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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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and how the rules are being written. inside facebook on al-jazeera. be the hero the world news. brazil's supreme court releases a video of president joy or ball so narrow saying he will sack talk law enforcement officials to protect his family. watching over syria live from london i'm also ahead a passenger jet crashes into a crowded neighborhood of karate killing all but 2 of those on board. hong kong activists call for people to rise up against beijing's plans to impose
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national security laws. on coronavirus property prices will they go through the roof or fall through a floor. fellow in a developing story brazil's supreme court has released a video showing president joe your boss an error allegedly trying to interfere in law enforcement the 2 hour video of a cabinet meeting was released as part of a probe into allegations but also narrow was meddling in a criminal investigation into his son the claim was made by former justice minister sergio mauro who resigned last month because of what he called political interference from the president's it followed by also the i.r.s. sacking of the federal police chief. meanwhile brazil's coronavirus death toll has now passed 20000 after almost 1200 deaths were recorded
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in just one day health experts say the true figure could be much higher because of a low level of testing the number of confirmed infections is more than 300000 making brazil the 3rd worst affected in the country affected country excuse me after the u.s. and russia despite that president joe your boss an arrow continues to press for a reopening of the nation's economy and with cases piling up in brazil the mayor of rio de janeiro has unveiled a new field hospital dedicated to treating covert 1000 patients. right here in the field hospital you all seeing 50 new intensive care beds are going to open and for a spectacular by bringing down the infection of and we've more intensive care beds being opened and we've multimedia robbing next week from china we all really hoping that we can gradually relativity and safely return to activities in the city of rio
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de janeiro. while the world health organization has raised the alarm about the corona virus outbreak in south america the agency's executive director of health emergencies is also warned against turning to untested treatments. south america has become a new at the center for the disease we've seen many south american countries with. increasing numbers of cases and and clearly there's a concern across many of those countries but certainly the most affected is that at this point. we also know that. the government of brazil has approved the use of hydroxy chloroquine for broader use but we do point to the fact that our current clinical and systematic review is carried out by a fine american health organization on the current claim that clinical evidence does not support the widespread use of hydroxy chloroquine for the treatment of cope with 19 so just
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a moment ago we were telling you about brazil's supreme court that's now released a video showing the president's allegedly trying to interfere in law enforcement let's bring in our lot america editor of the c n n she's joining us from a semi in capital what more can you tell us about this video. hello there well 1st of all i'm outside in santiago with this mask on because it's mandatory what's happened is that as you may remember the former minister of justice was just resigned a few weeks ago he was the most popular minister under the bo'sun national government and he left accusing the president of interfering of meddling in the justice system in order to defend his own personal interests and that means that his own sons because especially his eldest son flavio who is was and is being investigated finds of wrongdoing and and money laundering and beyond and so what in this meeting this video what it does is it seems to prove that what sent tomorrow had said and that
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is the president had actually verbalized and said literally that he wanted to get rid of the police officer in rio de janeiro and that if he couldn't get rid of rid of the one in rio de janeiro he wanted to get rid of his watch in other words the former federal police chief well bosso not a did indeed dismiss he fired him or his boss in other words the minister of justice so what he's saying and he said that the reason he wanted to do this is that he was not going to allow anybody to quote and i won't use the words of 4 letter word with his family in other words he wanted to protect his children the president says that that's not what he meant that he was talking about his son's personal security but it certainly by the sounds of this the audiotape that was just released doesn't sound that way and since the president is being investigated for possible wrongdoing on this score which is an impeachable offense it is making things more difficult for a while so not only is popularity is already plummeting because of his handling of
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the coronavirus crisis yeah exactly the say i'll just keep you with us for just a moment to ask you how damaging this is all potentially going to be for balls that are. you know the tapes are to us it's a 2 hour conversation it was a cabinet meeting and sen joe modeled the former justice minister had said that there were lots of juicy bits in it and i'm quoting him and there are there parts that i just heard when the president is absolutely rubbish in the dubliners the manner is he's saying that he needs to arm the people of brazil to prevent the politics of falling into a dictatorship it goes even beyond what i've just talked about and that is possible means for a or rather motives for a political impeachment trial so we're going to have to see now what the brazil how the bazillion people react to it but some of it is very very strong stuff indeed the c.s. thank you very much for that update from santiago now president donald trump says
