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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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an incredible journey into the realms of science fiction where cloning and synthetic biology have scientists playing god. it's genesis $2.00 the hunt for the woolly mammoth. just sirrah. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm terry navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes the w.h.o. says africa has yet to see the worst of the corona virus outbreak and hundreds of thousands could die if immediate action is not taken. the pandemics hidden crisis hundreds of elderly people dying in care homes and italian facility is investigated
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markets react positively is a drug developed for ebola shows potential for treatment of patients with over 19. and residents in ukraine's capital are told to stay indoors as wildfires near term noble cause pollution levels to soar. hello thanks for joining us africa has so far escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic but the united nations warns that won't last long it says that at least 300000 people will die when the virus takes hold there unless hundreds of billions of dollars are spent the world health organization says the situation there is probably worse than thoughts in the past week there has been a 51 percent increase in the number of reported cases in my own going to. and a 60 percent increase in the number of reported does with the current joe volpe
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doing testing kits it's likely that the numbers are higher than reported well fewer than 202-0000 cases have been reported across the continent to date but the world health organization is concerned there could be 10000000 in the next 3 to 6 months nearly 27000000 people could be pushed into extreme poverty by the outbreak that's the warning from the un's economic commission for africa and while the world food program says 4300000 people in zimbabwe alone were an urgent need of food before the pandemic amnesty says millions more will go hungry as it continues to spread that speaks ob the salami in a cd he's a professor in health sciences at the university of africa is also a former director at the nigeria center for disease control and a former executive director of eco us joining us live via skype from abuse or thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour so this is
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a worrying warning by the world health organization in your assessments how vulnerable is africa to the coronavirus and what makes it so vulnerable. i well i would have said africa is a little bit prepared you know for this outbreak where i mean ungreen know the outbreaks such as the. democratic republic of congo last. and some of the. disease and who in africa is prepared this has been eroded and i think definitely you know we can categorically said level of preparedness may not be able to withstand the impact of the. natan outbreak and according to the united nations it's saying that the problem rests partly because of the layout and the infrastructure of some of africa's biggest cities so where the majority of an urban population live in a very condensed area so that that would make social distancing for example very
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difficult wouldn't it. definitely social distancing among the most vulnerable groups in the african particular when not be as effective as seen in other countries especially china and european countries so we don't see it to be as effective as it would have been in view of these social economic difficulties in keeping people comfortable in houses. in a happy not species so secondly we also are very. worried about the fact that you know the. pandemic or epidemic within the african continent is you know yet to actually blog reach the explanation stage and we thought. we have some small window
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of opportunity to act right now ready to get to me to get the impact and but haven't the some of the governments at least acted and taken the necessary precautions i mean where you are in nigeria the government there hasn't forced a lockdown and also in countries like south africa for example. yes i would like to see that. experience with the previous outbreaks that have mentioned the border last week to see if we can governments risen to the challenge and i do mean much more to get ready before any aid come in from abroad so the airy propose in all the you know you know infrastructure that were used to fight those outbreaks the pandemic flu. last and now to repose and prepare and create our readiness you know to fight this. virus and then your assessment could the
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numbers actually be much higher so far the reported number of cases have been around 20000 across the continent definitely so because of not we capacity to do the test but. mostly because of access you know to the region so the key it's the number of tests carried out on the african continent has been comparatively very low and we believe with the increase in the ability to test more we should be seeing more cases and this school also increase the number of. associated dates that we reported right obvious and on the cd we thank you very much for your time with us on al-jazeera. well the number of deaths on the coronavirus is continuing to rise throughout europe but there are concerns that the official figures could be far too low as they do not include victims and care homes it's thought it could be as much as double the number of deaths and italy as in
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baba reports. disinfecting a nursing home in boca moat in long body the region at the center of italy's copeck 98 outbreak these pictures show russian military doctors helping out their italian colleagues but a scandal now surrounds italy's largest nursing home in nearby milan where at least 143 people have died since the beginning of march families of residents there are demanding answers following reports medical staff was stopped from using protective gear prosecutors are now investigating that facility and more than a dozen others italy's officially recorded over 22000 coronavirus deaths but most care deaths are not included in some doctors suspect the real figure could be twice as high in spain the government ordered the 17 autonomous regions to unify their criteria on counting the dead the official toll stands at almost 20000 but it doesn't take into account the deaths of people who had covered 900 symptoms but
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were not tested including thousands of people in care homes. meanwhile in germany joe matic footage has emerged along with hopeful news here medics agree to take to the coronavirus patient transport him by helicopter to a special isolation chamber nationally new figures show the number of people infected by every person would call that 19 it's calling from $1.00 to 0.7 in just a few days meaning transmission is slowing markedly germany has the world's 5th highest caseload but has kept fatalities relatively low thanks to early and extensive testing. now school is stunt oid to the outbreak has as of today become controllable and manageable again i believe a very encouraging figure is also that as of the 12 of april more people recover and get infected we currently have more than 80000 people who recovered out of some 130000 who got infected based on figures from the robert caution to choose.
