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presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delicate threshold. on al jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm wrong about this and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes yemeni separatists declares self rule in the south but the internationally recognized government warns it's a catastrophic move. clean bill of health china says all patients being treated in the original epicenter of the coronavirus. hospital. skip in their step
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children are allowed out with adult supervision in the country with the 2nd highest number of cases. fears the food crisis in zimbabwe is going to get even worse as the government extends a nationwide lockdown. and the show must go on the ramadan home entertainment for iraqis in isolation. non-fan hamas now have all the sport as we look at the winners and losers from the 1st ever n.f.l. 3rd childes after. rocked by conflict and crises and the threat of coronavirus yemen is reeling from another setback to ambitions for peace and stability separatists have declared self rule in the south of the country the internationally recognized government condemns the move saying it's going to be key. a straw freak and dangerous all this as
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a saudi u.a.e. coalition battles hotel rebels in a separate conflict alexy o'brian explains. separatist reinforcements a rival in aden hours after their political leaders the southern transitional council announced it's in control of the city and a major port. we are now in front of the yemeni central bank in aden after it was taken back by the southern forces that by the southern transitional council like the other vital infrastructure in the city they hope this will be a real breakthrough that will be repeated in all the other liberated south and we. the council defying the internationally recognized government accusing it of being unable to cope with the coronavirus pandemic and failing to improve the lives of yemenis this is actually a pileup. mis management misgovernance in specially in south
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yemen less to i.d.s. he she is right now compelled to take action to their own ends while still calling for a cease fire calling for deescalation in all fronts we want things to go smoothly or things you want to be able to deliver aid services are going to be able to battle this. but the government warns the move could have catastrophic consequences describing it as a resumption of an armed insurgency. it's yet another complicating factor in yemen's 5 yes civil war which is being mocked by shifting sometimes shadowy allegiances. the southern safer to stay backed by the united arab emirates and have been nominal allies of the saudi immorality coalition and their war against the who thinks it was last year the southern movement turned on the coalition backed government seizing aden and fighting that lasted for days. the government says the separatist action is a rejection. a power sharing deal brokered to end last years and rest which saudi
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arabia hailed as a step towards a wider political solution to the war. as movement goes back fabiano the current conflict those in the south argue yemen's unification and $998.00 favored the north and lead to fulfilling living standards there are thought to be at least $25.00 regional safer to screw ups support on the ground is also in question critics say control shouldn't be taken by force but actions within yemen and not in book 3 but the. regions or earlier and i think this is like premature station that doesn't. support in other areas of yemen it's basically. other places so basically we are playing with fire i know. but. the 7 transitional council says it continues to support the nationwide cease fire
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which is just been extended by a month a declaration of autonomy and a state of emergency adds to the uncertainty for yemenis people suffered years of hunger and war and exam ryan al-jazeera. or crisis in yemen has many dimensions its complex turn its fractured and it's fraught with domestic and with gentle power struggles the war is in its 6th year it's rooted in the arab spring uprising 90 years ago long time president ali abdullah saleh $100.00 power to his deputy abd months or hardly now it was hoped that would bring stability but it failed so the movement took advantage of reigniting divisions and separatist ambitions and tension rose on a regional level between sunni ruled saudi arabia and shia world iran which was accused of backing the whole thing is a saudi u.a.e. coalition began its military offensive against the who of these in march 20th. 15
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was only supposed to last a few weeks and western countries fear the threat of attacks from al qaida and i still affiliates based in yemen catherine shocked him as head of the yemen department next century foundation it's a peace building think tank in london and she says the declaration of self rule is a reflection of the political reality. this south yemen has. for independence for decades now. and i think that it's actually becoming about just now only because. of the situation and the war in yemen since 2015 so they were able to realize their political ambition and so for example determination and i think the main issue. may have at this moment has to do with the fact that in fact. whatever they did he may have had some point and we need to remember that we believe educationally
