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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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living working and commuting in such tight conditions but one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. sure you should travel restrictions and the date even though nobody did and i got brutalized over it. president donald trump on the defensive about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. plan to put al this is our desire alive from dawn also coming up it's back to work for some italy and spain begin easing some coronavirus restrictions also. we can control the spread feel good about that. the worst is over
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possible signs of relief could be narrowing the u.s. coronavirus epicenter but the new york governor warns it's no time to ease restrictions plus. this decisions must be based 1st on foremost on protecting human health. w.h.o. warns governments around the world against abandoning lockdown restrictions to any . new numbers just released show that there are now 2000000 confirmed cases of corona virus worldwide also the number of new infections in the u.s. is not growing as fast as before that's according to president donald trump and his top disease expert dr anthony it's all cheap all than 23000 americans have died of the virus so far with over 682000 reported infections trump has been defending his
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strategy to contain the virus even as places like new york city are running out of swabs for testing doctors having to only test patients who are gravely ill tended to europe spain is allowing hundreds of thousands of non-essential employees to return to work in italy is also easing its restrictions meanwhile french president manuma kahn is extending a nationwide lockdown until may 11th the world health organization says countries should be cautious about lifting restrictions and that now is the time to be vigilant and careful. the way down is march slower than the way up that means control measures must be lifted slowly and with kontrol it cannot happen all at once controlled measures can only be lifted if the right public health measures are in place including significant capacity for contact tracing. with john hendren is live for us in chicago john we're going to talk in
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a moment about it from are you defending himself can you hear me now john have you got me yes i can tell so we'll talk a minute in a minute about defending himself against those criticisms but 1st let's talk about the picture he's giving giving nationally and about the flattening of that curve as it's known. that's right president trump his long been the voice of optimism within his administration he once said that he was a cheerleader at the beginning of this pandemic he seemed to be pretty dismissive of it at one point he he said that it would go away in april with the warm weather magically he said and then as he began to take things more seriously he has still presented a very positive picture about how things would go from there on originally wanted businesses to open back up on easter sunday that was a day ago and then he'd been talking about some time by may and now
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he has got a new council that he plans to announce on tuesday which will be a number of administration officials and business officials who would come up with the plan for when to go back to business he hasn't given us a date but he did say in the news conference just a short while ago that he would within the week the president talked about the change in cases plateauing mirroring some of the language we're hearing from governor andrew cuomo of new york and governor j.b. pritzker of illinois who both say that there does seem to be a bending of that curve this is what the president said just a short time ago americas continue to make critical progress at our war against the virus over the weekend the number of daily new infections remain flat nationwide flat hospitalizations a slowing of hotspots like new york new jersey michigan and louisiana this is clear evidence that our aggressive strategy to combat the virus is workin and that
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americans are following the guidelines it's been incredible what they've done and so on president trump also responded to the criticism that he didn't act fast enough and his response to this pandemic what does he have to say. that's right the president was apparently responding to a new york times article late last week that listed a number of officials within his administration that were on a specific e-mail chain they called it the red dawn jane who had warned him that this pandemic coming from china looked like it was going to be very bad that it would hit the u.s. and that there was a possibility of it overwhelming the medical system and of course that is what's happened in new york and elsewhere and why the president has had to support the u.s. army corps of engineers in developing field hospitals throughout major cities in the united states and then on sunday you had anthony found he the director of
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allergy and infectious diseases the point man on this pandemic for the administration who was asked if the administration had acted earlier would lives have been saved and he said yes he couldn't deny that well in his news conference just a short while ago one of the 1st things the president did was trot out anthony who had to walk back all of those comments saying that in fact in the only 2 times he actually confront the president were in mid march when he recommended that there be some kind of lock down in business closing and then 2 weeks later when he recommended that that be extended for another 2 weeks and he said that when he said there had been pushback back in february that that was probably a bad choice of words and the president went on to defend himself saying that some people would have just written it out and that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people would have died he said we've done is right the problem is the press doesn't
