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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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now more than 40 years after to stablish meant how far has the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian homes p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. the arab. caught on tape brazil's president is heard threatening to fire a police chief to protect his family. blown down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a passenger jet crashes on a crowded neighborhood while trying to land in pakistan. i call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now donald trump steps up his battle with locks down states claiming the country needs more prayer. it is to
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protect that hold one progress and prevent a devastating resurgence in the 2nd wave of the violence and the u.k. announces compulsory quarantine for anyone are arriving from abroad with fines for those who don't comply. we begin with serious accusations against brazil's president jaya bolzan r.-o. a tape released by brazil's supreme court appears to show him threatening to fire senior police officers their bosses and even a minister to protect his family the 2 hour video of a cabinet meeting was released as part of a probe into allegations the bolton are it was meddling in a criminal probe of his son the claim was made by a former justice minister shares your morrow he resigned last month because of what he called political interference from the president let's see what bolton r.-a says in the video the what all the information service as a sham
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a sham i'm not informed and you can't work back there it's difficult that's why i will interfere period it's not a threat it's not an extrapolation from our side it's the truth as i see it i gave the ministries for you with power to veto has it changed it has to change what i want is to govern brazil. when i lost america and it's on us in human joins us live now from the chilean capital of santiago to see what more do we know about this video and to what extent it may incriminate the president the video is a 2 hour long recording of the cabinet meeting in which said joe model the former justice minister who resigned almost a month ago because he refused to sack the chief of police the federal chief of police on the orders of a bull so nat'l. and in that recording he speaks at length about his reasons for wanting to sack the chief of police and also the
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a top ranking policeman in rio de janeiro and he says something to the effect that if i can sack the police when i tried to i couldn't i can't sack the the federal he doesn't mention the word the federal police chief but he says his mos who it was the lead chief. and if i can sack him his boss the minister the minister being said tomato himself because i won't allow anybody and then he uses a 4 letter word that i won't repeat to mess around with my family and he is clearly or seems to be a new name to his 2 sons who are under investigation in the state of rio de janeiro for all kinds of illegal actions. in the case of his eldest son to labial of being involved in the criminal militia groups so if the president says that this is not a damning tape at all that he wasn't referring to the investigations he was referring to the security detail of his sons but it's not
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a very convincing explanation for a lot of people and away from this controversial tape meanwhile the coronavirus death toll continues to rise in brazil how bad is the situation now. it's very very bad and interestingly enough in that conversation the president really lashes out at the gobblers in brazil especially rio de janeiro and in my now switch of the 3 areas that are most impacted or have been the most impacted so far by coronavirus and he says that he wants to send them a message he calls them delinquency and you really get stuck into them and insinuates that the brazilian people need to get some weapons they need to arm themselves against the threat of a dictatorship when he suggests that distinct taters of his from these governors and the people that are using the pandemic to try to attack him but the death rate is soaring and soaring it just goes up and up every day it's frightening
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a lot of people and even though the government has not imposed any kind of a lockdown more and more brazilians are staying at home now because the system is collapsing very clearly all right tell us a name and then the chilean capital santiago thank you. at least 85 people have been killed off a plane crashed into a crowded neighborhood just short of the runway in the pakistani city of karachi 99 people were on board the bus a 320 flight from the hole at least 2 passengers survived it's not known how many people were killed or injured on the ground as more. the crash happened as the pakistan international airlines flight was attempting to land for a 2nd time. initial reports say the airbus pilot sent a mayday message reporting problems with both engines and made a go around. a few minutes later the airliner came down in a highly populated residential area near karate international airport the horse it
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cannot see out of funding for just the last words we heard from the pilots was that there were technical problems he was told in the final approach the both wrong ways are ready and you can learn the pilot decided he will to go around for that reason the technical problem was well good to go and look at that. airplane parts were strewn among burning homes security forces were sent to help the rescue operation and managed to pull at least 2 passengers from the wreckage pakistan prime minister imran khan tweeted saying that he was shocked and saddened by the crash offering prayers and condolences to the families of the dead. aviation apps identify the aircraft as a 15 year old airbus a 320 it was one of the 1st in p.i.a.'s fleet to restart flying this week after flights were grounded to stop the spread of the coronavirus the crash coincides with the end of ramadan normally a busy time for travelers returning home for the need holiday it's also 4 years
