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in part 2 on a just. the us is always of in fact the people all right the world people pay attention to what goes on here and i does it is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. or. a new security law imposed in hong kong does little to stop protesters voicing their concerns. i'm sam is a damn this is a lie from the also coming out it's the last day for russians to vote on whether to extend that would be a putin's presidency some of his former supporters say it's a step too far. israel expected to begin the process of axing part of the occupied west bank is uncertain when it may actually happen. nearly 35000
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schools reopened in thailand as the government eased this current virus restrictions. police in hong kong have made their 1st arrest under a strict new security law imposed by china the man was detained for carrying and independence flag demonstrators have been gathering throughout the city protesting the legislation which targets crimes of secession terrorism some version and collusion with foreign forces the law came into force just hours before the city martin 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese rule. some feel for home on the one thing the central authorities are determined to see an end to the chaos and riots over the past year and secondly the central authorities are determined to
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protect the majority of law abiding citizens in hong kong they should be protected from a handful of people who are causing harm and damage. or get the very latest on the new law on the protests from our correspondents in hong kong and beijing shortly but 1st a grim brown begins our coverage. 23 years after hong kong returned to chinese rule the mainland government has moved swiftly to tighten its control over the city. hours after a sweeping new security law was enacted hong kong and chinese dignitaries attended a ceremony marking the handover anniversary hording exhorting the new law providing the backdrop the chief executive who was sidelined during the drafting of this law said it was timely and necessary yet see a lot for that the enactment of the national law is regarded as the most significant development in the relationship between the central authorities and
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hong kong since its return to the motherland out to test the new law a small group of protesters who tried to march on the venue but were blocked by police. 6 after they called for an end to one party rule one of them said he was aware their actions could now amount to a violation of the law they law enforcement in hong kong what they always the risk you are allowed to protest and make their arrest later so i today i come now in and out and one party dictatorship knowing full well that probably out get arrested and charged the scope of the legislation is far reaching article 38 says it can essentially target anyone anywhere another stipulates that the maximum penalty for breaking the new law is a life sentence well this is it hong kong's new security law the english version runs to 39 pages it's very detailed in parts and also very vaguely worded in others
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and what worries some legal experts here is that this new law could be very broadly applied just as similar laws are on the mainland in beijing senior government officials were doing their best to counter critics who say china's actions marked the end of hong kong special autonomy the. the law will safeguard national sovereignty security and development and ensure hong kong's enduring social order long term prosperity and stability will carry lamb says he wants to rebuild hong kong's battered image a strategy that includes hiring an international public relations agency at a cost of almost $6000000.00 it could be a tough sell adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. all right sarah clarke is joining us now from that protest march in hong kong protest sara but we understand as well arrest tell us more is going on. we can confirm from
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the place that they now have been 30 people arrested now this is a legal assembly and we've also had one arrest of the 1st person to be arrested under the national security laws and that was a person who had his identity checked as well as his possessions and within his possession i found a flag stating independence and the others i should say where we are is the starting point where the rally was initially meant to go ahead this was going to be organized by the civil human rights front and that's the organization that organizes the big the big rallies we saw last year one and 2000000 people of course the police rejected a request to go ahead this year on july 1st but of course i gather here anyway i'd like to try to decipher how many people are here but it's sizable and what i think we are seeing is that they have been marching in front of me but the state trying to make their way to central but the police are blocking them at all entry points it almost feels like they're being caged in to make it easier for people that are arrested as a result of your very to see these people during this ban it was as i mentioned it
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was not told not to go ahead but these people are here anyway and that shows the level of opposition and the anger towards the fast tracking of these national security laws which were introduced into hong kong on july 5th to talk to you today sara we heard the city's chief executive make a strong defense of the new security law how's that going down with people. long said and certainly the press conference we had today on july 1st on wednesday the national security laws had to come into play it's quite tense we saw idle so months of protests last year and the protests continue into 22 national security laws i grant that. these national security doors will help. rebuild its image and get it back yet. if you can actually say it's back on track as one of the the biggest international financial across action such is certainly not talking about how she's going to execute this but at the end of the day explaining that will
