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coronavirus lessons from asia on the jersey of. every generation has higher purpose. hours. new figures show deaths from coverage 19 triples in care homes in england and wales in 3 weeks suggesting a much higher death toll than the official figures show. hello again i'm come on santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera spain's unemployment rate has jumped to 14 percent as the government proposes a plan for easing lockdown restrictions. also
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a wave of anger in lebanon protesters defy a pandemic lockdown to take aim at the banks of the economy for the weekends but is even disease in its lockdown after 4 days and 4 weeks of restrictions on some businesses reopening. we are starting in the u.k. this getting a clearer picture actually of the scale of coronavirus related deaths at least in england and wales now the official the office for national statistics has released the latest numbers which include those who've died outside of hospitals it says the actual death toll in the week leading up to april 17th was much higher than the government figures indicated john hall is in london covering this one says these updated numbers will leave many feeling quite on. well i think it's very worrying it's a very revealing and potentially quite shocking to the british public has been receiving
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a daily death toll that reflects numbers of people dying in hospitals only without a clear picture of those people who have died of code 90 in their own homes in the community and particularly in care homes and social care settings the office of national statistics putting out their numbers on the tuesday morning and now throughout this crisis of deaths across all of those sectors and across all causes of death as well and then comparing and narrowing down to those that have coded 19 on the death certificate they indicate that they running total up to april the 17th as an 11 day lag time in all of this the running total of deaths that have coded 19 on the death certificate was joint $21284.00 as of april the 17th if you compare that to the official number being put out by the government and the n.h.s. of deaths in hospitals at the same time it was 13917 suggesting that the actual picture as of the 17th of april was 35 percent worse than the public were being
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made aware of and within all of that one sector particularly badly hit the care sector registered some 5 and a half 1000 deaths which is a pretty shocking figure if you consider the relative size of the population within care homes as opposed to the population at large well move on to spain where the prime minister is expected to present a plan for restrictions to be further eased children were allowed outside to play for the 1st time in 5 weeks just a couple of days ago spot the nationwide lockdown span it's been hit hard 23000 deaths and close to a quarter of a 1000000 infections is not the herero in madrid she says restrictions will be aged gradually. spain has lost half a 1000000 jobs during this period of time and so the necessity of restarting spain's economy is really urgent this is what. it is doing today he's
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percentage. deescalation plan we're entering the 2nd phase of this of spain's lock down and what we know so far about this the escalation plan is that the prime minister has requested the 17 out of the most regions here in spain to be read to ready to double their intensive care units capacity and be able to isolate or coronavirus patients if needed these these deescalation phase case is going to be slow it's going to be gradual it's going to be a sea match what do we mean by a symmetric it means that you won't be the same depending or one of what region you are in and it will be coordinated from central government in words of prime minister. who will have same rules but different speeds all of these will be related to the number of people in fact all these measures will be reflected in these figures as we know so they will be tracking monitoring the number of
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infections if they go up or decrease for today up to 4 today in the last 24 hours both numbers will figures a death toll on a number of people infected have gone down a rochelle's are reporting a big daily rise in corona virus infections more than $6400.00 of them that raises the total to nearly $94900.00 deaths but amber of confirmed cases has almost doubled in just 8 days. we moved to lebanon where one protesters died after clashes with security forces. these demonstrations against the government's handling of the economy that turned violent on monday night in the capital beirut and tripoli people defied the coronavirus lockdown throwing bombs and vandalizing banks let's check out how it is now in tripoli in northern lebanon . well tension in the streets come out as you can
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see behind me people gathering outside by the banks that made vandalize last night protests turned into riots there is really a lot of anger in the city 11 on the 2nd largest city but at the same time it's most impoverished city the level of poverty is on the rise unemployment is on the rise this is a problem that began months ago the economic crisis is not new yes it was made worse by the lockdown imposed to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus but these people have been suffering for years there blaming the government for their economic hardships which really has been made worse by the collapse of the local currency now you can see the lebanese army arriving after the scene of the lebanese army was involved in confrontations with the anti-government protesters last night
