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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. every one of them come all santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera a dark day for democracy hong kong police out on the streets implementing a sweeping new security law to stop protesters from demonstrating also in the news tightening his grip on power russians are voting on a referendum that could save the stay on as president for another decade also
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a delay to israel's plans to stop the process of an exciting parts of the occupied west bank and stuck in limbo the cuban health workers doing what they can to help migrants in mexico. and as for christiane on our schools a stunning goal is your vent to stay on course to win the italian league title. 31 to maintain a 3 point lead that's why that's. so it is 23 years to the day since rollover hong kong was handed back to china and it appears that rule is now tighter than it has ever been police in hong kong have detained dozens of people as demonstrators protest that strict new security law imposed by china it is a legislation that targets. arms of secession terrorism subversion collusion with
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foreign forces however those opposed say defectively marks the end of the one country 2 systems structure which is allowed hong kong its autonomy from the chinese mainland demonstrators have been met by heavy police presence throughout the day as they gathered to protest the law which came into effect on wednesday. some football for homegirl know one thing the central authorities are determined to see an end to the chaos and riots over the past year and secondly the central authorities determined to protect the majority of law abiding citizens in hong kong they should be protected from a handful of people who are causing harm and damage so it's just gone 6 pm in both hong kong and beijing and we're going to be speaking to sarah clarke and katrina you in just a moment starting though with this report from adrian brown. 23 years after hong kong returned to chinese rule the mainland government has moved swiftly to tighten its control over the city. hours after
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a sweeping new security law was enacted hong kong and chinese dignitaries attended a ceremony marking the handover anniversary hording exhorting the new law providing the backdrop the chief executive who was sidelined during the drafting of this law said it was timely and necessary yet see a lot flat the enactment of the national law is regarded as the most significant development in the relationship between the central authorities and hong kong since its return to the motherland out to test the new law a small group of protesters who tried to march on the venue but were blocked by police. 6 after they called for an end to one party rule one of them said he was aware their actions could now amount to a violation of the law they law enforcement in hong kong what they always of this you are allowed to protest and make their arrest later so i today i come now in an
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out and one party dictatorship knowing full well that probably out get arrested or charged the scope of the legislation is far reaching article 38 says it can essentially target anyone anywhere another stipulates that the maximum penalty for breaking the new law is a life sentence well this is it hong kong's new security law the english version runs to 39 pages it's very detailed in parts and also very vaguely worded in others and what worries some legal experts here is that this new law could be very broadly applied just as similar laws are on the mainland in beijing senior government officials were doing their best to counter critics who say china's actions marked the end of hong kong special. autonomy. the law will safeguard national sovereignty and security and development and ensure hong kong's enduring social order long term
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prosperity and stability will carry lamb says he wants to rebuild hong kong's battered image a strategy that includes hiring an international public relations agency at a cost of almost $6000000.00 it could be a tough sell adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. as promised his sarah clarke now in hong kong looks quieter certainly compared to some of your earlier live reports but there is still a very heavy police presence there. it certainly is and i cannot tell you with the latest figures that we got from the place with regards to the number of a risk we've had 190 people arrested so far are wednesday july 1st and these are for legal assembly they've also had 7 people arrested under these new national security laws the place that violated those laws an example would be one person who was arrested when they found him in possession of a flag in his backpack which said independence and as a result these people have been rested under these new laws could face heavy fines
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as a result of where we are now this is caused by by this is the start of what where the march began on wednesday we still have a very heavy police presence on the coaches and the last couple of hours we've seen a number of tactics used by the place to try to disperse the crowd it does feel quiet it feels as if the protesters have dispersed across this whole area they've used tear gas on a number of occasions they've used pepper spray the water cannons have been used they've also fired up pepper bullets across whole the way across this area through short times square one child and cause right by where we are now and that this gathering i should say was deemed illegal by the police the civil human rights front which organized this rally and mission i had requested permission but of course the police denied that they took that appeal to court and the court rejected the request again so anyone who was here that we considered to be taking part in a legal assembly so we got used to seeing very big crowd numbers out in hong kong during the democracy approach i wonder now that this law is in place are people