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that he ever had was in fact that different by the international community because there was an understanding that if he wasn't actually supported by the international community then defacto sovereignty would fall on chewed her see movement and so had he was propped up and kept in power even though it was only that to transition yemen into intern the other political era following. demised where yemen was already one of the poorest countries in the middle east before the war broke out now it has one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time more than 100000 people have been killed in yemen since the conflict began a more than 3000000 have been forcibly displaced since 2015 last year the united nations said 10000000 yemenis are a step away from famine more than 24000000 people are in need of international aid that's 80 percent of the population yemen has experienced the largest cholera
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epidemic in the world that have been more than a 1000000 cases since 2018 a quarter of them have been children. now when we talk about partition we have as well to remember that yemen was to yemen not so long ago in the 1990 s. i'm not so far away and so the reason. they resist political i would say tradition in terms of how the institutions are set up in the south so it's not like south in yemen is just creating something out of nothing they reason long tradition that and again because yemen too is very tribal i think that these you know the institution these traditions that they have to do to be organized following certain tribal lines we helped dramatically stabilize the country the trick is an always has been in yemen shoot you have a consensus within the tribes and to try to have the various provinces in the south and in the north to work together that with 2 against one another. china is
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claiming another milestone in its battle with corona virus it says all patients have now been discharged from hospitals in war on the original epicenter of the pandemic health officials also say they've now gone on the 11th straight day with no new deaths in china who haven't reported more than half of the country's total cases a nearly 85 percent of the national death toll city residents are still being tested regularly despite a relaxation of lockdown rules in hong kong sarah clarke says china is looking to deploy medical resources to a border region near russia. this is the epicenter of the initial corona virus outbreak and of course engendering we saw this particular city sealed off was in general 23 when live 11000000 people went into lockdown for about 3 or so months it was only when the numbers started to drop that they lift that particular lock down so in january february at the peak of this particular virus outbreak we had we had
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the likes of thousands of cases being reported on a daily basis of course we had accounts for half the national total of coronavirus cases in china and 3 quarters of china's deaths but instead of we had the medical if it's a now being deployed elsewhere we've got the cases on sunday the national health commission's reported 11 cases and 5 of those have come from a particular region in the north of the country that's an area called heilongjiang province and this particular province borders russia it's about 4000 kilometer a border there and as a result this is now the new battleground because of the cases of the surge in infections in that particular region we've got a number of cities that been put in lockdown we've got public transport it's been postponed or held for a period of time and this type quarantine restrictions in a number of those cities and we also have mandatory testing for all arrivals coming from russia into china certainly china is now looking to deploy medical teams to this particular region as it sees a surge in the number of cases under its fold as a professor in the school of politics and international relations at the university of nottingham and he's joining us now we appreciate your time sir thank you very
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much as with so many of the facts and figures coming out of china how confident can we be that these ones are accurate. i think these pronouncements these facts and figures are highly problematic and actually professor steve dunc a good friend of mine and also an academic mentor actually on al-jazeera pointed out that the chinese communist party holds the quote unquote monopoly of truth and that means. the communist party basically by default whatever they say must be true and whatever it is reported that kind of counters that official narrative by default must be false and soul based on this understanding i think it's quite clear that we must not trust. the cop at 19 statistics coming out of mainland china if that is the case and china has been managing the narrative of coronavirus 19 corona
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19 which it which of course other governments around the world have been attempting to do as well who are they doing it for the time to do it for the international audience or are they doing it for people within china. i think we need to be quite careful when we draw like comparisons to other countries it's all good strongholds for example the british and u.s. government to account for their let's say belated response and i think that criticism is being articulated day by day but when it comes to mainland china. it is the origin of the corona virus outbreak and this is of course something that jan secretary says if. there is perhaps a shade of fence all of the police that has been going into all try to kind of deflect criticism of this fact and they're now increasing reports that.
