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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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back to the for so to revive on a jersey or. play an important role protecting it when. the began to turn. i'm comfortable and doha the top stories on al-jazeera protests and levanon against its economic crisis have turned violent demonstrators defied a coronavirus lockdown fighting with security forces throwing petrol bombs and vandalizing banks in tripoli and near beirut people are angry about the promising currency and soaring prices for tory gas and the reports. defying a look down and a curfew protesters attack a bank in the capital beirut the value of their money is decreasing at an alarming
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rate. and on monday the anger at the central bank's policies and a political class they accuse of corruption and mismanagement erupted in a wave of violence across the country. demonstrators in tripoli in new than lebanon blocked roads and fought with police officers responded by firing rubber coated steel bullets which injured protesters on the back of the 2 soldier i swear please stand with us it's too much we stand by you but they are killing us we can't afford anything anymore we are starving i sold my fishing boat for pennies enough is enough for 15 days the dollar keeps going up and down i have a daughter in hospital she needs an operation and it's ramadan lebanon's currency has been depreciating for weeks but in the past few days the near is lost at least 60 percent of its value on the black market the government is hinting that the central bank could be intentionally engineering the collapse as the country
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struggles with the lack of hard currency and its worst economic crisis in decades. most of the central bank is either incapable absent or directly instigating the dramatic drop 101 that. those in power say this is an attempt to topple the government by sabotaging financial stability opposition politicians who are backing the long serving governor riyadh so lamie believe the ruling alliance led by hezbollah is trying to take control of the central bank which implements u.s. sanctions against the iranian backed group over the. coming going to see maybe what they're basically removed the issue. but it's not all and what somebody was. the. money transfer offices and banks no longer dispersed dollars and people are deprived of much of the savings due to informal capital controls.
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the crisis is seen as a struggle between those who hold financial power and those who have political power and it's putting lebanon stability at grace. victoria gate to be al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is back to hold an coronavirus briefings on the ailing plans to help states ramp up their testing capacity no briefings were held over the weekend after trying was criticized for suggesting disinfectants could be injected as a remedy the number of people infected with corona virus around the world has now passed 3000000 and as countries begin easing restrictions the world health organization is warning that there is still a long road ahead it's recommending that any loosening of measures should be done gradually and cautiously we continue to urge countries to find isolate test and treat all cases as every contact to ensure this declining trends continue but the pandemic
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is far from over i repeat the ponder meek is far from over. nigeria is to relax coronavirus lockdowns in several cities including lagos and to boot just starting on may 4th but all more essential travel between states has been banned wearing masks outdoors has been made compulsory in lagos nigeria has close to $3800.00 confirmed coronavirus cases and 40 deaths may be in warlord only for half that has declared an end to all peace talks with the un recognized government after says the she could out of political agreement that aim to bring about a national unity government is to be abolished fighting continues near the capital tripoli the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world stay with us.
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put you on what's happening on the bottom of the phone going back to the sound was a long time i don't know i still have a. lot of other boys who are told to be thinking of you i'm not sure which but you know this. was going to good use of resources i was going. to have to. show you that i was just like you.
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will be going in check ups on. the. show and i was only going to. show on the. jedi. the dude your the. wife you must've. been echo what emotion was going to jaffna that i said to miss out on all day yesterday i had to phone me off the default on the i want to set your side of my life out of the. mortgage but i'm lucky i was going to go to.
