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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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and how was showing. al-jazeera world here's red eye witness accounts of the traumatic story of the assassination of major p.l.o. figure out who was here in a secret israeli operation assassination in tunis on al-jazeera. china's economy shrinks for the 1st time in decades as the coronavirus shut down takes its toll on the manufacturing giants. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bore also coming out. we are not opening all at once but one careful step at a time donald trump's guidelines for reopening the u.s. economy democrats say they are fagin inconsistent and want
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a major expansion in coronavirus testing the u.k. government extends knock down restrictions for at least 3 more weeks and brazil's health minister is fired after a dispute with president abbas an hour over the call in a virus response. china's economy has suffered its shopping fall since it opened up to the world in the 1970 s. in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic gross domestic product g.d.p. in the 1st quarter promenade by 6.8 percent compared to a year earlier it's the 1st time is contracted in decades as speak to our correspondent katrina you're in beijing so a story fall katrina but not a surprise entirely. no i mean outbreak prevention measures saw china's economy at
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a standstill for almost 2 months factory production was halted businesses were closed and hundreds of millions of people were stuck indoors and the result is this full of 6.8 percent historic as you've just said and also the 1st disruption to china's an interrupted worth for almost half a century and we got some more figures to just unpack that a little bit so manufacturing investment was down your near by 25 percent infrastructure investment down by 20 percent and retail consumption down by 19 percent and that's a key figure to look at because china's economy really relies on domestic consumption now now that the outbreak has eased here in china the economy is starting to slowly get back online but many businesses are struggling to get back on their feet and among them a small businesses as we're about to hear. empty chairs at empty tables this beijing restaurant once served $200.00 customers every day but because of the
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coronavirus pandemic it's now struggling to survive owner joe tao was forced to close the u.s. themed diner for almost 3 months in a 1000000 years. there is no cash flow if we are open and cash flow is the most important thing for a restaurant we are still paying for the rent and stuff wages plus their accommodation in beijing we've taken a really big hit small and medium sized enterprises have been worst hit by the health crisis local curve in 1000 infections have eased in china and life is slowly returning to normal but many businesses have been forced to close for good this restaurant strip was once bustling with customers but since the beginning of february it's been quiet foreign business owners are also suffering they're requesting more financial support and an end to the ban on foreigners entering the country we need there really. measure sure to relieve
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your region it's a matter of life. for these companies actually should be thinking negatively. some retailers are tending to voting on live streaming to sell products but for many such efforts to adapt to the outbreak won't be enough and analysts don't expect the world's 2nd largest economy to bounce back before 2021 right now the biggest challenge chinese authorities there is actually to stabilize on employment because our there is a weak demand from domestic market and also foreign markets chinese appliance make a high sense laid off over 10000 workers this month following a drop in sales more than 20000000 people nationwide are expected to lose their jobs by the end of the year dotel is doing ever. we think he can to retain all of his staff he started offering home delivery and reopened to the restaurant this
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week albeit under strict conditions. though more than 3 people could eat at one table they have to sit at least one part beauty's coles only accommodated half their capacity to do says all you can do is wait for economic stimulus measures for a coronavirus of vaccine and food customers who often now few and far between. so katrina what kind of support is the chinese government providing for many of these small businesses and you know what are they doing to get the economy back up and running again also for the chinese government has resisted putting into place any blanket economic major stimulus they've so far gone for targeted measures such as tax cuts bank rate cuts subsidies for businesses when it comes to paying wages and rent and they've also given consumers especially those consumers in some
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spending coupons to help them get back into stores back into restaurants and businesses but analysts say that this simply is not going to be enough the national bureau of statistics has said that china's economy is facing new difficulties in new challenges especially now that while production side in china is kind of back up and running it's got a double hit of global demand now dropping and in particular the government is concerned about unemployment which is really key because it's related to social stability here the latest figures unemployment is 5.9 percent which on the face of it doesn't look too bad but there are only takes into account people in cities it doesn't take into account china's legions of migrant workers or informal workers who seem to be the morris affected by this outbreak unemployment clearly a big concern for the chinese government and we have a revision to train out the number of dead in the city of war hardware this corona virus outbreak began how significant is. it's pretty significant
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so we've had a revision upwards of $1219.00 deaths bring the national total to $4632.00 and also we've got $325.00 new confirmed cases bringing the national total of confirmed cases 282692 now the reasons for this that the war hunt government has been given for this revision is that there had been errors in reporting some of these deaths in some of these cases in war han for example some people died before being properly diagnosed other people died outside of hospital or outside medical treatment so they've only been able to take these numbers into account now that the outbreak has eased and they're able to undertake this comprehensive review say but still i mean this is unsurprising that they've added to this tally but still many people think and many critics believe that this still falls short of what are the real numbers because even though we've had this revision upwards there's numbers are still much smaller than what we're seeing
