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tv   India Under Lockdown  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2020 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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reporting the commitment to on the reporter places the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power and if a politician comes on this channel they will be a challenge and that's what people expect of us they want the questions that. that is what we've always done that's what we will continue to do. root in india the girl with 19 knocked down was sodden sivia and absolute dangers. in living. are the dogs bonobo dish. some full days for may some foreign old don't want to eat out of. india's prime minister narendra modi punched $1300000000.00 people into confinement with only 4 hours notice across the country tens of millions of
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migrant workers suddenly found themselves without jobs and unable to return to their villages hamada is in them on a. one to one east investigates how the world's biggest lockdown is exposing india's last inequalities. you are losing sleep new delhi one of the most densely populated places on the planet and my home for the last 15 years. i have never seen this metropolis so deserted nearly 20000000 residents in hiding afraid of an invisible enemy. just oz off to the knocked on was announced
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migrant workers from across india began streaming out of the capital on foot. with no way to earn a living and public transport shut down they were determined to return to their villages. most were stopped and said. back to the slums scattered across the city. it brian mohammad moved to delhi with this 5 and 4 children a year ago after struggling to find work in their village in the eastern state of bihar. within the. name goes into linux. better than the terrible about the nearest is
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a live look at me it's up. on a good day a brian could make up to $10.00 but now he can't leave the slum at all not for work or to buy food and pings are getting desperate. some a. year some a year you've been married only. you can earn a 1000000 out of the marketing angle. his only option is to join the long queue for food handed out by government workers. oh. no no i will be the no no no no no. i
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really got to. they are. a minute. they said. because you can. i mean. after missing much money. they want to do it in about their thinking about.
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the most unique a tiny valley on the. minute you see. a lot. better look at the men are going to get. must do you got to. 5 see about who can allow me. to use somebody there. to save me but their home.
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just. been in them are. going to. about about jello or money there. brian knows it's important to practice good hygiene and social distancing to war difficult at 19. but about $3000.00 people are crammed into the slum and with no running water it's impossible to follow the health advice. i kind of live here he said accountable as i was i don't know. 7 of the thing is going to set. up i certainly know that. doesn't have good news because we. did it but you just saw going to counseling. here do you by now. some got told i told us so if you do. when
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you see me that doesn't look. good by sending a month and. not far from it brian is heart we find because of another migrant from bihar he left behind his wife and 2 children and now lives here on the edge of the slum. top complaint over at their way that. the sub could have sold their. opterons with their.
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the word means beggar in hindi a name aspirants picked because of their crippling poverty at the time he was born . as a construction worker because he was proud to earn enough money to take care of his family back home but now he's surviving on government handouts while his wife struggles to feed their children he calls her every day. chargers or. because. he's sick but. because he has worked on some
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of new delhi's most things he's seen up close how india's rich live but he feels forgotten abandoned by the very people whose homes he helped build hamare. when i. but. with. the mother the mother will be. going to hug coming to you where you are and. some are checking up on my can work and is. desperate to prevent more migrants setting out across the country on foot authorities are making sure people like the
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cari stay where they are. marking on the border bottles of maslova not only a lot of out of it out of the. kidney arguing. over the because you bust a lady or you bottle. of some good but i know you are t.v. . here for many are on and you are just in time of year versus busy bustling here's a question me hearties got. to go daddy but a recent obviously because you could be a dog with giant wedo. for many are barking more d.d. could do if you go but i. got tell you cause it telling what we would like. but with no job and no savings because he's quickly running out of money.
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even though he risks being arrested he decides to venture out of the slum to search for work with this friend mojave. the biological mom i could see for a visit come come you know all of them are there but. you know they are dead or gone down to define it isn't going to call your mother in a book or. whatever and i don't remember. this search proves few tie in. the middle and i'm going to. let you know so much to get to roger there are probably a lot of them in the know it and then there's a new. thing. the government says it's trying to provide 2 meals a day for the millions of migrant workers stranded across india.
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but there are fears that hundreds of thousands are missing out. all in tears trying to fill the gap. ok so we're going to go into a sikh temple this morning where there are about 100 wall in tears who cook 40000 meals every day and distributed across relief centers and slums throughout delhi and surrounding regions. haven't been on them and on the. inside look they have most of the whatever but a lot it will go. there one in the. other similar look at it
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they will not again. be the bottom out of money with those so they're going to know . i mean they're saying has been working 12 hours a day since the knockdown began overseeing the united sikh volunteers who cook and distribute this food. they're pretty enough but you know they're going to. run for the. door would be legal mog economy when they're only going to be given back on all of them got me some ideas subsequently saudi at the. going to me up with i'll get a little bought and. i'm going to about dying at leonora don't feel like they're either you know was unavailable you board one being bought paddock.
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the volunteers focus on places that have fallen through the cracks. the mother you have burned them but in the report of this here be wild when these. kind of the assassin go by the book and there's 2 of the other. 200 i'm cool which i was alluding. to. today we joining put him in there and his team as the head to the slum on the outskirts of new delhi. for good news in a funny funny way the. board here was a millennial you know look you know you you've been to bring it. on the dog.
