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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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the world's attention is on controlling the virus for the recount list he didn't victims even when the pandemic passes there will be many in desperate need of help . renewed fears about a rise in corona virus cases in the u.s. send global markets tumbling. i'm not bothersome this is not to save a life from doha also coming up it was a mistake. the top u.s. general regrets walking with president for a photo op at a church shortly after police have violently dispersed protesters outside the white house. north korea says it's pointless to maintain a personal relationship between kim jong un and don trump 2 years after the
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singapore summit. and video conference companies zoom admits it suspended accounts of human rights activists to meet demands from china and. share markets in asia have opened down following large losses on wall street on thursday the falls are being fueled by concerns of a 2nd wave of corona virus infections in the u.s. as well as for use of a slow recovery the dow jones fell by nearly 7 percent while 2 other major indices were down by at least 5 percent it's the worst day for markets since mid march when can organize lockdowns were announced according to data trying to buy the washington post since the start of june 14 states and puerto rico have experienced their worst week yet for new infections the surging cases in states like arizona new mexico and utah shows that covered 19 is now sweeping across rural areas while
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retreating in large urban centers algis it is gay gabriel elizondo has more from new york. it's about many things but it all boils down to corona virus there are still deep worries now that this is spreading in more than a dozen states we're seeing numbers positive cases that are on the increase particularly texas florida and arizona these are all states that with the last few weeks if lifted their stay at home orders and so the economy is really coming back but coronavirus is as well and i think that has really spooked the markets as we also saw this is not even the 2nd wave study at the university of washington came out saying that that so-called 2nd wave of chronic viruses and expected to hit the u.s. in till probably september and then you also still have no signs of
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a vaccine anywhere on the horizon late this year or early next year probably at the earliest add all that up and what is one trader said the markets have been operating on irrational exuberance the last few weeks and all of that ended with this huge sell off on thursday the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits continues to climb well though at a slower rate as businesses start to reopen their 1500000 jobless claims last week down from nearly 1900000 the week before despite the falling claims the u.s. unemployment rate remains at historic levels more than 44000000 workers followed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic. the top u.s. general says he was wrong to join president donald trump for a photo opportunity outside a church near the white house after the area was cleared of anti racism protesters chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley seen here in army fatigues says he regrets making the walk with champ he says it created the perception of military
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involvement in domestic politics many was with the president as he walked through lafayette square in washington after police used pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse protesters the president then posed with a bible outside a church and many of you saw the result of the photograph of mia lafayette square last week that sparked a national debate about the role of the military in civil society i should not have been there my presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics as a commissioned uniformed officer it was a mistake that i have learned from and i sincerely hope we all can learn from it. calls for changes to u.s. policing practices have prompted a response from donald trump at a campaign style event in dallas texas said his administration wants police departments to adopt national standards this comes in the wake of nationwide
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protests against police brutality following the death of a them african-american man while he was being arrested trump again defended his demand to call in the national guard to dominate the streets against protesters earlier this month we're going to finalize an executive order that will encourage police departments station to meet the most current professional standards of force and that means force but force with compassion but if you're going to have to really do jerk if somebody is really playing it you're going to have to do it with real strength real power. and i said and people said oh i don't know if we like that expression i said we have to dominate the streets you can't let that happen what happened in new york city the damage they get done with. president tom's latest targets are demonstrators in seattle who have blocked streets and set up tents to protest against police brutality following the death of george floyd they've gathered in what's being called on a tone in the zone it's free of police under an agreement between protesters and
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the city's police department trump has threatened to take back the city if local officials don't act both seattle's mayor and the governor of washington state have hit back at trump's suggestion kentucky's biggest city has banned arrest warrants which allow police to enter a home unannounced the city council unanimously passed the law named after a health care worker briana taylor she was shot dead by louisville police in a bungled drug raid in march or death sparked weeks of protests no drugs were farmed taylor's home. governor andrew cuomo says a divisive statue of christopher columbus issue not being removed because of its importance to italian americans his comments come against a backdrop of global anti racism protests in response to the killing of george floyd statues of columbus and other european explorers have been attacked because of the harm they cause to native americans and africans the curse of
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a columbus statue represents. in some ways the italian american legacy in this country. and the italian american contribution in this country i understand the feelings about christopher columbus and some of his acts which nobody would support but this statue was has come to represent and signified. appreciation for the italian american contribution to york so one night for that reason i supported. the new zealand city of hamilton has removed a statue over concerns it's culturally offensive to indigenous mali people officials remove the monument of captain john hamilton a british naval officer accused of killing people in the 860 s. the decision was made a day after local tribes asked for it to be removed. both korea says there is little point in maintaining a relationship between leader kim jong un and the u.s.