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while in portugal where the death toll is lower than 700 parliament has approved the president's request to extend the national state of emergency for another fortnight but 2 years can present extension of the state of emergency 2nd in such a way to give time and room for the government to decide on criteria to study and prepare for the gradual opening of society and the economy after the end of april over in belgium they've also extended restrictive measures for 2 weeks in the capital brussels as part of a europe wide initiative the head chef a market restaurant conscious war has been cooking meals to give to hundreds of homeless people there not the regular dishes that cost up to $300.00 but they're welcome a small sign of how people are trying to make a difference and trying to cope with life under lockdown the dean barber al jazeera so that was the situation over in europe let's not cross over to miami florida bring in andy gallagher he's joining us from there so give us a sense of the scale of the coronavirus problem particularly in care homes in the
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united states and. in care homes across the country it's a pretty brutal horrendous picture here in florida about a quarter of the population is age 60 or over and we've got over 23000 cases and close to 700 deaths now we know from the figures that about one in 5 of those deaths are people living in elderly care facilities of course which there are many here in florida but there are problems with those figures and extrapolating actually what's going on because the governor of the state is citing privacy laws which means where there have been deaths those facilities are not being named also the industry which runs these care homes is looking for legal immunity already they want to reduce the number the amount that people can sue for down to $200000.00 so it seems from looking at this the governor on the scientists a close ally of president trump is siding with business here are not letting out
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the names of these facilities or the names of the people that have died coronavirus here isn't even expected to peak until towards the end of this month maybe even into next month there has been a lockdown here since april the 1st but those elderly patients particularly with underlying conditions are really suffering through this the governor saying that there are task forces going into these homes checking both staff and the patients of course the staff are highly at risk as well but one in 5 of those almost 700 deaths are elderly people just in the state alone so you can only imagine what the picture is like in a broader sense and yeah and and looking at the bigger picture in the u.s. i mean the u.s. president donald trump has been putting pressure on governors to reopen their states as they kind of arrest so what how exactly to do so where are we when it comes to that issue. well i think you know the headline this morning is that is that the twitter fest that trump went on this morning he was
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saying to liberate michigan minnesota and virginia these are all states that have seen people described here as far right trump supporters out on the streets saying look the cure may be worse than the disease we want to get back to work we want to open up these states and he's tweeting out to liberate michigan liberate minnesota and liberate virginia also adding that your 2nd amendment rights are in danger so he's clearly taking sides here and he said at the press conference last night we're expecting another one soon that he wasn't playing politics with this that he wasn't campaigning for the upcoming presidential election in november but he clearly is he knows who is talking to here these are his base supporters many of them being out on the streets wearing maggette hats and there is a sense here in with conservatives that they want to get back to business they do believe that the cure here could be worse than the disease itself they think as president trump said last night the cases of heart attacks depression and unemployment could be worse than actually getting covert 19 so they are trying this
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delicate balancing act but he made it pretty clear that it was up to governors of each of these individual states to make these decisions up to walking back comments from a few days ago where he said i have the ultimate power which is not constitutional so in one sense he took a step back and said hey governors this is on you it's up to you to take care of all this and then on the other hand he's tweeting out about 3 states where a minority of the population who happen to be trump supporters are saying let's get back to work but this is a delicate process and this is a very sensitive time for all the governors of the states any decision they make at this moment in time going forward is literally life and death yeah all right sounds like it and the gallagher thank you for that update from miami. well global stock markets are markets thought is are heading towards a 2nd straight week of gains after the u.s. president outlined his plans to reopen the country's economy it comes after indications from other countries like the u.k. that they're considering when businesses can restart its traders were also hopeful
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after encouraging data on a potential treatments for covert 19 in a clinical trial involving 25 patients with the virus they showed rapid recovery from fever and respiratory symptoms that speak about those with their bellies ondo he's joining us from jersey city that's over in new jersey so clearly the market likes the news off this possible antiviral treatment. he had the markets have been saying for weeks now that there are really 2 things that they're looking for to really bolster the markets and that's number one potential virus and number 2 the opening up of the u.s. economy again and it appears that we might be inching closer to both 1st on the virus i'm sorry the vaccine this pharmaceutical company out of chicago has been running trials on this and early indications are that this could be the frontrunner for a vaccine other dozens of pharmaceutical companies throughout the world that are working on a vaccine for corona virus but it appears that this one in chicago could be. further
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advanced than any of the other ones it's important to point out they still have many months of trials to run on this but early indications are good in the markets reacted positively to that the dow jumping more than $700.00 points about 3 percent the most since last month and then also on the news that i do washington of trump laying out his plan to reopen the economy in the u.s. in phased stages all of this add it all up and that's why you see the markets doing so well and responding positively to both of these pieces of news and over in new york we understand that the curve continues to flatten. it is there is good news the total hospitalizations in new york is going down the number of i.c.u. patients people in intensive care is going down the number of people on ventilators is going down as well these are all very good signs that the curve is flattening
