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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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together in this one news organization and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. a cautious reopening countries around europe begin easing some coronavirus restrictions. on all come on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha are also coming up with most economies closed and an oversupply of oil u.s. crude prices have dropped to about $11.00 a barrel. china hits back against australian condemnation of its handling of the pandemic saying it has grave concerns. also this hour one other top story the death
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toll rises and counted as a worst mass shooting as the police continue their investigation. with their daily coronavirus death tolls dropping along with infections many european governments are taking tentative steps to lift constraints on daily life germany is reopening some shops and allowing limited school classes the central government has left it up to leaders in each of the 16 states in germany how much they want to reopen and when they will reopen after a month long closure nursery schools are now open again in norway despite polls showing nearly a quarter of all parents do still have concerns shutters are also lifting across poland denmark and the czech republic infections in europe are nearing a 1000000 and close 210-0000 people have died paul brennan joins us live from
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london so paul as far as the the easing of restrictions across europe it's not one size fits all different countries doing different things. yes it's a reflection i think of the different pace of infection spreading across europe and the different stage that different countries are at in relation to the pandemic in individual circumstances the countries which appear to be considering at least easing restrictions and in some cases actually going about it all those countries where they believe they've got a grip of the infection those countries which started early which perhaps have seen the worst of it if you spain for example where the prime minister has said that he wants to get children out of doors if that's all possible children have been confined indoors for more than a month now since the middle of last month and you know the psychological impact of that on youngsters can't be underestimated there's also the economic impact as well
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you know opening shops gets the economies of some of these countries going again you listed some of the germany for example small shops bicycle shops book shops these are easing of restrictions in a very specific way where there are fewer encounters with other people in a bookshop so relatively quiet bicycle shops you can space out that fewer people go to these aren't mass areas of congregation here in the u.k. though i have to say that the latest message this morning from the briefing with the prime minister's spokesperson is that there's no chance to talk of a risk of a relaxation in the imminent future the message coming out from that briefing is very clear that they fear gravely the prospect of a 2nd wave of infection if they release the restrictions to and that that 2nd wave of infection could be very very damaging for health and the economy i'm create real problems and for the u.k. government as well i guess some of those questions that they're having to answer or
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not a pretty embarrassing because the key thing is still still so far into this crisis p.p. e the safety protective equipment for n.h.s. stuff. indeed you know you've got to be fast and the u.k. government this is not just a u.k. issue it is that there is a global shortage of protective personally quitman that the nurses and medics in the intensive care units need in order to safely go about treating the coronavirus patients such as the shortage that public health england which issues the guidelines for what it's acceptable where in intensive care units actually change their guidelines downgraded them last week the scientific reasons not because the science the change but because of the shortage meant that they couldn't get hold of the long sleeved disposable fluid repellent gowns that are very necessary the government has been embarrassed here in the u.k. because on saturday at the daily daily downing street news conference it promised
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that up a shipment from turkey of 84 tons was arriving with 400000 gallons in fact that shipment still hasn't arrived when i won monday and in fact the government doesn't know exactly when it will arrive i'm going to say as well we were speaking to the people here at this hospital and it is a patchy picture this hospital says they do have enough. for the time being but other hospitals on the representative bodies from other hospitals are reporting that there are grave shortages and really serious questions being asked is that being faced by nurses and doctors as they go about deciding how much risk they're prepared to take as they go into those icy use. thanks very much. u.s. oil prices dropping to their lowest level in 20 years as concerns over coronavirus eclipse the deal to cut output we're talking about a thing called may futures is the benchmark it's full into around $11.00 per barrel global demand has plummeted as travel restrictions reduce the need for oil the
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crisis was compounded in march by a price war between saudi arabia and known opec member russia that ended this month when they and other countries did agree to an unprecedented cut in output of almost $10000000.00 barrels per day to boost the markets that have been hit by the virus but despite that the world is still oversupplied and that stoking fia's the prices could fall and fall further john hendren as the latest. across american oil country the pumps are shutting down since the coronavirus locked much of the western world in their homes the floor has dropped out of the oil market is a gas station selling gasoline for 99 cents a gallon now you would think wow that's great and your body will remember there was a line of people there to fill the course the question is where are you going to go the price of the benchmark american crude west texas intermediate has collapsed from $60.00 a barrel in january to below 20 in the past week across the u.s.
