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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm so raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes criticism and questions about the u.k. prime minister's virus response he missed emergency meetings as the outbreak grew. also venezuelan migrants are delivering lifeline services in colombia's capital but at a personal cost and bank to the voting stations in mali amid the threat of armed groups and the pandemic. also part of the largest refugee camp in greece is destroyed by
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fire following unrest over covert 900 safety measures. and we explore new york city from sunrise to sunset to find out what life really is like under on lockdown . welcome to the program the u.k. government is defending itself against criticism it's mishandled the coronavirus pandemic the death toll continues to rise rapidly more than $16000.00 people have died in hospitals across the country and the sunday times newspaper points the finger directly at prime minister boris johnson it accuses him of wasting precious time in stopping the spread paul brennan reports now from central london. the accusations of complacency a misjudgment to spread across 4 pages the headline a damning assessment of government failure to prepare the quotes alleged 5 weeks of missed opportunities and political in nashua the british government's national
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crisis committee is called by the acronym cobra prime minister boris johnson's failure to attend any of the 1st 5 coronavirus koger meetings is singled out for particular criticism of government ministers rejects the sunday times allegations the idea that the prime minister skipped meetings that were vital to our response to the drain of us i think is protests and the truth is that the other meetings across government some by the health secretary some chaired by other ministers but the prime minister took all the major decisions and i think anyone who considers happened upon is just a little while ago nobody can say that the press some throwing heart and soul into fighting this virus an unnamed senior advisor to downing street is quoted in the sunday times as saying this is no way you're at war if you're pm isn't there he liked his country breaks he didn't work weekends there's a real sense that he didn't do crisis planning and
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a senior source at the department of health is also quoted saying that a pandemic was always at the top of our national risk register always but when it came we just slowly watched. the prime minister from the moment it became clear that there were challenges in terms of coronavirus developing in in china has absolutely been leading our nation's effort to combat the coronavirus making sure that resources and money is not an issue or concern for any department especially health service in terms of dealing with this. as britain start their 5th week of partial lockdown the government is firefighting criticisms from several angles concerns are growing the frontline medical staff are running desperately low on supplies of protective masks and surgical gowns. national health service providers warned on friday that stocks may run out within 48 hours the government said $84.00
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tons of that equipment would arrive on sunday from turkey the shipment now won't arrive as planned. care home groups are also saying that a lack of testing means the true scale of deaths and infections among the elderly are being seriously underestimated by the government with more than 4000 fatalities not officially accounted for paul brennan al-jazeera westminster and in the united states the white house is also under increasing scrutiny for its handling of the pandemic now new york governor andrew cuomo says his state is about to begin antibody testing which will reveal the true scale of how many people have had the virus we're going to do that in the most aggressive way in the nation where we're going to sample people in this state thousands of people in the state across the state to find out if they have the antibodies that will tell us for the 1st time what percent of the population actually is had the corona virus and is now
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at least short term. to the virus this will be the 1st true snapshot of what we're really dealing with. well the question of when to ease the lockdown restrictions is dividing the u.s. president trump keeps pushing a positive message he says there are signs that covert 19 has passed its peak but experts warn that moving too fast could be disastrous as on the galahad reports from the state of florida. after weeks of stay at home odors hundreds flocked to the reopened beaches in jacksonville florida the medical of this controversial move as essential activity even as the state hit more than 27000 coronavirus cases it's what authorities call a pathway back to normal life. but in other parts of the u.s. the scenes a very different across the country a small but growing protest movement is calling for restrictions to be eased from utah to wisconsin in both republican and democratic led states people are taking to
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the streets urging a return to normal life we are still a free country at least for now and people have to make a decision and that's their personal decision if they don't want to be 6 feet apart or 7 peter peter parker i can't i can't dictate that to them despite declaring that individual governors are in charge president donald trump seemed to encourage the protests in a series of tweets on friday all 3 states have democratic governor as his tacit support is seen as deeply political in a time of crisis and you know it is there are a lot of protests out there and i just think that some of the governors have gotten carried away you know we have a lot of people that don't have to be told to do what they're doing they've been really. doing everything we've asked him in new york the epicenter of the pandemic measures to ease restrictions still far off the state's governor says this is no
