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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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daughter to a witness on al-jazeera. revealing ecofriendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al-jazeera. a distressing 24 hours in the us as it becomes the 1st country to pass $20000.00 coronavirus deaths. watch al-jazeera live from london i'm very navigates also a heads coffins by the dozens and singing from the balconies how the corner virus pandemic changed europe. taking matters into their own hands the philippine city didn't set up its own testing for covert 19. and mobile phone alerts an electronic
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response how technology is helping stop the spread of the fire is what does it mean for our privacy. hello the united states has become the 1st country to talk $20000.00 coronavirus deaths that's according to latest figures from john hopkins university it's one month since the world health organization declared a pandemic in that time the death toll has gone from 4000 to nearly 810000 here in the u.k. officials have again reported more than 100 hospital deaths on the total number of deaths is nearing 10000 the u.k. peak could be weeks away in spain however there is cautious optimism they've just seen the lowest number of daily deaths in more than a fortnight's while in the u.s. the governor of new york says the number of people being. it's
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a hospital continues to decline but that good news is offset by the total u.s. figure the number of dead there has now overtaken that of italy u.s. president donald trump has been heavily criticized for his handling of the crisis our white house correspondent kimberly how get reports from washington. he has betrayed our national security when the us recorded its 1st coronavirus case on january 20th the united states was in the midst of another crisis the senate will convene as a court of impeachment the impeachment trial against president donald trump something he said was a distraction for the country. but did the political drama also leave the president distracted from leading a response to the covert 19th outbreak hitting the united states trump says he took the virus seriously from the start i felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic all you had to do is look at other countries but his public statements suggest otherwise in january is the world health organization warned of
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a global crisis and coronavirus cases in china grew trumped bad chinese citizens from traveling to the u.s. but continue to downplay the threat we have a totally under control one person coming in from china he suggested it would go away by april as lawmakers expressed fears the u.s. was unprepared i'm deeply concerned that we are way behind the fondness by late february as rotavirus group states like washington and california lawmakers on capitol hill publicly questioned ministration the specials regarding whether or not resources have been stockpiled to deal with the crisis we do have in the strategic national stockpile ventilators we have masks we have enough for part well of course not or we wouldn't be asking for a supplemental to seek more money to procure more of that but by march tom why did travel restrictions to include some european countries also declared
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a national emergency in the us still as great a virus cases expanded trump continued to downplay the problem it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear. he accused his democratic opponents weaponize ink or. on a virus for political purposes and harming his reelection chances and this is the new home it's only as hundreds of new coronavirus cases emerge to process the us to the white house and now its national social distancing guidelines it prompted closures of most u.s. businesses overnight causing millions of americans to lose their jobs and a blitter a the once booming u.s. economy looking for a scapegoat trump blame china generates istead of the net it comes from china and contradicting public health officials trump continued to project optimism telling americans he wanted businesses reopened by easter but as cases of coronavirus rose
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truck reluctantly expanded public health restrictions we will be extending our guidelines to april 30th to slow the spread president trump has justified the mixed messages from his chronic virus taskforce arguing he's the country's cheerleader providing hope to americans in a difficult time but one analyst argues with the november presidential election on the horizon trumps response is driven by his desire to win a 2nd term as you know the saying goes never let a good crisis go to waste this is a president who has used every opportunity this crisis to to attempt to solidify himself so little fire his base and solidify his reelection we appreciate it very much trump continues to praise white house response efforts giving himself a 10 out of 10 even his critics accuse him of failing to response with lee to save
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thousands of lives kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington let's get an update now from john hendren who's joining us from chicago so what are the latest figures tell us john. well during we cross the 500000 case mark here in the united states on friday and it seems like every day we reach a grim new milestone and indeed today it's that 20000 deaths that you mentioned earlier with the u.s. overtaking italy as the country with the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus more than italy being a country one 5th the size of the u.s. still far more devastated but you can see the wave of the coronavirus move now here into north america and where as the 1st wave struck the coastal states like new york california washington state it is now sweeping over the u.s. the new hot spot that the midwest rather that new hot spots are here in chicago
