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getting new every generation has its moment where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who come after. this one is hours. away of anger in lebanon one person is killed in clashes during antigovernment protests over the failing economy. from doha everyone on come on santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera new figures show deaths from covert 19 tripled in care homes in england and wales in 3 weeks suggesting a much higher death toll than official figures show. the money zealot eases its
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lockdown after 4 weeks of restrictions schools and some businesses are reopening and migrants in india's are some state walked free from detention centers after the top court moves to reduce overcrowding. in lebanon at least one protester has died after clashes with security forces a 26 year old woman was killed in tripoli where demonstrations against the government's handling of the economy have turned violent protesters defied the coronavirus lock down 3 petrol bombs and vandalized banks the support from victoria gave him be. defying a look down and a curfew protest his attack a bank in the capital beirut the value of their money is decreasing at an alarming rate. and on monday the anger at the central bank's policies and to play. school class they accuse of corruption and mismanagement erupted in
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a wave of violence across the country. demonstrators in tripoli in new than lebanon blocked roads and food with police officers responded by firing rubber coated steel bullets which injured protesters on the. soldier i swear please stand with us it's too much we stand by you but they are killing us we can't afford anything anymore we are starving i sold my fishing boat for pennies enough is enough for 15 days the dollar keeps going up and down i have a daughter in hospital she needs an operation and it's ramadan lebanon's currency has been depreciating for weeks bought in the past few days the near is lost at least 60 percent of its value on the black market the government is hinting that the central bank could be intentionally engineering the collapse as the country struggles with the lack of hard currency and its worst economic crisis in decades. most of the central bank is either incapable or directly instigating the dramatic
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drop 100 on that. those in power say this is an attempt to topple the government by sabotaging financial stability opposition politicians who are backing the long serving governor riyadh sell amy believe the ruling alliance led by has been law is trying to take control of the central bank which implements u.s. sanctions against the iranian backed group over the. coming going to see maybe. they're basically removing the issues. but it's not all and has a lot somebody. the. money transfer offices and banks no longer dispersed and people are deprived of much of the savings due to informal capital controls. the crisis is seen as a struggle between those who hold financial power and those who have political power and it's putting lebanon stability at risk. victoria gate and be out there.
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spoke to abraham men and they're a little bit earlier he is a political activist and by richard says this crisis in lebanon has only worsened during the lockdown. during this time there was a huge buildup of anger at the people because of the threat it is a thing economic situation and devaluation of the leader all combine the people at one point give a lot of chances for this particular subject and this last chance was this new government the government and so far there has been no no sign whatsoever of serious intervention to resolve the economic crisis now that the people cannot tolerate anymore any try any attempt to. to run away from the responsibility a sense yeah last press conference blaming the governor of the central bank was really epic i think. attempt to try and throw this possibility back as
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a government they have all the tools and the legal tools to really address these issues and with the particular of the central bank and nothing has been done so far for the past 3 months and the and the really the situation is this has a snowball effect now and the situation is getting worse by the minute so they come up to really the people cannot wait for any any further. now moving on just a few minutes ago in fact new thing is from the curve of 19 outbreak in england and wales specifically were released these came from the u.k.'s office for national statistics numbers suggesting that well there is a 35 but all the least the number 30 percent 25 percent higher i'm sorry than government think is indicated. in london can you take me for days and what are the means. well it's a tricky business isn't it come all waiting through the statistics then i don't blame you 1st stumbling over those numbers i'll tell you though. the actual picture
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that seems to be emerging is considerably worse even than that you just mentioned this is the obvious from national to statistics as you said giving the total number of deaths across the community can homes and in hospitals there's an 11 day lag time to this so in the weeks leading up to april the 17th and note that within that total number of deaths that's for all causes of death there is on average per week up to the 17th of april and the 3 weeks preceding that $12000.00 more deaths than average that's according to the 5 year running average of deaths in the community care homes and in hospitals as i said and all that 12000 figure some 3 quarters 8758 of those deaths have coded 90 listed on the death certificate what is that all mean well over that the 3 week period leading up to april the 17th that
