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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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social economic benefits and provide innovative safe in the garment the shelf imagery solutions for future generation the brush clearing future. the white house in damage control after an outcry over donald trump suggestion that disinfectants could be used as a remedy for corona virus. co this is al jazeera live from doha and fully back to war also ahead desperately seeking a vaccine and treatments leaders united with the world health organization in a plan to fund coronavirus but the u.s. is missing brazil's justice minister equates piling more pressure on president
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boston are already under fire for downplaying the coronavirus crisis and protests inside a prison in argentina's capital as inmates demand better protection from the virus . thank you very much for joining as us president donald trump has a broccoli ended his daily coronavirus briefing as the white house attempts to contain the fallout from his earlier comments on how to treat the disease on various say trump raised the possibility of injecting disinfectant into patients and doctors and government agencies rushed out warnings against consumers consuming disinfectants like bleach or trout now claims he was being sarcastic also in jordan reports from washington. friday's white house briefing on the covert 19 pandemic started like any other opening remarks from president obama will trump today i
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signed the paycheck protection program and health care and has been act providing 320000000000 dollars to keep american workers on the pharaoh trial then stood aside to allow updates from members of the pandemic task force but after 21 minutes and left the briefing room without answering anyone's question trump has bragged on twitter about creating must see t.v. by insulting journalists and making wild pseudo medical claims but the uproar after thursday's briefing in which the president suggested that injecting disinfectant might cure people with coronavirus may have been trying to cut it short right and then i see the disinfectant but not see it in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like that. by injection. or almost a cleaning because you see it gets in the lungs and it does
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a tremendous number of so be interesting to check that the president tried to downplay his words earlier on friday night i was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you just to see what would happen but the damage had already been done a major disinfectant company launched a campaign warning people to ignore trump's advice and officials in new york state and in maryland say their poison control hotlines were flooded with calls from people looking for a wonder drug who didn't appear at friday's briefing dr anthony felt the government's leading infectious disease expert and dr deborah burke's whose reactions and trumps disinfectant comment was a social media sensation. the us t.v. networks have been accused of giving trump a platform to scare people and spread dangerous information in exchange for ratings but now there are reports trump may be cutting back on the daily press briefings in part to boost his standing with voters 6 months before the election rosalyn george
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al-jazeera. all the state of new york is the worst hit area in the u.s. governor andrea cuomo has warned reopening the economy too early in any american states will be dangerous if you say well we're darn can't stay in the house anymore let's just reopen just. start business tomorrow let's go what happens that's what happens all the progress we made is gone and all experts or virtually all experts will say not only does the virus spread increase but it increases to a higher point than we had increased the 1st time nursing homes in the united states have been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic with death
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toll is increasing rapidly relatives and advocacy groups say more testing is needed to control the outbreak or since it only has one they are the most at risk the elderly with underlying medical conditions making nursing homes a frightening place in the midst of a pandemic particularly for family members who aren't allowed to visit like sissy sanders i'm just a mere common citizen who doesn't want to see my mother die after 2 months and more than 11000 deaths in nursing homes across the nation she's one of many advocates calling for more testing not just of nursing home residents but also staff. currently west virginia is the only state to mandate such testing one industry group estimates 2 thirds of long term care facilities don't have access to enough test kits and that the health care workers at which the that work at both places multiple shirts that are kind of like the silent carriers of the virus and
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unbeknown to them unintentionally they could be spreading out in the state of new york which has seen the most faith tallit is a quarter have taken place in nursing homes and adult care facilities this one facility the largest in the state has seen 44 of its residents die from fires here staff members have their temperatures checked when they report to work but like many possibilities they are clearly tested for the virus the medical director worries his staff will be scapegoated it's heartbreaking that being said the numbers really do need to be put into context we were mandated to take over positive patients right from the hospital as soon as they're stabilize do you think it's a good idea to have those patients coming in to a term care facility or nursing home facility we were doing our job to help that help the hospitals with the surges that they had just that the governor has not backed down from that mandate but has promised an investigation says he says that's
