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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on which is iraq . i new security law in hong kong does little to stop protesters from rallying for political freedom. i'm sammy's a down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up it's the last day for russians to vote on whether to extend that of a putin's presidency but some of his former supporters say it's a step too far israel is expected to begin the process of an exciting part of the occupied west bank but it's uncertain where it may actually happen. zimbabwe's
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government closes the stock exchange leaving investors wondering what's happened to their money. place in hong kong have detained dozens of people as demonstrators protesters strict new security law imposed by beijing demonstrators were met by heavy police presence and they gathered to protest the law the legislation targets crimes of section terrorism subversion and collusion with foreign forces came into force just hours before the city marked the anniversary of its return to chinese rule chris something of a humbling one thing the central authorities are determined to see an end to the chaos and riots over the past year and secondly the central authorities are determined to protect the majority of law abiding citizens in hong kong they should
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be protected from a handful of people who are causing harm and damage. or get the latest on the new law and the protests from our correspondents in hong kong and beijing shortly but 1st a dan brown begins our coverage. 23 years after hong kong returned to chinese rule the mainland government has moved swiftly to tighten its control over the city. hours after a sweeping new security law was enacted hong kong and chinese dignitaries attended a ceremony marking the handover anniversary hording exhorting the new law providing the backdrop the chief executive who was sidelined during the drafting of this law said it was timely and necessary yet see a lot for that the enactment of the national law is regarded as the most significant development in the relationship between the central authorities and hong kong since its return to the motherland out to test the new law
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a small group of protesters who tried to march on the venue but were blocked by police well. they called for an end to one party rule one of them said he was aware their actions could now amount to a violation of the law they law enforcement in hong kong what they always do this you are allowed to protest and make their arrest later so i today i come in and out and one party dictatorship knowing full well that probably out get arrested and charged the scope of the legislation is far reaching article 38 says it can essentially target anyone anywhere another stipulates that the maximum penalty for breaking the new law is a life sentence well this is it hong kong's new security law the english version runs to $39.00 pages it's very detailed in parts and also very vaguely worded in others and what worries some legal experts here is that this new law could be very
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broadly applied just as similar laws are on the mainland. in beijing senior government officials were doing their best to counter critics who say china's actions marked the end of hong kong special autonomy. the law will safeguard national sovereignty security and development and ensure hong kong's enduring social order long term prosperity and stability will carry lam says he wants to rebuild hong kong's battered image a strategy that includes hiring an international public relations agency at a cost of almost $6000000.00 it could be a tough sell adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. all right sarah clarke is about protest march in hong kong she joins us live from there now we can see protesters behind you that gives us an idea of their sentiment but i'm also wondering about the people who are not on the streets some afraid to come out on some probe aging
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at this point. but i will look at the situation of where we are now this is the point where this rally was meant to start this is the march that started in causeway by the plan was to go from here into central now the police have rejected the request by the super human rights front to go ahead with that march but people are still here anyway the police have confirmed we've got about 30 arrests so far but we've also had those people arrested for legal assembly but we also have 2 people have been arrested under the national security law and these are the 1st to be arrested under these new laws which were introduced on july 1st which is today to coincide with this rally now one of those people who was arrested here i believe had a flag in his position when he had his identity checked as well as his bags checked that's when the police found him in the place and now saying that people are chanting independent hong kong and therefore they are violating the act but where we are now you can see a sizable crowd of behind me as well as around the streets and the police appear to have blocked off this area at different ends almost of caging people and we've got