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takes you to a running total up to that point of $27000.00 deaths confirmed with code 19 on the death certificate now on april the 17th the government's death figure was 13000 remember the official government figures only takes account of deaths that take place in hospital what does all of this mean what it means that after april the 17th the indications are that the act. will death toll the england and wales from 90 is more than double the numbers that we've been seeing coming from the government up to now and a particular sector highlighted within that is the care home sector which has of course suffered from chronic shortages of p.p. as others have done but is thought to be behind even the hospitals and the health workers on the frontline in receiving stops and supplies from the government deaths in care homes running at 5343 that's up to april the 24th a week later just a few days ago those numbers as well not included in the government's official
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death figures it strikes me jonah that it. should have been really from the start given a lot more attention and be bolstered a lot more because from the start of the pandemic we were always told they yelled they were going to be the more vulnerable. you think that would be that would be obvious wouldn't you but care leaders say they were warning the government early on as far back as febreze that their sector was going to be particularly hard hit and that they simply didn't see enough action from the government to reflect that they were at the back of the queue as i said in terms of receiving p.p. and continues to be they were also at the or at a bore the brunt of 10 years of austerity cuts to the health sector hospitals suffered badly enough but the care sector lagged behind even them so they were totally ill prepared an issue say these are homes that housed the vulnerable the people most vulnerable to covert 19 and the people for whom all of the measures in place the lockdown in place now is all about trying to protect i spoke on skype
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a little earlier today not drama from the national care association and asked the question why was more not done to try and mitigate the effects of coated 90 on this particularly vulnerable group here's what she had to say. why wasn't the contingency planning done around that the the sec took that looks off to the people that we were told with the most funds all these are the most vulnerable members of society and that's why they're in care how distant so that and there were no moves main 2 was the protection agenda and that's really important in our center we we have to look at risk we have to mitigate risk we can't eliminate it but we have to try and mitigate it to the best of our ability and i think that's where and that this whole thing has been a part in many ways moving on to new zealand which is relaxing some of its strict lockdown measures introduced 4 weeks ago people will be able to spend more time
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outside some schools and businesses will even reopen incidents reported 19 deaths and more than 1100 confirmed cases of covered 94 clint when what this report. after 5 weeks at the highest corona virus alert level new zealand has worked to a partial easing of lockdown rules until now all non-essential businesses were ordered to close now some regulations have been relaxed allowing other businesses to open like restraints and cafes for pick up or delivery only i've been hanging out for this it was welcome relief for those wanting their caffeine fix from a professional communities come out and supported us which is fantastic a few hook ups with the website this morning but everyone's been very relaxed. so it's good to be open again there were also plenty of people wanting a break from the kitchen as long lines formed outside fast food outlets only a handful of new coronavirus cases are being reported in new zealand each day so
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the government believes the time is right to begin relaxing the rules but the message remains for most people stay at home there is no widespread undertake to community transmission in new zealand we have won that battle but we must remain vigilant if we're to keep it that way that includes safely returning more new zealanders to a neighboring more businesses to reopen now allowing some of the recreate to police we've missed and the past 4 weeks now it's a balancing act for new zealand and countries in a similar position trying to avoid a resurgence of the virus while getting the economy moving again key to that is restarting stalled infrastructure projects and as the alert level was lowered construction workers were able to pick up the tools again under alert level 3 the government expects around 400000 people to return to work which will of course provide a big boost to the economy after 5 weeks of inactivity but there is a sense that even though new zealand has managed to control the virus so far economically the worst may be still to come thousands of jobs are linked to tourism
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and right now the border is closed the government's own modeling says the worst case scenario could see up to 26 percent unemployment restrictions may be easing but this country like so much of the world is a long way from being close to returning to normal wayne hay al-jazeera or clint. china is accusing the u.s. of telling what it calls bare faced lies about the coronavirus pandemic beijing says washington only wants to shirk its responsibility after president from renewed his attacks on china says it ministration is conducting serious investigations into what happened we are not happy with china we are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped at the source it could have been stopped quickly and it would have spread all over the world and we think that should have happened so we'll let you know the appropriate time but we are doing serious investigations. in the news ahead missing out on vaccinations one millions
