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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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0. hello there i'm a star and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes new coronavirus cases discovered in melbourne as thousands of public housing residents are ordered to stay home. new restrictions are set to be imposed in israel but the prime minister warning the country is at the height of
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a new craving $1000.00 offensive. displays independence day the u.s. president goes ahead with a speech despite health concerns and protests. and more than 30 people have been killed in southwestern japan during flooding and landslides. and pieces of it with the sport for me to one or 2 but droid is a divided on hobo protest against racism ahead of the foods grown pretty st. paul we begin this hour with the increasing number of crude 1000 cases worldwide saturday saw the biggest single day rise since this pandemic began with more than 212000 infections recorded globally the majority of them were in latin america which now has more cases than europe brazil alone has more than 1500000 infections
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and has already had at least 64000 deaths in israel officials have now reauthorized the use of phone surveillance technology that was once deployed to prevent attacks that's often an easing of restrictions there led to a rise in cases where the lifting of lockdown measures in south africa has also caused a surge and announced a record daily number of new infections counting more than 10000 and the australian city of melbourne has imposed a complete lockdown on 3000 residents and public housing buildings they now banned from leaving their homes for any reason for at least 5 days victoria gate and b. has. people who live in these tower blocks in a poor area of melbourne are some of the most vulnerable in society many have underlying health conditions that makes the street look down they now have to endure a complex logistical task pull the authorities that orders it for 5 days which began on saturday 3000 people are banned from leaving their homes 500 police
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officers are patrolling the tower blocks during each shift to make sure no one breaks the law food and medical supplies are being sent in and mental health as well as drug and alcohol addiction support his own hand the state governments also offering financial help at 1st things 1st there will be no rates charged for those tenants for the next 2 weeks secondly those who are employed and because of the hard luck they're in cannot go to work i was saved by $1500.00 hardship i meant for those households where there is now one employment by was saved by $750.00 hardship the lockdown was ordered after 30 cases of covert 19 were linked to 12 households but the fear is the virus has spread to many more people through lifts and walkways this is not just a matter of 23 to 30 armed people this is a matter of many hundreds who have already been exposed and who may already be
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incubating while most of australia is opening back up the state of victoria's recorded an increasing covert 1000 cases since last week in 12 suburbs people are only allowed to leave their homes to go to work exercise see a doctor or buy food in the 9 tower blocks where people face the severest restrictions doctors say it will take around 5 days to test all 3000 residents the tory gate and be al-jazeera well we can now speak to some gyrus and on a ok he's an associate professor of infectious diseases at the australian national university and he joins us now on skype from canberra sun giant i see that victoria's chief health officer is now warning of genuinely explosive potential especially in these tower blocks when it comes to spread what's driving the concern here. you know santa stole it thank you for having me it was really only a couple of weeks ago that we were quite happy with the situation in australia and
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then we have seen this in tory a predominantly melbourne where say in the last 10 days we've been averaging over all over 50 cases per day now compared to some parts of the world that seems to be minuscule but compared to what we were having that is a big jump and as you know this this can become an uncontrollable surge if we don't control it now well there's been plenty of discussion about just why this is happening in melbourne rather than elsewhere sydney for instance and i see the state government decided to use private contractors rather than police as new south wales did to enforce hotel quarantines for travellers and i see reports of also have some fairly agree just breaches how is that contributed to spread here yes we weren't quite sure why this happened in mellon now we always thought it was if it were to happen it would happen if one of the more popular cities in australia such as melbourne or sydney and the cold weather biked make it more advantageous
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for the virus but it has since come to light that they have a piece of breaches in the hotel quarantine setting which may have contributed to these outbreaks in the community but better would still be looked into now so we don't know all the details but there certainly have been some goings on which have not been ideal and there was also that outbreak i recall as an avatar and experts are saying that secondary cases from that pastor have potentially been festering undetected and spreading through the community just how far is testing and contact tracing at the moment in victoria. so are the testing in context tracey in australia as a whole has been very good looking at a response or as a nation melbourne or victoria has continued to have low numbers of cases which are local transmission so presumably there have been some mixture of
