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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 134  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2020 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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ford has been released from prison because of the rest of his sentence in the home confinement because of coronavirus consigns a 71 year old was sentenced to more than 7 years in prison on tax fraud charges. u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has been visiting israel for talks with prime minister benjamin netanyahu a unity government formed by netanyahu and coalition partner benny gantz is to be sworn in on thursday huge peace and peace of a chinese space rocket crashed into the atlantic ocean on monday becoming one of the biggest pieces of space junk to ever free fall to earth it was the core of a rocket that successfully launched a prototype spacecraft into all but last week the 20 ton piece was 30 meters long and 5 meters wide landed off the coast water tainio and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera to inside story by.
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direct talks between the afghan government and the taliban following further a top resumes offensive operations against what the president calls the enemy the taliban calls this a declaration of war this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm. from the cradle to the grave it seems no one is safe from afghanistan's endless war newborn babies mothers under says were among 24
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people killed when gunmen opened fire inside a car bomb maternity hospital on choose day while $32.00 mourners at a funeral in our province were killed by an eyesore suicide bomber present ashraf ghani responded by ordering the army to resume offensive operations against the taliban the armed group denies involvement and it says its leaders are ready to fight back alexei o'brien reports. it was. in the eastern province of manga survivors of a suspected suicide bombing at a funeral struggled to contain a grief. and anger. 7 was then i think it was a problem of the one of. my brother is my i was standing next to me when i heard the bomb blast i saw several dead bodies on the ground and i was trying to call my brother but his phone was off after a few minutes of searching i found my brother among the dead. this attack on
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mourners. and another at a maternity hospital in the capital kabul later afghanistan's president going on the offensive all but fall apart despite repeated and from the international community to taliban have not reduced violence and instead they have increased their attacks in order to provide security for public places and to water tax and fruits from the taliban and other terrorist groups are ordering afghan security forces to switch from an active defense might to an offensive one and to start their operations against the enemies of the taliban denies involvement in tuesday's attacks its fighters have largely refrained from targeting city since february when leaders signed a deal with the united states for the withdrawal of american troops and to pave the way for talks with government leaders in kabul the taliban now accusing the government of creating obstacles to peace today programme marks
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a milestone towards this integration of this agreement and less trusting of measures are taken immediately by all sides and by the taliban. under the agreement the taliban was to prevent afghanistan from being used as a launching pad for attacks by other groups such as i saw and its affiliates well as any state both suffered some. states they need haitians and the americans and. supporters of the. attacks against or pretty nutty pressure on islamic state and corazon province eisel says its fighters were behind 4 bomb blasts in kabul on monday which wounded 4 people. the the un has expressed shock and revulsion at tuesday's maternity hospital attack which killed new born babies mothers and nurses . u.s. secretary of state my point peo is urging the afghan government and the taliban to
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cooperate to bring the perpetrators to justice alexey o'brien for inside story. let's introduce the panel in kabul we have pople habibie an academic researcher on peace building in afghanistan in doha sorts on barack a professor of conflict resolution of the doha institute and in london by skype kate clarke co-director of the afghanistan and lists network welcome to you all pope out in kabul 1st of all ashraf ghani puts his troops back on the offensive the taliban called it a declaration of war can we ever see a time when these 2 parties will get together around the same table to talk peace there are a few issues to discuss before going to the direct negotiation with taliban 1st off on the power of taliban in and set of understanding on to syria where they have how
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much could have on the in control of other terrorist groups in the 2nd is the the demands of taliban and also demand of the afghan government but it is asking for releasing of their 5000 prisoners. in the immediate before the agree to sit a time frame for starting the new season and run government is asking for. a cease fire or at least a reduction in violence and also sitting in a time frame or a date for negotiation with taliban so these are the 2 issue can be which is now a kind of barrier to starting to going forward to the peace process there is huge there are huge free huge amount of pressure on. government by releasing the taliban like this last 2 attacks which it created which was in kabul and also in in a hurry and also in the attacks. create a huge pressure on. him going to meant the at least around $700.00 or
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so $150.00 taliban prisoners from the presence of and so this kind of situation which create more problem in more tension and also more pressure on government to make it to to be this harness with even with the publics public are asking for 4 actual steps to a peace while taliban is not going forward in not complying with the commitment was to meet with the united states for reduction while it's ok like in february when they made the argument. to did they made around 70 attacks in kabul yes so that that's not something which can make way for our road for going to the day of negotiation or at least for the peace ok pop out assault on pople has
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outlined the the the problems with getting around the table before the attacks on tuesday the public is not seeing any dividend from this agreement between the u.s. government and the afghan government is it going to be are they ever going to sit around the table the afghan government and the taliban. yes well 1st of all around the country to all and i must say if you call it is as to the news of those 'd 2 massacres that happened in kabul and you know god is there there is still a chance and we know a lot of people really genuinely believe that this is the best opportunity. or for many many and it isn't the hands of the afghans to make this work the agreement which was signed on the 29th. there was expecting a couple of moves. by you know a creek here one of them was the release of 5 or 2. it
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actually says and the prisoners from the. from the taliban right now that has not had been a status as was expected and as a result the next step which sort of being and into negotiation. should not take grounds and the longer this period go i believe the greater the opportunity it creates other groups as well as the. orders to try and undermine the possibility of peace and so those attacks that we saw are very good example of what can happen if the afghans without the international community are not able to close that gap it's really the signing between the united states and the new ban and the start of the negotiations
