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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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i gather in this one news organization and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. loses half a $1000000000.00 and low oil demand leaves tank is sitting in the ocean is the financial impact of the pandemic deepening. bulletin joe hi everyone i'm come out santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera. the 2nd night of rioting in lebanon as a currency crash pushes its economy to the brink also the outgoing un special rapporteur from me and martell's al jazeera she's basically disappointed in and son
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suchi over the persecution of a 100 muslims and a giant asteroid is hurtling past earth but close enough for astronomers to study it. we're looking at the economic effects of the corona virus pandemic this hour they are being felt in many parts of the global economy aviation and oil is specially and it's hitting the big players airbus has already said it's bleeding cash at an unprecedented speed and announced it would cut production by a 3rd now it has posted a 1st quarter loss of half a $1000000000.00 the chief executive of the european or a swiss company is warning this is quote the greatest crisis the industry has ever known its rival in the u.s. boeing has already announced plans to cut 7000 jobs its chief executive predicts global revenues in the industry could drop by more than 300000000000 dollars this
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year and then 3 years after it will be in a recovery phase and in the u.k. british airways is set to shed up to $12000.00 jobs which would be a 3rd of its workforce the airline has suspended 96 percent of its passenger flights for april and may so let's hear from tom valentine who's associate editor and chief correspondent of the industry magazine orient aviation he told us the situation is actually only going to get worse. the fact is any aircraft there are 90 percent of the world leaders sitting on the ground and the last thing here might want at the moment is to take delivery of more she'd have to park i know a lot airlines around the world are currently right now in discussion with both airbus and boeing. looking at not only not only calculations but certainly may need to ferals their deliveries because they simply don't want these aircraft right now we all know now that recovery will come it's not going to be
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a sharp the shaped recovery is going to be alone you shaped recovery and it's going to be a long time before the air transport network is good to be back where it was before the crisis we're talking about the iraq to 2 years so that's our number one time for iraqis to hold out for the plane makers to hold out they certainly need all the help they can gain from government from the our investors and these governments and there's are also haitian economic problems of haitian recession shortages of casual roman soldier going to be a long time before glee the industry has any chance of returning to work isn't going to be normal but some sort of normal and with fewer planes flying comes a dip in demand for oil saudi arabia's oil revenues are such have taken a 24 percent hit since the start of the year the world's largest oil exporter
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suffered a deficit of $9000000000.00 in the 1st quarter with quite old demand collapsing and storage units nearly full as factories and business i shop because a pandemic opec and other producers have already agreed to cut production by almost 10 percent for the next 2 months as they try to support price since but there is more bad news possibly from riyadh some u.s. politicians a corn on president donald trump to stop importing saudi crude oil according to the industry website tanker truck as the. 50000000 barrels or so of saudi crude on its way to the united states marine traffic shows the use of these 24 tankers on route around the horn of africa we have parity bound for terminals in the gulf of mexico for delivery to refineries in texas and louisiana but as we said your prices of sound to record low so that threatens us produces hence these politicians in washington want the vessels turned around has been done harry the founder and
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c.e.o. of the insights a company providing global oil market analysis and says this will be a tough year for the saudi government all of this oil is what had been produced when saudi arabia stepped up was producing full tilt after the march 6th grade down of the opec nano pick a ladder and sent all about its your well same course starting starting in may it's probably too late to call bad those tangos now some people suggested that perhaps saudi arabia could just use last time because as has floating storage what is the other point of view is that a lot of this oil is already sold so it's not the ownership or it's but us or find us that has to come ashore and oh you know that could be another factor that is especially been hammering w t i prices much more in recent weeks relative to brant because the u.s. is just absolutely all through in the storage shortest situation especially if you
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. demand mind more windy is the fact that huge chill is probably going to look well at us and you know the rest of the year is not looking too good either so the saudi government is going to be in a very talks part probably raise more money more into its results but you know going through all of it it's not a very good situation to be in because you are just becoming increasingly more indebted whether you are that the government or the so are saudi aramco. the tank is heading towards the u.s. but the problem is bigger than just that it's actually creating a strange spectacle off the coast of california as rob rattled reports from the sentence. a sign of global economic breakdown floating offshore dozens of huge oil tankers sit it anchor outside the port of los
