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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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natural resources are a commodity traded for profit and how the u.s. elections shaping up as the country battles calls with 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive these historic setbacks jeanne announces era. a passenger plane crashes in a busy neighborhood in karachi with reports of at least 2 survivors. hello again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up. hong kong leaders say they're ready to work with china but not everyone is happy about a proposed law to give beijing control over security. the mammoth cleanup operation
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continues in bangladesh following the devastation of cycle an unplanned. unemployed stranded and relying on handouts thailand's migrant workers face a precarious future. we begin with breaking news out of pakistan a passenger plane has crashed in a busy residential area near kharaj they were almost 100 people on board we're getting reports at least 2 people survived the pilot that sent out a mayday signal before the crash we'll get you more on that right now from our correspondent in islam about come out haida kemal it seems astonishing that 2 people maybe walked away from that. i lost him. apologies for that we've lost
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communications there with kemar we will go back to him as soon as we can hong kong's government says it will work with beijing to introduce a new national security law as soon as possible we are expecting more details later but it's believed it will criminalise the session foreign interference and subversion of beijing state power news of the plan has already been met with protests in hong kong and leading pro-democracy figures they're calling it the end of one country 2 systems those were a little shots of the protests from earlier today the chinese premier mr lead announced the bill at the opening of the annual national people's congress it's missing 3 months late because of coronavirus also coming out of the parliament the 1st time in decades china won't set a growth target mr lee said the development would be set aside as beijing works to repair an economy badly hit by the coronavirus katrina a year reports now from beijing. a minute's silence to honor thousands of chinese
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who lost their lives to the coronavirus set a somber tone for the opening of china's national people's congress delivering the annual government work report premier league a chant hailed the communist party's achievement in containing the outbreak and also acknowledged the heavy economic cost for the 1st time since 1988 no g.d.p. growth target was set change our success has come at a great price the economy posted negative growth in the 1st quarter of this year and a daily life in the work has been greatly affected no mention either of any large scale economic stimulus for the world's 2nd largest economy instead communist officials were told to tighten their belts and focus on stabilizing employment and eradicating poverty. the government plans to create $9000000.00 jobs and kept unemployment at the current rate of 6 percent but analysts say millions of daily
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wage workers are not included in the official tally the number one priority is the employment issue so. to create jobs and employment of those word is mentioned almost 40 times and other government is talking about different programs under from the government. defense spending is due to rise by 6.6 percent its lowest rate in 3 decades but enforcing national security in hong kong is being stepped up with the announcement of a proposed law banning treason session and subversion there activists say the draft law is an assault on the region's autonomy and democratic freedoms sitting peering at porn away the whole pretense of $102.00 system so they are not answering to the world their own call no longer under one country 2 system it is now one
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country. one system hong kong's main hung index fell by more than 5 percent but investors fearing the loss of the financial center special economic status president donald trump says the u.s. will respond strongly to the proposed legislation the national people's congress will continue to meet over the next week but on friday its priorities made clear reviving the economy and closing in on any threat to china's stability the coronavirus or demands for democracy katrina al-jazeera painting. while the hong kong leader kerry says the government will work with beijing to put the security law into effect as soon as possible she says judicial independence won't be compromised but as adrian brown explains many of the territories residents just don't believe that. well this has been a dark day for people who were already concerned about autonomy here in hong kong now china's leaders say that this new law is needed to come back things like
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terrorism succession sedition as well as foreign interference now the latter is a reference to the united states which beijing has often accused of being behind and funding some of the protests here in hong kong now on friday this new law was debated by members of china's national people's congress that's the parliament which meets once a year in beijing and it seems this new law could take effect as early as august there were protests in hong kong on friday as well as skirmishes inside the legislative assembly now currently social distancing rules mean that people can't gather in the streets in groups of more than 8 now those rules are due to continue until june the 4th the question i guess is when will those rules be lifted and what happens when they are will there be a return of those big street protests that we saw last year in the meantime hong