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president so long as washington remains hostile joanne's foreign minister made the comments on the 2nd anniversary of a landmark summit between the 2 leaders he said north korea will no longer allow donald trump to score political points by meeting him while giving nothing in return whether kelly is a professor of international relations at south korea's puts on national university he says north korea no longer trusts the u.s. president to bring about any substantial change. i think the north koreans came into that really expecting that meeting with trump personally that was the 1st time ever got to meet a u.s. president would bring some kind of change right it would allow them to skirt around the national defense bureaucracy and foreign policy community in america which is not hostile to deal with north korea for decades right and this would allow them to sort of leapfrog over that go straight to the president and finally pull out a deal and trump just didn't do that i mean he has pushed for a deal with north korea has been sort of erratic and kind of confused you know and talks about the love letters and any kind of drops north korea for 6 months you
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know i think the north koreans have just sort of gotten burned sort of like i think the way the rest of us about berndt right that that trump is a sort of very erratic and he loses the thread often and he drops things that don't interest him and everything else and i think that's what you heard today the north koreans have just they just had it and they're not going to let you know they don't want trumps from manipulate photographs and this and that you know it's a there's a big deal coming because the elections coming up the north koreans have always played it tough right i mean this is one of the sort of the longstanding criticisms of efforts to engage north korea is that the north koreans always sort of offer a door demand sort of these enormous preconceptions in this case the south cure recently it's been very very difficult because the north koreans want the south korean government to clamp down on anti north korean protesters but south korea is a liberal democracy and that's really difficult obviously in the south korean government is now being accused of sort of doing the dirty work of the north koreans it's all really sort of difficult and complicated and this is one of the reasons why trump didn't get much out of north korea because the north koreans sort of fight over every single inch and the behavior that we're seeing now we've seen in the past video conference companies zoom has admitted suspending the kinds of
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human rights activists at the request of the chinese government zuma initially said it was following local laws with a template oddly blocked account so fall most student leaders the 2 potten chinaman square protests in beijing then kind of a hong kong politician organizing the annual vigil commemorating victims of the 1989 massacre was also suspended. twitter says it's removed more than 170000 accounts tied to a chinese state backed misinformation campaign that worked focused heavily on hong kong but it also praised china's response to the covert $900.00 pandemic researchers say many of the accounts were set up in late january then became more active as the outbreak spread beyond china. the u.n. says it's horrified by the discovery of mass graves in the libyan city of tal who know as well as other areas recently we've taken from forces loyal to the wall khalifa haftar are there because government of national accord says they contain
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the remains of government soldiers who've been taken prisoner awkward are the warhead reports from the horn or. whenever a mass grave is found in tot on a city mahmoud or through the rushes to look for members of his family he says local pro hafter fighters known as the al kearney brigade kidnapped and killed his 2 brothers 3 sisters and 3 cousins. i'm aware that my brothers sisters and cousins are all dead we also found 34 women dead in the morgue in the main hospital there are also children dozens of but his have recently been found on the outskirts of town who now some a disfarmer they'll have to undergo forensic examination and have d.n.a. samples taken. in april last year after his fighters launched a military campaign to seize the capital tripoli. but last week they lost their
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stronghold of thought huna and have now been driven out of western libya by forces loyal to the internationally recognized government. witnesses have told the general prosecutor's office that after his fighters killed hundreds of o. ponens including women and pro-government captives the alcan is also turn it some of the military camps into detention centers on the walls portraits of muhsin and carney the government says he's the most notorious of the commanders who carried out executions and that's clearly because. everyone who was brought to this camp after april 4th last year disappeared when we liberated the city we found some of the murdered captives in this camp the government is now trying to restore infrastructure that was damaged or destroyed by the war but the social rift caused by half those fighters in the city will likely take a long time to repair for more than a year a city was
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a base for half the fighters to attack tripoli now as the government tries to bring to life in the city back to normal by pulling out its forces and calling for displaced civilians to turn home the victims' families say they are waiting for justice to be served with. the who're. still ahead an al-jazeera while hundreds of rallies in the capital of the philippines against a new antiterrorism law. plus i'm shaken and stirred james bond's car marriage maker well that's workers go that's the coronavirus puts the brakes of production. oh it's still got a few showers in the forecast for turkey over the next couple of days but to the
