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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 65  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2020 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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lockdown in france are being debated in the national assembly spain's prime minister is expected to present a plan for restrictions to be further eased despite the nationwide lockdown people have been hit hard with $23000.00 deaths nigeria is locked down restrictions in several cities including lagos and the boot you're from may the 4th wearing masks outdoors is compulsory and the state's governor says those who don't comply will be punished china is accusing the u.s. of telling what it calls bare faced lies about the krona virus and their mic that's after the us president renewed his attacks on the country down trump says the administration is conducting serious investigations into what happened those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after this stay with us. the prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments the rapidly changing the world we live in given breaks it was a slogan that won over the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. i'm femi oke a welcome to the stream this ramadan muslims around the world are being asked to stay at home this ramadan of this planet and this ramadan this ramadan i'm staying at home to protect our doctors nurses to protect our n.h.s. the british our suspicion rose it's not that i am praying for the world i'm praying for the well for the world but for a while. from you can be a lifesaver protect our frontline staff take our any tests protect our doctors or nurses and take nothing to save lives life save lives and you can do all of that by
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just stay home stay ahead of time. and help save lives before i do if they are to protect us and save mars. bar ramadan mubarak. ramadan at home. and also a campaign asking muslims who are observing ramadan to stay socially distant because of the krona virus pandemic but how is that going to work does it work you can tell us job by jumping into each you chat we love to bring your experiences into today's show but let me introduce guests remedying corinne everybody so good to have you here. welcome everybody. thank you well done will borrow to you all my name is william caldwell i'm an
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elected member in one council. to be a democrat and i write often for the independent good to have you hello introduce yourself. i know everyone from about gary and my name is the way that guys these i am or porter at the having to compose based in new york city where i cover a phobia of social justice issues and the like and on a national level. great to have you and finally joseph welcome to the stream tell of what he. thank you wrong cream everyone i'm just a longboard i'm a professor of quranic studies at the college of islamic studies at home a bit of evil university in doha and one of the contributing editor is an authors for the study koran good to have you welcome everybody let's start with this an idea they sing much preparation that goes into drama but the idea of observing it doing a lot down what is that even like robina you stopped what is your preparations
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been like. oh my parish particularly. the work has been very defense that was preparing the household and the law down making sure that our immune system a boost to good. making sure that we eating healthy is well i'm lucky because i live in the house i have a garden as well but i also have to support people who have been cramped conditions while i was crowded who are finding it very difficult to homeschool so preparing constituents making sure they've got access to support in terms of supporting their own families and also working with charities on the. aid programs to reach memorable and elderly people who are very isolated and so for me what i found in preparing for me the most important aspect is that we shouldn't forget the time from about is not just thinking about office but also about the people and the
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flexion so in terms of the people making sure that those who might be lonely may be feeling isolated we don't forget as well. i mean i'm just looking at tweet that you shared a few days ago when you were talking about getting ready with your children your nephews and nieces preparing for ramadan must be closed prayers streamlined and if the gathering is going digital we can find ways to be together that just if this idea of a digital ramadan what does that mean what if you've seen week doing. well for myself i don't quite honestly say one of the experiences that a lot of people who embraces a lot better in life have is they often don't feel as embraced by the community and and so funny there is actually me but somebody was writing that said that it was one person was like there's a born muslim it's like oh my god ramadan without going to the mosques every day and out with i gather that the only for effect or the other guys they're going to
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go no 1st time. this is a regular experience. we're going to come back to joseph he's going to is slightly challenging internet connection but we will come back to him does a tweet that joseph describe the dish and i'm going to share this with you as well and it's about what you cool if tom which is the way that you break the fast at the end of you'll find sting day and this tweet this is what joseph shed so what can we call if to him is if don't if you do move it will wait if you don't because he's only going to be my wife was 3 nights back just just in time what is it not how do you even do if top by billy zoom way to jump in it. yeah i think at least here in the us we see in this creation what we've got dear stars i think that's the term allah do that or go in for and it's this concept of trying to
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write instead of breaking your fast at the end of a beautiful meola with so many of your family members around as i was at home or in a mosque right there a party that people are going to do it online and so when you zoom zoom google hangouts and skype or work all day let's use that to come back and i think to kind of jump on joe says point i was talking to one woman or or that i was doing not too long ago who had embraced islam later and my and she had have died on those communities to kind of help her feel that spirit of amazon and she words worried about the loneliness that you were throwing to have to go through this month and so one of the ways that she's going to combat it is to set up your car as if darwin every we want to call it every night with different brands and families and i think it's a way to kind of feel a little bit of community during its and over is that really were. and i am going to say as a as as a somebody who shares an office with many wonderful muslims to observe ramadan
