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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports for obvious reasons of the world battled with him from pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the globe al-jazeera has ground to bring moodley documentaries and live news. coming clean on corona virus testing cat homes relatives demand answers as the full scale of the crisis starts to emerge. and the clock this is alex there live from doha also coming up at the world health organization wanted africa could become the next at the center for the pandemic. confirming who may have covered 19 and who has recovered the politics and promises of testing for the virus. and taking the outdoors indoors how exercise is being
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adapted from all confined space. so then there is a growing concern that the number of deaths from the corona virus may saw its victims from care homes are added to the tally it's a figure that has so far been hidden as many residents are elderly and more vulnerable to this virus and other illnesses relatives are now starting to demand answers to what some are describing as a scandal we have reports from the united states and also from europe from when that in baba begins our coverage. disinfecting a nursing home in. the region at the center of italy's koblick 19 outbreak these pictures show russian military doctors helping out their italian colleagues but a scandal now surrounds italy's largest nursing home in nearby milan where at least 143 people have died since the beginning of march families of residents there are
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demanding answers following reports medical staff was stopped from using protective gear prosecutors are now investigating that facility and more than a dozen others italy's officially recorded over 22000 coronavirus deaths but most care who deaths are not included in some doctors suspect the real figure could be twice as high. in spain the government ordered the 17 autonomous regions to unify their criteria on counting the dead the official tolls stands at almost 20000 but it doesn't take into account the deaths of people who had called it going to symptoms but were not tested including thousands of people in care homes. meanwhile in germany job attic footage has emerged along with hope he was here medics who grew into the coronavirus patient transport him by helicopter to a special isolation chamber nationally new figures show the number of people
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infected by every person who called it 19 has fallen from $1.00 to 0.7 in just a few days meaning transmission is slowing markedly germany has the world's 5th highest caseload but has kept fatalities relatively low thanks to early and extensive testing that stung toy to the outbreak has as of today become controllable and manageable again i believe a very encouraging figure is also that as of the 12 of april more people recover and get infected we currently have more than 80000 people who recovered out of some 130000 who got infected based on figures from the rabbit caution to choose it's. while in portugal where the death toll is lower than 700 parliament has approved the president's request to extend the national state of emergency for another fortnight but against the present extension of the state of emergency set in such a way to give it time and room for the government to decide in criteria to study and prepare for the gradual opening of society and the economy after the end of
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a point at which i'm over in belgium they've also extended restrictive measures for 2 weeks in the capital brussels as part of a europe wide initiative the head chef an up market restaurant conscious work has been cooking meals to give to hundreds of homeless people there not the regular dishes that cost up to $300.00 but they're welcome a small sign of how people are trying to make a difference and trying to cope with life under lockdown the dean barber al-jazeera . nursing homes across the united states have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic and the crisis has shed light on some of the underlying issues of the system with many homes accused of prioritizing profit over the wellbeing of residents she has returned he has this. officially the 1st deaths from covert 19 in the u.s. were to residents of this washington state residential care facility in late february the age of their patients and the poor response of authorities in information and equipment reasons why managers that claim they didn't alert
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authorities about the respond to illness that had been sweeping through the site for weeks but regulators disagree and have imposed a fine of over $600000.00 for negligence both have a point but weeks later the coronavirus is still spreading to one residential care facility after another across the country 17 bodies found inside a makeshift morgue at this facility in new jersey this week after an anonymous tip off a quarter of the residents have died at this facility in virginia questions are being raised as to whether it's the system of for profit residential care that's the problem not that we know the full extent of deaths in nursing homes 6000 estimated but the federal government doesn't keep track and even anonymous statistics about deaths and testings a big held back due to what authorities and facilities say upriver see concerns i was wondering if i could speak to one of the nurses and that johnson had been trying to keep tabs on her mother despite we'll be able to visit her at her nursing home a collar