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kong's government says it will fully implement this new legislation it says the legislation is needed to punish those who create violence as well as punish those who support independence there was one line in premier league chung's speak to the n.p.c. on friday which has started a lot of speculation here in hong kong he said that there needs to be a mechanism to ensure the law is implemented that is led to many people suggesting that china might now set up its own spy agency here in hong kong something that would be separate at parallel to the hong kong police force. the u.s. has condemned china over its proposed security law for hong kong lee secretary of state mike pompei it is cold it's a disastrous proposal saying it ignores the will of the people let's go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly home kimberly good afternoon good morning
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your time was mr pumping saying yeah you're right condemning calling this proposed national security legislation arbitrary disastrous releasing a statement let's look at it together the statement from the u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe the decision to bypass hong kong's well established legislative processes and ignore the will of the people of hong kong would be the death knell for the high degree of autonomy beijing promised for hong kong under the sino british joint declaration a un failed agreement now this is interesting peter because this statement goes much further even than the position of the what of the white house in the top administration just 24 hours ago national security advisor robert o'brien had also been talking about this is essential in the position of the trampas administration is this they're saying that america will respond if the chinese government take
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strong action under this proposed national security law as such lee the view is look there was a deal made back in 1997 that allowed for 50 years of capitalist system a way of life that allowed for freedom for allowed for rule of law and the position is now that 27 years early in his view china has arbitrarily decided that hong kong has had too much freedom so the view is that the united states says it will now take action if or rather will respond if china takes action and it's promising and it believes that other countries would join in if necessary kimberly thanks very much. thailand's 4000000 migrant workers are more vulnerable than ever the recent lael stooge of the cove a 1000 pandemic now with most borders closed thousands of stranded and relying on handouts scot hired the reports now from some what some call. about an
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hour south of bangkok as some suck on the hub for thailand's seafood industry and home to the largest population of migrant workers in the country primarily from me and more right now because of the coded 1000 shutdown many are without jobs and are relying on food handouts to prevent the spread of the virus thailand sealed its borders with neighboring countries back in march stranding tens of thousands of migrant workers mostly without any assistance from the thai government. mom omo had been a garment factory worker here for 9 years she lost her job when the shutdown started to take hold any day a come a sham i don't know this crisis is probably the worst one that i've experienced there are no jobs in the market and i couldn't find work i haven't paid my rent for the past 2 months. she only has another few weeks to pay what she owes before she and her family are kicked out they want to go home to mandalay in myanmar but can't the average daily salary for my coworkers handsome a can promise is only $10.00 that goes for those who are working on fishing boats
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the factory workers now there's growing concern that jobs like this could become a few are once thailand fully reopened for business to tani gallic lies says thousands of workers have called her migrant worker rights network seeking help the organization has been providing food bags for families but 2 thoughts in each admits even if the migrants are able to get to their home countries they'll end up coming back to thailand once there's work she says they'll return even more vulnerable than before the pandemic as a single and worried that the workers will be forced to work for longer alice for a smaller wage they're quite vulnerable unlike thai workers who have more rights and more boggling power i think fewer workers will be employed but have to work harder the thai government has opened selected border checkpoints for a limited number of workers to return home each day but many don't have the money to travel. a few fortunate ones are able to get some work but most remain stuck on
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land facing mounting debt they'll have to be paid back when they do finally find a job it's got harder al-jazeera someone took on thailand's. ok let's return to our top story the a 320 crashed on final approach to the international airport a kharaj it was on a domestic flight from lahore there were a 100 people on board passengers flight crew and cabin crew of course an unknown number of people on the ground in quite a densely populated residential area we understand that the aircraft came directly on top of we're being told 5 or 6 houses of course got multiple situations on the ground there anyway which would mean people were home it's ramadan is the muslim holy month of people are generally at home it happened about 2 45 pm local time and also there is a locked in place at the moment in pakistan as well our correspondent is camel joining us on the line from islamabad kemal it does seem amazing that reportedly 2
