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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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just across the world. so no magic. al-jazeera to bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. just. the day will go a little silly a little. anger and frustration in lebanon routes to terrorizing economy protesters armed with petrol bombs take aim at banks. and carried out this is al jazeera live from also coming up donald trump's coronavirus briefings are back and he's promising to seek damages of of china's
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handling of covert 19. geria begins loosening lockdowns but maintains a nationwide night curfew in banditry where and of mosques. election campaigning is underway in burundi where the government's accused of downplaying the virus and intimidating the opposition. protests in lebanon against its economic crisis have turned violent demonstrators defied a coronavirus lockdown fighting with security forces throwing petrol bombs and vandalizing banks in tripoli and near beirut people are angry about the promising currency and soaring prices the tory case of the reports. defying a look down and a curfew protesters attack a bank in the capital beirut the value of them. money is decreasing at an alarming
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rate. and a monday the anger at the central bank's policies and a political class they accuse of corruption and mismanagement erupted in a wave of violence across the country. demonstrators in tripoli in new than lebanon blocked roads and food with police officers responded by firing rubber coated steel bullets which injured protesters. 2 soldier i swear please stand with us it's too much we stand by you but they are killing us we can't afford anything anymore we are starving i sold my fishing boat for pennies enough is enough for 15 days the dollar keeps going up and down i have a daughter in hospital she needs an operation and it's ramadan lebanon's currency has been depreciating for weeks bought in the past few days the near is lost at least 60 percent of its value on the black market the government is hinting that the central bank could be intentionally engineering the collapse as the country
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struggles with the lack of hard currency and its worst economic crisis in decades. most of the central bank is either incapable or directly instigating the dramatic drop 100 on the. those in power say this is an attempt to topple the government by sabotaging financial stability opposition politicians who are backing the long serving governor riyadh cell amy believe the ruling alliance led by hezbollah is trying to take control of the central bank which implements u.s. sanctions against the iranian backed group over the weeks of the most. coming going to see maybe what they're basically removing the issues. but it's not all known as well or what somebody was. the. money transfer offices and banks no longer discuss dollars and people are deprived of much of the savings due to informal capital controls. the crisis is seen as
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a struggle between those who hold financial power and those who have political power and it's putting lebanon stability at grace. victoria gate to be out there. yes president has again taken to the podium to hold a coronavirus briefing of the calling them off of the weekend has come under thought fast jesting disinfectants could be injected as a remedy the state's only begin to ease restrictions he's unveiled new plans to help ramp up testing ellen fisher points. after questioning the point of his daily coronavirus briefings because of critical media coverage after not holding a briefing over the weekend after initially canceling the one on monday the president appeared in the rose garden to update the country he revealed plans to help states to ramp up testing to reopen the country where releasing additional guidance on testing to inform the states as they develop their plans for a phased and very safe reopening. a blueprint describes how states should unlock
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their full capacity expand the number of testing platforms establish monitoring systems to detect local outbreaks and conduct contact tracing a number of states have an ice plans to reopen although no one is expecting a return to what was once normal we're taking steps to understand is going to be a new world but we have to be realistic that we can't wait 18 months to have a vaccine and just tread water people want to see forward progress in georgia and other states some restaurants are reopening some movie theaters are also back in business but all under serious restrictions we're in our table so everything is seen as after her mission 1st to her interaction. and then also making sure that. we've got the paper menus that are disposable versus or or place that plastic ones that we've used to store for some places like washington d.c. have renewed their own orders at least until the middle of next month and people
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seem to be complying across the country that are also reports of people ingesting disinfectant after the president asked last week if it was possible that could kill the virus his comments led to widespread condemnation and his decision to hold the briefings over the weekend asked about on monday he brushed off the question now that other states government we're hoping specifically said they seen a spike in people using disinfectant after your comments last week i know you said they were sir can i can't imagine why i can't imagine why any responsibility you know i don't know i can't imagine i can imagine that the president now believes the u.s. is on course to see your own 703-0000 deaths from the virus figure up by 10000 on his previous prediction alan fischer al-jazeera washington. president tom also says jested team ac damages are from china over its handling of the virus. we are not
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happy with china we are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped at the source it could have been stopped quickly and it would have spread all over the world and we think that should have happened so we'll let you know at the appropriate time but we are doing serious investigations the number of people infected with coronavirus around the world has passed 3000000 and those countries begin easing restrictions the world health organization is recommending that should be done gradually and cautiously we continue to urge countries to find isolate test and treat all cases and try as every contact to each sure these declining trends continue but the pundit mic is far from over i repeat the pundit meek is far from over as european nations begin to ease their lockdowns the w.h.o.