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a day and i kept getting the same thing she's fine she's doing great but when she was able to travel to the home it soon became clear that wasn't true i see her lying in bed with the oxygen around the facility said it wasn't openly gay to tell a doubt about her mother's positive kovac 900 test because she was in her prime rigotti and bernie stafford turned his brother fred as a resident of the canterbury rehab center in virginia he's tested positive for the virus doesn't have a roommate in the room it is also a test. and there's no barrier between the 2 of them which means that they are not truly clients i asked. twice that at least. 1000 patients developed. escalated health conditions and indeed because of emergency room what is the plan and he said we don't have a brain. so. 70 percent of nursing homes in the u.s. are run for profit it's an industry that's projected to be worth $240000000000.00
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by 2025 mainly in taxpayer spending study after study has shown that the owners of private facilities often make billions of dollars in profits while claiming budget shortfalls for cap and in recent years the private equity industry whose main concern is short term profit has moved resolutely into the sector buying up some of these like the one where his brother stan. a new study has found as a result the push for profits over care has intensified patient volume and revenue have increased but star fing salaries have decreased and so federal ratings based on kaffir patients sit in. front of god it is not and. if there is an emergency situation then better to could you might. be less. because you just have fewer nurses the private residential care industry however says it's not to blame for the thousands dead at its facilities and is now using
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its money influence and the pandemic to low b. for a long held goal immunity from prosecution for negligence she had no chance the al-jazeera . well the governor of the u.s. state of washington has accused the trump of fomenting domestic rebellion and spreading lies of 3 signal support for growing protests against the rules the president has supporters to liberate 3 states a day after he said it's up to governors to decide when and how to ease restrictions hundreds of americans have joined rallies across the country demanding an end to the shutdown as trump unveiled new guidelines to reopen that state economies for more on this let's cross to 2 and i got to go he's live for us in miami 90 yes so yesterday don't trump sainz governors you know you call your own shots and today it's never a smidge so to michigan in virginia. you know this is the president really playing politics because guess what all 3 of those
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states have democratic governors there are protests in other states like utah and also here in florida in orlando in fact over the last few hours and there are republican governors the president is clearly playing politics here when he was asked about it at these ladies press conference he said look those people are being treated rough that's clearly not the case people in all of the states across the entire country are following c.d.c. guidelines are supposed to social distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus what you've got here is an ideological split between conservatives who want to see businesses reopen who think that the cure may be worse than the disease itself and then you've got the democratic governors who are trying to very slowly reopen carefully doing this by watching the medical advice by looking at the numbers vitally so the president is very aware of who is talking to the people out in the streets in those 3 states michigan minnesota and virginia i was all wearing my go
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hat some of them carrying guns they are trump's base so that so he's speaking to he was never going to walk those comments back despite the fact he's been criticized by members of his own party and other conservatives say look you simply cannot do this jay inslee the governor of washington as he said saying look this could incite violence we are at a very critical juncture in this country right now there is a a plan to slowly reopen things it's going to be science based that's what the president himself said and here he is backing up far right people armed people on the streets of these 3 states saying that they're being treated roughly and they happen to have republican governors so it's clear what the president here is doing but it's also clearly pretty irresponsible at this moment in time there's a great deal of pressure for people to get back to work those 22000000 people have now filed for unemployment there is a desire to do that but to do that carefully. so you got president trump on one hand saying hey governors you get to call the shots and then on the other hand
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tweeting out these these messages of support to people who are taking to the streets with guns and in one case yelling to the governor there lock her up lock her up so he's playing politics without question or only with ever timing thanks very much as i'm going to in miami. and staying with us says property in the us presidents and state governments is also this court over their respective roles when it comes to testing for corona virus as her nuffin kristensen him he reports from new york. new york announce the opening of more covert 1000 testing sites on friday hospitalizations there are down but given as many as one of every 4 carriers don't show symptoms medical experts say knowing who has had the disease is crucial to knowing who can safely go back to work in order to tackle the spread of the outbreak we also need to test for people who may have been exposed previously and now have antibodies these types of tests cults are ology to us will be the next
