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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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exile. on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. celebration is in southern yemen as a separatist declares itself in defiance of the government. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead the mystery deepens about the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader after he was a no show at a key anniversary as catholics head back to church in south korea we ask if life they could slowly be returning to normal and concerns in zimbabwe that are locked
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down extension will worsen a food crisis already affecting half the population to in. the end. the 5 year long fight for control of yemen has taken a new turn southern separatists based in the port city of aden have declared a state of emergency and autonomous rule the southern transitional council blames the saudi backed government for failing to improve the lives of yet many's the government's foreign minister says the move will have a serious and catastrophic consequences for an agreement signed in november aimed at uniting the 2 sides let's take a closer look at the divisions when the whole thiis began seizing major cities in 2015 southern separatist joined government forces and the saudi iraqi coalition to fight them the u.a.e. funded the southern fighters to help retake aden internationally recognized
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government was re-installed there but yemen's president accused the governor of aden of being the. and fired him that resulted in mass protests and the formation of the southern transitional council which eventually call for reestablishing an independent south fighting broke out between saudi backed government forces and the u.a.e. backed 7 movement both parties however signed a power sharing agreement last november in riyadh yemen's foreign minister now says this agreement is being violated by the declaration of south governments early i spoke to their silly man who's the representative of the southern transitional council in new york and here's what he had to say about why this decoration is happening now. this is not a an event that just sprung out of nowhere this is actually a pile up of mis management misgovernance in specially in south yemen south yemen has been with the lists for going on 3 years or 4
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years now. unfortunately things have deteriorated as far as the humanitarian wise the situation as far as basic services are not. minimal or basic services are not being delivered. little to no services at all this is not something that just happened but the recent events the recent that sparked it. was the 1st of all call with 19 played a role in as far as a health risk that the government needs to take a better approach cautions there has to be a very strong governance over there that has to be. we have to be able to deliver or to even. withstand something of that. that big of a tragedy and the recent flash floods also that happened in aden that were not met
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with any type of aid any delivering of services the past few days there's been a complete shutdown of electricity water services and and sewage and these this is all a pile of fortunately it's been it's been on the backs of a war torn country let me ask you about the riyadh agreement where does this leave the riyadh agreement signed with the government and is yes you see not concerned that this will lead to even mo bloodshed in yemen at a time when really when the country doesn't need it well of course yes this is a concern the s.t.c. has been doing everything it can in their power to implement the reality greenman we are. calling on all fronts for deescalation especially with this and demick outbreak worldwide and then make a break we are definitely hearing to all the security generals calls the the special envoys call them before i deescalation and all fighting drought yemen and
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general unfortunately the legitimate government has not been. applying or implementing the riyadh agreement and any form whatsoever the d s t c has you know it has. facilitated. detainees exchanges it has allowed the prime minister to return to i done to deliver basic services it has done its part far as you know implementing the agreement and the other grammont is a whole and the legitimate government wants to pick. parts of it and implement the ones that are to its favor without actually delivering anything for the people of the people are fed up they're not going they're not going to you know sit around and even allow they're not going to allow the with the legitimate government to continue this way or the s.t.c.