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not enough but there are residents and staff are being infected on a daily basis and dying in these nursing homes and public health officials and elected officials are not understanding that they are in a race against the by arrests and not only way that they are going to win this race if they test test test a race with so much at stake for families against a virus that is yet to be contained christine salumi al jazeera new york. now despite being the worst affected country with over $50000.00 covered $1000.00 deaths the u.s. won't be part of a world health organization initiative that's being hailed as a landmark collaboration while leaders have precious be that development of a coronavirus vaccine and ensure that everyone will have access to it on diplomatic editor james phase reports on the united nations it's just the place you would have
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expected in previous times to have seen u.s. leadership in a global crisis and world leaders coming together with a response the idea of this event to coordinate the search for a vaccine testing and treatments for covert 19 and to make sure all the widely available the world needs this to and it needs them fast. but experiences has taught us that even when tools are available they have been not been equally available to all we cannot allow that to happen and when 59000 requires the most massive public us effort in history data must be shared production capacity prepared resources may be wise communities in gauged and paid 6 separate sites. i know we can do is we can put people 1st and leaders spoke from all regions of the world technically bringing them all
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together was a bit of a challenge you know excellence you know how can you hear me now yes yes we can hear you but germany one of the 4 members of the g. 7 a group of countries that were represented. we're now going to continue to mobilize all countries of the g. 7 n. the g. 20 for them to back this initiative i hope that we will be able to reconcile the sinister of china and the us because the fight against covert 19 as a common good for humanity this shouldn't be any divisions between countries we need to join forces to win this battle the fact that the world health organization was the host of the event explains why the u.s. didn't take part president trump cut all new funding to the w.h.o. because he claimed the global health body had not been tough enough on china the w.h.o. failed in this basic duty and must be held accountable is
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a spokes person for the u.s. mission to the u.n. in geneva where the w.h.o. is based told al jazeera they'll be no u.s. official participation we were informed of this event last week and we look forward to learning more about this initiative as soon as possible following this event the next phase will be led by the european union in 10 days time they'll be trying to raise 8000000000 dollars to make sure that vaccines testing and treatment are available to everyone james pays out as era of the united nations. brazil's justice minister has suddenly quit using president. of criminal meddling in law enforcement said your morrow stepped down after boss narrow fide the federal police chief prime jing brazil's government further into disarray the president says the allegations are baseless reports that i mean you or your family is shot to fame
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fighting corruption but on friday morning set your mortal resigned as brazil's justice minister on live television he accused president jade also not know of political meddling in matters of law enforcement when he fired federal police chief . the day before his mission unfortunately there is no way for me to fulfill the commitment i made if i'm not able to do my job if i'm not able to preserve the autonomy of the federal police to carry out its work on something like i said to morrow is considered by many as a sort of anti-corruption crusader and a superstar among president joey bull so not as captain in 2014 more of a federal judge at the time was appointed to the biggest political corruption investigation in brazil's history a case that led to the arrests of hundreds of politicians and business elites. the investigation code named current which would also lead to the fall of brazilian president dilma rousseff. and the arrest of former brazilian president we seek to
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let us see but. prior to his resignation said to motos role as brazilian justice minister was seen by many as almost symbolic some political analysts believe those departure could have the effect of dramatically or roading show you've also not already do in dealing support base. the shaken of the political structure in brazil is as active moments the politician as the political analysts that markets are all . i've ever seen freaking out about the resignation because several more was not they main dealers also some irish government in terms of. animal if i guess corruption in brazil was really really strong part of rosie. and they lost their you know to it if you want to walk out on friday president defended himself against the accusations made by his outgoing minister new problem