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step in battling this fire us we have now completed more than $3500000.00 tests by far the most anywhere in the world despite the president's claims that the c.d.c. has been slow to deliver on the administration's earlier promises of more test kits and now he's telling state governors it's their responsibility this indiana lab responded to a plea for help from the city of new york and is ramping up production to provide 50000 kits a week we've been discussing are people who just accept how they get or is there to how many kids they want to purchase on an ongoing basis an even more morsel into how to behave themselves in neighboring new jersey rutgers university has gotten approval for a saliva test that could be scaled up quickly and mail directly to people's homes the united states is currently testing just under 150000 people per day for the coronavirus but experts say millions of tests per day will be needed to reopen the
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country safely and new york's governor insists back can't be done without the help of the federal government especially given some of the chemicals needed for the tests come from china the federal government has passed 3 bills to address this crisis. of those 3 bills this state governments have gotten precisely 00 nada. unrestricted the pressure to get people back to work is mounting and the president tweeted that cuomo should stop complaining and start acting cuomo calls the president's strategy passing the buck without passing the bucks christian salumi al jazeera new york. the world health organization says that there is no evidence indicating that those who recover from cave in $1000.00 have immunity from the virus and this warning comes as countries around the world are stocking up on antibody tests in a bid to tackle the crisis very important issue there so let's speak to jellyfish
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it's an associate research professor of microbiology i mean you know georgetown university medical center joins us live from washington d.c. via skype i judicial welcome to the program but this antibody test is fundamental to nations plans getting people back to work i the theory being that if you had coronavirus then you can cover the go back into the workplace so explain for us what the w.h.o. is saying and and what it might mean so that the concern is that the antibodies that are produced after and back should which are a sign that a person had requested immune response to the virus and has recovered so that the antibodies if tested from the blood are a clear sign that someone has been previously infected which would be useful in testing among populations to see who might have been infected particularly if they were not diagnosed with the other kinds of tests the molecular tests are in action
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but the concern is that those antibodies may not provide complete protection against reinfection something that still being studied and examined very careful so is it a question of finding the right testing methods or could the virus be outsmarting immune systems. but i think there's 2 separate questions the 1st and final strategy tests that are reliable inexpensive and can be used for mass testing that's a matter of finding the right testing methods making them robust enough that they're easy to repeat and that they are reliable and accurate and specific the question of whether antibodies protect that's a question of trying to look at people who have recovered and look for cases in which someone who has recovered from infection is found to have birol infection again outside the period after which you would expect it to be cleared and i think that is the question that is a concern in understanding if infection really provides it would it be that
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protects the person from being rejected or at the very least from suffering from severe symptoms if they're ever exposed to get right with that would not be unusual for a disease to be able to strike again. it depends on the disease that there are respiratory diseases that able to infect people again and again and again but that is not the norm the expectation is that if someone has good antibody levels after action that it offers protection against or infection that's the very principle of a vaccination on which we depend so it is as i say it's an open question and the assumption it till proven otherwise is that there's anybody to protect against at least severe disease or infection but this is a new virus 100 percent of the people on the planet in the beginning of january were rebuttable to this virus and sweep a lot to learn still we certainly do jellyfish a great to get your expertise in this day appreciate that thank you very much
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indeed julie fisher from georgetown university medical center thanks a lot thank you. still ahead here on al-jazeera precious commodity how tens of thousands in mexico city dealing with life under quarantine without access to running water. hello there another blast of very western very windy weather heading on up toward central areas of japan you can see the cloud in the last few hours and this is a system of the 1st part of the weekend it really is fairly fast moving but it's also bringing some very strong winds and some torrential downpours we could have some localized flooding at the same time we will see very heavy rain developing through central china keeping those temperatures low or just 18 celsius in. a way that is beginning to rebound but it does mean sunday is a very wet day in shanghai and feeling cooler at just 16 and of course once it
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clears the skies of china this whole system heading on a towards the. really for the start of the workweek widespread rains across much of borneo some heavy downpours at times and also some rather heavy rains developing as we go through the day today across central and western as a job elsewhere fairly well scouted but quite a scattering of showers across cambodia pushing on tools vietnam it's a better day on sunday is drier in that particular region we've got a few more shots are smarter and again very well scattered across both days some fairly heavy amounts of rain across much of the philippines particularly heavy in the south as we go through sunday and india it is still very warm a whole school some very heavy rain particularly saturday across bangladesh and west bengal. for. the latest news as it breaks with no treatment or