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determine how these national security forces implemented in hong kong right let's thank sara there in hong kong let's continue this now and take it to beijing where we've got katrina you standing by from us so katrina how is paging viewing the events of day one of the implementation of this new security law. well some of the certainly watching very very closely they expected these protests to happen and they're watching to see exactly how this law is going to be tested today the 1st day on wednesday already we've seen one person arrested for having possession of this hong kong independence flag and really this law has transformed the way beijing relates to hong kong has given beijing sweeping new powers and really the main message of the central government is that to remind the people of who is in charge in hong kong and that is beijing so in a sense they've given hong kong police the right to enforce this law but beijing will have their own security agents functioning in hong kong given powers to
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surveil those suspected of violating the law yes kerry land will be allowed to choose judges to preside over national security cases but it's mainland china that will deal with the most severe cases and these cases will happen behind closed doors in beijing so we're really looking at a law where the descriptions are broad but the punishments are severe and that's really intended by beijing they want this law to be really act as a deterrent for people in hong kong as well as outside of hong kong and they are really using today and see how many people are arrested to make examples early on of people who've been seen to be violating this law so that going forward people in hong kong avoid that sort of behavior in future and we may expect to see they've been quite ruthless in the application of this law in order to do that all right thanks so much katrina you that. well russians have begun their final day of voting on constitutional changes that could keep
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a lot of it in power for years the amendments would allow president putin to run for another 2 terms in office potentially keeping him in the role until 2036 of the most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union charlie under the report's. brewing disobedience alexander cannava loves cafes stayed open during lockdown in st petersburg despite government directives to close . so did his beauty salons the largest network in the city once loyal to president putin the businessman has lost his faith he says coronavirus measures were inconsistent illogical and unfair and this vote to change the constitution is the last straw for me and i was not just loyal to him like so many russians for me he was almost an idol my attitude to the president began to change even before the coronavirus when they began to introduce this amendment to be the reset of his terms my friends and i have one question why did he lie that he would do this for
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many years he said that he would not change the constitution in order to remain in power and this is exactly what he's doing russians have spent the last week voting on a package of constitutional amendments the headlines a new benefits but varied in the text is permission for president putin to rule until 2036 if you continue to win the votes. still nervous of which there are many things that i like about this amendments to protect our territory to support and restore our culture children education social support animals i'm happy with entire package on wednesday putin made an unprecedented plea. so we're not just voting for amendments that are laid out in clear legal norms we vote for the country we want to live in with modern education and health care with reliable social protection of citizens with an effective government that. accountable to society we vote for the country we work for and we want to pass it on to our
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children. the new rules created for this vote are also unprecedented exit polls were announced midway and polling stations popped up everywhere from fields to car parks making it impossible to ensure the vote is fair or free from tampering. exposing the flaws in the system a number of journalists deliberately voted twice and there have been numerous reports of coercion and vote buying. putin's approval ratings are at 59 percent an all time low but analysts say the true figure could be even lower. when we see a drop in support from 79 to 59 percent in north korean countries to means that support in society is actually much lower because the numbers are distorted we see put his charisma is eroding and ratings are declining but this is not yet accompanied by protests so support is weak but there are not so many reasons for the population to rebel and yet they predict amendment will pass granting putin the
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opportunity to rule russia until he's 83 years old charlie angela al-jazeera is uncertainty over when israel will begin its planned an extension in the occupied west bank debate on the issue is due to begin on july the 1st but prime minister benjamin netanyahu says talks with the u.s. about the plans are ongoing coalition partner benny gantz has suggested it should be put on hold while the government deals with coronavirus. with r.v. berkowitz ambassador friedman and members of the delegation i spoke about the question of sovereignty which we are working on now and over the coming days let's go live now to harry forces in west jerusalem so how to put this all into perspective for us does this mean what does it look like an announcement is imminent or not right now. i think not right now the key part of what we just heard from benjamin netanyahu is the next few days there
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is no expected immediate move i think this july the 1st which is the 1st day from which now who is able to bring an annexation move either to the cabinet the israeli government or indeed to the israeli parliament the knesset under the terms of his coalition deal with benny gantz there was an interview on israeli radio army radio this morning with the israeli foreign minister gabi ashkenazi who is from benny gantz is blue and white party and he said that he didn't know whether there would be anything today you'd have to ask that and you know but later in the interview he gave a pretty clear indication that the there was no green light no agreement yet between the israeli government and the united states on the precise nature of the 1st move there has been reporting on another israeli media outlet a t.v. channel that the united states wants to see some kind of compensator ie gift of land or at least transfer of land from area c.