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worried about coming out and actually in numbers are down because people are thinking well the law is a lot tougher now. clearly the national security laws have been a deterrent for people turning up in the straits on wednesday july 1st to mark the 23rd anniversary. 3 of the handover back to china of the hong kong and of course there was clearly a tactic behind that in the strategy to introduce those laws on the eve of july 1st you might recall last year on july 1st we saw how often 1000000000 people gather in victoria park and march from victoria park in the central of course this is the anniversary of the evening when those protesters trashed the lives of council building so what we saw here today was a sizeable number but nowhere near the half a 1000000 we saw last year but of course these national security laws they do incur heavy fines a life sentence for any acts of subversion and those people who are found to be violating criminalizing of these offenses they can be heard in hong kong but those
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judges will be appointed by hong kong's chief executive i carry lamb and some cases could be extradited to china for trial. ok so that is sarah clarke in hong kong with the proceeds so thank you sara we will go to katrina you now in beijing for an update from there katrina. beijing seems to still speak saying and certainly through carry land in hong kong that this war change anything that actually hong kong's autonomy from the mainland is still fine how do they justify that because everything seems to point in the opposite direction. that's very much the message we've been hearing from the government since this law was enacted in the last 24 hours china's foreign ministry came out on wednesday afternoon justifying and defending this law explaining that this was crucial for the stability it's crucial for its future prosperity and early a beijing government officials said that the west often misconstrues this idea of one country 2 systems it's not about the central government having
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a hands off approach in hong kong it's actually about the central government taking control when it needs to especially when it comes to an issue so important as national security going forward beijing's message to the people in hong kong is that the buck stops with beijing the highest authority in hong kong is the chinese government and we see this manifest in the way this national war security law is written in hong kong we're seeing this afternoon hong kong police are very much the public face of this there and forcing this law on the ground but behind the scenes it's chinese intelligence security agents who are pulling strings perhaps working behind the scenes surveilling those suspected of violating these rules again kerry lamb when it comes to courts and the cases presided over in hong kong she will select the judges but it is the mainland that has the last say when it comes to the more severe cases these cases will be heard by beijing behind closed doors and the effect of this is very clear beijing wants to send
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a strong message that this law is a deterrent and they're going to be looking to hong kong police to ruthlessly apply this law in order to set an example to the people of hong kong going forward they do also want to send a very strong message to the international community they've already received a barrel of criticism from a number of leaders in the u.k. the e.u. japan us. criticizing this national security of all expressing grave concerns that it's eroding brights and freedoms in hong kong well they doing is having none of that there they've said time and time again stop meddling in our internal affairs really beijing's message to the international community in response to that is that it will not be intimidated and it has no intention of backing down on this national security law going forward to joining you in beijing thank you for that. we go back to hong kong now we're joined on skype by the chairperson of the international affairs committee of the democratic party emily lau always a pleasure to have you with us we were just looking at some live pictures of people
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still out there protesting on the streets at 6 pm in hong kong would you say this even maybe been a level of a success today the fact that the law is in place but people still got out there and made their voices heard well i think we expect. hong kong people some of them are not going to be intimidated but of course they are really frightened and they actually want to get out of hong kong so we have all kinds of people here but there are those young and old who are determined to fight and to defend our free lifestyle and so maybe one independence i don't think too many of them do but we want to defend their style and we want beijing and not to remain on the promise of one country 2 systems well according to beijing they're not i mean we were talking to katrina you about it there and we've heard from kerry as you keep saying it this is nothing is changing well how. i mean
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tell me your thoughts on that when you when you hear the authorities saying that as i said to katrina everything seems to be completely opposite. i know it seems that people just keep telling lie is an egg they they thing at the people will believe them if it is really true that our free lifestyle our personal safety our rule of law is not at stake why would so many people be risking safety out in the streets confronting the police of course it is something very very wrong so no matter what they say i think many people in the international community will not be fooled and i i want to use this opportunity to tell the international community that hong kong people are very very angry we are very frightened and we want to we one beijing to keep the promise we want hong kong to carry on as
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a safe and free and vibrant city and we hope our friends in the international community will speak out well maybe by doing so this time you can interview me maybe i would have been arrested i don't know but i mean we just have to do things that we believe and you hope that your friends in the international community will do something and they probably will say things supportive things but as ever it's about actions over words who is actually going to quote unquote stand up to beijing here. well i thing in a court in a matter of maybe not minutes i would miss the prime minister of the united kingdom or stand up i don't know what he's going to say to the u.k. but i think he's going to say something to the almost 3000000 holders of the british national overseas passports in hong kong and he's going to say hey you're
