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tv   Myanmar On Trial  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2020 6:32am-7:01am +03

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and a 60 percent increase in the number of reported does this with the current job training testing kits it's likely that the real numbers are high reported in ecuador the city of quiet is reeling from a huge over 1000 deaths officially around 400 people have died in the country so far doctors say the number of deaths in guayaquil is actually far higher the government test started using giant refrigerated containers to store bodies and guatemala's president says several migrants and a u.s. deportation find have tested positive focal that 19 the migrants who were returned to guatemala on monday deportation flights have now been suspended they're upset with the headlines on al-jazeera much more as always and i website al jazeera dot com talk to al-jazeera is next. save humanity i really really not getting.
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villages back to the ground. hundreds of thousands displaced. mass murder. that is compelling evidence of genocide and genocide and yet. the gambia has taken me to the international court of justice accusing its government of orchestrating a campaign of destruction against the rocking of people there will be no tolerance of human rights violations and the kind. of thing you did any animal but now we
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have evidence showing that for many rohingya the nightmare continues on what. i bloody well known. as the well the weights of the ticks when no one east has been given access to years of secret videos. and we travel to me and must record in state to meet a people still facing danger discrimination and death. the gambians case is centered around the brutal military crackdown which began in late 2016 in response to attacks by an armed drone hangal group. it led to a mass exodus of rohingya into neighboring bangladesh in the months that followed.
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norm but to be a little a mother a bottle to be a mother going to live yet another one i'm wondering about i didn't ever come up with real money to model. this video is one of many filmed by local activists determined to expose the royal hangers plight to the world. they are a rare glimpse inside rakhine state where journalists access is severely restricted . dania. honeycombed 1. 101 east has reviewed and verified more than 3 years worth of footage it tells a horrific story on my show 100. 1 and panama canal who really. he.
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just had a secret location outside me in ma we meet a former member of the activist group for his safety while hiding his identity money. when i got up to all of them i do not want to become a billionaire i mean i don't want to be out of india. and we're going to. you know believe it you can work it is it went out to be family. he filmed this interview just before the mass exodus in 2017 that so hundreds of thousands of rohingya fleeing bangladesh.
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got. nearly 3 years on we managed to track down the woman in the video. she now lives in bangladesh inside the world's largest refugee camp. the scars on karim. are a constant reminder of what happened to her in myanmar she says hundreds of soldiers attacked her home in church been a village on the 27th of august 2017 when she and her baby were shot. why bad blood out of what i get a handle on i don't want to meditate or go by that there was no way that i want to or don't i want to be on how little love allowed the life of the other mother would head up no matter what i did karim as husband was also
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killed in the attack along with 3 other members of their family and hundreds of her fellow villagers will go to. my flat out. all of that the other woman by the mahdi by the letter got up and a lot and i don't yell a little bit and i wonder what about anger we're going to get out of mattingly what i what i want i want to pull up the weather what there are a lot of the not only my own mind all of the way out there would. at the international court of justice in the hague on sun suchi says trippin was one of a dozen main conflict areas in 2017 pages of the utmost importance of the court assess a situation obtaining on the ground in rakhine dispassionately and aker's regretfully gambier's place before the court she insists the military was merely responding to an. that had targeted more than 30 police stations and that army base in north
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america but she also says this it cannot be ruled out a disproportionate force was used by members of the defense says in some cases in this is a god of international match humanitarian law if law crimes have been committed by members of the mostest and services they will be prosecuted through our military justice system in accordance with the most wants to is. the case against myanmar has galvanized son suchi supporters back home. one day before her testimony at the international court of justice thousands gathered in min most largest city young go on in support of their leader. and i mom
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and dad. and i never had and i am going to yet had committed not and then. i had. the for many here the b.s. case is an assault on the dignity and so for their country. they insist the routing go off foreigners to get the wrong hands. and the one who is right no matter who hears down the no no they know you're little bit down on the one man not you know the no one is you. boss or refugees now sheltering in bangladesh insist min ma is their homeland so tara begum doesn't know if she can ever return she lost her husband during
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a military operation in august 2017 they lived in. one of the 12 areas on su cheez list as they were fleeing her husband decided to go back to knock that door when the above so that the little one wounded there anderson this is going to keep. going to going to continue like that. and i mustn't let you did it and it. would have been a bunch of you and i did he and his egg. she. wanted to get it. so tara is now struggling to look off to her 5 children. the youngest is just a total the most wonderful of the early imo but let it happen it is there and they did not have what it would a little has led to the beloved the. more blood out of losing not looking good in
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a long way to the delight that he didn't. throw over the side of mohammad i assent his family also fled the same area for bangladesh in 2017. he's kept a record of what happened there in the debilitation i'm a lot of the a lot of the got. a whole lot of it and the one of the. a lot i'm the one out there that they got that one i kind of like and yeah of all about you know the level of really put it to you well 'd 'd you know the other one goes all the other caveats among bit about. videos filmed by residents show the extent of the destruction. i assess the attack was unprovoked.