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appreciate anyone on in about 30 minute rant against reporting on this but now he seems to feel that at least he's got his own team in order anthony job is safe despite the fact that president trump has re tweeted something about firing foushee earlier in the day the white house walked that back put out a release saying found she's job was safe it was really an extraordinary day can thank you for that update that john hendren live from chicago. new york passed another grim milestone on monday registering more than 10000 coronavirus related deaths of the state's governor says there are signs that the worst is over there is christian salumi has more. as all but essential businesses remain closed and new yorkers stay home there are signs that strict social distancing measures are working the governor says the state is seeing fewer hospitalizations for the
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coronavirus we can control the spread feel good about that the worst is over here if we continue to be smart going forward but even as president trump expresses his hope to get americans back to work in may the governor warned against lifting restrictions too soon york's governor said he'll be listening to experts in public health from the economy not politicians as to when it will be safe for new yorkers like me to leave home and return to work but he will do so in consideration with governors from neighboring states. that includes when to reopen schools the mayor of new york city thinks they should stay closed through june but i need to do to protect kids and parents and families and educators there's not going to be a context to reopen schools which so much we're going to have to deal with on the health front to get to a better place and a more stable place but the governor says ultimately that will be his decision one
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he has yet to make christian salumi al-jazeera new york a u.s. navy sailor has died off the cats in corona virus he was one of hundreds of crewmembers who became infected so an aircraft carrier the captain of the theodore roosevelt was fired for writing to his commanders begging for help to stop the spread on board soon after the acting navy secretary resigned for calling the captain stupid and naive in criticizing the crew for hailing him a hero. let's take a closer look now at the situation in europe with dominic cain and. for many thousands of people across europe this is the reality of the coronavirus for many millions more it means locked down and the loss of their freedom of movement and for many weeks that's been the case in france now its president says it must stay that way a lot longer. don't look on this good morning to force hospitals are saturated
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everywhere in france in the french overseas territories the system is under strain there and the epidemic is not yet under control so we must continue our efforts and continue to respect the rules the more they are respected the more lives will be saved that is why the strictest lockdown must continue until monday may the 11th. but elsewhere monday meant a return to work after weeks in lockdown as here in madrid because in this and a few other sectors of the economy the toughest restrictions have been lifted and some spanish politicians say now is not the time to relax the vigilance even to this small extent and in most other regards the existing lockdown will remain in place for much of the next 2 weeks in italy a small number of stationery shops book shops and children's clothing stores can reopen from choose day because here the number of new infections remains considerably lower than joining the worst days last month but as in spain the
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mortality rate remains high the point pope francis referred to in his easter monday address at the vatican or g. recorded. during this easter week i would like to remember with closeness and affection all the countries strongly affected by the coronavirus some with large numbers of infected and dead in a special way italy united states bahrain france the list is long. and many other countries are worried to the latest figures from russia show the infection and mortality rates are on a steep upward curve. as we can use either to chew ation is changing almost every day unfortunately it's not changing for the better the number of infected people increases and there are more ther big cases as well the upcoming weeks will largely be decided that means that all are actually including prevention
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measures that should be optimized here in germany the abundance of intensive care and wide scale testing have helped to keep the mortality rate much lower than in much of the rest of europe which explains why some politicians now want to relax the restrictions sheer so as to reduce the economic damage as much as possible because some projections suggest that in this quarter alone the economy may shrink while most 10 percent. if the lockdowns are to we should get the 1st news of it on wednesday while angle americal will discuss the problem with the prime ministers of the 16 german states dominic kane al-jazeera berlin new data from brazil the national institute shows the alerts about deforestation in the amazon have increased by over 50 percent compared to last year this is not only a threat to the environment but also to indigenous communities and their fears and legal loggers can spread coronavirus to them to raise about reports. members of