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that we're at the plateau as a governor andrew cuomo likes to call pointed out nevertheless as he said the governor himself said this is no time to let up because just in the last 24 hours the death toll has increased in new york 600 in 30 new yorkers dying from coburg 1000 just in the past 24 hours that's up from 606 the previous 24 hours over over over 12000 people have now died in new york so while there are positive signs about the hospitalization there is no crisis in terms of a no more needs of ventilators or even hospital beds nevertheless hundreds of people are still dying every day here in new york and so far there is no sign of that easing off at all right deborah is on the thank you for that update on the chinese city who on where the pandemic began the government has revised the number of deaths by 50 percent that's an addition of nearly 1300 victims who by
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a provincial official said the number of deaths have been changed because of late reports from medical institutions and the fact that some patients died at home the announcement has lots of further questions from world leaders who accuse china off not being accurate about the scale of the outbreak but the u.k.'s foreign secretary says this means a won't be business as usual with china after the pandemic steve chang is the director of the china institute at the university of london school of oriental and african studies he says european leaders are too reliant on china to follow through on their threats. that real issue to get countries in europe and north america angry about china is the chinese government been misled and the world at stake and then engage in a very aggressive public and their campaigns to distort the truth and in using the ever the political or personal production equipment. to support chinese diplomacy
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is going to get people angry so changing the snitches now is not going to change their opinion i think relationship will get more tense when the impending mate is under control i don't think you're trying this government at the moment is too concerned about what countries in europe or the united states a smi do in terms of the reviewing their china policy. is already being seen by transcom as being very hostile to china anyway and they always believe that european countries including united kingdom will ultimately be weak on china that we would be thinking closer and closer about the economic relationship china what would end up 0 the a core values that we all treasure in europe and united kingdom are the coronavirus
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pandemic has brought decades of extraordinary economic growth in china to a halt its gross domestic product strength in the 1st quarter of this year for the 1st time since records began it comes as the government admitted more people died in the epicenter of the virus than thoughts katrina you has this report from beijing. the coronavirus pandemic has strained health systems around the world and now it's caused the uninterrupted growth of the world's 2nd largest economy to falter for the 1st time in decades for the 1st quarter of 2020 china's g.d.p. contracted by 6.8 percent that's when the current external situation complex domestic demand remains comparatively weak companies still face difficulties such years insufficient demand and the drop in orders preventative measures so china's economic activity slowed to a trickle 2 months local infections have eased and some businesses and factories
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have resumed operations but many companies are on the brink of collapse feed this situation is dire or for disasters for me i've got no idea how i can get through this year china's national statistics bureau says the economy rebounds back in the 2nd quarter and long term growth want to be affected but the global demand plummeting its economy faces an uphill battle the pandemic has been spread out early. which leads to a lot of countries including the u.s. and european countries into our recession so our lead to increase in demand of china's. china's central bank has cut interest rates and provided tax breaks and subsidies to businesses in need but at least say it would be enough to stabilize the point finding work will be more difficult for graduates and migrant workers especially and while economic growth has plummeted china's covered 1000 death toll
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has been revised upwards after a formal review officials in the original at the center of increased the number by 1290 saying previous records were incomplete china's coronavirus count has been adjusted several times in recent months. this latest change is the suspicion of the accuracy of government take as many critics believe that the official tally is about 82000 falls well short of the real numbers on the ground katrina al-jazeera. the worst hit area in ecuador has seen a huge surge in the number of coronavirus deaths official figures show nearly 7000 people have died in province in the past 2 weeks that's almost 7 times the average death rate in the area the mayor of the area's largest city says covert $1000.00 had it like
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a bomb and overwhelmed hospitals or thirty's were forced to distribute thousands of cardboard coffins as mortuaries could cope business is in iran's capital will be begin reopening on saturday but the damage may already have been done health authorities are now worried that the government's shift in focus to saving the economy may end up costing more lives simplest robbie has more from to her. durans ancient bazaars are the beating heart of the city the coronavirus means it's beating a little softer these days. with stay at home order still in effect the call to prayer comes from an empty mosque the city's bread makers carry on to make sure people have enough to eat i got a good man a work is easy we're comfortable we have no problems but nobody brings us hanson a ties a disinfectant all mosques the government brought nothing we have to pay for it from our own pocket couvade $19.00 has done what for years economic sanctions