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south of that success the middle east hot and dry pretty much sums it up we're getting up into the mid forty's in baghdad kuwait such as 47 celsius or 46 here in doha just as they are shower just around that western side of yemen but that aside really more hot sunshine as we go on into saturday same again we could see some very heavy showers of this state into central parts of say heavy showers too across central parts of africa you see the cloud there rolling off the therapy in highlands through south sudan heavy showers there pushing across into cameroon and also into the south of nigeria more big downpours coming through here with the seasonal rains continuing to do quite nicely heavy showers the possibility just around lake victoria some big showers there into uganda western parts of kenya also seeing some wet weather but looking largely dry now across that eastern side of somalia lossie dry into southern africa but we have had that winter storm making its way through the southern cape that's going to continue pushing further eastward
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temperatures still struggling a little 14 celsius in cape town and 10 degrees and how does the warming up just a touch as we go on into saturday. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the meeting bunch of. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them no matter what language. any given survived the initial. sound of the boxset faces us. on al-jazeera.
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georgiades it out of mind of our top stories this hour asian stocks have opened lower after markets in the united states recorded their steepest fall since mid march and follows rising coronavirus infections and a poor economic forecast from the federal reserve. the top u.s. general says he was wrong to join donald trump for a photo opportunity outside the church after the area was cleared of anti racism protesters mark milley seen here in army fatigues says joining the president created the perception of military involvement in domestic politics. north korea says there's little point in maintaining a relationship between leader kim jong un and the u.s. president as long as washington remains hostile pyongyang's foreign minister made the comments on the 2nd anniversary of a landmark summit between the 2 leaders. brazil's death toll from the virus has
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officially passed 40000 and with more than 800000 confirmed cases it's the worst hit country and latin america now divisions over the government's response to the pandemic have been laid bare on the country's most famous beach as. reports. activists from a local peace organization dug 100 graves. beach in rio de janeiro turning brazil's most iconic teary spot into a mock cemetery to memorialize the country's more than 40000 people who've died of kovi 19. it was a symbolic memorial but also a dramatic protest against president. dismissive response to depend their make. believe the president of the republic needs to understand that the people aren't during one of the most difficult moments in its history thousands of dead families mourning unemployment the ghost of hunger haunting the houses of the velour
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residents and what can we expect from the president of the republican a time like this expressions of hope of solidarity seriousness and management. many locals seem to appreciate it the memorial was also a focal point for the deep divisions among brazilians and supporter of president starr in knocking down the crosses while others applauded then another resident intervened to put the crosses back up as an argument ensued. my son died from coronavirus he was 25 years old and this guy's clowning around with no respect for those who are protesting there needs to be respect the beach is public and they have rights to. people for and against the protest argued in front of the cameras some accuse the protesters of being left these terrorists. brazil has woken up to these actions from the left nobody can
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take it anymore instilling terror and during ridiculous things. the president kept downplaying the pandemic further and trenching an already divided country even seeking last week to conceal the total number of dead turning a dangerous health crisis into a deep political one that increasingly seems to be bringing the country to a breaking point. mexico's government is gradually reopening its economy despite signs that the outbreak is getting worse and that's putting the president at all it's what some state governors who are reluctant to loosen restrictions. from mexico city. dozens of small towns across mexico have been given the green light by the federal government to reopen to business. and as coronavirus deaths soar several state
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governors are defying the mexican president's strategy in fighting the disease the result has been confusing and often contradictory policies. is a blunder one on the authorities should get on the same page because people don't know what to do some people take things very seriously others are out on the streets like there's nothing wrong. in the state of war how hospitals have reached a point of saturation facing a worsening health crisis is governor recently broke from the federal government's plan as well calling for a statewide quarantine through june 15th. that this. exceeds the most important thing is that we succeed let's cut the contagion of this illness that 19 it's up to all the people of. mexico's president has defended his return to normal plan saying it strikes a balance between public health and the health of the economy adding that he's not trying to start a fight with state leaders some health experts say the growing. rift between the