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you mentioned earlier a protester was killed according to his family he was shot with live ammunition there still has been no statement from the army concerning the specific incident apart from the fact that there are blaming quote instigators for. damage think public and private property so the situation as you can imagine is quite tense this is an economic problem. and. like i mentioned the leader of the local currency that lost 60 percent of its value in the past week rapidly prescience the majority of the lebanese people earn their money in local currency and now we heard from the economy minister just a short while ago and he said inflation is up by 50 percent and this is the economy minister of a new government which is supposed to come up with a plan a plan to rescue the economy so far it hasn't been able to do so it's been blaming
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the central bank as well hasn't it zain i heard the prime minister saying that i wonder how people feel about that if it's just this government trying to pass the buck already. well anti-government protesters are venting their anger at both the banks the financial system the central bank concluded but they're also blaming the political elite they say if it's not enough to blame the banks which have imposed capital controls and deny people access to all their savings because of a shortage of dollars they're blaming the political in the fridge has been governing this country for decades for mismanaging for wasting public funds mansoul those in the opposition say the government is using the central bank as a scapegoat and instead of going after politicians on the problem is this political tension is lessening the problem because the government is blaming the opposition
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of tempering with financial stability and scenario the collapse of the currency in order to topple it while you have those in the opposition who are saying what the authorities are what the authorities are trying to do is that eliminate the political opposition and take full control of that as you say all of them know that it is a power struggle in this kind of thing on the political level and on the street as you guys you've been seeing. a lot of tension so what do you need just anyone just joining us now is i know looking at these pictures that you're creeping heading up this. straight explain to us what's going on with. members out on the streets there . well the army has been saying for months now they will allow the people to leave demonstrate in the streets it is their right peaceful demonstration but once people start. damaging public and private property then they will intervene those in the street say the army has been using excessive force arresting the protesters and the army is response really is we will
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not allow you to battle lies so you can see the pictures here a.t.m. cash machines damaged vandalised really riots last night. there was chaos in the streets of. this city the 2nd largest in lebanon so that is the position of the army we're not clear where the army is heading to or whether this is just a routine patrol. flexing their muscles really or telling the people not to attempt any. any form of vandalism we're just gonna have to wait to see how this pans out how. great stuff from the and her team there out on the streets of tripoli as tensions rise between the people of lebanon and the government and the banks as well keeping a close eye on that one u.s. president donald trump meanwhile has renewed his attacks on china for its handling
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of the coronavirus pandemic he says his administration is conducting serious investigations into just what happened we are not happy with china we are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped at the source it could have been stopped quickly and it would have spread all over the world and we think that should have happened so we'll let you know the appropriate time but we are doing serious investigations. now to new zealand which is relaxing some of its strict lockdown measures which were introduced 4 weeks ago people will now be able to spend more time outside some schools and businesses will reopen as well reported just 19 deaths and more than 1100 confirmed cases or from wednesday in oakland. after 5 weeks at the highest corona virus alert level new zealand does work to a partial easing of lockdown rules until now all non-essential businesses were ordered to close now some regulations have been relaxed allowing other businesses to open like restraints and cafes for pick up or delivery only i've been hanging
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out for this it was welcome relief for those wanting their caffeine fix from a professional communities come out and supported us which is fantastic a few hook ups with the website this morning but everyone's been very relaxed. so it's good to be open again there were also plenty of people wanting a break from the kitchen as long lines formed outside fast food outlets only a handful of new coronavirus cases are being reported in new zealand each day so the government believes the time is right to begin relaxing the rules but the message remains for most people stay at home there is no widespread undertake to community transmission in new zealand we have won that battle but we must remain vigilant if we're to keep it that way that includes safely returning more new zealanders to a neighboring more businesses to reopen now allowing some of the recreate to police we've missed and the past 4 weeks now it's a balancing act for new zealand and countries in
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a similar position trying to avoid a resurgence of the virus while getting the economy moving again key to that is restarting stalled infrastructure projects and as the alert level was lowered construction workers were able to pick up the tools again under alert level 3 the government expects around 400000 people to return to work which will of course provide a big boost to the economy after 5 weeks of inactivity but there is a sense that even though new zealand has managed to control the virus so far economically the worst may be still to come thousands of jobs are linked to tourism and right now the border is closed the government's own modeling says the worst case scenario could see up to 26 percent unemployment restrictions. may be easing but this country like so much of the world is a long way from being close to returning to normal wayne hay al-jazeera or clint in the news ahead fisherman in from scott and that's why they try to revote revive a multi-billion dollar industry battered by the shutdown. in one nicholas hawk