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he'll order the u.s. flying to be flown at half staff over the next 3 days as the u.s. coronavirus death toll approaches 100000 all 50 states have partially reopened after 2 months shut down even though some are still recording a rising number of new infections trump has been urging governors to safely open the country to help the economy recover despite fears that could lead to a 2nd wave if in fact since he's now declared houses of worship essential services and called for governors to reopen them some governors have deemed a liquor stores an abortion clinics is essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship snow right so i'm correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential i call upon governors to allow our churches in places of worship to open right now if they don't do it i will override the governors. in america we need more prayer not less our white house correspondent kimberly halkett
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has more. well essentially what the u.s. president has done is set up a battle once again between his white house and the 50 governors across the united states many who are still in force in very strict stay at home orders particularly when it pertains to houses of worship so this would be churches mosques synagogues essentially the concern being that when you have large groups get gathering and congregating that this could allow for an asymptomatic person to spread unknowingly to other members of the congregation but at the same time many churches particularly in california where more than 1200 are threatening to open up this weekend the u.s. president has just made an announcement new c.d.c. guidelines that the centers for disease control that essentially gives them the ammunition to defy their local orders to stay at home the u.s.
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president saying that he's calling on governors to open these houses of worship right away and most interestingly he said if they don't override the governor is now very quickly the u.s. president doesn't have the power to do that under the u.s. constitution there are very strong states' rights but what he seems to be implying is that his department of justice may challenge this under the 1st amendment or the right to freedom of religion peaceful assembly but that would take a long time to dry out what's really clear in all of this is in an election year where we know that so many who attend church regularly have voted for the u.s. president he's trying to deliver for his constituency he hopes will help him win reelection in november. well an airbus jetliner with 99 people on board has crashed into a crowded neighborhood near the airport in the coastal pakistani city of karachi at
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least 85 people were killed there harding passmore. the crash happened as the pakistan international airlines flight was attempting to land for a 2nd time period it was. initial reports say the airbus pilots sent a mayday message reporting problems with both engines and made a go around. a few minutes later the airliner came down in a highly populated residential area near karate international airport the horse that actually got a funny just the last words we heard from the pilots was that there were technical problems he was told on the final approach to both roman ways are ready and you can learn and for the pilot decided he wanted to go around for that reason the technical problem was well good to go and look at that now. airplane parts were strewn among burning homes security forces were sent to help the rescue operation and managed to pull at least 2 passengers from the wreckage pakistan's prime
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minister imran khan tweeted saying that he was shocked and saddened by the crash offering prayers and condolences to the families of the dead. aviation apps identify the aircraft as a 15 year old airbus a $320.00 it was one of the 1st in p.i.a.'s fleet to restart flying this week after flights were grounded to stop the spread of the coronavirus. crash investigators are expected to arrive to begin the search for clues and find out what went wrong on the relatively short flight of an hour and 45 minutes from lahore to karachi the crash coincides with the end of ramadan normally a busy time for travelers returning home for the ied holiday it's also 4 years since another air crash in pakistan during ramadan killed all $47.00 people on board the hardeen al jazeera hong kong's chief executive kerry lama says her governments will work with beijing to introduce a new national security law as soon as possible they proposal to ban treason
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secession sedition and subversion could see mainland intelligence agencies set up in hong kong adrian brown has more. well this has been a dark day for people who were already concerned about autonomy here in hong kong now china's leaders say that this new law is needed to come back things like terrorism succession sedition as well as foreign interference now the latter is a reference to the united states which beijing has often accused of being behind and funding some of the protests here in hong kong now on friday this new law was debated by members of china's national people's congress that's the parliament which meets once a year in beijing and it seems this new law could take effect as early as august there were protests in hong kong on friday as well as skirmishes inside the