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welcome to come to the u.k. if you feel threatened i certainly hope mr johnson would say that and the whole cabinet and also many members of parliament of both houses of parliament would do that because these are british citizens they have been abandoned by britain in 97 now they need help and also the international community but they cannot leave their 5 and trees we hope they will also help with this international life well scheme to help the hong kong people and the laos from the democratic party in hong kong great to talk to you today thank you for your time the pictures you're watching live from hong kong at the moment of the protests carrying on it's about a quarter past 6 in the evening there and as i correspond sarah clarke was telling us earlier $180.00 arrests confirmed by the police on this day which does month 23 years since the hong kong was handed back to china but more significantly today the
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day that the national security law comes into place taking bringing more stronger role chinese role to hong kong. but to look at what's coming up here on this news and. i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day and die a warning there from america's top coronavirus expert it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. than any 35000 schools reopen in thailand as the government their visas its coronavirus restrictions and in sport the list grows out of byron's. thing out of the n.b.a. restart in florida and we will have those details at about 10 to the hour. recovery operations are now underway in turkey after a boat capsized in a lake in the south of the country it is believed around 60 people were on board
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the vessel which was crossing the number of bodies have been recovered so far on up to now from istanbul here is our correspondent cynical so you see him. well come on the rescue teams are still trying to reach the board and the rest of the bodies that are believed to be that who have. who are believed to have drawn on the night of such a day this is this is not the 1st incident on lake one because a van is a border border city with iran and from afghanistan bangladesh pakistan and iran there are always irregular migrants crossing the spores are regularly and they are there a miss actually to cross turkey and reach to europe via via agency and last december again a similar incident happened aboard that which was actually overlord that capsized 6 regular migrants died and $64.00 of them were able to be rescued by by the rescue
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teams however we see that. this time there are not that lucky there is a witness about this incident and 11 people were detained it linked to this incident and that witness is actually one of the human traffickers who arranged a boat for those people and according to his statement that he gave to the police he was in the boat and the boat was capsized because it its capacity was for 25 people but there were at this 55 to 60 according to his statement and after it was capsized he and his cousin who was in walden this trafficking jumped into water and if they were just 8 kilometers from the course then he was able to swim to the cause while the cousin was unable to make it but the police sources that i have spoken to tell me that his statement is conflict and conflicting and probably those
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irregular migrants on the board they were locked in a room and they didn't have any chance to get out this is the situation for now still the rescue teams are. trying to reach the board and of course to the bodies but this is not the 1st incident and the irregular migration route in turkey is it is always very active and thousands of people are being caught by the turkish police or patronize and being deported at their homelands but as long as the situation in the countries like afghanistan pakistan and other places continue maybe people will try to seek peace and life in europe by crossing through turkey simcoe syria with that update from istanbul thank you for that police initially say they've seized the world's largest toll of amphetamines produced by i saw in syria 14 tons were found hidden inside machinery in the port of salerno south of naples it is valued at around $1100000000.00 syria has become
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a major producer event 30 minutes during its nearly 10 year war and architects have been used by ice all fighters and i've also been sold on for profit. russians have begun their final day of voting on constitutional changes that could keep them a person in power for years the amendments would allow president putin to run for another 2 terms in office potentially keeping him there until 2036 these are the most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union and it is widely expected the vote will pass and talk more about this in a moment 1st this report from charlie rangel. brewing disobedience alexander can overloads cafes stayed open during lockdown in st petersburg despite government directives to close. so did his beauty salons the largest network in the city once loyal to president putin the businessman has lost his faith he says coronavirus measures were inconsistent illogical and unfair and this vote to change the
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constitution is the last straw for me i was not just loyal to him like so many russians for me he was almost an idol my attitude to the president began to change even before the coronavirus when they began to introduce this amendment to be the reset of his terms my friends and i have one question why did he lie that he wouldn't do this for many years he said that he would not change the constitution in order to remain in power and this is exactly what he's doing russians have spent the last week voting on a package of constitutional amendments the headlines a new benefits but there even the text is permission for president putin to rule until 2036 if you continue to win the votes. still nervous of which there are many things that i like about this amendment to protect our territory to support and restore our culture children education social support animals i'm happy with entire package on wednesday putin made an unprecedented plea. so we're not