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out of out of the media goes on i wanted out of out of the meeting of the people and all i would then get out i got out on the line i did comedy on a little bit of the other side of a long time and a lot of. monologue about the one other bits of ones and that a lot of juggle then. the other fish but other than that a lot of what i did out of it's really good and i did out of it with all the look at it all the. models that all the money will do you know about it and you know they've got a kind of model i'd argue with they've got to go about that i don't know when going to do it in the new york. mean moscow permit says it's willing to take back refugees like i asked. but it wants them to register for a national verification card and the see
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a process that will supposedly pave the way to citizenship. put many rohingya are reluctant. the process assumes that they are foreigners the ting to fear is that even if they are granted citizenship they won't have the same rights as regular citizens. i assume sis the rohingya should be treated equally. how do you do then to buy out the obvious to get out. that other means of what the hell you do it's not like you know i didn't i do wonder did i know the calling to be a call a gentleman to yell it on audio on the. bottom of that a lot of. we're visiting rakhine state on a rare government supervised press tour. from yank on it's a hard day journey by air land and sea. it's 5 days since the
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i.c.j. handed down a preliminary ruling ordering the myanmar government to take all measures to protect the rohingya from genocide. we'll be spending the night in mohmed or near the border with bangladesh. security is tight on the drive up there are police everywhere. on our way we possibly all tucci. there's nothing to suggest this used to be home to a large community. offense and new buildings have been erected. the land is now occupied by a police outpost. our 1st stop is a meeting with monkey or district administrator who so on. we ask him for his reaction to the icy chase preliminary ruling. under which i don't
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know if you know mother remembered to emerge in the muck of yogurt i don't know her . you got to help your daughter. i don't want in order to get other to mcgovern the general problem of your you going out about it i don't want america to look. at i mean i did i made a kind of a beer ahmed on my machine i didn't i didn't know about it and i don't give my lot i'm out of here. with then ask him about running a land that is now occupied by the government. now you know when you are you do as we are but when you lose we are meeting you know when we had one of them we were in his reply the district administrator uses the word bengali to refer to the rohingya a controversial term that implies that they are foreigners and i'm going to we are
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going to bother you by. what your mother and i know nothing you're not. going to we're going and i'm older by sangomas you know as you well know going to. cheering most of our 3 days in northern rakhine state we follow a shadow set out by the ministry of information. one of 5 minutes 45 minutes because they are here with their boy had nothing. but the minutes and in the next 20 minutes here. on the police stand guard at the village as we visit. a government cameraman films us as we go about our work. in the house here. and mind us recall the names of everyone we talked to making it impossible to speak freely and all the young men you're
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a woman. in . children at an end geo funded center are able to learn and play. but most conversely if more than a high school education. is 1000 years old that was all you have. to understand. moses father side says it's because he doesn't have the right type entity documents no one is. the 3rd item they have. decided they don't need. only out. there but then mine does from the ministry of information take down the misses details and he declines to answer any
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more questions. one afternoon we managed to walk into downtown without our mind as. we were going to talk to him. outside a mosque a man agrees to talk to us. but he got all dirty money out of it it was obvious and i think if you didn't you know you'll move on the news. but we're interrupted before we can even begin by the administrator of this area who thought they in the lobby might hear during every war. between our you know made up of them marching out there i would induce you know what would you know love in our you know move out of the receiver oh my no one i don't know what. about the leader . i think about it you know i wish it.