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people walked away from this. absolutely ecstatic that maybe it can even be because. technical problems through the air controller. and then. again done it all took him to make a significant idea then coming down. from the runway on a populated area according to. one of the to live version the plane had caught fire many parts of the fuselage who are still intact he of course say he crawled out of that. man being not just alive read it hit the ground like to fly it seems to have guards most of the damage and the fact that the board without. the boat engines that tragically faded and now they're skewered rig a that's where they stand on. what our teams have not yet if you get any final next
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of many people looking to go to a game but the rescue and relief efforts continue and what they like congested area despite the fact that they had a clear route by disability b.h.l. starter kits that they should be no better games all 'd legit entered an idea on a protest at the airport. one of the cars there is faulty damage on the ground today there was one report a couple of hours ago kemal talking about how the croft attempted multiple go rounds was the weather particularly bad at the time. the rate they're going to completely fine it at $338.00 was a failure that made 2 wikipedia an engine failure and they're taking going general intro at which point they say that the a pick up employed what they call a t. . some sort of a make an exam grades basically give following through the hacker operating on
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engine grade and dad dad goes also activated suggesting that the engine had to say and a aircraft did not have a good time to fly because they're going directly to the low on that flight even approach to the apple orchards out there probably one of the reasons why it was unable to rely on a hard landing at the airport and instead crash truck on the runway can all thank you very much. still to come for you here on al-jazeera on the frontline of the virus crisis in mexico paramedics one of the hospitals will now reaching a breaking point. trying tony's risking their lives in small country and it's been an easy a go to desperately. just
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. howie one place aside we got some slightly quotes where the push to get to southern parts of china over the next couple days still some lively showers at the moment you see the big mass of white cloud here down towards the fos out so she put the seasonal rains and that's going to continuing filter conveying out into the open waters of the northwest pacific a few showers there to northern parts of honshu up towards wessel whether they made it through the yellow sea and that's going to run across the korean peninsula over the weekend so north korea saying the heavy rain initially and we'll see that wet weather gradually pushing down into south korea bunch of charter they state will be fine and dry 29 celsius in beijing hot sunshine in shanghai at around 31 and the showers fewer and further between in hong kong 31 here as well the top temperature on sunday here's a scattering of showers across southeast asia the showers the spreading outs of southern china affecting
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a good part of northern vietnam central southern parts of it naam into cambodia same shall wish i was there into thailand and some showers then to the philippines and still some live shows there for parts of indonesia meanwhile still very concerned about the very heavy rain that we have into the northeast of india through bangladesh as the remnants of poem continue. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such 2 mountains as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stimulants we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for a future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy. rule
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. or. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera my name's peter dhabi your top stories a passenger plane with almost 100 people on board has crashed in a residential area near kharaj at least 2 people have survived are being told the pilots have reportedly sent out a mayday signal. pro-democracy activists in hong kong have condemned the national security legislation plan by china beijing is aiming to pass a law that could be the biggest imitation tong consul ptolemy since it was handed over by britain back in 1970 the us secretary of state mike pompei or has condemned beijing's proposal or saying it ignores the will of the people he says it'll be the death knell of hong kong's degree of autonomy the search from china to reverse its
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decision. paramedics in mexico city say hospitals are reaching breaking points in treating virus patients and an independent survey suggests the infection rate may be 3 times higher than what the government is saying manuel reports now from the capital. waiting for their next dispatch to red cross workers on standby at this office in a cow to pick mexico i think. here half of the ambulance units have been refitted to specifically deal with copd 19 patients but the paramedics say they're worried the region's hospitals are nearing capacity c.c. about this here but i was that i think we should be worried about the level of saturation at hospitals because we've arrived in an ambulance and found there is no space for our patients we have to wait 123 and had to wait for up to 4 hours. in independent analysis more than 4500 death certificates is adding concern the