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of children getting critical care during the pandemic and fishermen and fronts castanets wide to try to revolve revive a multi-billion dollar industry battered by the shutdown. and their plan to raid and scattered showers and thunderstorms across areas of indonesia plenty of activity in the last year as we've seen some slightly better conditions across much of thailand across into cambodia and vietnam but the rain of course is further to the south particularly heavy across much of the monday peninsula so a couple more days young kail with scott a thunder storm sunny lace the end of the day and very widespread rains across much of sumatra pushing into western and central areas of java still want to 2 hours of borneo also seeing some heavy downpours over the next 2 days across into australia
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it is mostly fine in july we seen some good rain across the southeast coming in with this class but also cause some pretty strong winds but the good news for residents in sydney is look at this bondi beach is open again of course it's been shut for several weeks they keep it on just so many people are coming and going on at the beach but i would imagine it is very welcome to get back out there particularly with temperatures in the mid twenty's 26 in sydney on wednesday but there's plenty of rain further to the west of there heavy at times working its way through victoria and through new south wales that is on its way to that east coast as he had to say was really and if you see here sunny some showers expected in sydney on thursday meanwhile dry across both on in new zealand and also dry out across the west of the pleasant and perth with a high of 22. if becoming a living legend to the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence
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on the pitch into political clout the book piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona football rebels begins with a look at the life of to talk about the footballer who succeeded with politicians not. to be a joke but in the ivorian civil war on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera these are the top stories a woman's died after clashes broke out between protesters and security forces in lebanon the 26 year old was killed in tripoli after demonstrations against the government's handling of the economy turned violent the u.k.'s office for national
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statistics says the number of people killed by coke at 19 in england and wales is 35 percent higher than government figures indicate the oas that reported just over 21017 which includes those outside hospitals and $7000.00 more than the government think it's a new zealand suffered a in some of its strict lockdown measures introduced 4 weeks ago to stop the spread of coronavirus the country's import of nearly $1500.00 confirmed cases and at least $900.00 and it's. on to other news and forces loyal to the libyan warlord honey for half of attacked residential neighborhoods in a town just east of tripoli overnight they fired dozens of rockets into the town of . monday half there in the all peace talks with the un recognized government his forces have been involved on his fighters for nearly 2 weeks without the one head in tripoli says half as comments well they could be nothing more than grandstanding . has been saying. big news but everybody here is familiar
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that this is not very significant especially has been repeating all the time the abolishment of the libyan political agreement this high about agreement that brought about the current you and that ignited a government of national accord he has been always speaking here and trying to announce the end of this libyan political agreement to but this has been interpreted in terms of his last defeat his forces lost many parts in the worst of libya especially along the coast the coastal way highway that links the capital tripoli to the tunisian borders after they controlled it for the past 3 years also his forces in southern tripoli have been retreating and the city of the horn or his main a stronghold in the west of libya has been besieged by the government forces so on the ground have to have to his forces have been losing on the ground so his speech
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today as a kind of as you know that couple of days ago. minor demonstrations not very big demonstrations in the east of libya were calling on have to take over power in the country the syrian military says at least 3 civilians have been killed during israeli missile attacks on damascus 4 other people were injured in the attack on 2 suburbs west of the capital the military says it intercepted some of the missiles this airstrike the 4th in less than a month and comes as tensions only increased between israel and the iranian backed armed group hezbollah. more on the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic now we're looking at spain one of the hardest hit countries which is set to announce its next steps prime minister pedro sanchez is expected to present a plan for a gradual easing of restrictions the job is right run jump to 14.4 percent it was a nationwide curfew imposed in mid march to stop the virus spreading spain has now
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reported more than 210000 confirmed cases and more than 23000 deaths and so to mount a 100 or now in madrid about this i want to focus marty if we can on those unemployment numbers because unemployment was already a big problem in spain in the last few years after the global financial crisis. yes you mentioned unemployment figures were released today corresponding to the 1st quarter of the year including the 1st 2 weeks off spain's locked down due to the crown of virus spain has lost half a 1000000 jobs during this period of time and so the net is the necessity of restarting spain's economy is really urgent this is what. it is doing today he's percentage. deescalation plan we're entering the 2nd phase of this of spain's lockdown and what we know so far about this the escalation plan is the