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legislative assembly now currently social distancing rules mean that people can't gather in the streets in groups of more than 8 now those rules are due to continue until june the 4th the question i guess is when will those rules be lifted and what happens when they are will there be a return of those big street protests that we saw last year in the meantime hong kong's government says it will fully implement this new legislation it says the legislation is needed to punish those who create violence as well as punish those who support independence there was one line in premier league chung's speak to the n.p.c. on friday which has started a lot of speculation here in hong kong he said that there needs to be a mechanism to ensure the law is implemented that is led to many people suggesting that china might now set up its own spy agency here in hong kong something that
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would be separate but parallel to the hong kong police force. still to come on al-jazeera with their possessions washed away or smashed by the storm cycling victims seeking help to start again police raids failed to stop the cartels market traders from setting up shop for. holloway got some quasi weather now into the southeast of australia following on from massive storm sam the tornado into victoria recently that's in the process of pulling out of the way the power of low pressure still there in the tasman that's heading on to wards new zealand behind got this because shield of cloud which has been producing some useful rainfall across parts of queensland and indeed into northern territory still some lobby downpours here as we go through saturday still
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want to see blustery showers the into the southeast as we go i wanted to send stay as well but somewhat dry and brought to us we go towards the weekend meanwhile i was also west 27 celsius there in perth on saturday make the most of it because this next system is rolling through this is well it'll be the remains of tropical cyclone a mango which will make its way into work doubly way as we go through sunday session damaging winds large seas rip tide said something to watch out for some other weather to making its way into new zealand as that system pushes across the tasman as we go through the 2nd half of the week and meanwhile into edge of pan here it is lossy fine and dry we got this streak of cloud which stretches all the way back into southern china should dry up as we go on through the next couple of days for southern parts of china temperatures in hong kong around 31 degrees. on counting the cost brazil's health of economic crisis made was by its president
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no longer recession proof more than $1000000.00 health care jobs have been lost to the u.s. at angle of of course $500000000000.00 euro plan to save the european union. county the cost on al-jazeera. save humanity i really really not getting anywhere near it. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera brazil's supreme court has released video showing president are your boss and are allegedly trying to interfere in law
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enforcement appointments to protect his family from investigation. and as brazil's coronavirus that's old pos is 20000 the world health organization says south america has now the pandemics global hotspots an arab us jetliner with 99 people on board has crashed in a residential area near caracas 3 civil aviation authorities say 2 process and tourist survived. india's prime minister narendra modi has visited areas hardest hit by the region's most powerful cyclon in decades at least 96 people died in eastern india in neighboring bangladesh the author already use are struggling to restore roebling sound electricity to millions of homes priyanka gupta reports. there is nothing to save for bundled up otra and her family. who are. destroyed to her home built over a lifetime. state. came the day before yesterday and told to
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a roof i was at home at the time and i had to rush outside for safety. fulfillment such as from purcell the loss of calls to peak harvest season just devastating. they are trying to salvage whatever they can to survive what looks like a daunting summer ahead with their income on food gone. ok we're going. we've lost all our crops farmers are lost their grains and their livestock the situation is very bad. india's prime minister nuri and ramadi flew into the provincial capital kolkata a city of 14000000 people where repair crews are racing to clear the wreckage of fallen trees untangled power lines to switch electricity supplies back on more these under pressure to declare a national disaster which would allow more thought of funds and support for the damaged states or by spangle on neighboring odisha i think that. we're still
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allocating $131000000.00 to the state of west bengal at the moment so they don't face any troubles in restoring normalcy it's a similar pitch of devastation in neighboring bangladesh where course of the areas and districts were also battered by sight on. social distancing is difficult here with the need for survival more pressing than the threat of corn or virus. $26.00 areas have been affected and all $26.00 areas have reported destruction it's still hard to assess exactly how much damage has been caused by the cycle on officials who lead us now in about 7 days and there are many remote areas including the ecologically fragile thunderbird's mangos region of india and bangladesh which remain cut off and experts are trying to assess just how much damage the sideline has left behind. his ear. the united nations says yemen's health
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system has essentially collapsed the countries reported about 200 cases of cope with 19 and 30 deaths but aid agencies believes that number of infections is likely much higher catching up as a day on reports. for many life in yemen was already difficult before the coronavirus now the pandemic is making things even worse over the last 2 months more than 20000 families have turned to camps like lisa in the ma'ariv governorate their homes are now makeshift tents health care here is limited social distancing impossible the u.n. says yemen's health care system has essentially collapsed we hear from many of them that yemen is really on the brink right there the situation is extremely alarming they are talking about that the health system has in effect collapsed they are talking about having to train people away because they do not have an oxygen
