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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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ringback hong kong marks 23 years after the territory was handed over from britain to china just hours after a sweeping new security law comes into force. ahmed matheson this is i'll just give a live from doha also coming up i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day a dire warning from the top coronavirus expert in the u.s. the situation is going to get much worse. u.s. democrats say they're not being briefed properly over reports russia paid the
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taliban to kill american soldiers. and mourning in the streets of addis ababa a popular ethiopian singer known for his political songs is shot dead. small groups of protesters have been started to gather in hong kong hours after china imposed a sweeping national security law that is expected to reshape the city's future that i just station came into effect on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of hong kong's return to chinese rule mass anti-government protests on this day have been an annual event in the past. chinese legislators drafted hong kong's national security law in secret without any input from the city's legislature and at record speed its details became known only after it was inactive a law will punish loosely defined crimes such as subversion secession and collusion
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and sentences of up to life imprisonment the law also means that anybody either people in hong kong or foreigners could face prosecution for offenses committed outside the city foreign officials or academics who publicly supported hong kong's opposition could face detention if they travelled through the territory and chinese courts will be allowed to adjudicate hong kong national security cases. ok let's bring in adrian brown who's in hong kong for us to mention just a moment ago the on this day normally we would see large scale protests earlier on we did see pictures of a very small protest what's been the reaction to this national security law 1st of all. that small protest you referred to is actually going on just above me on this overhead walkway a very small protest but significantly some of these protests are calling for an end to one party rule and also carrying banners saying much the same thing so i
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guess technically they're not just testing this new law they are breaking this new law now we saw at least one person being taken away it was unclear whether he'd been arrested but certainly there were many more police and media than protesters now the group are now making their way slowly towards the convention center they won't be able to get inside the convention center of course where that ceremony is now taking place but this is the 1st test as i say of the new law so a little tiny moment of history on a day of major history as to the reaction so far well as you might imagine the chief executive kerry lamb has been praising this new national security legislation saying it fills a very important gap of course carry lamb was basically bypassed in this process as was her legislature the chinese government effectively had to do the job of the hong kong government and imposed this new national security law a number of legal experts though have been expressing very grave concerns they say
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that while this law gives beijing jurisdiction in just a few a number of cases it's it's the degree of that jurisdiction that they will have that's the real concern it's a 39 page document when translated into english and what you see actually is in many parts of very. glee would it document indeed and the worry is that that vaguely worded document could now be very broadly applied my eye was taken actually by article 9 of this new law which says the government has to take measures to strengthen supervision and regulation of the media schools and social organizations as well as the internet now that's pretty far reaching and wide ranging it's not clear for instance what this law means by you know social organizations does it mean that you know news organizations operating here in hong kong will now have to
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to register in a way that they don't will be now controlled in a sense the same way that would be if foreign media is on the mainland again it's a law that throws up many more questions than answers rob peter and i know that caroline the leader of hong kong is expected to be speaking at that ceremony in about 25 minutes or so we'll come back to you when that happens but for the moment thank you very much indeed the united states top expert on infectious diseases is warning the number of corona virus cases across the country is likely to get much worse if people don't follow health recommendations dr anthony foxx he also says there's no guarantee of an effective vaccine more than 126000 americans have died california texas and florida of all reimpose some restrictions after reporting a record increase in infections it is going to be very disturbing i will guarantee
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you that because when you have an outbreak in one part of the country even though in other parts of the country they're doing well they are vulnerable i made that point very clearly we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to $100000.00 a day if this does not turn around. well earlier i spoke to brett bowen who's the former director of global engagement in the white house under president obama i began by asking him if the u.s. elections in november would be defined by the corona virus pandemic it appears so and certainly defined by president trump's management or some might say mismanagement of both the health crisis that we currently confront as well as the economic crisis because let's remember while that the health implications of this may abate by november and we may be in a better situation the economy is increasingly looking like it will be in