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you feel that it's my commitment to the truth without distortions it is not true that i wanted to know about investigations he broke loose in the almost 16 months in which he was in charge of the minister of justice mr said hugh motor knows that i never sought him to interfere in the investigations that were being carried out will sort of sensible. motos resignation comes just over a week after president bolsa not fired his health minister recently came and did the signaling there could be more political turmoil still to come over we've got a few bills a bill for most of us to let up a little. still ahead on al-jazeera no customers inside will tell you why restaurant owners have this protest in germany and why many people in the palace still struggling to rebuild their lives 5 years after a devastating earthquake. however
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the weather is set fire across iraq and potentially heating up we are going to see those temperatures just not going up as we go on through the next couple days as push further north little area cloud has swirling outs of grace into that eastern side of the mediterranean that will bring some showers into the levant as we go on through s.s. day and sunday so cyprus a somewhat weather syria lebanon jordan all seeing some clouds and rain northern parts of iraq could see some showers today and then leaves their way over towards the caucasus as we go on through sunday watches guys coming back into harvest of the chance of one or 2 showers for a time of course you have a picture there we go without sunshine $37.00 here in doha kuwait and in they do by could touch $41.00 degrees so plenty of heat around here it is dry calm down across the ethiopian hard as we got
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a little area cloud here just around southern parts of ethiopia still a chance of some very heavy rain at times into somalia joining up with the showers that we have into were kenya northern parts of tanzania seeing more big downpours big downpours sunny a possibility to into west central areas of the democratic republic of congo meanwhile for south africa a few showers into the eastern cape but it's brought it up nicely by sunday afternoon. talk to al-jazeera what we will of course world when you saw that document for. 1st we listen to after the war saying you'll be in to go build you know the stage we will we will not be with you we meet with global newsmakers and the stories that matter on the 00. 0 the mcafee to account as we examine the u.s.
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its role in the war on al-jazeera. the in the in. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has walked out of his daily coronavirus briefing without taking questions after an outcry over a suggestion that disinfectants could be used as a remedy for the virus doctors manufacturers and government agencies have rushed out warnings against consuming disinfectants world leaders have joined the world health organization to launch an initiative to speed up work on drugs tests and vaccines against covered 19 but the u.s. says it won't be taking part and brazil's justice minister has resigned accusing
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president abbas not of in defeat hearing in law enforcement early abbas narrow fired at the police chief. argentina inmates at a prison have a stage a rooftop demonstration demanding more protection from coronavirus that's after god tested positive there is a war reports from outside the jail in biocide. the default of prison in the city of one a site is taken over inmates. hundreds of them on the rooftop of the only prison in the city. we need help we don't want to die here they said we're not animals and the 3rd one guard tested positive in the past week and prisoners say they fear for their lives water and electricity has been cut off. the prisoners say there are many who have chronic diseases and need to be put under house arrest prisons in
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argentina already have a history of overcrowding and lack of sanitation as in this one we've been seeing the prisoners throwing rocks and the police responding use a rubber bullets were also heard several explosions inside and rest has been on the rise in prisons in this countries as inmates are fearful of the spread of covert 19 . the inmates relatives came to show their support they want their loved ones released they tried to cross the cordoned area the police did not allow them to say i've never ever called visit my husband has the and he should be at home right now they're going to kill him and there. was. a federal court in argentina recommended granting house arrest to prisoners convicted for nonviolent crimes or sentenced to less than 3 years behind bars due to the risks of coronavirus pandemic. the measure was questioned by relatives of crime
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victims this is not the only prison affected there are at least 8 others who are inmates are on hunger strike. coronavirus is a major test for government in latin america prisons are just one of the many challenges ahead. now across europe countries are odds over when and how locked down should be lifted some are ready sending children back to school and reopening small businesses but most industries including the hospitality sector remain totally paralyzed with no end in sight lawrence lee reports. there is one corner of europe where you can see a reminder of what life used to be like a few short weeks ago in the spring social in people in the swedish capital stockholm with carrying on as if the power. demick and other sweden has gone against the grain in not closing down restaurants or limiting people's movements
