a long time ago one of them in mourning. you
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know the 1000000 just don't know got the info and still be getting asked of. me or was that given a bit of probably ack. thought i was in no doubt but i'm not going to. ask him but all my 11 year old i will. the long one but i will also be no c.m. though what no one knew. about it. the real caught up with. us he spoke of play and say. oh. i know you know you might want. to tell him.
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jordan also has a whole show to. get out there that made quite a noise to sort of have. gotten over the whole thing with the media. the man who informed by you but of and saddam had done it all he wants but there's a lot of those and i am not a monolith. they have much of his own that are those that are fickle polemical that are. tempted. to. go to go play in the nato club. just because
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they are going to fight in a similar way and so i would anyone else that is the one who could only guys lease things out of window b. . wallace it got us going now and we don't you just use the phrase that. i'm. not talking to and i meant i meant they always went down but i'll end up as just yeah he said i meant that. way we end our walk i start to say what on this i was. ordered getting i get but this was i mean you have gone like a kid in combat give us a moment and. this is now. and it's still going to be on the. radio then but don't think this is
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racist because it doesn't mean that it wasn't and there's nothing to be. done on a little now for us to do other than how to say. this either. that's. ok well. but not for the model. and. it's only fitting that i. should be able to.
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use that as the i'm going to the boss of mine a mustang noir today after all. i want to leave some good for another. year and i must admit it came out on me ok. so yes we have. a. and poor but all. members most of. us thing. almost. all my that had bought all the things. the horses were wearing probably got on.
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my own them. we. know where. they mean my mom. said a moment to talk about what happened. at the end. mommy . may i have a bit. when. most of. my life.
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oh by the way. out of you going to. we're going to thank you that aren't going to miss america. again and said. if i want them around the world is also to get involved. so it's a goal to see lawsuit.
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ok i'm i'm going to houses for what the 4th quarter loss of all the whole of my hello. hotel status and see holiday bowl and class have to meet us here when i want to go money don't meant that also that are not. going to yemen and. they're not going to go i won't hold it all in one of them but i meet a lot of advantage it wasn't up to us in a way that it's about the mahoney. the . mayor. and police.
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would almost destroyed oedipal sounded big quality up real like gold for gold put out to be i don't know but the regular gold wouldn't be able to get it on high and if i thought i might go they're gone but i'm beyond about that when you feel a little short on my day off and we put down the report that they're not offensive and i don't want more jobless a. whole bunch of us here on. c.n.n. . where would i go you're going to do serious you know me i'd guess they don't want to see me stop the bullshit a little bit but honestly i want to get to go see a typical by the balls if it's a boy i'll say i you know i mean even town when i have my.
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limited time with i didn't leave it to see his ear we had a. little moment. i think it's well there's a will there's a thing or you know. what i'm not going to get out it was a good memory it was a believer the agree with you get. into all these you say it's a you know war began your maximum about us and them and then no meaning. ok you. get down there only when. nothing a day show about ability to me know i think. you.
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know me man after me suburbia i in here on of so that i said of course i me but him to may also of course a 2nd go but i said. it's a good thing. no no no not i he the way i'm about on i will. but i'm lucky that i had them on the night i thought. what i had. this is what i gave on friday look no no no we're.
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not. going to play that was enough without him. you know no man safad that enough but that there are you that way way up at us even but it's how he doesn't like you are all the descendants of the hour the one i know i kept a better place. the 100. seeing. them all to the north and always i don't think that you know. i love the save me thy son and i'm going to get in the war getting there like is it does a lot of us young could be any of them i'd like to put out there a lot he gets there when i wanted
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a whole tragedy i'm on its feet and to have given him about us all my coming from the dead. but i will then get all i think the unborn and never. see em but i'm going to announce a little it's that i want all the while i don't see him but i don't know how many of you want to see him but i succumbed i mean something and. i feel sorry for. the not about my phone call my. main thought am i there was still going to knock it down on the yeah and if it was in the next. town i add it up and being full of the name on it but i'm long.
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no no no no. they're going through all. the most. of the most i'm simply manto in this enough and i think. so but i don't want to say.
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that they are not so bad and that according to my. way of her right. no one want. this. story. being. but i was going to all they had to this until we did get a bloke oprah was one always only. going to build me out of the line you're going
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to have. law and i got a chromosome when i said i'm one of them but the ones they seem to get on with a wonderful order to do what. i want to also for the study. every night. but i am.
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going to do. more. but i don't think. it's. going to go in the. top in the same back in the belly oh ok it doesn't get a 1000000. tell
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me. you know more hunky say if we must but i guess i don't know what i noticed i'm. going to cause worries that i want to know that i'm in a. new city you know. when i. don't but i thought.
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get annoying to. get. what up out of the the gay order. now. i get told that i am money that i don't buy them out. so to.
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say you have i did. if i you know i'm home now i'm on my own thing i'm in my mind thing go on me away and out then what dong if i mean you're in a podium at the sound of the earth going to fighting for. you. to give into go away still being. your visors as a score of 5 years i'm sure you didn't see the stars there already. is that all
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goes only if i can see that there is a god. who goes there we were lucky who i don't think those are the words if you know 2 of us here who are a customer she was she a thoughtful while. ago . when i think i'm going to the mountain and i said in one area. to let them all come on terribly to go i thought of him and when i think it's over the last day he had a lot of shit i've got no comment on the dmca to the north and south america when i want to. have a long walk on top of it even if they don't be asked. to get me out the full plate at the time but i. love it and i don't i'm going to.
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now but i now only gain awareness about it not to tell you leon it's all mental i'll. stand no noname fund i don't. mind. which i can ask them. i am not going to be on the. other because i meet all. know what he says now as am i out on. the. ground or. a woman. who is motivated. to.
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go free those don't. know there's a. good . idea come also i love you that both of them i love stayin alive and need. a place of my back and you know what i'm after you see i'm going to still get out of the and useful to biljana for someone who was just enough as i said got out of prison again to try. to.
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make. me more lower and maggie and me but i yanked still. horny got helena go to are then the blow said joe and mia. is the pickle. april on al-jazeera. countries are imposing drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you all the latest developments from around the world both untold stories from across asia pacific one i want east brings new insights from the well to my copulated region as the democratic presidential race narrows how will the corona virus outbreak impact the u.s. election campaign and get the country investigated we're actually running cat group of independent journalists and becky wrote in the global fight against fate means
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the u.s. will count its population and a once in a decade census with coronavirus concerns will it get the full picture april on al-jazeera eyes only test treats and trace frank assessments why is it so he's struggling to cope with the number coronavirus posts failure to take really aggressive action there behind her informed opinions it's going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti where there's one ventilator 3000000 people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines as india doesn't up to near the spread of the one of ours in the inside story on al-jazeera. on counting the cost from the health emergency to economic disaster good the world be heading for another financial crisis under workers lose their jobs at a faster pace in the great depression what can governments do to help and who is falling through the cracks. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. is wrong in the world on al-jazeera. fully back to bill in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has the most corona virus infections in the world with more than 500000 cases and in the past 24 hours its recorded 2180 deaths its highest single day toll despite that president trump continues to express optimism we're seeing hospital admissions declining very substantially as i said a nationwide the number of new cases per day is flattening substantially suggesting that we're near the peak.


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