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tv   Afghanistan Civilian Loss In The U.S. Air War  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2020 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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mourners are preparing for a 2nd memorial service for george floyd this time in north carolina where he was born the 46 year old died 12 days ago in minneapolis after the police officer knelt on his neck sparking protests across the world. and thousands of protesters in the u.k. are taking part in marches in solidarity with the black lives matter movement in honor of george floyd the protesters who were ignoring rules which limit gatherings now near downing street they took a knee while they observed a minute's silence for victims of police brutality in the u.s. and health commissioner roger goodell has apologized for the way the u.s. football league has handled players protests against police brutality following the death of george floyd google says the league will now encourage peaceful protests against racism those are the headlines and back with more news here on al-jazeera in half an hour next its fault lines to stay with us.
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on a saturday morning in kabul families gather to remember their loved ones killed during more than 40 years of conflict in afghanistan. you know it's true. this is the memory box example. 2 families put together boxes like this to make sure their loved ones are numbered and put a face to the words violent cost. for this so this comes and
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should. and then because it's the time so. since the united nations began tracking civilian casualties in 2009 more than 35000 civilians have been killed. was killed by a suicide bomber and 27. points are important to remember who says to us we're. going to show this is just an illusion putting each part of the. conclusion. is that. you can see. who's in that. usual routine in this a country of one of the teams no one was listening to these people they are completely forgotten the off watching on last what do you buy that they experienced no one is listening to these people. so by you mean we box we are trying to kill
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here. a shadowy stretch these are history must to be told to by watch the teams. as families work to make sure their loss is not forgotten. afghanistan is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. after the u.s. of the taliban signed an agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of international troops. the high cost was paid to get to this point. over the past few years the us is increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties and most of the fighting in. the sections. as the u.s. prepares for the possibility of leaving afghanistan after nearly 20 years we wanted to know how civilian loss is not only been investigated but recorded and remembered
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. as in the jungle of the most of them cut in the bin then the and this is. my i'm like you get it to me when i. left must lead you to. this so you know there don't want us to move to sponge you could have been the top of the. 100 my lights up on the moon the dream and the for you don't you see it's been just over a year since washita last saw most of her family alive. from france of love back the woman must. lead to sell about the funding could be tough on the. in march of 2019 afghan forces who were carrying out an operation against the taleban conducted
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a night raid in what he does village in the eastern province of nagar before calling in air support from the u.s. military say i love him and i have a good mother then the photos of my mom mother bill of course like you my mother depended on how that could flatten but it would quote in the so what are the most months or so in the poem or to me were plain to me by women i mumbled a. lot of a cat oh i got a good no. that isn't. the 1st incident will say thus you missed. what he told us the only ones she found alive were 2 for younger sisters one of whom was only a week old and as you survived. then above huggin the do the set that is typical us is a lot of adjustment. then lead in the legs to move the quoted a fuss not a lot of them does a lot i'm going to the group but they won't go out of that there's the out of the bus thing. what he did told us that eventually she was able to lead to go find help
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. the without going oh you know but i love this it was a miracle because i'm going to go to the maker of the stupidest idea please sharif call it is what he does ogle his brother her father was a doctor in the village. the strike was directed against the taliban but the night ended with 12 members of sharif in what he does family did not go to the doctor his wife 5 of their daughters in 5 nephews and nieces. tree filled out a bit would happen the next day. he was in another village when he heard there been a time the mom lead the. league in the lead up to the court of the. court got to get on them and called is it would you get the article out and you got the machine with i would on almost a hard as a community college it will run as it was done see me in the credits for singing going to minimize i mean dr would you and dr doctor that's ok then i'm
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a company you are though they were my study then a little quota because you marshawn then i would have a modeling study there could i get my that because. i would have to wait it out to me of course along the way cool the laughs it would it that i. see a lot on the. radio in that regard and i mean to do that it actually started when would be could be there was a. since the attack sharif is taking care of what he did and her 2 older sisters who survived. it's still unclear what went wrong that night. last year the u.s.
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dropped more than 7000 bombs in munitions in afghanistan the highest number in over a decade is the troubling ministration try to push the taliban to the peace table. we've been recording asterix in afghanistan for the past 5 years with military transparency is a major problem and a barrier one taking into allegations that simply you know. it's a constant battle and so we partnered with the bureau of investigative journalism to examine civilian casualties from u.s. air strikes in afghanistan. this is the doctor yes this is what is the goal one of the cases we looked at together was the case of sharif when he does family we started to take a little bit more and we opened up to sort of the general public and open source experts and we started to find out all kinds of information we were able to locate the house that we believe the doctor lived in. and new satellite imagery to get a step closer to proving in fact that that house was struck and we've also got
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images of funerals we've got images of bodies we've got when the bureau reached out to the u.s. military about that airstrike bill we said that it was possible there were casualties in that their investigation was closed i think the the word possible. is quite a quite a hollow victory for accountability in terms of what it provides the survivors it's not a conclusion that can offer them can some closure in my eyes and i think what's the most that. those. of us sharif told us he wants to know who told the u.s. and afghan militaries there were tell about when it was just his family. but
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they've received no answers has anyone from the u.s. military been in touch with you since the night no not nature's on the piano. when we met the year had gone by and they told us they still have not heard from the u.s. military. sometimes when the u.s. or afghan military has acknowledged civilian casualties there just families money for their loss something known as a condolence pain. but sharif told us what they really want is answers and justice like unknown people who want to study it a sunshade i mean that at the base will walk them that they had no idea. one of this is warm up a lot of that but on that though let's get. oh i must mound the mud no understand so the knocking and then the mom a lot of loud lot of them up when the miller out of court or some in the west.