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a very bad situation the one thing that's important understand about american presidential and congressional elections is there is no possibility for postponement so according to our law they have to take place on november 3rd they are the 1st tuesday of november we however i think will see a number of steps in place whether it's malin voting certainly trying to open up more voting places voting precincts in larger locations just yesterday the stadium indoor stadium in atlanta georgia was designated as a voting precinct so you will see these kinds of measures taken in order to ensure that people can vote in safety you know as democrats say that despite a briefing from the white house they still haven't received the information they need on russia's allies bounties on american soldiers in afghanistan donald trump has repeatedly denied he was informed the latest report from the new york times and
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i just received a victim briefing in february democrats are calling for a full account from the intelligence community the president called this a hoax publicly nothing in the briefing that we have just received led me to believe it is a hoax. there may be different judgments as to the level of credibility but there was no assertion that the information we had was a hoax your secretary of state my pump a.o. has addressed the united nations security council urging them to extend an arms embargo on iran which expires and october iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif said efforts to replace international law with u.s. law as effectively jeopardized international peace diplomatic editor james bays has more. showdown at the un security council with both the us and iran represented by their top diplomats secretary of state mike pump
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a 0 members of the council to extend a ban on iran buying conventional weaponry which is jew to expire in october this jaber has a choice stand for international peace and security united nations under intended the arms a cargo of islamic republic of iran expire it for a u.s. mission and its finest ideals we've all 'd pledged to our old if you fail to act right away if we don't purchase russian fighter jets to strike up a 3000 kilometer radius but the cities like riyadh. rome and warsaw are in a reign crosshairs iran's foreign minister mohammad job and zarif spoke at the end of the session is this status quo is needed acceptable nor sustainable the international community in general and the united nations security council in
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particular are facing an important decision. do we maintain respect for the rule of law or do we return to the law of the jungle by surrendering to debian is about an outlaw bully. in just 2 weeks the iran nuclear deal agreed in vienna in 2015 would be 5 years old many predicted it wouldn't survive when 2 years ago president trump said he was pulling out of the accord the deal is under strain with iran breaching its restrictions on your a new enrichment or though it's still not anywhere near the levels for weapons grade production it seems highly unlikely that the arms embargo on iran which expires in october will be extended as the u.s. is demanding both russia and china permanent members of the security council of firmly opposed the us is then threatening to invoke what might be called the
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nuclear clause of the nuclear deal what's known as snap back which would trigger again all the international sanctions on iran but most others on the security council says the u.s. pulled out of the deal and no longer has the right to trigger anything you could create fresh divisions pitting the u.s. against its main allies james zira at the united nations. leaders from the g. 5 say held countries and french president emmanuel macro have met in mauritania to discuss how to reduce attacks in the region in mali the political situation is getting worse with calls for the president to resign nicholas ak reports. friends is calling on the cell countries to step in and make good on what it views as recent military success early in june french forces killed al-qaeda in the islamic magreb leader of the. president wants to see the return of state
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authorities in places they have cleared from armed groups that still have the book you know france will be there as long as it is desired and requested by this a whole states themselves and for as long as they consider that the sovereignty and security of the people of france and. we will be there as long as we consider that if it's a being made by each of the amuse of the jews have said hell invent our own is therefore useful. the new stated objective of the french led operation bar con is to destroy the stomach state in the greater zaha in the border region of malines air and parking a faso along with the support of some health forces but a un investigation accuses soldiers from the countries of not only failing to protect civilians but killing the people they are meant to protect add to that allegations of corruption and audit in the defense spending reveals that over $120000000.00 has gone missing from state coffers well the president is accused of
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spending state money for personal gain he's facing a wave of protest led by the influential cleric mahmoud deaker. he tells al-jazeera removing foreign troops alone is not the solution it's the leadership that needs to go home and although he won't but i do here we're in a difficult situation we have a state that's bankrupt we can't go on without the help of the international community or allied nations mccrone was joined by the spanish german and italian prime minister is my video conference with the french security in europe is contingent on stability in this the hell this is held desert is used to smuggle migrants and drugs 500 special forces from european countries are expected to join operations in the region with more troops on their way france's intervention is an ending any time soon nor is it special relationship with these leaders who are facing mounting criticism at home because hawk al-jazeera. still ahead on
