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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2020 5:00am-5:35am +03

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we bring you the stories and developments that are changing the way. the problem is of course. we will not go through what we went through for the latest. u.s. president donald trump downplays the possibility of a severe coronavirus resurgence in fall winter. hello again i'm mr and this is al jazeera live from also coming up the pressure to reopen businesses amid the pandemic intensifies in the u.s. despise advice from medical experts who say it's way too soon. already struggling
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with overwhelming debt in argentina now the pandemic is making the economic situation even once. and a milestone for iran but a cause for concern from the u.s. as the country launches its 1st military satellites into orbit. now u.s. president donald trump has dismissed the possibility of a severe 2nd wave of corona virus infections in the year that during his daily briefing he asked the director of the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention to clarify his earlier remarks that another bout of infections during the flu season could be even worse than what's being witnessed now around $840000.00 people have been infected in the u.s. and nearly $50000.00 have died those are the highest numbers anywhere in the wild. well you know. we were not because we could have some leverage
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a groan and you could have a big blue system and if they combined your thing come together they come together it's not great but we will not go through what we went through for the last 2 months getting a president is accuracy. understand that the united states will serve the people appear to them but how can you say that you know it won't come back in the same level that it has today what it is estimated might not come back at all to have it may not come back at all he should get about a worst case scenario where you have a big flu and you have some corona and if it does come back it's not going to come back and i've spoken to 10 different people not going to be like it was well there's also division on reopening economy some states want to move faster than others georgia is among the most drastic planning to reopen most businesses by monday dr anthony fauci was a member of the president's coronavirus task force is recommending a more cautious approach well you know if i were advising the governor i would tell
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him that he should be careful and i would advise him not to just turn the switch on and go because there is a danger of a rebound and i know there is the desire to move ahead quickly that's a natural human nature desire but going ahead in leap frogging into phases where you should not be i would advise him as a health official and as a physician not to do that and donald trump has now also officially signed an executive order suspending immigration a 60 days he says it will protect americans who've lost their jobs in the pandemic well more now from mike hanna on president tom again contradicting his top health officials. what was essentially a rather uncomfortable moment when president trump introduced the director of the centers for disease control having described the report in the local newspaper as
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fake news being described as misquoting at the director well the director got up and made a very clear that he had not been misquoted in the body of the initial report he did have some argument about the headline itself but it's yet another example of president trump countering his scientists now not only the director of the c.d.c. but also dr anthony fauci the chief medical adviser to the white house saying that he's absolutely convinced that the coronavirus will come back in the poll and that is his position president trump as you heard there saying it may not come back at all while some u.s. states mostly in the south have begun reopening their economies despite warnings from health experts and more and more governors are preparing to roll out plans to ease restrictions in the coming days california has laid out a road map a road map outlining steps that need to be taken before it's 40000000 people can
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return to walk from reynolds reports from los angeles. new findings indicate coronavirus was circulating in california weeks earlier than previously thought autopsies on 2 people who died in northern california on february 6th and february 17th showed they were victims of coal that 19 previously the earliest known fatalities was on february 29th in washington state. the findings may mean that dozens of times more people nationwide have been exposed and have died than has been officially reported california was the 1st to issue a statewide stay at home order on wednesday governor gavin new. some outlined his approach to gradually and cautiously lifting restrictions but there is no light switch and there is no date in terms of our capacity to provide the kind of clarity that i know so many of you demand and deserve newsome said as
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a 1st step scheduled surgeries for non-code 19 conditions may resume tumors heart valves the need for people to get the kind of care that they deserve it if it's delayed it becomes ultimately denied it gets delayed becomes acute newsome said further relaxing of restrictions would depend on data based on increased testing and contact tracing we want to focus on science and health as a predicate for all our decision making california's cautious and gradual approach contrasts sharply with decisions by republican governors in southern states like georgia and florida to reopen beaches gyms beauty salons and tattoo parlors among other businesses public health officials have strongly warned against a premature reopening of businesses and public gatherings thing that would almost
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certainly lead to a new surge in covert 19 infections and deaths rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles that's now speak to marcus class and he joins us from silas and north carolina he is the chief medical officer of the association of state and territorial health officials that's a group that represents public health agencies and all 50 us states marcus thank you for joining us at such a busy time and i would like to start with timing most if not all medical experts are saying that we're going to see waves of infection for as long as we don't have a vaccine optimistically that's potentially at least a year away so how do you reconcile that with easing lockdowns knowing that subsequent waves of infection are likely. well. the big the big challenge for everybody right now is this issue of needing to begin to reopen society need to begin to let our economy go back to work and that's
