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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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programs to inform and inspire you terrorist but you hear the story you see walk the path. for now just iraq. hong kong marks 23 years since its return to chinese rule just hours after beijing imposes a sweeping new security law. i'm not matheson this is all just here a live from doha also coming up i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day a dire warning from the top coronavirus expert in the u.s. the situation is going to get much worse. u.s. democrats say they're not being briefed properly over reports russia paid the
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taliban to kill american soldiers. and koalas under threat of human behavior could kill off one of astronomy is best loved animals. hong kong is marking the 23rd anniversary of the city's return to chinese rule just hours after a sweeping national security law was imposed chief executive caroline described the passing of the law as the most important development since the handover small groups of demonstrators have gathered in the city to denounce the legislation they say to roads hong kong's freedoms and shatters its status as a major international financial center. well chinese legislators drafted hong kong's national security law in secret without any input from the city's legislature and at record speed its details became known only after it was inducted
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the law will punish loosely defined crimes such as subversion secession and collusion with sentences of up to life imprisonment the law also means that anybody either people in hong kong or foreigners could face prosecution for offenses committed outside the city foreign officials or academics who publicly supported hong kong's opposition could face detention if they travel through the territory and chinese courts will be allowed to adjudicate hong kong national security cases . and we have correspondents covering the story from hong kong and beijing now in a moment we're going to get reaction from mainland china with katrina you 1st let's speak to adrian brown who's been following the protests in the territory adrian there was a lot more detail about this law when it was issued than people had expected how do people there think it's going to change their lives. well rob i think people feel that this law is possibly going to be
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a lot more far reaching than they imagine but as you mentioned in your introduction this law was only in acted basically a few minutes before midnight it's now middle of the morning here in hong kong so people will slowly be going to wading through the details of this law and trying to find out how it's going to impact on their lives because make no mistake this is a law that is going to affect everyone here in hong kong what caught my eye roll was actually article 9 of this new legislation which says the government a hunk of hong kong has to take measures to strengthen supervision and regulation of the media schools and social organizations and the internet now it's not clear what it means by social organizations that could refer to human rights groups like amnesty international which operate here in hong kong as for the media that we could refer to for instance papers like the apple daily which has been highly critical of the mainland government for many years as well as being very critical
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of kerry lam's government as you say carol lam has been speaking this morning her 1st address since this new law was passed she was attending the hand-over anniversary ceremony just behind me in the hong kong and convention center she said this law was necessary and very timely nearby small groups of protesters gathered i emphasize very small but it was significant because this was the 1st time protesters had been able to test the new law and some of those protesters were calling for the end of one party rule now several people were taken away we don't know if they were charged but certainly they were calling for something which you know technically amounts to a violation of this law i think the one thing that's really going to concern you know legislators here in hong kong is the fact the law says. violaters all this new legislation would not be able to run for office adrian thanks very much indeed
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that's adrian brown giving us the latest from the hong kong i want to bring in katrina you from beijing katrina if i understand it correctly hong kong's basic law it had ensured the hong kong would retain its legislative system and people's rights and freedoms for 50 years when it was part of the of the of china that china basically lose patience with hong kong. i think that's exactly what's happened rob and if you look especially at the speed of this law was delivered in about 40 days a really shows beijing's determination to stamp out the pro-democracy movement simply because it says saw it as too much of a threat to its foreign power now beijing has been complaining and furious about these pro-democracy protests that we've seen taking place since june it's been a source of frustration in paris mint and also according to beijing they say that these protests have been bad for the stability and the prosperity of the region you
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have to remember contextually how hong kong functions for mainland china it's still important in itself because it's kind of a gateway city it's an important global financial center it's a bit of money earner for mainland china so they do want to protect and preserve its status in that way but at the same time they cannot abide by any challenges to its authority anybody questioning one country part of the one country 2 systems policy so what they have done is brought in this law which essentially transforms the relationship between beijing in hong kong it allows beijing to basically completely bypass hong kong's independent judiciary and that's really what's concerning so many people around the world and people indeed inside hong kong and it really really sure is that beijing is saying the buck stops in hong kong with beijing and what it does essentially it makes like any other chinese province because of the reasons that adrian outlined in you outlined earlier but more simple
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and what resonated with me is that this law i've got here it's 44 pages they simply while has served many articles and 6 chapters it also will names quite vague and quite a lastic so what you'll have is that people don't know exactly where the line is drawn what is a crime and what isn't and you find that people they start to self police as a way to stay far away from that line as possible which is the effect that you have in mainland china with these kind of national security laws and measures or i think that's definitely the effect that beijing wanted to have with introducing this new national security law in hong kong that's true reporting for us from boozing katrina thank you very much indeed. united states' top expert on infectious diseases is warning the number of corona virus cases across the country is likely to get much worse if people don't follow health recommendations dr anthony fauci also says there's no guarantee of an effective vaccine comes as the u.s.
