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tv   South Africas Deadly Politics  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2020 8:32am-9:01am +03

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ellis' new york state is the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak and britain now has europe's 2nd highest coronavirus death toll after italy the numbers jumped to more than $26000.00 that the government started to include faith talent in places like care homes for the elderly in other news libyan warlord cleaver have to resign and to cease fire for the muslim holy month of ramadan earlier on wednesday he was accused of ordering an attack that killed at least one person in tripoli and al jazeera has learned that a plane carrying prominent officials from the united arab emirates flew to the sudanese capital khartoum on tuesday sources say the amorality delegates went to meet sudanese officials to discuss military support for khalifa haftar sudanese officials have denied the meeting ever took place those were the headlines i'll be back with more news in half an hour but next on al-jazeera it's witness to stay with us here on al-jazeera. with its 25 year long broadcast license coming to an end will president bush griego deter to succeed in shutting down a.b.'s c.d.n. t.v.
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by the filth of may join us for special coverage as we look at the possible demise of a media giant and the ramifications for press freedom in the philippines on al-jazeera . always make sure that the story that i'm telling isn't pack for it's always on so in the simple question why should people k. . 'd killings it's. it's a reflection of the posts the society that's why isn't. heavy where test shutting down ask. that of us acted
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out about it longer than a song i did that isn't all that important that i want to call it that i want your. midst.
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you're a. very good one in my lives there's. a very serious a happy very ok there was russian arguments. that you just. sleep here if the very very sad thing 6 o'clock 7 very. having and not only have i love you christmas and now i'm on holiday here tomorrow i'm leaving the the problems of prayer. i started working in case really 370 or is really been leaving office. now please green
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sample 3.0 and imbue chief. this is new to me. do you want bach he believes there's a lot happening so today's a big trial kicking off for cleveland's. 8 people the caring including a police senior police officer used to work at the durban central police station and bushel but the main story here is not only the trial but i was recently in touch with my people at cleveland and there's a new head man who just moved and like a month ago it's almost like oh let's wait and see. who is next politics and was in the towel is very securitized almost every politician doesn't matter which party you belong to you need to have a bodyguard that's us and of course of the stuff that crops up as we go along.
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90. and. 200. 56 messages. and never intended to become a journalist is a career that i always tell people if you choose me. however know you. and if i think. we can talk about how many people are affected by this land. i really want to start covering politics i just to get a sense of what it was like if i really cut my teeth into it and i discovered this passion for it but i didn't even know existed i started working in case it in at
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a time when it was just almost every week i was covering the murder of a politician and it wasn't something that was necessarily getting attention but then i realized that this has to become pick up that people need to know about this i've worked so hard to make the problems part of the national agenda.
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appear in the story put it on to their. houses to have. when i'm done 17 i realize that's strange things are so happens the case dockets going mr. witnesses actually ended up being killed just on the case and still lack the killing often so much cargo which then promotes the issue of going to the shop focuses. in like i think we have a thing don't want to ask if these are her own personal bodyguards these are the ones provided by the states. what things can
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we talk to about what country talk turns out i don't know if there are so much in training like ours and those looks of american manager was with trial he knew or told her as long going cases that or. under great. things. but they were right to call. where members traum yanira taped among the new sound with a large bang in it is the only living minutes when in full it isn't. so. much and. i think i will try to be patient and really enjoy and just a little less questioned and fortunately for. me we were. we won't if they see us shamba nurtured and learned through the lens
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a lower suggested movement than a chairman someplace and it's no us to go to you know when the nightmares when will 2 years in. they know that you know you're used and yeah you. can. meet. and that's. how to support a cause that's right a car all my ensued sleek secretary general cindy so much on the day he was assassinated to leave the masterminds behind to hit us. free. or face today or has our story all right so we should say it was tough from long. standing there on time and now living in mortal going to one census and doing the one so soon give them what you need to move in this is shanley's. we're now on to a book and i'm hopeful i mention it many naive and the
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then began to be intriguing will be a statement they think of me i need to do something i mention. i was playing a game making it playing in the rain the people that you knew who leave our sponsor who you know we've been is that they are around us if. we believe in. is. that as long as there's still the mountain in the back of that's what i want to know yeah when he saw. the trade charts and the same position that you are in the swiss. rolling lets you counselors have turned down being placed in a witness protection program ahead of the child saying they refuse to abdicate their judi's and the wards if they so the pay
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a say they still draw strength from the life of cindy so much dot com and his death was not something the. label is almost like
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a visible depiction of the inadequacies of the failures of the states because so many people were killed and gravely the thing is who was behind it. sally bush. is nearing she's ok that's. what happened. but what would an investor shylock. told me to come up with. 4 wives simply ideas or just by scientists. but given the. time of pounds. i was no more karna and where an economist pointing in that way or i'm
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a politicians i figure i live in plans as a freelancer. to as. unemployment rate because we were told. i was under no interest but don't know how to get. the record until. we merge. that might as i. do know. about prevent us of the us if it was not what was she will tell it was never included with the police i said to let well you for your little boy said. no more to learn your spouse will not produce our other talk all my. cousins are good to nurses who could do i would do them homework or not there was
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no i will learn how to know so never mind example not like a 1000000 years he lived back. when you must 1st. know which means when when your bunch. of you shows it is the person it was close to. is about about i have no question but to all those to. my you born about to live out the value of an. so we. all know the little girl. from mars. from canada. who says. it was reality that. opening in iraq absolutely
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right i plan to get into. what happened. to me to. my jaw and. back out why patrolling trying. to kill and for me. well thank you and i we flew back when i'm out that money. due to. begin to fall in and learn the truth now. and then. and no big lesson to move on to. well now i need to lead. inequalities. into what you know when our returning and since trying to 15. 1000 years.