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angeles each vessel up to 365 meters long is brimming with tons of crude oil but there's no place to put it or what we have right now is a significant balance in supply and demand in the oil markets be asleep driven by significant demand contraction as a result of the economic slowdown translated from corporate economic speak that means that in the global lock down fewer people are driving to work or anywhere else as evident in these shots of near empty streets in los angeles with so many out of work people are buying less so fewer goods are being trucked from place to place and check out this near empty airport hardly anyone is flying so who needs jet fuel u.s. consumption of petrol diesel and aviation fuel plummeted 31 percent since mid march with the price of benchmark texas crude dow 90 percent for the year in normal
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times we use about $100000000.00 barrels of oil per day globally and in the month of april experts are estimating that that number is going to be around 75 or 80000000 barrels a day which is about the amount that was used globally 20 years ago storage tanks on land are chock full so we'll companies are using ships as expensive storage bins the price charged by shippers for doing so is up to more than $150000.00. per day and there is more oil on the way a flotilla of 20 saudi arabian super tankers is steaming toward the gulf of mexico u.s. purchasers bought the saudi crude earlier when prices were higher as the ships keep on coming the u.s. government plans to store millions of barrels worth in the strategic petroleum reserve
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a series of gigantic underground caverns below louisiana and texas as seen here from above meanwhile back off shore from the port of los angeles the u.s. coast guard is monitoring and adapting its procedures to make sure the mammoth ships remain safe and that the maritime traffic jam doesn't pose a hazard to navigation or the environment ending the oil glop depends on reviving the economy which in turn depends on beating back coronavirus industry experts say it may be months before those oil tankers can unload their cargo rob reynolds al-jazeera sand piedro california an update from lebanon now where the central bank governor has defended his own role in the economic crisis protests against lebanon's deepening financial problems and turn violent for 2 nights in a row now in tripoli in the north demonstrate to set fire to a bank and hold rocks at security forces who then responded with tear gas and
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rubber bullets the central bank governor says it's own the finances the government and it is not responsible for how any of the money is spent and if you model it back to me we hide nothing in the central bank of lebanon nothing is being done unilaterally and the central bank expenditure belongs to the financial system in lebanon other than that it is an attack that aims at not telling the truth to the public of lebanon in order to increase the campaign against the governor of the central bank. with more from beirut now she says the government and the central bank display each other 11 and financial problems. a few days ago the lebanese prime minister has even insinuated he went as far as to insinuate that the central bank governor is tampering with financial stability for political gain said he was engineering the collapse of the currency to topple the government today we're hearing from the central bank governor saying i've been very transparent the government has been involved in the decisions i've been taking i have never acted
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unilaterally and that the central bank was funding the state than it was the state which was spending the money but what is interesting is that he is seeing this as a campaign against the financial institution and against himself because at the end of the day in lebanon on there is a power struggle and you cannot you know discount the fact that what is happening is that you have a government that is being accused of trying to control the financial sector the government is controlled by hezbollah the iranian backed group and their allies the opposition which is supporting riyadh who is seen as pro american and in fact the u.s. assistant secretary of state david schenker yesterday said that. has been implementing u.s. sanctions against hezbollah so you have these 2 camps and they're both accusing each other of trying to topple each other accusing each other of trying to stage a coup and in the interim the economic crisis is only worsening and people's livelihoods are at stake the un's departing rights envoy for me and says he's
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basically disappointed in suchi he lee has previously a clue accuse the me and me of genocide against the range of muslims with 700000 of them fled a crackdown in 2017. syria if she were allowed back into the country which brought her from visiting should have more evidence to take to the international criminal court the government may have consistently denied the accusations here is some of those comments from the un's outgoing special rapporteur on me and my young healy. we all knew that she was put on a pedestal trade as the icon of democracy and human rights but ever since the n l d has taken office and ever since she took the oath as a state counselor all of her actions and her words statements point otherwise and recently when the pandemic call that