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between the taliban and the afghans not to come up with a road for a sustainable and stable situation and that's ok kate salt on sees there a window still a narrowing window of opportunity for these for these talks to one day take place but it seems to be all unraveling doesn't it do you see there's any chance for these 2 sides to get around the table. i think in reality it was already rattling if all these 2 absolutely some rich. tax karl america her is one of the problems with that deal such as the americans and the taliban are. shorter. from the beginning so that the taliban came away saying it's our hearts let's call it terrorism gets the afghan state the actor says next guest's governments are not against the foreigners it's the americans clearly understood
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that they had written a standing telecoms would continue with the reductions minds secondary one up today of the taliban who are if you never attacked. the afghan government forces and the americans that there's much more restraint as they try to cling on to this idea that because the intersection of violence i think that's a confidence building measure for the toolbox. if you look around at dance on today and the last few weeks it looks like a normal spirit that's it's nice we have pressure from the taliban it's we haven't had the killer attacks as they call them which is usually several coalition of very provincial centers or major characters less that seem so it looks like benson to me and to be honest. it's i don't see any intention through the terms are sitting down talking. the lines knots they think it's lost it.
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but i think a lot of it has to also fight with you not. even have to list the intentions so this is the action if you know anything that if you will remain still exists and. i just don't think we've seen that in the taliban's. sort on just to quickly pick up on what kate mentioned that the intention of the taliban they the statement that they put out denying responsibility for the attack on the maternity hospital blamed the afghan government and security elements within the afghan government as well as i saw for for allowing this attack to take place that doesn't indicate a group that wants to sit down with the afghan government to talk does it. well i think you prove your argument there are 2 sides in this and you probably hear the same the same arguments from the governments they look at the taliban and
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it's kind of accuse them of the attacks by the fact that they denied it and they're the officer that was announced by the president. during through the to the. in his targets. and what happened in reality since the signing of that is that there has been a significant reduction in violence in afghanistan statistically if you look at how many attacks were happening and how many people work were being killed for tonight and today we know that too but what is going on at the same time is that there was a complete shit on the ground between nat. groups between the military and abandon others a small way to try and capture advance orders in a. position on the ground as fast as possible before they enter the negotiation at this you know aren't building their case during the 'd early church
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and that has a jew or an increase in violence to 'd try to but ultimately i think the most important is for all sides to remain focused on the extreme and that's what they're going to mend a lloyds was a tree and abandoned united states it has also in. through to people. in the united states have signed almost a mirror image agreement with the government in out there through which they have satisfied the tension to draw up the numbers of u.s. troops to bust soldiers with the 1st 100 days from the sunni and they have shared their views about the need to release prisoners as a. 1st to build trust between the 2 sides now this has unfortunately not happened and again both sides have come up with excuses for why they could not really use
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the prisoners as fast as the agreement expected on the you have downside risk they see the number. in the sense that they could go back and fight but typically in given the time the east coast of the. fighters if they are released with the advancement of the spring and summer then they can go back and fight against the government they're also concerned about some. prison prisoners that were lies for their wages violence. at the same time of the taliban and they see it as a very important point for them to move forward but there are no states and their holiness is responsible for this because in the text of the agreement says the united states should do its best to facilitate the release of. prisoners
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and for those of the taliban bush 8. there is nothing they can hold hold up to their fighters on the ground better than release 'd chris they're not seeking at this stage it's royal territories they were given 30 years it's not going to just to satisfy. is the release of prisoners. popal it not might not feel like it but the has been a statistical reduction in violence is that enough to persuade the afghan people that there is mileage in pushing forward with talks between the government and the taliban the taliban have reduced or not generally attacked in kabul for sure in the past so could there still be work to be done. one the reduction of violence doesn't mean that the. are kidding
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in the one and half month 7 to a soon to $500.00 x. in different part of the understand the 1st thing the 2nd thing is that the light in the last 2 days there or there were 3 huge attacks in maternity hospital in nonce and then get out in also and. if taliban is saying that is not dear they were not behind of this arctic then who else what. i mean who else is doing the subjects because the taliban have to show that they're committed to a disses or they're committed to or did sign agreement with the united states they said in the between afghan a taliban in united stated they said that they will be they will bring huge reduction in violence non-so will work. with government of lana's town to take it or to demolish the other terrorist group in in afghanistan so if there is huge other groups like the planner or that take out the last 3 attacks the other
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availability of this is present in afghanistan then we have to nor the afghan people have to know to whom they are going to talk or in the negotiation negotiation table if they are if the added if there are that my strong other terrorist groups who are able to to manage or to plant that much at a so we have to reconsider the. de plan of negotiation a taliban because now currently i mean this before this 2 days we have the side that was not done people of venison was thinking that with the sign with the agrement with taliban there will be peace in afghanistan while this 2 out 3 attacks which was carried by maybe the i sell or taliban or someone. some other terrorist groups. change the perception of the people because people are thinking now that if this is not taliban taliban was involved in i mean some kind of fundamentalist
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sister provide assistance to these groups they're brought speirs they provide other kind of support to these groups who would carry these attacks kate al-jazeera we understand that abdullah abdullah nash afghani of extremely close to agreeing a 50 percent 50 percent split of government portfolios both of course claim victory in the september elections without dolabella being given the head of the peace process committee will help things do you think a bill is said before that releasing prisoners would be beneficial to the process. well of course it will help to have some sort of you know fight. card that's been an absolute disaster it happened a contested messy election and allegations of fraud to manage the presidency holding parallel integrations this messy dispute over who gets just.