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registered another $46000.00 new cases its biggest daily jump since the start of the pandemic shihab rattansi has more from washington d.c. tony felt this was all in this congressional testimony about the spread of covert 19 in the u.s. it puts the entire country at risk we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to $100000.00 a day if this does not turn around and so i am very concerned dr foundries suggested several states were reopening too quickly our reserves are california florida and texas are all having to rethink their reopening plans as cases spike the u.s. still mags and testing contact tracing social distancing and mask usage white house health advisors bill murray invest in their testimony that satisfied with what's going on because we're going in the wrong direction if you look at the curves of the new cases so we've really got to do something about that and we need to do
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would quickly short answer question is that clearly we are not in total control right now. a recurring theme was a lack of concern among sections of the population who refused to take even minimum protections for themselves and others and their suspicion of science in general but said it is also repeatedly criticized a president who refuses to wear a mask and has been urging a return to normality these 2 parallel messaging operations and i just think it's worth stipulating that everything we're hearing today is responsible is based on evidence but the agencies represented here today have social media following of about 5000000 people the president states as a social media following of 82000000 president trump's opponent in the forthcoming elections seized upon similar themes during his speech in his hometown of wilmington delaware the president has no direction and he preaches against one another. we can't continue like this half recovery has any words we
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can't continue half or even us and half rejecting science but in fact there is no consensus among the republican leadership that mosque wearing should be encouraged something the white house press secretary said the president has no issue with the president has said he has no problem with mass that he encourages people to make whatever decision is best for their safety and to follow what their local jurisdictions say yet the president is expected at mount rushmore on friday to mark the beginning of the independence day weekend officially there will be no attempt at social distancing on mosques will not be mandatory shabbat hansie al jazeera washington. you know as democrats say they still haven't received enough information about allegations that russia paid the taliban to target american soldiers in afghanistan they're calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community the white house maintains president donald trump was never briefed on the matter because the information was not
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verified by kind of reports from washington i'm sure that mr schiff will be following up on this through the intel committee it was a turn of democrats to be briefed at the white house with the separate temper taishan for republican lawmakers already a point of dispute but like their fellow house members the democratic representatives returned to capitol hill to demand a proper briefing but the right people to give the briefing we really were not in the room we need to hear from the heads of the intelligence agencies about how they assess the allegations that have been made publicly what can they tell us about the truth or falsity of these allegations what can they tell us about steps they are undertaking or have undertaken to vet any information that they may have and presidential contender joe biden held its 1st conference in 3 months to lash out at president trump over the matter the idea that somehow he didn't know. or isn't being briefed. it is
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a do literally do to your city's energy was greed and nothing was done about this that's a very rich and. the white house press secretary struck back at the criticism continuing her argument that intelligence departments could not agree on the rest of the information adding that the reporting on the matter was a national security issue specifically there are 2 bad scenarios that emerged from this report number one this report makes it more difficult to come to a consensus on this matter to verify intelligence and number 2 this level of controversy and discord plays directly into the hands of russia and unfortunately serves their interests. president trump has made no secret of his desire to improve relations with russia and its leader vladimir putin most recently insisting that he would invite russia to take part in the g. 7 meeting due to take place in the us later this year
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a number of news agencies report that information about russian payment to taliban fighters was included in a number of presidential daily briefs the white house will not be drawn specifically on whether president trump actually read these intelligence summaries and answer to this question is likely to be demanded when congress reconvenes after the 4th of july holiday weekend. al-jazeera washington. still ahead an al-jazeera pressure on the president to mexico's leader marks 2 years in office but will celebrations be dulled by a spike in violence. zimbabwe's government closes the stock exchange leaving investors wondering what's happened to their money.