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the price at the pump is lower than it's been in years big even at rush hour if you are buying the international energy agency says the world's appetite for oil hasn't been this low since 1995. especially hit hard the fracking industry that turned the u.s. oil industry into a net exporter since 2011 fracking companies which break rocks to find fuel oil above $30.00 a barrel to make a profit but it's not it's not that just that it will come you know it's the oil service companies it's the little towns in the oil that you know the motels the diners restaurants you know those types of things there the ripple effect is tremendous when you go move out from the all gas company and all the ancillary companies that provide them service isn't parts so i'm afraid it's going to be ugly the 1st casualty came on april 1st denver based whiting petroleum declare bankruptcy if prices don't increase soon whiting will likely become only the 1st of
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hundreds of oil and related companies to do so right now and they think they're like well if. we're not 81st or we're not dating he. may whatever's. day by day situation so the oil industry waits and worries until all the pumps return to service john hendren al-jazeera chicago in our last hour i spoke with an 20 he's a founding partner and chief analyst a kid also a data tech company specialising in energy commodities he says the drop in price will have both a good and a bad impact on the consumer. it's a mixed tory for consumers especially in the us normally when the price goes down that's that's great for consumers it's effectively a tax cut for consumers it's good for industry as well in this case that doesn't apply because consumers are stuck at home and cannot really drive and use the oil
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so the benefit of low prices doesn't really trickle through to the economy just yet it will eventually when we get out of this and we might face the pressure and then low prices will be a stimulant to the to the economy but that's not the case today the other problem for the u.s. is that of course it's not just a consumer so producer so producing country producing states producing counties producing companies people employed in the oil industry or suffer like this with the u.s. has become that 0 imports or even a small net export it recently and may looks look like it was on its way to become or to be coming and then exported before that the price collapse happened but there's no such thing as independence because the market the market is global the prices are global and you cannot really insulated step on the rest of the market in fact when you're a large producer you have some advantages but you also have responsibilities and costs that come with it then $1.00 of the cost is that the u.s. found itself under pressure to cut production and to participate in cuts just like
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opec countries have been in the last 20 years china said bank after australia raised questions about its honesty in handling the pandemic the top australian diplomat marie spain wants an international investigation into the origins of the virus and how it spread china's foreign ministry says it has grave concerns over those remarks the chinese authorities have been under pressure over the way they dealt with the outbreak but the government in beijing is insisting it's always been open from the chinese capital katrina you has more on reaction from the chinese government. at the end of january there were some voices from some doctors who tried to raise the alarm about the severity of this outbreak they were silenced and punished for doing so and for weeks the message from the chinese government was that this was under control that there was no evidence of human to human transmission and they were criticizing countries for closing the borders to chinese travelers and fast forward in 4 months and it's
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a very different story china has has not admitted that it was at any fault but it has said over and over again that it's been open and transparent despite the evidence to the contrary and certainly today the chinese foreign ministry was saying that had this message was attacking that the australian government saying that these remarks were grave and and disrespectful that china has always worked with international agencies and was doing all it can to to be a leader in this global fight against the pandemic responding of course to marie's paying the australian foreign minister's comments that questions about time as parent transparency had reached a very high point calling for an inquiry where the australian government would be keeping its eyes open so the diplomatic ties between those 2 countries certainly tense russia's reporting fewer new infections but president vladimir putin says the peak of the outbreak is still to come although doctors have managed to curb the crisis just over 4200 cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours compared to 6000
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previously 405 russians have died and the lack of hospital beds has been reported in some areas. there been protests in russia's north a setia region against local lock down measures there are demands for an easing of restrictions which many blame for rising levels of unemployment people also say there's a lack of information about the virus response police detained several protesters. turkey is reporting more coronavirus cases than any country outside the european union or the united states a 2nd 48 hour weekend curfew has ended however shops schools and restaurants to remain closed more than 86000 infections are confirmed and just over 2000 deaths still to come here on al-jazeera will report from kenya where flash flooding struck a region just a year after communities would devastated by another disaster. and
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the pensive heavy rain still in the forecast across well central and southern areas of china says it all to system of course has been speeding all small northern areas of asia but so the latest batch of rain is now pushing through kind of on cheese day some gusty winds across much of honshu and also some strong winds coming right across the korean peninsula it'll take the temperature down even further in seoul but this is where the rain will be as you go through choosing particularly on wednesday very heavy all the way really from northern vietnam across into one g. guangdong and again not to much eventual come down in hong kong but its value will wednesday with a high of 25 but that's what i mean about seoul 9 celsius the average is 16 or 17 degrees this time of year is that will feel pretty chilly it's a dry picture as well a further to the southeast across asia certainly see march through choose day some rains across into java and heaviest spells across into borneo but really apart want to scout achiles in the philippines it's fine and dry there and also bangkok
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thailand vietnam mostly enjoying some dry clear whether you can see wednesday again more of those scattered showers in borneo again picking up the brunt of them but really mostly it is looking a little bit dry a bunch of heavy rain there still developing through west bengal bangladesh in particular on cheese day and all of us along the coast across into kara. talked to al jazeera we ask what will force work when you saw that document for the 1st story we listen to after the war saying you have been to go build you know this stage of you know what we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera if you want to help save the world . sneeze and hero.
