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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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it's gone sort of all produce a covert 19 test kit for $1.00 plus us spoiled on the line through sink into negative territory. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the arab the and the and. european countries worst affected by the grain of virus record the lowest daily death tolls in over a month. hello again i'm the stars here today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up farm workers in the u.s. say they're very vulnerable to the virus we report from california western planting is underway. back to school classes in more parts of china resume after being shut down for months. and more than
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a 1000000 strains download an app designed to trace close contacts of covered 1000 patients amid concerns about privacy. now the daily death toll from the corona virus in the hardest hit european countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month and some of them moving to ease lockdown restrictions in spain children aged 13 and under have been allowed to step out of their homes for the 1st time in 6 weeks italy has also unveiled plans to slowly relax its lockdown manufacturing and construction businesses can reopen from early may it will go to my job at the local mr lingle so for me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore for me 18 we expect to reopen the retail sector from then we're also planning to reopen museums exhibitions and libraries and sporting. can
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resume training we also hope that june 1st will be the date for the reopening of bars restaurants beauty salons and hairdressers basically all personal care activities britain's prime minister barak's johnson is heading back to work on monday after recovering from the virus on sunday the u.k. reported its lowest daily rise in fatal if he's in nearly 4 weeks and more u.s. states are preparing to loosen restrictions starting on monday but health experts are concerned they're moving too fast without adequate testing and contact tracing infrastructure we will have more from the united states shortly but 1st the dean baba reports on all the latest developments in spain. it's been 6 long weeks stuck inside for 6 year old marco and his parents in their apartment in central madrid and it's been hard for all of them kate of his 18th south physical activity and a lot of that that those activities outside is suspect in him somehow he is more i never said. this
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a call to mine it sometimes. since the lockdown even adults have been allowed to go out for essential reasons but children haven't so sunday was a big day for marco people. the new rules apply to children up to the age of 13 only. to go out with up to 3 children for one hour and no further than one kilometer from their home. they still have to observe distance see as this drone reminds people mean they can't be talked with their friends and parks remain closed in most places but specialists of one of the effect of the lockdown on children's health and mental well being and this 9 year old is certainly missed just getting out while you were at. the street so i missed the streets and the park and feeling the air on my face and i never thought i would miss school but i really do spain has the world's 3rd highest official coronavirus death toll but with the
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number of daily deaths fully the government's hoping to ease restrictions further from next weekend's new study. i would like to announce that if the evolution of the pandemic continues in a positive direction as it is doing so far starting from may 2nd at me people will be allowed to go out to individual physical activity and walks with the people with whom they live however always in the conditions laid down by the health authorities and i. in the southern city of sybil the annual fair isn't happening but that hasn't stopped them celebrating with people dancing traditionally. balconies and generally enjoying the chance to let their hair down the city council may think the event in september is part of the plan to recover the tourism industry. there right now there's a cautious optimism in spain as people take stock of how many lives the crisis has already taken. while the white house official coordinating the
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country's response to the corona virus outbreak says social distancing may be necessary right through the summer deborah buck says the u.s. needs a huge technology breakthrough to expand testing before the country can reopen but state governors remain divided his or castro reports despite clear warnings the virus continues to spread some americans have just had enough it's been 5 weeks and most people here with thousands of calls cannot get through to unemployment they don't know what they're going to do protesters gathered in downtown las vegas begging to return to jobs that shuttered casinos and entertainment venues along the city's famed district police arrested several beach goers in california who showed up to take in the sun despite prohibitions are you concerned the message from the white house coronavirus response coordinator was the opposite we should still social distance we should still wear those mass to protect others as we work
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through this epidemic she warns social distancing should continue through the summer even as a handful of states allow barbershops and other businesses to reopen. but the vast majority of the country remains closed the white house economic adviser says the next jobs report will likely show unemployment at 16 percent or higher this is the biggest negative shock that are caught in the i think has ever seen we're going to be looking at an unemployment rate that approaches rates that we saw during the great depression the number of dead in the u.s. also continues to rise it's now more than 54000 with newspapers pain tribute to so many names and faces of the lost castro al jazeera silver spring maryland well in the coming days we'll be looking at how essential industries are being impacted by this pandemic beginning with farming and food security now the u.s.