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failed to bring iran's economy to a near standstill iran's government is looking to breathe life back into businesses as soon as possible the grand bazaar is the symbol of iran's mercantile tradition really is strange to see this place so empty on any given day it bustling with people buying and selling some of the people who live in this neighborhood iranians that we've spoken to say that this was already porton to indicate the health of the country's economy probably hasn't been this empty in central. iran is a land bridge connecting europe asia and the middle east merchant trade has been a part of the fabric of this country for millennia. if shops don't reopen soon iranians worry some may never be able to open again but that. all these years that we have been doing business here we've never seen such a fast closure of the facade the reason is this fire is that you adopt disease is
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disease it's not up to me or you it happens if i'm going to can talk corona today i'll get it if i don't contact it i won't it is up to fate. the coronavirus is still killing people but a nationwide travel ban will be lifted this month and shops will begin to reopen this week. the grand bazaar with a narrow alleyways full of people would be the perfect place for a virus to spread so most markets like this will remain closed for now. president hassan rouhani has said people can begin to return to work safely the head of tehran city council disagrees we are concerned about another outbreak in tehran we expect the national counter corona toss force to use the city's council's experience to make more realistic decisions traffic jams are already a common site once again health experts have warned relaxing control measures that took weeks to implement risks
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a 2nd outbreak but whatever the numbers whatever the warnings whatever the risk to save iran's economy the government says roads and shops must reopen and whether people like it or not it is already happening saying basra the old 0. saudi arabia's highest religious authority says nightly ramadan prayers should be held home with grand mufti also warned that by the fatah the celebrations at the end of the fasting month could also be held at home if the pandemic continues saudi arabia has already suspended gatherings at holy sites on mosques as part of its lockdown measures ramadan begins next week here in the u.k. and 99 year old war veteran has raised more than 20000000 dollars for the national health service captain tom moore did it by walking 100 laps of this garden before his 100th birthday all donations will be given to a charity helping health care workers fight the corona virus outbreak but it's also
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pose questions about the value and funding of the n.h.s. reports. amidst all the coronavirus gloom it could be hard to find the positive so behold this captain tom moore completing $100.00 laps of his garden most 99 year old world war 2 veterans could be forgiven for putting their feet up and taking things easy. he's while the u.k. and raised an astonishing amount of money for the health service. that. kind to get. to the nothing. and. i was a reporter for starting it. deliberately. what. on friday he was applauded had his home by emergency service staff. but the extraordinary achievement of captain tom moore and the immense generosity
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and goodwill among the british public at the moment towards doctors and nurses in hospitals like this around the country it all raises a big question why does the n.h.s. need such charity. health care academic and he to charles worth explains that even though the n.h.s. is tax funded it's always received donations to charity. or has. a shared cause for children and their guns. and a lot were also. very cause the n.h.s. . will be. ministers have certainly been keen to show their support coming out weekly to join public applause for health care as the coronavirus has highlighted cracks in the system a lack of virus testing of protective equipment for medics has become
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a national scandal the decade of austerity means n.h.s. funding has not kept pace with demand. this is the heroes another campaign set up to help doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus perhaps the epidemic will boost n.h.s. funding in the long term says its young founder i don't know if our government is giving enough right now towards it and. you know i hope after this we realize the importance that the n.h.s. had because you know it's british pop that we're so lucky to have it and it's so clear from this campaign that people are so behind it and so you know the n.h.s. means so much to them donations and applause landmarks lit up in blue in the time of coronavirus love for the n.h.s. is a sentiment that's echoed around the country rory chalons down to 0 london. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour following the fashion week and his tailor is rushed to make millions of mosques after wearing them becomes law. and so we ride
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along with the brazilian paramedics putting their lives at risk to help people with coronavirus. and very central areas of your we house a bit more clad also see a little bit of rain pushing in across the west and that will be something we will see more of over the next few days that in the meantime have a look at this this was. lovely kiss guys and also the south into berlin and germany some very nice warm spring weather head across into switzerland look at this leaving not result she rode in between those fields of rape and that's like hist obviously enjoying the warm sunshine are plenty more of that across central and eastern areas $22.00 celsius for you in vienna on a saturday but you'll notice out towards the west the rain really is coming in very
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very scattered but within this we could have some heavier down by us on sunday across into portugal and spain the rain really is fairly persistent pushing across into the western end of the med and certainly by sunday that rain becoming quite heavy if you will some areas of france on pushing across a tools corsica sardinia and on into actually but meanwhile to the north it is not too bad temper just beginning to improve in london with a high of a 17 some very heavy amounts of rain developing over the next 2 days really coming through mauritania pushing up towards algeria on saturday very heavy. part of the weekend very unsettled through morocco and cold and rip up just 90. counting the cost of the great lock down africa to sink. in. 25 year health service take the strain of the pandemic on this story. but what does it mean
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for the gulf economies plus europe's come on the books counting the cost on al-jazeera. the way disease outbreaks have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look and run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics and their influences on our skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions well one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. the.