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time to play politics how does this situation get worse and get worse quickly if you politicize all that emotion. we can not go there that's where i work so hard when anyone raises any political agenda to me i work so hard to distance myself from it. some states are beginning to ease restrictions many are still battling the coronavirus and testing is in short supply the desire to get back to some kind of normal is clear the careful approach to doing so vital thank you very much a nation divided it was perhaps inevitable the politics would play a part no matter what challenges lay ahead throughout this crisis the mantra has been we're in it together but any sense of unity now seems to be falling apart conservatives believe the cure is worse than the disease others and has to be a more science based approach the fact remains many states a yet to peek in their coronavirus cases the decisions governors make now will be
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crucial but that hasn't stopped some trying to score political points at the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. is accused of stoking islamophobia as well after raising questions about social distancing in mosques joining the holy month of ramadan or white house correspondent can really help it as well. there are increasing questions about a retreat by u.s. president trump on saturday accusations he may be stoking islamophobia in the united states the reach we reads let's see if authorities enforce the social distancing orders for mosques during ramadan like they did churches during easter i asked the president about this retreat here's what he had to say didn't put him back on the list this monster to follow so i think i just had a call with a mom so i just had a call with ministers rabbis we had
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a tremendous call with the faith leaders no i don't think that at all i am somebody that believes in faith and it matters not what your faith is but our politicians seem to treat different faiths very differently and they seem to think and i don't know what happened with their country but. the christian faith is treated much differently than it was and i think it's treated very unfairly now when it comes to enforcing social distancing the department of justice did take on the case of at least one church in mississippi where worshipers attended in their automobiles with the car windows rolled up the department of justice said that these worshippers were simply exercising their right under the 1st amendment of the u.s. constitution now many in the united states watching very carefully to see if this same effort will be applied when it comes to those who may want to celebrate during ramadan which begins in the u.s.
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on thursday. now turkey's government is urging people to stay home hoping the rate of infections will reach its peak in the coming days it now has the highest number of reported cases of the virus in the middle east overtaking iran well it also has more infections in china where the virus 1st appeared more than 2000 people have died so far in turkey with 127 new deaths recorded more than 86000 infections have been confirmed with nearly 4000 of those diagnosed in the past 24 hours a lockdown has been extended for 15 days prohibiting travel between 30 of turkey's largest city. limits elect is the managing editor of the daily suffer a pro-government english language newspaper in turkey he says residents are complying with lockdown measures majority of the people regardless of what car what party they come from even if they do have some sort of criticism they support the way that the way the government has handled this issue in fact the trust for it for
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the for the health minister for example has been like skyrocketing like no other ministers before how he has handle the information sharing the transparency with regards to that has been largely supported by the public and in fact the reason why . you know of course the numbers are rising in turkey but and this has a lot to do of course with our population with the numbers of testing and you know it has passed in iran our neighbor but if you look at the testing numbers we have done turkey has done double the tests in iran so far and the measures prior to the 1st case in turkey are significant post 1st case and when it comes to treatment for example 'd the situation of the health care system in turkey is not comparable to its neighbors. in the neighboring region. so yes there there is there will be some criticism regardless
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of how the government is acting in there maybe it's a role for a project to do but i think overall if you look at the big picture to handle this. in a successful way now one of the few jobs not affected by the pandemic lockdown in latin america is korea work in colombia it's become particularly popular amongst venezuelan migrants who are desperate to make a living even if it means putting their health at risk on the run p.n.t. reports from the capital bagatelle. on the deserted streets of bogota they've become familiar figures backpack wielding couriers on bicycles delivering food and medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants who say they have no alternative but risking exposure to the coronavirus. the day my gone with the mother of 4 says contagion is always on our mind but since her husband lost his job saying at home was not an option it on my face. it's not easy to go
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out and expose yourself to the virus especially when you have kids waiting for you when i get home i need to take szell precautions wash change clothes before touching anybody. trying to be safe means context with customers have been reduced to a minimum. yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as own skilled migrants now say they're essential in the fight to control the virus. because you know i receive messages on the app saying that we are heroes like the doctors or the policeman i was a nurse back home when you're sharp to becoming a doctor so i feel what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. delivery services had already become a lifeline for venezuelan refugees across the continent but as latin america hunkered down thousands of lost their jobs with delivery orders spiking so has the