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19 how she is supporting him giving more power to tell my daughter in containing why it's right and also end corentin aspect of managing co-head 19. really scares me and and how she had pretty straight tech my jaw in day during the i.c.j. is also very alarming and very indicative. of how she has changed her stance or maybe i know i still would like to relieve she can change what how she's been doing now. perhaps the world really know who she was she really wasn't. in the news ahead protect the children charity sound the alarm about child abuse during the
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lockdown. and a lot of the news as well for you the latest on plans for a large scale prison swap in yemen. hello we've got high pressure dominating the weather across parts of eastern asia so lousy fine and dry we got a little bit of clouds of the north east of china eastern pos all russia and a slip over towards the far north of japan into her car you might catch the odd shower here but i think for the most part it is looking settled and sunny will sunshine as well 2324 celsius for tokyo and for sock a similar temperature there for solace hot in beijing 33 degrees you come further south we have those seas the rains my bahrain's just sliding their way across central and south western parts of china sinking
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a little further south let's and east with as we go through friday and by friday notice it is fine it's warming up further there into japan 25 celsius taipei similar values here and hong kong getting up to 28 degrees of plenty of sunshine still a fair bit of sunshine as well but expected to central and northern parts of india but southern areas see some very heavy showers over the next day or so the 100 that maybe into the good part of kara seeing some of that western weather still seeing some live showers up towards the northeast off in the so just around behind pushing down into west bengal and more big and foundry downpours for a good pot abundant this. is really just treats and trace frank assessments wise it's really struggling to cope with the number coronavirus. failure to take really aggressive action we put
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them behind her informed opinions it's going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti where there is one ventilator very relieved people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines as india doubling up to nip the spread of her own of ours in the ball inside story on al-jazeera. these are the top stories on al-jazeera this hour airbus has reported a 1st quarter loss of half a $1000000000.00 the chief executive of the european aerospace company is warning the coronavirus pandemic is the greatest crisis the industry has ever known. the reviews boil revenues of also fall and they've done 24 percent since the start of
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the year the world's largest oil exporter had a $9000000000.00 budget deficit in the 1st quarter as demand for oil collapsed in the pandemic and the lebanese central bank governor has defended his organization's role during the economic crisis protesters in lebanon 2nd largest city tripoli a 4th with security forces for 2 nights in a row as anger grows over the state of the economy. the world's biggest container ship has been launched in south korea just as global trades going through a sharp downturn due to the pandemic but having largely controlled the spread of the disease in their country the south korean government is now looking to repair the economic damage mcbride reports now from the southern port city of busan. about to start its maiden voyage to europe the world's biggest container ship loading at the port of busan able to carry 24000 containers she's the 1st of 12 ships intended to make south korea one of the world's leading shippers but the giant
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vessels were ordered in 2018 well before anyone had heard of cove it 19 or so back. those are big vessels everybody just said simulation maybe a market. is as part of the kitchen we have you know good histories to ever hear how much process you know grow by valley increase so based on their. yes or no however to change to tell a difference global shipping has been hit. badly with predictions of a world recession lasting months or even years and then there's the longer term prospect of countries restructuring industries that will further hurt trade but south korea is trying to look beyond this pandemic to a future recovery wiser from the recent lesson of the past in 2017 the country's biggest ship or hand gin went bust provoking
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a national debate about whether the government should have intervened given the country's unique geopolitics occupying the southern half of a divided peninsula south korea has for decades effectively been an island it relies upon air and sea links with the rest of the world and for this export driven economy ships are essential a point to the country's president stressed when he launched this vessel. on make sure that we want repeat the history of ups and downs by strongly pushing to rebuild the shipping industry i mean to become among the top 5 shipping powers in the world shipping along with other key industries like car making and davey ation have been designated as essential in the allocation of relief funding south korea like many other countries realising it's not enough simply to survive this pandemic but ensuring it comes through with the means to make it prosper once more macbride