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they do not have a lot of the protective equipment doctors are getting ready for a rise in the number of patients they have little to offer them yemen is particularly vulnerable to the spread of the virus poverty and water shortages have left the war torn country highly susceptible to disease and money is running out we are heading towards a fiscal cliff if we do not get the money coming in the programs that are keeping people alive and very much essential to fight back and gets cold it will have to close and then have to witness what happened in a country without a functional health system that can cope with $98.00 agencies say infections are likely underreported because of scars testing limited resources and government secrecy and calls to stop the fighting amid the pandemic have been ignored they've been even more people at risk what forced out of their homes by armed men conflict
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violence this is the dominant dicked on international diplomacy in their lives why lin's of the armed groups. but also the security council which has not in any way. the secretary general can't. control no virus she's trying 5 years of war between allies of humans government and who the forces have destroyed or close more than half of the country's health facilities people are now left facing a disease that threatens to further cripple their country already devastated by war . of the young al-jazeera muslims have met for friday prayers in nigeria's northwestern kano state despite a rising number of coronavirus infections their state officials relaxed restrictions me area after pressure from religious leaders millions of nigerians
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are preparing to celebrate their idol photo to holiday marking the end of ramadan nigeria has reported more than $7000.00 cases and look at least $211.00 deaths some muslims preparing for even indonesia however are ignoring restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus market traders are a disobey police orders are risking their business licenses to stay open just to washington reports from jakarta. tel now bang in the center of jakarta is southeast asia's biggest textile market the lead up to the muslim holiday themed is usually the busiest time of the trade is as customers come to buy new clothes before the celebration this year is different police have come to shot the market down to enforce virus restrictions. that they keep opening the shops and so the buyers keep coming it's not right we will continue to enforce the social restrictions and we will take actions it's really tiring. it's now
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a daily ritual there are thousands of traders here and forcing all of them to follow regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the virus is proving difficult i don't know. if they keep breaking the law will have to revoke their business permit up until now we've been trying to persuade them the lead up to it is a test for into these and authorities the restrictions mean that many businesses have been forced to shut their doors at what would normally be their busiest time of year and some attempt to break the rules despite the risk. many here are daily wage and some say they haven't received any aid from the government that the market for that but if we follow what the government is telling us to work from home what will we ate the virus might not kill me then but we can still die from hunger crowded you can't his main airport this week prompted criticism that the indonesian government relaxed restrictions far too soon only business travel is
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a permitted to fly and only those who can afford the increased if it is can make the journey some feel low income earners are being disproportionately targeted. but i want to only i want justice if you want to close my store then close everything don't just keep allowing wealthy people to continue and force people like me to close they chase us like we're selling stolen goods. just hours after the police raid this is what the central market looks like sailors putting out their clothing racks again and returning to business as usual but that's because of the well i feel sorry for the small sellers that depend on their sales and what they give to their families it's hard and some are now bankrupt they know it's not allowed and unsafe but they say they have no choice but to stay open and earn a living jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. u.k. prime minister boris johnson's chief advisor has reportedly broken his own government's coronavirus restrictions to british newspapers say dominic cummings
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traveled more than 400 kilometers from his london address to his parents' home in northern england the police are certain i've spoken to him about the trip the opposition labor party has called on the government to explain his actions so nuclear go has more from london and she says the incident will put pressure on prime minister boris johnson on friday to newspapers reported that his chief aide had broken the lock down rules when he left london to head to the northeast of england this took place shortly after he was exhibiting symptoms of cove at 19 in fact described that his experience in a publication shortly afterwards as well with that in mind it spells some real sort of concern in question marks over how tenable his position is considering they have already been high profile resignations including scotland's chief medical officer