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number of recently unemployed my. screw years there are now 25000 people working. here and the company says they have to wait another 45000 people none of them receive health insurance for their work in exposing themselves and very few seem to have it. nor the companies don't offer insurance i'm here with god's blessing. brainy men this says that at times he receives masks in hand sanitizers but that he has to buy most elements on his own. reports that in the united states more than 40 grocery workers have died after catching the virus worry him but he says the issue is one of survival one way or the other. it's a blessing to simply be able to go out and make some money live with what we really
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basis you know work means no food. even when working means putting yourself at risk with little or no protection. from it does really beg the question after your report what the delivery companies are doing to protect the koreas. yes. b. and i food which are the 2 largest at the livery companies in latin america have turned their offices into care centers where these riders can go to get their backpack their bikes to close these infected but from what we understand it's very difficult for them to do it at least on a daily basis with to is what the companies suggest they do because for example here in bogota there's only one office is way in the north of the city so it's too far away for many of these worker to go all the way there to get these infection
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and we also understand we've put this question in to be the largest company here in cologne me and they said that they're tapping into their revenues to import hundreds of thousands of a masks and gloves and other protective as elements for the riders but they're saying they're having difficulty doing that about their war king on it and we understand that in some cases they went to their largest ploughs where these riders gather to distribute some of these them in any case these writers say that they are better off than the great majority of the venezuelan migrants that here in colombia there are almost 2000000 of them and you might remember that last week we reported on the fact that many who haven't been able to make any money at all since march 25th when the lockdown started here have
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been in many cases the victim from the rooms and small apartments where they live off and they have to pay this daily and they haven't been able to do so and so thousands of started to walk back to venezuela even if they fled the economic devastation there they're now saying we're better off back home where the rest of our family is and where at least we. we have a roof since in colombia there's nothing left for us to do and there's also the issue that the government and the district here really been able to do much for them because the situation is already so bad for poor colombians that they are absolutely being left on their own for the update i was under up yet either in bogota thank you. the polls in mali have officially closed after voters cast their ballots in the 2nd
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round of legislative elections despite threats of violence and the pandemic hand washing facilities have been set up outside polling booths and guards a warning people about social distancing in the capital bamako another government went ahead with the vote despite the kidnapping of an opposition leader and threats from fighters linked to al qaida there are 147 seats up for grabs in the national assembly formerly is a consulting fellow with the africa program a chance and house joins me now on skype from maidstone in the united kingdom good to have you on the program increased conflict at polling stations attacked and the global pandemic sort of the hands of the public staying at home in fear i mean one does wonder how a free and fair election could ever have been achieved. there are certainly a lot of questions about whether a really worthwhile free and fair election can take place and particularly in the level of participation because obviously many voters are the will of chosen to stay
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at home or in many cases it wasn't safe to go and vote because of insecurity but the money in government face to real die lemma the term of the outgoing parliament actually should have ended in december 28th in january 2900 and so this parliament has been this old parliament's been continuing for 15 months on a sort of provisional basis and so there was a really desperate need to get a new parliament elected for the security crisis in mali has been going on since 2011 at least and there was no reason to think that security conditions would improve anytime soon so that wouldn't have been a good reason to postpone the election insecurity was the reason for the delay already but that i did get in there porter says that because instability was the issue certainly in the 1st phase of the election which is why there was such
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a low turnout how significant has the issue of terror groups for example be in terms of the last decade to where we are now why people haven't felt comfortable going to the polls because of this particular reason. well insecurities actually been getting worse the viewers may remember that right back in 2013 french and african forces intervened to end the jihad is control of northern mali but jihadist groups were able to continue with terrorism and those attacks have actually not only continued but become more widespread and there's been into coming all violence now the government drew up a priest plan and reached a peace agreement with the non jihadist groups back in 2015 and a key stage in that agreement is to get decentralization more power and responsibility and spending power down to the regional and local level and that's