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a very challenging situation to be in there are there is a way forward we believe in public health there is now very good guidance the white house together with centers for disease control put out guidance for states and communities to help them decide when the time is right for them to be able to open and the kind of things they need to do to be able to reopen their economies and their societies successfully and really reduce the chances that they'll be a rebound infections the national governors association is about to come out with this very similar document so there's some very good information in a guy who's now states and our suggestion is that they really look at that guidance and use that to help them making these difficult decisions let me ask you more about that criteria marcus because the administration's plan i believe it's called opening up america again that includes same day diagnostic testing for all patients with symptoms as well as strong contact tracing and these are these are the 2 main criteria i believe and testing has been
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a huge issue from the beginning what's the capacity like now for both those interventions and do you think it's enough to start reopening it enough to warrant that. well testing has been a big challenge and it does seem like we're starting to have the manufacturing capacity put the tests in place we continue to have some problems with the real radiance for the tests but hopes that will work itself out in the hope is that within a few weeks certainly by the summer or in a position where we really states could have big data to monitor what's going on with their cases and to know that the the infection rates are trending in a downward direction that's the time that say to start thinking about reopening that's the time that you can very carefully monitor your cases and also other surveillance systems that we have so you can see states can closely watch what's going on it may be in some situations the states where you open start to normalize and then they'll have an uptick in cases and the apps cayle back that's what we're
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expecting we're calling it a pump the brakes type approach and everybody needs repair but the fact that this is going to be tough going for a while so well surveillance also requires coordination rights and we've seen plenty of tension between the white house and state governors particularly democratic ones and also tension to between the various states as they will try to get hold of all the resources they need you or someone who deals with coordination what's the state of the relationship between municipal state and federal levels of government when it comes to pandemic response well the relationship those 3 levels municipal state and federal i think is very strong states state public kill. state public apartments for the most tore apart their guidance from the centers for disease control says disease control is you know one of the authors of the recent guidance on how to reopen the centers for disease control provides a lot of information we have about surveillance states trust the centers for disease control i think that relationship is strong those pieces can stay together
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we have a good place to begin to move forward marcus pressure there the chief medical officer of the association of state and territorial health officials thank you so much sir for your time on al-jazeera today thank you for having me on meanwhile the world health organization has warned that in some parts of the wild outbreaks are only just beginning the w.h.o. chief said there are worrying trends in countries which have more vulnerable most of the epitome exceed western europe appears to be stable or declining although numbers are low we see warning upward trend in africa central and south america and eastern europe most countries are still in the early stages of their epidemic's and that we are afflicted early in the pundit gotta know starting to see a resurgence in cases make no mistake we have
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a long way to go this virus will be with us for a long time well moving on to some other news and the u.s. has called for iran to be held accountable after terror on successfully launched its 1st military satellite iran's revolutionary guard says they're now able to monitor the well from space the trumpet ministration has warned in the past that tehran is using its space program as a cover for missile development from tehran zain bazarov the reports. on wednesday morning the world a will to news of a secret operation carried out by the islamic revolutionary guards from a launch site in iran central desert it successfully used a 2 stage rocket to put its 1st military satellite in space. the newer or light is now 425 kilometers above us orbiting earth the head of the revolutionary guards says it gives iran's military new strategic advantages or that. it is
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a necessity for such powerful defense forces like the revolutionary guard to have access to advanced capabilities today the powerful armies of the world have no comprehensive defense plan if they don't have a place in space for today we can monitor the world from space and it means boosting strategic data for the i.r.g.c. putting the satellite into orbit gives us a technological advantage and it's also a powerful asset in the intelligence war in iran has put satellites in space before but the success of the noor comes after several failures in recent years it's expected to be used for intelligence gathering secure military communications navigation and reconnaissance whatever leaders need to support from the sky iran's military assets on earth and the satellite isn't the days only technological development. the difference between this satellite and previous ones is that it's propulsion the uses a combined solid and liquid fuel only
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a few superpowers have this capability only a few countries the rest are consumers of this technology. it's a proud moment for iran's revolutionary guards. the group suffered a major setback to its reputation after the accidental shoot down in january of ukraine international airlines flight 752 all 176 people on board were killed. since the beginning of the 21st century iran despite diplomatic and economic isolation has managed to develop the technology necessary to elbow its way into an elite club along with rivals like the united states and israel as well as allies like russia china india iran is one of only a dozen countries in the world with the homegrown rocket technology to launch its own satellites into space seen by the old 0 to her own. white house correspondent candy how can a stunt trump at the white house press briefing about that launch the u.s.