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prime minister has requested the 17 out almost regents hearing spain to be ready to ready to double their intensive care units capacity be able to isolate all coronavirus patients if needed these these deescalation phase case is going to be slow it's going to be gradual it's going to be a cement shoes what do we mean by a symmetric it means that it won't be the same depending on one brick of what region jorian because the corner of our lives has affected differently in many regions we have to say that for example in the cannery islands some islands haven't registered any deaths or any any cases of of corn of iowa. a patient on the date has become the epicenter of the of the course of our news outbreak so these it will be gradual and it will be coordinated from central government in words of prime minister we will have same rules but different speeds all of these will be related
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to the number of people infected lisi all these measures will be reflected in these figures as we know so they will be tracking monitoring the number of infections if they go up or decrease for today up to 4 today in the last 24 hours both numbers will figures a death toll on a number of people infected have gone down so we're keeping the same trend to the descendant trend so we will we will keep an eye that will keep us sorry the gov spanish government will keep an eye on these figures we had an example of last week and where the children were allowed to go for a walk children under 14 will where we're allowed to go for a walk with their parents but with so pictures nationwide of all these parents on the children gathering with people and not respecting social. measures so those measures will affect how the government reacts furthering the day will see all the details of these deescalation plan will hear from premise to put us on to. thank
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you. in madrid russia reporting a big daily rise in corona virus infections more than $6400.00 new cases it takes the total to maybe $94000.00 with almost $900.00 deaths confirmed cases have almost doubled in 8 days. the french prime minister is preparing to present the government's plan to lift the lockdown in 2 weeks' time his announcement in a few hours is expected to include some good news for the french fishing industry natasha butler has this report now on how fishermen are desperate to set sail again . early morning in france's biggest fishing port following silk male fishermen returned to dr unload their catch when they look down began 6 weeks ago the city's wholesale market closed prices plunged and fishing stopped to survive financially the fisherman had to come up with a plan the prices of the auction hall were. really low. and the
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fisherman decided actually not to go out sheep station and now it is better. we're not in critical mode anymore we're not in survival mode anymore thanks to a new organization that was set up also if issues and fishermen reduce the number of boats allowed to operate to control supplies and protect prices some fishermen though haven't returned to work because of the health risks social distancing on board is impossible the fisherman says we don't want to go fishing because we are too close to try that when we go fishing so they decide to not believing the hard work and stay at home but a part of the fisherman says ok we are going through a wooden bust and also toured to try and find a solution for all this is small scale fishing is in financial turmoil too in the south west and poor many of the boats a family owned and operated the coronavirus crisis has also had an impact on fisherman and women here in the port of why all they've had to adapt to the
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situation and come up with creative new ways to keep that business is afloat off to the lock down flaws but are now hard to find a way to sell her fish with a market shot she decided to sell her catch directly to local customers and fishmongers now she fishes in the morning and in the often new delivers his sea bass and souls by fan he said. this crisis has shown us that if you rely on one system of distribution it's a catastrophe there's no doubt we need a royals wholesale market for its infrastructure fridges ice but we've learned that we also need our own local fishmongers and customers workers in the countries fishing industry hope that the situation improves off to the french government loosens a smoke down from a levels and once restaurant school canteens and shops are permitted to reopen financial recovery is likely to be slow in the short term but then least it's on the horizon. natasha al-jazeera why all fronts. unicef is
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warning south asia is on the cusp of another health crisis as children miss out on vital vaccinations during the pandemic unicef says almost a quarter of the world's children who haven't been immunized or have been only partially vaccinated live in that region so we're talking only 4 and a half 1000000 children mostly in afghanistan india and pakistan a total that is expected to rise immunization programs have been suspended in several countries including afghanistan and pakistan with polio is common unicef says it is concerned that vaccine stocks are running dangerously low since the pandemic started because manufacturing and distribution has been disrupted some thoughts now from my van de mint who is the chief of health for unicef bangladesh she told us its vaccination programs are still being carried on despite the lockdowns it's very challenging but we do need to to look into the possibility
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so one way is to really have very localized situations of lockdowns which of course requires a full knowledge of around the epitome. of the covert 19 disease which is in progress in bangladesh but there are still district and parts of this think that are not under lockdown in their decisions can continue entry we also have encouraged the stick sessions in the health facilities to continue so if mothers and children can come out they can be protected on your hand also what we have advised is to limit the number of people in the same area so there are some social distancing during the vaccination sessions as they are going on. now detention centers in northeast india are releasing people the government describes as illegal migrants but human rights groups say many of them were