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depends on millions of farm workers to maintain its food supply but cramped working and living conditions are putting them at increasing risk of infection rob reynolds reports from california the country's biggest agricultural produce. strawberries are right dinning in the fields waiting to be picked but for farm workers like maria harvest time is a season of fear but. i am afraid of getting sick because if i don't recover i will die so i would leave for children in the often it's i am obviously afraid but i have to whack maria who is undocumented and asked that her surname not be used is one of an estimated $3000000.00 farm workers in the us all are considered essential workers like doctors nurses and law enforcement but unlike them they are paid low wages have fewer legal protections and many lack protective gear on to seem to me the bottom line the last line think about them they are about. any form workers as
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a group are already among the least healthy in society poverty lack of access to basic medical care high rates of diabetes hypertension and lung problems from exposure to pesticides means that farm workers are at high risk of becoming extremely ill or dying if they get corona virus a corona virus flare up among farm workers could spread like wildfire extremely difficult to prevent the spread if there's a there's a major outbreak in the agriculture industry even a good one outbreak among say one careless farm labor contractor can cause an outbreak among the whole industry many farm operators do allow workers to practice social distancing for example by working alternate rows of crops but the pay structure discourages stringent hygiene and many workers are being paid piece
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$3.00 per box a lot of strawberries they pick 20 seconds washing your hands can feel at this stage you're waiting in line during a break and want to get back out there in the fields to pick more california and a handful of other states have laws. was providing unemployment insurance and compensation for injuries on the job to form workers although this united states of america do not have disability insurance neither have an insurance for workers like maria working from home obviously is an option and even staying home while sick is an impossible luxury so in a couple i'm the only person in my family that is ending in income so for me it's either you work or you during 8 or that i have from whom they are essential workers putting food on the country's tables every day yet somehow they remain invisible and vulnerable rob reynolds al-jazeera oxnard california well in the next
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report and last areas will be in the u.k. where the lockdown is encouraging more people to grow fruits and veggies in their backyard and that's on tuesday on al-jazeera well schools and universities in some parts of china that were closed in response to the pandemic beginning to reopen students in the city of where the outbreak began will be going back to class as early as next week health officials have advised them to continue practicing social distancing while our correspondent sara clark is live for us in hong kong sara pupils and one heading back to class after more than 2 months this is a fairly significant step for authorities they can be very confident that they do have things under control. well certainly is a milestone in china on monday where we have a number of schools in various provinces and some also some of the major cities are returning to school the focus has been on the senior and the middle school students
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and these are particularly those students who are ending this school year for the final year of their preparation for those exams that the roll out will happen across the country over the next month the primary school students will return in may but as you mentioned some schools you know that universities have already reopened but the focus now is on looking at some the big cities we're looking at shanghai which is in the south of china and beijing now all these schools are required to have contingency plans in place to cope with any risks of the crime of ice transmissions and teachers have been trained in emergency procedures and students have also been given protection social distancing measures are still in place at the schools of the the playgrounds have been separated almost like exam rooms where they'll be divided up the students won't have but i must remind one point i made his pass that we've had a nationwide shutdown of the school since january so 3 months of school closures and clearly the schools have been reopened to juice the falling number of cases and on monday we had just 3 new cases across china none of which were in here by province and as you mention we're has been it was the epicenter of the crime of
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ours outbreak on sunday and we had no coronavirus patients reported by the national health commission i should also state that some countries globally is to question china's official figures and there are some countries calling for an investigation into the modeling of the calculations been used by china's national health commission sarah clarke there for us in hong kong thank you very much there are south korea is also considering opening schools in may it's reported only 10 new cases of the virus marking its 26th straight day below 100 cell has begun lifting social restrictions with a large churches reopening on sunday more than 10700 people have been infected in south korea 243 have died. well there are also plans to reopen some last 6 in parts of iran deemed free of coronavirus the government will start labeling regions even white yellow or red depending on the number of deaths or