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he is actually orchestrating a global this information camp for example suggesting that perhaps the virus originated in the u.s. a lot was brought to one hand by american soldiers or perhaps it originated in italy and all of these narratives are highly problematic and should not be taken that face value in the early stages of the outbreak of the virus of course we did see a significant number of messages and reports about this on social media in china are we seeing the beginning of a pushback against the chinese communist party from sources on the ground within china. certainly courageous chinese citizens are attempting to kind of breakthrough or censorship but unfortunately just yesterday we learned that. some volunteers in china will try to document what really happened in. that they've been harassed by the authorities and so let's bear in mind the health professionals who
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just wanted to share information with other professionals like dr lee when young. we couldn't speak their mind and on his deathbed he said china should no longer have censorship and citizen journalists who try to report from the front lines like since you're sure leads are they were immediately carts and and gagged and so i think it's high time actually that we see liberalization and political democratization in a child because without freedom of speech without the freedom of expression the good people of china would not be able to share their story with the world and instead what we hear is just you know one voice the voice of official china which is not to be trusted china's growing economy has been a key element of president xi jinping the time in office how much of the narrative and the control of the narrative is being driven by
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a desire to get that economy on track because it has been hit incredibly badly particularly in the 1st quarter of this year. you know that's a very crucial and mended question because the committee party doesn't enjoy democratic political legitimacy so in the past at least they could rely on that say . i would put legitimacy of economic growth but we now know that the economy has tanked we may see a very long and protracted recession and that is something that the chinese people are not used to what they got really used to this in a double digit digit kind of growth rates but for the 1st time china will see a recession perhaps for a longer period time and i'm very curious articles party will be able to deal with that because that's what our unprecedented under is for we really appreciate your time thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera. plenty more ahead on the news hour including a test of faith journey to primetime
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a church is reopened in south korea for the 1st time in weeks. heading back to work boris johnson wins his fight against coronavirus but now he's got to rejoin the ukraine's battle against the pandemic. in sports find out about the central american country where sport is still going ahead with sounds and attend. millions of children in spain are being allowed outside to play for the 1st time in 6 weeks as the lockdown is further eased but it's only for an hour and they have to be accompanied by an adult and stay within a kilometer of hope public parks remain closed spain's got the world's 2nd highest total of infections after the u.s. as well as europe's 2nd highest number of fatalities behind italy well joining us from madrid is mata how to handle this must be some relief to the children and of
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course some of the parents as well but it is only for an hour isn't it. yes it is a big relief after 43 days of street. children under 14 are able to go out for a walk as you mentioned only for one hour one kilometer away from their home and back and with one adult each adult can take at least 3 up to 3 kids of the same family so what we've seen today the big picture in spain have been all these parents with the kids with their bicycles with the scooters with. roller skaters and we've seen plenty of police patrolling drones warning all the parents and the kids to keep to keep the safe safe safety distancing and. plenty of all the parks are closed. on the playgrounds of course so the access is impossible so these kids have to to access. or to walk with their own by their own means and on and on with the
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plans so that our sons of spanish prime minister yesterday said that if this continues this slow down trend continues according to 2 ministers sources in the past 34 hours we were just at the lowest death toll in in a month 288 new fatalities in the past 24 hours and $1700.00 new infections if this trend continues next week and we can see those who are not suspect to exercise individually so we might have one of the pictures well marta had to know from madrid thank you very much indeed. valentine is a clinical psychologist and sidra meds and she says a gradual transition can help children adjust back to normal life. well there's a number of different ways the children can be adopted and a lot of it will depend on the child's temperament and personality and how their family is handling the lockdown but certainly time away from friends all in their
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routines can be quite disruptive stressful and then with the news about coronavirus not understanding everything can also be a bit anxiety provoking so i'm sure they're looking forward to some opportunities to be getting out now in spain it's probably not enough but they still start out slowly anyway you know the changes can be overwhelming so starting with this 111 policy helps children kind of ease back into different routines and different schedules and i think you know different children might get really excited others might be a bit anxious so it gives that little bit of flexibility there for children come out slowly and starts to see what's going on as well see maybe see friends while they're walking on the streets it won't be enough but it's a nice start well i think it's a really nice opportunity now for parents to be having some mindful conversations
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with their children about what they want to do in the coming months making some plans together about how to return back to routines that they liked and maybe incorporating changes that worked out really well for them in the in lockdown or important he inhabits that they develop so it's an opportunity to really plan because the doors are actually being opened in one day. someone has had to ring standards nationwide lockdown because of a rise in corona virus cases but the restrictions have come at a cost raising concerns that the food crisis affecting half the population is going to get worse out of a toss of reports given to the most of the struggling to put food on the table these women are grateful for any kind of assistance years of drought rising inflation and now coronavirus have seen food prices soar several families are now eating lists many say they know not much will change until. eased or scrapped in