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president and state governors could be a good thing it could actually be passed because this could permit the individual governors to actually have strategy work for their people and instead of just a general misled very horrible not just none flex functional strategy which is what the federal government government is doing. mexico is the 2nd worst affected country by coronavirus in latin america after brazil and in many parts of mexico people have begun returning to their daily routines even though the world health organization warns the outbreak is still getting worse despite the mexican government lifting its national social distancing campaign international health experts recommend that social distancing continue to be observed until a vaccine is found and. mexico city. honors are taking to the streets of the
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capital of the philippines to protest against a new terrorism law activists say the bill gives police expanded powers that could be open to abuse they fear president will go to terror to could use it to go after his opponents and critics the government says it's needed to stop attacks by on groups republican party organizers have decided donald trump will accept his presidential nomination in florida not north carolina as previously planned north carolina's democratic governor had rejected trounced a month at the convention should be held without social distancing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus republican party officials say the conventions of major events will not be held in jacksonville florida unlike north carolina florida has a republican governor trump is officially a resident of the state. the international criminal court has rejected the u.s. president's plans to impose sanctions on some of its officials all of jumpers
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trying to stop an investigation into allegations of american war crimes in afghanistan but the i.c.c. says the move will undermine its efforts to ensure accountability for mass atrocities was learned jordan has more from washington. the united states has never been a party to the international criminal court in the hague it says the court does not have the right to put u.s. citizens on trial for alleged crimes against humanity war crimes or genocide but the trumpet ministration has gone further calling the i.c.c. corrupt ineffective and biased we cannot we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court. on thursday it imposed new sanctions on all i.c.c. officials investigating the behavior of us forces and cia operatives in afghanistan it gives us no joy to punish them but we cannot allow i.c.c. officials and their families to come the united states to shop travel and otherwise
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or joy american freedoms as these same officials seek to prosecute the defender of those very freedoms the united states maintains the sovereign right and obligation to properly investigate and address any of our personnel's allegedly violations of the laws of war the new sanctions follow washington's decision last year to revoke the travel vsa of the i.c.c. chief prosecutor found to bensouda she's been pushing for the investigation and possible trial of u.s. forces since 2017 bensouda is also trying to prosecute the former sudanese leader omar al bashir for atrocities committed in darfur and she's investigating alleged israeli war crimes in the occupied west bank and gaza something the u.s. opposes i think it's the culmination of our evolution from the republic to an empire that believes that we live by our standards and are alone i don't
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think that we should look at this particular act of mr trump in isolation by targeting bensouda colleagues the new u.s. sanctions raise questions about whether the court can actually do its job effectively. we've taken note with concern reports but the executive order of the rising sanctions against certain individuals at the international criminal court will obviously continue to follow very closely any developments on this issue human rights groups say the trumpet ministrations decision could harm their ability to help the most vulnerable in war zones but for now the u.s. has declared a can't trust the i.c.c. to do the right thing which is to carry out justice on american terms rosalyn short al-jazeera washington at least 10 soldiers in ivory coast have been killed in an attack at a northern border post near booking a faso several others have also been wounded and it's not yet clear who is behind the assault ivory coast on back you know faso launched
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a joint military operation on their shared border last month bring in leaders in the u.k. have told al-jazeera that manufacturing is on the brink of its biggest collapse in generations because of government inaction every week thousands of jobs are being lost in sectors like aerospace and car manufacturing honestly reports. it might be james bond's car of choice but the pandemic is proving to strong aston martin the luxury carmaker announcing nearly a quarter of its highly skilled workforce is to go it's a sign of the times where can they go if they lose their jobs at the moment while at the moment there is no way it's again nobody's recreating in the car industry across the west midlands nobody is recruiting in the car industry across the u.k. we've seen me announcements from bentley of a 1000 workers blame i didn't have seen the previous and i'm from a site east where they are losing a very large number of their existing employees so the reason no way for them to go
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every job in a car factory generates 10 in the supply chain just of the road this company which makes parts for nissen and jackie were landrover just announced over 400 job cuts to jackie landrover has only just come back with very limited capacity because of social distancing it's announces its annual results next week and it will not be pretty. in april of this year the u.k. produced fewer than $200.00 new cars and registered just over $4000.00 that's the lowest level since $946000000.00 which are completely unsustainable the government's focus then and now remains on reducing infection rates on what to do about the flood crisis in british manufacturing is almost total blanket silence. nearby is commentry the u.k.'s home of the motor car it went through a collapse in commie king when margaret thatcher was prime minister in the 1980 s.