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why they needed parliament to approve this next step and the problem they faced was that the old parliament being as it were out of term really lacked the legitimacy to give full approval to this next stage of the peace process that is so vitally needed so there were inevitably going to be difficult problems of risks in either direction but the option of simply postponing the election for a few months say till next year in the hope that the virus would have gone away the security situation could have got even worse in the meantime so. there were no there were no easy choices there was no good option and although this election will have taken place on a pretty slender mandate there will be members of parliament elected roughly representing the spread of mali and political opinion and there being a number of new political parties created over the past 2 or 3 years as well so
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this is giving them a chance to to run so it's a very very imperfect election but if they had decided to postpone once again that could have been an equally bad option if your insight it's been good to have you on the program thanks for joining us from maidstone in the u.k. welcome. heavy floods in kenya have killed at least 4 people and left 28 missing including police officers who on a rescue mission in west palm called the current town as being very strong and strong enough to uproot trees and sweep them along in very fast moving water schools homes hunter markets are also under water. so has the latest nairobi i can tell you have just spoken to a journalist who's on the ground in those areas that are affected and he palpatine that there was such a rescue mission has been closed for the day the rescue teams are going to use you
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are past light you also say that it's been raining quite clearly impossible most of the day after pewee some of the affected areas have been very very difficult indeed and as you mentioned the roads have been cut all. have been uprooted good have been also destroyed a lot of people you saw the water coming a lens. people have so far been confirmed to have died 20 are still missing about 2400 people. have been affected homeless their homes are be destroyed and they are seeking safe or smart people government officials has been discussed to some of these affected areas and i help to some of the families that have been affected with food and other basic services that happened at the border. town and in the most affected areas it wasn't even
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raining the water came from mountains mountainous areas in one of the counties the people that they were they're leaning that way because the water gushing in and they just run for safety. police in nigeria blaming the actions of armed bandits for the deaths of $47.00 people the attacks happened in several villages in the northwestern state of kut seen a gang related activity in the region which included kidnappings and robberies continue despite large troop deployments ordered by the president 44 prisoners found dead in a cell in chad appeared to have been poisoned all were suspected members of the armed group boko haram they were arrested following the killing of $98.00 soldiers in the chaldean army's largest one day lost last month or top seize on 4 bodies found traces of a lethal substance also in chad 5 civilians died when
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a warplane on the ground accidentally fired a missile the rocket shot through a fuel truck now really missing another fighter jet and hit a house next to the air base children are among the dead in the capital. iran's war in the us of a decisive response to what it called any dangerous actions by american forces in the gulf now it follows an incident on wednesday when the u.s. military says 11 vessels from iran's elite revolutionary guard came close to its ships in the gulf the u.s. called the moves provocative in response iran has stepped up the guards patrols in the region. libya's even recognize government forces say they resume their military operation towards to huna after successfully completing stage one they're battling to recapture the stronghold of warlord khalifa haftar the western city of the huna is where many of his men come from government forces say they killed 10 of the fighters and captured dozens more in retaliation have those
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forces intensified shelling on residential areas in the capital tripoli mahmud of the ahead has the latest from the capital. the city of that one of the government forces say that they have been dropping leaflets. with messages to residents of the city of the who are now saying that they should not be close to the fighting areas they should not let have the forces be close to their homes and also the messages in the leaflets were both in arabic and in the russian they say that the government military sources there that say that did addressing these messages in the russian to the russian medicine it is of the bag not a company as you know that. as the major stronghold for have to in the west of the country in fact it has the central command of how to force the operation room from which russian along with egyptian and in what our military experts are running the
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battles in southern tripoli that's according to the government military sources but meanwhile the government forces say that they have also downed a drone. have to have drawn. in another front line near the grain town and that's east of the city of misrata this morning so it seems that the momentum is going again to the government forces on the ground with many areas that were controlled by half of those are now falling into the hands of the government forces. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are risking your soul we take a look at why journalists in pakistan but demanding better protection during the pandemic.