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a vaccine for her and a virus volunteers do you think they'll continue to provide the services they gather to fight the disease with detail coverage along without any planning for india's millions of lies and lucas. and fearless journalism from around the world for many coming to the place of the only chance they have to leave at least once a day. because you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour and an attorney in a care home is under investigation after nearly $200.00 residents were found to have died since the start of the outbreak griffith's
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a number of deaths from the virus in care homes in europe is far higher than originally thought. the world health organization says there is no evidence indicating that those who recover from copd 19 have immunity from the virus the warning comes as countries around the world stock up on antibody tests in a bid to tackle the crisis. well the w.h.o. is warning africa could become the next epicenter of the outbreak so far there have been fewer than $1000.00 deaths from covert 19 across the continent which is a much lower rate than in the united states in europe and the u.n. says it's likely the pandemic will eventually kill at least 3 100000 people on the continent and pushed nearly 30000000 into poverty u.n. secretary general and turn you could terrorists inside africa needs more than 200000000000 dollars to combat the virus fears the death toll could already be far higher in the past week there has been a 51 percent increase in the number of reported cases in my own continent africa
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and a 60 percent increase in the number of reported does with the current challenge of obtaining testing kits it's likely that the real numbers are higher than reported. as an epidemiologist and professor at mercy college and he says the pandemic poses a major threat to africa's dense populated cities. enemy of public health is a kraut and when you think of most african countries they have hard to rise by overcrowding especially in the urban areas but adding to that as well as health care infrastructure are factors that can lead to serious illness and death for example endemic all year round in most of those countries are diseases such as tuberculosis aids and malnutrition and those conditions tend to
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lead to compromised immune systems and therefore in fewer and lean danny and lead to serious disease and death so it's a perfect recipe. right an epidemic and explosions where i can understand the concern of the u.n. here ecuador's worst his city of guy kill is reeling from a huge surge in deaths officially around 400 people have died from coronavirus in the country so far but doctors say that that number that the number of deaths in the province is actually far higher. and health officials in mexico they're increasing calls for people to wash. count of the spread of corona virus but tens of thousands of people in mexico city's poorest districts do not have running water in their homes. like millions of residents of mexico city. health officials trying to stay indoors though it's not always easy to quarantine
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when you share a home with 13 people. the weather has been hot and to make matters worse there's a water shortage but. it can be 2 weeks without any flowing water we can go 15 days without water we can figure it out but it can be complicated to keep water reserves to hold you for 50. mean lives in. the most impoverished district of mexico city here are frequent and many have been forced to adapt. when there is water pressure around a hose directly to their container then we have the clearing tablets because that water shows up dirty but by the time it comes out transparent it comes out clean. there are some 60000 families in this part of the mexican capital who lack regular access to fresh water. it's the job of public water delivery workers. to help
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fill the demand. is different some people are good at saving their water. twice a week people can get quite angry. to get the water. faced with a growing number of cases in central mexico local officials announced that an additional 250 water trucks would be deployed to help ensure that people can maintain basic hygiene but for many here access to water is only one of the many challenges they've had to face since the. pandemic put daily life on hold. they tell us to take precautions to wash our hands anti-bacterial to where are we going to get that tell me i'm a single mother i haven't been working i have 4 teenagers to care for in my case i am desperate but there are many families that are in the same condition. until now the policy of mexico's federal government has been to inform and encourage people
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to keep their hands clean and to self isolate though many in mexico might recognize the government's wash your hands jingle it's estimated that almost 50 percent of the country's population does not have regular access to the water necessary to wash with 100 upolu mexico city but with millions of people around the world living on the law many of found creative ways to stay fit and healthy at home and the hayward has this report. shana i love staring ballet and gymnastics at 3 she's school of energy but with parks closed in classes council because of coronavirus she's finding new ways to keep active. the coronavirus pandemic has led to a big upsurge in online fitness classes for all ages from here and dance to a high intensity cardio workout and football it's all out that some people are even managing to run marathons in size here in the u.k.