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infections mosques and white cern's will be able to resume services iranians have already returned to shops and bazaars as the government tries to stimulate its better to commie the country's president says regions will be classified on a case by case basis. still ahead on al-jazeera bodies and bathrooms victims not properly identified we talk to a health worker in ecuador where hospitals are overwhelmed. and brazil's president i have both in our faces fresh personally as one of his sons is accused of spreading fake news it's. hello this is slightly better weather conditions across central and southern areas of china have had a couple of days now where the rains have been much lighter and you can see this massive cloud heading towards japan and actual the rain with this system really is
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staying well off towards the east that does me because still see one or 2 scottish chance but nothing particularly have it it will widespread up into a kite attempt is a bit low there as well just 10 degrees celsius but look at how much is in beijing these clear skies over the next couple of days 24 celsius on monday elsewhere temperatures are all at the high side maybe one or 2 shows just heading tools that east coast way to the south of shanghai but then look at beijing on tuesday up to 30 degrees celsius and really warm across much of china again once the sunshine returns up to 28 in hong kong now plenty of rain across much of the southeast of asia particularly throughout much of indonesia some heaviest balls again across sumatra and the middle a peninsula picking up some very heavy downpours over the next couple of days we could see around 100 millimeters accumulating in kuala lumpur over the next 2 or 3 days you can see by these dog hair is a blue in these yellow where the very heavy downpours will be but pretty good throughout much of thailand cambodia and on towards vietnam meanwhile in india
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still some very heavy thunderstorms developing particularly monday once again into the north and the east. isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise looking at another side of the story not the information around the outbreak but misinformation separating propaganda from fact it's reality has. exposing the optics trying to manipulate the rhetoric and blame but they cannot manipulate the fires. like going to the media 0. the.
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how again i'm the stasi attainder a reminder about top stories this hour the daily death toll from the corona virus in europe hardest hit countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month in spain children have been allowed outside for the 1st time in weeks and italy will also begin easing restrictions. and more u.s. states are listening lockdown measures there as the nationwide death toll passes 54000 montana is reopening places of worship while colorado's stays home order has expired on friday georgia became the 1st to reopen most businesses despite warnings from health experts. and schools and universities in some parts of china that were closed in response to the pandemic are also beginning to reopen students in the city of where the outbreak began will be going back to class as early as next week . well ecuador's number of confirmed cases have almost doubled over just 2
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days hospitals there are overwhelmed there are officially nearly 23000 cases but health workers say people are dying foster that they can be tested and the strain on the health system has begun to show and disturbing ways our latin america editor listin human takes a look at a bizarre case of mistaken identity. this is 74 year old i'll be to my duty 3 weeks ago she was supposedly crewmate id after reportedly dying in hospital from corona virus but now her family has been informed to still very much alive and that they have the wrong ashes. this isn't the 1st case of mistaken identity in ecuador's chaotic cold with 1000 epicenter of. nationwide the number of confirmed cases has doubled lucy very ill this is not because the cases appeared overnight but because all the backlog tests were processed and reported yesterday. in
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ecuador no one can really say how many people have died from cold in 1000 only that people are dying faster than they can be properly tested in identified a nurse who doesn't want to be named says that in his hospital in by a key he said to pile of bodies in the bathrooms because there's no more room elsewhere. that's very traumatic for us imagine i have nightmares i'm not very well psychologically we can't do more for a critical question than get them sailing solution when what they need is a pencil. in brazil it's a similar case this is the no senora up but i see that symmetry in my now says the gateway to the brazilian amazon even some of the grave diggers have died after contracting the virus in the desperate race to bury victims. luigi pollard just lost his mother in law who he says could not access emergency care to him. a person
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who needed to be in intensive care unit was in a basic hospital but where they didn't even have x. rays it's a horrible film i never expected to see this in my life locked up in a bog. hospital to reaching their capacity even before the expected peak of the pandemic malaria and yellow fever are already widespread in this region where communities along the amazon river are days away from the nearest hospital now my now says the highest mortality rate from cold 19 in all of brazil a sanitary emergency that's become a calamity you see in human al-jazeera although some other news now in the saudi led coalition in yemen is calling for an end to violence after separatists in the city of aden declared self rule the southern transitional council is seeking a return to independence and is accusing the government of mismanagement but saudi arabia is calling for all studs all sides to abide by a power sharing agreement that was signed 5 months ago dosage barrier reports. the