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how the heaviest rain the last 36 hours has been in southern japan as this thing went through but it's still an active system curling around in north korea in some parts of northeastern china so some pretty heavy rain just going offshore through the sea of japan which means showers in the north shore but persistent rain further south a wet day for tokyo and then your eyes bring you back through china is south of the young sea now but the next area of development is going to just get into hanna i think the orange always signifies where the heaviest rain is obviously there's going to be more flooding from this is the seasonal stuff south of that a lot of humidity in the showers are really building in hong kong will not be exempt just a few shots coming from beijing as viable temps his up to 29 degrees for the size the most active rain recently has been in southern vietnam and it's still there cloud was with discussion to shasta south of that that's still the case but they are building a bit more now in proof for example west papua the far south the philippines it
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looks quite wet the same is true surprisingly orbitz to sumatra less so for java but they're all the same to singapore we've got 3 days of thunderstorms that this is of course slow moving stuff not much of the breeze and every day feels humid than the thunderstorm watches it will act. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short puzzle stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects.
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we're watching 0 to 0 remarkable top stories this hour hong kong is marking the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese rule just hours after a sweeping national security law was when small groups of demonstrators have gathered to denounce legislation they say erodes freedoms. united states top experts on infectious diseases dr anthony funk she is warning the number of coronavirus cases across the country is likely to get much worse if people don't follow health recommendations. u.s. democrat state say they still haven't received enough information about allegations that russia paid the taliban to target u.s.
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soldiers in afghanistan calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community. facebook has removed hundreds of accounts linked to the so-called boogaloo movement which is organized armed protests against black lives matter rallies in the u.s. it comes as more companies are pulling ads over concerns that facebook has become a platform for hate crime german comical volkswagen and sportswear manufacturers added us and puma are the latest multinationals to join the stop hate for profit campaign jim anderson is a social media expert and c.e.o. of the tech company social flow he says facebook has been slower than other social media companies to tackle hate speach. i think there's 2 big challenges one is a very difficult problem to solve it's hard for anybody to argue against hate speech right it's a it's a it's almost universally easy to condemn hate speech it's much more difficult to define hate speech one person's hate speech is another person's free speech and
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certainly here in the united states that's a huge issue especially in an election year and then also facebook is just huge right that the sheer magnitude of the problems they're trying to solve many people have speculated that the real core of the problem is that just facebook is so big that they can't solve the problem and so those are the 2 things that mainly come to mind as they talk about really trying to make these kinds of changes there has started to be some distance between the companies where twitter notably sort of stopped taking all political advertising probably 6 months or a year ago and facebook didn't do that twitter has made some more aggressive moves if you will to label and in one case actually even put an interface in front of one of president trump's tweets that they decided were problematic and facebook by and large has not done those things and i think if you see you know other tech platforms not all social networks but reddit made a notable change you tube made some notable 20 changes a twitch which is a gaming platform owned by amazon made some notable movements i think you're