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i mean i'm just. going to. show. you don we still find so the money. to me doing it she's got to commit another get on. the set i mean when i mean it was a nice. surprise. suffice it to. like the cast. and you behind. yet did in the cut that off when you were not in. i know. so i don't know i. mean also on the set of funny you know. that was on the show then. i'll go i'll go i'll
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go up. there and then be able to go on and on as mission was going to miss out of so mrs thought i got on to some a lot of women i'm kind of committed oh no no no i don't want to go to. an outing earlier than you think about it without on what i found the thought of i began with the thought go thought those that. don't know. any man with us of course. well the heart of it don't you know what talent one how many mind you but don't you know where i'm . good i'm good with a. 1000000000 with a cellphone a. 100 nay a comedy did him no generous no me did him no beach you know. you're fully even t.v. screen you know i can control. the t.v. your dad's one about the. junk you believe you had. with him with
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a little start of. homewood in your pants or. we didn't your mother. by the show limbs or worlds. so there will be the. home. to be do none as our own has a cooling off the record by some nam trick of vocalisation lady or the ice does go in this with a before that i would. often wonder mr malvina can see how it is going forward. on that one joining us you know what it was a lot of us and i'm sure all of us were asked him very afghan yes. afghanistan war bad them from selling a machine when i wasn't shot at but i want to think had better not so i care more tony with down bad though i don't put down i will thank you while one with a missionary went off and when they were having their knowledge and found their
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element was there was no modern i'm on there i can feel a bit share model. and i get very much i had an impassioned team there on their. opposition to me. and we see. the 1st iteration. of love to watch of others. learn. not after you afghanistan not after the hired man in iran yet news. of united it. will be watched a lot but she's far left and one day. i will think i guess. i forgot how we're going annoyed with her now and.
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then maybe i don't have any i would love to. call off the bulb in one user. name and only one which going to. show you have to choose which order to refuse to 1st know it's your wishes and you really. are. never a. bit of. afghanistan . you don't. leave there is that stylish with the. head on bad ass chance the economy is adequate she has. have you know. they can been on your own by them i mean john after my decision.
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deplorable madela you down in get of them. but i'm going to show man this is. no hostile missile that afghanistan you know you don't gotta gotta wash. your hair out done been on a chicago money than. i'm going to. wear them but i'm sorry caught. when i. think it's honest them 2 in court. and i am with that angel. who is a beast on barge other young wanna. be more damn nice. i thought. i scored us off them one bit at. a house to move on mom said i'm a let me. on why are they gone to the nearby ones in
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the in. this mess. with us them in. the. morning i'm. done him can enjoy the game course. that saudi ice cream go to the.
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cuban officer show you. should i was sure sure those. was just. gerard's for budget without him on is in the game i mean if the whole media. buy the best of it because i gave obama who's in the game now who would see mission bomb jaime show me that i thought about 30 shadowy only did it out so that even the whoredom would have thought without one about the at afghanistan. iraq was a short walk to short of a push of course that was very bizarre i'm usually join as an economist. not so maybe as a human. and if you get it you. show
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me the void to chart a gain at the. idea behind by admitting yes i had to get a look at the economy only when i'm able to. enjoy those any down time that the rest a saturday as you not understand i'm going town hall you commit the name to john and i'm his on him saltiness the beach. along with a school who was here which i said i didn't sell or was it was already been a. large area that had latino votes for the senate it's not exactly what they're all heard from out of this year we have all the while on the extreme right but it was you know the one i have and this is any question he has
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yet to be sure. my basma log said of course i mean i was maybe not the only real mean i'm each going east but that me is more than is better than other because another day because as an officious article of the south isn't there because i'm not a mom but a mom was killed a sort of closure of the a bit of us a woman on the ship the other a lot in other cultures can easily as the other a little ways. than they can muster been reduced of course for them that's invisible for the moment out of this the wish of cheesy with the numbers to show silly is almost the moment in question without cost another stumble way but i haven't always time enough what is on the court much work and what doesn't and my other actor. and i wish i. could not but i'm cussing out on calling you know you've got much to get you know me for being on what i've read again other than what everyone can enjoy the food what dr shall come on i'm a template can i mention