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you're watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories so far this hour germany is reopening some shops and allowing limited school classrooms other e.u. governments are taking steps towards a normal life with affection and fatality rates beginning to slow. china's sit back after the australian foreign minister raised questions about the company's honesty in handling the pandemic marie spain called for an international investigation into the origins of the virus and how it spread. u.s. oil prices have fallen to a 20 year low that's around $11.00 a barrel global demand of course collapsing was locked down dramatically drain
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energy needs that's causing a lot of oil with storage space running out. as pressure mounts on the u.s. economy house republicans are blaming their democratic rivals for holding up a multi-billion dollar aid package the proposal could see up to $450000000000.00 going to boost small businesses and expanding coronavirus testing nationwide white house correspondent kimberly helka joins us live from washington kimberly hi there good afternoon good morning your time so this money if it happens is it new money or is it money that's already been announced money that we knew about. this is new money this is there had initially been a $350000000000.00 package that ran out last thursday and there had been an effort to top the money up with another $250000000000.00 the vote failed a couple of weeks ago so this money ran out but it is still needed and there are a lot of small business owners who have been promised money and are still waiting
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for it and haven't gotten it it doesn't appear that the white house request for this money will be approved that it could be voted on even as early in the senate as today we're still 100 percent sure about that but this is not the only clash that the white house has going on not just its request with the u.s. congress but also there's an ongoing clash with this white house namely the u.s. president and the nation's governors at 1st it was over the lack of ventilators that it was over testing and now it appears it is over the reopening of the u.s. economy and we have had some states start to relax some restrictions what it's going to look like is a bit of a patchwork quilt with some states open some states not depending on how much chrono virus has affected each jurisdiction why is the u.s. president doing this waste trying to limit political liability in an election year and that is another reason he continues to hold these daily white house press briefings that at times have been particularly contentious at the gallagher reports
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the u.s. accounts for a food of the confirmed coronavirus cases and president don't trump held up swabs claiming no nation has tested more people he says more than 4000000 people have already been screened and that's now expanding to millions more is it. does it remind you of something remind you of this. one just one of once a q-tip it's actually different. it's very sophisticated actually but it's a little bit like so this is the story. and. with water a lot of them they have a lot of them some of them some of the states they were shipped to states and the states don't know where they are at sunday's briefing the white house showed favorable comments from democratic new york governor andrew cuomo in what could be seen as an attempt to heal a growing political rift over trump's determination to get people back to work in
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new york where cases are falling but remain dangerously high governor cuomo says this is no time to slow precautions or reopen too quickly it's no time to get cocky and it's no time to get our it right we still have a lot long way to go and a lot of work to do and this virus has been ahead of us every step of the way we've been playing catch up from day one in this situation. in other parts of the nation though small groups of protesters egged on by the president continue to call for an easing of restrictions the desire to kickstart the economy is growing but problems persist republican governors who really have critical words for their president said this still facing major hurdles and i could probably double maybe even triple testing in a while burchill overnight if the f.d.a. would prioritize. companies that are putting
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a slightly different formula together for the extraction reagent kit and that's if the f.d.a. would do that we have a shortage worldwide shortage of some of the materials that go into that so we really need help money from the payment protection program designed to keep businesses afloat has now run out even as more than 20000000 people around have work is now for u.s. lawmakers could meet as soon as wednesday to consider expanding the program but that's already running into political arguments despite the president's optimism that the u.s. will be back in greater than ever the just tickle issues political infighting and a shortage of essential equipment persist at this point the daily briefings given by president don't trumpet become somewhat repetitive and increasingly political he's blame states governors for a shortage in testing talked about the thousands of ventilators being made and weighed in urging certain states to be liberated that death toll here is now by far
