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tv   The Husband School  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2020 6:32am-7:01am +03

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and sees similarities between self jackson and trump says he delayed imposing sanctions on chinese officials over the last tension of muslim week as to protect the trade deal with china in an interview with a news website x.e. oss the us president admitted he didn't want to upset negotiations with beijing china has rounded up around a 1000000 weak as other ethnic groups an activist group made up maybe of north korean defectives have managed to evade south korean police and fly propaganda balloons carrying leaflets and money into the north the government in seoul had tried to stop them to prevent relations with the north getting worse young young as announced it has millions of propaganda leaflets and thousands of balloons ready to fly across the border so those were the headlines in the u.s. continues here on al-jazeera after witness statements on so much by the. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical
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tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. the. shadowy side creates mr. sewell of the. book see women and young girls. when they would to 6 face. on the mary economy to praise be shown the wife b t. b d i use it for you because you need to go for the host must be. put on the weird
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to make up the start of the 1st social. class trying to change the minds of maine. as you got through the road it's really hard to meet if you do you have every government you know not everybody you have to thank you on to go to places like you to give education to people. you have little or no knowledge not to have about it. until. they are on the line and everyone. in the groundwater you know we're. going to get your book again oh and i make.
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thank you go there you know let me my way you know i'm not going to i've got my will he know that i didn't. leave him i got my start and so let's start with just one other guy i know this time when i go forward now if i'm there for will i did a new horse show this whole trial will be sifted forgot thinking they were my d.n.a. everybody nobody you know would see this my nice love me number never said it's one of the now then i mean but this year i thought you know we see now we demand and i would have called you who are public and i believe that you obviously have been there when i got a 1000000. they don't sluff got together and i doubt now would address mine well that well. yeah i would join
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a. good big are not gay i talk. about all the time yeah so it's not n.h.l. . regular the way it came the minute i leave my. i might be able to do a little. bit like. i do left wing you know like that is coming i just have to make i think i'm on foot they were laughing so that's it we're not high they would have been evident to me the end of it all i went on i see doing good that you gave them with that. so now reading at this make or you can see right there look at i see now monday 014. no train monday why forget i have minimal force for you got to go what do we do you know if you
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know cities about dry enough i and i would do it and i believe that. if it was my school can be changing me to another level i come in this is about going to talk the language i say we can't do what we say i can see to do. and power a 2nd way i'm a baby a senior she needs my wife. she's my wife that if. i can and i'm one in which like they said that 5050 in our country here. you can go i'm out on the control and listen to me carefully and if they want to say it. she can listen me. a mile i. she said no. for song. is the freshest time they have been across from sitting. at the sky stylings
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to guide them to open up to new i.d.'s. wayne that was your that was eric case in my village i mean i remember you could. see left it in village humility. we had the money only find. all the. shows feel. every d.n.a. skinny fevola of the image. i want this to change. this why so. yeah it's.
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good you. know. what to do with it you. know. i'm all right yeah. it was said in the start of. the galley. you know which one of them.
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is it and if you know and if you do. and if the name can only be a loop. so nothing that i think that you don't speak then wouldn't. you know when you begin to think wouldn't. if you didn't i don't think i think you see who didn't hit. it with. you know would break even. or would write. it if you. know it would be transmitted and if it was it's got to go back to you for 5 to settle down you for the osmonds got it going to call read through what i would have done it but if someone knows i was not able and if i did not go for the
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moment i didn't know. already they'd say. really you don't want i don't cough and you believe me got the idea to me see if you got it up you know heidi. i want you to talk shop. i mean you know. you know. now. how you will feel. you can express when i stand and i mean. talk to you. i mean. i don't. mean what they used to valise and i guess we made that easy i didn't you see from
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the war the. war is who you are mostly in the run. you want about corruption what's. your. dream you want. anybody make your wants. i hate. when i don't. notice. and you don't know but i just want to rest it once you go
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that's the way don't be just me and one of us there you know. again i foresee a time oh. ok we're going to go. ahead you know what i said my question about. well bill you said would you mind i would do the money didn't you know what to do without it making you a one. a professor i. want to. well give money your money. jamie masada me i want it's united 70 no money no money. leveling. the theme so that did you know more then 2 audio card that
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bought us all my night that didn't differ activity this milwaukee new item and to night i was doubling up with the i'm afraid i think that you're walking past me i know that we see you made it so we see we all hate the president. does it is all over because they're all mine not to michael no more to talk to you some of mine i want to make people more time right. now i want to make you come on now mama if you can hear no money make money again i'll give you i will i'm out of. the i'm going. and i don't want what i always say you know i know it's not well i got one not done. well then i wanted i knew we need to my wife you know they're in if i know most of what i know on the. i was like that. before see i am a rock. you will believe if you do that to you you know ray do you get this that
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you say you say that i mean see there is that why bill talk that while i said see that. i really don't know really that you know we so we don't have time to because you know we leave from this you know and i sense it because you know we need a new course that you know and i mean you know if i had no luck of always or don't i stand in it. when i would. have it. and i'm i'm hours. and. i knew that it would if i was going to tell right now i love it when they might ask of the right my ass. to dismiss an old i.r.c.
