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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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we listen to after the war saying your europeans go and build united states of you but we love the with you we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. this is a news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a coronavirus a vaccine in record time that is global leaders meet to raise billions for urgent research. president trump predicts a vaccine within months as he blames the chinese mistake for the pandemic. really starts to reopen after nearly 29000 coronavirus deaths but are some countries
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lifting restrictions all too fast busy busy. why this doctor and others in canada are unable to join the fight against coke 90. hummus now have all the sporting. back in. the country. so then the quest to find a coronavirus vaccine and get it out around the world is about to step up a video conference including presidents prime ministers health officials and donors will get underway in just a few minutes aiming to raise 8 and a half $1000000000.00 to speed up research all the while more countries have begun lifting many of the restrictions imposed to curb the pandemic but some are questioning whether it's all too soon italy has recorded nearly 29000 deaths the
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worst toll in europe but it has begun easing measures across the world there have been more than 3 and a half 1000000 infections and some health experts fear the reopening in many countries will lead to a 2nd wave president donald trump says he's confident of a vaccine by the end of the year but the u.s. is not joining this european led conference let's go straightaway to jenna hole who joins me from the university of oxford where researchers are working on a vaccine. research in just a minute but 1st this conference is taking place to give impetus to the search for a vaccine. yes not just a vaccine nic. of course that's the headline issue here and boris johnson will tell his conference when it opens shortly that the search for a vaccine is the most urgent shared endeavor of our lifetime and clearly that's the way everyone sees the vaccine as the sort of single silver bullet that will offer
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the ultimate solution to the coronavirus epidemic globally but the conference is also looking at the other issues to do with combating covert $1000.00 which is therapeutic treatments drug treatments to deal with the symptoms of covered 900 and also in themselves being life saving treatments and better diagnostics better testing regimes better able to manage all of it the 2nd wave of the crisis possibly a 3rd wave of the crisis as and when they appear so this conference is all about harnessing kind of global efforts a lot of them are happening unilaterally now of course the scientific community talks to each other across the world the politically that's not always the case so harnessing the efforts of governments around the world of course collecting a massive part of money to be able to do that the americans are not involved the chinese are not involved but this is about trying to stem the risk of a global race between countries with particular countries wanted to be 1st to get the vaccine and the 1st to be able to give the vaccine to their people who are trying to spread the effort here across the globe so that's the idea $8000000000.00
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they're trying to raise it's being pushed by the european union and 8 countries as well as great britain canada and saudi arabia involved as well and the money we understand as it's being raised will be channeled to global research health research and vaccine research companies like seppi gavi the vaccines alliance the global fund and unit $8.00 jono all the while behind you at the university of oxford things are going on a pace. yeah well that's why we're here of course the university of oxford absolutely at the forefront of global research into these various aspects of the covert 19 response there is a team at the jenner institute here at the university of oxford which is absolutely streets ahead of anyone else in the search for a vaccine there are more than 100 projects around the world involved in vaccine research some of them have started small clinical trials here at the general
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student oxford they've got a large clinical trial underway a 1000 participants already they're scaling up to $6000.00 participants by the end of this month they've had good positive results in macaque monkeys and they are cautiously optimistic that they might have a vaccine on their hands and if they do they might know that for a fact by september but of course that means nothing in terms of when that vaccine will be available globally and that could yet as everyone warns be 18 months away because they've got to then scale that up not just into the millions but the billions of. doses of the vaccine to be handed out there is also a separate program being carried out here into therapeutic research drug treatments which might come online far sooner than a vaccine and that's what makes them so important and i spoke a little earlier to professor martin landry who is running the recovery project it's the biggest clinical trial in the world currently underway into covert $1000.00 he's looking at therapeutic research in particular i started off by asking
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him whether he and his scientific colleagues were in the 1st place absolutely confident that they would eventually be a vaccine and what the timeline might be for that. there isn't a guarantee we know from previous conditions with hiv or malaria that people have been searching for decades for vaccines and been unsuccessful despite best efforts there having said that there's a lot of signs of encouragement not only from colleagues and also oxford but worldwide and some people refer to as race for a vaccine i think race the question is what are you racing against what we're racing against is the virus the impact of of the virus on society health and the economy not racing against each other to my mind it doesn't matter where a vaccine comes from a vaccine would be incredibly useful and incredibly effective. in addressing the challenges but a vaccine on its own just knowing that we have a vaccine is insufficient a vaccine only works if you can give it's to millions or possibly in this
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circumstance billions of people and getting from here is a vaccine that normally works in a smooth number of people into something that can be scaled up across the population of the world that's a big gap coldly 18 months if the vaccine is discovered in the next few months what the world needs almost more urgently than a vaccine in order to reopen in order to guard against a 2nd wave in order for all of those things to happen are therapeutics treatments a cure even i think your is probably too strong i don't think they'll be a single drug that suddenly wipes out coronavirus but i think effective treatments are in sight and they're critical they're critical because patients are dying today and tomorrow and the day after and even with the best will in the world with 18 months off having a scaled up vaccine at best we need treatments that deal with the problem of now.
