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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2020 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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i'm here to ax you to make it stop. stop the praying for a pretty before the u.s. congress joins 4 is rather calls for lasting reform to end police brutality. and for the back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up dozens are feared dead and many more are missing as floods sweep away files and of homes in southeast china. is expected to swear in a new caretaker neither a speculation surrounds the sudden death of president karen communities and as mexico's coronavirus death toll hits 15000 we visit an i.c.u.
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where doctors are working hard to save lives. thank you very much for joining us just 24 hours after george foid was laid to rest his brother has testified before a congressional hearing the committee is looking at racial inequality in police violence in the united states if you notice floyd called his brother's death a modern day lynching in broad daylight and politicians to stop the pain how these are castro has our report from washington. illinois cloyd traveled directly from his brother's funeral in houston to the u.s. capitol george call for help and he was ignored please listen to the crowd i'll make it to you now to the cause of our family and the cause ringing out the streets across the world people of our backgrounds genders and race have come together to
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demand change house democrats have proposed sweeping legislation to reform police departments in the wake of george floyd's death that includes increasing police accountability for officer misconduct and banning police chokeholds i'm tired i'm tired of. pain you feel when you watch something like. when you watch a big brother or do looked up to for your whole life da da big a for what we saw in minnesota the slow torture is murder of george floyd by a uniform officer was an outrage and a tragedy where we have seen since then millions of americans marching in the street to demand justice and call for reforms it has been an inspiration now that. 7 in 10 americans now say floyd's death is part of a systemic problem of police brutalizing and killing black americans defund the police has become a rallying cry for those demanding reform but the meaning of the phrase is nuance
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to most defunded the police means shifting some money from police departments to social services but to the far left any means abolishing police altogether republicans have seized on that extremist interpretation warning of an arcade they know it is pure insanity to defund the police and the fact that my democrat colleagues won't speak out against this crazy policy. it's just out frightening. senate republicans are drafting their own proposal for police reform likely to include requirements for more bias training but the immunity officers enjoyed from civil lawsuits will likely remain intact the 2 parties competing ideas may reach a stalemate potentially resulting in nothing. but protesters have already made clear they won't accept that outcome they say of congress takes no action then
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voters will at the polls in november. castro al-jazeera washington. now after giving his testimony george voiced by their joint black lies matter protests in washington d.c. felonious floyd walks with demonstrators who were marching in front of the white house protesters are promising to keep the rallies going until meaningful change happens now while democrats and republicans in congress work on wyvil plans for police reform the white house says it's finalizing its own mike hanna has more on that from washington. well the white house is still to inform any change in policy there has been discussions among administration officials for the president to make some kind of announcement to clarify exactly what the white house's position is on police reform now those discussions have been ongoing there is a possibility that the president may bring up some new policy when he meets with african american religious and law enforcement leaders in dallas thursday his
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officials are saying that this might be an occasion for him to express exactly what he feels but what he has ruled out at this particular point is a central part of what the democrats are talking about in congress and that is things like moving the liability for police changing the statute under which they are given a qualified liability for acts of violence the president has ruled that out already saying that that would be unfair to police officers so not very clear at this stage exactly how the impact of the last few weeks of protest has the impact it has had on the white house but we do expect and administration officials are saying that there will be some clarity there will be a firm a policy emerging in the next few days now president donald trump says he wants to consider renaming u.s. military bases named after confederate figures white house press secretary kiley
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mcanany echoed the president's use saying changing the names would this respects the memory of fallen soldiers. we're bragg is known for the heroes within it that train there that deployed from there and it's an insult to say to the men and women who left there the last thing they saw on american soil before going overseas and in some cases losing their lives to tell them that what they left was inherently a racist institution because of a name that's unacceptable to the president and rightfully so and i would also note where do you draw the line here i'm told that no longer can you find on h.b.o. gone with the wind because somehow that is now offensive where do you draw the line is it should george washington and thomas jefferson and james madison be erased from history what about f.d.r. and his internment camps you know he should he be erased from history or lyndon johnson who has a history of documented racist statements while in portsmouth virginia protesters