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has repeated its call for them to track and trace all suspected coronavirus cases the warning came as italy announced a phased reopening of its economy but you cases it's too soon to relax any misses emma hayward takes a look at the situation across europe britain's prime minister back at work after recovering from coronavirus with a warning that there will be no letup in the lockdown yet i can see the long term consequences of looked on as clearly as anyone and so yes i entirely share your audience it's the government's urgency. and yet we must also recognize the risk of a 2nd spike more than 21000 people have now died from corona virus in newquay hospitals and one of the world's worst outbreaks the government has announced that the families of national health workers who died from corona virus tearing this crisis will receive a $75000.00 payout the number of tests being offered in the u.k.
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is being expanded but the government has faced criticism for the slow rollout of mass testing and there are growing prostrations and questions even within boris johnson's own party about how soon the economy can reopen italy has set a date to start easing its lockdown the longest in europe factories and building sites can reopen next week bars and restaurants can't fully reopen in june while schools will stay shut until september. and many parts of europe are grappling with the impact of this crisis. there is anger in some of prince's poorest suburbs the lock down and restrictions on movement in communities where people often living cramped conditions has led to unrest the police have been accused of being heavy handed in their approach racial slurs were allegedly used to mock a man trying to escape arrest last week. that we. was going you
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know all are against you but it seems like france is at war against. you know it is you know so it's difficult because people are suffering from there is suffering from. economy and social impacts the real optimism in some parts of europe but the worst of this crisis may be over but the still no unified approach in how to keep safe going forward in most parts of germany people have to wear face masks in shops and jump. transport. elsewhere some families are seeing one another for the 1st time in weeks albeit through the glass but together all the same ever he would as there are. those areas president says coronavirus lockdowns cities including lagos and ability will be relaxed from may 4th but all non-essential travel between states is to be banned masks have been made compulsory
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in the commercial capital lagos the state's governor says this is because the outbreak is still in phase and those who fell to comply will be qualified nearly 1300 people have been affected in nigeria and 40 have died addresses following developments from. the trees out of the restrictions will happen in only 3 of nigeria's $36.00 or $37.00 states including the administrative capital abuja remember these 3 states lagos and ogun state were the 1st to be hit by a complete lockdown of the cities because of their key economic and administrative importance in their regular scheme of things so gradually after the phased out of the lockdown on the 4th of may the nigerian government will also put in place a curfew that runs from 8 pm in the evening local time to 6 o'clock in the morning and then like the president said wearing of christmas will be very mandatory on
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everybody in the public space so one interesting aspect of this speech were addressed by president one of what it is the issue of panel which has been on the burner for a very long time for all for the last one week this is a state where we've seen hundreds of deaths in this piece of one week and explained it all the local authorities are saying that these desks mostly are not connected to convert 19 but there are some misgivings about that so the nigerian government is sending it team of experts to reinforce local health was. to have them deal with the situation in kansas state this is a state with a population of more than 15000000 people that comes probably a coward legal 2nd after they got so leave nigerian government is warning that if connel is down the worst case scenario then you know at the center of
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it happened in nigeria then the whole of northern nigeria will be impacted. still ahead here on al-jazeera. was celebrating a king people in the netherlands refused to that a lockdown ruined their festivities. i'm nicola gage on the outskirts of sydney looking at how the stroller is expanding another coal mine this time under one of the city's reservoirs is raising concerns about water policy. hello has been pretty hot friesen clean the 2nd half of the drive in place because the women aren't from the south that it's in the north you think it should be cool well it's not that much course it isn't fair they were in the middle thirty's up to 40 still in dubai and not much cloud in the sky and it's not much wind left the the
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think there will be an increase in the wind but the directions pretty variable to be honest the circulation here just around riyadh just developing would suggest you go bring the heat up once more so this is spring variable weather but it's certainly not cooling down is on the hot side of things it's nice and warm but there is a better description up in the vans in iraq for example baghdad's at 35 that's on the high side to the eastern med does not contain another storm system so we're quite issues just the temperature to think about that whether rains been heavy recently it's maybe moved away the heaviest stuff is now if you like congo but the forecast showers could well increase again. on the coast to tanzania in rwanda burundi and uganda less so but not entirely not all in kenya and somalia but the emphasis has moved a little bit further west south all this you'd expect quite where the 9 most to southern africa and that is the case of those obviously something running they went through south africa and johannesburg is just one city that will get some pretty big thunderstorms.