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al-jazeera why facebook has removed hundreds of a counseling to the so-called boogaloo network to counter protests against black lives not. and the king of belgium expresses what he calls his deepest regrets for colonial rule in the congo. how the heaviest rain in the last 36 hours has been in southern japan as this thing went through but it's still an active system killing around in north korea in some parts of northeastern china says some pretty heavy rain just going offshore through the sea of japan which means showers in the north shore but persistent rain further south a wet day for tokyo and then your eyes bring you back through china is south of the young sea now but the next area of development is going to just get into hanna i think the orange always signifies where the heaviest rain is obviously there's
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going to be more flooding from this is the seasonal stuff south of that a lot of humidity in the showers are really building in hong kong will not be exempt just a few shots coming from beijing as viable temps has up to 29 degrees for the science the most active rain recently has been in southern vietnam and it's still there cloud wise with discussion as shasta south of that that's still the case but they are building a bit more now in proof for example west papua the far south the philippines it looks quite wet the same is true surprisingly orbitz to sumatra less so for java but all the same to singapore we got 3 days of thunderstorms that this is of course slow moving stuff not much of the breeze and every day feels humid than the thunderstorm watches it will act. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships
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one mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part 2 on a jazzy. watch you notice here a reminder of our top stories this hour hong kong is marking the 23rd anniversary of hong kong's return to chinese rule it comes hours after beijing imposed a sweeping national security law that's expected to reshape the city's future.
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united states' top experts on infectious diseases is warning the number of coronavirus cases across the country is likely to get much worse if people don't follow health recommendations dr anthony fauci also says there's no guarantee of an effective vaccine. u.s. democrats say they still haven't received enough information about allegations that russia paid the taliban to target u.s. soldiers in afghanistan they're calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community. facebook has moved hundreds of a counseling to the so-called boogaloo movement which is organized protests against black lives matter rallies in the us facebook is calling it a dangerous organization it comes as more companies are pulling out zobel concerns the site has become a platform for hate crime german comical votes fog and sports where manufacturers added us and pupa the latest multinationals to join the stop hate for profit
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campaign ok let's bring in jim anderson from new york he's a social media and technology expert and he's also the c.e.o. of the tech company social flow and it specializes in distributing social content for media companies jim thanks very much indeed for being with us facebook says it's doing a lot of these changes because it's taking a responsible attitude to controlling hate speech is a sense of response and some responsibility really at the heart of this well i think facebook is genuine in that they do feel a sense of responsibility i think there's 2 big challenges one is it's a very difficult problem to solve it's hard for anybody to argue against hate speech right it's a it's almost universally easy to condemn hate speech it's much more difficult to define hate speech one person's hate speech is another person's free speech and certainly here in the united states that's a huge issue especially in an election year and then also facebook is just huge right that the sheer magnitude of the problems they're trying to solve many people
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have speculated that the real core of the problem is it just facebook is so big that they can't solve the problem and so those are the 2 things that mainly come to mind as they talk about really trying to make these kinds of changes we mentioned just a moment ago that many big companies been pulling their advertising how much impact is that is having on facebook in terms of driving this this this change in its responsibility towards those attitude towards its content but also in terms of its profits as well. yeah well in the near term not so much i mean it sounds big i think the number i saw earlier today was the boycotts up to 300 notable companies and that is a significant number but you need to remember that facebook has $8000000.00 advertisers on its platform and the lion's share of their revenue close to $70000000000.00 u.s. dollars a year comes from those smaller advertisers which have a much harder time for cutting things off to make a statement the big companies the unit leavers the starbucks that the verizon is those kinds of companies the volkswagens have a much easier time especially for
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a short period of time a lot of these you know boycotts are or pauses of social media advertising have been stated you know sort of to be in the month of july which is a pretty slow advertising month anyway so i think in the short term facebook is probably ok in terms of revenue impact in the medium to longer term that's got to be the concern if this continues to snowball and starts to affect the $8000000.00 advertisers they're going to have a much different situation in terms of dealing with allegations or terms of being being related to hate speech for example facebook could be accused of being fairly late in the game compared to other social media companies do you think that its image if you like has suffered in any way because of that. yeah i think it probably has simply because there has started to be some distance between the companies where twitter notably sort of stopped taking all political advertising probably 6 months or a year ago and facebook didn't do that twitter has made some more aggressive moves if you will to label and in one case actually even put an interface in front of one