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just voting for amendments that are laid out in clear legal norms we vote for the country we want to live in with modern education and health care with reliable social. protection of citizens with an effective government that is accountable to society we vote for the country we work for and we want to pass it on to our children. the new rules created for this vote are also unprecedented exit polls were announced midway and polling stations popped up everywhere from fields to car parks making it impossible to ensure the vote is fair or free from tampering or your exposing the flaws in the system a number of journalists deliberately voted twice and there have been numerous reports of coercion and vote buying. putin's approval ratings are at 59 percent an all time low but analysts say the true figure could be even lower. when we see a drop in support from 79 to 59 percent in north or therion countries to means that
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support in society is actually much lower because the numbers are distorted we see put his charisma is eroding and ratings are declining but this is not yet accompanied by protests so support is weak but there are not so many reasons for the population to rebel and yet they predict amendments will pass granting putin the opportunity to rule russia until he's 83 years old charlie angela al-jazeera with us now on skype from moscow maria lipman she is a senior associate at the institute for european russian and eurasian studies at george washington university always nice to see you maria. is this vote even necessary i mean it looks like a democratic vote but haven't all the regional parliaments approved all of this anyway. yes indeed legally it is not necessary are this or the amendments have been approved by the constitutional court our regional parliaments as well as the federal parliament of russia have approved them for all practical purposes legally
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this is enough hooten wanted this vote this this was his desire and i guess what lies and it is put in a once the vote once the amendment. approved by an expression of popular will so that he can see in the future that this was not his own the will a whim but people's desire and if it is he'll probably get that one day he will get that effective mandate from the people no question about that actually in the absence of independent observation with the rules of the vote being modified as the vote goes on with all kinds of small and large of violations and with the government going after people who try to criticize and to call for people to vote against the boycott persecution fresh air of journalists
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and others there is no question as they are the government will report the amendments are held in overwhelmingly supported by the people so 2036 potentially he could be in power so that's another 16 years away he would be or probably into his eighties almost by them i mean what does this mean for for modern russia to have one man with this much power potentially this much power. well this of course is the question of what's and has been in power for 20 years now he's still in juries broad public support 60 percent 59 or 60 percent approval rating according to the latest results. of the kremlin and put in himself has over these years created a sense that puts him as a leader with no alternative. and this is tell people at large regards this there
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is nobody else in sight and at this point in time no in type words and consolidation but with no nation of power the quality of governing a government management inevitably goes down you never deplete deteriorates and the longer. this system ruled by one the cold stone as a whole practical purposes the mechanism for reconciling interests in russia no competition no challenge to station of course is bad for a country that needs a solution so there is problems i relive a noise a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us my pleasure. now there is uncertainty over just when israel will begin its planned an explosion in the occupied west bank debate on the issue was due to begin today july 1st but prime minister netanyahu says talks with the us about the plans are ongoing his coalition
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partner benny gantz has suggested it should be put on hold while the government deals with coronavirus without the berkowitz ambassador friedman and members of the delegation i spoke about the question of sovereignty which we are working on now and over the coming days. so here's our team covering the story in a moment we will be with nader abraham in ramallah in the occupied west bank shortly but we're starting in west jerusalem with kerry for said hi harry so netanyahu talking about things with the u.s. ongoing so this is not just an israeli decision. you know very much so he needs u.s. coordination as per the coalition deal that he made with benny gantz and his blue and white party under the terms of that deal this is the 1st day that he can actually physically make advances towards an accession either bring it up for debate and vote in the cabinet in government or and or to the israeli parliament the knesset but as you just heard him say that the talks would be going on with the
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united states in the coming days and there have been other comments from some of his ministers suggesting it might well be longer than that one minister saying that israelis should hope for a next ation within the next months or weeks another minister saying that he was sure it would take place during the course of this month but there are still significant obstacles i think the main one being exactly what the united states also once netanyahu to pledge or to do at the same time is making whatever an exception moves he ends up deciding upon there is a report that the united states wants to see some kind of gesture towards the palestinians in the shape of transferring some land in the occupied west bank from an area c. designation which is under full israeli military control to potentially an area be designation which is under palestinian civil control perhaps allowing for more palestinian building in such an area that is one report but it does suggest that