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down in new orleans in louisiana and also in detroit and the state of michigan has now been hit so hard that the governor there gretchen whitmer has issued the most strict order of any state in the united states keeping people in their homes except for essential tasks in places like here in illinois you can go out for a walk or run there you can even go to your own vacation home and they are going to be enforcing that so u.s. health officials say that the peak here in the united states and in terms of cases is probably going to be around sunday easter sunday that was the original date when president trump wanted to let people out of those shelter at home orders that has now been extended he is been talking about possibly may 1st but a number of health officials here in the united states say that should be extended even further anthony found the head of the infectious disease unit with the centers
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for disease control says there probably will not be a sense of normalcy here in the united states until november and that's important for president trump because november 3rd is the date when he goes up for reelection and studies suggest that this is. already hurting its popularity that the u.s. gross domestic product will probably drop by something like 4 percent the unemployment rate now at 12 to 13 percent will probably stay above 10 percent into the fall so for president trump this is a challenge he's opening what he's called an opening our country council this is a group formed with senior administration officials medical officials and industry officials to try to tackle when the united states can go back to business as usual all right john hendren thank you. health officials in the u.k. say the coronavirus outbreak is yet to reach its peak despite the death toll nearing 10000 the government repeated its warning for the public to stick to the lockdown restrictions over the easter weekend with warm weather forecast across
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much of the country you start figures highlight the gravity of this national emergency the devastating impact of this virus and the unprecedented but necessary action that we are taking to tackle it is affecting every aspect of our daily lives but my message to anyone still refusing to do the right thing is clear if you don't pay your part our selfless police who are out there risking their own lives to save others will be unafraid to act or the virus has overwhelmed hospitals across europe and forced tens of millions of people into lockdown there are even questions about whether the european union will survive because of what critics say was a muddled response to the pandemic florence lee reports. try jeffrey how i magine. if you cast your mind back to the days before everything changed this is extraordinary how badly things were misjudged how it all went wrong this video was
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shared by the mayor of melanne on february 27th when politicians in northern italy were either blaming migrants for the virus or insisting the country's financial capital had to remain open for business as a piece of politics it was catastrophic this messages had a huge impact and probably led people to underestimate what was happening here after a couple of weeks both had all these politicians had to apologize . more than a week before that's tens of thousands of football fans had descended on the san siro stadium in milan to watch the champions league game between atalanta and the spanish club for loans it's now widely suspected that this was the trigger for the virus to jump from trees. as the days turned into weeks the sheer horror of the
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situation turned into a daily reality. 300 dead 405-6708 day it's really peaks of just under a 1000. there was nowhere to put the bodies they used an ice rink in madrid the spanish capital absolutely on its knees by now europe was in a flat panic its famous open borders were closed by march the 11th the u.s. had banned flights from the shandon to area and inevitably the ban was reciprocated business stops unemployment rockets and. european unity was nowhere to be seen amid allegations of countries hoarding protects of medical equipment and not sharing it with italy and spain no member states can handle this crisis on their own. and because in this crisis and in our union more generally it is only by helping each
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other that we can help ourselves not only could europe not agree on ways of helping each other's economies there were enormous differences in the response to the pandemic sweden didn't go into lockdown at all germany tested as many people as it could for the virus and had a much lower death rate than other countries hungary bound elections and handed all power to prime minister viktor orban to the consternation of much of the european union. france began the same grim should actually have cases as italy had a few weeks before and the u.k. to whether countries underfunded health care system was feared to be under such strain that the army helps build new hospitals in exhibition senses prime minister boris johnson had to be rushed into intensive care with the virus and is only now beginning to recover europe felt like it was in disarray. one of the biggest questions about the new reality is what it says about us and our ability to