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so professor landry and his team here at oxford university very much a part of this global effort that will be at the heart of the virtual pledging conference getting under way now he and his team are testing a host of different existing drug treatments on patients at 160 hospitals across the u.k. looking at which ones might work which ones simply don't work what combinations of drugs might exist that can help in the way that combination drugs help cancers and help hiv and so on he's not looking as he said there for a cure all or a silver bullet but what he's looking for is something a combination a treatment therapy that will help with the symptoms and most importantly help save lives and possibly far sooner than a vaccine is able to do so scaled up across the global population interesting all right jennifer thanks very much indeed for that update from oxford let's take you. to a virtual summit where world leaders donors and health professionals are hoping to raise the billions of dollars 8000000000 dollars to fund research for
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a corona virus vaccine right now 7 the land is speaking she's president of the european commission and well as we're speaking now introducing the general of the united nations and 10 you could terrorism let's just have a listen. you have the floor. thank you also it's enormous pleasure to be here and i thank you for your commission and it's an odd moment governments all their lives are shipped you know seeing these incredible pledging conference these is exactly the kind of leadership the world needs today. in the span of a few short months come in 1000 are spread to every corner of the world infecting robin city point 7000000 people and claiming more then through this 230000 lives comprehensive to make it public as measures are critical to the struggles mission that will save lives but given countries at that they can such steps remain in job pretty and the virus is still likely to strike many countries
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or police will to cope in an interconnected world none of us is safe and you all of us say it was a typical joined world as organization and an initial group of us acts as the launch of the a.t.p. it's a weight that the landmark global corporation to speed up to develop months but the action and that little obsessed with a new covered wagon diagnostics pepple books and vaccines these new tools can help us to fully control the pandemic and must be treated as global public goods bailable and affordable for all it is the only best world free of garbage 19 but these require the most to massive public health for us effort in history today rather taking the next step mobilizing resources for this right all endeavor but that's not going to generous contributions big announced today towards the initial goal of $7500000000.00 euros these funds are kind of
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a done payment for development the new tools at the speed needed but to reach everyone everywhere we rightly need 5 that are mountains and that all our partners to join in this effort as we look together again on late may to sustain our momentum we have a common vision let us not put people 1st everywhere and i thank you well so again for your leadership. thank you antonio brygada. and now we turn to someone who has dedicated his whole career to global health initiatives for the world health organization director general dr ted that's. not that bad as it is good to have you with us on this quest please take the floor. if you don't do it. because the excellence is going to and friend. 10 minutes ago on. the morrow.
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and i launched in the city absolutely it's a goal of washington to work together under president of. brazil and the prices. i designed. for our leadership hosting this event is incredible no more station of law and so you don't see the world is basing it on our president. carter says but we are better position than any human history granted within 2 weeks of the various cases wanted to bear it tell the world they generally sequence the genetic sequence of the buttons but 1st there was the use follow on days we already have the results. of. several.
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human france. the absolutely present unique could be to learn to work together. to speak their own essential tools to prevent. and treat. but until you made your all sense and not be our 1st we don't doubt your tools it will be how we can deceive you. none of us can accept a world in which some people are protected while others remain expose this is an opportunity not only to defeat a common enemy but to forge common future a future we should all be believe joy in their right to lehigh this dinner. and the progress that their leader that's right islands for
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a long time and my intervention by abandoning the e.u. commission began now and look for also all those the budget bills and reduce the b.t.n. us dollars today thank you notes that i mean value probably not as old. that is there at the conference the fund raising conference including presidents prime ministers health officials and as we just heard there the head of the w.h.o. put his shoulder to the will of the fund raising effort to say this was an opportunity to defeat a common enemy but a chance for a common effort to save the vulnerable we heard from an attorney could terrorise the u.n. secretary general saying this is exactly the kind of leadership the world needs today saying that it needs the most massive public health effort in history and speaking right now they're hosting the event is a servant to learn who is president of the european commission who has announced that there will be one and they will mobilize $1000000000.00 the e.u.