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what it is that is it's difficult when again it's not in such a difficult place. for course but also the grand aspirants and also this possible peace talks for the top are there really certainly 3 at a strong force and couple. other problems of course with this dispute between the 2 thirds of the permits it's it's probably afghan security forces who are out there trying to place the telegram and i would actually contend with full time mr districts we really looked after the session looked at. what was happening rather captured and much agreement the sized says we have to continue going in areas that are controlled but doesn't that they still largely peace they are quite happy with the deal because the general attacks from the u.s. military and they are at the start it was in the areas that were contested west
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people were seeing. extra checkpoints to tell it was a cessation of abductions attacks typically on highways railroads if this is almost places that we saw the taliban. in attacks against at least early are there was a lot of restraint from the atmosphere people to the u.s. military so it's you know i think many good intentions for both sides to scramble and taliban and at the moment it's without it's difficult to see the 2 thirds sitting down together and this touches that of president. something that's not going to. say that they want to look until their side has people around this at the same time present stating them for in ways that really suck competence in more at the expense institutions sort on as kate says the taliban are
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ratcheting up the war would it make any difference if abdullah abdullah and ashraf ghani agreed on a sort of a unity government with abdullah abdullah heading the peace process would that help at all. it would actually i think got them up the lies is uniquely based on your belief it's got so association with the northern alliance who were a shitty you know part of the and the disagreement in afghanistan and one against. him being at the helm of the peace talks i think it does help or it has to be done in a way where he is really genuinely to be able to move forward and take decisions at the moment the structure of the peace talks is not entirely clear the president has announced achieving. the genius. is seen as representative by the. other parties have come out and said well it doesn't
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actually represent all or all our interests the taliban and those. they seem to think that they're angry mood is not to negotiate with the government but to negotiate a dance of which the government is all you want so there are still some difficulties to overcome and. i think that the law if you is to focus use energy on this. you can make a huge difference and this is where the process or this moment in order for for it to. kate it's of course election year for donald trump can you see any scenario where it would be bad enough in afghanistan that donald trump would would stop the drawdown of u.s. troops because that's what's been driving of course this deal in the 1st place ste it's earth so it will be x. rated person a. president trusts intentions or actions in the next few months i think
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there's such a look. both at the truth let's roll this partial troop withdrawal to be halted its all for american stance mistress as sort of. both. parties talked about you know what this is why there is american support people hate us for the things he said is it has been quite strong in afghanistan so i think it could go either way. and. next year the already. if there's a letter. and more it makes the news in america. the more important to his election gentle it's ok thank you all very much we are unfortunately out of time but thanks to our guests pople abebe salt on barack at and kate clarke
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and thank you too for watching you can see the problem again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a.j. inside story and i am at 0 for me bernie and the whole team here in doha by.
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as the world fights the corona time demi we're learning more about this every day it's a new passion that your new join our global community it's up to us when how we come to be able to fight i'm sorry your questions and i just honestly don't understand me directly what's coming on on you tube as you're saying i'm concerned about the front line oh that's a great quiet and not keeping you up to date and we've seen countries by and beaten back successfully the street on 00. we know what's happening i read and we know how to get the plate is that others and all i was done but only dear god by that point you the only purpose i'd. in fact that time any programming can go live on the amnesty to go live to work another ploy that may not be mainstream but the fires is going on more normative you. by. the way that you cal death story is what and make
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a difference. boldin untold stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes hoping to revive europe's economy and tourism industry leaders discuss opening the borders but not all countries are sold on the idea. of total lockdown imposed in chile's capital after a 60 percent spike in corona virus infections in the past 24 hours. a
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standoff over highway checkpoints native american tribes clash with the republican governor in the u.s. state of south dakota. another snag for the largest.


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