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much but with over 2000 dead there's a worse outcome so for 'd that scandinavian neighbors the government is starting to sound a bit worried about its own guidance you talked me out was all in a coma from as the spring sun appears we seem to be seeing worrying reports about full outdoor terraces in restaurants people in crowded places and we have to take this seriously let me be extremely clear i don't want to see any crowded outdoor restaurant terraces in stockholm or anywhere else and everyone has to take this on his or her responsibility. germany has the opposite problem under the iconic brandenburg gate in berlin restaurants staged a protest by lining up hundreds of empty chairs because the authorities across the country have refused yet to countenance them reopening despite a far lower death rates than countries like sweden. and unlike sweden germany is continuing this testing opening drive through facilities to trace more and more
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people ministers insist life can go back to anything like normal until the infection rates drop to the hundreds every day in terms of health care it makes perfect sense but the tension with the demands of business is growing restaurant owners have run out of patience little wonder what. it's no exaggeration to say the sheer panic imagine your business which is doing very well is shut down from one day to the next it means we don't have less revenue it means we have no revenue but leases and costs continue but a lot to be a consolation but in most countries going out to socialize remains a faraway dream like enjoying the cuisine of the french bistro that too is almost certainly many months away reinsulate be good to fail nothing would be worse than conducting a rushed reopening of restaurants and bars which could then force us to close again . i think it would be an immense disappointment not only for the restaurant owners but also for the french people. it's also worth remembering that many of the most
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vulnerable like the elderly of the spanish city of. couldn't afford to go out to eat even if the option was open to them here the spanish red cross is delivering food instead of the sharp end of the virus keeping people alive remains the problem see. lawrence the 000. a u.k. government website for booking coronavirus tests has been overwhelmed by users just hours after going online and had to shut down briefly essential workers are not eligible to use the service if they're showing 'd symptoms the government's been criticised for the slow rollout of mass testing as a number of deaths across the country nears 20000 really challenge has more from london. here is the way hip thing about doll testing situation in the u.k. we have people care workers health workers essential workers who are calling out to be tested we have a government saying that it is trying to reach 100000 tests
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a day by the end of the month that is capacity of the moment is about 50000 day that is doing say roughly about 25000 children tests and yet you come to these places which have the drive through testing centers and there is hardly anybody here i mean somebody doesn't work out where this is really strange. clearly the government has got itself into a hole with testing it's become a serious scandal in the u.k. and one of the things that the government has done in the last couple of days to try and get on top of it is to expand. the type of people who are eligible for tests places like this now previously it had been mostly us health care workers people. also you work in retirement homes etc but now police. teaches. people who work in supermarkets etc anyone who's considered an essential
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worker could also apply online and come down here and get their tests done too but this whole system is. quite quickly the government might say i'm full of every sort of success. they had to shut down the application process only a few hours after it started because they had too many applicants. in southern greece more than 400 asylum seekers have been placed on the horn teen in a hotel nearly a 3rd of them are infected with corona virus and as john reports from port ahead they're boring concerns about more breaks in other refugee camps huge truck sprays chemicals to disinfect the air around the galaxy hotel 148 asylum seekers and 2 staff members here have tested positive for corona virus most show no symptoms which may be how the disease a scape the authorities attention until now but that may change we saw one man
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taken to hospital with breathing problems the outbreak has led to concerns of infection among people from the local community here in southern greece who supply all maintain the hotel and i mean i'm a guy you can relate this is check up on that we tested 177 people who came into contact with refugees like supermarket workers couriers bank workers and pharmacists and were tremendously relieved to find out today that all these samples are negative which means there's been no spread of the infection there have been 2 previous outbreaks in facilities housing asylum seekers but infection rates there reached one percent of the resident population or less before soroti is quarantines them here for the 1st time they have reached 31 percent it is exactly what authorities have sought to prevent and this is what they want to prevent happening in the more crowded camps only a jian islands home 235000 asylum seekers here people live in cramped huts and tents and there's limited access to running water and soap fears of
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a corona virus outbreak earlier this month caused a riot at the refugee camp on heroes which destroyed offices the international organization for migration which runs 30 refugee camps on the mainland including the galaxy hotel says information is vital to prevent panic. by our community understands what is going on we try to define community. knowing that we were attacked last may stick with a message there are important to do it was really just the same thing that we did is to create an act or call what's up so to try to keep them for because if they're not inform you know they. don't. and they make assumptions that lead to only getting 2 girls the greek government has put the entire region