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and the celebrations little picture throughout much of the arabian peninsula the last year as this town has been streaming in and it has produced wanted to showers and thunderstorms but still the streets are flooded in some areas a sign of the capital of yemen and there is more rain in the 4 calls to now through monday we will see more rain developing through will central western as a saudi it could be thunderstorms of course and that will ratchet extend its way further towards the east pushing on towards castle and again more their shots and thunderstorms across much of yemen and really is the repeat on cheese over the rain a little bit heavier to the east just indy's all southern areas possibly of iraq and across into kuwait but it could be very heavy rain at times so it could lead to some flash flooding and all the flash flooding into some piles of central africa kenya has seen some very heavy downpours reports of at least one floods falling in from a landslide and also we've got more heavy rain still through much of tanzania and don and he's coastal areas of mozambique and all the while northern areas of on
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going to seeing some very heavy amounts of rain in through cheese day the rains heavy again through central and northern areas of the d.l.c. at the same time some showers developing with ana storms into most central areas of south africa feeling cooler as well in cape town with a high of 90. medieval western society was a feudal society so detailed basically the were a and as soon as 2 popes ended his speech some people stood up and said god will sit down and the entrance to the city was who refused they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades an arab perspective that was sold one shot. on a jersey or. the latest news as it breaks with no treatment or
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a vaccine for her and a virus volunteers to say they'll continue to provide the services they can to fight the disease with details coverage along without any planning for india's millions of lies and political. and fearless journalism from around the world for many coming to this place if the only chance they have to leave at least once a day. what about to the news hour with me is a homerun a reminder of our top news stories a british government minister has described reports that prime minister barak johnson skipped critical coronavirus meetings early in the outbreak as grotesque
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the sunday times newspaper alleges that the british government was too slow to respond to the threat from the pinned down mic the pressure is mounting on u.s. governors to ease coronavirus lockdown rules protests encouraged by donald trump to be held in several states for the 3rd day in a row the president says some states will begin easing restrictions as early as monday and polls in mali have officially closed after voters cast their ballots in this 2nd round of legislative elections despite threats of violence and the pandemic the government went ahead with the vote despite the kidnapping of an opposition leader and threats from fighters like al qaeda. the chief of the world health organization has asked the g 20 to support african countries with debt relief so that they can focus on fighting the pandemic dr dross and the one that gabriel source has also been speaking to health ministers from the world's richest countries in a virtual meeting last month the g 20 leaders agreed to do whatever it takes to
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minimize the social and economic damage of the outbreak but the group's faced criticism for acting too slowly katie chakraborty is the head of advocacy oxfam and joins me now via skype from london good to have you with us the w. hey cho have appealed for global political leadership but with national government sort of navel gazing where should they look. they should look to the good of everyone on the planet it's a cliche to say that if this virus is anywhere it's everywhere. and we're still a tipping point here where we're seeing the richer countries of the g. 20 struggling to cope but i think we're about to tip into a truly disastrous situation where the virus takes root among some of the most vulnerable people half the world's population don't have access to basic health care particularly vulnerable populations are already in refugee camps where
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sanitarium vironment are impossible to maintain and that's where they need to be looking they need to be looking to double the health spending in poor countries they need to be looking to make any progress on bahrain or on a back scene or treatment globally publicly available not just to those that who can pay. and they really need to be supporting those countries who will be the most vulnerable because how much of this pandemic is focused really the attention of global governments that are more coordinated and sort of selfless response is needed or is it sort of too soon to think about right now. i think you're starting to see that g 20 finance ministers last week did make some welcome steps forward on this issue of debt relief that you mentioned so they and the i.m.f. have both acted to suspend or cancel for this year the debt of
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a collection of countries including some of the african countries that you were talking about it wasn't enough countries there are others that will really struggle it wasn't enough of debt relief because actually. where you suspended it you just shore up problems for next year we also need to see greater injections of cash right now so governments need to follow the lead of countries like the u.k. who are meeting their aid commitments and fund bodies like the u.n. says humanitarian appeal fund bodies like the w.h.o. so that we can get money into frontline communities right now because the people who will be really fighting this disease are not actually g 20 health ministers or finance ministers it often looks like women community health workers nurses women in their own homes who are on the frontline who need the funding who need the information to get out into communities to help keep people safe that's what gives
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us any hope a tool of containing this virus in in poor countries and communities says that as you say at the g 20 finance ministers talked about sort of getting rid of debt what are the maybe the wall of the 2 points you would like to see come out of the g 20 health ministers meeting. well i think it needs to be a commitment that the money freed up will be sent bent on public health one of the tragedies of this virus is that whilst anybody can still get sick what we're going to see is that those can who can afford to lock down most a few of those that can afford better health care will do better out of this virus so health ministers need to be focused on a truly public response that means if necessary commissioning private hospitals and private health care and making it publicly available it means making sure that any progress towards a vaccine or treatment is a global public good and not for the promise profits of pharmaceutical companies
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are not owned by any one country. and getting money directly into the hands of community leaders who can help to prevent this catastrophe sort of from the bottom up those i think would be the focus areas along with the continuing need to provide global funds from aid from debt relief. from from the i.m.f. directly in terms of special drawing rights that what might help us have a chance of fighting this virus in the poorest countries we'll see what happens it's good to get your thoughts circulating talk about it that oxfam banks are joining us thank you letter to south asia where pakistan is one of several countries where journalists are risking their lives to report on the pandemic crisis with little or no protective equipment so hote has more. another day in a newsroom in islamabad but c.v. is testament to the pandemic the world is going through right now while these journalists sanitize and wear masks many others in pakistan complain they don't