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brazil's environmental agency head into the rain forest to fight deforestation. it's been on the rise in the past year they have come to the api they will land in the state of to protect indigenous territory from illegal gold miners and loggers excess of us so. we are trying to prevent the land takeover there is happening in this indigenous territory and the neighboring ones is being promoted by invaders and illegal miners that are trying to take away their land there's coronavirus and these people become more fragile and vulnerable. there's been deforestation alerts from the space research institute in almost 800 square kilometers of brazil's rain forest it's a 50 percent increase if compared to the same period last year since taking office president jalal tornado has been calling to open up the amazon for development and those involved in illegal activities here have taken his words seriously miami
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daniel represents that road i mindedness community and says she's afraid illegal gold miners will spread kovi 1000. but only if the virus enters our land we're worried we want to have enough to tendin a company all our members we have more than 50000 indigenous communities in this country and we're very worried about that we don't have enough doctors for what could happen here last week a 15 year old boy died of covert 19 he belonged to the gentleman mean community there's around 20000 illegal gold miners in general mummy territory which stretches at the border between brazil and venezuela in the 1960 s. and eighty's illegal miners introduced deceases such as missiles among the gentle mommy indigenous community here it killed around 50 percent of the population many here fear the same thing could happen again and that's why members of the indigenous community have blocked the access routes to their land. we are worried
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about the coronavirus in our community that is why from now on our security people will be here to inspect the entrance of our community people from outside were not be allowed to enter we also ask for the residents to not leave the community president has minimize the impact over 1000 could have in his country even though infections are starting to spread to brazil's most remote areas indigenous communities there are asking the government to help them in a fight they cannot win alone because i will. still ahead here on al-jazeera concerns about a 2nd wave of actions in parts of asia with cases reported among recovered patients . in a lot of republicans to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy was. a week after he dropped out of the race for president bernie sanders makes his
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endorsement. of. hello there some good news and it comes to weather conditions into japan because that big storm system is continuing to work its way east and north and so taking with it the worst of the weather now it does mean she's a. blustery day some showers and some but as i say the worst is definitely over and is staying fine and dry throughout much of china maybe just a scattered shot further to the south but radio overall it is fine and it is dry it's also fairly warm at the time which is beijing $24.00 degrees on wednesday and warming up to a very pleasant $25.00 in hong kong meanwhile was the system really is the way it also warms up across japan so 22 is your high in tokyo now the rain still fairly widespread across indonesia but not as heavy as we have seen a bit of a break for you across into born here showers fairly heavy across sumatra again
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across central western as a java and even across into thailand laos vietnam and also cambodia the showers here a little bit light as well by wednesday though what we could well see is some heavy rain pushing southward into the mill a peninsula fairly heavy downpours certainly into kuala lumpur and then india really it is about the haze it is very hot sunny through the interior 42 celsius in our pool maybe a few more showers out tools carolus days and then to the north we could see pushing across into nepal but it's a warm down choosing the high of 25 in katmandu. there are people in the world who want all forms of verification to just go away so we need people fighting against that we are trying to see if it's a fake video may be in syria but in a different time they risk a great deal to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major global play as we've been told to by cyber attacks from russia there are dangers in
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through this conflict belling kept. troops in the post truth word on 00. 0. your geologist there are reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump and america's top disease experts say the rate of new infections there is starting to slow more than $23000.00 americans have died from the outbreaks of far with more than half a 1000000 reported fictions. in europe italy and spain it easing restrictions letting some non-essential employees returned to work and france is extending its
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lockdown until may the 11th. the world health organization is urging caution other countries lifting their lock downs too soon w.h.o. chief says now is the time for countries to be vigilant. let's talk about where we stand in terms of virus cases this is what we have been looking at some time johns hopkins coded 19 dasa map and you can see in the upper left corner that we have now subpar asked 2000000 confirmed in fiction's globally that has risen quickly if you look in the upper right hand side in white there that is the total number of deaths more than 10900000 people have died from the virus south we total through we will be able to take a look at the number of people there we go that have recovered from the virus that stands at more than 448000. there are concerns about