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the united states is interested in the whole trump plan rather than a limited onix ation kind of ignoring the trump plan which is what netanyahu might have to do to try to satisfy some of those on his right as for benny gantz and his blue and white party while the foreign minister gabi ashkenazi from that party he gave an interview this morning saying that he didn't know what was going to happen that you'd have to ask benjamin netanyahu which is pretty extraordinary given that he's the foreign minister of the government with such a momentous decision coming up. for it to take in the coming days weeks who have the news he did say that he didn't expect any major announcement today and that so far there have been no absolute agreement from the united states no final plan or deal signed off on so we're still at a stage where it all seems pretty contingent on us israeli agreement and we're not there yet ari forces in west jerusalem thank you for that over to ramallah now in
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the occupied west bank here is needed abraham i guess the i mean the palestinians would be pleased that nothing is happening and that there are delays but of course their argument would be that none of this should be happening at all. exactly and that's why they say that even if it was the laid and it was expected today a delay today of course that this isn't over yet but also an extension for them is still on the table whether it's today whether it's partially why it happens gradually as we heard from different brady officials now for palestinian officials those radius games on the ground have been ongoing over the years for example just over the last week palestinians say that 2 illegal israeli outposts were built in the south and north of the occupied west bank which means that an extension is just going to be cementing a current reality on the ground we've spoken to the p.l.o. secretary general inside that apart and this is what he had to tell us. if he annex
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is any part of that was back but surely somebody uncivilly whatever it is i believe the person would be destroyed and that to me i would be responsible and sure that is what responsibility is in accordance with the 4th geneva conventions of matthew 49 meaning he would look at the garbage in nablus jerusalem refine your news judgment but certainly we will not sit on a table where there are many can israeli land is on the table this is not a peace plan. is not a peace plan it's and the next edition apartheid dictation plan and we will not sit on any table. so uncertainty is not also it's not only related to the timing or the areas that are marked for an extension but also the future off palestinians who are living in these areas the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that they don't want to give israeli citizenship to
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these areas of course for palestinian officials that cv here as a blow to or the final blow rather to the 2 state solution and that's why they've been trying to lobby diplomats here and countries abroad to put pressure on israel to cancel it's an extension ladder and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has announced in may that the p.l.o. is no longer bound by any agreements signed with israel and the u.s. including cutting the security coordination with the israelis. navy abraham in ramallah the occupied west bank thank you for that as needed said looking to the international community well the british prime minister has called on israel to return to the negotiating table rather than move forward with these an extension plans and told an israeli newspaper the only way to achieve peace in the region is through a solution that allows security and justice for both sides he also warned israel's an explosion plants would be a violation of international law. and more than
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a dozen u.s. democrats have signed a letter a. against israel's annexation plans and warned of consequences xander. spearheaded the lesson which threatens to impose conditions on the $3800000000.00 of annual military assistance to israel the statement has been endorsed by more than 20 advocacy groups but was denounced by a pac the american israeli public affairs committee before we take a break we'll get a check on the international weather with rob i would go across to asia as the active plum rainy season and now in both japan and china and i think korea as well the season rains are called the plum rains are presumed because they fatten the plums this year they're particularly active the line that goes all the way from japan back to china is the obvious one to look at and unsurprisingly if you take a sways from your man or sichuan in the west across is asia in the east just south of shanghai you get flooding what gets in the rivers and of course they try and control it by releasing water from dams to some the result of that is you tend to
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flood sometimes in the in the flood plain this is to be expected a lot of really farms annoying some people just sit and enjoy it some do better than that and take advantage of the unusual flooding this is not supposed to be a water park. but it is at the moment right now the picture the eastern and the japanese end has been the wettest in the last 24 hours and some places when the so waiting for disney to open. yeah far in the sun i think not but there are at least exercising social distancing there was some wind to the west that the active weather is on its way through now and i think the next gathering of rain will be on the chinese and again not far away from one hand but this will wave through the east china sea out towards japan. for friday thank you ira pictures there was a really interesting more weather with robin our next news hour 1300 g.m.t. but still on this broadcast australia has plans to spend billions to make sure its
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military is prepared for what could be a dangerous disorderly life to cope with 19 and also sport the chinese super league has finally got a confirmed start date and we will have that in the 1st sport of the night. from sunrise to sunset. across asia. and the pacific. explore untold and fascinating stories. of diverse cultures. and conflicting politics. one o one east on al-jazeera. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children.