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compared to countries such as the u.s. or in europe thank you for that katrina katrina you live for us there in beijing. now president donald trump has outlined the guidelines to reopen the u.s. economy as job losses towards levels of the great depression of the 1930 s. but is leaving it up to state governments to decide when to ease restrictions democratic house speaker nancy pelosi has called the guidelines vague and inconsistent and says more coronavirus testing needs to be done and he gallagher has a report it's what president donald trump calls a science based plan to get the united states back on its feet he's issued guidelines in 3 phases that advise each state when they can begin to reopen what doctors say will be the new normal america wants to be open and americans want to be open. as i have said for some time now a national shutdown is not a sustainable long term solution. to preserve the health of our citizens we must
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also preserve the health and functioning of our economy over the long haul the 1st phase calls for social distancing and for schools and businesses to remain closed but some larger venues including restaurants and movie theaters could reopen if states see a steady decline in coronavirus cases they can move to phase 2 in which schools some businesses including bars could open big gatherings remain limited the 3rd phase will allow workers to go back to their jobs and risk people to continue to take precautions we took the greatest economy in the history of the world and we've closed it in order to win this war and we're in the process of winning it now our approach outlines 3 phases in restoring our economic life we are not opening all at once but one careful step at
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a time democratic speaker of the house nancy pelosi called the plan vague an inconsistent citing concerns over the need for rapid testing oh the coronavirus has taken a harsh toll on the u.s. more than 30000 people have died and there have been over 600000 confirmed cases 22000000 people are now out of work wiping out a decade of job growth president trump says the u.s. will be back and greater than ever but this is a delicate process that comes down to a state by state county by county basis some states manta phase one as early as friday others face a far longer slog business leaders governors and scientists warn a shortfall in testing could hamper efforts to reopen the country that decision now lies with each state's governor. in some states coronavirus case is a yet to peak and as a risk of the virus making a comeback in the months ahead personal protection equipment for health workers is
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still in short supply but even if you are in phase 123 it's not ok game over it's not it's going to be a way that we protect ourselves because as we know and as i've said from this podium it may very well be as we go the cycle around that they'll be this virus that wants to come back to us i think we're going to be able to handle this is a cautious approach to reopen the world's largest economy something president trump has long wanted to do the challenges for each state are huge the dangers of making the wrong decision now crucial and as yet there's still no vaccine and a gallica al-jazeera to the u.k. now where the government has announced an extension of social and economic rest sick restoration threatening 3 more weeks foreign secretary dominic rab says now is not the time to give the coronavirus a 2nd chance more than 13000 people have died in the u.k. and there are over 100000 confirmed infections reports from london. britain's
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financial capital quiet empty the wards meant to be the height of the working week it began as a novelty but it's fast becoming an uncomfortable reality and now a bleak message from the british government that while the virus looms and lingers there will be no return to normal if we rush to relax the measures that we have in place we would risk wasting all the sacrifices and all the progress that has been made. and that would risk a quick return to another lock down with all the threat to life that a 2nd peak of the virus would bring and all the economic damage that a 2nd lockdown would carry the government's been asked repeatedly for an exit strategy from current restrictions the answer continually given it's too soon to tell in a major new study by the office of national statistics half of british adults say the virus is affecting their sense of wellbeing contributing to heightened levels
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of anxiety with many people citing financial worries the virus is affecting the health of the nation in more ways than one and according to recent findings we aren't all in this together we know men are twice as likely to die of the virus so too are those with underlying conditions but also a greater risk people in poorly paid jobs and those from black asian a minority ethnic backgrounds who are 30 percent more likely to become critically ill many of those contracts in the virus are essential workers bus drivers cleaners and caregivers in the national health service this is mary a go argue pong an n.h.s. nurse she was pregnant when she tested positive for covert 19 but died soon after her baby was delivered alive and well by emergency says areon a formal review is to be launched to understand the deepening disparity in deaths but the suspicion is that longstanding inequalities in wealth and health mean some
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are more likely to lose their lives neve barker al-jazeera london. i still ahead on al-jazeera the paramedics risking their lives on the frontline of latin america on a virus outbreak and we look at what's next for small businesses struggling in the u.s. size emergency funds run dry. places like we got the weather quieting down now across the middle east if i have this area cloud and rain sweeping across us and here in canada we still some very heavy rainfall yesterday big downpours here and half a year's worth of rain coming down 36 millimeters in doha that west of weather that's now slightly through the u.a.e.