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under full israeli control to area be under palestinian civil control or potentially. allowing more building that has been allowed in a certain area some kind of of bilateral move to give the palestinians something back in return for an exception that there's been no agreement on that and so i think that is the key issue here netanyahu says that he can move ahead without the blue and white party of dance that they aren't a factor and certainly under the terms of his coalition deal he is able to do so if he gets a majority either in the government or in the parliament but that discreet conversations continue with the united states i think it's the u.s. aspect of all this that is the stumbling block as far as their own as the could party is concerned it may well be the united states wants to see some. thing to endorse the other half of the trump plan that of the creation of
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a palestinian state of trying to offer something to the palestinians which makes it all the harder for netanyahu to get the full support from the politicians and supporters especially to his right who see any kind of endorsement of a palestinian state as anathema so for now at least it seems things are delayed alright herefore sit in west jerusalem still ahead on al-jazeera stranded but with a sense of purpose we meet the cuban doctor helping other migrants less stuck in mexico by the global pandemic. with their government intervention the koala will become extinct and dire warnings for the future of one of australia's best loved animals.
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right all the excess if he's been swept out of northern europe by this were double scented area of low pressure spreading its wind and its tiredness rain eastwards the training frontal bits he had been producing some pretty big thunderstorms in for example where there's been flooding and this was warsaw just yesterday that's almost overnight the wettest weather recently is in the baltic states is going up towards finland so wednesday's picture is still one where the blue represents the rain skidding across germany but no longer slow moving thunderstorms temperature wise we're not that disappointing really we're still in the twenty's for the most part but the real summer heat is 2 pressed further south through italy securely southern italy and spain in portugal we could still temperatures above normal in for example and lithia in the southwest the picture for warsaw is still a potentially sunday one even on thursday but the sun is out after that the temperatures have come down from the thirty's and not bad at all probably in
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a few very pleasant north africa the breeze isn't particularly strong although is picking up the dust in egypt and that runs further south as well into sudan there are further big showers forecast and probably likely to happen in for example monrovia and sierra leone. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen perching quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for diplomacy in a country that is not only disintegrating but he's threatening this the lady of the whole country inside story on al-jazeera.