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adapt to a situation none of us have ever known. in some ways has brought out the best in people the shared trauma eased slightly by community spirits on every european balcony. people try to find the positives like cleaner air or cleaner water everyone knows the day will come when the police won't fine people for being outside and they'll be a vaccine people in europe and beyond will tell their children about what it was like to live through the virus the problem is what happens between now and then. barnsley al-jazeera in london. or one world leader has urged people to forget their humanity during the pandemic germany's president using a televised ister message to encourage his nation listen. ninety's a punk to me is kind of big no this pandemic is not a war nations do not stand against nations soldiers not against soldiers it's
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a test of our humanity it brings out the worst and the best of people let's show each other our best let's also show is to europe germany cannot come out of this crisis strong and healthy if our neighbors are not strong and healthy. still to come on al-jazeera back on the roads the coronavirus crisis forces venezuelan migrants to leave the lock down and. that's the 50th anniversary of the apollo 13 mission one that became a story of survival against all odds. have either been some notable showers in new south wales or of the few in victoria recently but as you can see most of this killing cloud is disappearing across the
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sea towards new zealand leaving behind the sunshine and not a lot of water in sydney's ok $21.00 degrees belden stays down at 16 i think enjoy the brighter skies and even in hobart often passing showers it should be bright person come down to more reasonable 26 degrees and it might be this part of western australia where the cloud increases and brings a shower or 2 during monday otherwise it's a fairly dry picture and even new zealand things though windy almost as wet as they were whereas the office is happening in japan this cloud here coming out of china is developing in the east china sea in running up towards the major islands of japan the circulations actually involved in this your niche is a behind it's normally breeze so we've cleared out the rain from china hong kong's dark even more hong kong will be sunny tyrone see rain for a bit but the real rain is think through honshu reaching tokyo i suspect by the end the weekend the specific forecast for tokyo is this one sunday sees the rain come in later last most of monday and then it's gone by chooses tension is
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a disappointing 30 finally rising but on tuesday. rewind returns with a new series can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put entice since the program was filmed rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was in. i was the global for. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a scholarship rewind on al-jazeera. the in. the.
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coming on the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has become the country with the worst coronavirus death toll more than 20000 people have died and at least half a 1000000 infected. the u.k. has again reported more than 100 hospital deaths health officials say the corona virus outbreak is yet to reach its peak despite the overall death toll nearing 10000. and in me which as the 2nd highest death toll is starting to see the pressure on hospitals in this fight a slight rise in the number of fatalities on saturday spain has seen the most number of daily deaths in its. more than 4000000 people have fled venezuela in recent years because of a deepening economic and humanitarian crisis many fled to colombia where they now face a tough choice stay there and try to survive in a country in lockdown because a coronavirus or return home on
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a sunday in petty reports from bogota. fleeing on foot carrying all their worldly possessions the highway out of quarantine bogota has become dotted with hundreds of homeless hungry venezuelans attempting to walk back to their battered country. solace in their family worked as street vendors but with the lock down they ran out of money and ended up on the streets and there was no one left to sell to how were we supposed to survive. and then of course the police even for hit us from being outside we live hand to mouth day by day how can we pay the daily rent how could we ate. in recent years more than 4000000. other south american countries escaping the economic collapse in venice where simon managed to earn a meager but decent living thanks to reese who worked in a car wash leaving was an agonizing decision. there's nothing left to do
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here we lost our jobs and we can't count on getting help from the government until 2 weeks ago when the lockdown started migrants have access to some form of assistance but since then shelters migrant centers and soup kitchens are all closed leaving them with no help at all. the government has increased the number of cash transfers to some struggling families but it's not enough as mayor said that at least for now the temporary shelters being built in the city were exclusively for vulnerable colombians. the doors of cattle equally for guinea's ations are closed with no official date for reopening so either we'll throw says the fear of contagion in the excessive number of people in need left them with no other option . we don't have the resources nor the space to deal with this precious we're seeing that the media and the government passing responsibility to one another because the