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obviously socially distant now of course one things i found every ramadan people do is that they're sharing pictures of food that is salivating over that they can't eat quite yet but later so in that tradition i'm going to show robina's if a big if caught up with my family i'm drooling right now about 40 family members digitally the food in my house was very real as you can see in chile that it looks gorgeous and so. let me talk about something that actually is quite challenging and i fear that i want to bring in. he is a medical student he's in pakistan and in pakistan the most will be staying open and shot try to explain to us why that is what it is about pakistan culture where family so fiercely and togetherness he so fiercely cherished that
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people would paps risk their own health and go to mosque. this is. this is. is the. does if i'm wondering that the headlines from pakistan are incredible considering that many of us are practicing social distance at least physical distance whatever thief that we're in what do you make of mosques in pakistan staying open at this time. well i don't want to single out any one country but i don't think that this
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is necessarily a responsible move at this time one of the things that many people have not really understood is what is the actual or not that is the transmit ability factor of virus and and that's been debated and people have said oh it's. you know some kind of scheme to get people out of the mosques and i'm afraid that some of that type of attitude has played into these decisions and this is something where it should be left to the medical experts and the. scholars they need to say that this is an area where we need to advocate to those who have better knowledge of how such situations should be handled. how much guidance is how much guidance have to be. around the world about how you should observe this unique ramadan where you can't get together as you would normally do
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you can't have fellowship as you normally have it will kind insist that. we've had the muslim council of britain also it. should be closed government should not happen and i think that is absolutely right the government has also been part of council. across the political parties as well there is one aspect that we should also talk about which is guidance and the. national health service and people who work in hospitals who are keeping it off so i had a question from one of the m.p.'s that i support. with a different number of politicians in the democrats but what she also me and it was very well should i give 5. nations about things who are working in hospital settings. given direct information they can give guidance the ultimate decision has to be a health professional setting so that it doesn't impact on the patient protect
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themselves and it does pressure on the n.h.s. so there is. about sharing particles and sharing part. i guess i want to share this tweet with you it comes from nigeria and use of talks about. communities in nigeria they can't do. digital if they can't jump and he talks about the options that are left to sponsor programs for local radio stations so if you don't have internet and the connection is almost as good as yours if you can't connect in that way. how else can you connect. i think i've been seeing matt people who have been getting very creative and. connecting in ways that are beyond the internet i talking to a few people who said that they wanted to go outside and reconnect with nature because this is something that's also emphasizing that they are talking about
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connecting with the immediate family members in your home right you don't necessarily have to go so far and wide and i think we're seeing creativity in terms of how we practice saying the traditional elements of the faith and i think a lot of people are tapping into that now and joe said i'm sure you know better that mean terms of the practice of seclusion right and meditation are big practice is dating back to the prophets and there's something that a celebrated amazon and so i think it's probably something else that a lot of muslims are practicing this this month. just if. thoughts on that one yes this is actually a very important point thank you for bringing it up yeah the opportunity is when you talk about connecting the most important connection that you make with in ramadan is the connection with god and with the koran and all of the other connections that we made should be viewed as as secondary to that and at times we get distracted by the social dimensions of ramadan from focusing upon its ultimate
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purpose which is that connection with. god with the koran and through that a cleansing of ourselves and the prophets custom was in the last days the last 10 days of ramadan to go into isolation and and to withdraw from society and and perhaps it will be something that more people will be inclined to do in these last in these last 10 days because that's where the true spirit of ramadan is is to be found and it's even in the qur'an in when it talks about ramadan it's doesn't say shazam it's. it's ramadan in which the core and was made to descend and the purpose of fasting is almost opening yourself up so that you have a space for the word of god to be instilled within you and that's made that connection while you've cut off all of these connections from the rest of the world
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. i'm just looking at something that we share with our audience our online audience and the asta if we had any essential because who are out say who are observing ramadan firefighter good handle firefighter as a muslim firefighter and paramedic i've adjusted not only by wayne p p personal protective equipment on every corner but also praying more at the fire station especially up to breaking my. now the 5th in london and in the u.k. this whole idea. observing ramadan when it is so difficult and so challenging for health workers right now and stressful and then on top of zach to be in the holy month of ramadan can you give us an example of what they like. where i live in the hospital. to. help both of.