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al-jazeera busan. human rights activists say the philippines government's strict enforcement of lockdowns led to serious violations committed by police the u.n. describes the country's response as highly militarized jamila onondaga with more now from manila. these were the last few moments of winston ragas his life before he was shot dead by police they say the former soldier refused to follow their orders and was threatening to shoot them so they fired detained. twice. but witnesses deny this they say he posed no threat to anyone in the movies who spoke to the islamic he says rug was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and this death is a huge loss for them and. he was very thoughtful especially to his nieces and nephews here remember there were birthdays and he was
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a very generous man. other videos that critics say show excessive use of force by police have gone viral to. prevent in this one a police officer forcefully tries to arrest a foreign national jury a dispute over quarantine measures imposed by the government. and here another officer appears to break into a private condominium before threatening to arrest people using areas like a swimming pool the philippine government displays around $50000000.00 people under lockdown across the region designed to clamp down on the spread of the coronavirus that's nearly half of the country's population just a few weeks ago president with the go to tear to or there domenici and police to shoot dead anyone who creates trouble. police have denied allegations of wrongdoing
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and say they have arrested more than 100000 people since the lockdown was implement . did more than a month ago human rights watch has issued a statement urging the government to investigate reports of abuses and hold officers have committed rights violations accountable. i mean it's really been subject to very harsh regulations rebuilt regard the reality so basic to asia. and that it's going. well anger and frustration and. the government says its policies are necessary to fight the spread of the coronavirus but people here tell us the use of what they say easy heavy handed and violent response by police is creating fear and anxiety. to. manila. child protection agencies worried that millions of children under lockdown in asia are at risk of domestic violence 7 charities including save the children
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world vision are asking governments to prioritize the safety of children who may be in danger and the ocean countries including india and singapore have reported sharp rises in domestic violence during this pandemic and see from an in detroit charter not director of programs and policy at save the children india told us child protection services are reporting a record number of young people calling them for help. i think this is an unprecedented time and to be very honest none of us have seen anything like this before we have noticed that in the last if you if you compare the pre lockdown period in and the current scenario there is a rise of 50 percent in terms of domestic violence against children through our child which is a government mechanism where children can record you know their complaints over the telephone call the telephone number being 109198 and that has been this is unprecedented we have never seen this many cases of domestic
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violence against children and we still don't know where to go with it so so it's oh it's a pandemic of a different sort while it's a health pandemic globally and people are dying of the corona virus but what is also true is that there is shop rise in you know in violence against children which we are experiencing in india and many other countries in asia the number of cases that we see now are only the ones that are being reported which means that these are the ones that have probably gone to a certain extent the children feel the need to. you know need to reach out to the child mechanism was present on trying to sort of meat processing plants to stay open despite concerns over worker safety production was stopped in around 20 of the countries factories after workers fell ill but responding to warnings of a global meat shorter trump and signed an executive order to reopen the plants it limits employees abilities to sue companies if they catch the virus. brazil's
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president meanwhile says he can work miracles to prevent coronavirus deaths and are dismissed questions about brazil's covered 19 cases which is not supposed to china's infections it's called for businesses to open even if it allows the contagion to spread. a little bit of other news for you on to syria has learned the united nations and the international committee of the red cross have advance plans for a mass prisoner exchange in yemen the swap which could potentially happen in a couple of days is part of a ceasefire proposed by the un special envoy martin griffiths thought about a 1000 prisoners could be released in the 1st batch of diplomatic editor james bays but this explosive report a mass prisoner exchange was 1st proposed in the stockholm agreement in december 28th all sides agreed to the idea but it never actually happened now it's being revived as part of a peace plan proposed by the un special envoy martin griffiths he said he believed
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that plan was close to fruition when he spoke to the un security council last week he didn't reveal that arrangements that now advanced for a prisoner exchange to be organized by the un and by the international committee of the red cross we were asked to organize a release during this endemic of and we had to balance the interest that you made there in the trust of the people to tame the fact that they could go back home see their family after years of detention and the risk we were taking as you made an operator is in fact to do so the risk of the dangers to be in fact so balancing those interests we decided that we would go for it you seem to have everything in place what needs to happen for this exchange to take place. i would see that almost everything is in place. to me oh it's