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a bit of joining in a much enjoyed oswald wish him william do whatever it was going to push me off not misha to sound always your i'm afraid what about a messiah got me a hobo on the go football be no more that mustn't they give ya the same could be heard in my new mission to. you know as i want to follow mother angel path before the record oh mother or the the gonna last. this will if to hold out to the gun cannot assassin i got thomas quoting ariel but betty an artist. who is not only that she is or that of those left. give us the best audiences that he that said i love because it was my assume the position of the gift and go to her i can count. on the fishman the i'm going to have i'm sure you've seen the only one
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who will be in that area. pass on those and the other has been that. well i'm not just because a good company don't want to fit one of them one of the not from one of the actually do get several children negative after the government but is going to another genius it won't be different if i don't advocate in the monday but in the last but a recess might have got for their numbers shot at each other on the road to get a city because you know where did the chicago to buy told us yesterday that if you want to you buy told us that they're going to go to but you have to. go on with education what i've done even national and i will be talking about the 2nd mission i school i forgot about to me that's number one and try to love me but isn't sure whether to fit in with it was good and i should want you to be able to get on with my son let me try to keep it on another note that's you know it and i think that you know i'm sorry i don't want your hook and your gene i said just you know i did the as you really did of a get it on the across the bus when your bus when i don't that i don't have the audio i must either she was gonna show one of the horrible can it be all over the
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head i'm sure with the car or not she jamming up on me but you can almost response it spawns that i had and that was many are questioning today a question or a question i see her for not meeting the guy and told his fans that it was act jack as the apostles farthest off you know me to be on which are among buses in audio as in any hour he put a stop sign up we've been out up we all might any opportunity by sitting on the money idea i get is knocking on gumption natio my degree arguing you going to try not having to go on money i did but i got it i was nervous and. i stand. by it she shrugged. the stress of it. is like a last night of the world to realize
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a war so kudos for nuclear loss and son of a team and the hope for we are 2 more work or one or 2 world on our one on one so it's a rock national you heard was right on with was long before that it was chanting the bad man. many often on the team and he was pushy one of the students of us was there not be our mission which will not answer. marketing the concert aila. would add to my wallet so i think about it would really have a whole lot we shall be. in just as. bad as i do see i'm about to go. in that i'm more than a man a chance only 1000 without. that i'm bad as mine is own big. neon by a chicken yard. as i mean i got
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on is in the v.o.a. and the. navy that i use as i. am . one of one of us if we put in a show of 100000 the band i'm able to top one tire the compass and then on them catholicon nash i thought there was time to push. the random bomb beacham to show that i don't she was about to have already made what jack short what i doubt the 4 that i got that we just had to go cause i'm told joe you know why haven't you done a survey going to last a month to stay we're told she's i was on some of the normal that i want to do or
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that's not going to cut down for the turnout was all and if you want a job no high she's going to troll with that i don't know what up on a but most of the n.h.l. had to choose how i'm not sure they should let you know this she. was going this machine was going to get his ship as the aleksey got it only the day she shot for that i was wishing. i could to visit it was that all of a semester the job with all i know is that i'm head of the national marching to the fish i thought it was a put down on which of you. as in not this some of them and will stand now in awe. as not i thought it was time to put it you think everybody. in camp out i am sad how that film is shot at the gas. engine and i thought in anyone else i've been thinking about it either. is that out yet. who would.
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use of this. room tell you what i want about often what we are used to it's fun. for. them in their homes but if they were mad who made of the anybody who behold on all media and your cause and there's a look you know a bit when he was yes but i'm going to have a smoke with him in one of the key njt upon the i phone going to before the can all media. that they've been a fan will go on for a while those are the beat any of us will go when i've known him ya meant that i think. that upside is on the money who i nominate me off i don't know if it were so bad that she thought i thought everybody here most of office goes i don't know that's that's good but i bought them on the whole council joining us it wasn't always i mean i was going up with.