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and a scientific advisor to the government to all step down from that positions are that they were found in breach of those lockdown rules as well house prices in the u.k. could drop by as much as 13 percent this year because of the coronavirus the center for economics and business says fears of unemployment are to blame commercial properties have also been hit with many businesses shut because the social restrictions or employees working from home and barbara reports from london. for the. moment. mark wells is hoping things are beginning to get back to something approaching normal he runs an estate agency in london since physical house viewings restarted last week after a long look down mark's a range to steady stream of visits to this property and he says business is surprisingly brisk we opened our doors less than a week ago and you know flat we have 10 viewings multiple it's on it's just going under awfully close the asking price another property just just like stock is going
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to wander off the asking price just under a $1000000.00 pounds but that optimism is far from universal between march and april applications for home loans fell by more than 50 percent and there's still huge uncertainty about the economy and job losses now the center for economics and business is predicting u.k. house prices will fall by as much as 13 percent this year a lot of people are very worried about their jobs and they don't want to take on big commitments when they're worried about jobs they think that if they lose their job and get a job job they may be paid less and the combination of these things means that the amount of money people prepared to spend on we think going out in the future is now just less than it was previously. the pandemic is also having a huge effect on commercial property one company into which owns huge malls like this in britain has suffered a slump in rental payments as many shops shut down now it wants extra time to pay
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back its own debts while in the us $1.00 survey said that in april shopping malls collected only 28 percent of rents and then there's a question of office space social media giant twitter base in this building have told their employees they can return to work once offices reopen but if they choose to they can stay working from home forever and google and facebook have told various staff they can stay working at home until the end of the year so what does this all tell us about the demand for office space in few. you should look at that how puppets are you in private i'm going to miss that shot nature and also your space density east africa space desk and most important part in asia it's all average of all sites which are also potentially very small and whether you have the internet or your senate seat to support the working from home again this is a big question mark so nobody's predicting the end of the office but with millions of people working remotely and with more people relying on shopping online than
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ever before these are really certain times for everyone including real estate investors. al-jazeera london head to our web site al-jazeera dot com where you'll find the day's top stories and all the latest headlines. for again here's a check of your headlines on al-jazeera brazil's supreme court has released a video showing president also narrow allegedly trying to interfere in law enforcement appointments to protect his family from investigation meanwhile the country's coronavirus death toll has now passed 20000 after almost 1200 deaths were recorded in one day and health experts say the true figure could be much higher due to a lack of testing the world health organization says south america has now emerged as the epicenter of the global pandemic. so as america has become a new at the center for the disease we've seen many shows american countries with.
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increasing numbers of cases. and clearly there's a concern across many of those countries but certainly the most affected is that at this point. we all should know. the government of brazil has approved the use of hydroxy chloroquine for broader use we do point to the fact our current clinical systematic review is carried out by a kind of american health organization and the currently get clinical evidence does not support the way it spread use of hydroxy curriculum for the treatment with 19 the united nations says yemen's health system has essentially collapsed country has reported all about 200 cases of covered 19 and 30 deaths yemen has one of the lowest rates of coronavirus testing in the world it only $31.00 tests per 1000000 people president donald trump says he'll order the u.s.
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flag to be flown at half staff over the next 3 days as the u.s. coronavirus death toll approaches 100000 all 50 states have partially reopened after 2 months shut down even though some are still recording a rising number of new infections trump has called for houses of worship to reopen this weekend saying he'll override any governors who don't allow it's an air bus jetliner with 99 people on board has crashed into a crowded neighborhood near the airport in the coastal pakistani city of karachi at least 85 people have died india's prime minister narendra modi has visited areas hardest hit by the region's most powerful cycloid in decades at least 96 people died in india and bangladesh you have today to the headlines counting the cost is up next look at europe also dollars handling of the coronavirus by. let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we
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listen this is the moment you stop all b. 30 action this is the moment. on fighting. with. the stories the. 0. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a look at the world of business and economics this week brazil's president's handling of the coronavirus crisis could see the economy slump to its worst performance since 1900. no longer recession proof more than 1000000 health care jobs have been lost in the united states during the pandemic. recession courts against bailouts and.


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