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since another air crash in pakistan during ramadan killed all $47.00 people on board the harding al-jazeera. president donald trump says he would order the u.s. flag to be flown at half the cost of the. next 3 days as the coronavirus death toll me as 100000 old states of pasta have reopened after 2 months locked down but some are still seeing a rise in new cases there are also fears of a 2nd wave from tulsa once places of worship to reopen this weekend saying he'd override any governors who don't allow it some governors have deemed to liquor stores or abortion clinics is essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship is now right so i'm correcting this injustice in calling houses of worship essential. i call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now if they don't do it i will override the governors. in
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america we need more prayer not less white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more especially what the us president has done is set up a battle once again between his white house and the 50 governors across the united states many who are still in force in very strict stay at home orders particularly when it pertains to houses of worship so this would be churches mosques synagogues essentially the concern being that when you have large groups get gathering and congregating that this could allow for an asymptomatic person to spread unknowingly to other members of the congregation but at the same time many churches particularly in california where more than 1200 are threatening to open up this weekend the u.s. president has just made an announcement new c.d.c. guidelines that the centers for disease control that essentially gives them the ammunition to defy their local orders to stay at home the u.s.
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president saying that he's calling on governors to open these houses of worship right away and most interestingly he said if they don't kill will override the governor is now very quickly the u.s. president doesn't have the power to do that under the u.s. constitution there are very strong states' rights but what he seems to be implying is that his department of justice may challenge this under the 1st amendment or the right to freedom of religion peaceful assembly but that would take a long time to dry out what's really clear in all of this is in an election year where we know that so many who attend church regularly have voted for the u.s. president he's trying to deliver for his constituency he hopes will help him win reelection in november. now all travelers entering the u.k. will soon be required to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks the move has rekindle the debate about why ministers did not restrict travel earlier in the outbreak but them secretary pretty mattel has defended the rules now we are past the peak of
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this virus we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease and as a transmission rate across the united kingdom falls and the number of travelers arriving in the u.k. begins to increase imported cases could begin to pose a larger and increased threat this is because they could become a high proportion of the overall number of infections in the u.k. and therefore increase the spread of the disease the u.k. health secretary says a coronavirus track and trace system will be operating by the end of the month but it's emerge with a smartphone at the heart of this one be ready in time john howell reports. the isle of wight off england's south coast the setting for a trial of the contact tracing apps that it's hoped will be part of this country's path out of covert 19 lock down and back to economic health. provided enough people download and use the app it can be effective in tracing contacts that virus
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sufferers don't actually know but may have passed in a shop or sat next to on the bus if you're fighting life will find if in this. age. i don't think it will make them think the way they think go away says he said any way to stop it spreading quickly i guess but it's emerged the isle of wight app won't be ready to meet prime minister boris johnson's june the 1st deadline when he's promised to have a world beating test trace and isolate system in place so that the schools can start going back and other parts of the economy can reopen and there are signs the other elements of the system may be subdermal as well test results are still taking too long to come back and an army of up to 25000 human call center trackers with minimal training and little to no epidemiological knowledge to enable them to ask the right questions the islands member of parliament from the governing
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conservative party says the system will work despite past mistakes in dealing with cope at 19 has everything going right with this no absolutely not it's quite clear not and that is going to come out in the washing future i'll be getting a lot of things an increasing number of things right now absolutely i'm have no doubt it would be part of that 3 pronged approach tracing system supported by the up and the manual tracing and then the virology the testing with it and that is the way that we're going to suppress the virus public health experts have concerns what you may end up with this idea particularly if you have a. system. and you may end up with almost a false sense of security that you think maybe the contact writing is working and your take on this continues to rise and then it goes out of control again a campsite and adventure park that would otherwise be looking forward to a busy holiday weekend flies empty businesses
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a desperate for the lockdown to be lifted but not so desperate that they're prepared to take risks with a defense system that may not be properly ready to meet the right really. go ahead with any send out a 2nd wave of. stuff. the government is pushing a tight deadline it's not clear the public is in such a hurry jonah how al-jazeera on the isle of wight. lots more to come here on al-jazeera including hong kong's leaders say they're ready to work with china and the plans for sweeping new security knows. and police raids failed to stop jakarta's market traders from setting up shop for the holiday morning stay with us .