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number of people in need is simply too high. back on the highway did we stop to catch a breath and firm up their bags estimator will take them 15 days to get to the border . they know the situation back home will be equally tough but at least they say they'll have a roof over their heads and their family nearby to help as much as they can listen to. turkey has put its most populated areas under a terrific her few to try to contain the spread of the virus people rushed to grocery in convenience stores after the announcement was made 31 cities are affected including istanbul and ankara bakeries hospitals pharmacies and factories producing medical equipment are all exempt turkey confirmed $98.00 more deaths on friday taking the total to more than a thousands as demand grows in the philippines for a coronavirus testing one city is going out it alone with its own screening program
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in an effort to flatten the curve the government has been under fire for delaying plans to start mass testing nationwide's general allen's organ has more it's the scribed as the 1st localized mass says program for the coronavirus here like many cities villages weller is grappling with a pandemic and with help from these health workers they say they're taking matters into their own hands to set up their own testing system separate from the national government their aim is to stop the disease from spreading the 1st to get tested are some in this neighborhood described here as persons under investigation who may have contracted the virus or been in contact with infected people. frontline workers such as doctors and nurses are expected to get tested as well.
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as previously requests for a limited amount of testing kits had to be me to the national government and it would take at least a week before results arrived with thousands of kit at their disposal and with the hospital that in the process these tests the results should only take 2 days to come through. the try and lead the relearning the earth. for. anything he. learned here. more than 60000000 filipinos have been forced to stay at home after president rodrigo detected declared a national health emergency a few weeks ago checkpoints like this one have become familiar scenes the government says the lockdown is necessary to prevent further outbreak in many
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communities but more and more experts say this is simply not enough and there are growing calls for the government to conduct mass testing in many communities the health system in the country is clearly in crisis most hospitals are full and the number of health workers dying from the virus continues to rise so testy efforts like this one are seen as a major breakthrough specially in poor communities which usually don't have much choice but to stay a tome and wait for help to arrive there is hope for deliverance they say from their collective anguish. dog an al-jazeera manila. apple and google have announced they're working together to develop technology that will alert people when they've been close to anyone infected with the virus the idea is to help government's role to run on both android devices and i phones alexia ryan reports.
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for many of us technology is a major part of staying in touch during lock down from online workouts to church services. and birthday parties. it's helping bring our communities together but technology also has the potential to alert people when they've been close to anyone and fictive with the virus. google is teaming up with apple to develop apps to do just that it's a rake a lab aeration between the american companies whose operating systems power 99 percent of the world's smartphones but some fear the technology could also lead to more unwanted scrutiny of our private lives and personal data google's business model is to track google's a surveillance capitalist google makes its billions by tracking every move you make on and off the web apple and google say prissie transparency and consent at most
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importance in a safe it and they will openly publish information about their work for others to analyze governments worldwide are working out how technology can help us to identify sick people and stop the spread of the virus some countries including poland israel and singapore already use people's handsets to monitor their quarantine or send coronavirus alerts. south korea is joining hong kong and using electronic wristbands with some uses asked to send a photo of their home to prove they're in self isolation that's aimed at getting the lockdowns and border restrictions lifted as soon as possible it's very new new technology it's very interesting but a lot of people worry about it in terms of the person's freedom we're going to take a look at that a very strong look at it we'll let you know pretty said a private in china where the outbreak began last year most codes dictate where the people can leave the house and where they can go digital rights activists say such
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apps need to be designed so they can't be misused so today it's opt in we're not china we never make you you know make you use this but what happens tomorrow when it's on every i.o.'s device and every adult device and we start using will walk down and we say to people you want to go back to work you can but here's the cab yat you have to turn it on you have to opt into it you know but you get your choice you don't have to go to work but if you want to go to work you got a. scientist said mit take knology alone it won't be enough to eradicate the virus instead it will need people's commitment in real life brian al-jazeera. saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the apollo 13 space mission the one that was intended as a culminates in a lunar landing but an explosion aboard left 3 astronauts fighting for survival it was what nasa called a successful failure of the lessons learned have inspired a new generation of astronauts mike hanna has more.