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president issuing a stern warning to iran if in any way u.s. naval ships are harassed in the persian gulf by iranian fast boats in the words of the u.s. president he will make sure they are shot out of the water if they get close to our boats the u.s. president saying that the u.s. navy is 100 percent prepared for any sort of engagement i also had the opportunity in the white house briefing to ask the u.s. president for his reaction to the launch of that military satellite by the i.r.g.c. mr president going to launch a military satellite firebomb i want to get a response that you see this is a batsman of the missile program well they say no. ok they say also said mr television does anybody really believe that they would have better television in iran so they say they were watching the iran very closely very closely we know more about iran than they do right now we know more than they do so we know all about it
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we watched it we knew it was going up we followed it very closely they say it was for television now the president would not answer the question about whether he was concerned the united states had projected any vulnerability in terms of military readiness the fact that there's been an outbreak of coronavirus on the aircraft carrier the u.s.s. roosevelt or even that the commander in chief donald trump has been consumed with dealing with coronavirus inside the united states again no answer from the u.s. president on that question however it is important to note that on wednesday the u.s. president did contact the emir of qatar the readout from both sides says that well they did not mention iran specifically they do say that they discussed issues important to the region. still ahead on al-jazeera a signal of distress and core neighborhoods hanging red rags to call for government help.
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hello this is across much of japan you can see the cloud on the satellite and also some fairly gusty winds bringing those rain systems in we've got more of this rain across southern and central areas of china particularly have you say further to the south also that does mean northern vietnam seeing some heavy downpours at times and all this rain keeping the temperatures down side is a bit cooler in hong kong for the next couple of days 28 by friday dipping down to 20 celsius and all the while that rain pretty heavy particular farther to the south across into heinen as well as showers across into taiwan. lingering really 3 central areas of honshu time which is a little bit lower than me perhaps like to see just 18 celsius in tokyo the rains are back in the forecast across much of indonesia heavy again across areas of borneo and developing nation thursday across much of the sumatra southern sections
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of the malay peninsula some heavy downpours for you and again we're going to see more in the way of rain across into laos vietnam and eventually some showers across into cambodia and areas over thailand and still rain very much in the full cost of the far north east of india and still very heavy at times across areas of bangladesh and certainly thursday the rain really just sitting off the coast but eventually coming onshore into areas of west bengal and a similar story on friday was shown as particular cross into kerala. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman port richey put selectivity goods and have reported changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences. you're creating a point of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people like everyone will be get be given money money to agree to certain zation of money
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to get other people to be disturbed. your examines the politics of population control. the the in. how again i'm mr. mind top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has dismissed the possibility of a severe 2nd wave of coronavirus infections later this year but he also cautioned states not to ease restrictions and open their economy to troops or. the world health organization says the pandemic is far from over and that in some parts of the wild outbreaks are only just beginning w.h.o. chief says he hopes that the u.s.