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region's health system could soon become overwhelmed the findings suggest the death toll in mexico city is actually 3 times higher than what the government is reporting the b.n.a. act as if once you on the face i mean there are. that's hard to think it's of people who either did not know they had the illness or died in quarantine without being tested this thing is certainly a factor also they are not adequately reporting the deaths of people under the suspicion of coronavirus. though we may think that mexican health officials are not denying the findings of the new report but mexico's deputy health minister who lopez get that them is questioning the methodology he says that a majority of the death certificates in question are part of the subset that will eventually be included in an official code $1000.00 death to. mexico city and its surrounding municipalities have become the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in the country people seeking medical treatment are finding it increasingly difficult to find hospitals that are still accepting patients as hospitals in
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mexico city continue to fill up people are turning to a mobile phone application wants but the city government that indicates which hospitals have reached capacity as of this week all but 5 of the region's medical centers appeared either completely full or nearing capacity. paramedics say calls related to covert 900 are still on the rise making the workload constant they're also worried and oversaturation of hospitals could lead to patients dying while waiting in the back of ambulances. up in mexico city. russia has reported 150 new virus related deaths a new record high for one single day the death toll is just over 3200 numbers being questioned by analysts but moscow insists it's not under reporting russia has recorded the 2nd highest number of infections in the world with nearly 330000 cases the government says that's down to an extensive testing program and that the outbreak is beginning to stabilise. spain further easing restrictions as it moves
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towards reopening the entire country by leaps june as of monday bars and restaurants in the capital madrid will be able to use their terraces with a maximum of 10 customers hairdressing salem's opened their doors earlier this week madrid has been locked down longer than the rest of the country due to a high number of cases in the local area. in indonesia some muslims who are preparing for the eat holiday are ignoring restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus market traders are disappearing police orders and they are risking their business licenses to stay open jessica washington has that report from the capital jakarta. tom in the center of jakarta is southeast asia's biggest textile market the lead up to the muslim holiday season is usually the busiest time of the trade is as customers come to buy new clothes before the celebration this year is different place have come to shop the market down to
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enforce virus restrictions whenever they keep opening the shops and so the buyers keep coming it's not right we will continue to enforce the social restrictions and we will take actions it's really tiring it's now a daily ritual there are thousands of traders here and forcing all of them to follow regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the virus is proving difficult kind of hard to know what happens if they keep breaking the law will have to revoke their business permit up until now we've been trying to persuade them the lead up to it is a test for into the asian authorities the restrictions mean that many businesses have been forced to shut their doors at what would normally be their busiest time of year and some attempt to break the rules despite the risk. many here are daily wage and some say they haven't received any aid from the government. about the market for that but if we follow what the government is telling us to work from
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home what will we ate the virus might not kill me then but we can still die from hunger crowded to count as main airport this week prompted criticism that the indonesian government relaxed restrictions far too soon only business travelers up needed to fly and only those who can afford the increased emphasis can make the journey some feel low income earners are being disproportionately targeted. when i want to own a gun i want justice if you want to close my store then close everything don't just keep allowing wealthy people to continue and force people like me to close they chase us like we're selling stolen goods. just hours after the police raid this is what the central market looks like sellers putting out their clothing racks again and returning to business as usual but that's because of the way i feel sorry for the small sellers that depend on their sales and what their they give to their families it's hard and some are now bankrupt they know it's not allowed and unsafe
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but they say they have no choice but to stay open and earn a living jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. india's prime minister narendra modi has gone to areas hardest hit by the region's most powerful cyclon in decades at least $96.00 people died in india and neighboring bangladesh has priyanka gupta . there is nothing left to save for bundled up outre and her family poor. farm destroyed her home built over the last. state on the roof above her head on her daughter as. the storm came the day before yesterday and tore through our roof i was at home at the time and i had to rush outside for safety. for farmers such as. the loss of call to peak harvest season is. they are trying to salvage whatever they can to survive what looks like a daunting summer ahead with their income on food on the market were gone by. we've
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lost all our crops farmers or lost their grains and their livestock the situation is very bad. india's promised an arranger moody flew into the provincial capital kolkata a city of 14000000 people where repair crews are racing to clear the wreckage of fallen trees untangled pollens to switch electricity supplies back on more these under pressure to declare a national disaster which would allow more federal funds and support for the damaged state supply spangle on neighboring odisha i think that. we're still allocating $131000000.00 to the state of west bengal at the moment so they don't face any troubles in restoring normalcy it's a similar picture of devastation in neighboring bangladesh where coastal areas and districts were also battered by sight on un fun. social distancing is difficult