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my constituents and when you wear protective protective equipment because very hurt and it becomes very difficult hence the person who is in that situation must make the decision themselves as to what they can. they can fall. that if you break don't you must make sure that you keep up to date so. they do people that they have. the mental but most important fundamental make sure that you will sell off making sure the people that you care for and making sure the environment many of them could be working in. that pressure within that unit. so they feel that. if that is the issue they are more than. is the issue. i want to bring you in here because you've been working on
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a number of stories re you finding islamophobia. online because it is the month of ramadan for instance this headline here one of your stories anti muslim public and is seeping into online discourse about the coronavirus can you give us an example. absolutely i may think the important thing to note here is that unfortunately at our most. global but it's been prevalent for a very long time and so when the pandemic. was a matter of taking advantage of people. vulnerabilities of their fears of their very valid concerns and then using that to promote toxic disinter mation misinformation about the muslim community and it was a trend that i've seen and many places and different parts of the world but the 3 that are highlighted in that report was the u.k. the u.s. and in india and then in the u.k. in the u.s. we primarily saw the old footage of say last years that i want on of the ramadan
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beforehand and that being circulated on far right websites and by people who have a history of promoting anti muslim brother and saying look at these muslims who are not social distancing they're still going to their mosques are still gathering etc and not only is that false because again we're using old image here but there's a message that wants to abilify in demonize the muslims which is ironic of like robina's that because so many of them are on the frontlines are essential workers are out there riding the most care and we're seeing that here in the u.s. as well. we've had another challenging point in the u.s. where the president donald trump tweeted that tweet talking about a disparity between the churches and the mosques and wondering if authorities were going to crack down on on the mosques and people gathering in the mosque was which is again information because the mosque have been ones that it's not like they were planning to open they were closed from the 1st local and state and federal
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discretion where gatherings are fans it's been over a month and in india it's probably the worst case of osama phobia we've seen like you said the mosques have chosen to stay open for madonna and before that you had a small missionary group who were still the humans about going out and gathering and therefore a number of cases have spread because of this missionary group and muslims face the consequences you had fruit seller you were banned you had a muslim man who died by suicide because he was vilified her being associated with this group. and so the impact of this propaganda it's quite real. this is so not about one thing yet just a piece guys want to say i mean we also need to when we put this on the context of coronavirus that originate in china one of the things that the whole of the spread of coronavirus has done has caused everyone to look away from what's have happening to the weaker muslims and and that has been an absolute humanitarian crisis and
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the chinese have just stepped up their persecution of the we are muslims and it's something that muslims need to take into consideration if they're worried about being walked under muslims because these are people in so many parts of the world that have far worse than those of us who are able to participate in this conversation right here now and listen to it have. i'm so glad you brought up the we can muslims because he chewed out audience that is the chanting about helping the poor she found she 10 dress says it's hard for the poor to see if a catch gene this month with a lockdown because he's in social distances distancing it's it's hard to say them genuinely this whole idea about how are you able to fulfill your charitable deeds doing ramadan if you can't go out and make meals full of people who are less fortunate than yourself. how are you able to do that. well i said at the
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beginning that we've been involved with different community organizations and the most one aspect of this pandemic. from a bomb is that many charities most involved charities have already begun to make sure that they are creating infinity's to give out and distribute meals perishable goods as well to people particularly those who are very old to the to those one verbal people families who are often very isolated because they are in isolation due to clap when they have people who have got. 19 along until i have to give tribute to the people who are taking care not the funerals. c'mon ek thank you for being on each and with us says for those who don't have anything to eat ramadan teaches us to care remember the poor weak people wherever you are which reidy sick ways beautifully into saeed jaffrey and he is