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or even the the coalition so that's why the f.c.c. is right now compelled to say we've got to take action into their own hands while still calling for a cease fire calling for deescalation in all fronts we want things to go smoothly on things we want to be able to deliver aid services going to be able to battle this pandemic across the country we want to be able to contain the situation as as much as possible. in other world news speculation is growing over the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader who has been seen in public for 2 weeks now satellite images released by a monitoring group suggest came on may have traveled to his base resort which is news agency says china has sent a team of doctors to trade him after a hot procedure omas over kim's health have been swirling since he failed to appear at an event marking his late grandfather spieth day on april 15th jim walsh is a senior research associate in the security studies program at massachusetts
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institute of technology says a speculation is part of a familiar pattern we played this game before with him and with previous leaders where we've said oh he's disappeared for 2 weeks he's disappeared for 3 weeks you know it does that mean he might die similarly with the supreme leader in iran there been numerous rumors about imminent demise that never came true you know it's a pandemic right in north korea where does north korea live right next to that country where the coronavirus originated now north korea's did not it has any cases i find it hard to believe i'm not saying he would. have contracted it obviously boris johnson did so you know do we have a smoking gun here that something is a right no because of the focus on covering 1000 which is totally appropriate and all the things that means we haven't been thinking about north korea but it north
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korea if the leader darrius in a context in which there's a global pandemic it's under sanctions and entering a recession is joining an economy declines that's a big deal and we might want to think about it before it happens rather than after it happens. catholics in south korea are attending mass for the 1st time since longtime measures were introduced at the start of the coronavirus pandemic let's go straight to rob mcbride in seoul for a so another sign of life returning to normal in south korea. i think people here in south korea do regard this as yet another hopeful optimistic indication it's been now nearly 2 months since the catholic church and other churches here decided it was simply too risky to hold services instead having masses held on line and it's only now many weeks on
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a south korea seems to think that the worst is behind it that the numbers are controlled that. organizations like the catholic church feel it is safe enough to hold masses on a sunday once more which is what they do and we are here at the main cathedral in seoul one mass is just come to an end and people are turning up for the next mass this cathedral can hold a congregation of up to a 1000 but only around a quarter of that number of being allowed in for each mass and in order to be part of that 260 people you have to turn up here early you go to a line or to another building where you are given a number and also your details are taken your identity or contact details which mast you are attending so if there is a case of an infection then very quickly your thoughts he's here can trace everybody who is at that mass it's all part of this contact tracing that the south koreans seem to be so expert at now you then line up at another line to get into the cathedral with the usual precautions of hand sanitizer making sure you're wearing
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a mask and then also in place are special precautions for taking communion for example so to reduce as much as possible any risk of infection is a lot for catholics here and in other cities throughout south korea to have to go through but people we've been talking to are just grateful that they can get back into their churches once more but of course there is concern wrong that they could be a 2nd wave of infections what sort of precautions are being taken to avoid this. yeah the south koreans are still urging people to have social distancing to keeping in place those precautions the fear is of course. certain fatigue could set in or complacency i mean south korea as we know has not. to have mandatory lock downs it is urged public cooperation as much as possible voluntary cooperation which they have largely had but there is a concern that you know as we get into the summer months so we know that people
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can't travel from here outside to go on vacation but we do have for example next week number of public holidays coming up and we know from bookings that resorts around south korea will be busy that people are getting back on planes again to go from one part of south korea to another the concern here is that as people do that as people to come to congregations like this one that they do so safely thank you very much for that rob mcbride in my forests. 200000 people have not died from the coral and a virus and the world health organization has warned that people who recover from the disease may not be immune to reinfection is says there is no evidence people who developed untie bodies were protected from getting it a 2nd time without that guarantee the agency says bans by some governments to go out so-called immunity fast force could be risky or the u.s. state of new york has begun untied body tests for frontline health care workers the
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screening program will examine whether doctors and nurses working with infected patients have been contracting call that 19 without showing any symptoms. reports every hamburger and an anesthesiologist and saying this new york anesthesiologist recovered from covert 19 a month ago now doctors evi hamburger is among an important group of frontline medical workers who hope they're immune from reinfection so here in europe the answer to meeting on the list was the blood plasma he's donating is also being studied to treat patients so if you give these this plasma to someone who is acutely infected with correct aquarius being in the bodies that are in the possible for me you can hope we start attacking the virus health care workers are a significant portion of confirmed coded 19 infections in the u.s. the federal government reports more than 9000 doctors and nurses are among those