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here with the need for survival more pressing under threat of corner violence. $26.00 areas have been affected and all $26.00 areas have reported destruction it's still hard to assess exactly how much damage has been caused by the cycle on officials who lead us now in about 7 days and there are many remote areas including the ecological child thunderbird's mangoes feagin of india and bangladesh which for me cut off our exports are trying to save us just how much damage. has left behind. on to 0. iran's supreme leader has called for a continuation of the fight to liberate palestine t.v. address on codes or jerusalem day i. described israel as a cancerous tumor in the middle east and he said the occupation of palestine is a crime against humanity iran's help be on your could stay since 1979 in
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a show of support for the palestinian struggle. forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognize governments are mobilizing around the town of tarhouni 100 kilometers southeast of the capital tripoli this comes a day after they seized control of the strategic town of. it's on an important supply route for troops allied to the warlord liefer haftar. in southern tripoli where he says government forces are quickly retaken much of the area. i'm now standing in al sadr a neighborhood in southern turkey that's beyond neighborhood and this area has just been captured by the government forces have to the forces had controlled this area for the past few months and also the clashes and there were clashes here in this area and also beyond that insula had been able hold many civilians were impacted by the random rockets during the past few months rockets launched by half the force of from that they were namely from military camp now the government forces today
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have gained ground and day as he as you can see here behind me the clashes have left remains here behind me as you can see here that is this is the wreckage of a damaged military vehicle. and as a just saying their government forces have that he captured several locations today including the. barely military camp and also the headquarters of their passport and migration authorities that's beyond and beyond salaheddine neighborhoods in southern. now military sources here tell us that the clashes are going going now in division ity of military camp and a military camp has been controlled by have to those forces for the past 7 months and in fact it's very symbolic for both sides have to those forces had been running
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the buttons from that military camp which is about a few only a few kilometers from where mr handing now. the un special rapporteur who investigated the murder of the saudi journalist says the fight for justice isn't over. is calling on the u.s. to publish secret findings on saudi prince mohammed bin cell man's involvement in the crime it comes. as no one has the right to pardon his killers after his son salah said he forgave those responsible. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha my name's peter told me let's get you right up to speed with the top stories a passenger aircraft on a 320 with almost 100 people on board has crashed in a residential area near kharaj in pakistan at least 2 people did survive the pilots reportedly sent
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a mayday signal the aircraft crashed as it was coming in to land at the city's international airports come out as more from islamabad. what from the law. board we are dorward had radioed that. however we. damned make an approach to karachi airport but rent short. board and create more. board would be a day pro-democracy activists in hong kong have condemned new national security legislation planned by china beijing is aiming to pass a law that could be the biggest limitation to hong kong ptolemy since it was handed over by britain in 1970 the us secretary of state mike pompei or has condemned
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beijing's new law saying it ignores the will of the people he's urging china to reverse its decision. russia has reported 150 new virus related deaths and the record high for one single day the death toll is just over 3200 the government says there's an extensive testing program and the outbreak is beginning to stabilise spain is further easing restrictions as it moves towards reopening the whole country by late june as of monday bars and restaurants and madrid will be able to use their terraces with a maximum of 10 customers. u.n. special rapper turned best to get at the murder of the saudi journalist jamal are shoji says the fight for justice isn't over agnes kalama is calling on the u.s. to publish secret findings on mohamed bin salmond's involvement in the crime those are your headlines the news continues after the stream kim is here from 15 g. i'll see you tomorrow from tangy till then bye bye. told the owners their own wheels let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in
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yemen we listen this is the moment to stop all military action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does iran. prior to locating look at incidence to need a home we could insist that it means just buy you online community look at the coolness finalists and. suggested to you major. who was. and how has she friend it's she want to talk about the intersection. and moment it's. already jumped in. and you limit change and oh no as i write.


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