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starting to see some separation from the tech platforms and it really is a business strategy as well as sort of a what kind of corporate citizen do you want to be and facebook clearly has been sort of at one end of the spectrum compared to what the other companies have been doing. mexico's president on the rest of the world hold a commemoration event for his 1st 2 years in office or widens day and comes as prosecutors issued arrest warrants for 46 officials who were working in the state of guerrero when a stripper group of students disappeared in 2014 reports. these are images from. from october 17th 2019 the job. was a part of the day mexican armed forces captured on video guzman son of sinhala cartel leader in el chapo guzman an event that turned the streets of this in the lower capital into a war zone. but in the end it was all for not threats of bloody reprisals by the cartel forced the government to release guzman putting into
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question the mexican government's ability to enforce the rule of law. resident basically. was captured really saying today. that if the extra week leadership. in the administration. is dealing with security crisis contrie. violence in mexico has been on the rise for decades fueled in part by a flow of illegal firearms from the united states and what not yet lately much of the blame has fallen on mexico's president and this man. who was elected on a platform of scaling back violent crime. over the past year and a half his government has launched several security initiatives including the creation of a national guard. we are creating these new institution there is a very important for guaranteeing peace and security without authority and respect
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for human rights seeing. these. look is a bit of those national security policy has been widely criticized this. due to sticks seem to say the strategy has only gilded more violence nationwide that were $53628.00 homicides in the 1st 18 months of lopez obrador the us presidency that's an average of almost $100.00 murders per day the recent high profile attack against mexico city's chief of police sparked fears the country's capital could become the newest front in the war between security forces and criminal groups although federal government leaders insist the country is gaining ground against organized crime not been enough for despite the fire capacity from some criminal organizations none of them happen the power to challenge the mexican city. and even amid coronavirus lockdowns across the country at least 6 mexican states report
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higher homicide rates than the previous year many worry the worsening security crisis could set a new record for violence by the end of 2021 wind up a little al-jazeera at least 8 people have been killed and 80 others injured in the ethiopian town of adama following the killing of a popular singer thousands of fans followed. in addis ababa with protests over the shooting taking place in several cities police are investigating what happened to the musician who's known for political songs. stock brokers in zimbabwe are struggling to rick's playing to investors what's happened to their money after the government shut down the stock exchange it says the move has been taken to stabilize the nation's currency i would toss all reports from. zimbabwe stock exchanges close of business until further notice staff are on the premises but no trading is allowed the sudden move has less stock brokers and economists juggling
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to explain to investors what exactly is going on the 4. contributor brought to the country good faith and i was told of a trend that if i wanted. to take the money out of the country all rows being kept and the issue nothing but i'm sure. government officials say the suspect more money was being used to buy shares and then that money was moved out of the country sabotaging the economy they say they want to stabilize the local currency which is just to be devalued since its reintroduction last year after a decade of dollar a zation so what you saw was a. intervention. and. confirmed that suddenly. there was some you know suspicion of.
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a president who succeeded long time ruler robert mugabe in 2017 after a military coup is blaming the private sector opposition groups and some western countries economic crisis zimbabwe has struggled to stabilize its local currency since reintroducing it. there's a barbie doll it keeps devaluing inflation is the 800 percent the highest rate in a decade that's why investors with cash prefer buying shares to avoid their money losing value. economists say suspending most more about. money transactions in a country with a serious shortage of back notes is problematic people can slip a utility bills and goods but the number of times actions per day are limited. as shortages of food fuel and cash persist government workers a threatening to strike if they're not paid in american dollars they say this is. going too fast and more and more people and businesses don't want to use it.