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and it has taken nearly 2 generations for the city to get over it but it now has a plan for how to avoid it all happening again and it wants the government to hear it's the figures i'm seeing taking an employment levels to a place that we haven't seen not just my generation the generation before but maybe the 1920s what we need to go much to do is as well as thurlow in people and spending billions of pounds on actually keeping people off work and each we invest in new technology coventry's the location for the u.k. interest laws ation center we need to be the place where the new batch of the future built union leaders nationally are having similar conversations even suggesting a new made in britain strategy could tie in with brics states but they say they aren't getting very far reopening the economy will make the difference between a very deep and damaging recession and a depression and if we move into a longstanding depression that has consequences not just on jobs and i'm talking
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millions of jobs. but on people's health it recessions kill people the view across the industry is that it's like watching the tidal wave coming and not getting off the beach companies are making hard choices the effects on people will be every bit as bad as the virus lawrence leigh al-jazeera in the west midlands. p.g.a. golf has a back in action in the united states after more than 2 months off the green because of coronavirus adding in the 1st round of fort worth and texas players observed a moment's silence for george floyd as the p.g.a. tour and it's to him by. the voices never to head systemic issues of social and racial justice. the 84060 time a colonial country club was left vacant as it reflects how long it was pinned to the ground by a police officer in minneapolis before he died last month before play world number
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one rory mcilroy called for greater diversity in the sport tiger you know doesn't look the same as me don't you know it's not a very different upbringing to the one that i have but he was my hero growing up and it didn't matter what color skin was you know what his beliefs were tiger was my hero a nice you know he's been a lot of kids heroes over the years that have grown up playing golf and you know we have had him you know we've been very lucky to have him in our game and you know i think. there should be more people like him and golf. this is all it is either these are the top stories asian stocks have opened lower markets in the united states recorded their steepest fall since mid march and fall is rising coronavirus infections in 14 states and a poor economic forecast from the federal reserve. in new york and he says the
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turbulence on wall 'd street can be directly attributed to the pandemic. there are still deep worries now that this is spreading as you mentioned in more than a dozen states we're seeing numbers positive cases that are on the increase particularly texas florida and arizona these are all states that with the last few weeks have lifted their stay at home orders and so the economy is really coming back but coronavirus is as well and i think that has really spooked the markets the top u.s. general says he was wrong to join don't tom for a photo opportunity outside the church after the area was cleared of anti racism protesters like many seen here in army fatigues says joining the president created the perception of military involvement in domestic politics north korea says there's little point in intending
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a relationship between leader kim jong un and the u.s. president as long as washington remains hostile jong un's foreign minister made the comments on the 2nd anniversary of a landmark summit between the 2 leaders but a a conference company xoom has admitted suspending accounts of human rights activists at the request of the chinese government zuma initially said it was following local laws when it temporarily blocked accounts of former student leaders the 2 part in the chinaman square protests in beijing united nations says it's horrified over the discovery of mass graves in the libyan city of tal huna and other areas recently retaken from forces loyal to the wall of playful huffed on libya's u.n. recognize government says the graves contain the remains of their soldiers who were taken prisoner and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after this is europe good buy. the glamour of hollywood in an unlikely place. although cool you know so i'm not interested.
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i think i entered a new little play mother via she was pretty incredible to get fists there's a lot of love but affection and respect over at the world people a world away from mumbai a nation has taken indian cinema to its hot out as you well reveals the color and passion of morocco's bollywood dream. was. a moment of this now as a composer. and something can hear him better
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