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indycar senegal find out next why this country with a small health budget has the biggest rate of recovery and infected patients in africa. and though that heavy rain across central and southern china has of course cleared out of the picture but only really to be replaced by this clear sunny skies and also a real increase in at the temperatures now there's been some piece of cloud across areas to the northeast and it does mean we could see on wednesday a few more shots particular across into temperatures not too bad. in a meanwhile clear skies across much of the korean peninsula and then look at the temperatures $32.00 in beijing. and in shanghai 25 and this is where the temperature is actually set to increase as we go into thursday quite
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a lot of cloud what actually be in the forecast as well and then temperatures should begin to come down but the rain is also back in the forecast across the central and southern areas of hong kong with a high there over $29.00 and the heat of course is a big story across much of the ndaa as all some of these strong thunderstorms this is a picture taken why up there in the fall northwest you can see the rainbow with those fund the clouds in this plenty more of those in the forecast as we go through wednesday we'll see some heavy rain again through these eastern regions right way down across into tom analogy some showers and thunderstorms likely as well across into sri lanka similar story on thursday so that all 3 could see those scott of thunderstorms but of course it still remains hold with a high of 38 in new delhi. movies .
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these are the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the u.k.'s office for national statistics says the number of people have died after contracting coke at 19 in england and wales is much higher than previous figures indicate the onus figures include the deaths outside of hospitals in lebanon one protesters died after clashes with security forces in tripoli people defied a lockdown there and in bay ridge to demonstrate against the government's handling of the economy on monday night and u.s. president donald trump says the number of coronavirus tests will be doubled as some states begin easing their restrictions but he also criticized china again for its handling of the outbreak which by jane called bare faced lies. nigeria is set to
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ease its lockdown restrictions in several cities including lagos on the puja for may the 4th but all nonessential travel between states has been banned also wearing masks outdoors has been made compulsory in lagos the state's governor says those who don't comply will be punished. well nigeria's president also says easing restrictions won't apply to kano state where they have been a rise in cases. with regards to congo i have directed the enforcement or were told to look down for a few did of to see 30 needed. to go. all the necessary human material and technical resources to support the state in a controlled and contained in the pandemic and event in very school father separated to labor in the states so his one had interest in a burgeoning are sort of a mixed picture coming from across nigeria different places getting different
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levels of restrictions how are people reacting given that the the outbreak still in its perhaps its early stages there. absolutely come out in some states and lockdowns i've been imposed all restrictions of some sort have been imported in those states but yet the compliance there or the enforcement was not very good for example kind of state this state has knocked down its borders with neighboring states for the past 4 weeks however residents are saying that their resteal a problem with social distancing large crowds still gather a lot of people go to mourn people and not to result in the last 1014 days we've seen a spike in the number of infections campbell used to have single digit infections in the 2 weeks ago right now it's competing for space with the administrative
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capital of buddha the number of infections are rising there are no testing currently going on there because we were told that the laboratory conducting the tests there has broken down or has shut off be due to lack of a testing kits and all that and then there are sudden unexplained deaths this. prompted the president to address the issue in his address last night saying although there are no final reports or there is no final report as to what killed those people yet the government is deploying human and material resources and cargo to help look of the health officials deal with the problems and then we've seen people are talking about hundreds of deaths by the way in congo which is quite unusual the government initially the local government there initially rejected the idea that they were covered related deaths however some indications are that some of these days at least some of them related death now with the governments that is