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a final alignment of the tree parties involved in their release. the government of said it would be arabia and sarah and the government of yemen. we are there we still need a couple of days to be ready but we need this this this button to be pushed and for this we need an alignment and just to be clear on the timeline you mentioned a couple of days this could happen within days potentially but tends to yes u.n. sources tell me the actual prisoners for the 1st stage of a transfer have been identified there are about 1000 of them. now a large asteroid has fortunately find past earth a space rock the so-called 9098 arctic didn't collide with our planet but it did
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get close enough for astronomers to have a look at gallica reports from florida. when a small asteroid broke up over siberia in 2013 the ensuing shockwave injured over a 1000 people and caused extensive damage it was a reminder to space agencies across the world of the dangers asteroids can pose the asteroid that flew past our planet on wednesday has been classified as a potentially hazardous object but scientists say 1998 or 2 was never a threat is traveling at 30000 kilometers an hour and is at least 2 kilometers wide but passed by at a distance of 6000000 kilometers don't have to deal with it with fear we have to deal with it with the science so people should not be afraid of asteroids people should be encouraged to assess the risk of these assaults and to follow the. research program and most importantly to maintain these asteroid research program in place programs like masses double asteroid redirection test or don't program
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aimed to tackle potential threats in the future it's one of many programs around the world that not only track large asteroids but after tensional solutions to redirect them the area cboe observatory in puerto rico is one of the facilities that tracks asteroids using sophisticated radar scientists here are already tracking the apostasy asteroid due to skirt the earth in 2029 the head of planetary radar says their research is vital without the client there really are summations or or very expensive. we would actually be very. good years when it's been 9 so now we know that we don't have to do it that they're really going to use those resources for something else this latest asteroid has been tracked for the past 2 decades and for. amateur and professional astronomers alike it's been greeted with excitement and not fear nasa scientists say they've tracked more than 90 percent of new. pose a global threat thankfully $998.00 to $1.00 of them but it will be close enough to
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watch on a telescope like this in terms of the visual universe this is a close shave but a celestial event that will be seen as a slow moving star and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. funny enough in the entertainment world indian actor a fan can have died after having cancer the 53 year old began his career in indian television and bollywood movies but crossed over into several hollywood films as well such as life of pi drastic park and slumdog millionaire. half past the hour on al-jazeera these are the headlines air bus reporting a 1st quarter loss of half a $1000000000.00 the chief executive of the european aerospace company warns that the coronavirus pandemic is the greatest crisis the industry has ever known and
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while saudi arabia's oil revenues have fallen 24 percent since the start of the year the world's largest oil exporter had a $9000000000.00 budget deficit in the 1st quarter as demand collapsed during the pandemic in lebanon the central bank governors defended his organization's role during the economic crisis protesters in the 2nd largest city tripoli have fought with security forces for 2 nights in a row as anger grows over the state of the economy. the un's departing rights envoy for me and maher says he is bitterly disappointed in the country's leader unsung suchi yan healy has previously accused the army of genocide against a range of muslims after 770-0000 of them fled a crackdown and 2017 the government and the army have consistently denied the accusation here is some of what the outgoing special rapporteur on me and my young he had to say about einsteins which we all knew that she was put on how to still. trade as the icon democracy and human rights
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but ever since the n l d has taken an ever since she took the state. actions and her words statements point other ones and us president on trump's ordered me to processing plants to stay open despite concerns over worker safety production was stopped in around 20 of the country's factories after workers fell ill but responding to warnings of a global meat shortage trump signed an executive order to reopen the plants it limits and employees ability to sue companies if they catch the virus unions have criticised the president's decision saying it puts workers at risk you are up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera and that's my lot for today thank you for your company the latest edition of inside stories coming up next.
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how can you mean rights be respected in the time of probe iris many countries are accused of using the fight against the pandemic as an excuse to crackdown on people's freedoms but how difficult is it to balance that fight and basic rights this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey the coronavirus restrictions are meant to save lives but for authoritarian leaders they can be an excuse to adopt repressive measures and the code in 1000 emergency is fast becoming a human rights crisis that's the.


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