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goes on a roller coaster journey in iran and discoveries can empower the g.g. community itself to lead and identity. i'd like to prove to the world that. i will be able to prove myself to my counsel my friend and myself will be able to decide to charge afghan units on al-jazeera. the.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour demonstrations in lebanon against the dire economic situation have turned violent people ignored a coronavirus lockdown to throw petrol bombs and vandalized banks in the northern city of tripoli and. the lebanese pound plummeted in value and prices have soared. u.s. president donald trump is back to holding coronavirus briefings on failing to help states ramp up their testing passing no briefings were held over the weekend after trump was criticized suggesting disinfectants could be injected as a remedy. the number of people infected with corona virus across the world has passed 3000000 the world health organization is warning there's still a long road ahead as countries begin easing restrictions. they've been warlord holy for half stars dictate the end of all peace talks with the un recognized that after says the kid out a political agreement that aims to bring about
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a national unity government is to be abolished fighting is ongoing near the capital tripoli where a mother and her son have been killed in a rocket attack forces. head has more now from tripoli he says hostiles comments could be nothing more than grandstanding. has been saying. big news but everybody here is familiar that this is not very significant especially has been repeating all the time the abolishment of the libyan political agreement this high about agreement that brought about the current you and that ignited a government of national accord he has been always speaking and they're trying to announce the end of this libyan political agreement to but this has been interpreted in terms of his last defeat his forces lost many parts in the worst
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of libya especially along the coast the coastal way highway that links the capital tripoli to the tunisian borders of that they controlled it for the past 3 years also his forces in southern tripoli have been retreating and the city of the horn his main stronghold in the west of libya has been besieged by the government forces so on the ground have to have to his forces have been losing on the ground so his speech today as a kind of as you know that couple of days ago. minor demonstrations not very big demonstrations in the east of libya were calling on have to take over power in the country. the indian state has started releasing prisoners from detention centers for what it calls illegal migrants that's after a supreme court order to reduce overcrowding in prisons during the crown of our south break rights groups say many prisoners are indian citizens wrongfully help
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elizabeth for ana reports from new delhi. police offices in the northeastern state are found ensure everyone abides by the lockdown but has restrictions continue to be enforced for most people to limit the spread of the coronavirus after being locked up with some prisoners are enjoying their release. as a. 10 year old son otto was just 15 days old when her mother minot of bacon was declared an illegal far enough from neighboring bangladesh and sent to a detention center sanada went with her. i'm happy now once i go home or meet my brothers sisters and father i only saw them once in an interview . sanada and her mother a to have at least 60 people who've been released from detention centers for undocumented migrants in our son after a supreme court order to reduce overcrowding in prisons during the corona virus outbreak hundreds of others like them remain imprisoned lawyers say many of them
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were wrongfully detained and couldn't prove their citizenship because of issues such as discrepancies in the spelling of their name and different documents believe me all of these are small spelling mistakes small errors that the tribe you know doesn't believe anymore the members don't take the mistakes many are declared foreigners are actually not foreigners but all indian citizens but because of these minor errors they're now suffering. in algol district the family happy to have these all back after he spent 3 years in baseball detention center for. it was 60 to 65 people living in a room in the detention camp when i 1st got there they were. 150 to 350 people living in a room there was about 100 square meters 42 year old hart like many others that didn't have all the papers to prove his citizenship even though he was born in india in many instances people who are. largely caustic do not have
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documents sure that the appearance or even the grand. last year nearly $2000000.00 of the state's $35000000.00 population were left off the national register of citizens the government campaign to check illegal immigration from neighboring bangladesh while their legal status is in limbo the government started building detention centers. plans for a nationwide register of citizens provoked protests as did the citizenship amendment act which fast track citizenship to minorities from neighboring countries but excludes muslims and is locked down ended months of protests and also began the release of some prisoners but rights groups say only 5 people are declared illegal migrants in the past 7 years have been deported activists are asking the government to uphold international law which says detention must end when there's little or no prospect of deportation elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. new york has become the