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at pakistan police and he said this time this very unusual ramadan reminds us that we should be doing charitable deeds as muslims during this holy month of this. number than under corn beingness allowing that the opportunity to do one of the essence of ramadan by empathizing with the poor we can do. we can head the needy. and impoverished communities by giving charity. graces and we can stay at home and save the life of the poor and. god would be very happy but. we are observing ramadan so i'm just thinking he am josephs about the purity perhaps of a very different kind of ramadan where you're not working out how many dinners can
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i go to how many if does can i go to what are you going to night when you don't have the opportunity to meet up with your friends and your family how is this perhaps in hot saying your faith as a muslim. for me as a muslim i would say that one of the most important things is that really one of the main things that you also have in ramadan is that a lot of people go to the mosque for it is learning is knowledge and there's actually been. proven reship of people starting podcasts and other things. on you tube and other places to help fill the void it's almost too much in fact sometimes there's so many things that i would do i could feel my way with them but this is something that i think might actually be a great opportunity for a lot of people and find ways to connect with other communities but i hope that they don't take place of what happens in the mosque and again that aspect of not
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being able to do charity in person is very difficult but again a lot of opportunities opened up such as launching good is doing a good job of addressing all of that and giving us opportunities to practice it and enjoy our law when we are able to go back and meet a person people will be able to do these things more in direct giving in a way that is our custom as muslims. right away right at the very beginning of ramadan but for you how has it been so satisfied briefly to wrap up. i have to say . and but i am blessed to have a home i'm blessed to be surrounded by family i'm not alone and looking for it's making the most out of this man and listening to what my fellow muslims are doing as well. and to comments from theresa to the different comments from twitter we have. the spiritual uplift will be minimal because they won't be chants for public lectures and other essential gatherings and then accentuating the pulse to follow
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and he says i am feeling optimistic many of the early muslims in sounds may have found seed in seclusion we believe the prophet mohammed peace be upon him receive revelation in seclusion let me leave you with a delightful picture it is a picture of the delicious if done to know that you have been shared with the family digitally so i'm going to do that just the same to you you can send levitate over that and i all i'm going to say is thank you so much guess being with a. yes doing this ramadan i know that it is not the easiest thing to talk for half an hour when you are fasting but we really do appreciate you being an hour away jeff joseph thank you very much indeed and thank you to you choose to keep putting all your comments into our show and if you all marking ramadan mubarak passover today's the street i would see you next time thanks so much.
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let. me ask. you a little. may on al-jazeera will president rhodri go to say succeed in shutting down t.v. giant abs c.b.s. and by may the polls will have special coverage al-jazeera well the selection of the best network documentaries includes the story of on sunday gyptian composer and musician alley smile despite the coronavirus pandemic conant process ahead of the presidential elections by postal ballots the emmy award winning full license is back investigating the united states and its role in the world and in the u.s. election primaries presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delicate threshold made on al jazeera.
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rewind return this care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in libya i was the job of the clubs. and the other student rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this war especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. ramadan a time of spirituality reflection and gratitude raise the flags all the flags every color. al-jazeera world well how do you know how he reveals the stories behind some of the arab world songs and chants for the holy month this song touched the hearts of all arabs for ramadan songs on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. this is al-jazeera. i'm adrian forgetting this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes banks under attack in lebanon troops patrol the 2nd largest city to stop more protests against the financial crisis. a moment of silence in britain to remember health workers who've died after contracting kovac 98 used to just take say the number of dead is much higher than the government is reporting.


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