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this is the. low cloud sitting over there but it's in the process of pulling out of the way said brought the skies come back in and it does warm up we'll see just touching $31.00 celsius in dubai on friday 35 as we go on into where sassed started to recover in the temperatures there here in doha but notice some western weather not too far away that basis out of saudi arabia southern areas of iraq into kuwait you catch some showers here for the most part is going to be fine and dry i want to show is still in place just around yemen where again we did see some flooding and those showers link down into parts of the ethiopian highlands sokurov said eastern side of kenya more very heavy downpours into the eastern side of tanzania we have seen flooding here as well the seasonal rise they continue unabated big shot was their city on the cars for a good part of the democratic republic of congo and the showers stretch all the way across into the gulf of guinea and beyond.
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join nicolo bill conversation after the people that expand their brains maybe have a different. this is a dialogue with women in cambodia are in fact selling their hair we don't know how much they're getting paid for it it's hard to track it's hard to trace everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a lot right here in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progression not perfection on how does iraq. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera china's economy has suffered its shop as
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forced into it opened up to the world in the 1970 s. with g.d.p. down by almost 7 percent in the 1st quarter of this year the government office 50 percent more people have died in the epicenter of the break for a virus outbreak than it was ashen addition initially estimate. donald trump has unveiled guidelines to reopen the u.s. economy as it continues to reel from the coronavirus pandemic but it's up to the governess to decide when to ease the towns in their states $22000000.00 americans have made jobless claims over the last month and the u.k.'s extended restrictions by at least 3 weeks to contain the whole $1000.00 spread or in sectarian dominick rob says lifting curbs could damage the economy over a longer period. now in brazil president. has fired his health minister and the make a man dead and boss naro have clashed for weeks over how to handle the corner virus
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outbreak the president has repeatedly played down the risk of call 1000 calling it a little flu and opposing social distancing advice for sale has lot america's worst outbreak with nearly 2000 reported deaths and more than 3000 confirmed cases as in many countries health workers are putting themselves at risk in the battle against a pandemic al-jazeera joined one team of paramedics in sao paolo on arapahoe has a story. to. operations room the fight against kareena by respect kids here emergency services receive calls from families of victims and cases are prioritized by severe. legal we have nurses to receive calls provide directions and the says a severity and in a case we find a suspected case of coronavirus we will send the ambulance team do. the team moves after receiving a dispatch every safety precaution is taken the thing coming in such close contact
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with a covert 19 patient means an increased risk of infection. the tension is high inside this mobile intensive care unit supervised by a doctor i'll make them more humane to the cause of increased a lot and we deal with all suspected cases with great caution there are a large number of medical workers who have already been infected by the virus including my friend who was a nurse and had died a few days ago. after handing over the patient the team begins the process of disinfecting the ambulance particularly if you can put it in the infected patient may have left a trace of the virus in the ambulance so we will immediately go to the base to disinfect and sterilize everything. the team returns to the dispatch center and prepared to go on the next mission the work doesn't stop here there is a phrase written on their vehicle together ready to deal with cope with 19. now while many health workers on the frontline of the pandemic of being applauded
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around the world others are becoming the targets of abuse in chile there are increasing reports of discrimination and attacks by people afraid they might infect them in america at its embassy in yemen reports some santiago. health care workers are a godsend during a medical emergency but for a chilean ambulance driver again it out it no longer seems to feel that way. now and some people say yes they. need to this should be a life we have families to and we're doing already going to stay healthy at this hospital as in so many others medical personnel are working at their own peril without sufficient personal protection acquit but as this pandemic spreads so too are the cases of harris and even assaults against them fanned by one of the most basic human instincts and that is fear. this circular says medical personnel living