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and it's on a go. we finally find a way to speak without mind as listening in. the villages who have kept their distance cheering off as it have agreed to be interviewed by phone. for security reasons they've asked us to hide their identities. putting out of their. need any. idea that. a charity. that are going to get are going to where people knew you know you did not know where you are going to be murdered burning remember to write about to begin to go on. your mood when they were good people are going to go to a good game and are going to get there you know there are. going
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to be good we're going to be. great if you're murdered here. in more than 3 hours of conversations we learn that life for most reading is relentlessly stressful. they must observe cuff use conch travel freely and have limited access to health care and education. and since early 2019 they've also had to cope with a new crisis. or they will give it up to the one who did it or. not let them know that we have. the rohingya have been caught in the crossfire between the myanmar military and the rakhine armed group called the can army and they have what i don't want to get me up a little over a little. in this clip filmed by an activist and. pool 2019 an
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injured boy it lies on the ground as frantic villages try to flee from 1 o'clock that. night. while you run out of that. bed like going down. the particular. military helicopters can be heard flying overhead. the boy was eventually taken to hospital he survived. but for others the attack proved deadly and if you. don't you drop the bomb on the are you good don't you. a bag of body parts is all that remains of 2 rohingya men killed during the same as strike.
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they'd go into the forest to cut bamboo says. to me there's no way it seems is safe. in this video shot just days before a trip to rakhine state a woman one suggests of her daughter. was out there yet you know what i am that is not of an easy as i know what i know of i don't let a leader. move on only one in the new duty and 1000000. the victim had been hit by shrapnel from a rocket that crashed through her roof. and. the conflict has also affected locals who are not. over $500.00. in this rakhine village 68 year old ethan new shows us where she hides whenever fighting breaks out. she says there are several bunkers like this in the area
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that is ok i bought it i. back out gaff. other villages are just as frightened. and they do their job in there you only live by by the neutral be our d.f.m. you know you are. a leader that many. anybody. that we've had near you you good enough already by body many. looking me up and we have been here. that. it's nearly the end of october but there are 2 more rohingya villages to visit. both were partially destroyed in 2017. the me and mark government says they will resettle villages who didn't flee. in poteen
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remnants of a mosque are a reminder of what happened here. once home to more than a 5000 people only 300 remain today. village administrator mohammad hassan is unusually candid. he says it will take more than new houses to make things right and i do not only want to hold and i know you can run it by him i. mean my advice from the money i wanted a minute and a little more i. want the middle middle name where you don't. belong on the wall again until. they're better leader than no more than a girl. in young child villages have been told to wait for us in a school whole watched over by mind as and armed police. inside
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the atmosphere is tense and few are willing to speak to us. i know you are. mohammad reyes is 22 years old no man on a ship and on a few sloman if you don't know me made out in an illusion i will be brought it up the imam in me lies my music. and they're going to order them over to throw it into the desert and i'm on. a need to help you. you're from new york. and. it's not part of the government site in a hurry but we managed to find the houses that were down. a village or approaches us. you know how it really is 100 little mom. who is a bit of. the bomb is going to. another
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village or tells us it's not safe for the writing to return. the emotion of the one gentleman. who got me i'm going up with him and he home. it appears we've been spotted. among the people not know what. apollo 11 and. for health. care in rakhine state the rohingya can only speak in whispers or in private about the violence and discrimination they've had to endure. because of the girl on a local level. and journalists are closely watched over by government minders.
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we end the tour acutely aware there's a lot we haven't seen. the international court of justice isn't expected to release its verdict any time soon. but whatever the outcome it's clear human rights violations against the rohingya aunts confined to the events in 201617. they've been happening for a long time and they're still happening right now. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet through remarkable people risking their lives to help the decided in war torn afghanistan on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. a history of guerrilla warfare a place on the global stage. name for an organization created for stateless population. before fighting for their land why did the pillow fight for independence from their arab neighbors. chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. seen as a burden countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst this resistance even from her own patients feel this midwife has adopted the cause of challenging deeply ingrained traditions and terminating this modern
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day to decide the daughter to a witness on al-jazeera. the hidden death toll from corona virus investigations are underway into care homes in the us canada and it's in the way it's believed thousands have died from the disease. so this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up playing politics over the pandemic donald trump encourages protests against restorations in states led by democrats.


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