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all gyms and leisure centers of close the door was in some parks are off limits because of the risk of transmitting the virus restrictions mean people are being urged by britain's government to exercise just once a day and only with members of your own household but many people fitness is part of their daily life and under normal circumstances this place is full of all different ages and abilities but they can play at the moment. steve mcginty is a retired p.t. who plays golf and swims regularly refer to the moment strongly or actually. if you feel he'll give up and say i really bother to do my exercise program today then you are deathly afraid of the end of the day. in some ways our own little are coming spurs you want to do more the next target. many of us are changing our lives significantly during this crisis to stay safe and trying to stay fit is
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a challenge but doctors say it could also help protect us now and in the future but i think it's really important to take advantage of any opportunities the you have to exercise whether you know you are not go outside for war critics taking advantage of that and say utilizing some of and the videos that might be available online or things that you might be able to do in the high end with yourself your family members your kids maybe teaming up with some friends over the internet and you know really holding each other to account trying to get and some of that physical exercise every day not any of that going to be good for your fiscal health it's going to be good feel mental health some people are using this time to try out new ways of keeping fit none of us know how long this crisis will last or how long it will be asked to alter our lives and he would al-jazeera lincolnshire. both are staying with the same but how we're all being forced to adopt millions of people turning to nationals for advice on how to cope with spending long periods of time in isolation i know that because more from toronto. ground control
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to me your town famous for performing david bowie's space oddity in space and from being perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever chris hadfield is reaching out to those of us grounded by social isolation. his 3 missions in earth orbit including command of the international space station in 2013 taught him to cope with months and months of separation from almost everyone else on the planet while for the 1st time maybe in living memory for most we find ourselves globally in a position of fear and isolation physical isolation. and that's that's not the way most people normally live but if you think about the life of an astronaut they live in a dangerous place that is extremely isolated and thrives and you know really do
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well succeed and love the life it's all about being prepared mentally hadfield says that's what astronauts must do from the moment they start training for blastoff until fiery reentry and splash down or being stuck at home with a dangerous disease outside isn't all that different he says so give yourself a list of stuff to do understand your own constraints deal with the danger and then take action i think it's a really productive and healthy way to fly a spaceship but it's also a productive and healthy way to get through this with literally billions and many countries locked down in their homes hadfield is hoping his advice can help them through what could be months of separation from almost everyone else in an effort to avoid infection and especially protect the most vulnerable i think it helped so i prepared for danger and isolation most of my adult life and and it's the same here if you just look at this is ok it's just another day i've just got
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a different set of options and you know i'm still alive and there's stuff that do it let's let's just get at it you have to be an optimist for iraq but you also have to be a very practical realist and often those 2 things go together. as a man with many months in space behind him chris hadfield is urging us to think like astronauts on a mission to be hopeful helpful and well informed as this pandemic runs its course daniel lackey al-jazeera toronto. so time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera and an attorney in a care home is under investigation after nearly $200.00 residents were found to have died since the start of the outbreak the facility in milan is suspected of concealing numerous covert 900 feet toilet seats since february there are fears a number of deaths from the virus cotton cat homes in europe is far higher than originally thought well health organization says there is no evidence indicating
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that those who recover from covert 19 have immunity from the virus the warning comes as countries around the world stock up on antibody tests in a bid to tackle the crisis the world health organization is warning africa could become the next step in center of the krona virus outbreak so far there have been fewer than a 1000 deaths from cave in $1000.00 across the continent which is a much lower rate than in the united states and europe the u.n. says it's likely the pandemic will kill at least 3 100000 people on the continent and pushed nearly 30000000 into poverty ecuador's worst hit city of quiet kill is really from a huge surge in deaths officially around 400 people have died from corona virus in the country so far but doctors say that the number of deaths in the province is actually far higher there of the area's largest city of quite kill says that the cave in night cave in 1000 hits like a bomb and overwhelmed hospitals for eighty's have been forced to distribute thousands of cardboard coffins as more trees could. human rights watch says it's
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concerned about a mass trial that's underway in saudi arabia nearly 70 palestinian and jordanian residents are accused of terrorism they were arrested 2 years ago during a crackdown on those with alleged links to the guards of based group a mass human rights watch says it's documented accusations of torture and abuse and then saudi arabia the kingdom's highest religious authority says all prayers for the upcoming islamic holy month of ramadan should be held at home grand mufti says that a deal for the which takes place at the end of the fasting month should also be held at home if the pandemic continues saudi arabia has suspended gatherings that holy sites and mosques as part of its lockdown measures right up to date with headlines here on al-jazeera next risking it all to. talk to al-jazeera what were your thoughts were when you saw that document for the 1st
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story we listen to after the war saying you'll you'll be in to go build united states of you but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera.


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