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dog now called me again i see why they call you know because governments are not as an ally and all we have are called then by some because i thought if i lied about them and if they did it's nika so it all comes nice it would all come a condo with before i can even as i know will put me out once it's on the net as it is a sniffle you as it is not as i don't ever want you as ours and you would be beaten and if i wouldn't one of these married as i was the name was i think because i know one and only 102100 because i was on my own you know what means between. now and not just 32 as of today young he's so god did he get jealous was you know i don't want to bring up to the level he could every minute to go from you know my. past someone and say no question i really want to. not pass out if i can see want you to
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know. by the quotes you mean what you people do you want. to take on a piece of it is no it's it dr only yes. i'm all me me me which you mean yes or stuff like that we're not going to and i'm the good effects when everybody. had to for their react and yeah anyhow even while you don't know. it took several. working to develop. a response be to.
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supporting the fund. so that's how. many of my white. friends live. oh. yes when there's a. will begin. yeah. thank you.
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you know money yes the wonderful. force. you can used to do was to name calling me a cost for. going out on a place i know you had a no one talked with up i could see reality once who said. it women that you were going out was that which you don't do for a record you and i would be there for. the id pay to go diego given a chance to go get him one. i'm really really worry i pulled this from the quick thinking oh my respect in the community how people look at me i definitely know like people too he had i done my high speed into police for money i'm thinking of leaving this place for you why. this is the road leading to my home.
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your cable. we have our. story every day we used to walk but if you do some activity a while when we come back. you know. you know this is a grief. for. father was the medical practitioner here he was the only person he had given me to your story i did read that from one in which thanks to people without getting money from any of their. own not the sea you have a right. i
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need to get on with. my and i must. do they believe. me. now i've got to do. my job. yeah. i'm going to be my girl for money is my passion. no they say life saving i
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can relate that to what he too was dream. he was not to any given treatment to people for money it would have been the case you lot have must have what you know now and i snot i live i am just thinking what you like beforehand watch t.v. dog i definitely know i'm right now professional. we have all gone let's see we got to be fluent enough i don't know which cause for bindi we wanted to get out must be today because you know we boys did believe read all my cds you know able 100 said they don't die. because show how gotta love read. when and when i go.
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diane i got i met your friend frank you put him only last year to know when i. looked a different team this guy you might be left a backing of on our side and i really miss you know left and i cause and he goes and i mean we're going to have that in with our. you know what ok our deal. yeah there's a problem and we got over it probably and. yeah i. am. in. the video up there where we. have nobody will win and i'm going. so now you are grown man he. cannot be you gives us an idea. we carry. you know where we are. now they reflect with this back now during this training how we do know where we
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will monday nearing 8 up and. i'm one of the more calm one of you have to meet a human to read your morning. so you know i mean yeah. i say well. you know if i said oh you're. getting a green you let me do it. i'm wearing our 15055 face i don't. buy school in my car now you have to know my and then i looked up i said did you feel when i enter. your car you want to follow my. back am i. ok.
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so it's got that together we. will not. know what i did you know what i would offer to continue to do you know it's you know it's just you know i said i know you don't know what level. you have with me. so make up where that i feel where will my rights you know market with making us ok . ok now i'm not seen. you know you. must see we. need. yeah i remember and have a couple of requests where some idea where i shall confess i don't want to see like
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a 2nd and i'm watching reality i'm we are and they share together and i know it. doesn't matter you got a group but what. are you going to try like. i mean when or where i do believe that. community by community we get to know the contents of equality in the very safe life. cannot happen within a day over 90 well gradually they are coming off. the evil. no good you know he was. good no i don't think. so no time for incident.
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and i recall his meal but i will cancel class. because of. this number smoking and if i am going to die and i express back and then i get in a journey i think we are. ok. if we've had since. usually when i go wrist it's. going to middleton isn't going to soon. and i was i mean i think that a mistake. and something wrong. is my disdain for him be able. to. remember it's up to we do not need. and there was.
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only you. know if you didn't. does the mind play tricks a vampire is always just part right there or are they really out there and you have her family by like bank holiday but most are and where going to her act like they're in the car a filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out the proximately 33120 pages of records and in the process mobilizes her community as long as people are rigid hard and there is no check against her and the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. what was described as the world's largest lawn down towards the largest exodus since the creation of an independent india and $947.00. experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the lockdown has already created
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a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted inequality religious tensions and health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following week school child of the peace and mass movement of people will accentuate the spread of the coronavirus from india's cities to its rule hot. palm county because that's the palm trees kind of god losses increased government debts are headed toward world war 2 levels when asked that his arrest hold. august of 0 from reality the pandemic devastates indigenous communities across latin america. counting the cost although obviously europe. is saudi arabia publicly championing women's rights so do you think he's committed to empowering excuse empowering women while privately punishing those who step out of line they raided. and from they would if there was. can do the security here pointed out is there
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a world examines the alleged detention and torture of saudis women activists the only charges against them relate to their talking to foreign organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international saudi women reform or repression on al-jazeera. the on. a spike in u.s. coronavirus cases in states that ease restrictions but that's not stopping new york city from reopening the business. hello i'm down jordan the saudis are you from go also coming up hong kong's leader says a controversial new security nor will safeguard human rights despite weeks of protests against. french president emanuel markoff slams turkey's role in the libyan conflict as calls growth rate political solution to the crisis.


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