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tore apart a monument to the u.s. confederacy. the way. the statues of soldiers who fought to keep slavery were destroyed and spray painted with one falling on top of protesters angry demonstrators attacks the monument after 2 lights out to the square arrested earlier in the day while the debate over statues is even becoming a hot topic in the halls of the u.s. capitol house speaker nancy pelosi says confederate satchels should be removed from the capitol building and o.c. may be the most powerful woman in america but she knocks legal authority to remove 11 statues of confederate figures in a letter to the committee that oversees the notes said at least 2 of them were charged with treason against the united states. u.s. tech giant amazon says it's banning police from using its facial recognition tool for a year they've been growing concerns that technology may lead to unfair treatment of black people is on says it hopes this can give congress time to impose
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appropriate rules for the ethical use a facial recognition at that company has long defended the police's use a veil time surveillance technology but a reform bill proposed by democrats ains to ban it matthew bradley is a policy analyst at the electronic frontier foundation he says all government agencies should be banned from using any kind of facial recognition technology technology itself is incredibly harmful you know one year is not going to make a difference and also any type of reform congress could pass in one year is not going to change the fact that this technology in the hands of a criminal justice system that is very flawed is still going to end in invasive surveillance and then all the high end over policing of already vulnerable communities face surveillance threatens a lot of the 1st member texans we have here in the united states in terms of chilling free speech assembly you are much less likely to attend
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a protest to participate in politics even maybe go out and campaign for a candidate of your choice if you think that there might be cameras around that are going to fan your scan your face and identify you immediately people might be much less willing to get involved in the political process we advocate for a full band of government use a base for illusion because you know no matter how much it's improved no matter how much it's reformed the ability for the government to track your face as you move through society is not something that's going to become less and bases or something that's going to become less of a hindrance to civil liberties. in other world news floods in south china have killed dozens of people and many more missing heavy rains swept across 4 regions forcing nearly 230000 people from their homes rivers are overflowing and mudslides swept down hills the bad weather has cost more than a half a $1000000000.00 worth of damage a trini you has the latest from beijing. tens of thousands of emergency workers and
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troops from the p.l.o. the people's liberation army had been sent in and the focus has been on rescue and evacuation 230000 people have been relocated they've been moved from rural areas mountainous areas to towns and more urban areas they've been sheltered in schools or the halls or makeshift tents given food and shelter and we just have to look at the huge scale of this in that region 148 rivers also broken that warning levels and also 1300 homes have been destroyed now this rain has started last week last thursday and it's been pounding these regions today in some areas the rain seems sort of eased so in some towns the focus has turned to cleanup but as you heard earlier they are expecting more heavy rain starting from toward friday up until early next week so emergency teams are staying
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put and they're not quite relaxing yet 8 provinces in southeastern china have so far been affected among them the worst hit the provinces of junction where joe and . now these areas generally receive a lot of rainfall this time of year but the government says that compared to last year they've received already more than 6 percent more rain so about 30 centimeters of rain across this region over the past week now this region is also very mountainous it's very lush and that means that the people living in these areas are vulnerable not only to flooding but also turned landslides and according to state media many people have lost their lives in dangerous landslides across this area. their leader were on the spot and is expected to be sworn in as caretaker president after the sudden death of pierre. the cause of his death was described as a heart attack in a government statement but many suspected may be linked to covert 19 malcolm webb has more from nairobi.
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diplomats and officials come to sign a book of condolences the state house in the rooney's capital budget. the late president pierre and guernseys led the rooney into a period of peace following a civil war but then back into political turmoil on tuesday the government said he died of a heart attack his predecessor called for calm we asked for everybody to keep quiet to keep in peace and to listen for the message is given by the government the government on their own currencies or became known for political killings and torture critics were silenced or fled abroad. he had no policies to slow the spread of the coronavirus he said god would protect the indians many people suspect the virus was the cause of his death few dared to openly criticize the
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official line we spoke to an exiled activist in belgium who did. order all round one. good. night and good. night some of the oldest of the 4. gathered to campaign rallies ahead of an election last month and no social distancing measures. the ruling party's candidate was this man ever reste in. opposition complained of vote rigging and he was announced the winner he was due to take over from currencies over in august but analysts say the might be trouble ahead the constitution says if the president dies it's the speaker of the national assembly who takes over he's called pascal nia bender. boys nick green jesus
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preferred candidate allegedly and where is it at least that chosen the president elect was supported by all the generals within the c.n.d. d.f.t. d.d. ruling party so this could indicate that there might be c. and d. d. f. d. d. infighting in the coming weeks with different generals backing different candidates . who currencies a left the room deal with a spreading pandemic and a political crisis that's far from over malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. still ahead on al-jazeera what next for u.s. troops in iraq talks begin on a potential easing of the american military presence and domestic workers abandoned and left homeless as lebanon's worst ever economic crisis deepens.