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a barely audible outer ring was an iconic phrase that became part of popular culture. and we. say again please can we have a problem. the lords was routine this was to be the 3rd moon landing and the mission commander james lovell was on his 4th trip into space. and it was just after a month 35 hours of displeasure that occur ok now it's everybody keep an explosion in an oxygen tank destroy the outer pen also the command module and shorted many of the intricate electronics keeping the craft in orbit the idea of a moon landing was abandoned the success of the mission was not to be measured by survival the astronauts used the lunar model as
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a lifeboat dozens of scientists back at mission control worked out how to repair the systems keep the astronauts alive and get them back to find a way to make this video into the homefront vs. using nothing but that. is just. building. the world was transfixed by the drama taking place in space. your astronauts will come back safe. for a few days all division was forgotten as millions around the globe will be astronauts a safe return home. and 50 years later a new generation of astronauts inspired by lessons learned from the apollo 13 mission. members of massa's autumn is program which is designed to put a man and woman on the moon by 2024 followed by
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a mission to mars we learn more from our failures than we ever do from our successes. up in space astronauts on the international space station continue their work remembering the apollo 13 mission in a video conference and paying tribute to the scientists on a striving to keep them safe in the face of a pandemic has changed the way that mission control operations worked they're actually doing hand over between shifts between 2 different rooms to minimize the contact but yet here they are persevering and through their ingenuity in their professionalism we're they're going to return a star earth safely just like their predecessors did 50 years ago i think apollo 13 was a very good example. of always expecting. the unexpected. when i saw the person streaming out and that blossoms i had news
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by this time that had less we sunk in the pacific ocean we were being successful. a 50 year old message that resonates in a world sheltering from pandemic mike hanna al-jazeera washington. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has become the country with the worst coronavirus death toll about 20000 people have died and there are at least half a 1000000 americans infected governor of new york says the number of people being treated in hospital continues to decline and italy which has the 2nd worst death toll is starting to see the pressure on hospitals despite a slight rise in the number of fatalities on saturday hopeful news too out of spain where it's seen the most number of daily deaths and we see
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a health officials in the u.k. say the corona virus outbreak is yet to reach its peak despite the death toll nearing 10000 government repeated its warning for the public to stick to the lockdown restrictions over the easter weekend with warm weather forecast across much of the country these start figures highlight the gravity of this national emergency the devastating impact took this virus and the unprecedented but necessary action that we are taking to tackle it is affecting every aspect of our daily lives but my message to anyone still refusing to do the right thing is clear if you don't pay your part our selfless police who are out there risking their own lives to save others will be unafraid to act one world leaders urged people not to forget their humanity during the pandemic germany's presidents use the televised is to rest to encourage his nation. ninety's a punk to me is kind clique no this pandemic is not a war nations do not stand against nations soldiers not against soldiers it's
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a test of our humanity and it brings out the worst and best of people let's show each other our best let's also shows to europe and germany cannot come out of this crisis strong and healthy if our neighbors are not strong and healthy all turkey has put its most populated areas under a 2 day curfew to try to contain the spread of the virus people rushed to grocery and convenience stores after the announcement 31 cities are affected including istanbul and ankara bakeries hospitals pharmacies and factories producing medical equipment are all exacts the lot is due to end on sunday at midnight more than a 1000 people have died in turkey due to the corona virus you have today so with the headlines on al-jazeera rewind is coming up next thanks for watching.
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now would you say. hello and welcome to this week's rewind i'm elizabeth purana and if you've seen the show before you know that were taking another look at some of the very best documentaries we've made over the past decade here at al-jazeera english this week we're rewinding back to 2011 when al-jazeera as well.


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