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dollar down the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the world health organization warns africa could become the next epicenter of the corona virus outbreak the u.n. says it's likely the pandemic will kill at least 3 100000 people on the continent and pushed nearly 30000000 into poverty. there are growing calls for more clarity on your own deaths in europe that says italian police broadened their investigation into dozens of deaths of the country's largest rest home near milan where the national epidemic was at its worst global stock markets have made gains following early reports that an antiviral medicine in the united states appeared to successfully treat severe symptoms for corona virus patients. while the impact on people's physical health is obvious the toll on mental and emotional health of the
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pandemic is harder to see globally the total number of people under orders to stay at home has been estimated as high as 2600000000 the longest lockdown was for 63 days in china as a province before it was lifted last month while it tell you have now spent 39 days a home it's hitting people spirits hard and a you gov survey in britain last month suggested the number of people who were happy had plummeted from half to just a quarter while the numbers saying they were scared had rocketed from around one in 10 to one in 3 and that's affecting how they behave in ways that could last 86 percent of people in thailand say they're avoiding going to a crowded public places the highest of any country. now a group of designers in austria have created a park for a future with social distancing the so called park distance includes 90 centimeter wide hedges to maintain a safe physical distance between visitors and also has been created in
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a fingerprint shaped swirl pattern which allows the roots to be used simultaneously it's been proposed for a vacant plots in vienna. bring in steven taylor who's a clinical psychologist and professor at the university of british columbia he's joining us live via skype from vancouver thanks very much for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour and i know that you've studied extensively the psychological effects of pandemics and you have said that even a few weeks in isolation can cause lasting anxieties so what are you learning in this particular circumstance with coronavirus and how the effects of policies like lock downs or what effect they're having on people we're finding that many people are a distressed you know research on canadians and americans about 25 percent of people are hardly anxious and highly depressed and that some groups are having particular difficulty and look down their they're anxious irritable. they are trying to cope by overeating consuming tsismis about the whole drugs or engaging in
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a long shopping so they coping strategies a long way to make their problems worse in the longer term ok so this just has to do with the effects off the lock down and what about the the impact of the corona virus itself and the anxiety surrounding that. well that's sad and the impacts are of various eric some people of the people who are anxious and most frightened about a variety of things around spec getting infected touching content that is says and they're frightened of foreigners too so this is xenophobia that goes with this anxiety and it compulsively checking the news are seeking reassurance which is making your anxiety were so and they're also having nightmares and intrusive thoughts and that is post-traumatic traumatic stress symptoms associated coppa 19 is it possible to say which particular group would be most vulnerable is it people who are already suffering let's say from anxiety or doesn't matter. it's a good question it does matter and there are roughly 2 groups that are most
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affected and 1st as a people treat existing psychological problems so preexisting mental disorders all preexisting health anxiety a preexisting obsessive compulsive tendencies they having a really tough time at this point the other group of people or people who experience significant stresses drink up with 19 there are other people for example who were in windowless cabins in quarantine on cruise ships for a long time and people who who fell lost their jobs lost businesses lost family members whose marriages have crumbled people who experience those stresses are at risk of developing psychological problems and are are you talking about sort or sort term effects here or are there longer term effects that we should be aware of that's a big question we're expecting that many of these people will recover once the pandemic is over but a significant minority and who knows it could be 10 percent of people developing during psychological problems in practical terms what do people need to do to reduce stress and anxiety in the midst of all the say you know the coronavirus and
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the news. we've asked people and pretty much everyone knows what to do to structure limit the amount of time you spend. doing on new. practice whatever physical exercise you can in the socially distancing responsible way most people know that the people are having a really tough time and finding that's just not enough for them so those individuals i may need to reach out and seek help from a mental health practitioner for example an online. treatment or support resource our writer will leave it there we thank you very much steven taylor for giving us your time and speaking to us from thank you for thank you thanks for much the members of the ultra-orthodox jewish community in west jerusalem are angry at coronavirus restrictions and they have her old objects at police they responded by throwing stun grenades one of which hit and injured a child the israeli government has placed a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people and stop coming in our prayers.