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will mobilize $1000000000.00 euros for the global response to the coronavirus so that getting on their way towards a half $1000000000.00 or after. well the americans are not taking part in the campaign that we've been looking at that but overnight president dilma trump said he's hope for the u.s. will have a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year he was speaking at a virtual town hall meeting on 3 questions from americans about his handling of the pandemic reynolds this report we're joined now by president in a virtual town hall style event broadcast on the u.s. television network fox news president donald trump predicted rapid development of a covert 19 vaccine we are very confident that we're going to have a vaccine at the end of the year by the end of the or have a vaccine by the end of this year we think we're going to have a vaccine by the end of this year and we're pushing very hard trump went on to claim that he was not told till late january by u.s. intelligence agencies about the spreading coronavirus some reports indicate that
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those agencies sounded the alarm on january 3rd on january 23rd i was told that there could be a virus coming in but it was of no really important other words it wasn't all we got to do some we got to do something it was a brief conversation trump blames china directly for the pandemic he promised a report with new information on how it originated and spread i think they made a horrible mistake and they didn't want to admit it more than 68000 people in the u.s. have died from cold at 19 and the numbers are rising trump said the toll could reach 90000 a higher number than he has cited before many public health experts are warning against premature lifting of stay at home orders saying that could lead to a new surgeon infections. without giving any specific dates trump said the u.s. needed to restart its economy soon we can't stay close as
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a country we're going to have a country left the president ducked a question about safeguarding vulnerable nursing home residents and called white house reporters questions horrible it is widely considered that the presidential election in november will be a referendum on trump's handling of the pandemic rob reynolds al-jazeera. well the process of finding a vaccine is difficult and lengthy as the reporter stephanie decker explains. the world is desperate for a vaccine against covert 19 and the race is on to find one developed in many countries like the largest number in the u.s. they followed by china market is a professor of vaccine epidemiology at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine they are keeping an up to date database of all the vaccines being worked on there are over $100.00 bad news is that they usually break the back seat is a problem that initial discovery who actually having a back seat to be given on
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a population level is usually about 10 to 20 years. but the urgency now means teams all over the world are trying to speed up the process we work day and night and. calling 981 of her size we have a 3. people 3 shop working group and for 24 hours several are at the stage of human testing including this trial that oxford university we're told there is never been a vaccine against a coronavirus group for approval and that the success rate of vaccine trials are between 5 to 10 percent even once there is a vaccine it will take quite some time before there is enough to vaccinate entire populations and while we wait there are questions about natural immunity it is still not clear whether we can develop long lasting immunity to the virus we have never been here before this is
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a direct that's emerged that has changed everyone's life it's you know bringing so many people to be sick to be in hospital dying it's wrecked the entire economy is this is the back to you that the world is desperate to have. for once the world is largely united in the desire to be able to visit and hug our families to walk the streets to fill the restaurants to travel and for so many to be able to work again to return to a life most of us took for granted our once buzzing news room here in doha has nearly full infile and with most people working from home it's a similar picture in many places across the world now despite so many vaccines being in the works it's going to take quite some time before one is available to all of us and that means that partial lockdown and social distancing could remain part of our lives for a very long time stephanie decker at al-jazeera headquarters in doha well it's an
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hour from i'm lisa villa smith who's professor of emerging infectious diseases at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine and she says a precaution still need to be taken until a vaccine is available so every country has a different speeds and criteria for easing that lock down as you know china had very strict criteria and that meant they had to see it 0 new cases for 4 weeks before they left it most other countries have have now decided to go for a compromise and to lift when they see a decline in cases of sleep as long as the virus still circulate as we all know there is a risk that it will then continue to that increase again and could cause a 2nd. people i think we should have guarded optimism and and prepare for the fact that we may not have a vaccine for quite a while because just waiting for
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a vaccine may then end up as not really taking older because. so so we i heard they think freedom of speech and president's speech in developing the sex scene and president amount of resources and money indeed invest in this next in this is probably the most important that scene and highest value vaccine in a kind because it's not only about mike's saving lives that's also about saving our economy a new work we in italy has begun with a lot of changes after nearly 2 months of the term people can know now go back to work physic family and some businesses are reopening francisco jump tony is following developments for us from. well her feelings of the talons are mixed there is a glimpse of hope that the worst has passed but many are concerned this phase could bring to a 2nd wave of cases the government was criticized for not explaining how it will