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early may. mean. killing people. for that. we are not. so you know waiting for what we're waiting for the 2 weeks to go after katrina to see what is going to happen next the world food program says half of the population needs food aid a poverty assessment done by the government and aid agencies last year found nearly 80 percent of families in urban areas are hungry the. local 1000000 companies try to cope with what's available the pandemic has made it difficult to buy more grain from abroad. some of this country's only looked on. export ban but what did seem to danny is that the infrastructure of the war system of exporting is not bridge
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also and some of the ships that are pretty concerning this aid and are subjected to quarantine of the station there so this is the. position of one. families in rural areas are also struggling the rains have been erratic many haven't managed to grow much food now the global health crisis is making more families here vulnerable priority is given to the sick and the elderly and even here people are being courage to practice social distancing but masks and gloves and hand sanitizers are in short supply and that's the case all over the country. the bobbies unofficial unemployment rate is more than 80 percent most people live hand to mouth the government is vulnerable households will receive cash transfers over the next 3 months that's less than $10.00 per person every month businesses have been told by the state not to increase the prices of basic commodities but in
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previous years whenever an official price freeze was imposed it led to panic buying shortages and even more frustration. al-jazeera zimbabwe. abandonment is not only a major public health concern but also a threat to global food security more than 820000000 people worldwide already don't have enough food to eat with maternal and child under-nutrition contributing to 45 percent of deaths in children under the age of 5 a recent ngo report has found 183000000 people in 55 countries are on the cusp of acute hunger and at high risk of slipping into a food crisis the u.n. says africa has the highest levels of undernourishment at least 20 percent german bank is action aid country director for zimbabwe he's joining us from the capital harare thank you very much indeed for giving us your time on al-jazeera so this seems like a very delicate balancing act that the authorities are having to to carry out
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between carrying out the lockdown but also trying to resist the food crisis that people find themselves in. yes thank you very much for giving us this opportunity in fact just to put it a bit into its proper context we are saying this action aid. the effect that zimbabwe faces in complex crisis is not only just about 19 different 19 need self there are reports that did indicate that it least 7700000 zimbabweans were food insecure or this about 4300000 in rural areas where action aid wakes in fact if you look at the food crisis quarter of 1000 remember last summer far the communities
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in zimbabwe by cyclon. also this year some of the communities for example in been also impacted by by by floods but the underlining issue here also is that the economy is not performing so it's really a delicate balancing act that the government has to play between hell with and and ensuring that the economy continues to tick which economy again has about 80 percent of its people employed and is about 90 percent sitting in the informal economy literally fending for the families from hand to mouth on a daily basis. continued for much longer than the government is hoping for what do you think the possible outcome could be for the people there. well so the 1st point really i have to make year is that it is important for
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the government to ensure that the court. is in fact we cannot afford a spike in the cases that we have i understand we're slightly over 30 cases today it could be $31.00 that includes 4 deaths and 2 to recovery then this is a fish of statistics we believe that the figures are actually much higher in much more so the effect that the this breed of the virus is to be to be contained is not debatable however the government must then also recognise that you know the population the bulk of the people here are living from hand to mouth therefore they must put in measures that number that you would have been been destroyed by or even if been shut down by the lockdown itself those would leave you with they've been shut down must at least be fisted list off which is just access to basic food
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and then of course you know you would understand that the issue of just. been a big issue in the country so the government would also need the constant and consistent supply of clean and adequate water to the population across the province is that is really really important and then of course one thing that i want to emphasize for all of this action aid we really. that we miss for a put at the fore in terms of the responses that we see during images and crisis no one thing that we have observed is that women in goes are particularly at risk in fact the coming in of the $1000.00 itself is increased inequalities which of often existed in the country and beyond so would really one. the government to ensure that they pay attention to these issues which are not often paid attention to one
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of the things that they could do is to ensure that there is a functional what we mean and gals who are facing gender based violence can report cases then also in the area for a pathway you know that they can also be defeated to for assistance these are just some of the issues let me ask you about africa as a whole because of all the obviously organizations like yours have a continental view of this how do you see these the impact of lockdowns on food security and endangerment of individuals as they continue if the lock downs have to go on and that is of course a big concern the coronavirus could hit africa the african continent very seriously what do you think overall of africa the impact might be will clearly the impact would be very much device to many of african countries you know with caste systems particularly the public health care systems
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do not seem to be ready to do decisively and to do with the outbreak efficiently if age in the virus itself so really it would be such a disaster if if if african government and governments in african countries failed to contain the spread of the cauldron of violence itself which is why we are saying we do understand that most of the african heads fifa challenge in terms of food insecurity and insecurity most of the african deficit challenge in terms of the economy however the health crises the corvee $1000.00 which presents itself places but if by how much do you want that is a crisis that really has to be paid attention to so really it's a delicate balance for most of the african states but more importantly for my country zimbabwe which is that 5th by multiple crisis german bank of action aid we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed thank you very much for having me on the program. i was time for the weather and an early u.s.