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how low we should see some quotes whether pushing across southern parts of china over the next couple of days the seasonal shall are still in place you can see the bright white cloud tops here all associated with the seasonal rains are just sliding a little further south is for the time being they will wave back as we go through the coming days of course but by the sticky 29 celsius there in hong kong on saturday will be a few showers to further north spilling out of the far north east of china into north korea and eventually that will make its way across south korea pushing towards but not quite reaching japan generally that the fun to drive for japan over the next day or 2 temperatures in tokyo around 24 celsius but you can see the main rain pushing away from southern china as we go on through sunday some childish hours so as per usual across a good part of southeast asia some lively showers there into the philippines showers that say it's a good part of indochina rashly see some very heavy rain still in the forecast for the time being to parts of indonesia shouldn't be too bad for java but the showers
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never really too far away heavy showers never really too far away from the far north east of india at present the remnants of impound still bringing some torrential downpours and there is still a risk of flooding to come. a story of blackmail. this piracy. has killed i have strangled i have a story of current catch a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very serious just. welcome
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back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour a tape released by brazil's supreme court appears to show president both tomorrow threatening to fire senior police officers their bosses and even a minister to protect his family the video was released as part of a probe into allegations of bolton are was meddling in a criminal investigation of his son. at least 85 people have been killed when a plane crashed into a crowded neighborhood in the pakistani city of karachi 2 passengers are reported to have survived it's not yet known how many people on the ground were killed or injured. and president trump has dean churches and other houses of worship essentially and all the governors across the country to reopen them this weekend. now president trump has also approved
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a new arms sale to the united arab emirates that's despite evidence the gulf country violated the terms of the last deal the u.s. stands accused of transferring arms provided by the united states without washington's prior approval to libya yemen and somalia the pentagon approved the sale of a surplus of vehicles worth up to half a $1000000000.00 for joel rubin is a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state and president of the washington strategy group he says trump is ignoring mechanisms set in place to avoid violations involving u.s. made weapons. this is really the push and pull that we've seen for the past couple of years regarding saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and this administration where the trump immiseration continually blocks congressional pressure to straighten it out and the example this past week of the spec you general being fired by donald trump from the state department's inspector general reminds us that a little bit over a year ago the trump administration ignored congressional will and sold 8000000000
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dollars weapons to those 2 countries and that has not been rectified the relationship between congress and the trump administration on these 2 countries is severely divided and no there's not a lot of hope that we'll get a real public discussion coming out of the trump administration on these sales certainly before the election and the palestinian authority has rejected a coronavirus aid package sent from the united arab emirates it was delivered in a red direct flight from the u.a.e. to israel's television point the palestinians say they want notified about the delivery of the americas coordinated with israel it just simply we have here the news that there is a united arab emirates been getting committee concept lies with the palestinians this issue has never been part of the knitted with us we have been never notified about it do our ambassador or any united arab emirates does not know about it so we do don't know it was not going to benefit with us on kong's chief executive says
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government will cooperate with beijing's plan to introduce a new national security you know as soon as possible the proposed legislation would ban activity beijing considered something since it comes after months of pro-democracy protests in the territory carried out and says it will not affect the rights and freedoms of residents. the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that without protection of national security many of the things that we enjoy many of the things we treasure. will be lost so this is really the time for us not to waste any more time and to get on with this important legislative safeguards well the announcement has been condemned by pro-democracy activists who say beijing wants to impose its will on the semi autonomous territory. thank. you the 1st. human rights group that we really need we want you know what i feel
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that i. like that the government will. be able to knock well the details of that proposed national security nor were unveiled at the national people's congress in beijing but the main focus of the annual rubber stamp parliament was china's economy and how to rebuild it premier league chung's said beijing had spared no effort and containing the virus outbreak but the fallout was immense katrina you has more. a minute's silence to honor thousands of chinese who lost their lives to the coronavirus set a somber tone for the opening of china's national people's congress delivering the annual government work report premier league a chant hailed the communist party's achievement in containing the outbreak and also acknowledged the heavy economic cost for the 1st time since 1988 no g.d.p.