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handle the health system in this 2nd phase as 4 and a half 1000000 people went back to work this morning as the country tries to restart the economy without pushing the curve of the infections up again today factories building sites and wholesale trade reopen and for the 1st time restaurants and bars are allowed to offer take way service there was also a lifting of the restriction on personal freedoms people are now allowed to go out for a walk and to visit their family but in these meetings they need to wear a mask in the hardest hit region of lombardy where i'm speaking from the mask is mandatory every time outside home that's why i'm wearing it social gatherings are still bans anyway and it's not possible to move from region to region sporting activities can now be practice also far from home like in parks that reopened but only to walk or run errands for children remain close while schools were not
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restored until september so the next few weeks will be crucial to understanding the easing of the lockdown will continue or not. thailand has also begun lifting restrictions off to a steady decline in the number of infections but many people need help putting food on the table and some businesses are expected to struggle so high the reports now from bangkok. as thais enjoy the easing of covert 1000 restrictions many remain reliant on food handouts from charities and local communities and in some cases there's not enough to go around for those who've been waiting many closed businesses are able to reopen after almost 2 months of being shut but the state of emergency remains in place along with the 10 pm to 4 am curfew the ban on international flights to thailand continues until the end of the month restaurants can have dine in customers but only one person per table and no alcohol for syria soon on it's better than nothing but it might be too late for one party yeah i'm
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very worried about the tourism industry ties don't have the same purchasing power as foreign visitors the chinese koreans and japanese spend a lot of money but they're all gone i think it may even take a year for things to get better. the government will evaluate the situation every 2 weeks either determine to further ease the restrictions or if there's a spike in confirmed cases reimpose some of the rules while the government isn't very much focused on the here and now of tackling covidien one thing there's a growing concern about the future some businesses opening up is good news but this country is so we're lying on the tourism industry that's add a standstill like the empty streets here in old bangkok there are many types of businesses connected with tourism so a downturn cuts deep into the population here we are an economy that depends a lot on globalization we depend a lot on the movement of people in ten's of our independence on tourism i think
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contributing to 20 percent of the g.d.p. we also depend heavily on exploiting pet grooming shops have also opened their doors the owner of bark lounge used her personal savings to keep the business afloat for her it paid off. a lot of my customers are starting to come back i think because my shop was closed for a long time during the temporary shutdown my clients had no choice since the government lifted some of the restrictions my customers are fighting to be the 1st in line thailand southern neighbor malaysia also began loosening covert restrictions most businesses including restaurants can reopen but some states are keeping restrictions in place they want more time to study the potential risks from relaxing the curbs back in the cramped low income neighborhoods of bangkok many don't work in the industries or businesses that every open so they still need the food handouts but there's hope that this is a 1st step that could lead to more restrictions being lifted and that they soon can
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return to providing for their families on their own it's got hodler al-jazeera bangkok. some of the climbs are also coming off in 3 nigerian states residents of lagos of nugent will gradually be given more freedom of the next 6 weeks outdoor exercise and trappings what will be allowed but schools and dine in restaurants they stay closed on addresses in the capital and has more. there are people who are happy that some of these restrictions are being lifted but there are all it's also cautious optimism that up people in fact we're really really afraid that this could be premature because you're talking about lifting restrictions at a time when. corona virus infection rates are going high debts of also going high from the time the nigerian government imposed knocked down 5 weeks ago to this time i think cases have nearly. multiplied tenfold across
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nigeria so right now we just came back from town looking at some of these places after the announcement by the government that today people should start going out where the mosque yes a lot of people most people are where the mosque that we so but there are people who are actually not wearing them and talking about social distancing it's quite a big problem go to the banks you see how crowded these places are and how people were packed together we visited one of the major markets in a bill today and what we saw there was shocking a lot of people hundreds of people compacted in one small area trying to get into the market which by the way has not open yet as of the time we left out please so it's it's a bit warry for some people that this is coming at a time when these cases are rising and that nothing much is going on in terms of large scale testing what we hear from the government is
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a few 1000 tests can be done every day but there are more states that have in the last 2 or 3 weeks been also recording serious cases for example the case of qana where unexplained deaths have happened in the past 2 or 3 weeks now the authorities are coming to tell us that these days most of these that were actually a covered 1000 related the hardest hit country the middle east is reopening some mosques but iran's capital tehran remains of ours hotspot president hassan rouhani says social distancing is more important than collective prayer symbols ravi is in terror. iran's government announced the names of more than $100.00 towns and cities across the country that they now consider safe or white zones these are places that health officials say have seen a dramatic drop in the rate of infection of the coronavirus mosques have the green light to go ahead and reopen their doors and in some cases friday prayer congregations will also go back to normal but it has to be said these are small