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heatwave here's rob it seems a bit unfair in the time of lockdown but that is the case and it's down in the southwest of the us in california in particular might see clouds coming across central california and into the mountains but down on the beaches it's nice warm orange county the beaches are open this is south of a and for the popular i was supposed to be keeping to me to the park you make your own judgment but you know it's hard to resist going out to the beach when it's in the thirty's side which is the case at the moment in fact you go further inland is near 40 in phoenix arizona says that 35 both are you know you used to seeing these temperatures not easy in april the average for us vegas is 26 the record 37 and we heading towards that way so this is really quite severe not should be long lasting but it's there for a few days and it's the hottest part of the u.s. this will not through the plain states and this green dip a a. underneath a massive cloud the latest system to go through it's there it was thunderstorms
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this rain is wrapped around a low and it's dissipate into the northeast corner so the contrast between it say l.a. and new york is quite outstanding it's been miserable in new york so if you stuck inside the you probably don't care plus the 4 cross the new york city it's not particularly breezy will get breezy but look at the temperatures and the rain to it it's disappointing rob thanks very much indeed. so i had on al-jazeera conspicuous by his absence mystery surrounds the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader . and new lifeline why antibody tests are being touted as the key to returning to normal. and basketball players in the world's top league the n.b.a. have the chance to get back on course sun is going to have more later in the sport .
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rewind return this can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in libya i was the top of the class and no i'm like any other student rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. as the world battles the corona virus and millions of infections staff have tested positive for the qur'an and virus with countries in lockdown and the threat of a major economic crisis to kill a block to global g.d.p. could be around 9 trillion dollars we'll bring you the latest developments from around the globe prosecutors say they're also seeing price gouging on vital medical supply coronavirus and special coverage on al-jazeera.
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you'll. be watching on his ear a reminder of our top stories this hour yemen's southern transitional council based in aden has declared a state of emergency and says it will establish self rule the secessionist movement blames the saudi backed government for failing to improve the lives of yemeni. china says all coronavirus patients have now been discharged from hospitals in the original epicenter of the pandemic beijing is reporting no new coronavirus deaths for an 11th straight day. millions of children in spain are being allowed outside to play for the 1st time in 6 weeks is the locked out is for that it is only for an
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hour they must be accompanied by an adult and stay within a kilometer of all. this going on certainty about the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader who hasn't been seen in public for 2 weeks a train possibly belonging to kim jong un was spotted at a resort town according to satellite images the reuters news agency says china has sent a team of doctors to treat him after a heart procedure rumors about kim's health of increased since he failed to appear at an event marking his late grandfather's birthday on april the 15th jim walsh is a senior research associate in the security studies program at massachusetts institute of technology he says the speculation is part of a familiar pattern. we played this game before with him and with previous leaders where we've said oh he's disappeared for 2 weeks he's disappeared to put 3 wakes you know it does that mean he might die similarly with the supreme leader in iran there are been numerous rumors about imminent demise that never came true you know
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it's a pandemic right in north korea where does north korea live right next to the country where the coronavirus originated now north korea's did not it has any cases i find that hard to believe i'm not saying he would. have contracted it obviously boris johnson did so you know do we have a smoking gun here that something is a raw you know because of the focus on 1000 which is totally appropriate and all the things that means we haven't been thinking about north korea but if north korea if the leader dog in a context in which there's a global pandemic it's under sanctions and entering a recession is join an economy declines that's a big deal and we might want to think about that before it happens rather than after it happens. back to our coronavirus coverage and signs of life are turning to normal in south korea catholics are attending mass for the 1st time since social
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distancing was introduced at the start of the pandemic robin wright has more from seoul on the precautions being taken. it's nearly 2 months since the catholic church and other churches here in south korea decided it was simply too risky to hold normal services instead they're holding masses online and it's only now all of these weeks on that the catholic church has decided it is safe to reopen its churches but only under the strictest of precautions we're at the main cathedral in seoul it can only have a congregation of up to a 1000 but only a quarter of that number of being allowed in for each mass and you know order to do so you have to turn up here early go to this building where you get a number and your contact details your identity is recorded all the so that if there is a case of infection then every member of that congregation can be traced it's all part of this contact tracing that the south koreans are now so expert at then you
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have to line up a 2nd time outside the cathedral itself obviously keeping a distance from the people in front of you and behind you and as you go into the cathedral taking the usual precautions like hand sanitizer making sure you have a mask and then there are special precautions in place for example during the taking of communion all intended to reduce the risk of infection being passed on to an absolute minimum people we have been talking to say yes it is slightly troublesome to go through these measures which are in place at churches this sunday throughout south korea but they are nonetheless thankful that they can once more return to their churches. and i'm a bit concerned but it feels we're getting back to normal to such an extent domo. that of course i feel grateful and moved at be back in church it made me realise that the took it for granted and that this wrong. this is being seen as