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under quarantine and it says it will stop using hotels to house migrants this year but a hilly relies on tourism for revenue and its leaders want to open up for business as soon as possible jump sorrow plus al-jazeera put it to haley thousands of people in australia and new zealand have stood outside their homes to mark the national day of remembrance with both countries under lockdown clothes and day services warehouse instead of the traditional events which usually attracts large crowds thousands of australian and new zealand troops died in no than turkey in the 1st world war there morial there was also canceled in other news a prominent saudi rights activist has died in prison abdul hamid co-founded a group that documented human rights abuses and call for a constitutional monarchy in 2013 he was imprisoned for 11 years on charges including inciting disorder he was treated in hospital several months ago but was returned to prison despite appeals from his supporters. now 5 years since
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a powerful earthquake struck nippon many families are still waiting to rebuild their lives and homes of people were killed in 80800000 displaced and cultural and historical monuments were damaged most of the reconstruction has been completed but for some the work is not happening fast enough for me at a limbo rate for some kathmandu. it's been 5 years since the magnitude $7.00 earthquake struck parts of nepal. saddam buy a stock his home collapsed in the quake tired of living in a temporary shelter her family is rebuilding their house in britain with the near the capital katmandu where 800 homes were destroyed and 7 people died i certainly can man by many of our neighbors have left their temperature shelters we felt alone so we decided to rebuild our house and. the 16th century town is
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a draw for visitors contribution significantly to its tourism economy it is home to the temple of much in the not wicked mundell valleys farmers prayed for rain and a good harvest the temple collapsed during the earthquake reconstruction has been slow some. differences or broken division if reconstruction of the temple we have formed a local committee to move forward. national reconstruction authority says more than 80 percent of homes and public infrastructure damaged in the quake have been rebuilt across the country. the number is significantly lower those behind the reconstruction effort are hopeful of progress so got it and what about 400 homes have been reconstructed in the next i want to reach more people to. temporary shelters rebuild their houses just one local officials say 50 percent of reconstruction is complete but the remaining may take longer.
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to farm and community people on land but. until reconstruction is complete many families here will continue to live in temporary shelters. monday. again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has walked out of his daily coronavirus briefing without taking questions after an outcry over a suggestion that disinfectants could be used as a remedy for the virus doctors manufacturers and government agencies have rushed out warnings against consuming disinfectants world leaders have joined the world health organization to launch an initiative to speed at work on drugs tests and
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vaccines against govt 19 the united states says it won't be taking part but the head of the w.h.o. says a joint effort is the only way to beat the virus this is a landmark collaboration to accelerate the development production and. distribution of vaccines sticks into you to export corbet 90. shared commitment is to ensure all people have access to all the tools to divvy to defeat could beat 9. government has been plunged into disarray after the justice minister quits accusing president jalal scenario of meddling in law enforcement said to morrow stepped down after boss narrow fired the federal police chief says the president wanted to choose a replacement to would be willing to give him inside information also says the allegations are baseless celibacy is a defeat is said in a police official no there is talk about my interference with the federal police if
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i can change minister then why can't i according to the law change a director of the federal police i don't need to ask permission from anybody or anyone in the pyramid of the executive power. inmates at a prison in argentina have stage a rooftop demonstration demanding more protection from coronavirus to god tested positive for the disease prisoners at the jail in by osiris are demanding to be transferred it's thousands of people in australia and new zealand have stood outside their homes to mark the national day of remembrance with both countries under lockdown clothes and day services were held instead of the traditional events which usually attracts launch. those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera with the president of the united nations general assembly to johnny muhammadu bundy stay with us.
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will be. the. june the 26945. as the 2nd move was ending representatives of 50 countries signed the united nations chiltern san francisco. the u.n. officially came into existence in october of that year when the child was ratified by china france former soviet union the united kingdom the united states as well as by a majority of other signatories. almost 75 years later the year.


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