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some police on my left hand side that they might not get the checks and obviously that we're trying to push people out for arrests who also have the road ahead of deployed in a number of different like question another street been blocked off across this area but as i mentioned people are still chanting free hong kong and the fact that people here define the span shows the level of anger and the opposition to these national security knows. it's getting quite exciting behind you do we need to know to take cover or can you talk us through what's happening there sara. she said to them now i can talk to you about the fact i think we have a prime. a lot of people here but it's a very different story to what we saw last year on july 1st that was a big rally we saw about half a 1000000 people gather in victoria park and that of course was the extradition plan by the governor which eventually got dumped it's intemperate of course you remember july 1st was when
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a number of protesters then got inside and vandalized the lives of council building but this year the numbers are less but we still have people here and that sort of you define that we don't see the families as such but we've got the hardcore the defiant people who are angry in hong kong about these national security laws and it's still gathering yet at this stage at the place have to disperse the crowds they're still filtered or scattered around where we are now but there is a sizeable number of police present on the streets in hong kong on when so at this stage of the crowds are still gathering in this area in course by by and around one child which is nearby. thanks so much has keep this going though we can join now katrina you should joins us live from beijing so katrina. how is beijing viewing what's happening right now we're looking at those live pictures from hong kong lots of people gathering is that causing some concern in beijing. certainly raising a watching what's happening in hong kong very closely i think they would have
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expected these protests to happen and they're watching to see how the hong kong police handle them and how many people are arrested as sara said at least 2 people have already been arrested less than a day after this national security law was announced and these rules of course give beijing sweeping new powers in hong kong and the main messages from beijing to the people who call that is now mainland china that in charge and look at the law itself and see how this is manifested yes it is hong kong police who are on the ground publicly enforcing this lol but behind the scenes it's beijing intelligence security officials who are perhaps pulling strings working and surveilling blowers who are accused or suspected of violating this war when it comes to court cases when these people are going to be tried it's caroline who chooses these judges but it is mainland china who will try the more severe cases in these cases will be happening in beijing behind closed doors so beijing sending a very strong message here this law has many crimes that are quite cool billy
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described yet the penalty is a very harsh and that reflects many rules that are in operation here in mainland china and that's because beijing the central government once this law to act as a deterrent and they're going to want to see hong kong police ruthlessly apply the slow going forward perhaps starting today to make examples of people who are seen to be violating this national security law early on and also want to send a message to the international coos it really would have many governments come out . to criticize this law in hong kong we've had a taiwan japan and australia the u.s. the u.k. expressing grave concerns about this national security goal encouraging beijing to pull back from break well from today on wednesday july the 1st to see beijing send that message to the international community that they have no intention of pulling back and converse lee rather they are putting their foot down when it comes to imposing national security in hong kong all right thanks so much katrina you there
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let's just take a moment to digest these pictures that we're looking at. for those viewers joining us we should explain that we're seeing is a large deployment of police different parts of the city of hong kong the trying to contain protests which are broken out it's an important time this is the 1st day for the implementation of the new security law which is being brought in by beijing into effect. now russians have begun their final day of voting on constitutional changes that could keep libya putin in power for years the amendments would allow president who is in toronto for another 2 terms in office for 10 chile keeping him in that role until 2036 where the most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union it's widely expected the vote will pass challenger the reports.
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brewing disobedience alexander can never love cafes stayed open during lockdown in st petersburg despite government directives to close. so it is beauty salons the largest network in the city once loyal to president putin the businessman has lost his faith he says coronavirus measures were inconsistent illogical and unfair and this vote to change the constitution is the last straw for me and i was not just loyal to him like so many russians for me he was almost an adult my attitude to the president began to change even before the coronavirus when they began to introduce this amendments to the reset of his terms my friends and i have one question why did he lie that he wouldn't do this for many years he said that he would not change the constitution in order to remain in power and this is exactly what he's doing russians have spent the last week voting on a package of constitutional amendments to headlines