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1st u.s. states to cancel its democratic presidential primary because of the covert 900 pandemic the vote which had already been perspire on to was voted to take place in june governor andrew cuomo is said to extend the lockdown many parts of the state beyond may 15th restrictions could be relaxed in some areas if there's sufficient tracing and hospital capacity. as several u.s. states start to lift their lock downs one of the priorities will be repairing the food supply chain the outbreak has significantly impacted america's meat and dairy industries start getting sick products going to waste and gallica has more. across the u.s. meat packing plants have been hit by the spread of the corona virus many of arda suspended or been forced to slow production with one of the biggest manufacturers warning that millions of pounds of meat will disappear according to the union that
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represents food workers 13 of their members have died and at least 6500 have been exposed to the virus many plants have been criticized for not doing enough to protect their workers. in agriculture to the picture is of an industry in dire straits farmers are unable to sell their stock as meat packing plants reduce production. that break in the food production chain is affecting some of the most vulnerable as lines to food banks grow across the country high unemployment rates are forcing many families to turn to organizations like 2nd harvest cars lined up here 3 hours before the food drive started and kept coming an hour after it closed were pretty standard by the response to make that everyone heard about you know this is really a need we're hearing about here and really throughout the last many of those fighting the virus on the front lines they're also looking for help even as they
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put their own lives on the line to tackle the pandemic. back to work back to kill every day. but just still trying to get a start on as a food production industry navigates a way to safely get production going again food insecurity is now a growing issue according to feed america the number of people facing food insecurity in 2018 was $37000000.00 the long term effects of the coronavirus could millions more to that statistic some economists say if businesses don't we by the end of the month the effect will be catastrophic president trump is talking to industry leaders many from food production who face the task of feeding the country safely it's a delicate balancing act with those facing food shortages now among the high risk category and gallacher al-jazeera. a kings day is a major national holiday in the netherlands but celebrations this year the new shit
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due to the pandemic more than 4 and a half 1000 people have been killed by covert 90 and over 38000 cases confirmed but as steadfast in reports the dots government is under growing pressure to loosen restrictions. or. sad tones of the national anthem fill the empty streets of amsterdam due to the covert pandemic all mass outdoor celebrations of kings they have been cancelled and everyone has been urged to stay at home parties are restricted to balconies maybe a big square with everybody else and today we have to keep a distance to everybody but increasingly people are ignoring the docks so-called intelligent lockdown which means keeping a distance of one and a half meters they run the risk of the nearly $400.00 people crying despite roadblocks from have even found ways to enter the famous dutch flower fields normally visited by millions of tourists at this time of the year compared to some
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other countries dutch people still have a lot of freedom while they're discouraged from visiting these flower feels there's no official lockdown that forces them to stay indoors nor is there any obligation to wear masks but this but all this increasingly people appear to be getting fed up with the restrictive measures in place and urging the government to restart the economy. in contrast to the cheerful chorus of their fields flower farmers are suffering millions of juleps and other flowers had to be destroyed after borders were closed and the mastic the month collapsed how much is thrown away here in this place we think about 2 millions of. value but the value is around one half 1000000 euro instead of taking them to flower auctions funders son and his colleagues are now selling flowers by the side of the street. what we see is