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the highest in the world and for many this crisis is far from over and the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. india has a population of 1300000000 and the world's biggest locked on but that is starting to ease workers in health and financial services manufacturing agriculture and public utilities are now exempt however stay at home orders are to remain in areas worst affected elizabeth purana mz in new delhi she explains now how people are trying to navigate their way out of lockdown. as of monday there's an easing all some restrictions only in places that are considered non hotspots all green zones places where they hasn't been a rise in the number of cases and state governments think that that would be around 10 to 25 percent of the country so what is allowed a really big easing of restrictions in the farming sector and all the businesses that support it so even things like transportation roadside restaurants will be
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allowed to open for truck drivers to focus on farming because more than half of india's workforce is employed in the agricultural sector and with the wind to crop just harvested it's important to get food from the villages to the cities to avoid shortages there's also going to be an easing of restrictions and and banking and public works in the social sector and construction and all with specific restrictions and self employed professionals like plumbers electricians carpenters i.t. repair our allowed to work and again would. as well as the specific restrictions everyone has to wear a face mask when they step out of their homes and observe social distancing norms we have heard from the government in the last few hours and they have said that there's already been violations of lockdown measures that they have been more incidents of violence on health care workers complete violation of social distancing norms and too much movement of vehicles and urban areas. new zealand's
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extending its month long week plans to ease restrictions that include a curfew on the closure of schools restaurants and bars just 19. our transmission right there is the number of cases that each person with the virus passes it on. is now 0.48 recent half of h r us a c. everett is $2.00 people. we have amongst a lowest number of confirmed cases per 100000 people in the world government leaders in kyrgyzstan a facing a backlash for forcing doctors to apologize after complaining that they don't have enough personal protective equipment medical staff account for a quarter of new infections there as robin pressed a walk. a young doctor back doored. makes a forced apology on facebook after he was interviewed by kyrgyzstan's national security
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agency i wrote about the lack of quality face masks at my clinic he says actually this was false information and i apologize although his twitter feed was deleted this tweet that the mask he was given wouldn't stop musky toes let alone 19 went viral like the so have other social media posts a medical workers forced to cycle to work others risking infection by using the only other transport available the state security agency website is devoted to exposing those accused of spreading rumors but one fact is inescapable 25 percent of known coronavirus cases here a medical workers. it's become a basis for parliament now to look at how law enforcement is putting pressure on
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the medical profession at the end of the day we're not in china and we can't put pressure on our doctors because it will lead to them hiding information about what's happening in the hospitals and that is a crime. another popular video mocks the state committee for national apologies. we apologize the citizens say. gauging the public mood the government has promised to do better. we are doing everything in our hands to protect medical workers believe your heroes. talk to beck to order hash tag toward the still trending and now his image has been popularised hailed as a medical hero for saying what's needed to be said robin 1st. turning to some of the top stories for you the death toll from counted as worst of a mass shooting has now risen to 18 the series of attacks started small coastal
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town in the eastern province of nova scotia on sunday the suspect is dead following a standoff with the police is daniel lak. say this was the most horrifying crime scene in this quiet part of canada just before midnight saturday a gunman was reported in puerto pick a remote seaside village where the suspect 51 year old gabriel borkman owned property for the next 12 hours along nearly 100 kilometers of highway police fielded dozens of emergency calls about house fires gunshots and other incidents heavily armed officers pursued the suspect who at one point was dressed as a policeman and driving and apparently homemade police car just before noon sunday i witness is said they saw the suspect lying on the ground surrounded by police at a petrol station near nova scotia's international airport visibly shocked senior officers said one of their own a 23 year veteran of the royal canadian mounted police was among the victims
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countless families are in mourning today each person who lost their family and friends. and they too will need their support. the impact of this incident will extend from one end of the province to the other. the police expect more victims will be found as multiple crime scenes along the highway and elsewhere are investigated several other police forces are involved in this massive operation were not fully aware of what the total may be because. as we're standing here the investigation continues into areas that we've not yet. explored across the province . these sorts of mass shootings are rare in canada which has much stricter gun control than the neighboring u.s. police say they have no idea yet about motive and that many of the victims appear to have been targeted at random it will take days possibly weeks for a full explanation to emerge about one of the worst mass shootings canada has ever