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growth target for set. our success has come at a great price the economy posted negative growth in the 1st quarter of this year and a daily life in the work being greatly affected no mention either of any large scale economic stimulus for the world's 2nd largest economy instead communist officials were told to tighten their belts and focus on stabilizing employment and eradicating poverty. the government plans to create $9000000.00 jobs and kept unemployment at the current rate of 6 percent but analysts say millions of daily wage workers are not included in the official tally the number one priority is the employment issue so. to create jobs and employment of those word is mentioned almost 40 times and the government is talking about different programs under from government. defense spending is due to rise by 6.6 percent
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its lowest rate in 3 decades the national people's congress will continue to meet over the next week but on friday its priorities made clear reviving the economy and closing in on any threat to china's stability at the coronavirus or demands for democracy. al-jazeera bating. libya's internationally recognized government says it's retaken control of key areas south of the capital at least $21.00 fighters have been killed by landmines left behind by warlords after us forces and mercenaries the u.n. secretary general has repeatedly condemned the transfer and use of land mines because of the danger to civilians after us forces have been fighting for over a year to take control of tripoli. a syrian court has placed a temporary travel ban on president bashar al assad's cousin one of the country's richest men billionaire running amok kloof assad have been engaged in a public dispute over his company's syria tell the country's largest mobile phone
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carrier the government says it owes $77000000.00 to the telecoms regulator authority but through further appeal for time and says the collapse of syria tel would be catastrophic for the nation's economy the kloof is thought to have played a big role in bankrolling assad's military campaigns doctors without borders is warning of what it calls an unfolding catastrophe at its hospital in southern yemen aid groups calling for urgent help from the united nations after the deaths of more than a 3rd of cope with 900 patients admitted in the port city of aden it's the only dedicated virus treatment clinic in the south of the country stuff say they're short of protective equipment virus tests the united nations says yemen's health system has essentially collapsed the country has reported about 200 cases of cope with 19 and 30 deaths but aid agencies believe the number of infections is likely to be much higher cutting up is how the young reporters. for many life in yemen was already difficult before the coronavirus now the pandemic is making things even worse over
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the last 2 months more than 20000 families have tried to camps like lisa in the market governorate their homes are now makeshift tents health care here is limited social distancing impossible the u.n. says yemen's health care system has essentially collapsed we hear from many of them that yemen is really on the brink right there the situation is extremely alarming they are talking about that the health system has in effect collapsed they are talking about having to try and people away because they do not have an oxygen they do not have a lot of the protective equipment doctors are getting ready for a rise in the number of patients they have little to offer them yemen is particularly vulnerable to the strain of the virus poverty and water shortages have left the war torn country highly susceptible to disease and money is running out we
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are heading towards a fiscal cliff if we do not get the money coming in the programs that are keeping people alive very much essential to fight back and gets cold it will have to close and then the wall could have to witness what happened in a country without a functional health system that will cope with $98.00 agencies say infections are likely underreported because of scar's testing limited resources and government secrecy and calls to stop the fighting amid the pandemic have been ignored they've been even more people that risk was forced out of their homes by odd men conflict violence this is a dominant act on international diplomacy on their lives why lin's armed groups. but also the security council which has not in any way shape or. secretary-general. global coronavirus she's trying 5 years of war between
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allies of humans government and who the forces have destroyed or close more than half of the country's health facilities people are now left facing a disease that threatens to further cripple their country already devastated by war . of the young how disease or. india has seen its biggest single day increase in corona virus infections with the number of cases jumping more than 6000 in the past 24 hours as it eases its lockdown and protesters have rallied across the country to oppose changes to labor law was brought in after the outbreak in many states working hours have been extended while health and safety standards have been lowered the right to form unions and to collectively bargain have also been suspended india's prime minister narendra modi has announced a $200000000.00 relief package for 2 regions hit by the most powerful cycling in decades more than $100.00 people have been killed there and in neighboring