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in the mind of the woman must. the past several years in afghanistan have seen a rise in the number of civilians killed. and while the taliban has been responsible for the majority of civilian casualties. the 1st death of 2019 marked the 1st time that u.s. and afghan forces were responsible for more civilian deaths something the united nations attributed to the rise of airstrikes in the war. the increase in the air war more to shift by the us military from previous years. really if you look at afghanistan in the 2008. to 2011 we see people like general mcchrystal and general petraeus putting in tactical directive the leadership is constantly hammering on its forces saying you will not kill civilians
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we will improve civilian protection. and it works in 2008 we had the highest civilian casualties from airstrikes by 2011 those numbers have gone from over $550.00 civilians killed in air strikes per year down to around $110.00 when the trumpet ministration comes in we see a complete flip and it really goes into the idea that we're going to bomb the taliban in submission and bomb them to the peace table. while the u.s. and the taliban may have reached a tenuous agreement civilians are still coming to terms with the consequences of the air campaign. we've come to couldn't use in northern afghanistan one of the country's most contested provinces. we're headed to the site of an airstrike that hit here in july of 20 to. afghan forces were carrying out a ground operation against the taliban and u.s. forces conducted air strikes in support. of the bus that
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doesn't look like a duck. poorly at the put out there with you then you got the report of a bit about the. idea of quite a large one to go but just. the air strike that killed 14 civilians from the moment dean's family including his sister and her children. and the most brutal by that killed i'm jealous to cry i would have been i would say you know i'm dealt and by that because now i'm adult by that get it out and done as i did the mushroom on and off. my sandwich i think it make it like look at you it does the. film will help america bomb which is going to cut the. school code fossil hardy was here the day the airstrike hit. that. you saw it here sear home is just right over there what did it feel like when this bomb hit what did it sound like. how do when you do not
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suck. when. the u.s. and afghan air campaign over the past few years has been weaken the taliban's presence and continues. and even after the deal with the united states was made the fight he hasn't stopped is the taliban has continued to attack afghan forces must kill at the end of the resident junkie the dish be able to live on the edge of the spielberg of the spirit is it cold in my eyes you got about a little item about a low level slow but it is equal to that of the. whole on the. brink of fire coming from my direction we're going to get out here enough. 3 weeks after the airstrike the u.s. military said they had conducted an investigation and that there were no casualties
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. how did you feel when the u.s. military said there were no casualties. and the only neil little are told by 10231 was what if i knew it was. going in the midst of a lot of going to. need to. get them up who she had other women. who had a name in there within minutes. abdul jabar lost his wife and 2 of his daughters his son who was 2 years old at the time was the only member of the sami who was there and survived the attack. in the cold in those. old u.k. moshav kind of good show i wanted to also out of the north but. the family was able
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to push the afghan government to acknowledge the casualties and they received a condolence payment. but like sharif calling you haven't got what they want answers from the u.s. military has to notional come touch of that kind of credit. and international to him big you know one of the codicil. led to. school so the union. how did you feel a way that's a. little police count. months after the attack the same we found out that the united nations pushed the u.s. military to reopen their investigation and they acknowledged to the un that civilians were killed. when the worship had primarily to be an air war where there are any u.s. personnel in close proximity to where these strikes are taking place we've seen real errors in the investigation of civilian harm there have been a lot of cases they have reopened usually based on 3rd party reporting it's great
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that those cases are reopened but it shouldn't take a 3rd party reporting possible thirdly in harm for the military to figure out that they killed a bunch of civilians. and then most of that and i just say so. all of this raises questions about how the u.s. military conducts its investigations when there are allegations of civilian casualties. the u.s. military does not as a routine matter interview victims and witnesses of harm they generally rely on whether it's might be videotapes or other electronic information from an airstrike often they will talk to local commanders who they've partnered with they will perhaps seek testimony from the pilot but they don't go to the scene of the incident and talk to people who were there. in the 1st case we looked at told us no one had come to talk to them about what happened to their family or interview what he did about what she saw that night so when the most will go on.
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i think that because of that they are coming up with the wrong conclusion they are frequently concluding that no civilians have been harmed and strikes where in fact they have been. another case we looked at also raised questions about the way investigations into civilian harbor tarried out. in november 27 teams during intense fighting between the taleban the u.s. and afghan forces u.s. airstrikes hit villages not far from conducive including cochlea were phase lives because he's got. there are men on the mug very young adults and they're going to be let out of the not out of. the gate army got drugs on them and it was only afterwards the saudis found his 13 year old son bashir not them lots of money to look at look at the dumb $1.00 give him a puzzle on the 22 of them in the b.