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seen daniel lak al-jazeera a taliban attack in northern afghanistan has killed at least 19 soldiers others were injured in the overnight fighting in tackle province several other provinces were targeted and 20 deaths reported over the weekend turkish prosecutors of publish more details about the indictments of several saudi nationals over the murder of the journalist john marshall it includes pictures and information about the alleged perpetrators and testimony from turkish employees who'd been working at the saudi consulate in istanbul 20 saudi nationals were charged last month for the $20000.00 murder of the washington post columnist a search is underway for 28 people who went missing during flooding in western kenya at least 4 people were killed catherine sawyer is in a quiet and says large numbers of people died from landslides in the same region last year. this was a thriving trading sensing
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a town of about 3000 people and i've just spoken to a trader who was selling go through 2420 of them have been swept away by the water and tells us that when this water started. gushing down there on saturday afternoon many people who saw what was happening went to safety but some weren't so lucky several people have died. dozens are still missing rescue operations still going on all this rock that you see came down with the water there were residential areas here as well all flattened houses submerged people still looking for their loved ones and this comes just a few months. in november last another mouth slide in this region killed 60 people same circumstances the government has is now feeding about 2000 a year more than 2000 people who have been displaced they have no food they have no
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one only managed to save themselves their livelihood is destroyed the same that they do not know where to go now. australia is set to become the 1st country to make it compulsory for google and facebook to pay traditional media for news content the competition watchdog says it will release draft details of the payment plan in july government attempts to operate a voluntary scheme failed. piece it will be here in doha your top stories from al-jazeera germany is reopening some shops and allowing limited school classes central government in berlin has left it up to leaders in each of the 16 states to decide how much they want to reopen and wham other e.u. governments are also taking steps towards normal life with infection and fatality rates slowing paul brennan has more now from london. austria has been reopening
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shops as well although supermarkets for example you have to still wear it's compulsory to wear a face mask if you go to a supermarket and other social distancing restrictions are still in place and of course germany which you've been reporting this morning which is going to reopen select shops such as book shops garages 5 bicycle shop for example there is an economic progress in here as well you know the the global economy is grinding to a halt as a result of this virus so governments are desperately trying to find some way of keeping the show on the road making sure that there is an economy to come back to after this virus is eventually passed us oil prices have dropped to their lowest level in 2 decades as concerns over coronavirus eclipse the deal to cut out put the may futures for benchmark has fallen to around $11.00 a barrel global demand of course plummeted as lockdowns and travel restrictions reduce the need for oil china sit back after australia's foreign minister raised questions about its honesty in handling the pandemic marie spain called for an
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international investigation into the origins of the virus and how it spread there being protests in russia's north a settler region against local lockdown measures there there are demands for an easing of restrictions which many blame for rising levels of unemployment people also say there's a lack of information about the coronavirus response police detained several protesters across russia there have been fewer new infections but president vladimir putin says the peak of the break is still to come just over 4200 cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours compared to 6000 previously turkey is reporting more virus cases than any other country outside of the e.u. and the us more than 86000 infections are confirmed and just over 2000 people have died and up next it's talk to al-jazeera also you from 10 g. tomorrow. throughout history humankind has come together in our darkest moments
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this is a moment for pretty much the opposite where retreat from the world could actually save every generation has its moment. as ours ringback. it's been over a month since coded 19 was declared a pandemic. more than 120000 people have died and more than 2000000 are infected why. the health emergency has also affected the global economy and diplomacy one of the countries that has been hardest hit by the pandemic is spain. it's had more than 80000 deaths despite the weeks long government imposed lockdown it's already weak economy has declined further. and despite concerns by the world health organization of workers' unions and opposition leaders the spanish government has announced a partial lifting up.


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