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bangladesh modi survey the damage done by saigon from the air roads have been washed away electricity to millions of homes caught raw concerns corona virus could spread among people in emergency shelters in indonesia some people preparing for the eve holiday are ignoring restrictions and curbing the spread of the virus market trade of disobeying police orders and risking their business licenses to stay open just to washington reports in the capital jakarta. tama bang in the center of jakarta is southeast asia's biggest textile market the lead up to the muslim holiday of eden is usually the busiest time for traders as customers come to buy new clothes before the celebration this year is different place have come to shop the market down to enforce virus restrictions than ever they keep opening day shops and so the buyers keep coming it's not right we will continue to enforce the
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social restrictions and we will take actions it's really tiring it's now a daily ritual there are thousands of traders here and forcing all of them to follow regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the virus is proving difficult and of the hard to find out what happens if they keep breaking the law will have to revoke their business permit up until now we've been trying to persuade them that the lead up to it is a test for into the asian authorities the restrictions mean that many businesses have been forced to shut their doors at what would normally be their busiest time of year and some attempt to break the rules despite the risk. many here are daily wage earners and some say they haven't received any egg from the government that the market for that but yeah if we follow what the government is telling us to work from home what will we ate the virus might not kill me then but we can still die from hunger crowd that you can't as main airport this week prompted criticism that the indonesian government relaxed restrictions far too soon only business travel is
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a permitted to fly and only those who can afford the increased emphasis can make the journey some feel low income earners are being disproportionately targeted. when i want to be telephoning in delhi i want justice if you want to close my store then close everything don't just keep allowing wealthy people to continue and force people like me to close they chase us like we're selling stolen goods. just hours after the police raid. this is what the central market looks like putting out the clothing racks again and returning to business as usual but that's because i feel sorry for the small sellers that depend on their sales and what they give to their families it's hard and some are now bankrupt they know it's not allowed and on faith but they say they have no choice but to stay open and leaving jessica washington al-jazeera. memorabilia belonging to the late basketball legend kobe
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bryant has gone under the hammer among the items the number 8 jersey he wore in the n.b.a. finals 20 years ago and brands handprints from hollywood boulevard it was already being prepared before bryant died along with his daughter and 7 other people in a helicopter crash 4 months ago all the news of course on our website the address al-jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a tape released by brazil's supreme court appears to show president jaya both sonora threatening to fire senior police officers their bosses and even a minister to protect his family the video of a cabinet meeting was released as part of a probe into allegations of bolton are was meddling in a criminal investigation of his son the president denies the accusations. but all
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the information service is a sham a sham i'm not informed and you can't work like that it's difficult that's why i will interfere period it's not a threat it's not an extrapolation from our side it's the truth as i see it i gave the ministries for you with power to veto has it changed now it has to change what i want is to govern brazil. at least 85 people have died after a plane crashed into a crowded neighborhood in the pakistani city of karachi. there were 99 people on board the air bus a 320 jetliner flying from the hole there were at least 2 survivors from the plane the pilot of the pakistan international airlines jet was heard calling a mayday to the control tower shortly before the crash. india's prime minister and the render modi has announced a $200000000.00 relief package for 2 regions hit by the most powerful cycle in decades more than $100.00 people have been killed there and in neighboring bangladesh modi surveyed the damage done by saigon from the air thought he saw
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struggling to restore road links and power to millions of homes in kolkata the streets are flooded and trees and power lines were down and president donald trump is doing churches and other houses of worship essential ordered governors across the country to reopen them this weekend he says if they don't he'll override them but the us constitution does not allow the president to interfere with states' rights and trump has also approved a new arms sale to the united arab emirates that's despite evidence the gulf country violated the terms of the last deal the u.a.e. stands accused of transferring arms provided by the u.s. without washington's prior approval the pentagon approve the sale of a surplus of. vehicles with up to half a $1000000000.00. so those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story station that's a watch by thought. 23
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years off the sovereignty was returned to china and hong kong is facing the biggest threat yet to its prized autonomy china now plans to get directly involved in the territories affairs through a new national security law so is this an assault on hong kong's democracy this is inside story. hello everyone i'm come on santa maria one country 2 systems don't be so sure about that because with china moving to pass and national.


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