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ballot but joe bomb it by going to doing it but because they're doing it us by the pentagon doing it but to live gay the telethons they're going to go because they're going in. the house going to go smile so my. before the 6 arrived these people were going hungry today they're receiving a meal of bread rice thanks to both and lentils. name. only their will but i will get into organic bottom lead the bottom even of a. they're done with the same occasion with the food distribution but there's still quite a few people left and they starting the crowd around the boss decides to eat up the list to maintain social distance of the. week i don't have it all to me and.
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the next stop is only a few kilometers away. and the volunteers try to reach at least 10 slums every day. and they're never going to know that. there were going over there. for them source to cover both audio. stockbroker. and news will get. the police well of all the films. of a man being. linked to. the liquor but then the next 2 so the other going to go get a lot of pool their money but one said on this ticket. would win not enough.
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ready for you. across india it's not just food that's in short supply. medical treatment is also hard to find as the covert 19 and to make overwhelms hospitals. millions of people who travel to delhi every year in search of health can now have no way to go. even the country's most prestigious public hospital has been turning away patients. so that. that doesn't answer the spying on either side of the border each time tells about 15 to 20 patients all of them suffering from great crave like cancer waiting for neurosurgery and all these patients some waiting for the hospital to
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reopen its doors for treatment once again. love on the sea but a little man at the love them the year. has been tariq and their son the right to travel for 4 days from their home in bihar to reach the hospital. a few months ago the bridge developed beanz in his knee and before long he could barely walk. well it just got a miracle of our lads a body blow that allowed them to move but are out. but are also heard a. lot of allowed into their. own limits.
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the school but not but i bet american said it better but not put it. on top in a fugue in their school but a but. and a it is but out about this a. backward do this. the school but back to. the less than. 5 weeks they've been turned away from the hospital but tranny and are desperate. to be trying to get him to get a doctor to see this son. wrong but that person will not have you thought about
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a year what because i'm not to you no more of a. lot of passion affliction then i'm going to tell you. what the monk. you know what i'm up to i've got to have them have been lifted up the process of we're going to get them both. many of us. because of that their power pulled out of iowa from the middle bin. we're not allowed in so we read outside. but it's not long before we see them coming out. hospital john and then the arab i have said to the doctor to get you that wasn't about the local. the mr for the as good as the venue for ya. let them look at what they're good about about
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it give the money our ya put a month out. about. the above few days lead to me to turn to the shelter outside the hospital. there's no sign of ronnie and or any of the other patients we saw earlier. who could go to school. so awfully good school. would be the. catholic either. those who were to do. so this is a ronnie and here are just 10 in fact they used to sleep right here and they were
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taken away last night i can't imagine how scared they must have been i've been door that they're in a much safer place now what we're going to go and see what's going on with them now . we find the school where the family has been relocated. we're not allowed to go in withdraw any comes out to see us. with our. never stay out of it but he herky over a severe so. big that no one there was to go there get it out there on except that. the last woman had many and ronnie is losing faith in miami but she believes the city provides the only hope of saving her son. they continue to wait.
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just a few kilometers away the news isn't good for ibrahim and his family i though i'm able to earn any money he hasn't paid the rent for over 6 weeks so he will live as a law in place that forbids a man not some of the things that demonstrate the course of the stock town as of last sighted crime has been evicted from his heart and the family has begun sleeping and living your own the city. a lot of it but are you ok it is our mother had of course a queer multilevel if you love to have it typically got a message that our side are someone of another but they don't look so little duck a bullet the movie look a somehow that those who do can a man i think would know the total economy of the incident of the above would love to be thought of. moving to new delhi was meant to be the start of a new life for ibrahim and his family like millions of migrant workers they thought
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the bustling metropolis would offer hope and prosperity but instead with 1000 locked down has to live a misery and despair destroying their dreams of a better life. for those of us about what they're going to go i. think a little more about the body oh well. you know yes i would your bill would go to get it but. good luck purcell's i cut it out but didn't i meet with the. who done.
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it cannot do technical i mean it. new zealand is in the grip of the housing with the capital open now one of the world's most on affordable season one i want to east meets the families desperate to find a place to hold on on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the mine sits within a valley surrounded by bush land and most of its operations have been about 500 made his name to surface with detailed coverage the malaysian navy has recently prevented a boat carrying around $200.00 range of refugees from landing from there around the
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world some of those are accusing their opponents of trying to topple that by tampering with financial stability. first hand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake tears fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your legs on the series or down the press is not after truck is after the blacks were not the enemy of the people we are the people the usa the current battleground whose truth is it anyway on. we want to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry but date on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in the living close the books and know all you like and the other student green one continues with kosovo but you look fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of
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book over one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello there i missed the attack and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the. 60 minutes an emergency is declared in minneapolis a police station assessed the lights during a night of protests against the killing of a black man. well the u.s. president is accused of inflaming the unrest as twitter hides his message suggesting that police should shoot. a warning.


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