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a 2nd wave of infections particularly in some asian countries in south korea $116.00 people have tested positive for the virus for a 2nd time after being initially treated and then created this at a time when the prime minister says that the government's preparing to ease some restrictions on social gatherings china has reported 108 new infections the highest in 6 weeks all 10 people who've arrived from abroad half of those were chinese nationals returning from russia which is seen a surge in the number of infections cities near the border are introducing strict quarantine measures for incoming travelers more now from robert bryden so all of those apparent re injections in south korea. it is a worrying development this is a phenomenon that epidemiologists in the center of disease control here have been studying for quite a while or months this large population of people here who got sick towards the end of february beginning of march who got the virus it with are not treated in
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hospital or treated at home and some 7000 of those people have recovered and as part of their their own going treatments they have gradually been retested and worryingly there has been this trend of finding now more than 100 cases amongst this population of several 1000 people who have tested positive again so these were people who were clear and they had had tests either in hospital look at clinics testing centers it proved to be negative and more than 100 now 3 have now tested positive 7 questions here for the experts is what is causing this is this a reinfection that people coming into contact with a carrier and getting the infection again or more worrying they use a reactivation that somehow they were may not have been asymptomatic at they may not have been it's certainly on the face of it infectious but seem to have possibly
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still being carrying the virus in some dormant form possibly deep in body tissue that somehow has managed to become reactivate so it is a worrying trend here does that mean that there has been a problem in testing and does it mean certainly that there are many more questions about this virus that the experts simply don't know about it. jarius president has extended the lockdown across 3 major cities until the end of the month as cases of coronavirus in the country continue to rise restrictions on movement will be imposed in the buddha lagos and to open states the country has so far reported more than $300.00 cases including 10 deaths and that interest has more on this from the capital a brooch. the government said so far i was able to trace 92 percent of thousands and 6000 individuals or content traced 6000 individuals who white contact with infected people when this outbreak started in nigeria weeks ago now the government
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also said it has built capacity such that now that $1500.00 individuals can be tested but there is still more to be done you're talking about a country of more than $200.00 people or 200000000 people and the government also said it has doubled its capacity for isolation treatment as unless. the hospitalization of individuals who have been confirmed to have come with the current come down with the coronavirus point symptoms now the government is extending that 2 weeks. lockdown impost on lagos and the capital abuja a simple these 2 states or territories account for more than 70 percent of the infections in nigeria simply because the government said a lot needs to be done to deal with the pandemic the president said over the last 2 weeks the number of infections that doubled now in nigeria has 323 cases with 10 fatalities in the country so it's
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ramping up the efforts to trace as well as test as many as it can however the idea behind extending this at this lockdown may not go down well with many nigerians who complain that sulfite in the last 2 weeks they haven't had the politics or the support of the government promised them of the governments that it has distributed millions of dollars in aid of people who cannot take care of themselves this is a country one majority of the people leave the work with less than when or $2.00 a day and this they point to rate is increasing and for the country as well you're talking about a country that's the last b.s. abroad. so for the past one month simply because i demand for oil has fallen to national market and also at the price now it will be interesting to see how the nigerian government will deal with the shortfalls in revenues such that it can't continue providing services already the government is proposing
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a cut of nearly 40 percent of the street to try to break it simply because the price of oil has come down the criminals are adapting their methods to exploit the covert 19 crisis cyber crime is only our plan does expected to increase in new europol report identified cyber crime fraud counterfeit goods and organized property crime as categories of particular concern in canada scammers are trying to get victims bank details through fraudulent text messages promising them government funds in the u.k. crime has fallen at 21 percent of britons have been conned out of $2200000.00 and pedophiles are particularly active online. criminality also continues to adapt fraudsters are exploiting coronavirus as a new acquisitive crimes with losses to victims already exceeded $1800000.00 pounds and the perpetrators of sickening online child abuse seeking to exploit the fact