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and. thunderstorms well scouted throughout much of indonesia however there's rather a massive cloud here across the northern philippines this is a possible tropical storm now not expected to become on friday but the system will bring some very heavy amounts of rain as it works its way through luzon and really plenty of heavy showers elsewhere throughout the philippines the rain all the way down towards the south across areas of a city wesley but by friday it then is expected to push out into the south china sea now at that point need to keep a very close eye on it it could develop into a tropical storm it's the very heavy rain away from the philippines but still some pretty heavy downpours at times and you can see here northern areas of borneo also see some heaviest piles of rain i think why the heavy across into australia being cloudy again and certainly and the foggy morning in sydney but the fog did actually say on thursday the was some sunshine as you can see just breaking through here but in fact we could just see want to see more time which is not cheap on friday 19
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degrees in a sydney it's not about picture generally across the southeast of australia but out towards western australia plenty of rain showers working their way in this system here sweeping across the great bite that will take the rain into south australia certainly on suffer day and will work its way to coast victoria and at times some heavy downpours just 16 in melbourne. white supremacy is on the rise in the us it's an undercurrent that is bubbling up has mainstream extreme ideas this is the 1st draft for taking america back. faultlines examines the doctrines feeding hay trade and that one too often deadly consequences what are you telling your congregations about safety we have to be concerned conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera this hour the brother of george floyd has testified i.e. congressional hearing looking at racial inequality and police violence in the u.s. felonious floyd called his brother stand lynching and urge politicians to do more drugs in south china have killed dozens of people and many more are missing heavy rain has swept across 4 regions forcing nearly 230000 people to abandon their homes and the leader of burundi's parliament is expected to be sworn in as caretaker president after the sudden death of. the government says he had a heart attack but many suspect it was going to call that night. now the future for
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more than $5000.00 u.s. soldiers stationed in iraq is about to become clear since joining the fight against 2014 washington has provided about $5000000000.00 in military aid to baghdad discussions are now being held to decide how much longer the troops will remain simona 14 reports #. 6 months after iraq's parliament voted to expel foreign troops. the u.s. and iraq are beginning talks to redefine their relationship over the coming weeks my colleagues throughout the mission will discuss in more details how our strategic framework agreement addresses all aspects of our bilateral relationship political economic cultural educational and scientific not only security assistance. is the main part of the dialogue is expected to revolve around military matters potentially paving the way for a reduction in u.s.