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who tested positive and the number is likely an underestimate given occupation information was missing from 80 percent of those tracked cases they are folks that you know by by just follow they take time to rest they know that when they go into health care right so they don't run away from the fire they go to the rest of her think this is actually bringing in one of our ventilators dr hamburger is now a member of his hospital's covert rapid response team performing into beijing's on . critically ill patients this is the procedure that is one of the scarier procedures in the corona virus era because this is when the virus can be eris soloist he's volunteered to spare coworkers who've not been infected but the w.h.o. says reinfection cannot be ruled out through anti-body tests alone the question of potentially munity needs more study. meanwhile in maryland a parade of police cars have come to say thank you to hospital workers soon it will
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be back inside to waiting patients and a virus we still have a lot to learn about castro al-jazeera silver spring maryland. saudi arabia is easing curfew rules for most of the kingdom but is keeping a 24 hour lockdown in mecca as well as towns that were isolated after the start of the corona virus outbreak some commercial activity is also set to resume from wednesday in maine mosques in mecca and medina will remain closed the holy month of ramadan saudi arabia has reported more than 16000 infections and 136 deaths still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. plans to turn to smog technology to fight the spread of call it 19 but that's raising concerns about civil liberties plus. on call recent northern sweden where a red court's victory for the indigenous zomi people against the sweetest state has led to a series of revenge attacks with
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a ring. of . hello there's been some pretty strong winds across northern sections of the middle east you can see the area cloud this is where we have got some rain showers and to the south of there we've had some very very strong gusty winds so much so that has produced scenes lie. in amman jordan the sky is of course very orange with that the sunshine just obliterated by all of that dust settle store really on sunday the wind should become a little bit lighter across much of jordan you can see these green arrows across southern areas of iraq and the front pushing right the way down across into cattle so again could have some blowing sand and dust on a very warm day on sunday 40 degrees celsius that's about 8 degrees above the average for this time of year it does cool off a little bit on monday the winds a stronger coming from the north so should begin to fail
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a little bit better and still want to shine and for calls in the fall south and west of yemen. of course continue across areas of africa central regions in particular and to sunday is the deal again seeing those heaviest rain and really studying way back across seem to cameroon and then really fairly wide scattered showers across much of the towns and here pushing up into kenya somalia and also ethiopia on both days if you back into the 4 calls to into south africa dry in cape town cooler at $22.00. but. one of the world's most dangerous.
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the in the the. this is just 0 live from doha a reminder of our top stories yemen's southern transitional council based in aden has declared a state of emergency and says it will establish self rule the secessionist movement blames the saudi government for failing to improve the lives of your many is a fight for control of yemen is now in its 6th year speculation is growing over the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader who hasn't been seen in public for 2
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weeks now satellite images just get drunk on may have traveled to his beach resort the reuters news agency says china has sent a team of doctors to treat and catholics in south korea are attending mass for the 1st time since for a virus stopped on measures were introduced at the start of the pandemic the government seizing social distancing measures as a daily number of new cases remains no. now the number of people who have died from corona virus in the u.k. has exceeded 20000 more than 800 in the past day britain is now the 5th country to pass that milestone by mr boies johnson has been recovering from the virus will return to work on monday has more on the situation across europe the rivalry in the . near all the birth tell lonely of the 25th of april long live freedom the words of a former resistance fighter jaring world war 2 some touch of a nazi who stuck at home with the italian capital rome. the nationwide looked means
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on the 75th anniversary of liberation and the end of fascism the hanging fly eggs from their windows up and down the country instead of holding parades and the 196 year old former parties and he thought it was a leading forces that's heartening to me here. right now the pandemic is more important an anti-fascist demonstrations between must also keep them alive especially at this time because a dismemberment we might destroy everything of the italian democratic state in the name open denecke that is very dangerous and very uncertain. it's doesn't uncertainty that's behind belgium's approach as it plans to gradually lift restrictions despite having the highest coronavirus death rate per capita europe from the 4th of may when the 1st shots reopened everyone aged 12 or over will have to wear a mask on public transport the government's promising to help the government for their lives or to tissue that the federal government and a different entities are implementing