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over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean continues with good morning group on al-jazeera. this is the news from al-jazeera and these are the top stories protesters in hong kong have been defying a new security law imposed by china just hours after it came into effect at least 180 people have been arrested so far those violating the law could face up to life
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in prison recovery operations are underway in turkey after a boat capsized in a lake in the south of the country it's believed around 60 people were on board vessel which was crossing like number of bodies have been recovered so far and there is uncertainty over just when israel will begin its planned am exceptions in the occupied west bank parliamentary debate on the issues due to begin today july 1st but prime minister benjamin netanyahu says talks with the u.s. about the plans are going. to destroy you now which will spend billions of dollars to upgrade its military to prepare for a post code life a world that is poorer or dangerous and more disorderly a minister scott morrison says the indo-pacific region has become the center of a global contest between the u.s. and china and his country must be ready for any conflict is some of the details a struggle will spend more than $185000000000.00 over the next decade on longer range strike capabilities that includes the purchase of anti ship missiles from the
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u.s. also the development of long range land based missile systems that will likely include hypersonic weapons. strain it currently spends around $40000000000.00 a year on its military which is around 2 percent of its g.d.p. we're going to talk to paul burton about this military analyst and managing director for asia pacific at aviation week networking on skype from singapore. pull a $185000000000.00 even over a decade that sounds like an extraordinary amount of money and you're the expert tell me does is this a surprising step up. thank you for having me the headline is certainly very grabbing and that went into context as you stated it is 2 percent of g.d.p. now if you look back over the past 5 years plus that's constant amounts that australia has spent indeed during the cold war era or shreya spend 3.5 percent of g
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8 so taken as a whole as a headline i.c.e.'s destruction amounts but actually it isn't unusual and out of kilter with what's going to soar do you think it's necessary now given the current geo political climate the australians are obviously focusing on the us china conflict which they feel will be encroaching on their part of the world. yes i think it was changed today in prime minister morrison's rhetoric is the sense that australia now wants to focus on defending its own territory what we've seen over the past decade or 2 is australia supporting a lot of expeditionary activity in iraq and afghanistan often it's a great impact for its own loss of life for its soldier in now i think what we're seeing is a sense of china acting in a more assertive way around the region and australia recognising that perhaps just
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perhaps it might not be able to rely on the united states as his old summit security blanket which it always has done in the 2nd world war era is this something that will run into opposition in australia do you think the amount of money going towards military and defense spending i mean people will always suggest that there are other things where money should be spent. yes i think your final point is absolutely correct there are always competing political tensions when such a large amount of money is announced particularly at this time of great economic hardship and potential you know social disquiet in australia it's noteworthy figure and it's interesting timing for this new defense review but remember this looks over the 10 year horizon this is a follow up from 20 sixteenth's difference what actually is more import will be
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a kind of economic breakdown as this of this outline statement and we can see very quickly that there are very few net new programs so i think we need to take a step back and understand where the genesis of this announcement and the fact that economically speaking it does not represent a huge shift in australian policy i think the really interesting element here is the political tone needs the fact that recognises australia is perhaps more open than it's been in recent times and the policies are looking to ensure the safety of the. nation and australia good contacts there with paul burton joining us from singapore in the new south and to pull thank you. yes democrats say they still haven't received enough information about those allegations that russia paid
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the taliban to target american soldiers in afghanistan calling for a full briefing from intelligence officials the white house might tains president trump was never briefed on the matter because the information wasn't verified mike hanna with this report from washington sure that mr schiff will be following up on this through the intel committee it was the turn of democrats to be briefed at the white house with the separate temper taishan for republican lawmakers already a point of dispute but like their fellow house members the democratic representatives returned to capitol hill to demand a proper briefing but the right people to give the briefing we really were not in the room we need to hear from the heads of the intelligence agencies about how they assess the allegations that have been very publicly what can they tell us about the truth or falsity of these allegations what can they tell us about steps they are undertaking or undertaken to vet any information that they may have and presidential contender joe biden held his 1st conference in 3 months to lash out at
1:42 pm
president trump over the matter the idea that somehow he didn't know. or isn't being briefed it is a do actually do to news and if he was briefed and nothing was done about this that's a direction. the white house press secretary struck the fact that the criticism continuing her argument that intelligence departments could not agree on the rest of the information adding that the reporting on the matter was a national security issue specifically there are 2 bad scenarios that emerged from this report number one this report makes it more difficult to come to a consensus on this matter to verify intelligence and number 2 this level of controversy and discord plays directly into the hands of russia and enforce. only serves their interests. president trump has made no secret of his desire to improve relations with russia and its leader vladimir putin most recently insisting that he
1:43 pm
would invite russia to take part in the g. 7 meeting due to take place in the us later this year a number of news agencies report that information about russian payment to taliban fighters was included in a number of presidential daily briefs the white house will not be drawn specifically on whether president trump actually read these intelligence summaries and answer to this question is likely to be demanded when congress reconvenes after the 4th of july holiday weekend mike hanna al-jazeera washington. schools across thailand have reopened as the government eases more coronavirus restrictions schools have put in place health measures social distancing and masks for example despite going $37.00 days without any new domestic cases the government has extended its emergency decree and to the end of july britain's prime ministers