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symptomatic and asymptomatic cases around and we don't quite know how much these asymptomatic cases contribute to the coat total caseload but they could be about 30 percent so they are likely to be contributing to these little surges from say that there has also been criticism of the way that the government has been handling things particularly when it comes to communicating in a city where i think it's something like 35 percent of households speak a language other than english how is that being addressed yes so it is being addressed it is come up as an issue publicly in the last couple of weeks and the government is going out to those communities and trying to increase the message to them because yes it is very important it doesn't matter what language you speak what it listen to you are you can still transmit covert to one person as efficiently as another so it's so important that that gets done can you put all of this especially what's happening in melbourne now into the context of
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the situation countrywide should other cities be bracing for a similar spike to what we're seeing in melbourne and how might that affect the new swing of restrictions that's ongoing now. i would say at the moment most states and territories in australia. experiencing any cases of local transmission city is said to be saying some activity but largely outside of that now we're not having much local transmission at all so of course we are very conscious of cases be exported from victoria to other parts of the country so who will be on the watch out for that but we always knew that if we saw as we started to lift restrictions and that there was a chance that we will see a surge of cases so it's something we've been preparing for but it's something we have to protect our quickly. then associate professor infectious diseases at a.n.u. great to get your insights here on out of there are setbacks for joining us thank
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you. let's now move to western us and where our correspondent gary for that is live for us as israel is ordering thousands of people into quarantine restrictions are clearly being tightened very rapidly that what's driving the urgency of this. julie the number of cases over the last few days cases of peaks up to around a 1000 a day that's higher than they were at the height of the situation a few months ago and so the israeli government is moving to try to reduce the spread well not going back yet into a full lockdown mode because that calm that cognizant of the economic impact of going into lockdown all over again we've heard from prime minister benjamin netanyahu this morning at the beginning of his weekly cabinet meeting saying that they're at the height of a new current offensive has a very strong outbreak growing and spreading in the world and here and he's called this a state of emergency and there are a similar situation being reported in ne occupied west bank as well cases of
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about 100 sorry that 500 plus new cases just over the last day and just over the last 2 weeks where nearly. the totals of the entirety of the coronavirus pandemic i mean occurred in the last 2 weeks a lot of those cases in a significant cuts but in the south in the west bank in a brand there the leadership is blaming the behavior of people too many people gathering at weddings and the likes not enough observance of social distancing rules similarly and as well as a community saying the same saying that people haven't been using common sense measures to maintain social distancing and that they're being too many people gathering in certain venues however there are also people who are accusing the leadership and not really clinically does not really having done enough and showing enough need a ship when you consider just a few weeks ago netanyahu themselves came out with a video looking very
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a bubbly and telling people to go out have fun drink beer well they've been doing that in spades and we have the results and i ask the pos of the reimposition that we're seeing here of restrictions on tape this cell phone tracking of coronavirus carry as much had been previously halted what's the reaction to that. yes there are certain human rights organizations which are once again extremely upset about the prospect of the internal security service the shin bet using the kind of tactics that it is used in a to on palestinians in israel the idea being that it's phone records traced people who've been in contact with those who've been found to be an active case sold to quarantine and this is happened in according to the haaretz newspaper some 30000 cases just since this restarted on thursday and the ministry of health phone line has been swamped with people trying to appeal these text
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messages that they've been getting without any real explanation as to who or how they come into contact with with the coronavirus and those girls are just being going on oncet as well as this there are other restrictions that have been imposed or about to be imposed a maximum of 50 people at places of worship in boston and that event holes there are discussions about what to do with the restaurants as well so i think we can expect that the restrictions will be imposed pretty soon how awful is that there for us with all the latest from estrace and thank you very much tony. well despite its appeals by medical health experts to avoid large gatherings u.s. president on the trump hosted an event at the white house to mock independence day our robin else has that story. vintage warplanes filled the skies over the national mall in washington d.c. bombers and fighters from every war the u.s. has been in since the 1940 s.