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population centers in a very big country to iran still one of the worst affected places in iran this city remains a red zone major religious sites into one musher than home in the cities places that were considered hotspots for the virus at the start of this outbreak those remain closed for now when the pandemic began in iran the government response was about weighing what was good for public health against what was good for the country's economic health some say iran implemented a lockdown too late and reopened too early now in the islamic fasting month of ramadan the country's leaders are under pressure to find a balance between managing public health and the country's spiritual health we have to remember that modern day iran was built on the back of a religious revolution this is a country that has a large and vocal population of religious people and this is one of the most religious months of the islamic calendar it's a time of religious gatherings and the government will no doubt be feeling the pressure to reopen places of mass worship some mosques like the one behind me local neighborhood houses of god have restarted limited operating hours individuals can
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go inside and pray throughout the day but as long as they maintain social distancing measures it's a small but significant nod by the government to the country's religious identity but bigger gatherings of any kind for any sort of mass worship remain forbidden. japan is holding all freezing its measures instead it's extending its month long state of emergency until the end of this month at least the prime minister says health experts will assess the situation in 10 days to see if a further extension is needed at that point nationwide emergency measures announced a month ago empowered local governments to urge businesses to close and people to stay at home. it was a new car so like a new one japan has not experienced the explosive spread of infections like in other countries and some positive results are beginning to appear such as the effective reproduction number of the whole country falling below but at present there is still
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a considerable number of new infections and the number of infections is not declining at a sufficient level because high school students are back in class in vietnam primary and kindergarten children a jew to resume next week 3 months after schools are shut no cases have been reported for more than 2 weeks and none of the reported 300 infected people have died. there are mind about top stories this hour leaders from the e.u. and other nations are aiming to raise billions of dollars for research into a coronavirus vaccine that they've gathered for an online donors summit that they're calling a pledging at marathon. after 8 weeks in lockdown it is starting to ease restrictions imposed because over the course of our pandemic the construction and manufacturing sectors there are starting people also allowed to visit family members. malays here in thailand are starting to open up most businesses are being
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allowed to resume operations but large gatherings and travel are still being restricted. chinese state media says the u.s. has been throwing groundless accusations over the origins of covert 19 the us secretary of state on pay it was said that there is significant evidence it originated in a chinese lab. while the intelligence committee continues to do its work they should continue to do that and verify so that we are certain i can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory one that the best experts so far seem to think it was manmade have no reason to disbelieve that at this point is the scientific consensus was not manmade or genetically modified that's right i grieve that i've said i've seen their analysis i've seen the summary that you saw that was released publicly i have no reason to doubt that that is accurate that ok so just to be clear to you do not think it was manmade or genetically modified. i've seen what the intelligence committee said i have no
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reason to believe that they've got it wrong. a good 2 years in beijing with more on the reaction that superimposes comments there's been a escalating war of words between the u.s. and china in recent months and this latest state media editorial is only adding fuel to that fire so it was in the global times which is a chinese state media newspaper and it's published both in english and mandarin and both versions really had searing words attacking secretary of state mike pompei oh in particular they called him a liar saying that he quote is engaging in filthy behavior to mislead the public and that he's lost his moral compass they've also accused michael pompei of really only being interested in getting donald trump reelected in the next elections in november and in store king and he chinese hatred in order to do this now this is in response to the comments we had earlier of my composure saying that there's significant evidence that corba $1000.00 or even 8 in
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a chinese lad in the history of rowlett ji and ageing has flat out denied this it's also denied that it's engaging in any cover up or dissed information campaign and this editorial is really demanding that mike pompei and his colleagues really produce this evidence that they say they say that they have and there's just said look he's really just engaging according to state media in a bluff in a big bluff and really just continuing this anti china's smear campaign in order to divert attention from washington's mishandling of the crisis back home let's speak to our white house correspondent kimberly helical joins us live now from washington d.c. and kimberly the chinese state media responding to what seemed to be a spectacular contradiction from the u.s. secretary of state might pump a have we had any response back here from the u.s. administration. well the statement by my pompei a follows on the heels of a department of homeland security report that also accuses china of downplaying the
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threat but i can tell you that here in the united states the statements by not just the secretary of state but also by the u.s. president saying that in fact there is enormous evidence that this did emerge in a lab in china is gaining traction and for the reason that china is historically a government that is authoritarian and is shrouded in secrecy and while there are pushes for the u.s. to supply evidence of the claim there is also calling in the united states for the same thing from china and of course neither side has done that so that's why this war of words does seem to be working not just with those that support donald trump but also some who do not because the reality is that this country was enjoying historically low 2 unemployment had a very strong economy and now all of that has been decimated obliterated and so people are looking for someone to blame they are finger pointing not just the u.s.