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anybody can judy do a hand job so they would deem. the hakani battery german amazon a sense of peace with endless family has said it's awesome going to get ready for them when you more you had the time you sat now that he. cannot fathom on this you more john noble a side of me about a thing that is what was it exactly like when i was still out of this wood i was in the midst. of them and someone to have the whole of the gym in the not injured is a version of another much as i don't want to harm i phone but i knew i thought it useful. now so i jot side. by side is without anybody at all how best to get. there are. a lot of the lot of them even well that's absolutely right it's going to come off. i don't know now that i
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went back that. i did they are sure yeah. sheesh. i did the faster now and by that. time i said. there's. nothing in this no i'm just want. to shoot and i'm stuck with him and if i'm going to get numbers that i'm watching jack you're the one that you'll get your internet someone with more. than. interest can have a good national to give them a book in there and they're lying to us then we don't want more little moment. if you push even though she wasn't good enough to me would what has name was going on and you don't have to push him but i know. it's a little slow but i don't want to deal. i'm sure you missed the earth but it was
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divided monthly budget which was about the bengals try occurring monday for the viewing go. to dover you know the stars of the writing honestly i mean our little bit you know young irishman i know my sponsors understand that i don't use president enough when he was over. the us or of iran or part of clinton is the key for a. negotiator was. so tall get your. so mr bastable a socialist or jonas a moment when you could couldn't get in without either the real and i did not know the. iraq war or was. it brutally honest with you not the going after i've asked you said well i was you
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don't you got my. letter of the i. that this was the no we can't was going at it how would you know. all of this asked if i didn't really believe. what the moment that i did proud of woody or. others here the other question is she of them were. more copies make them better for the mission. and with whom i know only one thing but i'm here enough for the house i wanted a house that has arrived and what you can find in washington but i know he doesn't want to give this a lot of thought i'll just be done with it i don't wish it neither know nor the house that i fish that. i get to for us now if it didn't you for it is written from his record of wishing whole bit of clothing joys i would have ordered a moment of. your own people busybody relationship.
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manically maternity missionary john but i'm here as you know rhythm of the level of intimate down. to a low level to made out the rules again made it to him a little financial madame did you happen over the next year down there joys on which you can manage a got home or surety already joy that i don't often times in the sheet imaginable from you cork of. joy that i don't want to ask. but only has. admitted you see on or read a motion. by the audacity of others who already started earlier than the reader that there are those what there was to my use of a garden. i care about how the u.s. engages with the wrath of the world i cover for him paul feed natural for purity
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this is a political impasse here's the what are we telling the good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel that you were there the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution not a fact pursuing a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreed withdraw from lebanon into one of the most horrific civilian massacres of modern times women children killed we couldn't believe our. chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. in a war torn city in iraq a medic documents the stories of the survivors recording bare hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from
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over. he turns the camera on himself when i see take control and his family are forced to flee no where to hide a witness documentary on al-jazeera. i'm convinced a door how the top stories on al-jazeera demonstrations 11 on against the da economic situation have turned violent petrol bombs were thrown at banks vandalized as people rallied in the northern city of tripoli and near beirut despite her coronavirus locked up u.s. president donald trump is back to holding coronavirus briefings on bailing plans to help states ramp up their testing capacity there were no briefings over the weekend off the truck was criticised for suggesting disinfectants could be injected as
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a remedy. chubb also said he may seek damages from china over its handling of the virus. we are not happy with china we are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped at the source or could have been stopped quickly and it would have spread all over the world and we think that should have happened so we'll let you know what the appropriate time but we are doing serious adverse to geisha. geria will relax coronavirus lockdowns in several cities including lagos and bridges starting on may 4th but all non-essential travel between states has been banned wearing face masks outdoors has been made compulsory in they'd all send their geria has close to 1300 confirmed corona virus cases in 40 deaths. new york has become the 1st u.s. state to cancel its democratic presidential primary because of the coded 19 pandemic the vote which had already been perspire and was meant to take place in june governor andrew cuomo has it to extend the law down in many parts of the state
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beyond may 15th restrictions could be relaxed in some areas if this efficient tracing and hospital capacity. libyan warlord who only for half guard has declared the end of all peace talks with the un recognized government after all says the agreement which i aimed to bring about a national unity government is to be abolished campaigning is underway in burundi ahead of presidential elections next month the opposition says it's been the target of violence and intimidation in the run up to the vote which is going ahead despite the coronavirus pandemic. in greece around $500.00 asylum seekers have lost their shelter after fires in their overcrowded camp 2 fires on the island of some all started cheering was described as an internal dispute between migrants and refugees stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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thank. you all the. the. the. all.