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the 1st house president trump who avoided service in vietnam by claiming medical draft deferments for bone spurs presided over the spectacle at the white house. despite pleas from public health experts and the mayor of washington d.c. over the risks of people getting covert 19 a crowd gathered many ignoring social distancing guy. thanks to the. courage of those patriots on july 4th 1776 the american republic stands today as the greatest most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the world trump praised american exceptionalism and the us military attacked the media in china and praised his own performance in the fight against covert 19 appealing to his base trump invoked images of rampaging radicals intent on destroying the nation's heritage we are now
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in the process of. defeating the radical left the marxists the n.r. kids the agitators the looters and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing. around the country people protested peacefully against racial injustice and police brutality. in pittsburgh protesters and trump supporters chanted rival slogans injured at one another. in washington black lives matter protesters marched for the 6th weekend in a row following the killing of george floyd by police in minneapolis we as a community especially in in our capital city of the of our country need to come together and protest the is unjust killings and get these murderers to justice i
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just stated what could be more american than protesting our president today you know he was not really helping. an enormous fireworks display capped off the extravaganza in washington the glitter in the school perhaps a momentary distraction at least for some as tens of thousands of new cases of cold and 19 were confirmed. and old al jazeera. well there is plenty more ahead here on this occasion we report on how residents in the philippine capital of hyping often even clean my sky plus. i'm robot bride in busan south korea that's decided it's now safe again to go back to the beach and say to get festive. and it seems there's no stopping by new nick in germany peace will be here with all the action from a strike. now
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a 48 hour lockdown is underway in parts of the philippines capital to deal with new coronavirus cases that have been the most severe restrictions since measures started easing several weeks ago to melinda can reports from manila. this is what a total lockdown looks like in one of manila's busy areas more than $7000.00 people in this community have been ordered to stay at home for 48 hours more than 30 villages across manila were told days ago that they wouldn't be allowed to leave their homes starting on saturday unless it's an emergency. in smaller alleys like this one residents see they are finding different ways to cope but for many look past this 48 hour door to lockdown makes no difference to her family she says they've been under quarantine for months you know when we couldn't earn enough so
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we had to open a small store just to sell to me worse thankfully we do get to receive some aid like food and sometimes cash from the local government but the hope this situation doesn't last long. but many businesses here remain closed which means thousands are unable to earn a living and are dependent on aid the philippines implemented one of the world's longest and strictest quarantine that's more than 50000000 people forced to say its home in the entire region of luzon for almost 3 months but corona virus cases been saying it's a go up over the last few weeks forcing cities like manila to implement its own mass testing program for fishel say the lockdown is bent not just as a restriction of movement but also to conduct a rapid test and we did lee isolate those who are test positive march 5th being the
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1st they have known and. able it's hard because of that he said that's the sense of people that people don't have enough money in jobs who should spend their livelihood slowly and know they're used to it. more than 300 people were tested on this day the philippines still has one of the highest growing cases in southeast asia but the government has been under intense pressure to reopen the economy which is now officially on their recession many other provinces have eased quarantine restrictions but in manila the situation remains uncertain the rapid test results came back no one tested positive and all the residents here are grateful they say they feel as though their lives remain suspended they prayed for better days ahead duggan al-jazeera manila. well south africa has the most number of corona virus cases on the african continent the daily tally from
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saturday showed more than 10000 new infections that's the highest daily jump so far hospitals across the country have come under increasing pressure as beds quickly fell up there's been a steady increase in cases since restrictions were gradually eased in may health care workers of criticize the government's handling of the pandemic saying their safety has not been prioritized india has also seen another record jump in corona virus cases marking nearly 25000 cases on sunday meanwhile the world health organization has warned against the country's intention to have a vaccine by august medical experts have criticized a recent memo from the chief of india's top clinical research agency saying the target days of august 15th is unrealistic w.h.o. scientists say at this initial testing will be completed then but it will not be ready for widespread release. well iran has announced 163 new deaths the