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a new benefits that varied in the text is permission for president putin to rule until 20. 36 if you continue to win the votes. still nervous there are many things that i like about this amendments to protect our territory to support and restore our culture children education social support animals and happy with entire package on wednesday putin made an unprecedented plea. so we're not just voting for amendments that are laid out in clear legal norms we vote for the country we want to live in with modern education and health care with reliable social protection of citizens with an effective government that is accountable to society we vote for the country we work for and we want to pass it on to our children. the new rules created for this vote are also unprecedented exit polls were announced midway in polling stations popped up everywhere from fields to car parks making it impossible
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to ensure the vote is fair or free from tampering or you're exposing the flaws in the system a number of journalists deliberately voted twice and there have been numerous reports of coercion and vote buying. putin's approval ratings are at 59 percent an all time low but analysts say the true figure could be even lower. when we see a drop in support from 79 to 59 percent in north korean countries means that support in society is actually much lower because the numbers are distorted we see put his charisma is eroding and ratings are declining but this is not yet accompanied by protests so support is weak but there are not so many reasons for the population to rebel and yet they predict amendments will pass granting putin the opportunity to rule russia until he's 83 years old charlie angela al-jazeera. recovery operations are underway in turkey after a boat capsized in
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a lake in the south of the country it's believed around 60 people were on board the vessel which was crossing lake van a number of bodies have been recovered so far let's go over to see him she's live for us from istanbul so we know i think it's 6 bodies that they've recovered what about the rest of the passengers. well samik cording to the statement by the turkish interior minister who is in the area right now it is believed that there are at this $55.00 to $60.00 migrants who were on the boat after this statement also is dependent on the testimonies of a witness on the night on saturday night after the incident happened the local. the local authority person of the village went to the police saying that a boat sank in in lake one and other person who is actually one of the human traffickers came to the police and gave
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a testimony he said that he was on the boat with his cousin they were carrying those migrants for across the lake from a van it's a bit less so help them cross to europe through turkey however the boat according to that human traffickers statement the boat sank after 8 kilometer after they they took off from the coast 8 kilometers into the lake and he said it according to what i learned from the local sources local office szell's he said that he after the boat sank he was able to rescue himself he and his cousin and he he swam to the coast but he has conflict think it testimony statements that officials told me and they're. human traffickers told the police that the boat capacity was about 25 people but they lot of almost 55 to 6 the people in the boat and so far the boat the rescue teams they haven't been able to find the boat that's why they weren't
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able to reach other people and the rescue teams are still working or i will leave it there thanks so much and of course all. still ahead on al-jazeera nearly 35000 schools reopened in thailand as the government eases coronavirus restrictions. i would not be surprised if we go up to $100000.00 the day i die a warning from the us is tom cried a virus expert the situation is going to get much worse. hell i finally the european will is taking on the pattern which looks familiar and i thought well it's been driven out of scandinavia back to know when i was a lot of clout some degree but a win and some rain on the northern countries in the northern countries for the south high pressure holes as
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a result it's sunny and quite warm there are some warm drink thunderstorms and no longer in poland they are more likely to be in lombardy or the south of france of the next day or so most don't look to the severe weather could be fresh for the it's not a particularly big risk i don't think however there is rain back in potent bud time we get to thursday so the reliable heat that has been in remain here recently and is today's bucharest 36 but down in the southwest of spain in particular is whether he tends to build and stay for so many people fly from the north to the science when they're allowed to for a bit of holiday heat and their days in grenada 37 degrees or thereabouts it's only a little bit above average so in a record it's just a bit persistent as you might expect but to north africa as well it's fairly dusty in places asked for rain will be in some significant showers recently in the building again it is far north as hell in america for example in mali you have got showers on wednesday and then sunday returns for friday.
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context is everything in storytelling around the biggest issues but i have to take issue with. you. oh.