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a common strategy to guarantee that every citizen will receive for free at least one protective mask covering both the mouth and the nose bars and restaurants across belgium will start reopening in june but the government says it will bring back restrictions if the medical situation worsens it's not an easy question can release. everything from their heart don't think so. because i think we 3 will have a huge problem here on the intensive care. he gets or almost 4. in britain where the number of people recorded as dying in the hospital from cop at 19 has gone past 20000 people are being urged to be patient and stick to the stay home guidelines the 5 tests we have laid out must be met before we can easies lifesaving restrictions we must be sure that we can continue to protect the n.h.s. that there is a sustained and consistent fall in the daily rates of death that the data shows the
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rate of infection decreases that the operational challenges on that and of course there is no risk of a 2nd peak of infections. the one in the french capital where restrictions are even tougher this neighborhood cinema is projecting films onto its walls for anyone living near enough a simple way of bringing people together until they're allowed to socialize once again the dean barber al jazeera. frustration about the lockdown restrictions has led to protests in the us demonstrators at home orders violate their civil liberties and it's what the government intends to do when society does reopen that's concerning privacy advocates she average tanzer reports from washington. within weeks of 911 the patriot act was passed in the u.s. with no congressional debate it allowed unprecedented surveillance with minimal oversight over american citizens the alternative the government suggested was
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responsibility for another terrorist attack the laundry list. that the taliban's community had wanted for many years at the time they were sure and says the measures would be temporary but they've been routinely reauthorized by congress yet mass surveillance proved ineffective counterproductive and the data was being used for purposes unrelated to terrorism it was only 12 years after the patriot act passed with the whistleblowing of edward snowden that we discovered the extent of the mass surveillance and only then was the government's bulk collection of information about americans limited now with the spread of covert 19 snowden and others so there's an opportunity to learn from the past systems to monitor everyone's location at all times of being formalized in secret at the point these policies are being sought these benefits are theoretical often there is no evidence for them and they may never materialize that capability will exist in 3 months in 3
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years and in 30 years if we allow it to be implemented today clusters of disease do need to be located swiftly and closed off and smart phone data is being used to locate those not adhering to social distancing requirements but we have few specific details on data collection facebook and google have been in talks with the government on sharing information they collect about us online advertising companies that track our movements are discussing new covert 19 revenue streams the firm pal into whose days. connection has been key to the trumpet illustrations deportation program is creating kuvin 1000 models for the government they call it wasn't a good time for a century companies are seeking takes. on to their education and to set themselves up to normalize it techniques i tip ensure profits what's been called for is full transparency exactly what information is being collected by whom how long has it been kept for and how is it being used particularly by law enforcement agencies it
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is traditionally the disadvantage in society who bear the weight that surveillance right you know we talk about the color of surveillance well the color surveillance of black browed and that's definitely something to be thinking about when you think about data when you think about health they you know when you think about the ways in which healthy that could be misused in a variety of particularly commercial contexts or to treat people differently when they should be the consequences of pandemic policy of a civil liberties go beyond and the tronic surveillance and president shows a robust debate needs to occur before policies are an active and not after she ever chancy al-jazeera washington. zimbabwe has had to extend its nationwide lockdown because of a rise in corona virus cases but the restrictions of come at a cost raising concerns that a food crisis affecting half the population will get worse reports the world
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most of the struggling to put food on the table these women are grateful for any kind of assistance years of drought rising inflation and now coronavirus have seen food prices soar several families are now eating lists many say they know not much will change until a lockdown was eased or scrapped it early may. mean more killing people. for that. we're not. so we're waiting for what we're waiting for the troops to get finished after training we'll see what is going to happen next the world food program says half of the population needs food aid a poverty assessment done by the government and aid agencies last year nearly 80 percent of families in urban areas are hungry the. local 1000000 companies try to
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cope with what's available the pandemic has made it difficult to buy more grain from abroad. some of this country's only looked and it's not export ban but what it seems done is that the infrastructure the whole system of exporting is no sister or bridge also and some of the ships that are pretty concerning this aid are not subjected to quarantine of the station there so this is slowed down and the. additional one. families in rural areas are also struggling the rains have been erratic many haven't managed to grow much food now the global health crisis is making more families here vulnerable. priority is given to the sick and the elderly and even here people are being courage to practice social distancing but masks and gloves and hand sanitizers are in short supply and that's the case all over the country. the bobbies unofficial unemployment rate is more than 80 percent