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will reconsider its freeze in funding for the agency. and iran's revolutionary guard says they've successfully launched a military satellite into orbit for the 1st time and strong criticism from the u.s. which says iran's space program as a cover for missile development. now the united nations security council meets on thursday to discuss talk of israel and that sing illegal settlements in the occupied west bank u.s. secretary of state mike compare was added his weight to an exception calling it israel's decision shall it best reports. from washington d.c. u.s. secretary of state's might pump a are added fuel to a fire how far will the way we're glad that there's a now fully formed government in israel as for the adaptation the west bank. there's rallies will ultimately make those decisions as that's an israeli decision . we will work closely with them to share with them our views of this in a private setting his comments came 2 days after israel's prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu and rival being against formed a national unity government and had taken 3 back to back a little shins and a year of negotiations for the 2 to form a power sharing deal revealed on monday was that part of the deal included and it seemed parts of the occupied west bank against agreed netanyahu could look to extend israeli sovereignty to jewish settlements with the government vote from july the territory was captured by israel in the 1967 war and is under israeli military control and expansion was also outlined in u.s. president donald trump's peace plan for the middle east in january it's very clear that this is moving forward israel is moving forward and it is doing so effectively with the open support of the united states mahmoud abbas president of the palestinian authority responded forcefully reminding pump aoa nation yahoo the land
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the talking about is not theirs to determine adding if they continue with an exception plans the palestinian authority will cancel current agreements with the us and israel. we told all concerned at the national parties including the us administration and the israeli government that we want to stand with cross hands if israel announced the taxation of any parts of our lands the united nations has repeatedly voiced its concern although it sued it wasn't clear if pump air has given israel a green light we have in the past 1st grade kids. about possible. new law unilateral moves that are major position and i do expect mr lighton of to take this brief to say more on this at his briefing this week security council that briefing is on thursday in new york the palestinians and many countries consider israeli whispering says women's to be illegal under the geneva convention
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which bans settling on land captured in who israel disagrees citing security needs and biblical and historical connections to the land shelob ellis is here. now attending to the coronavirus pandemic and nearly all of south africa soldiers are being deployed to enforce a nationwide lockdown that more than 73000 troops will join the nearly 2300 passed now who are already on the streets of major cities there are more than 3400 cases of the virus in south africa and 58 people have died. well argentina's creditors have rejected a government proposed to restructure its foreign debt as the country grapples with another year of recession made worse by the impact of coronavirus a $500000000.00 payment was due on wednesday on the government says it can't make tourism has more from. for the past several weeks the military has become a crucial element in some of argentina's poorest areas. this is happening in
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dancer in radio one a site is where people line up in the middle of the streets for food after a lockdown imposed by the government one month ago to prevent the spread of 19. we are here to guarantee that people have food this is greatly affected in greater bonus areas because most of them have informal jobs. he's 60 years old she says the economic situation is getting worse every day isn't europe in the way this is the only decent meal i will have today i don't have a job and neither does my husband and we're living on the money the government is giving us. argentina's economy has been in recession for 2 years with poverty and double digit inflation on the rice it is also in the middle of tense negotiations with foreign creditors last week the country proposed
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a 62 percent cut in interest to the over $80000000000.00 in debt it's trying to restructure and offer bond holders did not accept precedent over the for amanda says that argentina right now cannot pay any for in debt because it needs to tend to this country's economic troubles that have worsened because of the spread of coal between 19 and that's why it has asked creditors i 3 year grace period to get country's economy back on track. from now on this country has one month to pay off its debt or it will default once again survey mostly been a muslim we know we have a problem to solve we know the world economy has shifted just as we are all you know he's in facing the pandemic we are united in solving the problem of debt and even in these adverse circumstances we continue to propose a solution. rolling stain was part of the negotiations after the default in 2001 he says another one would complicate argentina's recovery was the crisis of
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call the 1900 so over. any recovery with a default would be much slower than without the fault direct investment from companies will have to be careful and safe to invest in oil and gas and other industries coming out of the folder could be difficult because bonds could have been sold to other creditors might take up to 2 years to recover. for most origin times a foreign debt crisis is like going back in time a story they have heard over and over again what's different this time it's happened that is making argentina's economic troubles even worse that is how will. well colombia is extending its nationwide lockdown until may 11th there are more than 4000 reported cases and over 200 deaths the government is struggling to reach those in need and people are going hungry from all the. reports on how some people