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palestinians say they're being arrested and put in israeli jails at the same rate as ever but they fear that corona virus is spreading easily inside prisons they claim have little or no precautions against the virus now deborah him reports from the occupied west bank. all celebrations to welcome part of the holy home from an israeli prison were cancelled he won't be meeting any relatives and will stay in quarantine for 2 weeks but he made one quick visit to his mother's grave. palestinian medics there through them for the couldn't a virus immediately after his release. his results came back negative but he says the last 2 weeks of his 18 years in prison with very stressful and what the situation inside israeli prisons is catastrophic we didn't have good medical care or serious precautions only lately prison guards started wearing gloves and masks
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when they entered already but not everyone was cautious in the 1st days of the outbreak in palestine celebrations like these. angered many palestinians thousands gathering to welcome released prisoners from janine in the north of the occupied west bank. while this released prisoner wasn't infected new deal was. with the 19 year old tested positive for the virus after spending days in israeli jails. israeli media have reported that 5 prison guards and inter gaiters have been infected. with the i think i got it from the prison either from interrogators or prison guards spreading was easy inside the prison they didn't give us mosques clubs and disinfectants the palestinian prisoners club a local rights organization says the tensions continue like usual it's recorded
12:40 am
more than 350 at best in the west bank last month. so i little bit of both he says her husband omar was arrested many times over the years but this one is the most worrying. because he and each arrest was already difficult on us but this time we're very concerned because of this virus omar is 67 years old and has heart issues high blood pressure and diabetes he's not a young man anymore the israeli prison service told the jazeera there were no covered 19 infections among prisoners it says new arrivals are isolated and measures are taken to protect inmates and staff including banning family visits. book of the need human rights organizations say that it is or it isn't taking enough precautions or conducting enough tests for prisoners they're calling on the international community to pressure the israeli government to release the prisoners still shooting those under the age of 18 and the elderly the mel just you know you
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can point to a thing be australian government is paying too if its biggest airlines to maintain domestic flights over the next 8 weeks qantas and virgin australia will receive $105000000.00 to keep flying critical metropolitan and regional routes but the airlines say the money is not enough virgin australia had itself for across the nearly $900000000.00 in assistance because the gauge is in sydney and explains why the funds are particularly important for virgin australia. virgin australia suspended trading in its shares on thursday and it has only been running one fly around the country its 8 day because it hasn't been able to afford any more and the australian government has stepped in so it will be paying for it this and virgin australia up to $105000000.00 to keep these essential flight routes always been across the country so workers who are in essential jobs and doing need
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to be flying around can reach those jobs now the money will be in place to keep flights off rate for the next 8 weeks the big question is what will happen after that virgin a strong leader is no doubt in a lot of financial strife there have been reports that some private companies could be stepping in but of course a monopoly in the airline industry is something that no one wants the prime minister scott morrison has been very clear that the no one thing is a fight of the health side and also the economy so it's hoping that if we open up some of these flights into the future we might be able to help bring some of those jobs back and help the economy in a strike. well as we reported earlier the w.h.o. is warning that the coronavirus pandemic could have a devastating impact in africa textile factories and tailors in kenya are scrambling to produce tens of millions of surgical masks after the government's
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made it compulsory to wear them a public cover story reports from nairobi. a few weeks ago 300 tailors at this factory in nairobi made clothes most are now on enforced leave because of the corona virus pandemic was left to workers stitching around 20000 protective facemasks a day the government has ordered that everyone must wear proper masks when out in public or pay a fine of $200.00 it's a job of tailless across the country to make sure there's a constant supply at an affordable price the local authorities have only 35 the surgical ones but those are not very comical a fulfilling to have if one of the 4 devote every day for what we came up with is the clock moth. a few textile companies have also been commissioned to make other past more protective equipment for health workers but this young people in a neighborhood backyard on the outskirts of the city tell us they too can make
12:44 am