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economy it goes on the wrong way so let's hope our government will release she very sure little by little. the restrictions but scientists say lifting restrictions too soon will lead to a 2nd wave of death instead they argue the government should follow neighboring countries and start to task more people and track their contact i think it's really does believe in in our situation with our culture we want to be free in a way that our citizens we don't want to be tracking down our citizens. and and also because they have chosen this direction seem to be afraid of losing the i would you say we would say in that you would say when you lose your face the government has urged people to remain patient at least until may 20 when some measures could be lifted but it is predicted that the dutch free spirit even after this date will have to be confined to a small one and a half meter space step fasten al-jazeera amsterdam and greece around
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$500.00 asylum seekers have lost their shelters after fires broke out and there are of a crowd a camp fire fighters on the island of some say the main camp remains intact 2 fires started during what's described as an internal dispute between right grants and refugees. vironment of us in astronomy are angry of the expansion of another coal mine that's being developed on the one of sydney's drinking water supplies raising concerns about possible contamination nicholas cage reports. this reservoir one of 5 catchments immigration me supplying drinking water to millions of people surrounded by protected land if i haven for many threatened plants and animals soon it will also be home to coal mining energy has been allowed to extend its metropolitan meaghan underneath the war nor. well
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informed from some perspectives that to negligent a. metropolitan is one of the longest continually operating mines. using long wall mining methods where i section of coal is removed in a single slice and it's an important part of the local community the company says the extension will protect more than $400.00 jobs and inject millions of dollars into the economy but environmentalists say mining in the area has already led to cracking groundwater laws and pollution were at the entrance but you can't really say much from here because the mine sits within a valley surrounded by bush land and most of its operations happen about 500 metres but on the surface and the company says from that far underground there's no evidence that it could threaten water supply. coal mining has become particularly controversial since drought conditions worsen last year leading to some water
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shortages catherine read olds lives nearby in his collected more than 10000 signatures opposing the extension the government hasn't responded to the petition but says strict conditions are in place to protect the environment. they're horrified that mining is being contemplated under a major sydney water catchment under their drinking water. but i don't want this to go ahead the community doesn't want this to go ahead many people in the community are divided about the economic benefits of coal and its impact on climate change some say it's time for serious decisions to be made on jobs fossil fuels and the environment to gauge al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera and these the top stories demonstrations in 11 are against the da economic situation of turned violent petrol bombs were thrown at banks vandalized as people ignored a coronavirus lockdown to rally in tripoli and. u.s. president donald trump is back to holding coronavirus briefings having plans to help states wrapped up their testing capacity no briefings were held over the weekend after trump was criticized for suggesting disinfectants could be injected as a remedy the number of people infected with corona virus around the world has passed 3000000 and as countries begin easing restrictions the world health organization is warning any loosening should be done gradually and cautiously we continue to urge countries to fly i usually test and treat all cases as. talk to each will this declining trends continue
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but the pandemic is far from over i repeat the ponder meek is far from over. gerry is to relax coronavirus lockdowns in several cities including la girl sand from may the 4th but almost until travel between states has been wearing masks outdoors has been made compulsory in lagos nearly $1300.00 cases have been confirmed in nigeria and 40 people have died. libyan wallowed home before half the has declared an end to all case talks with the un recognized government off the ship it out a political agreement that aim to bring about a national unity government is to be abolished fighting continues near the capital tripoli those are the headlines more news to come here on al-jazeera after counting the cost stay with us. as coronavirus continues to devastate the united states
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the race to the white house goes on joe biden has all but secured his place is the democratic nominee but can he beat still trump joined us for continuing coverage of the u.s. election 2020 on al jazeera. shall carry this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your look at the world of business and economics this week billions now to save trillions in lost economic output the hunt for a vaccine is on we'll talk to the c.e.o. of a drug maker that is using a cancer drug in trials to treat over $1000.00 patients and from senegal the $1.00 test kit. oil shock through to sinks into negative territory now cheap oil may be good for some users but it also means job losses as rigs shut down production. as
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