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that more and more young people and children are at home under online and other news now u.s. senator bernie sanders has endorsed former rival joe biden for president in a joint live stream the backing comes less than a week after sanders dropped out of the race to become the democratic nominee the former u.s. vice president called the endorsement a big deal today i am asking all americans i'm asking every democrat i'm asking every in the pendant i'm asking a lot of republicans to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy after i endorse to make certain. that we defeat somebody who i believe from speaking just for myself though is the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country forces loyal to libyan warlord highly for have to have fired rockets at residential areas in the capital tripoli the attack
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comes after the internationally recognized government recaptured 3 cities from half the us forces in the past 24 hours a mood of the ahead reports from tripoli. residential areas in the libyan capital targeted by indiscriminate shelling the u.n. backed government says forces loyal to the warlord $34.00 have that are attacking the city and reaction to their defeat in the west of the country. people in the coastal city of sobriety cheering the liberation of the city by the government forces. other nearby cities including sort of mine and have been also recaptured by the government forces. after supporters all control those cities for the past 3 years were driven out in 24 hours after heavy fighting. this with take over all of those cities sees government forces changing their strategy
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from defensive to a fine sieve moved the balance has shifted true and turkish aerial support and turkish training has helped the g.s.a. and now they've reached parity or even supremacy in the air and they are undercutting the overlay supply lines on all directions. so brotha about 80 kilometers west of tripoli is a key city whoever controls it can move on many other cities in the west it also makes again in control of the international coastal highway easier a key link between tripoli and the tunisian border government forces other anti have to forces can now link up with them the united nations has been calling on the warring sides to stop fighting and focus on the responding to an amazing number of covert 19 infections we are concerned about all of the continued fighting. from
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whichever side including of course the latest shelling but we as you know have been asking for the parties to cease fighting it's very clear that right now there are the 1st signs of growth in 1000 and factions in libya and we need to make sure that they can set aside their all military offense and and work together in terms of being able to allow for us to deal with the pandemic before that comes out of control and so that is where our prayer priority lies coronavirus is opening up a new front in libya and the fall of these cities do they you and back to government is another setback to have after he lost the strategic city over the last june by eliminating the threat to tripoli from the western direction the government forces say they can now focus on repealing half the us forces attacks in
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southern tripoli but with continuing the shelling of residential areas it seems that all calls for deescalation have gone unheard. tripoli. result is there are these the top stories u.s. president donald trump and america's top disease experts say the rate of new infections is starting to slow more than $23000.00 americans have died from the corona virus outbreak so far with more than half a 1000000 reported infections. irq is continuing to make critical progress at our war against the virus over the weekend the number of daily new infections remained flat nationwide flat hospitalizations a slowing of hotspots like new york new jersey michigan and louisiana this is clear
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evidence their aggressive strategy to combat the virus is working and that americans are following the guidelines it's been incredible what they've done a u.s. navy sailor has died after catching coronavirus he was one of hundreds of crewmembers who became infected on an aircraft carrier the captain of the theodore roosevelt was fired for rushing to his commanders speaking for help to stop the spread on board soon after the acting navy secretary resigned for calling the captain stupid and naive nearer italy and spain easing restrictions placing some non-essential employees returned to work france however is extending its lockdown until may the 11th the world health organization is urging caution of the countries lifting their lockdowns too soon w.h.o. chief says now is the time for countries to be vigilant the way down is march slower than the way up that to means control measures must be lifted
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slowly and we control. it cannot happen all at once controlled measures can only be lifted if the right public roads measures are in place including significant capacity for tracy takis president says there will be another $48.00 all logged on the pows next weekend to contain the outbreak there all major cities were put under an initial today lockdown for the 1st time on friday but a last minute announcement caused panic buying the government says this time it's putting additional measures in place to make sure there's no chaos again. the headlines don't go away the news continues here on al-jazeera inside story.
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china stands accused of any humane treatment of africans during the coronavirus outbreak that includes forceful testing of quarantine and addiction so is this just another form of racism or is beijing just trying to curb the pandemic this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm richelle carey they are china's key trading partners but some african leaders have been angered over beijing's reporters from a nation against their citizens and demanded.


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