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you're watching i'll just time to recap our headlines protesters in hong kong have been defying a new security law imposed by china just hours after it came into effect at least 30 people have been arrested so far people violate the law and face up to life in prison. russians are voting for a final day on sweeping constitutional changes if approved it could keep president vladimir putin in power until 2036. covering operations are underway in turkey after about capsized in a lake in the south of the country it's believed around 60 people were on board the vessel which was crossing legs a number of bodies been recovered so far. there is uncertainty over when israel will begin its planned addicks ation in the occupied west bank the base on the issue is due to begin on july the 1st. but prime minister binyamin netanyahu says talks with the us about the plans are still ongoing coalition partner benny gantz
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is suggested it should be put on hold while the government deals with the coronavirus crisis with our view berkowitz ambassador friedman and members of the delegation i spoke about the question of sovereignty which we are working on now and over the coming days. we have 2 correspondents on the story brahimi is in ramallah in the occupied west bank but 1st let's go over to west jerusalem and harry forces so it sounds from there like this is not an extension is not imminent right. well at least no big announcement it seems is going to happen this the 1st day under the terms of the coalition deal that netanyahu has with his former rival benny gantz that was available to him to begin the process there are 2 ways he could potentially do it's not reach exclusive bringing it to the cabinet for a vote and government approval or indeed the israeli parliament for knesset approval but as you just heard from many saying that work continues in the coming
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days there was an interview with the foreign minister gabi ashkenazi a member of benny gantz is blue and white party of this morning on army radio in which he said that he couldn't give a an answer exactly as to what was happening you'd have to ask netanyahu but he didn't expect anything to happen today and he confirmed really that there was still yet to be full agreement with the united states and i think that is the key stumbling block here exactly what does the u.s. want netanyahu to do as part of any israeli an exception there is a report on one israeli news channel suggesting that the united states wants to see some transfer of land designated area c. under full israeli military control to area of be under palestinian civil control which could allow for building restrictions to be relaxed some kind of compensation in other words for the annexation move that is just one report that is the kind of
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thing that is indicative of what the united states might be asking for some kind of endorsement of the trump plan that shows that there is something in it however little the palestinians believe there is in it for them that there is something in it for them because it does talk about a palestinian state in the future but that makes an exception all the more difficult for netanyahu to get through in terms of his right wing supporters who see that as anathema so it looks like nothing happening. today of course we have to wait and see but he's talking about the coming days maybe it'll be pushed even further than that all right thanks so much herefore so there let's continue the discussion now with new day joins us live from ramallah so now but it seems for the moment at least that this is being delayed annexations been delayed is that offering any comfort any hope for palestinians. well i can
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tell you that for palestinian officials i think station is still on the table whether it happens after a while or whether it is roger will this is something that they say that these have been planning for a while and they've been seeing more and more illegal israeli settlements mushrooming in the occupied west bank and they say that this is just one step further instituted a large thing and cementing israeli occupation and we've spoken to p.l.o. official he's actually the secretary general of the p.l.o. thought about it and this is what you have to tell us. if he annex is any part of that was back but surely comprehensively whatever it is i believe the person would be destroyed and it and i would be responsible and sure that is what responsibility is in accordance with the 4th geneva conventions and i think $49.00 meaning he would look at the garbage in nablus jerusalem refract and union address etc we will
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not sit on a table where there many can israeli land is on the table this is not a peace plan from. is not a peace plan it's and the next edition apartheid dictation and we will not sit on any table. so on certain it is not only when it comes to the timing but also what's going to happen to the people in the occupied west bank we've heard this really prime minister benjamin netanyahu say that palestinians were. not receive israeli citizen citizenship he means those. that are expecting expected to be annexed so there is a lot of uncertainty the situation is already bad as it is but one thing is an extension will make it worse all right thanks so much named abraham from ramallah the united states' top expert on infectious diseases is warning there could be $100000.00 coronavirus cases across the country
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a day if people don't follow health recommendations down to anthony found she's comments come as the u.s. registered another $46000.00 new cases that's its biggest daily jump since the start of the pandemic it is going to be very disturbing i will guarantee you that because when you have an outbreak in one part of the country even though in other parts of the country they are doing well they are vulnerable i made that point very clearly we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to $100000.00 a day if this does not turn around for the prime minister has announced $6000000000.00 worth of new infrastructure projects to boost the economy after a long term boris johnson said britain's can't continue to be prisoners of coronavirus he's pledged to improve education protect hospitals and improve roads and rail links it's also promising to cut planning bureaucracy to speed up new home