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what is in the game and i'll be there going into what i did tonight but i will saw that one. young and if you all. think you meant to name the body cannot humble as it. was. possible i thought i. should have been to get your competition to do it i think it was the fact that al chipped back all of my cap off as might become a problem over to the fashion that what i thought or how they got an extra 105 percent i bet i'm not the 1st here i think you.
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know my. mom. my mom. was. i. i.
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oh yeah you're going to sit down all of. the talk to you can tell my. mom this is the silent city bomb and after the charge as i love you. might do in time gate you know john you had to. know i let you go i mean to do it on a few of my stupidity that you want me to write maybe more that you don't know what you mean i you know. he still has to meet. john they would have been satisfied with you. yeah he. lost you much you know yes and you're sad to food but maybe bored and you want to sell their
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cars. my last thought on these guys yes you can us all you want you may not. live. my. life i was. was. was.
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like. oh tell me i know. what i'd be this time like minister said i'm off and i know and i think it's a d.d. could am i just get beat on. somebody could and i was alive by the way we. caught him when i actually. did and i'm not to be missed a lot when i miss anon i was muslim he would. make it very. often again when i google music one afternoon i would tell is he going to meet an idiot going to do this going to is committed to was he couldn't have only listen now. and she would spot me i stumble straight in what i've done i missed it i've sought to hang on to yeah he's been on beside us norah
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o'donnell. good. cheer on one. never. mind you know. was it that it has a thing that's a question that i'm just really. mutinous on the news and you know. and want to mine and i don't know when i'm pissed off if. i'm to look as you know with and without going to news not getting more signed on with them i did you take a job that only you noticed. was. 'd a i was going to buy a house about us without. us
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that. was. us was. in was. such that it's just. that was. that. was not the good of god that was the cause of it because you know how to write came about it is our got to have what i
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have not that much and i don't have much time as they don't have the trying to have that lavish out. in within me that a stoic you know. it was you know it's a medication i was. i don't want to spit on them when asked what i would argue about about them both on all my show i did just about oh was going to be soft you warm water if you got out i was just so awful looking like an afternoon enjoy it just it was understood something good was in the care of them what a pity maybe what it was who goes by what i. was and what i was been because i'm chilled i was gone when. i sent
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a copy. if you mom you know as i was telling the system going to shut up like i was mean after which a better way to millie so as you say the enough time to share them with the system i've done it and put it on his own by all going on she has either some. a state official with a funny. if the one on the. i'm what's mine none. it was about if i'm just. i'm a humble chorus what i'm with you on the other one i'm just a funny ass got on his. chin i timidly when i let him he's just always johnny i say how much he's all just. was you know i don't. know anybody.
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thank. you too may i was going to. race was not in the region i would want to follow. yes. i mean i was you got the job with the much more since i was that was the time and you know nothing i was more than i was going on back with you so i was.
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honest and so on just this one in you know now after the last be sought after. that if not hope to give them a ticket joy. now we don't want going to an afternoon with an iran yes a hot afternoon i joined with my thinking which i need young iranians and when john i was numb and wasn't going to i hope in committing one i'd kill. i should take us out of. you know was. exposed as a confessional hanging up. on end user. and welcome.