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a further sign of life returning to something like normal once more and indeed the figures seem to bear out the fact that the worst seems to be behind south korea with only a few new cases being detected every day and most of those coming from outside the concern for the authorities now though is that a sense of complacency all fatigue sets in allowing a resurgence which nobody here wants to see britain's prime minister's jew back at work on monday 2 weeks after he was in intensive care bars johnson's facing criticism of his and the government's handling of the crisis including critical shortages of personal protective clothing for health care staff and the lack of testing and cost to ease the crippling lockdown on increasing jonah halls in london and sums up the dilemma facing all of us johnson. he will return on monday to a country now in its 2nd 3 week period of intensive lockdown measures
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a country in which the peak of the epidemic has been reached but in which new infections and deaths remain perilously high with the hospital death toll rising above 20000 on saturday is still persistent shortages of personal protection equipment for health and care workers on the frontline a government target of 100000 tests a day by the end of this month still looks a long long way off and louder and louder calls for a timetable an exit strategy some sort of transparency in the government's plans from the opposition who say the public must be kept informed about when this lockdown will end and how and also from the business community and senior members of boris johnson's own party who say it must end very very quickly i think i mean they say he's raring to go as i say there's no shortage of things for him to be getting on with but presumably the central and 1st focus will be on his key predicament which is to decide in the coming days whether to hear this call from
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business leaders and his own party and senior members of the treasury no less who say you must end this lockdown in order to prevent a total collapse of the economy in this country verses a much more cautious line being taken by the health of scientific community who say look the time is not yet right the numbers are still simply too high the public should be given false hope instead they should be encouraged to double down and stick to the lock down the lockdown which incidentally there was broad public support for all the way along until perhaps now where new polls are beginning to suggest worryingly i think for downing street that that support may be on the wane . in an apartment u.-turn the world health organization says anyone who's been infected by covert 19 will develop some protection a few hours before the u.n. health agency said there was no evidence that be any better off that threatened plans by several countries to issue so-called immunity passports allowing anyone who's recovered to return to normal life the w.h.o.
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says its previous statement caused concern and tweeted to clarify we expect that most people who are infected with covered 19 will develop an antibody response that will provide some level of protection. new york state has begun antibody tests for funk line health care workers the u.s. screening programs when examined further doctors and nurses working with infected patients have been constructing coronavirus without showing any symptoms i did jocasta reports i'm saving hamburger from an anesthesiologist and saying this new york anesthesiologist recovered from coded 19 a month ago now doctors i.v. hamburger is among an important group of frontline medical workers who hope they're immune from reinfection center here in new york that center donating homeless funds for the blood plasma he's donating is also being studied to treat patients so if
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you give these this plasma to someone who is acutely infected with corona virus the antibodies that are in the plasma for me can hopefully start attacking the virus healthcare workers are a significant portion of confirmed coded 19 and that's since in the u.s. the federal government reports more than $9000.00 doctors and nurses are among those who tested positive and the number is likely an underestimate given occupation information was missing from 80 percent of those tracked cases they are folks that you know by by default they take time to rest they know that when they go into health care right so they don't run away from the fire they go to this restaurant that this is actually bringing in one of our ventilators dr hamburger is now a member of his hospital's covert rapid response team performing into beijing's on critically ill patients this is the procedure that is one of the scarier procedures in the coronavirus era because this is one of the virus can be aerosolized he's
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volunteered to spare coworkers who've not been infected but the w.h.o. says reinfection cannot be ruled out to anti-body tests alone the question of potentially munity needs more study. meanwhile in maryland a parade of police cars have come to say thank you to hospital workers soon it will be back inside to waiting patients and a virus we still have a lot to learn about castro al jazeera silver spring maryland. a field hospital dedicated exclusively to cover 1000 patients has been inaugurated in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro it's the 1st of 9 facilities to open next month medics warn they're struggling to cope with a number of infections brazil is one of the worst affected countries in latin america. businesses around mexico are rallying to help make masks for func line workers one laser cutting fund is focused almost entirely on mosques for doctors
4:44 pm
and nurses in mexico city many hospitals are facing shortages of vital protective equipment as cases continue to rise xico as around $14000.00 and from the infections. hundreds of venezuelans trying to get home from colombia are stranded on the border it's closed because of the virus threat many say they're having to sleep there and they haven't eaten for days nearly 5000000 venezuelans have fled in the past 5 years because of the collapsing economy. 2 days ago my girl and i had been almost the whole time without food we haven't bathed him heart it doesn't matter if we sardines or tuna that doesn't matter to us we venezuelans i want ears we want them to let us pass to the other side and give us the hope that we can return home. a group of about 200 venezuelans passed by fors but they left without an answer when his will is for the ministry has given no
4:45 pm
answers beef travel for 2 weeks walking riding on mules we did the impossible to get here. argentina's partially relaxing a nationwide lockdown but it's also extending restrictions in large cities by 2 weeks scholes universities restaurants and most government offices will continue to be closed by going for a walk is allowed all restrictions have been lifted in communities with fewer than half a 1000000 people. sent 200 medical workers to south africa to help treat violence patients 86 south africans have died and around 4000 cases are reported cuba has at least 1300 cases of its own but government leaders in havana say the situation is under control. a police officer in somalia has been arrested after shooting that a person while enforcing coronavirus restrictions the incident on friday sparked 2 days of protests in the capital mogadishu victoria gate and he has the story.