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have protective equipment when they go out to report at least 12 journalists have tested positive for corona virus. but. many media workers have been infected with the coronavirus while working in the field without any safety measures the media companies employing them are responsible for that by forcing the journalists to work in this way and if they refuse they have been fired from their jobs. nearly 40000 journalists work for more than 80 news outlets in pakistan a job that's already comes with high risks and they are now faced with a new threat we journalists are on the main line is when we are working from the ready for the day and we are providing the right information to the people at the time and we are one of the able as well but no help from the government side. through all pins islamabad's union of journalists took matters into its own hands distributing community made masks and gowns the pakistani government is the sole
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provider of postal safety equipment and it says it will soon start providing it to journalists nationwide doctors write about that nurses. in fighting coronavirus i think health care staff were more vulnerable than journalists so as a priority we provided medical staff with protective equipment but now in the next phase the journalism community will also be provided with these kits so they can continue their work safely. i know you are currently journalists in pakistan had already been protesting against pay cuts and layoffs well before the pandemic started the situation has since gone from bad to worse union leaders say at least 70 percent of journalists haven't received their salaries for up to 6 months. last year the committee to protect journalists reported increased media censorship in pakistan of the 25 journalists killed in 2903 were from there. and with
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a global pandemic journalists need protection now more than ever. so the height of al-jazeera. to europe now where fire has damaged one of the largest migrant camp sing greece on the island of chiefs plus is in athens he says a 47 year old iraqi asylum seeker died in the overcrowded camp which sparked hours of protests. it seems that a lot of the people staying in the camp were worried the woman who died had died of corona virus she had been to hospital a week earlier with a high fever she had been diagnosed negative for coronavirus evidently something else was the matter because she died days later in the camp but these facts were not known to the people who started this protest and it seems to have got out of hand part of the administrative facility has been burned down mainly offices belonging to the european and the greek asylum services which have been suspended
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since late march because of corona virus so there was no activity there and no one in the camp was hurt thankfully the camp is also under strain because apart from the general anxiety refugees have about catching coronavirus in overcrowded conditions there are also restrictions on movement to the government weeks ago decided to allow people in and out of these open reception senses on the 5 eastern asia and islands under certain conditions for shopping or for medicine but not to come and go as they wish and that creates an extra strain there also tents for people to be tested outside the camps in time the government wants to turn those into field hospitals for kit for positive cases because it wants to keep the refugee cases separate from any cases from the greek population which will go to the general hospitals regionally. the french prime minister is warning that the
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economic impact of the pandemic will be in his words brutal almost 20000 people have died of the virus in france which has been in virtual lockdown for nearly 5 weeks but edward phillipe says the health situation is improving with pressures on hospitals easing and the number of people in intensive care dropping for several days in a row. chris said this health crisis is not over of course we are scoring some points against the epidemic unfortunately the situation is gradually improving slowly but surely the health crisis will lead to an economic crisis which is only just beginning it will be brutal the growing number of private clinics and the trees in france are offering quite a virus tests but public hospitals are a long way from offering widespread screening and that could delay government plans to loosen the lock down in the middle of next month natasha butler has more. in the northern french city of this private part 3 tests for corona virus using blood samples the equivalent of $30.00 people without a prescription can find out within
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a week if they are or have been infected the test measures antibodies that a created to help the immune system fight infection and offer to be detected the body is in a phase of active infection which means the virus is present and antibodies are developing if the test is negative the person is either not infected or they're in the incubation period so it's too early to see the antibodies the test can also show if you came into contact with the virus a few weeks ago because the body has developed specific antibodies some health experts say the blood tests can help track cases but a less reliable than the nose and throat swab tests favored by the government and while private testing is growing in france it's not enough to fill the shortfall in the public health system the french health minister says france tests 150000 people a week half the number in neighboring germany since the beginning of the health
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care crisis in france there haven't been enough testing kids in the countries that means that only people in hospitals like this one or in care homes for the elderly are being tested for corona virus presents a manual macro admitted france wasn't prepared for the crisis that said the country will be in a position to test widely in a month when the government plans to loosen its lock down. me. our capacity to buy may 11th we will be able to test everyone who shows symptoms we're not going to test everyone in france that would make no sense but everyone with the symptoms needs to be able to be tested that way people with the virus can be quarantined looked after and monitored by a doctor one of us' this doctor says the testing is key but so is more research into understanding the coronavirus. what we're missing is research on infected people how people infected the virus in different regions and how widely the virus is circulating in the population the studies haven't been done. the french
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government has ordered millions of tests from companies in europe and asia and boosted domestic production but unless it has the capacity to carry out widespread testing in may to track and isolate coronavirus patients easing the lockdown could put people at risk of a 2nd wave of infections and it's actually partner al-jazeera france. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. smiling are loud. music with a serious message how global stalls are helping health care workers. they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as the forge their way in the
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world. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path. with news documentaries on al-jazeera. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and we report on the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my that's a never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question and i think that's what i'm sure really does we ask the questions to people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. all you.