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building schools across thailand have reopened as the government eases more coronaviruses restrictions schools have put in place health measures like social distancing and masks but despite going 37 days about any new domestic cases the government has extended an emergency decree until the end of july our reporter wayne hay in bangkok explains the assurances the government is giving to students and their paid parents. with some $35000.00 schools reopening right around the country there is going to be a lot of concern among students parents and teachers about the potential dangers involved with this move there's an awful lot of people coming together all at once but the ministry of health the ministry of education are saying that all precautions will be taken to ensure this is a safe this possible that includes of course temperature checks upon entry to the schools the wearing of masks social distancing inside the buildings desks will be kept a part of physical activity will be restricted so the students aren't coming into
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physical contact with one another and in some cases in fact some students will only go to school on alternate days therefore allowing for a situation in those particular schools where there will be be fewer students on particular days and therefore the greater opportunity for social distancing this is all coming about of course after ever decreasing numbers of new coronavirus cases in thailand in fact over the past month we have had no new community based cases of covert 19 all of the new cases in that time period have been arrivals from overseas and they are going straight into quarantine investors and zimbabwe are trying to find out what's happened to their money after the government suddenly shut down the stock exchange government leaders say they're trying to stabilize the local currency following major devaluation how much are some reports from harare. zimbabwe stock exchanges close of business until further notice staff are on the
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premises but no changing is allowed to send and move has left stock brokers and economists struggling to explain to investors what exactly is going on the floor. can she. tell me an investment capital brought to the country in good faith and i was told at the trial that if i wanted to liquidate to take the money out of the country now. on the issue nothing but i'm sure. government officials say the suspect more money was being used to buy shares and then that money was moved out of the country sabotaging the economy they say they want to stabilize the local currency which is just to be devalued since its reintroduction last year after a decade of dollar a zation. stand. firm and suddenly. there are some suspicion of.
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president who succeeded long term ruler robert mugabe in 2017 after a military coup is blaming the private sector opposition groups and some western countries economic crisis zimbabwe has struggled to stabilize its global currency since reintroducing it. there's a barbie doll it keeps devaluing inflation is nearly 800 percent the highest rate in a decade that's why investors with cash prefer buying shares to avoid their money losing value. economists say suspending most money transactions in a country with a serious shortage of bank notes is problematic people can slip a utility bills and goods but the number of transactions per day are limited. as shortages of food fuel and cash persist government workers are threatening to strike if they're not paid in american dollars they say this is. going too fast and
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more and more people and businesses don't want to use it. and you can get much more all those stories that we're following if you head over to our web page al-jazeera dot com. first take you through some of the stories now protesters in hong kong have been defying a new security law imposed by china just hours after it came into effect at least 30 people have been arrested so far people violating the law could face up to life in prison carol lam has defended the legislation saying it aims to protect citizens who some political hermana one thing the central authorities are determined to see an end to the chaos and riots over the past year and secondly the central
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authorities are determined to protect the majority of law abiding citizens in hong kong they should be protected from a handful of people who are causing harm and damage. russians have begun their final day of voting on constitutional changes which could keep glad to be a person in power until 2036 they're the most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union 28 spec to the vote will pass. recovery operations are underway in turkey after a boat capsized in a lake in the south of the country it's believed around 60 people were on board the vessel which was crossing lake van a number of bodies have been recovered so far 11 people have been arrested in connection with the incident. uncertainty over when israel will begin its planned of the occupied west bank debate on the issue is due to begin on july the 1st prime minister benjamin netanyahu talks with the us about the plans wrong going coalition
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partner benny gantz has suggested it should be put on hold while the government deals with coronavirus united states top experts on infectious diseases dr anthony found she is warning the number of coronavirus cases across the country could start reaching 100000 a day if people don't follow health recommendations schools across thailand have reopened as the government says more coronavirus restrictions schools have put in place health measures like social distancing and masks but despite going 37 days without new domestic cases the government has extended the merge and see decree until the end of july. headlines the news continues here and now after the stream stay with us. greece in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment to stop all military
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action this is the moment right on fighting. with. the stories the. 0. i am for me ok you are watching this train today we are going to take you deep into the bot lives matter and movement and talk about where we mean fit into it but if you know you'll be l m history you know that we mean it started the movement so what are we talking about today i'll show you this tweet we very often online community what are the stories you'll following what would you like us to talk about on the stream to mina says the lack of focus in justice for black women and trans women's lines within the. movement that is a discussion there is so much to unpack you 2 can do that if you own you cheap right now jump into the chat and you.


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