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troops. the negotiations come in the wake of military escalation between iran and the u.s. on iraqi soil last year after an increase in rocket attacks that the us blamed on the iranian backed groups it retaliated. strike oncotype hizbollah positions on the syria iraq border in response the popular mobilization forces a number of a group of mostly shia paramilitaries that includes. laid siege to the us embassy in baghdad threatening revenge and demanding that withdrawal of u.s. troops know that. they slater the u.s. assassinated iranian general qassam sulaimani and the popular mobilization of forces 2nd in charge and $100.00 is near baghdad airport a 2nd round of attacks in march killed a civilian 5 iraqi security forces and 3 correlation personnel accelerating previously planned withdrawal of u.s. troops from 5 bases. tensions have since called iraq also has
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a new government led by former spy chief the me who is seen as being close to the u.s. the prime minister's advisor says the government wants a balanced relationship and also appears to favor a reduction in american military presence. that has as of now we see iraq's defense capabilities have approved maybe we need help from americans in training in intelligence and weapons supply but the situation doesn't require a wide military presence and we're not going down that. the u.s. has its own conditions going into the dialogue it wants iraq to reduce its dependence on iranian gas and rein in iranian backed armed groups who have launched attacks against the coalition one of the things that is important for our relationship with iraq and the success of the coalition is that the iraqi security forces continue to protect the bases where we have small coalition compounds just
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days ahead of the talks in iran leaning factions on the popular mobilization of forces have reiterated their demands for complete withdrawal a demand that will likely not be met by us and the iraqi governments appear to favor a partial reduction of troops but the question is whether they will agree on the terms that will govern their future presidents whatever the outcome the dialogue is likely to usher in a new chapter of u.s. iraqi relations one of 14 al-jazeera baghdad 3 cameroonian soldiers have been charged with murder for their ledge involvement in the killing of 23 people including 15 children in february the victims were attacked by an armed gang in the northwest of the country is the english speaking region where they have been a regular clashes between government forces and separatists the government initially denied its stores had any role in the civilians killings and in a pro it admitted 3 soldiers were involved. multiple mass graves have been discovered in the libyan city of town hall in other areas recently retaken from
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forces loyal to warlord highly for have tar libya's government of national corps says they contain the remains of government soldiers who had been taken prisoner was have tossed last remaining stronghold in the west of the country last week the g.n.a.t. recaptured a city where this comes as the united nations says both sides are fully engaged in the latest round of ceasefire talks the u.n. support mission in libya says separate virtual meetings have been held with have ties representatives and the internationally recognized government. to lebanon now where thousands of migrant workers are struggling to leave as economy teeters on the verge of collapse even before the financial crisis hit the community was vulnerable to abuse and exploitation now many lebanese employees have stopped paying their live in domestic staff all together and some workers have been abandoned outside embassies in a harder has a story from beirut. the. work here is now living on the street her employer
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dropped her outside the ethiopian consulate in beirut where dozens of other women have been sleeping for days. these migrant workers say they are being denied their rights and they're relying on the kindness of strangers to survive. their throwing the most as if they're garbage some of them haven't been given their salaries in years the employers are using the dollar crisis as an excuse to get rid of them and the ethiopian embassy is absent they want to go home but they don't have the money the airport is closed due to coronavirus lockdown measures making flights expensive and limited some call these women victims of lebanon's collapsing economy human rights groups disagree they have long criticized the system under which these workers are employed comparing it to modern day slavery their employees come here throw them on the streets but all daily broad daylight it's as simple as. nobody stops you discount it is this way before everything and it's not just with. at
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least 250000 migrant workers are in lebannon many others are undocumented those who are still getting salaries have lost most of the value of their earnings as the local currency continues to sharply decline people sense of desperation is growing we have tried to contact the ethiopian embassy for comment but there has been no response these women say they are trapped between a government that's abandoned and a country that offers no protection. the international labor organization believes the lebanese government should hold employers accountable to avoid a bigger crisis it blames the sponsorship system which gives employers control over workers' lives the victims of the sponsorship system have been living in a crisis mode for a very long time and today this is an opportunity to work on this mentally. because all the structural problems that we see are result of problems and that equipment
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process and problem in defining the employment relationship thousands are applying for repatriation at their respective embassies. is that there was a credit balance with grown a virus on the dollar crisis we no longer have jobs and can no longer survive or support our families we have to go back home you know at least for now they are stuck some of them without jobs others aren't able to ask for better pay or conditions and many without access to justice to demand their unpaid salaries so on a. bit. hundreds of venezuelans who are stuck at colombia's border because of coronavirus restrictions have been allowed to return home since march tens of thousands have made their journey back often on foot down restrictions meant many couldn't find enough work to buy food or pay rent but venezuelan authorities have only been letting $300.00 through each day. brazil is now reporting more daily