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country's highest official one day death toll since the outbreak began in february the government is now reimposing lockdown measures that and there's also concern that people are failing to follow the rules that are already in place a setback has more from tehran. since iran says the country has seen in cases. the highest number of deaths in a day since the country was supplied the virus has prompted the government to reimpose some lock down measures in parts of the country and made face masks mandatory in all enclosed spaces where people gather and even said people could be denied government services if they don't wear one but there's still concern that people are not following the new guidelines according to the mayor of toronto only 50 percent of metro buses just wear a face mask which already under 3 and he said that it's difficult to impose because the government hasn't really said what punishment is for not wearing one for now the new figures are a long one the rain is if it infected every 30 seconds and one dies from the
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disease every 30 minutes the government is desperately trying to stop a 2nd wave but they're reluctant to impose a full expression since the economy is really under u.s. sanctions. while south korea is going ahead with its annual opening of its beaches for the sun but this time with special arrangements in place because of the pandemic from mcbride reports from the 2nd city of 1st sun which is also a favorite tourist destination. the beaches of buson are officially open and people love flocking to them south koreans are among the world's top spenders all overseas travel but most of this summer are looking to vacation a lot closer to home and still following strict rules to prevent the spread of covert 19 beach umbrella's are individually numbered so people hiring them can be traced in case they were close to someone found later to be infected for the leaf family this summer break is
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a new experience we'll tell you ben we often go abroad in summer but we can't do that this time so we decided on booth on they've also decided to come earlier than normal a majority of people in south korea take their summer vacations in a narrow window from late july into early august but companies are now being encouraged to spread holidays out to avoid overcrowding in the most popular tourist destinations to san relies heavily on its summer season and local people are compensating for the lack of international visitors especially from neighboring china and japan. with only a handful of new cases of infections being reported to san can also host festivals again. at the opening of this annual food and film event. frontline medical staff are honored for making it possible. the theme this year food as a source of healing unity between cultural life has suffered in this pandemic if we
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don't revitalize it and people will face more alienation and oppression we want to heal our audiences through culture. life is still far from normal but many here see this further careful reopening as a reward for south korea's steady progress against the virus. bride al-jazeera and south korea. well to some other news now and at least $34.00 people have been killed during flooding and mudslides in southern japan nearly half of the victims were in nursing homes the areas of kumamoto uncover shimon to shoo island have been hardest hit japan's meteorological agency says the region has never seen so much rain the military has been sent in to help with rescue and recovery efforts well let's go live now to a correspondent for the salami who is in chiba that's around 40 kilometers away from the capital torture fadi i believe that we are expecting even more rain so how
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is this rescue operation going. yes indeed the true political agency has just saved death so they are expecting almost the same amount of rainfall during the next 48 hours so many people not afraid of this heavy rain and its effects on not only their skill but ations but old soul condition in general their. workers have been working over at night. over 10000 personnel from defense forces have been also dispatched to the area to work there and they're racing time trying to evacuate as many people as they can especially. the people who. are famous for their. for their high percentage of well dearly that isn't and you can imagine how difficult it is to back you it's such a litany people from there. on to now back to ation prices have been taking place
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by using boats and sometimes helicopters but even they cannot make even makeshift heavy parts for because of the flooding that they had and them through sickle agency has issued an evacuation that would need for over 200000 people and many people. have made it to the shelters there over 190 shelters have been opened for the people and as we saw and local media footage is here many people are reluctant to go back to their homes or it is expected during the next 2 days so. very much waiting situation and the brain instead is going to head the crisis meetings and maybe they are going to announce tomorrow and so on. emergency years so they will be enabled in tights and so gets immediate. financial and other kinds of faith. for us on the ground for us in japan thank you very much for
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. well let's get an update on the weather now with jenny jenny just how much rain should japan be expecting a worrying him and here unfortunately it's not easy getting a break in this really the next couple days the stories that we show the satellite because it becomes very clear very quickly look at this this massive cloud you can see here is was has been bringing the rain this is all tied to the my you buy you from the trials rather back into china this is a seasonal weather system and it's really what you call a stationary front so the cue really is in the title because it literally does not move and it really isn't moving until hasn't of the last couple of days and when does it go forward so again you can see all of this continue to stream across into these western areas of japan and obviously the yellow areas are where we've got the particularly heavy amounts of rainfall so day is q she can barely see it and all of this rain that is monday there's more rainfall in the whole rest of sunday and then as you head on into tuesday we are going to see a very similar scenario in fact if anything the rain on shoes day is likely to be