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welcome back orthodox christians are celebrating easter the most important holiday in their calendar and a very different conditions while in bulgaria many worshippers gathered outside the cathedral in the capital saffir despite government advice to stay at home ahead of the orthodox church at an open air service while the congregation was masks and kept their distance from each other. in georgia health officials favor a spike in infections after the religious holiday despite fines for gatherings of more than 3 people churches have stayed open from tbilisi robin forestay walker reports the. the most potent date in the orthodox calendar is also a critical moment for the spread of coronavirus the at tbilisi's so maybe
9:47 pm
cathedral the orthodox church opened its doors to the faithful leave. the arms of the worshippers who have chosen to participate in the traditional midnight eastern mass how to get here early to avoid breaking a nightly curfew and it's been decided between a church in your forty's that they can stay here overnight all together under one roof until the curfew is lifted in the morning. restrictions including a ban on gatherings of more than 3 people have been in place for weeks but for the head of the church and his followers those rules do not apply. to this satirical video illustrates what critics say a double standards. with the state refusing to intervene in
9:48 pm
matters of faith this case you subservient to the church because of that sure ratings of the church and because of. this year saw the government here to directly or host a church which is encouraging each parish appears to extend their easter services to jews prime minister has said a balance must be found between staying safe and practicing faith. i want to assure you that both the state and the church fully understand their responsibility towards human health and upholding this could christians and the law and the functioning of the actually shot completing challenges to finally call them sanity she has enjoyed a gentle infection curve until now with social distancing largely observed at least in celebrations have the scientists worried this is the now the problem for us this
9:49 pm
4 or 5 days if the social distancing will be less of course they chance of the spread of danger action and increasing the rate of the new infection will be much more all the. many georgians have chosen to stay home this easter pray with their families and prayed for the safety of their nation robin 1st you walk out tbilisi. putin says the coronavirus situation in russia or is under complete control the president made the commons all the docs christians were urged to stay home during the easter weekend a record daily rise of 6000 new infections was reported on sunday but putin says the health care system and economy can cope. when you might do not open to the experience we occasionally analyzing the experience of other countries and actively cooperating with our foreign friends and colleagues we understand what's happening
9:50 pm
and see the risks know what to do no matter how the situation develops and doing what's necessary when you left it i would do it all levels of government are working with a cli smoothly and responsibly the situation is under complete control. now the shut down of new york has turned wall of the most vibrant cities in the world into a ghost town is set to stay that way until at least the middle of next month algis there is gay will elizondo spent today exploring the eerie stillness in the city that's gone to sleep. the american poet carl sandburg once wrote the moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to. this is a day in the life of a lonely empty city. 6 20 am the 1st rays of sun over new york. 7 o'clock in the morning the normally bustling harlem is hushed.