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president the other thing that is gaining traction in the united states is the u.s. president's america 1st agenda given the fact that the president has threatened to hold china accountable given the fact that many of the supply chains here in the united states rely on china the u.s. president has long pushed to bring that business back and given the fact that some of the medicines that are necessary to treat americans are made in china many people are questioning the wisdom of that thinking that it may be time to pull some of that back so there's no question that this has been made an election issue there are ads criticizing the u.s. president for perhaps downplaying the threat early on even though he did close the borders to chinese travelers back in january many people say that was. not soon enough and that's where he's getting some criticism for his decision to do that perhaps some say too late but again this is something that even those who don't
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particularly care for donald trump may be questioning given the fact that china itself is known for a lack of transparency. as a backdrop to this of what's happening in terms of number of cases and fatalities in other states well those continue to escalate i mean we hit the 1000000 mark in terms of the fact that there are factions of more than a 1000000 people that is continuing to rise the number of deaths in the 10s of thousands and in fact we've had a new upgrade in terms of the projection of the number of people who could die from this in the united states initially the u.s. president thinking is might cap off that 60000 will that number has come and gone now the u.s. president has been speaking sunday he continued to project optimism that there would be a vaccine even by the end of the year but i can tell you that is contradicted by some of his top public health officials who believe that it could be 2 to 3 years
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and that there could be another wave combined with the seasonal flu in the fall that could be even more deadly than what has already been experienced in the united states but i think it's important to point out the population of this country is in excess of 330-4050 1000000 in the u.s. census is under way now so when you look at well it is a very high number when you have such a large population the number of infections means that there are many people in the united states that don't know anyone who has been infected by cope at 19 it certainly has targeted pockets of this country and the prediction is it will continue to do so even if some of these states try to reopen in the face of rising infections or kimberly thanks very much as you can be home to the reporting from washington d.c. . there are growing calls in canada to let more internationally trained doctors support frontline health care workers but tight regulations of leaving many shot out of their chosen profession i feel like as this among all the trainees i've
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taught at this level some air ranks and i percent and on oral performance samir chohan reads a letter of recommendation from a doctor who supervised him as a medical volunteer in the united states that's the only way this canadian born graduate of a foreign medical school could get work experience with the cold in 1000 crisis placing heavy burdens on canada's hospitals he's asking why young doctors with foreign qualifications find it almost impossible to work in their own country many of us are qualified very knowledgeable and skilled and we don't want those skills and knowledge to go to ways we want to use it to serve our country dr a fat ass wad ran baghdad's largest pediatric hospital then worked in muscat he and his wife a prominent dentist in both iraq and oman came to canada in 2013 to make sure their children had a stable future neither has been able to work would have to retrain as a g.p.
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which he can't afford to do so he's driving for to pay the bills instead of seeing the next right. and how we have to support the family. governments in canada defer to medical licensing organizations which maintain they have to be cautious about admitting doctors trained in other countries but many say foreign training could also be an asset to canadian health care we should not forget the people who actually change in foreign countries they sometimes even bigger clinical experience because they get exposed to the least infectious disease that would never see here in canada on terry as medical licensing body told al-jazeera it's looking into the issue but as yet to make any changes in its residency programs one of canada's most multicultural cities brampton home to many currently unemployed foreign trained
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medical personnel is leading one of many campaigns to usher more of them into the health care system the intrigue quincey of the tests and the lack of hospital residencies that are made you. billable to the foreign trained doctors so we have over $700.00 doctors who have the task but only $350.00 doctors actually got a residency last year so that is a huge waste of human capital attentional experts say covert 1000 will continue to challenge the medical system here for months possibly years making the need for more frontline health care workers ever more acute daniel like al jazeera toronto. priscilla's amazon region has become the new frontline in the battle against cavan 90 infections are rising quickly leaving hospitals overwhelmed in the city of manassas the president jaya both an arm continues to downplay the planned pandemic it's on to rome p.l.c. as its report. face mask is projected on the statue of christ the redeemer the
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symbol. it's a call for awareness as the number of cases keep rising across brazil. has been marking from the start keeps hugging and shaking hands with supporters. on sunday he once again led a protest in the capital brasilia against stay at home ordered by local governors as he fights against corruption from the country's congress and supreme court. we want the true independence of the 3 powers not only a fraction of the constitution we don't want that enough with interference we want to admit any more interference i'm being very clear patience has run out last week replace the country's most popular anti corruption crusader former justice minister . who now accuses him of trying to meddle in police investigations against him and