protective 19 respond as they all recently lost their jobs as economy continues to suffer they've already made body suits like this one which they've distributed to a local health center here they tell us this is an extra layer of protection and is a great help with it and it all for her awards. for different cities have their star and part of the country with local groups make room for practive there and mark's got a fresh for that occurring a girl standard also warning of some of this product. for a 4th. their walk is not yet approved by the government's bureau of standards but they hope it will be soon it's just like having your house on fire anything you put it down is good enough kenya has little experience in manufacturing medical supplies it mostly realize and imports from countries like china and foreign aid
12:45 am
hospitals have around 500 ventilators many like this a private health facility are preparing isolation units one pass and recently died of the disease. around $5000.00 public health workers are to be employed in the special units and those on the frontline will be regularly tested but some nasa say it's not enough we have been raising the issue. to be dusted off to be $14.00 to $14.00 days to ensure that. we have been raising the issues of life insurance from health care workers that has not been reported about the minister for now it's a race to have everything in place using all means available to deal with a pandemic that is causing so much distress across the walls catherine saw in nairobi kenya latin america's worst outbreak of coronavirus is in brazil with nearly 2000 reported deaths and like many countries health workers are putting
12:46 am
themselves at risk every day as they battle the pandemic al-jazeera joined a team of paramedics and sao paolo. has a story. from this operations room the fight against corona virus begins here emergency services receive calls from families of victims and cases are prioritized by severity. nurses to receive calls provide directions and the says a severity and in a case we find a suspected case of coronaviruses of we will send the ambulance team directly to. the team moves after. a dispatch every safety precaution is taken. coming in such close contact with a coping 19 patient means an increased risk of infection. the tension is high inside this mobile intensive care unit supervised by a doctor but i'll make the more humane to let the cause have increased
12:47 am
a lot and we deal with all suspected cases with great caution there are a large number of medical workers who have already been infected by the virus including my friend who was a nurse and had died a few days ago. after handing over the patient the team begins the process of disinfecting the ambulance particularly if you can put it in the infected patient may have left a trace of the virus in the ambulance so we will immediately go to the base to disinfect and sterilize everything. the team returns to the dispatch center and prepare to go on their next mission the work doesn't stop here there's a freeze written on their vehicle together ready to deal with cope with 19. men who will drop below 0. we've been encouraged to stay indoors to keep others safe as well as ourselves but it's a dangerous scenario for people who face domestic abuse which has risen in many countries under lockdown. reports
12:48 am
a media campaign has been launched in arlen's to reassure victims that support services are still running. a scene of domestic abuse when the victim cannot escape. this is island's latest awareness campaign which was launched after a rise in cases reported since the lock down to tackle covered 19. as people are forced to stay indoors with their abuses the tullis is taking on those suffering is becoming a social crisis isolation is often used as a tool by perpetrators to minimize a woman's chance of reaching out accessing support so she's cut off from friends and family members and they're going to normal groups or kind of community events that she might have gone to previously you know. the use natasha saunders was physically and sexually assaulted by her husband coxon style really good behavior.
12:49 am
judge she eventually managed to leave him with her children and knows only too well how hard it was right now if you really feel that you can't. reach out reach out regardless because the hope is there and as soon as you take that very and i know i know it's a very difficult step you take that single step and it's the step to taking your life for domestic abuse charities in the u.k. so an increase of 25 percent in calls to the helpline since the lockdown began in france during the 1st week of social restrictions they saw a 30 percent increase in calls for help and in brazil during the 1st few days of their lockdown there was a 50 percent increase in calls to vet domestic abuse charities. a disturbing global trend one that the united nations is battling to stop i urge all governments
12:50 am
to make the prevention and redress of violence against women a key part of their national response plans for coverage 19 that means increasing investment in online services and civil society organizations making sure systems continue to prosecute abusers and creating safe ways for women to sick support with off alerting their abusers. the social isolation of the lock down is risking the lives of many who are living with their abuses but concerted action from governments and other organizations serve as a reminder to those suffering. they are not alone so al jazeera london still to come on the al-jazeera news returning home to an earth that's very different from the one they left the space station crew and on the planet under lockdown.