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are devising new ways to try to draw attention to their problems. silent cry for help red rags pieces of cloth even shirts signaling that inside behind those windows there's a family. they have become a potent symbol of the effects of the lockdown on the most vulnerable colombians a visible measure of the daily rise in poverty and hunger here. miss podder of 2 young girls says the rags have multiplied across his neighborhood home to many people displaced by colombia's internal conflict like most he lost his work and so how is spain 3 emptied out. often we are down to eating once a day at the beginning neighbors to help us with some food but now they also run out the government says stay in stay in but we can't eat boards or tiles. the government and municipal outlawry to say some help is on the way
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a 1st payment of $140.00 for each family in need but no one here has received it yet. so some of built barricades with stones and burned tires this sign says there are starving people to death i mean you're right we are hungry there are babies dying of starvation because the aid has arrived i'm here in the morning at night at all times and nothing is coming helping the roughly 20000000 colombians who work in the informal sector requires a colossal effort on the part of the government and at least until now it seems like there simply isn't enough help or is seeking to long to reach many of them. this. city of bogota says it spending $55000000.00 in aid delivering bags of food door to door yet despite the efforts the mayor recognizes the delay there went out to sea and the region that hears we already sent money 228-0000 families and
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1700000 bags of food and even with such a monumental operation in 3 weeks we are still missing people. and there is another national disease complicating the efforts corruption government watchdog entities found evidence of money embezzle may in 2000 of contracts mean to combat the crisis i think that what we have now in colombia is actually 3 pandemics the coronavirus hunger and corruption what this virus is showing us is just how critical an unjust or social and political system is. a crisis upon a crisis this seems impossible to keep up to as the needs continue to pile up i listen to them you have to go to. the extreme news agency is reporting that u.s. aircraft make a boeing plans to lay off 10 percent of its workforce in the civil aviation unit that means as many as $7000.00 jobs could be lost boeing is said to begin
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negotiations with the government for a possible bailout funds that aid is conditional on companies agreeing not to lay off workers once they have received taxpayer dollars well while much of the world is under lockdown u.s. aerospace company space x. has once again headed for the stars the falcon 9 rocket now in its 84th mission launched 60 satellites into orbit before landing back on earth safely the satellites are part of the company's starlink network an orbit based internet service here to be launched later this year. well again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines u.s. president on trial has dismissed the possibility of a severe 2nd wave of corona virus infections later this year and follows a warning by one of his top health advises that a resurgent during winter flu season could pose
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a major challenge. because. we were not good you could have some temperature growing and you can have a big flu system and if they combine you think come together they come together it's not great but we will not go through what we went through for the list to get rid of because it is a direction. i'm interested in the united states to share with you here to them but how can you say that you know it won't come back in the same level that it has today what it is estimated might not come back at all jeff it may not come back at all he should get about a worst case scenario where you have a big flu and you have some corona and if it does come back it's not going to come back and i've spoken to 10 different people not going to be like it was well the world health organization says the pandemic is far from over and that in some parts of the wild outbreaks are only just beginning the w.h.r. chief says he hopes the u.s. will reconsider its freeze and funding for the agency iran's revolutionary guard
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says they have successfully launched a military satellite into orbit for the 1st time had strong criticism from the u.s. which says iran's space program is a cover for missile development a designated terrorist organization launched a missile today. and i'll leave to the part of s. to talk about the details about that but when you talk about the u.n. security council resolution 2231 i think every nation has an obligation to go to the united nations and evaluate whether this missile launch was consistent with that security council resolution i think it remotely is and i need i think iran needs to be held accountable for what they've done well those all the headlines and drinks and again we'll have more news for you hit on al-jazeera. stay with us. they say to really know someone you must walk
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a mile in their shoes follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the was. 0 shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on the chosen path. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. as corona virus continues to devastate the united states the race to the white house goes on joe biden has all but secured his place is the democratic nominee but can he beat still trump joined us for continuing coverage of the u.s. election 2020 on al-jazeera. this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is
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a show about science lol all are not lies scientists tonight techno investigates the very thing to ever bought this got way more than they bargained for yes they did it's everywhere in clubs street corners in cars they say it's safe and can help break the cigarette happen if i had to say what is more dangerous honestly at all but what's really inside those pieces you never know what you're getting dr crystal dilworth is a neuroscientist who specializes in nicotine studies she'll bring us the latest research what happens to your lungs when those metal particles go and see them rita davison is an environmental biologist and they're going to be around the corner they went through there really quickly we got them she's off the coast of california where drones are taking some incredible images of migrating whales as this technology becomes available to more people and we're going to see more research is using that unfilled tours.


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