1:44 pm
announced $6000000000.00 worth of new infrastructure projects to boost the economy post lockdown bar stance and said britons can continue to be quote prisoners of the coronavirus he has pledged to improve education to protect hospitals and improve roads and railings he also promised to cut planning bureaucracy to speed up new home building but as he talks up the economy business owners in leicester say they're depressed the english city is the 1st to impose a local lockdown for at least 2 weeks because of a resurgence in corona virus infections this report from jonah hill. lester's lockdown is a blow to an already battered local economy it's sad for last year this is going to happen i've met lots of other business owners if come in for coffee today very sad that it's not going to i ensure that restaurants and pubs that thought they'd be reopening on saturday now can't nonessential shops and schools that have reopened
1:45 pm
must know close 10 percent of all new infections nationally are happening here in a city of 350000 people that's now a test case for the containment of localized outbreaks and it appears there's a lot to learn and certainly if we knew about their ethnicity and if we knew in great detail and had known in great detail about where they lived we might have been able to make some inferences about whether they were associated with just just those places we haven't had it and therefore we don't know it there is a sense that things are being made up a little on the hoof both by local authorities and central government and not helped by big holes in the available testing data being drip fed by central government and even then not allowing for new cases of the virus to be sourced to local workplaces local addresses or ethnicities. making it hard to contain an
1:46 pm
outbreak that seems to be prevalent in lester's large asian communities i think it's been very highly irresponsible of our government central government not to give that information to the local authority here i think less the city council should be given that information as soon as it was available so that they could prepare and plan for how to meet this growing number of those who are being affected by it. enforcement is also an issue just ask people in villages outside the lockdown zone power on earth do you police what the people leave that area or do you have a police person on every street corner or. do you. have to do some kind of check as people walk through the door how on earth is a local ice locked down in forcible and if it's not enforceable. is it worth having in the 1st place i put that to the landlord of the red lion in barwell who will be reopening his pub on saturday. all we do when they get here is register. their
1:47 pm
address and that's all we're obliged to do but we can't literally go. on for the fare if you've got 12 hours for such a silly cause absolute chaos and havoc it may not be long before local lock downs are required elsewhere the lessons of leicester will have to be learned from last jonah how al-jazeera leicester well the pandemic has left around 1400 tube and migrants seeking asylum in the us stranded in mexico and as they wait months really for appointments with migration authorities some of the doctors and nurses have been helping to fight 19 this is the latest report on people left stranded during the pandemic we hear. from one of those doctors. my name is you know gonzales i'm 37 years old and i'm cuban i've been a family doctor for 18 years and i'm currently at horace requesting asylum in the
1:48 pm
us. where it is when the pandemic began the u.s. closed its borders due to the health emergency and all the appointments to attend u.s. immigration courts were postponed. i feel that i am in migratory limbo i can't go back to cuba i'm not allowed to cross to the states to wait there until my case is heard and in this country in mexico i'm nobody. who knew this a friend of mine a doctor asked me if i wanted to work at this shelter helping migrants. the most beautiful thing was to put on a white doctor's coach again and to grab a stethoscope and to be able to hear someone's heartbeat again when the migrants realize that we are also migrants they feel happier and they feel like we are family. the most difficult thing about leaving cuba was leaving my
1:49 pm
family my mom my dad to leave everything behind and start a new. there. but not really because i can't say that i have a life here i can't even say that i'm starting to build a life here. still more for you on this news hour including this. week fast government intervention the koala will become extinct dire warning there for the future of one of australia's best loved animals and sport we will hear from the formula one driver ahead of the 1st grand prix of much delight says.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
time for a pretty sport with andy thank you very much come i will christiane i'll just go to stunning goal as events a stayed on course to win a 9th straight salary in. a 4 point lead at the top of the title all goals in this game coming in the 2nd half. putting the event ahead the argentinian one of the players he's back in action after recovering from coronavirus. then coming up right now those moments. was no time difference the stress is the 4th highest score in history with 746 career goals you very thorough coming up in a minute was just as good. douglas koster of brazil with this efforts finished. second place last year also winning they came from behind speech arena and see one
1:52 pm
. last year still have 9 games to overturn you very easily and the title rivals face each other on july the 20 s. . a little messy scored a landmark goal but it didn't prevent his barcelona team from losing ground in the spanish title race messes 700 career strike coming from the penalty spot in a 22 draw with athletico madrid a point behind league leaders around madrid who also now have a game in hand manchester united have boosted their chances of a place in next season's champions league a 3 no whenever brighton move them into 5th in the english premier league 2 points behind chelsea finishing 4th guarantees a spot in europe's elite formats while 5th could be good enough if 2nd place manchester city council overturn a 2 season ban from european competition especially for this globe is not so there where we are well of course the team is improving and i think we're well in with a shout. champions league next year we've still got break open your own league to
1:53 pm
play and the team is improving the chinese superleague has finally got a confirm start date the season will begin on july the 25th of all matches to be played in 2 cities no fans will be allowed to attend games the competition was originally due to begin back in february major league soccer in north america on course regime it sees on july the 8th that venues within the disney world resort in florida that's one of the 2 will be held without fans teams we're playing competitively for the 1st time in 4 months. you play 3 to 5 between 3 to 5 only games before you go into the tournament. but again because of the 19 you cannot so for me it will be the 1st time that i'm going to have to deal with this situation that we all have to i gotta do it and i managed it whatever they could with us and despite our situation now the western conference leading l.a. lakers will be without a very probably when the n.b.a.