4:43 pm
his sons but while the president is focused on his political problems the virus is spreading rapidly in the amazon state capital health services have been overwhelmed by the number of sick people the city is handling more than $100.00 deaths per day 3 times the normal average. day. the mayor of international plea for help has concerns grows that the virus could have devastating effects on the. indigenous tribes. we have to save the lives. of the forest. something like barbara raised. a call for help that so far has rung hollow for
4:44 pm
a president to screech say seems more worried about political survival than keeping brazilians alive allison that i'm just. afghanistan's health ministry says the number of infections in the capital could be much harder than what limited testing has detected so far around with test of 500 samples suggest that one 3rd of couples 5000000 people could have contracted coverage 90 more than 80 people have died and nearly 3000 been infected well earlier my colleague spoke to mayer he's the spokesman for afghanistan's a public health ministry and says the government is doing what it can with limited resources. it's an alarming sign for us it is more vigilant to take more vacation early measures. preventive measures. and force. other preventive measures to reduce the spread of virus. because the virus has
4:45 pm
already been. mentioned spread the virus has been debated so you say that for you the priority now is to implement these stay at home measures but as you know for many afghans staying at home is not an option the economy of the country is very fragile millions of afghan children are struggling with hunger according to save the children so how do you reconcile with it's a choice between sickness and starvation for many people. this is one of the biggest challenges for the afghan government and luckily there are 11 stakeholders there are the rescues have been working very hard to utmost the problem of starvation and unemployment and there is a program that they distribute most not ready to take the risk and the ministry of health has been working closely with the relief. agencies for the relief program to make it whether this is the 1st place to poor and needy and of course there are
4:46 pm
other really programs that support needy people and you know that afghanistan besides. poverty it is besides military and besides that we have been at war for 2 decades in daytime one of our think it's going to turn some program is. being attacked to work and in recent days if you calculate the number of flights that have been taken by work is more than the number of fatalities due to what 19 right now but obviously the concern about this pandemic in a country as fragile as i've gotten stan so what are your current predictions as far as a number of cases and deaths and how well prepared is your health care system to handle this crisis what's needed the most right now while we have been doing our best to utilize limited resources that we have we use it in
4:47 pm
a worst office in an admissions way but you know that. requires lots of assistance from planes national international force. one fortunately we have received a letter from world bank from mission development bank and from were u.n. agencies that there will be a system there to be honest on and fighting against or on outliers. in iraq over the weekend killed at least 14 security force post no sooner fall to reports are still fighters to take hume vantage of political and economic instability as well as sectarian rifts within the security forces. these men from the popular mobilization forces or p.m.s. are the 1st line of defense in one of iraq's most dangerous areas across the river lies and stronghold yet their outpost. province has no thermal cameras
4:48 pm
not even a generator to power the lights when electricity cuts out at night. there is no support for us no cortlandt no armor no clothes nor have you a printer. the pm formed in 2014 to fight eisel are shia led but this unit is sunni and part of the so-called tribal which draws its fighters from local tribes though poorly equipped they're often deployed deep into rule areas and are easy targets for eisel 9 were killed last saturday in the most brazen attack in months when i saw the government's knock up on their checkpoint at night and opened fire killing 3 instantly 3 others were burned alive 3 more were killed in a roadside bomb when they rushed to help. it wasn't until 6 or 7 hours after the incident that more help arrived it's because of the lack of effort and support from the security forces around here. until a few weeks ago an emergency police unit was based nearby but it was redeployed to
4:49 pm
urban areas to enforce coronavirus lockdowns eisel fried's on instability and the group has taken advantage of the political economic and health crises that have hit iraq over the past few months in addition to that political tensions and rifts inside popular mobilization forces have impeded the ability of security forces to contain the insurgency the unit commander blames sectarian. i for a lack of resources and accuses the shia p.m.s. unit based on the other side of the river of not doing enough to secure the area let me i'm sure. they don't control the 7 kilometer strips facing us we also tell them that they're not covering these areas but they don't deploy forces there it's empty. the commander says his battalion enjoyed more support from the p.m.s. prior to the assassination of its charismatic deputy chief of the alamo 100 he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in january alongside it raining in general custom stolen money since
4:50 pm
then the p.m.s. has real from internal competition. not in 100. he understood. there is an outreach approach that we so i knew. we didn't you knew and very much the vision. let him at that to we then are they going to. ration. the killings in the have sparked calls for greater empowerment of the sunni p.m.s. in securing their own areas many tribesmen hope that the incident will usher in greater material support as they confront isis resurgence the want to fulton al jazeera. go cold spell coming up it's a big day for football in italy sauna we'll explain why in just
4:51 pm
a few months. business leaders just want to buy no bra spot. for.