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oh. welcome back you're watching out the 0 time to recap the headlines now protesters in hong kong have been defying a new security law imposed by china just hours after it came into effect at least 30 people have been arrested so far people violating the law could face a lot of life in prison. russians are voting for a final day on sweeping constitutional changes if approved it could keep president vladimir putin in power until 2036 there's uncertainty over when israel will begin planned and extensions in the occupied west bank parliamentary debate on the issue is due to begin on july the 1st prime minister binyamin netanyahu says talks with
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the us about plans are ongoing. thank you bank for top story now on those protests in hong kong over the new security legislation well earlier we spoke to cloudy m o pro-democracy legislator in hong kong she says the one country 2 systems model is over. this is the doctor's stay in hong kong i don't know malaysia in a. sort of rhetoric it is the darkest day 23 years on one country 2 systems is there and when they see day as night i mean the day it's night and dark is light they can say it's a real you can't argue because they want a little gene is conducting not lauren one comment it's not even by god it's moved by the creamy and everything is up to the interpretation and so as we speak
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they are arresting people and there's the home cone used to be one of the most of vibrant city at least in asia and now all of it trying to stop hong kong into a black hole based slant this on hong kong by passing images flinch or by passing even the government didn't know a thing yesterday morning only yesterday morning they refused to answer any questions concerning this you know because she didn't mean with them and it too soon they didn't want. complete absolute control over hong kong and this is the end of phone call as we normally schools across thailand have reopened as the government says more coronavirus restrictions schools of put in
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place health measures like social distancing and mosques despite going 37 days without a new case the government extended an emergency decree until the end of july why it has a bangkok explains the assurances the government is going to students and their parents . with some $35000.00 schools reopening right around the country there is going to be a lot of concern among students parents and teachers about the potential dangers involved with this move there's an awful lot of people coming together all at once but the ministry of health the ministry of education are saying that all precautions will be taken to ensure this is a safe as possible that includes of course temperature checks upon entry to the schools the wearing of masks social distancing inside the buildings desks will be kept a part of physical activity will be restricted so the students aren't coming into physical contact with one another and in some cases in fact some students will only
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go to school on alternate days therefore allowing for a situation in those particular schools where there will be be fewer students on particular days and therefore the greater opportunity for social distancing this is all coming about of course after ever decreasing numbers of new coronavirus cases in thailand in fact over the past month we have had no new community based cases of covert 19 all of the new cases in that time period have been arrivals from overseas and they're going straight into quarantine us democrats a white house briefing didn't provide the information they made on rush's allegedly on american soldiers in afghanistan trump has repeatedly denied he was informed saying the information was not verified the latest report from the new york times though alleges trump received a written briefing in february democrats are calling for a full account from the intelligence community. the u.s. top infectious disease expert is warned there could be 100000 new coronavirus
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coronavirus cases a day if people don't follow health guidelines dr anthony felt she said the country is not in control of a pandemic as the u.s. registered 46000 new infections in a single day she habitants who reports from washington. this was all in this congressional testimony about the spread of covert going to in the u.s. it puts the entire country at risk we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day if this does not turn around and so i am very concerned dr foundries suggested several states were reopening too quickly our reserves are california florida and texas are all having to rethink their reopening plans as cases like the u.s. still mags and testing contact tracing social distancing and mask usage white house health and voices from their testimony that satisfied with what's going on because
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we're going in the wrong direction if you look at the curves of the new cases so we've really got to do something about that and we need to do would quickly short answer question is that clearly we are not in total control right now. a recurring theme was a lack of concern among sections of the population who refuse to take even minimum protections for themselves and others and their suspicion of science in general but it is also repeatedly criticized a president who refuses to wear a mask and has been urging a return to normality these 2 parallel messaging operations and i just think it's worth stipulating that everything we're hearing today is responsible is based on evidence but the agencies represented here today have social media following of about 5000000 people the president states as a social media following of 82000000. president trump's opponent in the forthcoming
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elections seized upon similar themes during his speech in his hometown of wilmington delaware the president is no direction and he preaches against one another. we can't continue like this half recovery have to be words we can't continue half worry mass and half rejecting science but in fact there is no consensus among the republican leadership that mask wearing should be encouraged something the white house press secretary said the president has no issue with the president has said he has no problem with mass that i hear encourages people to make whatever decision is best for their safety and to follow what their local jurisdictions say yet the president is expected at mt rushmore on friday to mark the beginning of the independence day weekend officially there will be no attempt at social distancing and masks will not be mandatory sheriff errancy al-jazeera washington. mexican prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 46 officials who are working in the state or go out or when