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heavy but it also extends of course across into these southern and central areas of honshu so that could be the next area where indeed we see very heavy amounts of rain but over the next 72 hours we could be seeing more than $400.00 millimeters of rain that is all got to come down over sea to all those areas that are flooded but the big threat as well of course continues to be mudslides and landslides it's a very mountainous area this is but also that rain is the say continue to trail back into central china we're going to see more of that rain accumulate here over the next couple days again you can see it barely moves we just have these heavy pulses of rain so actually the stars if we could be seeing another 400 millimeters of rain to central china as well so that will just again exacerbate the flood problems incredibly well thank you very much for that update jenny well still ahead for you on out of here. with a herd of llamas for you in reading before you get scolded 19 is coming to this. house and voting in croatia is underway but will the ruling parties an early
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election gamble pay off. and in sports or not there is on target as you bend to strengthen their position in the race for the entire. man. john presence on donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton obligation to seek an investigation seductress did the trump campaign commute with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the batten down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations to came to pay their respects to george floyd with details coverage the government needs to
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balance the needs of the economy with the trace of the virus returning. from around the world organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of robin niblett by giving away food to win over the royalty of people in desperate need. hello again i'm starting that remind you about top stories this hour several densely populated apartment buildings in the astray and city of melbourne have been put into lockdown after a rise in 1000 cases thousands of people will be forced to stay at home there for
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at least 5 days and in israel officials have reauthorize the use of phone surveillance technology that was once deployed to deploy to prevent attacks israeli media is reporting that 3000 people have been told to quarantine just fasting. and at least 34 people have been killed during flooding and mudslides in southern japan nearly half of the victims were a nursing homes the military has been sent in to help with the rescue and recovery efforts. now there have been jubilant scenes across england off to businesses reopens there in london to launch very happy crowds gathered in big gardens and outdoor spaces rory chalons reports from so her and london the ancient in alien up all rights of free born people of the united kingdom to go to the pope is how boris johnson described it well here they are enthusiastic to be enjoying that right again after more than 3 months of lockdown plus going to the cinema getting their haircuts eating in restaurants and staying in hotels for england at
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least something like normal life has returned everyone's 2 really nice feels really nice we're going to go on a bit of a poke crawl after this it's rather expensive by comparison with. all you lying again. super saturday as the english press is called it was desperately needed by a struggling hospitality industry but business owners had to reduce capacity and make other changes to open a safe as possible we will take all the fortunes we can we put screens up between people you know wash your hands and everyone get way past and stick places till you know we were watching everything we have you can see you know that's not what. we're just hoping that there isn't a 2nd wave and that we believe. it is perhaps the most significant step yet in england's exit from lock down given the combustible mix of liberation and alcohol politicians both local and national have been urging responsibility well maybe we
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should call it sowed the saturday then but i think it's a we've been it's been 34 months in which we've not been able to come to restaurants we not been able to come to bars you know been able to come to pumps or an englishman not to be able to go to a pub is a very bad thing so i think people are allowed to let their head end just a little but we want them to do that in a responsible way essentially this is a big experiments that carries with it a big risk if this does result in new flare ups of covert 19 the government is hoping that they'll be localized and could be dealt with with localized restrictions returning to another full national lockdown would finish off even more businesses than are expected to go under anyway. even if this reopening goes well for business and safety tough times are coming during the lockdown period we've seen many trusted brands such as college years cafe rouge sadly fall into administration sub fact is i think we're going to see
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a lot more of this has simply accelerated the decline of a lot of businesses as of today i think there is maybe 250 branded restaurants which will not reopen and that number is only going to get bigger. this may have some appearances of normal life but it's still far from the real thing. well we can now speak to rory who's back in soho for us were it does look like a bit of a festive vibe over there especially in pubs and bars did people manage to socially distance after a few pints. oh well i would say no to that question yeah i mean if if yesterday was super saturday today we can call it had it all go some day my observations anecdotally from being on the streets yesterday through into the evening was that although people were. good tempers there wasn't really any trouble social distancing