4:46 pm
hundreds of protesters shouted no police no curfew is they marched through the capital mogadishu on saturday. they say the shooting of a civilian by a police officer and forcing a curfew on friday night is another example of violence and abuse by the security forces which they say happens too often. this demonstration will continue until the government senior officials listen to the outcry of the population who want the government to reverse the curfew decisions that is imposed on the residents during this holy month. the shooting happened near the headquarters of the somali national intelligence and security agency somalia's police chief fired the commissioner in charge of the area on saturday and the mare of mogadishu apologized for the shooting. first her escape at the youth of mogadishu need to express their anger for the killing of a civilian i have the right to do so secondly i am very sorry 1st and i share the
4:47 pm
same sorry you are feeling. somalia has poor health care facilities and a limited capacity to trace and test those infected with the coronavirus the government introduced a lockdown more than 2 weeks ago with the number of people infected with hiv 19 increased. but there has to be trust between the public and the police for it to work effectively and that it's in short supply victoria gay to be out there. saudi arabia is easing curfew rules for most parts of the kingdom but it's keeping a 24 hour lockdown in mecca as well as tons that were isolated after the start of the outbreak some commercial activities said to resume from the main mosques in mecca and medina were remain closed throughout the muslim holy month of ramadan and watching t.v. is a popular pastime geria ramadan and iraq is no exception it's perhaps the only custom that has remained unaffected by the curfew imposed in response to the covered $900.00 pandemic and that's raise the stakes for those producing the
4:48 pm
programs and the whole team has the story from baghdad. even as public life in baghdad has largely come to a halt the cameras for this t.v. show never stopped rolling. actually. it was scheduled to air during the fasting month of ramadan a prime time for television across the arab world and so the director has found ways to overcome the covert 19 lockdown that even. considered around 90 percent of iraqi productions that response to air during ramadan were cancelled so there were no options the audiences would be bored was foreign in arabic content that they were watching in the past we impose a sort of semi quarantine for the programming team we only film inside this house we don't mix with other people and we took preventative measures. the name of the satirical comedy is. which translates a state of melons a local expression used to describe a chaotic situation it alludes to the lack of stability in post 2003 iraq the
4:49 pm
sketches everyday issues such as corruption and the impact of conservative norms on society you know darling abouta house stop sending messages you call me sister but then you seem to miss is just past midnight recorded in iraqi dialect it has gained popularity over long established turkish and the depiction series. we managed to use a language that appeals to all classes of iraqi society so the audience will see us as one of the family they'll say yes this old lady is like my mother or that character like my brother. t.v. series has always been an integral part of ramadan but the crew hopes that this year their efforts will help lighten up evenings for people stuck at home the curtain has been lifted during the day but it remains in place in the evening which is when people usually gather to break their fast that means that many cherished ramadan traditions cannot be observed this year. we join $1000.00 money at their
4:50 pm
home as they prepare for the 1st if a meal to break their daily fast delightful aroma swath through the kitchen and there's no shortage of mouth watering dishes spread on the table but mother of 3 and soon to give birth to a 4th son misses her extended family you know you don't learn it's rahm a dancer normally we should be at my grandfather's house but we can't go. later in the evening the men in the family would usually head out with their friends and relatives until late at night. ramadan is known for coffee shops and playing games in public it's all about the gatherings and would usually go to a coffee shop to have shisha but this year i cannot do that as all the coffee shops are prohibited and closed. and so watching t.v. is one of the few entertainment options left after their meal the family toons into lyotard but it's a rare occasion to smile and one of the few traditions that have not been appended
4:51 pm
but a coronavirus pandemic seem awful to al-jazeera but that. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports one of the biggest stars in tennis is getting back into the swing of things from the comfort of his own home. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. becoming a living legend to the young was simply not enough. he transformed his includes on
4:52 pm
the pitch into political clout the keys to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona. begins with a look at the life did he talk about the football he succeeded with politicians not . deviate from the ideal you. know just in. time for the sport thank you very much rob. the n.f.l. successfully completed its 1st ever virtual draft on saturday this year's event had to be done via video conferencing because of the global pandemic the draft cruet
4:53 pm