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going to conduct further investigations to verify this come out thank you for those updates on nigeria that's a major. interesting that has the highest rate of recovery for infected patients anywhere in africa and trials have now begun on a coronavirus testing kit it costs a dollar and gives results in 10 minutes nicholas hope with this report from dakar . senegal is doing what most countries count testing everyone symptoms are not entering a health center for the novel coronavirus it has no shortage of testing kit thanks to this lab at the best researchers are developing a one dollar quick diagnose ticket originally made to test for dengue fever patients drop blood or saliva onto the devices and wait for a blood line to appear like a pregnancy test explains researcher i do sell tests there is no need for a highly equipped it's a simple test that can be done anywhere the idea is to rip at least produce $2.00
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to $4000000.00 kits not just for us but for african countries so that we can detect and isolate patients quickly the sick are administered a cheap anti malarial drug called chloroquine commonly found in sub-saharan africa where malaria is endemic while the world health organization cautions the use of it to cardboard scientists says it's an affordable treatment for poor african countries dealing with the outbreak. in these clearing. the virus from respiratory system probably making said people on the more contenders. know more see. with only 50 ventilator machines for $16000000.00 people senegalese engineer using a 3 d. printing machine to produce more well imported ventilators cost $16000.00 this one is just $60.00. sinegal is counting the cost and it's paying off more than a month into the outbreak the small west african nation suffered only $2.00 deaths
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with most patients treated healed senegal has the largest rate of recovery in patients infected with the current virus in africa the 3rd in the world ahead of countries like the united states and france and while it has a tiny health budget compared to those countries it has a wealth of experience in dealing with infectious diseases and outbreaks over $3000.00 children died of pneumonia last year in senegal thousands more from malaria coronavirus is one of many deadly infections the country is dealing with lessons learned from the aids epidemic the recent a bull outbreak were key in senegal strategy in dealing with the pandemic untrusted . already. important case coming in the country and the condition of movement in confinement of people from 8 pm to 6 am i things so since. these measures were taken when there were less than $100.00 cases scientific
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modeling predicted tens of thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths but this has not happened early detection and african led research means senegal is so far beating the odds. nicholas hawk al-jazeera the car. the french burn the say is preparing to present the countries where the government's plan to lift the country's knockdown in 2 weeks' time as announcement in a few hours is expected to include some good news for the french fishing industry natasha butler has this report on how fishermen a desperate to set sail again. early morning in france's biggest fishing port billowing silk male fishermen returned to dr unload their catch when they look down began 6 weeks ago the city's wholesale market closed prices plunged and fishing started to survive financially the fisherman had to come up with a plan the prices of the auction hall were. really low. and the
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fisherman decided actually not to go at sheep station and now it is better. we're not in critical mode anymore we're not in survival mode anymore thanks to a new organization that was set up also if issues and fishermen reduce the number of boats allowed to operate to control supplies and protect prices some fishermen though haven't returned to work because the health risks social distancing on board is impossible the fisherman says we don't want to go fishing because we are too close to try that when we go fishing so they decide to not believe in the hard work and stay at home but the part of the fisherman says ok we are going to have a wooden bust and also toured to try and find a solution for all this is small scale fishing is in financial turmoil too in the south west and poor many of the boats a family owned and operated the coronavirus crisis has also had an impact on
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fisherman and women here in the port of why all they've had to adapt to the situation and come up with creative new ways to keep that business is afloat off to the lock down flaws but are now hard to find a way to sell her fish with a market shot she decided to sell her catch directly to local customers and fishmongers now she fishes in the morning and in the often new delivers his sea bass and souls by fan. this crisis has shown us that if you rely on one system of distribution it's a catastrophe there's no doubt we need a royals wholesale market for its infrastructure fridges ice but we've learned that we also need our own local fishmongers and customers workers in the countries fishing industry hope that the situation improves off to the french government loosens a smoke down from a leavens and once restaurant school canteens and shops are permitted to reopen financial recovery is likely to be slow in the short term but at least it's on the
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horizon. natascha partner al jazeera why all fronts. as several u.s. states start to lift their lock downs one of the priorities will be repairing the food supply chain the outbreak significantly impacted america's meat and dairy industries and stuff getting sick in products going to waste and it has all. across the u.s. meat packing plants have been hit by the spread of the coronavirus many of our the suspended or been forced to slow production with one of the biggest manufacturers warning that millions of pounds of meat will disappear according to the union that represents food workers 13 of their members have died and at least 6500 have been exposed to the virus many plants have been criticized for not doing enough to protect their workers. in agriculture to the picture is of an industry in dire straits farmers are unable to sell their stock as meat packing plants reduce production.