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internationally recognized government in yemen is calling it a coup after the southern transitional council announced it was in control of the port city of aden. the council accuses the government of being unable to cope with the coronavirus pandemic and failing to improve the lives of yemenis. so far there has been only one confirmed covert 19 infection in the southern region of how they are marked this is actually a pileup of. mis management and misgovernance in especially in south yemen well that's why the f.c.c. is right now compelled to say to take action into their own hands while still calling for a cease fire calling for deescalation in all fronts we want things to go smoothly or what they want to be able to deliver aid services going to be able to battle this and them but the government warns the breakaway attempt could have
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catastrophic consequences describing it as a resumption of an armed insurgency. it's yet another complicating factor in yemen's 5 year civil war which has been marked by shifting sometimes shadowy allegiances. the southern separatists are backed by the united arab emirates and have been nominal allies of the saudi emirate to coalition in their war against the who sees. the the government says the separatist action is a rejection of a power sharing deal brokered to end last year's unrest which saudi arabia hailed as a step towards a wider political solution to the war there are thought to be at least 25 regional separatist groups support on the ground is also in question critics say control should be taken by force but actions within yemen and you will not and will be but for the. regions or earlier and i think this is like premature
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decision that doesn't. support in other areas of yemen it's basically. in other places so basically we are playing with fire at the moment and not. going back to. the southern transitional council says it continues to support the unilateral cease fire the cleric by saudi arabia 2 and a half weeks ago it has been just extended by month but its declaration of autonomy and state of emergency adds to the uncertainty for yemenis who've already suffered years of hunger and war. dorsett jabari al jazeera. meanwhile an island off yemen's coast is among a number of southern provinces that have rejected the s.t.c. self governance the government and so katra has instead pledged allegiance to president months or hadi but his source inside the internationally recognized government has told al jazeera the u.a.e.
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is bribing army officers to carry out a coup against the local authority the u.a.e. deployed its troops to the quarter 2 years ago and their presence on the island has fueled protests in the past. now israel supreme court says the government must pos legislation within weeks to continue with a controversial surveillance program which tracks a person's location by their mobile phone prime minister benjamin netanyahu gave security agencies the power to track them about data of anyone suspected of having the coronavirus the supremes court says the measure is a breach of people's privacy meanwhile in a straight more than a 1000000 people have chosen to download a mobile phone tracing out there it was launched on sunday the software uses bluetooth technology to connect with other phones so users can be traced and contacted if they're exposed to covert 19 well for more on this let's speak to david vaile he's a cyber experts at the university of new south wales and he joins us on skype from
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sydney david the government says that 1000000 people signed up for this in the 1st 4 and a whole 4 hours of the launch despite privacy concerns so does this mean the public is on board. well both put a lot of effort into marketing and promotion and certainly they tried to make it feel like a national obligation to do this and look at it maybe when we get to the bottom of it that it may be useful and safe to to use our concern really is that they've left out a lot of the information if you're looking for informed consent so to speak you need to know not only what we'd like it to do and promises that will do the right thing but also one of the limitations what are the risks those sorts of things and unfortunately that sort of information which would include design specifications the software source code the technical protocols and
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a privacy impact assessment that involved why a consultation with everybody likely to be affected those sorts of things have not been released now and you know in that sense it's very disappointing and david i understand the app to actually work effectively you need something like 40 percent of the population to sign up to it is that likely here. well look i don't know where that figure of 40 percent comes from no nipping me ologist it may well be the case and like so much of this. you know the details surrounding the we don't know where that came from. or on the one hand we look at singapore when they used the precursor of this ep unfortunately didn't protect them from an outcry that's now occurred i think barely got about 17 percent of up hate. in other areas the suggestion that you might need even higher than the 40 percent that they're talking to i think the more that they operate in
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a way that inspires trust and confidence the more likely people are to take it up now and the problem is that at the moment by not providing the critical information they're not so much working on an informed consent model but on a sort of a nudge model or persuasion of you know come on everybody let's do a very nice empathizing that goes with that but and certainly a lot of people will respond to that the jury's still out about whether the act itself is. sort of safe or as useful as they propose and so you know for someone seeking to make an informed judgment that left us in the dark of it well as you say the administration is not currently mandatory but i see that scott morrison has actually ruled that out and they're promising that all the data gathered will be denise said at the end of the pandemic that i know the government there doesn't have the best track record when it comes to protecting privacy is there the trust for this to act now. well look i think you'd have to say an astrolabe it's been