9:51 pm
to the 125th street subway station at 7 45 am but the rumble of the one train cuts through the eerie stillness. a few minutes after 8 am time square the bright lights but not a soul to see them. 7th avenue in midtown manhattan this is morning rush hour. this is new york suspended in time by a silent and deadly virus. a siren from an ambulance off in the distance. 140 in the afternoon the surreal shutdown of the city is hard. everyone especially the elderly many of whom are alone. 2 46 pm here it's
9:52 pm
busy there's a hospital. people eager outside maybe waiting for word on a loved one inside. at 4 15 pm a few signs of life in this residential neighborhood in brooklyn. with essential workers life is hard. at 6 pm there is no rush to get home from the office everyone is home by early evening more people secluded in their apartments all day begin to come out masks are required. this is the new normal. as another day draws to a close in a paralyzed city area minder that new york will be back but the vibrant. city that never sleeps every turn to that might take
9:53 pm
a while. music and hope united millions phone calls in the fight against coronavirus some of the industry's biggest stars joined forces to all the health care workers around the world so far $50000000.00 for that. fund victoria gate behind the story. my. he's performing for huge crowds in stadiums but on saturday night stevie wonder sang from his living room the fans watching that as superstars abuse it world were united in a common cause in a time of crisis. this time our leaders that we needed to strengthen the health care systems all round the world so that
9:54 pm
crises like this never happens again. but. the one world concert organized by lady gaga and the charity global citizen is the biggest music event says the coronavirus shut down concerts and spurred a flurry of live streamed performances by quarantine musicians who have been humbled by the bravery and selflessness of doctors nurses and other key workers. to those in the food industry the livery workers mail carriers and sanitation working so that we can be safe in our homes we thank you for yourself mr. black america disproportionate belong to be's essential parts of the workforce and do not have the luxury of working. this concert is being compared inevitably to live a the 1985 benefit organized by bob geldof to raise money for starving ethiopians the question of how much concert such as these benefit the people they aim to help
9:55 pm
is always quickly debate is but organizers say this concert is about entertainment and solidarity at a time when many people are living under lockdown so what i'd like to do tonight if i can and just give him a promotion too far. so. you are very. now in. the concert has raised tens of millions of dollars safe after the un's cave in $1000.00 response fund it's also focused attention on health care workers here in many people's eyes other real stars victoria gay to be al-jazeera. but everything is a music journalist in london called the concert an amazing p.r. event i think everyone is looking for a bit of solace and a bit of comfort and a bit of entertainment above and above all else in this in this kind of rather
9:56 pm
trying times that we're all faced with. compassion fatigue is one of those phrases it comes up at some point in all of the cycle as of these kind of efforts. people have only got so much that they can devote to feeling and you know compassion for others and all the rest of it and entertainers are there to entertain basically this is another so the rather is a separate function that they come to that they bring us all together in a time of terrible crisis and a need and i think by and large this event will have had quite a quite an impact i mean it's there's no doubt it's reached out to to an awful lot of people and you can't you know the sincerity i'm sure of the performers is not in doubt but i guess you got to say well you know there's very practical problems that are going to be addressed and the end of the day this is kind of. something of
9:57 pm
a distraction perhaps you know at the same time it is a p.r. coup i mean these are all the biggest acts in the world and they're as it were. they're all all competing for our attention all the time in their marketplace that they operate in and this certainly won't have hurt any of their prospects in that regard. and $32000000.00 and counting is the total raise for britain's national health service by a war veteran captain tom moore originally aimed to collect a $1000.00 by walking $100.00 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday this month but his dogged determination is attracted a flood of donations from people from all walks of life well done to him even watching the al jazeera news hour i'll be back in a little while but my colleague will have more news after the break until then from all of the news article thanks for your time and your company.
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may own al-jazeera will president rhodri go to tut's a succeed in shutting down t.v. giant a.b.s.e b.n. by may the full will have special coverage al-jazeera world selection of the best network documentaries includes the story of on sunday gyptian composer and musician i leave a smile despite the coronavirus pandemic honan process ahead of the presidential elections by postal ballots the emmy award winning full clive's is back investigating the united states and its role in the world and in the u.s.
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election primaries presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delicate threshold may on al jazeera. talk to al-jazeera what you will force was when you saw that document for the 1st story we listen to after the war saying your europeans go build you know the stage of you but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges there are a history of guerrilla warfare a place on the global stage. the pira gaining strength there revolutionary zia knowing no bounds does a series of violent acts by their splinter groups damage the palestinian cause or ensure its survival chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. boris
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johnson and his government are accused of wasting crucial time and sleep walking into the u.k.'s coronavirus crisis. and our intel this is al jazeera live from london also coming up as the number of deaths in the u.s. passes 40000 governors in the hardest hit states tell president trump it's too soon to reopen america last. year when he left it up to that it may putin says russia her.


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