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that breaking the food production chain is affecting some of the most vulnerable as lines for food banks grow across the country high unemployment rates are forcing many families to turn to organizations like 2nd harvest cars lined up here 3 hours before the food drive started and kept coming an hour after it closed were pretty standard by the response to make that everyone heard about it you know this is really a need we're hearing about here and really for. many of those fighting the virus on the front lines they're also looking for help even as they put their own lives on the line to tackle the pandemic. back to work. every day. but just still trying to get a start as a food production industry navigates a way to safely get production going again food insecurity is now a growing issue according to feed america the number of people facing food in
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secure. 2018 was $37000000.00 the long term effects of the coronavirus could millions more to that statistic some economists say if businesses don't we by the end of the month the effect will be catastrophic president don't trump is talking to industry leaders many from food production who face the task of feeding the country safely it's a delicate balancing act with those facing food shortages now among the high risk category and gallacher al-jazeera just one of the story we want to mark out of libya where forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar of attacked residential neighborhoods in a town east of tripoli overnight by 5 dozens of rockets on the town of misurata on monday after ended all peace talks with the un recognized government his forces have been advancing on his fighters for nearly 2 weeks now it is in tripoli he says though the you're recognized government is making gains against half his forces.
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the city of the horn are the major stronghold for have to force in fact it has the central command the operation rule that have to the generals are running the battles in southern tripoli from that central command and the city of the horn or so the city of them has. been with groups belonging to the government of national accord and they have in fact they have been attacking have the us forces in the vicinity of the city of the horn and so in retaliation have to have been targeting the city of them with a grad rocket causing a state of panic and fear among civilians and with getting good reports about civilian casualties in the city of them said due to the attacks by rockets launched by half the forces in the vicinity and inside the city of lahore now it
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seems that this situation might excessive abate especially the city of toronto is now besieged from civil directions by the government forces if he managed to take control of the city of their own or it means that have to his forces lose almost the west of libya and they can in this case the supply line coming do have those forces from the city of the horn or can be cut off by the government forces. past the hour on al jazeera these are the headlines the u.k. office for national statistics says the number of people have died after contracting covert 19 in england and wales is actually much higher than previous figures indicate the includes those who died outside of hospitals it recorded just over 21000 in the weeks leading up to april 17th some 7000 higher than previously report. in spain the prime minister is expected to present
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a plan for restrictions to be further eased despite the nationwide lockdown span it's been hit hard $23000.00 deaths and close to a quarter of a 1000000 infections russia is reporting a big deadly rise in infections to more than 6400 of them the number of confirmed cases now in russia has almost doubled in just 8 days nigeria has set to ease its lockdown restrictions in several cities including lagos and a butcher from may the 4th though all non-essential travel between nigerian states has been banned also wearing masks outdoors is now compulsory in lagos. in other news one protest has died after security forces in lebanon demonstrators against the government's handling of the economy turned violent on monday night in the capital beirut and further north in tripoli people to find the coronavirus locked down through petrol bombs and vandalized banks has more now. those in the streets
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say the army have been using excessive force arresting the protesters and the army is response really is we will not allow you to battle lies so you can see the pictures here a.t.m. cash machine damage vandalized really riots last night and there is chaos in the streets of this. city the 2nd largest in lebanon so that is the position of the army and forces loyal to the libyan warlord khalifa haftar of attacks residential neighborhoods in the town just east of the capital overnight they fired dozens of rockets on the town of the on monday after ended all of the peace talks with the un recognized government forces have been making gains against have to fight for nearly 2 weeks those your headlines and that's my lot for the day thank you for your company bernard smith has got the latest edition of inside story next.
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worldwide military spending is at its highest but 10 years where is all that money going on my government's change the priorities with the coronavirus scripts this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm boun it's me now it's all.


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