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a pretty much gone out the window you know there was lots of hugging there were lots of good times and perhaps that's to be expected when you get people who've been locked up for so many weeks they're essentially let out there's lots of alcohol on tap the chairman of the police federation in the u.k. is going as far as to say that clearly drunk people cannot or will not socially distance and that is a big concern for future infection rates the government's surprisingly is saying that it was a success and although yes there were a few instances to the contrary by and large people did behave responsibly but we'll have to watch that our number and that of infection rate to see what the consequences of this reopening are and really all of this is obviously happening as the u.k. pushes ahead towards a new budget i imagine economists are eager to see people spending money out again
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. yeah absolutely they are getting the economy off his knees is vital. people being out and about spending is is just one part of that the government is looking to make sure people feel that it's safe enough to go out and spend money again making sure that they have enough money to go out and spend again and also linked to that is protecting jobs there is. a bloodbath in the jobs market that is coming it's expected when the government lifts its skin so wards the end of the month and that was the the way by which it allowed companies to protect jobs by essentially subsidizing salaries. so that the chancellor when he comes out on wednesday there are a number of ideas that are being floated around as perhaps some things that he he's
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going to announce like cuts in the 80 job retention schemes for young people tax breaks for companies. cuts in business rates that particularly hire young people perhaps giving people $500.00 pounds each in the in the country to go out and spend coronavirus hit companies places like pubs and restaurants and going out and. buying things and bricks and mortar shops so these are the kind of ideas that of floating around because clearly covered 9 seen as have been a hammer blow to the u.k. economy and it's no way near out of the woods yet there's going to be a lot of assistance needed from the treasury to to try and save people's jobs in the long term challenge for us on the streets of london thank you very much for. well saying in the u.k. as elsewhere the search is on for effective treatments to combat the corona virus and in reading scientists have turned to a herd of llamas to provide very small antibodies which they believe could
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neutralize the virus our correspondent john hall has now. what does a herd of lamas have to do with covert 19 it's not the start of a joke but it could be the route to a cure bonnie jones looks after the animal's welfare have sally we have toddy we have sports. we have alfie. and meet the star of this particular show fifi is the 1st on the university's film that we've used in the research. and other. species such as camels and our packers produced specialized small antibodies different to what you and i produce so what we do is we introduce a dead or small. protein into the llamas and they produce a natural body response so their small antibodies that bind on to the proteins that
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we introduce these pictures from a similar trial with alpacas in germany showed nobody's binding with the corona virus protein spike the coded virus is kind of a round virus that's got lots of spikes on it and these spikes we think are the things that latch onto our cells and in fact us so the idea is maybe if we produce a nano body that combined onto those spikes or lots of those spikes we can prevent the virus from attaching to our cells and in that way prevent infections so the fight against the corona virus has come to this could have llamas in an english field it's not as unlikely as you might think the 1st llama derived drug was produced last year for the treatment of a real blood disease and that's triggered real optimism about similar treatments for a range of cancers for alzheimer's and dementia and also now of course for covert 90 the daily pace of lama life is slow and so to the pace of scientific research but already there are promising results with the possibility of human
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trials in a year using lama nobody's to neutralize the coronavirus jona whole al-jazeera reading. well let's go back to south africa now which saw its highest daily jump in corona virus infections on saturday we can speak to solution she is a reception at the institute for global dialogue a south african think tank and she joins us now on skype from capetown so misha saturday was the 100th day of lockdown for south africa by my count and you had some of the strictest measures in the wild but those are now being gradually relaxed even as we see these case number skyrocket so what's the thinking here. of those that you know well the thinking is that we do love to cry if this was to actually kind of get biassed by the public health department and the government time in order to get more people know what is happening is. that or rather thinking that you can hear the full picture
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a lot that will be able to pull out probably needs to start adjusting and recalibrate and people need to get to work the last time when you just love women in the news need to buy the things that happened because of all sorts of phenomena so i think that the big find it but also what you're going to start with everything that the government wants us to stop the the who are responsible in our own behavior and behavior change so it was inevitable because they were dictions and were told by the government exploited it was one of just. there's a kind of you exempt war and once we reach those open up your quota you want to go to the point where it. happened and certainly we have to prepare for ourselves we're with the people and this people is not coming and that is that in some provinces in the west. we have in every sense we are beginning to see