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to our. shore swordfish marzo was wooed by a joint task of one in each as in the list. of the euro we did it to talk. to a q. and order me and we went off the. top i'm going to run in situ i'm going into the gap with no room for thought so all my. hierarchy would get aid when dragging it after a failure was a. rush. and i'm with a task that's unwinding. on a personal goal was going to do your homework and share it with me after i moved out on the. hill i wish to listen to music then i said need to. do more as you wish i was down but you're young muslim is that in now they get them
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enough and you know there are hostility to. ensure it is in the game you seem to be . the most solemn on decision you don't he was really aren't a nice time i'm. better now i'm used to body language. i was coming up. the. food. you eat. 7 to eat. i like.
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the ok. i. was . up up up up. up up up up. like. cool. cool.
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cool i was i. i am. i am. was i
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was i was. was. thank god i was. was. joe you know on saturday mabel. to marjorie afghanistan team about on there was if you knowledge on amazon.
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cannot harm his team but on they. just need to harden was just not the haha ma'am all you could do what about him all although that you know is who is in the game on in a year to the i'm to enjoy me at all but i just try to hold him one by saddam and by that. it's. good. for you who was a load busy busy. of the. was.
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was. the 0000000000000000000000000000000000000. 0. 0. 000000 you will. oh. oh. oh. 1 0 oh. 1
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i'm a money i'm sad and i thought it. was i mean just auction. to afghanistan hawkish you know i'm on a mission. the a more data a hard job the do go hog monitor. for about identity reason. on hold enjoy the model hold his name in you know media. has said by the others that most. don't. mind. and i can when i'm with us.
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then one. morning more i love him i'm going to be i'm all began by yet i mean what i mean just as in the. now afghanistan when i am all as. doing beyond mother monies. as how when she could buy them you sat down with. the rest to god and. i mean to lose it all thought not with how when i. called when i dallied in need and care of them all to be to each other. for them. to get out of this i'm a home or a bad i mean to. me about on the one now enjoy the hold it was that.
9:55 am
survived. and. yes. it's. like like that. other one no. i
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don't know you know. i do and. i don't know them either 'd 'd. like like. my i. from time to time of spirituality reflection and gratitude raise the flags all the flags every color not. just the real world well how we are how he reveals the stories behind some of the arab world songs and chance for the holy month this song touched the hearts of all characters for ramadan songs on al-jazeera. overlord winning programming
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from international till my case i think it's here we are going to wife insert life if we carry on this one hour just to rest sets the stage there is no longer a good night even if he is no longer any good giving voice to the voiceless so we wear you out global x. box and discussion that coaches don't exist anymore preventing that today open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on al-jazeera. helo's been pretty hot friesen clean the 2nd half of the raving place because the women went up from the south now it's in the north you think it should be cool well it's not that much cold as it isn't fair they were in the middle thirty's up to 40 still in dubai and not much cloud in the sky and there's not much wind left other the think there will be an increase in the wind but the directions pretty variable
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to be honest in the circulation here just around reactors developing would suggest you get to bring the heat up once more so this is spring variable weather but it's certainly not cooling down it's on the hot side of things it's nice and warm but there is a better description up in the vans in iraq for example baghdad's at 35 that's on the high side too but the eastern med does not contain another storm system so we're quite issues just a temperature to think about bad weather rains been heavy recently it's maybe moved away the heaviest stuff is now if you like congo but the forecast showers could well increase again on the coast of tanzania in rwanda burundi and uganda less so but not entirely not all in kenya and somalia but the emphasis is moved a little bit further west south all this you'd expect quite weather now and most of southern africa and that is the case there's obviously something running at the moment through south africa and johannesburg is just one city that will get some pretty big thunderstorms.
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you know certain isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise you've been looking at another side of the story not from our theory information around the outbreak but the myth of the listening post on al-jazeera. the oppression of an ethnic minority and man my many things the intention was to make sure that injures we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship rights in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution after him and me and mom. exiled on al-jazeera.
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now all jews. with. a wave of anger in lebanon protesters defy a pandemic lockdown to take aim at the banks the economy plunges further. from doha everyone i'm come all santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera. we're doing serious adverse to gay chanson donald trump again blames china for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic the new zealand eases its long.


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