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a group of students disappeared in 2014 they're accused of organized crime and abducting 43 trainee teachers who were attending a protest in the town of equality an initial government report concluded the students were killed by a gang that mistook them for members of a rival group that reports been described by independent investigations as deeply flawed the pandemic has left around 1400 cuban migrants who are seeking asylum in the u.s. stranded in mexico and as they wait for months for appointments with migration authorities some of the doctors nurses have been helping fight covert 19 the latest reports on people left stranded during the pandemic we hear from one of those doctors. my name is you know gonzales i'm 37 years old and i'm cuban i've been a family doctor for 8 years and i'm currently at high risk requesting asylum in the
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us. where it is when the pandemic began the u.s. closed its borders due to the health emergency and all the appointments to attend u.s. immigration courts were postponed. i feel that i am in migratory limbo i can't go back to cuba i'm not allowed to cross to the states to wait there until my case is heard and in this country in mexico i'm nobody. who knew this a friend of mine a doctor asked me if i wanted to work at this shelter helping migrants that. the most beautiful thing was to put on a white doctor's coach again and to grab a stethoscope and to be able to hear someone's heartbeat again when the migrants realize that we are also migrants they feel happier and they feel like we are family. the most difficult thing about leaving cuba was leaving my
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family my mom my dad to leave everything behind and start a new. there. but not really because i can't say that i have a life here i can't even say that i'm starting to build a life here now one of australia's best loved animals could become extinct in the heart of the country in 30 years politicians say koalas have been wiped out because the eucalyptus trees they depend on for food are being cut down the torah gave be explains. they are one of the 2 animals australia is most famous for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers are falling fast a yearlong parliamentary inquiry delivered this dial warning without urgent government hunter venture in the koala will become extinct in new south wales before 2050 b.c. is extremely concerning of course to everybody who cares about koalas and from what
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we heard during the inquiry of course that's pretty much everybody in new south wales and across the world koalas are found naturally in the wild in 4 of australia's 6 states new south wales queensland victoria and south australia 8 years ago there were $36000.00 koalas in new south wales that total fell to less than half that 15000 as eucalyptus trees and the leaves they eat were cut down to make way for farming and development and this is unprecedented bushfires killed a further 4000 of the slow moving marsupials which couldn't escape scientists describe the situation as an ecological disaster you might be able to spot one or 2 koalas but the ret reality uses those populations are becoming on viable and that's why it's so critical and that's why the 25th time from now needs to be put in place because they cannot survive at these lower numbers if we have more fires it's just
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going to get worse. the report by the state government of new south wales makes 42 recommendations to increase the koala population but that's the same governments a campaign is that allowed even encourage the destruction of koala habitat by relaxing laws controlling the amount of land farmers can clear of trees victoria gate in the al jazeera. and it's time to take a look at the headlines here and al-jazeera now protesters in hong kong of been defying a new security law imposed by china just hours after it came into effect at least 30 people have been arrested so far people violating the law could face up to life in prison carol lam has been defending the legislation though she says it aims to protect citizens. some feel for her home on the one thing the central authorities are determined to see an end to the chaos and riots over the past year and secondly
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the central authorities are determined to protect the majority of law abiding citizens in hong kong they should be protected from a handful of people who are causing harm and damage russians have begun their final day of voting on constitutional changes that could keep going to be uprooted in power for years the amendments would allow president putin to run for another 2 terms in office potentially keeping him in the role until 2036 of the most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union. uncertainty over when israel will begin planned annexations in the occupied west bank mantra debate on the issue is due to begin on july the 1st prime minister binyamin netanyahu says talks with the us about the plans are ongoing. schools across thailand to reopen the government eases more coronavirus restrictions a curfew has also been lifted despite going 37 days without
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a new case the government has extended an emergency decree the end of july u.s. democrats say a white house briefing didn't provide the information they need on rushes a legit downed trees on american soldiers in afghanistan trump has repeatedly denied he was informed saying the information was not verified the latest report though from the new york times alleges received a written briefing in february may 2nd prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 46 officials who were working in the state of guerrero when a group of students disappeared in 2014 they're accused of organized crime and abducting 43 trainee teachers who were attending a protest in the town of. the headlines back to the top of the hour it's inside story there. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geo political tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. will the u.s. confront russia on alleged bounty killings and oftenest on the kremlin says its fake news and president trump denies being told about the members of congress are calling for on says the control the c. shaped efforts to end america's longest war this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on russia is denying paying fighters linked to the taliban in afghanistan to kill u.s. troops the allegation is triggering renewed debate on donald trump's strategy to end the war and his relation.


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