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in our condominium often been from using the lifts and public areas failure to comply will result in having their electricity water and gas cut off in another building a health worker found this message we know you work for the red cross don't come home the state has special places for you don't come back again. hospital nutritionist sonia farrar has been harassed and threatened on the social networks ever since she was suspected of having called grown up flyers 3 weeks ago. i don't know if i need to get a restraining order there's a person who's threatening to hit me if she sees me but the health ministry calls the ongoing cases of discrimination against health workers appalling and. that we should be grateful to them i've asked that this cases be reported as a breach of the law. and it's not just in chile from argentina to mexico and way beyond. cases of discrimination against medical personnel are on the rise xico city
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hospital internist alan goodness has started wearing his street clothes rather than his uniform when he can't get a lift to work. when i try to take the bus the driver closes the door in my face when he says i'm a doctor and there are even worse forms of aggression of. reports of medical staff being attacked or having bleach thrown at them are becoming more common dr pamela fell she explains it's not rational the hostility or the and the anger really comes from boosts underlying fear and frustration because we're fighting something we the disability or not this pandemic is revealing not just the positives but also some of the more ugly aspects of human nature. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. and the u.s. government says the $350000000000.00 imagine see fund set up to help struggling
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small businesses has run out as a fight brewing in congress now over how to inject money into the lending program atika hand reports. it's also eerily quiet across the country main streets begin small are deserted many boarded up. in most of the country main street means rows of small businesses almost half of all private sector employees in the u.s. work for small companies now mostly shuttered its employees sent home the 2 trillion dollars stimulus package was supposed to help people workers on the payroll 349000000000 in loans to small businesses if they kept paying their workers the loan would likely be forgiven the administration sold it as simple courage all small businesses that have 500 or fewer people please contact your lender you get the money you'll get it the same day you use this to pay your workers please bring your workers back to work. it didn't work out that way according to the largest
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organization representing small businesses the banks didn't have guidance until 11 pm on april 2nd and the pace and protection program remember overnight so what early hours or an e.p. p l program opened up treasury releases guidance and oh by the way a new application or so it's been kind of math in future should call the whole of the hundreds of thousands of businesses the national federation of independent businesses represents she says only a handful have actually seen the money the small business administration announced the money was all allocated on a website but did not answer questions from al-jazeera about how much has actually been distributed many small business owners are angry and panicked it felt like the world's largest peyton's and it felt like you know we've been irresponsible. as each day goes by we worry more and more i've heard nothing or receive nothing joe carlson is trying to get a loan for his baltimore bookstore he's not impressed with the federal response so
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far there doesn't seem to be any consistency in the messaging that's been coming out and it feels a lot like instead of saying. you know this is what we're going to do to take care of everybody it feels more like well it's not our fault nobody could have ever been prepared for this so you should just be happy with whatever we're able to go out. so not would not rated highly for him that feeling is unlikely to change as the political parties continue to fight over next steps as he wonders how much longer he'll be able to keep his small store running that until it was seen except thanks to calling out to 0. how they use now and gagne's government is being accused of destroying the livelihoods and food security of thousands of people who have been forced to leave their homes because of a new dam project human rights watch says the government's failed to provide adequate compensation or support to those affected to me of reports.