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a kind of. new ground you factions megan section but the few people have the long one on one how is the health system there. not. all of the job of yours is actually you know in the eyes you know in terms of greek you know if it's not being able to absorb the capacity i mean one of the things that only we know this as well is that the economics of the social economic conditions of ohio has been so dire that even more when you have to spend only knew that you help those who want something and i think this and then we just and why was it you both well i want to ask you about some of the economic consequences you mentioned earlier as well as that it really is all part of the same issue because the lockdown really left some of the most vulnerable people in communities struggling even to feed themselves and i recall we even saw some people addicted from their homes during the lockdown period when our more than 3 months in and the
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health system is crumbling what's being done to help the most vulnerable people right now. well government came up with a very very expansive of relief package giving the unemployed a kind of grant. and they extended. they kind of talked up if you want to call it that topped up on the existing social grounds that are the 1st in order to help some of the some of these divisions and some of the vulnerable let me that's just a stopgap measure i think the challenge now is the companies up and going to the. some of the some of the or companies who michael economy if they can get that from the moment finally saw the goal of being homeless for controversy with some fraud that has been taking place so then if it's ready not at this point i think it's just about how the government goes forward because you know you close a vote perhaps they are coming for
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a while and so is that the airwaves which again is it is die out because we love. institution then it is fear of that but at the same time what's happening is that we see more and more unemployment figures rise and the moment there are 32 percent officially they haven't even if your company is that's a huge number so yes i do want to come back to spread now as well and i recall that epidemiologists were warning things would get really rough and africa would just take longer for the virus to get there and spread do you get the sense that that's now happening. i didn't do the other one was that because i think the problem here is whether we're talking about a kind of across the board spread over talking about spread the clips for those of us fox viewers which a whole circuit breakers and i think a lot of stand with but the law and the student measures up a lot on what we do see is that africa is in those areas with closing not also the
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access to all the shops were in form of jobs in a location you actually create a community infection so i think we're going to actually see the start to load more and more and get into lockdown 2 measures yes the economy starts to open up and that's going to be a phenomena you see happen in other parts of the world and the economy starts to open up the spikes the spread i think we're going to be in a peak for a long time into that and we'll continue watching very closely here on out of there centers an idea that from the institute for global dialogue speaking to us from cape town thank you for joining us on your show great to get a thoughts thanks. well voting is currently underway in croatia's parliamentary elections people there are choosing a new government during a recession that's been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic now the governing center right party only has a slight lead against its main rival the social democratic party and that could
1:45 pm
force the prime minister into an alliance with a far right nationalist bloc voters are being advised to when last we can speak to tanya novak she's live for us in the croatian capital zagreb tanya the pandemic in croatia did appear to be under control for a while there but now cases are on the rise so given the situation are people actually coming out to vote today. well it seems that the devil is not affecting the turnout numbers. in the 1st 4 and a half hours 18 percent people came out to vote but that is almost exactly the same number as 4 years ago but these were actually most demanding elections to organize over 3000000 800000 creation citizens are eligible to vote and they are doing it today wearing protective gear they have to wear masks and gloves bring their own pens to the voting polls and the spaces where the voting used taking place have to
1:46 pm
be taken care of epidemiologically in order to be saved for the voters it was very successful in managing cover in $1000.00 crises earlier this year especially in march and april that they had relatively low numbers and they managed to bring them down to 0 almost at some point and that was the time opened economy after a lock down opened the borders trying to save as much tourism as it can save this year this is a country which is largely dependent on the tourism that part of the economy of course almost quarter of its budget and they were hoping to have a covert $1000.00 free summer. expecting a 2nd wave in the early autumn that's why they decided to hold the elections now but in the last week of the complaints rather last week the numbers started to go up again very sharply so many people are very concerned on how this election will
1:47 pm