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a remarkable degree of trust for the population to comply with and willingly go along and take a lot of the suffering and deprivation that's come from the lock down so in a sense that there's a bias of trust there in the public health authorities and it has actually been remarkably successful in australia as it has in new zealand in. the blocking that the spread of the virus when it gets to the questions about. whether this is voluntary or not. but if they have gone a long way you know in the last week to saying it's absolutely not and there are proposals for a law that whenever parliament sort of sits again which could be will sometime soon that they will legislate in ways that do protect it and that ensure that it's mandatory. the fact that so many of the entity is involved with this paid
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a week ago to float the prospect that if we didn't do the right thing if we didn't get the right answer that it would be made mandatory that really set the cat among the peta i think it it reminded people for instance of the other big i think fiasco that was created by the digital transformation authority that's behind this software namely the my health record in that case and initially was voluntary until nobody signed up and then they just do it now i don't think that's the case here because you know they really do need to continue the trust and they do in a while a very cooperation but by human writing that in the 1st place it it raised a case for people of all my health record and lots of other things in australia where they really have given us cause for concern and it's something we'll continue to watch very closely indeed david vaile there aside the no expert at the university of new south wales thank you for joining us and outta there. now staff
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of us have been told to brace themselves for more job cuts than initially expected as the company fights for survival a lesser addressing employees warns the plane maker was bleeding cash and called for immediate action airbus has reportedly lost a 3rd of its business in a matter of weeks with airlines being among the hardest hit by the club in 1000 outbreak chief executive for reset as though they've expanded credit lines the business needs to resize and adapt brazil's president jalal sanaa is facing a new crisis after reports that police have identified one of his sons as the organizer of a scheme to spread fake news carlos paulson are or has dismissed the claims as garbage the investigation is part of an ongoing probe into false stories targeting judges or protesters in lebanon have defied a lockdown and curfew to continue anti-government demonstrations demonstrators
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blocked roads and forth with police while denouncing the western economic crisis last week lebanon's currency reached new lows against the dollar sparking calls for the central bank governor to resign. a huge piece of artwork has been unveiled in the swiss alps which aims to inspire hope during the coronavirus pandemic french land on to save called his artwork beyond crisis it spans 3000 square meters across cross land near the western swith switzerland town of lace and and it was spray painted using a mixture of coal and chalk. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the daily death toll from the coronavirus in europe's hardest hit countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month in spain children have been allowed outside for the 1st time in weeks and
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italy will also begin easing restrictions the work to my job at the local mr lingle so for me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore for me 18 we expect to reopen the retail sector from then we're also planning to reopen museums exhibitions and libraries and sport teams can resume training we also hope that june 1st will be the date for the reopening of bars restaurants beauty salons and hairdressers basically our personal character. and more us states are loosening lockdown measures as the nationwide death toll there passes $54000.00 montana is reopening places of worship while colorado's stay at home order has expired on friday georgia became the 1st to reopen most businesses despite warnings from health expense and schools and universities and some parts of china that were closed in response to the pandemic also beginning to reopen students have been welcomed back to class in the capital beijing but social
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distancing measures will continue during lessons and students in the city of wool hand where the outbreak began will start heading back to school as early as next week brazil's president is facing a new crisis after reports that police have identified his son as the organizer of a scheme to spread fake news carlos ball scenario has dismissed the claims as garbage the investigation is part of an ongoing probe into false stories targeting judges. yemen's government is warning of a catastrophe off to southern separatists declared self rule and said they were in control of the port city of aden the southern transitional council is accusing the government of mismanagement and has announced a state of emergency while those other headlines the news continues here off to talk to al-jazeera to stay with us as coronavirus continues to devastate the united states the race to the white house goes on joe biden has all but secured his
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place is the democratic nominee but can he beat still trump joined us for continuing coverage of the u.s. election 2020 on al-jazeera. the all who would see. june the 26945. as the 2nd move war was ending representatives of 50 countries signed the united nations charter and san francisco. the u.n. officially came into existence in october of that year when the church was ratified by china france the former soviet union the united kingdom the united states as well as by a majority of other signatories. almost 75 years later the un comprises 193 member states all represented in one of its 6 main organs the united nations general assembly. its 1st.


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