4:52 pm
business leaders just for to find a bright spot. the omagh. ok let's get on to support his son thank you very much and nick while players and it is top football division are finally back all the training field monday marks the 1st day that syria clubs can conduct individual practice sessions having got permission from the italian government to solo's of players that were the 1st side to get started training it will be allowed to resume on may 18th with the league suspended since march 9th it has been one of the hardest hit countries in europe by
4:53 pm
the krona virus with more than 28000 confirmed deaths so far we spoke to football author nicholas beatty earlier despite training getting under way he says all parties concerned are moving towards a syria restart with extreme caution. really lacked them to really express an opinion i don't see them really enthusiastic but at the same dime's. really speak out against that they restart either saw what seems like a sick wish or wait and see. that any way anyone misplaying a he's rolling their bracing to get enough day off their football federation just say ok football need to restart but these not too much. government that the same time clubs act labs i really really pressuring the
4:54 pm
government but they are kind of tongue. in their responsibility for. someone to get their stick positive for health reasons for doubt leggo legal point of view and also the government that we can say yes the power to completely stop completely restart the day this season but that. call has as well so seems like. kind of operate out here in play where everyone needs a nice roared back without assuming full responsibility. the netherlands their national team coach ronald koeman has undergone a heart procedure 57 year old complained of chest pains following a bike ride and had the operation on sunday he tells of the procedure have not been a field that but he will return home late on monday as a player common and was one of her biggest stars and won the european cup with
4:55 pm
barcelona and p.s.v. eindhoven. next year's aquatics at world championships i have been pushed back till 2022 the event to be in the hosted in for corker japan was meant to begin in july 2021 but will instead happen the following may move follows the tokyo olympics being shifted to 2021 because of the global pandemic. 4 time tour de france champion chris froome is not sure this year's race can go ahead the tour has been postponed until the end of august but mass gatherings are banned in france until a case of 10 but speaking on a web chat with former cricketer kevin pietersen from said he doubts all going to is will be able to fully prevent the large crowds which the race is famous for because we can put on the race and keep people in concert on television you know what i'm talking about if you get from
4:56 pm
a spectator i mean you're not going to get the same scenes as you would get going through these tunnels that. people everywhere all the rest of us maybe maybe that's the version of race we need to see this year and i don't know yeah i mean in theory we can put the race on but i think the bigger question is will the organizers be able to keep people from from actually coming out and gathering in large crowds one of this is that major championship golf courses there has reopened in san francisco harding park is set to host the p.g.a. championship which has been moved from may to august it's been close for 7 weeks and there were still be some restrictions in place such as golf is having to stay 2 meters apart p.g.a. is one of the 3 majors that have been shifted to later in the year along with the mostest and u.s. open the british open has been canceled altogether also in the states hope to
4:57 pm
restart the main p.g.a. tour on june 11th. well it's been 47 years since the famous a race horse won the kentucky derby but now he's done it again he's won the virtual version of the race after this year's a real one was postponed till september because of the pandemic he contest was between all 13 awareness of racing famous triple crown secretariat did it back in 1973 and his story inspired a disney film in 2010 this time and he breathed a citation into a 2nd seattle slew finished that the computerized race raised around $2000000.00 for the call that 19 will leave. and that's why it's paul for me i will have them all for you later on but for now i'll hand you back to nick so i thank you very much indeed and that is it for this
4:58 pm
news hour but i'll be back in just a couple minutes with another half hour news we will see. rewind returns they can bring your people back to life i'm sorry it's on the best of al-jazeera documentary. i was told and now like any other student rewind continues with me going into a war zone he said the 1st thing i look for is the exit it's on how to get it it's how to get out nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera. you know isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise you've been looking at another side of the story not so much the information around the outbreak but the nature of the listening post on al-jazeera. madagascar. a breathtaking tropical
4:59 pm
paradise. where its former protectors. are now its interests. we follow their journey as they put their lives on the line to. risking gets on medicare. on al-jazeera. may on al-jazeera has covered 19 infects millions and triggers a global economic crisis will bring you the latest developments from around the world. al-jazeera world selection of the best documentary is includes the story of unsung egyptian composer and musician ali it's my despite the coronavirus pandemic that presses ahead with presidential elections by stole the emmy award winning phone lines is back investigating the united states and its role in the world and
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in the u.s. election primaries presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delegate threshold may on al jazeera. the current of ours rice in record time that's the aim is global leaders meet to raise billions for urgent research. a lot more clout this is out sara live from doha also coming up president trump predicts a vaccine within months and he blames the chinese mistake for the pandemic. it's only starts to reopen after nearly $29000.00 coronavirus deaths but also some countries lifting restrictions all too fast.


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