the best young talent on offer usually it's a massive spectacle with thousands of fans attending fans for it to be held in las vegas at this year had to be cancelled 255 players that were drafted as expected with the selected as the number one overall pick for the cincinnati bengals well we spoke to us broadcaster michael carlson who believes the virtual draft was a success in 2 of the next teams. it was very smooth a lot of people liked it because it concentrated more on the business and we got to see a few of the people in that business. of doing the draft a lot of the kind of hollywood glitz and red carpet stuff the last few years most of missed by a lot of people of course because there is no more passport to speak with america or most of the world right now this was the big sporting event here weekend and the
4:54 pm
big ones were i think more than double of the 3 women of the baltimore ravens just kill this draft and they did it pretty much by sitting there and letting the draft come to them and then make a great picks with each pick they had so many teams trade up trade down try to get in the right place for why we've just got to have and the raiders just look at the board and figure out who was the best player at that time the other team i think that was really outstanding were the minnesota vikings who addressed their biggest needs wide receiver 1st were solid. after that and then all stood where the. worst teams were pretty easy to see you both in the n.f.c. north chicago bears didn't watch while they're there 1st pick in the 2nd round. which would be fine except we already had a titans on their roster and their family excited arsenal open their training
4:55 pm
facility next week to help their place stay fit the club say access will be carefully managed to in line with the u.k. social distancing guidelines the players will reportedly practice on a rotational basis in small groups that will be allowed to at their training grounds but will not come into contact with each other the e.p.l. a has been suspended the since mid march to to the pandemic no return date has been set. while everton have condemned their play moyes aquino on the right of the screen here for the ignoring of the u.k.'s lockdown a strict sense footage emerged on social media of the striker partying with guests at his home recently in a statement the club said they were appalled by cain's actions and labelled them as unacceptable basketball's looking to get back on its feet as the n.b.a. have a now allowed to play is to return to training facilities next week only if restrictions
4:56 pm
are eased by their local governments group practices that would not be allowed yet and teams will not be permitted to organize a person workouts. georgia and alcohol are among the states has a sin a reduction in the stricture and some cities in florida home to the miami heat and orlando magic are expected to usin their stay at home policies in the coming days no date however has been revealed for the games to start again. despite the global pandemic sport is still going ahead with live crowds and nicaragua on such a day of books and resumed in the central american nation's capital managua while some precautions were taken event staff wore mosques and the audience was not directly by the ring only a 10th of the 8000 seats a venue was filled to the us despite tickets being given away for free and the government insisted that the coronavirus is not a major issue in the country only 11
4:57 pm
a positive cases and 3 deaths have been officially reported the king of clear off on the does back in action this week but from his own home he's taken part in a virtual version of the madrid open so it's 2 players will be involved in the charity event 5 time champion the wolf face off with britain's andy murray this sentiment will be played out from monday till thursday with a round robin qualifying groups in the don murray took to instagram chat recently to discuss the competition. fairly low. investment then you've been practicing for like 3 or 4 hours. yeah now i am not doing anything else. yet i am obviously i just played my voice my day. oh really yes 1st day and that's it for me about santa thanks very much indeed so thanks very much for
4:58 pm
being with me on the madison but i will be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with her but. throughout history humankind has prevailed in our darkest all coming together to face the very thing that would extinguish our life. this is not one of those moments. at all this is a moment for pretty much the opposite for hiding for laying low. is also. saving humankind by really really not getting mirrors. we're playing games staring at screens staring at any. all of the stuff of yours. every generation has its will where individual sacrifice
4:59 pm
makes way for the good of those who will come after a higher purpose. this one is ours. they journey to work can be a challenge on it. but for some peruvian villages traversing one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of these people as they did that to survive. risking it all. on al-jazeera. in a war torn city in iraq a medic documents the stories of the survivors recording their hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from
5:00 pm
over. he turns the camera on himself when i see take control and his family are forced to flee no where to hide a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the. yemeni separatist declares self rule in the south the internationally recognized government warns of a catastrophe. i'm not mathison this is obviously a live from doha also coming up clean bill of health china says all patients being treated in the original epicenter of the coronavirus out of hospital. and their step children are allowed out without supervision in the country with the 2nd high
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