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al-jazeera had a u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has addressed the united nations security council urging them to extend an arms embargo on iran which expires in october our diplomatic editor james bays has more. showdown at the u.n. security council with both the u.s. and iran represented by their top diplomats secretary of state might pump a 000 members of the council to extend a ban on iran buying conventional weaponry which is due to expire in october this chamber as a choice stands for international peace and security united nations congress intended the arms a cargo of islamic republic of iran expired he trained the u.s. mission and its finest ideals all 'd pledged to all if you fail to act right away if we have purchased russian made fighter jets to
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strike up to 3000 kilometer radius but he said it's like riyadh. rome in warsaw in a rain crosshairs iran's foreign minister mohammed jobs a reef spoke at the end of the session this status quo is needed acceptable nor sustainable the international community in general and the united nations security council in particular are facing an important decision. do we maintain respect for the rule of law or do we return to the law of the jungle by surrendering to debian's. outlaw billy. in just 2 weeks the iran nuclear deal agreed in vienna in 2015 would be 5 years old many predicted it wouldn't survive when 2 years ago president trump said he was pulling out of the accord the deal is under strain with iran breaching its
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restrictions on your a new enrichment or though it's still not anywhere near the levels for weapons grade production it seems highly unlikely that the arms embargo on iran which expires in october will be extended as the u.s. is demanding both russia and china permanent members of the security council firmly opposed the us is then threatening to invoke what might be called the nuclear clause of the nuclear deal what's known as snap back which would trigger again all the international sanctions on iran but most others on the security council says the u.s. pulled out of the deal and no longer has the right to trigger anything that could create fresh divisions pitting the u.s. against its main allies james al-jazeera at the united nations police in bangladesh have charged 7 people with homicide after 2 ferries collided on monday at least $33.00 people were killed in a river in the capital dhaka one vessel carrying up to 80 passengers capsized i was
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struck by a larger boat which then left the scene. the european union has banned pakistan's national airline for at least 6 months because of safety concerns it's after pakistan's aviation minister revealed a 3rd of airline pilots false flying licenses the u.k. followed suit and vietnam grounded all pakistani pilots working for its airlines last month a pakistani international airlines crash in karachi killed 97 people one of us truly is best loved animals could become extinct in 30 years politicians say koalas are being wiped out because the eucalyptus trees that it depend on for food are being cut down victoria gate because more. they all one of the 2 animals australia is most famous for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers are fooling fast a yearlong parliamentary inquiry delivered this dial warning with their government
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team to bench in the koala will become extinct in new south whiles before 2050. this is extremely concerning of course to everybody who cares about koalas and from what we heard during the inquiry of course that's pretty much everybody in new south wales and across the world koalas are found naturally in the wild in 4 of australia's 6 states new south wales queensland victoria and south australia 8 years ago there were $36000.00 koalas in new south wales that total fell to less than half that $15000.00 as eucalyptus trees and their leaves they eat were cut down to make way for farming and development and this is unprecedented bushfires killed a further 4000 of the slow moving marsupials which couldn't escape scientists describe the situation as an ecological disaster you might be able to spot one or 2
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koalas but the ret reality uses those populations are becoming on viable and that's why it's so critical and that's why the 25th time from now needs to be put in place because they cannot survive at these lower numbers if we have more fires it's just going to get worse the report by the state government of new south wales makes 42 recommendations to increase the koala population but that's the same governments a campaign is that allowed even encouraged the destruction of koala habitat by relaxing laws controlling the amount of land farm is can clear of trees victoria gates and the al-jazeera. this is all dizzy with the news of the top stories hong kong is marking the 23rd anniversary of the city's return to chinese rule just hours after a sweeping national security law was imposed small groups of demonstrators have gathered to denounce legislation they say erodes hong kong's freedoms in june brown
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has more from hong kong. as to the reaction so far well as you might imagine the chief executive kerry has been praising this new national security legislation saying it fills a very important gap because kerry was basically bypassed in this process as was legislature the chinese government effectively had to do the job of the hong kong government and impose this new national security law. the united states' top expert on infectious diseases is warning the number of corona virus cases across the country is likely to get much worse if people don't follow health recommendations or to anthony fauci also says there's no guarantee of an effective vaccine it comes as the u.s. registered another $46000.00 new cases its biggest daily jump since the start of the pandemic. us democrats say they still haven't received enough information about
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allegations that russia paid the taliban to target u.s. soldiers in afghanistan a calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community. facebook has removed hundreds of accounts led to the so-called boogaloo movement which is organized protests against black lives matter rallies in the u.s. it comes as more companies are pulling ads over concerns that facebook has become a platform for hate crime at least 8 people have been killed and 80 others injured in the ethiopian town of adama following the killing of a popular singer thousands of fans followed hotch aloof and casket and i disagree with protests over the shooting taking place in several cities musicians known for political songs those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's rewind good buy. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. hello and welcome again to rewind on of the product since the launch of knowledge back in 2006 were built up a library of award winning films and here on rewind we're very visiting some of the best of them today we're reminded to 2013 when we went on the cover on a wildlife smuggling trails.


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