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cover $1000.00 deaths than any country in the world as infections continue to rise despite this shops are reopening in sao paulo and rio de janeiro nationwide 1274 deaths were recorded in just the last 24 hours bringing the total to more than 30009000 the situation is no better in mexico it's reported a record daily rise of more than 4800 cases doctors and nurses on the frontlines have been protesting over the lack of training and protective equipment john home and went to meet some of them at any intensive care unit in mexico city. the 1st new patient comes into this intensive care unit in what his hospital mexico city. and this old war hospital from the 19th century the stuff heading into a new battle. the enemy this time around these few survivors once patients are unable to breathe for themselves. i am an exhausted nurse julio
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cesa 32 has struggled to come to terms with. what will be or the toughest thing is your mental state because you put in all of your effort but the patients still don't survive in my shifts i've seen very few of them get better with. the right stuff here or been going nonstop since the start of the pandemic and although the country's health system is cope so far the capital's hospitals have approached max capacity even as mexico starts to go back to work are you worried about the reopening of the country and what that might bring back a bit of a balance it's you know i'm not but again i'm more disappointed than worried because they say there's less patience and the curve is flattening out but we don't know that we could not have even reached the peak because for us there's been no decrease in the number of patients they don't lose nobody yet and. the number of infected and the dead nationwide has just and in mexico
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a worrying pattern is also emerging just had a quick check around this intensive care unit one thing that really strikes you is that everyone is under the age of 60 here and that's a real change in the trend from europe for example but it seems like the most elderly with the most average. there's a reason 70 percent of mit's can i don't for obese due to a junk food have a matched in the rest of latin america and one in 7 have diabetes it makes me it's conceivable aids is vulnerable to coded. and even in this hospital one of the best equipped stuff like the basic medicine st does make i'm not going to what am i don't you see there's still some antibiotics that we need and that we don't have so we have to talk to the family members to buy them and it means a delay but we don't have another option to get out if they're nothing you said but if you fight them by. many other myths can hospitals are in a worse state with stuff across the country protesting about
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a lack of gear in training. perhaps because of that doctors and nurses are getting infected but one of the highest rates in the world was there with that grim panorama every success story is celebrated. and i really owe a gas salesman is one of the he was being discharged on the day of a visit well though still fairly sick. nothing was going to stop him getting out how are you feeling now you're about to leave which i feel really excited that's why i'm coughing. blood he enjoys his freedom once more over. the team in the intensive care unit continue their struggle with the images that you're allowing it. would be very. receptive to said i thought i like him because stuff where we want people to be aware that this is getting quarters for people who see that 1000 doesn't exist to know that here on the front lines we're
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seeing it for ourselves we don't eat for 8 hours we don't drink water we're giving our best but we need people to support us. this team knows that in mexico they still might be just the beginning john heilemann how does it make scarcity. well again i'm for the battle with the headlines on al-jazeera the brother of george for it has testified at a congressional hearing looking at racial inequality and police violence in the u.s. for lowness floyd called his brother's death a lynching and politicians to do more i'm here. to make you stop stop the pain stop us. george call for help he was ignored please listen to the crowd i'm making now for the cause of our family and the cause
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ringing out the streets across the world people of all backgrounds jim does in race have come together to demand change and it him and george make the necessary changes there make law enforcement the solution in portsmouth virginia protestors to our part a monument of the to the u.s. confederacy. chooser soldiers who fought to keep slavery were destroyed and spray painted with one falling on top of protesters angry demonstrators attacked the monument after 2 rights activists were arrested early in the day president trump a city won't contain a renaming us military bases named after confederate think it was drugs in south china have killed dozens of people and many more are missing heavy rain has swept across 4 regions forcing nearly 230000 people to abandon their homes the major of
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is expected to be sworn in as caretaker president after the sudden death of. the government says he died of a heart attack but many suspected may have been cold the 19. multiple mass graves have been discovered in libya in the city of tal horn and other areas recently be taken from forces loyal to waldo $24.00 have talked maybe a government of national accord says they contain the remains of government soldiers who had been taken prisoner. last remaining stronghold in the west last week they g.n.a.t. recaptured the city and those are the headlines on al-jazeera as always more news on our website at al-jazeera dot com nic will have the al-jazeera news hour for you right after a fault lines to stay with us. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own column and that cold means a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in get breaks it was a slogan that whatever the problem is the course jokes and counting the cost on
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al-jazeera. into simitis it may not be due to the united states it is more of history that is to rags but in recent years the american consciousness has been pierced by anti semitic threats and violence. in 2017 the us saw an unprecedented certainty sematic incidents. the same hundreds of neo nazis converged in the streets of charlottesville virginia primary. you're hearing our. morning.


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