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wrongfully held they are indian citizens supreme court judges ordered their freedom in the northern state of ask them to reduce overcrowding during the coronavirus lock down more from elizabeth around them in new delhi. police offices in the northeastern state of i found ensure everyone abides by the lockdown but has restrictions continue to be enforced for most people to limit the spread of the coronavirus after being locked up with some prisoners are enjoying their release. as a. 10 year old son otto was just 15 days old when her mother minot a bacon was declared an illegal far enough from neighboring bangladesh and sent to a detention center sanada went with her. i'm happy no once i go home all my brothers sisters and father i only saw them once in an interview. sanada and her mother a to have at least 60 people who've been released from detention centers for
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undocumented migrants in after a supreme court order to reduce overcrowding in prisons during the coronavirus outbreak hundreds of others like them remain imprisoned lawyers say many of them were wrongfully detained and couldn't prove their citizenship because of issues such as discrepancies in the spelling of their name and different documents. all of these are small spelling mistakes small errors that the tribunal doesn't believe anymore the members don't take the mistakes many are declared foreigners are actually not foreigners but all indian citizens but because of these minor errors they're now suffering. in algol district the hoc family happy to have these all back after he spent 3 years and detention center for. it was 60 to 65 people living in a room in the detention camp when i 1st got there there were around 150 to 350 people living in a room there was about 100 square metres 42 year old like many others that didn't
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have all the papers to prove his citizenship even though he was born in india and many people have. not had sure that appearance or even. last year nearly $2000000.00 of the state's $35000000.00 population were left off a national register of citizens a government campaign to check illegal immigration from neighboring bangladesh while their legal status is in limbo the government started building detention centers. ok plans for a nationwide register of citizens provoked protests as did the citizenship amendment act which fast track citizenship to minorities from neighboring countries but excludes muslims and is locked down ended months of protests and also began the release of some present. but rights groups say only 5 people declared illegal migrants in the past 7 years have been deported activists are asking the government
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to uphold international law which says detention must end when there's little or no prospect of deportation and that's a problem al jazeera new delhi. just quickly some pictures for you from bondi beach in sydney which is reopened with hundreds of surface heading their way for the 1st time in 5 weeks now the way it works is that australians are only able to swim also for the sole purpose of exercising which means the beach itself remains closed the easing of restrictions follows fewer infections being reported. the top stories for you on al-jazeera one protesters died after finding between demonstrators and security forces in lebanon a 26 year old man was killed in tripoli where demonstrations against the government's handling of the economy turned violence in other news the u.k.'s
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independently run office for national statistics says the number of people killed by code 19 in england and wales is 35 percent higher than government figures indicate the oas recorded just over 21000 deaths as of april 17th which includes those outside of hospitals which means it's more $7000.00 more than the government figures china is accusing the united states of telling what it calls bare faced lies after the coronavirus pandemic beijing says washington only wants to shirk its responsibility president trump renewed his attacks on the country's citizens ministration is conducting serious investigations into what happened. we are not happy with china we are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped at the source it could have been stopped quickly and it would have spread all over the world and we think that should have happened so we'll let you know the appropriate time but we are doing serious adverse to geisha is even started to ease some of its strict lockdown measures introduced 4 weeks ago to stop the spread of the virus and countries reported under $1500.00 confirmed
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cases of covert 19 and around 19 deaths spain's prime minister is expected to present a plan for restrictions to be further ease to nationwide lockdown was imposed in the middle of march spain's been hit hard by 23000 deaths in close to a quarter of a 1000000 infections russia is reporting a big daily rise in fictions more than 6400 new cases taking the total to nearly $94900.00 deaths confirmed cases of almost doubled in 8 days and in other news forces those of the libyan war after of attacked residential neighborhoods in a town just east of tripoli overnight they fired dozens of rockets into miss la on monday have to end it peace talks with the un recognized government in libya sammy's got the news hour in and. actually here on out to 0. as corona virus continues to devastate the united states the race to the white house goes on
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joe biden has all but secure his place is the democratic nominee but can he beat still trump joined us for continuing coverage of the u.s. election 2020 on al-jazeera. because i'm going to. play this i'm going. to montana calls for the community from blend that your dog's name is this. lead his officers you should move the emotional part of the stroh's. body to follow. this on the islands the meat. cleaver moomba.


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