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guinea needs reliable energy desperately which is why the government is building the sewer pitie hydroelectric dam it will double the country's supply of electricity when it's completed later this year. the dam will displace 60000 people in more than 100 villages and destroying more than 250 square kilometers of farmland you have to me. i was born here it was my ancestors that founded this village we're going to leave a lot of things behind like our plantations we leave it for the development of guinea. communities are being resettled in new homes surrounding the dams reservoir that many people have lost the farmland and grazing fails they relied on for food and human rights watch says the victims have not received back compensation the 6000 people are mostly farmers who lie on the land so one of the
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things we highlight in the report is that failure meant to provide compensation or that land international standards require that individuals and communities irrespective of whether that land. rights not land or. that has not. the dam is part of the belt and road initiative china's trillion dollar investment in infrastructure across asia africa and europe the guinea and government is promising to help farmers adapt and find new sources of income critics say while the government is happy to talk up the benefits the dams electricity will bring it can and should do more to ensure the project doesn't harm the communities most affected by it. al-jazeera. and the head of world athletics sebastian cole says it's doing everything it can to catch drugs cheats despite coronavirus restorations any told us sports
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correspondent and even that postponing the tokyo olympics was the right choice it kind of solution would have been out of the question bespoke was really the only option we wished it hadn't been and i think everybody's instinct was to try. and hold on for as long as you possibly could to seem to leave the athletes because that place for them to suddenly lose an olympic or paralympic games were at least a summer of competition cancellation would not have been the right approach and apart from anything else it would have then left you know a massive. 'd international talent that athletes love the olympic games they are very important prince and national federations pollie ecosystem of limping sport relies on broadcast rights sponsorships all those all those things that keep our sports healthy could you see events taking place of made for t.v. events which don't involve guns and initially. it's possible that seeing some
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sports talk about it i can tell you that i'm particularly excited by that concept and i would rather that we use to bring communities back together than to have them in our stadiums store that i think will be the great driver once we get out of this awful pandemic. you know populations people community is from cities to small villages and then to look for help through this period so i would actually rather have our outstandingly talented as it's being celebrated by crowds in stadiums that are recovering from some really dark days day some of the athletes you speak to have concerns that some of the cheats out there may see this as a window of opportunity where out of competition drug testing is obviously some restricted at the moment. yes they do and we've been it was a ritual the work and the fact that it's in so it. is still flat out
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was still all they are still out there making sure that wherever possible they are going to provide that level ready playing field. look there's no point in being coy and naive about it yes you know social distancing lockdown crews have made it difficult for our testing authorities our big national anti doping agency 'd has a show like that but it's a gets you it will that lead it to be a will to do what they were doing just a few weeks ago but no athlete should be sitting there thinking this is a nancy do. through freezer. headlines on al-jazeera are china's economy has suffered its shop last fall since it opened up to the world in the 1970 s. with g.d.p. down by almost 7 percent in the 1st quarter of this c.n.
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the government now says that 50 percent more people have died in one han the epicenter of the horn of ice outbreak then it ethel mated katrina you has more from beijing. now this has really this pandemic has really brought the country to a standstill for almost 2 months. as manufacturing activity was halted people stayed indoors consumption was was down and really this figure this one is 6.8 percent is the results of that and some analysts were actually predicting even shop of fall of one is 10 to minus 15 so this is definitely within the realm of what is what was expected president donald trump has unveiled guidelines to reopen the u.s. economy as it continues to reel from the coronavirus for endemic it's up to governors though to decide when to ease lock downs in their states them a crowded house speaker nancy pelosi has called the guidelines vague and inconsistent and says more coronavirus testing needs to be done 22000000 americans
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have made jobless claims over the last month the u.k. has extended restrictions by at least 3 weeks to contain the spread of covert 19 foreign secretary dominic rob says lifting curbs early could damage the economy over a longer period in brazil president also merrill has fired his health minister and he said that he came on detect clash with boss and arrow for weeks over how to handle the corona virus outbreak the president has repeatedly downplayed the risk of call the 19 calling it a little flu brazil has latin america's worst outbreak with nearly 2000 reported deaths and more than 30000 confirmed cases those are the headlines on al-jazeera as always much more news on our web site al-jazeera dot com coming up next year it's a story to stay with us.
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