1:54 pm
restarts lights are on this month also in florida the 29 year old among a growing list of players to opt out the top $28.00 seems to be playing in that same disney world resort in florida on july the 20th avery says he's made the decision because his 6 year old son suffers from breathing problems. for us that was a process we want to stay close with arenas family on and we were we were involved with one or 7. but of course it's tough it's tough to lose avery is tough this is defensive tenacity he was a starter but we completely understand his decision ben stein's will lead england next week in the 1st test against the west indies as top level cricket makes its return after nearly 4 months stuck standing in for jerry to be absent due to the expected birth his 2nd child will be the 1st time starks has caps in his country the 1st test begins on july 8th in southampton will happen though behind closed doors. be interested seaway get some cities 1st say he 1st started captioning.
1:55 pm
you know we know he has got aggressive nature. but equally there was a cricket right in there as well so i think it was quite hopeful about what moves it make you money is out there as well so i'm looking forward to working with the part of the i will look at folks working with them. and after a full starts in australia in march formula one seems a gathering in australia to get best season started at last the melbourne race was cancelled due to coronavirus just hours ahead of the 1st official practice session the season will now begin behind closed doors with back to back races at the red bull ring in spielberg the opening drawn prix is coming up on sunday but i think as drivers you you want to know when you are going to race again like i hate it when i don't have a set date to work towards and luckily at one point we had confirmation and yeah i think now we are just very excited to get going again ok but it's high school looking phenomenal thank you andy one final story for you on this news out about
1:56 pm
koalas one of the studies best love animals which actually could become extinct in part in parts of the country in 30 years politicians say koalas being wiped out because the you can live histories they depend on for food being cut down it's from victoria gate and. they are one of the 2 animals australia is most famous for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers are falling fast a yearlong parliamentary inquiry delivered this dial warning without urgent government hunter venture in the koala will become extinct in new south wales before 2050 this is extremely concerning of course to everybody who cares about koalas and from what we heard during the inquiry of course that's pretty much everybody in new south wales and across the world koalas are found naturally in the wild in 4 of australia's 6 states new south wales queensland
1:57 pm
victoria and south australia 8 years ago there were $36000.00 koalas in new south wales that total fell to less than half that 15000 as eucalyptus trees and the leaves they eat were cut down to make way for farming and development and this is unprecedented bushfires killed a further 4000 of the slow moving marsupials which couldn't escape scientists describe the situation as an ecological disaster you might be able to spot one or 2 koalas but the ret reality uses those populations are becoming on viable and that's why it's so critical and that's why the 25th time from now needs to be put in place because they cannot survive at these lower numbers and we have more fires it's just going to get worse. the report by the state government of new south wales makes 42 recommendations to increase the koala population but that's the same governments a campaign is that allowed even encourage the destruction of koala habitat by
1:58 pm
relaxing laws controlling the amount of land farm is can clear of trees victoria gates and be algis they are. ok also for the next news hour 1300 hours g.m.t. but after the break it sammy that with all the latest news. that's going to do it is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. after the us on the telephone signed an agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of emission troops. the high cost was paid to get to this point. over the past few years the us has increasingly conducted its part
1:59 pm
of the war from the sky with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties. this is all accidents to happen at mistakes do happen and this is about owning our mistakes says about saying scientists about accountability in a largely unaccountable war the same way as we interviewed not receiving adult judgments from the us left them without closure. they told us that they so look what happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war too often do not see. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. the eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on which is even. a dark day for democracy hong kong lays out on the streets implementing a sweeping new security law to stop protesters from demonstrate. hello i'm sam is a that this is al jazeera live from the hole so coming up several people arrested in turkey after a boat filled with vibrant capsizes
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a search for bodies under way. tightening his grip on power russian's vote on a referendum that could see vladimir putin stay on.


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