12:51 am
12:52 am
hello again while global pollution levels fall and us people stay at home due to the coronavirus rampant wildfires have left ukraine's capital with the dirtiest air of any major city people in kiev are also. worried about the threat of radiation as the blazes are near the turn noble nuclear plant sara reports. strong winds made it harder to tell these new fires new ukraine's general nuclear power plant they aren't as large as those that burned this month that's enough to push pollution levels i think you have nearly 100 kilometers away making it the most
12:53 am
polluted capital in the world right now according to the swiss monitor i.q. . another blaze that began on april 4 was finally patel to earlier this week police arrested a 27 year old man for austin these nasa images show the huge plumes of smoke from space wind blowing the smoke towards kiffen across the border into belarus the finds are near the site of the world's worst nuclear accident when a fire in a reactor forced tens of thousands to be evacuated from the area and so radioactive contamination spread across europe. ukrainian government insists there's no cause for concern for the forest fires because radiation levels have not spite so it was a. stance and there was no threat to the nuclear power plant spent fuel storage and other critical facilities all citizens not to panic we remember the lessons of april 26th 1906 and no one who hide the truth from the truth is that the situation
12:54 am
is controlled by the radiation background in the capital and in the key of regions is within normal limits subsidies we bounce environmental activists accuse the government of downplaying the risk of radiation and how big the fires were while forest fires a common the so-called exclusion zone near the site greenpeace russia says this month's fires have been the worst since the 1986 nuclear accident on friday emergency services said all fires across the snowball area and neighboring regions are out but the health ministry has advised the nearly 3700000 people in kiev to keep their windows closed to stop the smoke from causing breathing difficulties and other health problems so the height of al-jazeera. the u.n. is saying at least 32 civilians mostly women and children have been killed in military clashes in me in mars' since late march a further 71 people have been injured in fighting between the army and the
12:55 am
insurgent and army in rakhine and chin states and the un is saying mean amar has conducted air strikes in populated areas on an almost daily basis the erica an army wants greater autonomy for the region where the rounds a quarter of me and mars prison population is being released to mark new year almost $25000.00 inmates are due to be released this part of the largest mass pardon in years the government spokesman says the release was not because of fears over the corona virus which has led to 4 deaths in the country human rights watch is also calling on me and martha reduce its prison population in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease stephen 2nd as a resident representative at the international committee of the red cross and me in mar he says the prisoners release had to happen were guard coronavirus. our teams actually were preparing for these really although it's been only announced at the last minute for quite
12:56 am
a while already because the release which is taking place right now he's part of the annual president a mystery and it's true that although we are now talking a lot about 19 these measure should have been taken in any case as far as we're concerned we are welcoming good because indeed we are passing right now from a total number of prisoners of around 100 cells in 220325000 less which is of course good news for the prisons because in the end not like in many other places we know that in 3 sense conditions of access to house access to ventilation access to fresh air is usually quite challenging and these release of prisoners comes at the right time in terms of preparation of course you have to side by the authorities and to assist them to be sure that the people are returning home in a safe way which israel frees people themselves of also in those times of potential if you to me but also free for their families and free of risk for the communities
12:57 am
that are going back. 3 astronauts have arrived back from the international space station to what they say is a very different planet to the one they left last year so the u.s. and russian crew landed in kazakhstan after spending more than 200 days in orbits extra precautions were put in place for the recovery team who've been under close medical observation for nearly a month to ensure that they were not at risk of infecting them and the crew now face a lengthly detour home with borders closed and countries in lockdown while you can head to our web site al jazeera dot com to find out more about the global corona diet virus death toll as well as all the updates had to al-jazeera dot com. that's it for the news hour on al-jazeera but we're back in just a moment we'll have much more of the day's news and all the top stories coming your
12:58 am
way see you in a minute but i. throughout history humankind has come together in our darkest moments this is a moment for pretty much the opposite where retreat from the world could actually save every generation has its moment this one is ours. ringback in uncertain and isolating times the listening post cuts through the
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noise leave the looking at another side of the story not so much the information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact look it's reality and you have to reject a lot exposing the optics triathlon if you leave the rhetoric and play but they cannot manipulate fire the listening post your insight guides of the media on al-jazeera. rewind returns the care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program was full rewind continues with the heart of darkness we were following orders we sing young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions rewind on al-jazeera for we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you.
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choose iraq bring you the news and current affairs that matter t e. l t 0 ready. the w.h.o. says africa has yet to see the worst of the corona virus outbreak and hundreds of thousands could die if immediate action is not taken. watch al-jazeera live from london i'm sorry you know of a great also ahead pandemics hidden crisis hundreds of elderly people dying in care homes an italian facility is investigated markets react positively is a drug developed for ebola shows potential.


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