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of president trump's tweets that they decided were problematic and facebook by and large has not done those things and i think if you see you know other tech platforms not all social networks but reddit made a notable change you tube made some notable 20 changes a twitch which is a gaming platform owned by amazon made some notable movements i think you're starting to see some separation from the tech platforms and it really is a business strategy as well as sort of what kind of corporate citizen do you want to be and facebook clearly has been sort of at one end of the spectrum compared to what the other companies have been doing really interesting to get your thoughts on this jim anderson we appreciate it thank you very much thank you at least 8 people have been killed and 80 others have been injured in the ethiopian town of adama following the killing of a popular singer dozens of phones followed such who says cost it an address ababa with protests over the shooting taking place in several cities police are investigating what happened to the musician who's known for political songs about the rights of the people they don't know if you open his largest ethnic group but
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they've often complained about discrimination a lot of them is an associate professor of law at kill university in the u.k. he says the killing of one desa comes at a time when the government is under increased pressure. i think the country has been facing significant challenges since it's kind of since it started the process of transition plans is the process too often a very positive lot and somewhere in the middle the government priorities have changed and tends to. go the view of a society and the political consensus has got or they far and assassination of these very important few who meant so much for so many people that came to be came at a very difficult time and it's really difficult to see how the government will be able to be either the different viewpoints the different ideological persuasions that
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exist in the country because really that there really are way or the cuban government did not want on as much as it was it was expected to. one person has been killed and several others have been more during the largely peaceful protests in sudan chooses demonstrations drew hundreds of thousands of people on to the streets in cities and towns across the country the protesters want justice for those killed during and after the rule of former president or model bashir about morgan reports for khartoum. despite the pandemic and coronavirus state of health emergency hundreds of thousands poured on to sudan street from the capital to the various states and to those stuck in displacement camps because of years of conflict all demanding the transitional government steps up to complete the goals of the revolution. we want the transitional government to deliver on justice for the lives lost so these are not protests against the government we're supporting the government but we want the government to show us that the revolution was not. i
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think it's about time for the central government to collapse i think it's about time we we actually make a move toward making peace and toward our brothers in doubt for our brothers in a near so we. only freedom peace and justice. in some places police fired tear gas to prevent protesters from breaching security cordons to use this protests were on the 1st anniversary of demonstrations last year they pressured the transitional military council to protest leaders weeks after the killing of doesn't approve democracy sitting in hard to shattered hopes for a deal a power sharing agreement was signed in august but nearly a year on many of its conditions still aren't implemented sudan is then without a transitional legislative assembly and nearly all governors are military governors contrary to the power sharing agreement to this protest haven't been backed by all
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the members of the ruling coalition known as the forces of freedom and change some voice support while others the unnecessary especially because of the coronavirus pandemic. the protest happened the day after members of the former ruling party were arrested they're accused of planning to sabotage the anniversary protests june 30th is also the anniversary of the former ruling party coming to power 31 years ago hours before the protests sudan's prime minister who is yet to complete a year in office to address the nation. in the coming days you will hear decisive decisions some of which will have a deep political and economic impact some sides will try to take advantage to create instability i urge you to take caution we will get through this period and we will prevail through our unity and our hold on the goals of the revolution. with large numbers of sudanese the transitional government is falling short of delivering the demands of the revolution which toppled the longtime president obama . but many here say they'll continue to back the government as it faces many
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challenges marking on to their own khartoum. the king of belgium has for the 1st time in the country's history express what he calls his deepest regrets for colonial rule in africa king from april knowledge that acts of violence and cruelty were committed and the wounds are still being felt in what is now democratic republic of congo as message was sent to felix for president finishes a kitty on the 60th anniversary of independence and he looks at its significance. but for covered 19 belgium's king philip would be in the democratic republic of congo he's apologized he can't be in the capital kinshasa for the marking the 60th anniversary of independence and he's become the 1st reigning belgium owner to express regret for the country's colonial past in a letter to fed ex chief security the president of the d r c king felipe conveys his deepest regrets for the acts of violence and cruelty of the suffering and humiliation inflicted on congo there was no apology from him or