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was there that day 2 with his son roughly dean who was injured when that was on the eve of the bout of that of them was on the number that one list. that we did get off to the. just another guns in the world to me to the about the color that john was on with his son recovered the last part of his life. in the aftermath outside organizations like the un so they had evidence civilians had been killed in district officials documented 16 civilian deaths including sizes. but the u.s. military said their investigation showed there were no civilian casualties specifically stating that they spoke to hospitals and clinics in the region told them no injuries were received. after the press release this started to be a lot of information coming from the ground contradicted the official response yet the u.n. saying that they haven't if so investigation indicated 10 at least 10 speaking casualties you have the new york times reports that she went to
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a hospital and saw civilian casualties and we in fact spoke to several hospitals. some of which had said no they haven't been going to by the u.s. military told and they did in fact have civilians that have been harmed in that strike so as you can see a different narrative is starting to match and one that calls into question the original statement of the u.s. military. with. we went to one of the hospitals the bureau contacted the quddus regional hospital the main hospital in the provincial capital and were severe injuries for the area treating. doctor name of gold is the director here during one of the air strike that had cut last november 2017 was a little less he will be up to what he. did his family doctor told us that they did treat civilians in that millwood from u.s. military contacts or from. the other will have other.
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although they will be able. well the chiefs will go the other. the. the. the that is substantially the mood like we have ever followed up by phone about the strike or any other strikes and it happened in the region over the past few years most of the political class now there are only. really made me question the investigations process if we were able to pick up the phone call hospital check this basic fact why were they doing it and why weren't they getting it. i recently approached the u.s. military for information on where this allegation came to i was told i would have to set a freedom of information request. which is a very timely process and we may not get the outs as we want we hoping for
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something new so new year's eve and. black of transparency makes it difficult to know what lessons were learned from the investigations and to counsel to us. we wanted to ask the u.s. military about this case as well as the other air strikes and civilian casualties we examined but they declined our request for an interview. this is all accidents to happen that mistakes do happen and that this is about i mean you know mistakes this is about saying sorry in this about accountability in the in the last 3 unaccountable war. in 2018 congress directed the pentagon to develop its 1st comprehensive civilian casualty policy and to improve investigations and transparency. but it remains to be seen is that how it will change. the u.s. has shown improvement in the past that it can implement tactics techniques and procedures that minimize civilian harm you can't always 0 out the civilian casualties but we
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can certainly do better and we owe the afghan population better than what we're doing now. it wouldn't be going to going to. the families we interviewed not receiving a dollar to me from the us left them without closure. they told us that they felt like what happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war too often denies. them to be with the locked up i meet with the taliban i want to the. police. nebulous removeable who don't appear to know when they have the salon on look at the. dean's family hasn't rebuilt the house here to the constant insecurity is the word she's on so the rule instead is a testament to their loss. but
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a loss of the idea here was this is it true or does this it is your. run in the book i'm saying the bill cosby his unusual bill is admission the be for in years to come. just ms and the is when you said it was. one of the things i think that really hard for people to understand you are not experiencing a conflict situation is how much victims simply want to have their harm acknowledged . something goes wrong to have no acknowledgement even not even a phone call not even a letter from someone in in the u.s. military i think that that really hurts them. or their ideal of you. is really didn't realize that ramadan is here. but what then ghana not them doing that are those useful chatterer see. the children really needy
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are important a possible thing that i remember doing. under the collar. feathers were. the mother they were. the spirit the kid i'm there to. polish see this year by that promise and those that are chosen i'm going to say that if you could you give the gardai lots of that the militants here will place our. money. so called mahatma call can we cut cut cut cut. as the u.s. prepares for the possibility of leaving afghanistan after their deal with the taliban civilians want to make sure that what happened during these 2 documents
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will be recorded and remembered. in that their loved ones will be forgotten. oh most of all fear not really about us about me and quality and about the negative . about us i don't know what all of that was out there we didn't but. that doesn't do all of bought the kid i don't mean that more small portion. of what i mean all of this all part of what. i think you'll. see it will. be about. public policy.
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white supremacy is on the rise in the u.s. it's an undercurrent that is bubbling up has mainstream extreme ideas this is the 1st step toward taking america back. fault lines examines the doctrines feeding hate hate and that one too often deadly consequences what are you telling your congregations people see we have to be concerned conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera.
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talk to old is there a. let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment to stop old military action this is the moment also to write on fighting we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges there are. libyan ward cleaver half to talk of a ceasefire but government forces we can't tricky towns and descend on a stronghold of sirte. we're watching al jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up lebanon's army steps in between rival protest groups in the capital as economic pain brings thousands on to the streets. and sympathy in london with events in the
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us black lives matter protesters speak out to condemn the killing of george florey it also. thank you.


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