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most people live hand to mouth the government is vulnerable households will receive cash transfers over the next 3 months that's less than $10.00 per person every month businesses have been told by the state not to increase the prices of basic commodities but in previous years whenever an official price freeze was imposed it led to panic buying shortages and even more frustration. al-jazeera zimbabwe. dissuading where a group of indigenous reindeer herders have become the target of revenge attacks it's always a landmark court ruling in january in which they won back exclusive hunting and fishing right in the arctic region where they live all restraint from vice and locked or near the norwegian border. this is modern day reindeer herding. sweden's indigenous saw me people crossing frozen lakes on snowmobiles to feed the
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reindeer by hand a symptom of their disappearing pastures here in the arctic really hurting so important for the sami culture in sweden we are struggling to you know skipping reindeer to survive ruin through this very costly strain some families and. the effects of climate change and the impact of mining and dams are part of a growing list of problems adding to that strain these are going to have been moved up into the mountains for the spring and summer where the spike all the dangers that face them they should at least be safe from a new on the to merged over the winter. that new danger was a spate of killings of reindeer suspected to have been carried out by swedish neighbors in retaliation for a court case that the saw me community won against the government and which gave them back the right to decide who hunts and fishes on their land. is one of those who has found his animals slaughtered in the woods. i let my reindeer loose
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here and a man drove up and said you don't come here with your reindeer or will shoot them we've already shot 7 or right and if i meet you alone in the forest i'll shoot you too it's been a tense winter most of the swedes are good people but we have this clique that has such hatred towards reindeer and reindeer who has. tensions rose in january after sweden supremes court ruled in favor of the saw me reindeer herding union of good whose land stretches some 300 kilometers from here near the norwegian border it could set a precedent for 50 other such areas covering half of sweden and may also hinder plans for more wind and water power plants and mines which have already decimated reindeer pastures the government in stockholm has condemned what it described as racism threats and hate against the sa me but hasn't commented on any strengthening of their rights so maybe the. supreme court stated that the international indigenous rights conventions sweden is bound by must be observed in decisions
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affecting the sami we must see changes in legislation and see it applied not least when it comes to maining and forestry. back up north of the cases caused uncertainty both for swedish hunters who now need missions from the reindeer herd as union and facade me who don't have membership tempering enthusiasm for what is a rare victory for their people and while the coronavirus devastates the economy the creation of yet more industry on these lands could be a bigger priority than giving the salmi a real say in the destiny of the country. vices. looked sweet and. again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera yemen southern transitional council based in aden has declared a state of emergency and says it will establish self rule they secessionist movement blames the saudi government for failing to improve the lives of young
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many's the final control of yemen is now in its 6th year speculation is growing about the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader who hasn't been seen in public for 2 weeks satellite images released by monitoring group suggest kim jong un may have traveled to these beach resort the wages news agency says china has sent a team of doctors to treat him catholics in south korea are attending mass for the 1st time since restorations were in polls at the sort of the coronavirus pandemic the government seizing social distancing measures as the daily number of new cases remains no law but 5 has more from seoul it's almost 2 months since churches like the catholic church decided it was simply too risky to hold masses and services instead preferring to hold services online and it's only now this sunday that the catholic church has decided it is safe for people to come back to churches but only under the most stringent of precautions we're at the main cathedral here in seoul
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it's able to take a congregation of up to a 1000 people but the congregation for each mass is around about a quarter of that only $260.00 people are being allowed in for each service. the wild child holden ization says there's no evidence people who've recovered from gold had 19 developed immunity to the virus it's urging governments not to issue so-called immunity passports because of concerns they could increase it spreads saudi arabia is easing curfew walls for most parts of the kingdom but is keeping a 24 hour lockdown in mecca as well as towns that were isolated after the start of the outbreak some commercial activity is also set to resume from when seen those are the headlines on al-jazeera as always as much more news on our website al-jazeera dot com coming up next it's risking it all her will stay with us. as coronavirus continues to devastate the united states the race to the white house
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goes on joe biden was able to secure his place is the democratic nominee but can he be still trying to join us for continuing coverage of the u.s. election 2020 on al-jazeera.


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