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from belgium's prime minister sophie vilma's seen here in brussels unveiling a plaque commemorating the d.l.c. 60th anniversary stressed the importance of recognizing the suffering caused by colonialism. the. belgians shares a common history with canada in 2020 we must be able to look quickly city and discernment at this shared past the past marked by inequality and violence towards the congolese. the 2nd an ancestor of belgium's current king ruled over parts of congo from $885.00 to $98.00 with a private army he secured vast personal wealth in slaving the population and exploiting their rich natural resources experts believe he was responsible for the deaths of 10000000 congolese people his reign was eventually judged so cruelly by fellow european leaders that he handed over the vast territory to the belgian state which ruled it as a colony until 961 legacy of that role is the thousands of people who suffered like
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these 5 women did in his mid eighties or bi racial they were kidnapped in 3945 in 1950 when they were very young and placed in catholic institutions they've now filed a lawsuit for crimes against humanity targeting the belgian state how can this yeah yeah there is no consideration there is nothing nothing we were dumped like that after they're broken our entire life we had no childhood there's nothing what do we have to give to our children yet another legacy is a campaign for belgium to fully confront its past atrocities as anti racism protests spread worldwide recently statues of figures including leopold the 2nd were top old all splashed with red paint this one and gained he's one of just a few that have been removed officially but campaigners say a long overdue reckoning is underway. in the african diaspora of the belgian that has held. all of these people living in that particular space.
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far away to challenge that never about globalization and also challenge the rest of the experience in belgium. can felipe's lettuces the wounds of the past a quote rekindled by the discrimination all too present in our society belgium's national parliament has already set up a truth and reconciliation commission on the country's colonial history for many it's a small step in the right direction nadine barber. al jazeera. the opinion has banned pakistan's national airline for at least 6 months because of safety concerns the e.u.'s air safety agency acted after pakistan's aviation minister revealed a 3rd of airline pilots false flying licenses the u.k. civil aviation authority followed suit vietnam has grounded all pakistani pilots working for its airlines last month the pakistani international airlines crash in karachi killed 97 people authorities in india have deployed drones to help
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combat its worst desert locust outbreak in decades in agra uttar pradesh the drones have been used to spray insecticides experts are warning of extensive crop losses if the government fails to curb fast spreading swarms. this is these are the top stories hong kong is marking the 23rd anniversary of hong kong's return to chinese rule and comes hours after beijing imposed a sweeping national security law that's expected to reshape the city's future a jim brown has more from hong kong. as to the reaction so far well as you might imagine the chief executive kerry has been praising this new national security legislation saying it fills a very important gap because kerry was basically bypassed in this process as was
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legislature and the chinese government effectively had to do the job of the hong kong government and impose this new national security law the united states' top expert on infectious diseases is warning the number of corona virus cases across the country is likely to get much worse if people don't follow health recommendations. she also says there's no guarantee of an effective vaccine more than 126000 americans have died california texas and florida have all reimposed some restrictions after reporting a record increase in infections. u.s. democrats say they still haven't received enough information about allegations that russia paid the taliban to target u.s. soldiers in afghanistan they're calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community facebook has removed hundreds of accounts linked to the so-called boogaloo movement which is organized protests
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against black lives matter rallies in the u.s. and comes as more companies are pulling ads over concerns the site has become a platform for hate crime jamming comic votes and sports where manufacturers i did us in poorer are the latest multinationals to join the stop hate for profit campaign hundreds of smaller companies which are responsible for the majority of the site's $70000000000.00 annual revenue have also paused spending. at least 8 people have been killed and 80 others injured in the ethiopian town of adama following the killing of a popular singer thousands of fans followed hotshoe 100 says casket in addis ababa with protests over the shooting taking place in several cities the musician is known for his political songs. those are the headlines the news continues here on all jews into inside story goodbye.
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well the u.s. confront russia on alleged found he killings in oftenest on the kremlin says it's fake news and president trump denies being told about the members of congress are calling for. the control of a c. shaped efforts to end america's longest war this is inside story. hello welcome to the program on iran come on russia is denying pay.


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