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ago wasn't part of our. why that the things that i didn't concern the magazines i was. actually total well isn't just packed management agency but think about the legacy that will go well ms levy so that is it is to be there listening to lady wanted to pass them when they are. needed t.n.g. by me haven't really freak. on a summer stock and women are in that round some and. there's going to be even jail and understand that there is. of course there's a moment to say here are cool. and understanding
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. as i've been shake. my. hand. i just choose the lizzie 2 on. whom it was named. goodness only comes from m.s.n. i take it as they we're in angie and someone asked so here. are. it was them summons him.
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on one. occasion. i'm very passionate about journalism and i've i throw myself 110 percent into whatever i do but then i did taste sometimes how demanding it is of every aspect of me and my life. this is so much to do so many stories to tell you just never get the wrists time that she need. my day saying no man i'll tell you about my heart so tired like i was always tired even let her go to jail like 0 just always exhausted those a day i was at a store i collapsed twice in one day but even collapsed fainted twice since. then
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they were like you want to go to the hospital here. i was like no other go back home i get to the doctor's office and i literally collapsed at the doctor's office oh. so you commission this new book. i'm talking about me to think at some stage as i was writing a book on political columns like iran's up when you're asking a book but i'm not you can just write up what i'm looking for. a bodyguard we've doubled up as a hit. because most of the political stimulus didn't make. it so that ok. yeah we're you when you're out of work or personal. i don't think i don't think so i don't think we're told. just don't be here and write about it because i mean when i was younger are used to have the same books going to see you know i think that our journalists are a form of
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a sort of qubits case who is used to literally said to me you've got to we've got to be fixed yeah refused because of me it would be a sign of weakness. but now that of all that i'm like. that they've been so busy with or. were. it's not easy to most people to continuously talk a little bit. especially with a case like sitting here so my mark as we have is just still a lot of unanswered questions you don't want to. feel like you're exploiting someone's pain. even though it's true just trying to make sure that the story doesn't die.
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on the islands of the long run. from news from africa or knows this job sam. all casing i'm taller than john and kemp in them by a bodyguard back. ok. i think the fascination of sin is a much darker as what really made people say what the hell is going on. but it's not one person there's a much larger context to would like to tarry aeration about the moral fiber of society as well. but they're not my musings on a big. or just happening. so you'll go
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no not oh yeah i want to look for them. in scottish ana at the july he was still busy he had left his contract after a little while joan was walkin around with all our life on our. special and relaxed you know last day i got home i left dazed in a felon my family the whole history of here so you miss him a lot missing a 1000000. dial his crew member. or not i would just say such as if he hasn't been traveling with stolen just bending to get him. 'd
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how it. was. just the basics and then whatever else either come back or finish. the. map. do you worry about the risks that come with the job and. i think we've seen the months of passion that i have like you actually just and stuff we started. as a. what i'm looking at down the mace political killings possible so this is so heated to me nice. it created an environment where people who i. am you know our parenting actually
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has now become an industry to deal with and. i have. a child of the so-called liberal and 8 has been postponed i'm joined by a newsroom us because was it will not tell bureau chiefs who is in studio with us this afternoon so share with me than see under the experience your experience of covering issues around the violence the killings at cleveland's hostel you also have been tracking the political killings and looting the killing of cindy. but talk to me about clipless itself has now become almost a business the business of killing and hit men as they come so prominent because of the high levels of unemployment you know that there's always have been how it literally death is a heartbeat away i mean this whole network that's said to have involves
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a policeman it's said to involve politicians during the morani commission of inquiry we had heard that a gay burns was a place of politicians go shopping for hit men and the problem here too less is is the weapons that are used for these assassinations are not legal. 2 i'm so tired of the killings in this province but i don't really get disillusioned and then there's even much luxury of time for that. about what was good i'm just going to fall apart that's how i was just keep going like keep going keep going until const up. you can't lag starts a story like cindy are going to steam house where.
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in a war torn city in iraq a medic documents the stories of the survivors recording bare hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from over. he turns the camera on himself when i so take control and his family off forced to flee no where to hide a witness documentary on al-jazeera. award winning programming from international filmmakers as the bodies of its yeah we are going to wipe insect life if we carry on this work out just the arrest sets the stage that is no longer of your naivety is no longer an excuse giving voice to the voiceless so are we
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ready to go for a long pull ex-pats and discussion that culture still exists and you are still full batting that today open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on al-jazeera. becoming a living legend of the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the book piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona. rebels begins with a look at the life of didier drogba the football he succeeded with politicians are known. to be a crockpot of the ivorian civil war on al-jazeera. in countries like mine people have been killed to be playing really united states have privatized the ultimate public function was this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis other arabs when they
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came to britain for being all to help the past bombs do you know you will rumsfeld was meeting saddam isn't that interesting. shadow on al-jazeera player. playing. you watch al-jazeera with me say hello romney in doha these are all top news stories the u.s. economy is falling deeper into one of its most severe recessions in recent times it's seen a decade of growth wiped out in just 3 months shrinking by almost 5 percent and this concerns the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is only going to get worse she pretends he has more. the 4.8 percent decline for g.d.p. between january and march represents the largest decline since the 2008 recession consumer spending which accounts for 70 percent of g.


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