also. affect the numbers in the forthcoming weeks health officials are saying that they have situation under control that the house system will not be overwhelmed but the people have to take care of themselves and learned to act responsibly. i'm sure but tanya i see even as people come out of some far right parties expecting to make some gains today. well the pre-election polls are actually favoring the creation democratic union they hate this that which was ruling the we had the majority in the country for the last 4 years but all the polls are actually predicting that they will have to form the coalition after this election in order to form the government most likely that will be with the new option that rose after the presidential elections it's called the home and movement
1:48 pm
and it is nationalistic truly. orientated party led by a folk singer miroslav scholar who ran for the president by the end of the last year he did not win but he did gather some significant support so that forces are the way in introduction in him for him in the party and coming out for the parliamentary elections as it seems that those 2 those 2 options will be forming a coalition after the elections and that might turn creates a little bit more right after this election well of bringing you all the latest from that tanya novak speaking to us from zagreb thanks very much for that update tanya. well in the dominican republic elections are set for a sunday after being delayed because of this pandemic verges will choose a new president that could see an end to 16 years of unbroken rule by the center left dominican liberation party opposition candidates louise has emerged in the
1:49 pm
opinion polls as a likely favorite. now a black lives matter activist has died in the us city of seattle after a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters one other woman is also critically injured the driver fled the scene but witnesses drove after him and he was arrested police are trying to establish the motive this is just one of 50 vehicle ramming incidents reported in the us in the last few months now in hong kong online records appear to suggest that books written by prominent pro-democracy offices have disappeared from public libraries it follows the introduction of a controversial security law imposed by china the dream protests last week rights groups fear the law will give authorities greater power to arrest and imprison anyone who expresses dissent against beijing well geria has marks the 50th anniversary of its independence from france with the burial of 24 resistance
1:50 pm
fighters killed during proliferation the skulls of the men were returned to the capital algiers on friday they've been treated by french colonial officers as war trophies and kept in a museum in paris their final resting place now is among other notable algerians in the cemetary. now heatwave in a region usually famous for its cold weather has started fires across 3000000 hectares of land in a remote part of siberia planes are being used to tackle the wildfires lightning strikes are thought to be the main cause but the region is also experiencing a severe heatwave on june the 20th the town of her high and recorded a temperature of 38 degrees celsius setting a record for the arctic circle. well still ahead on al-jazeera baseball is not for the fainthearted people peace will be here to explain just what
1:51 pm
happened at this training session in orse. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to supplies and training to help the world's most foul mood people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that. working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wood and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.-h. on making a healthier world. the unit. for everyone. the
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all. that is now time for sport and peter i see politics is coming to formula one at always the case is another star 40 one's 1st race of a delayed season gets underway later in austria but drivers appear to be divided on how they'll protest against racism ahead of the grand prix world champion lewis hamilton says he's still trying to convince some to take a knee on the grid in a show of support for the black lives matter campaign he's made his case in
1:53 pm
driver's meetings but says there's a lack of understanding of the issue it's expected that all 20 drivers will end racism t. shirts hamilton will line up alongside mess eighty's teammate felt to clinch the pole position in qualifying on saturday david stokes sense the story. there was lots of attention on the old black mercedes of lewis hamilton on saturday he dominated all 3 practice sessions and was expected to do the same in qualifying but while he was quick his teammate was quicker valtteri bottas found the pace at just the right time to go top of the time sheets the finn tried to improve even further but pushed a little too hard on his final run that opened the door slightly for hamilton but the 6 time world champion fell just short so it's both tass leading a mercedes $12.00 on the front row with red bulls match for stop and starting 3rd half a 2nd slower feels really good 5 minutes this failings in off of
1:54 pm
a qualifying shakes something something special yeah great job by valtteri in. mrs a great start to to the season. it was a nightmare day for ferrari charles mclaren to hold this race last year because only managed 7th place was sebastian vettel will start even further back in 11th. there's been no f one action in more than 200 days because of it 19 and the sports taking no chances more than 4000 tests have been carried out on personnel in austria this week all of which came back negative it seems operating bubbles that are not. interacting with anyone from any other teams and then we build it seems they're operating in many bubbles if say one of them within those bubbles test positive for the virus then that will fit for 5 members of the team when they have people on standby you can then be drafted in your place that small bottle and then effectively the show can go on ahead of sunday's race the drivers have been told
1:55 pm
they can show support to the fight against racism in any way they choose but it's unclear whether all of them will take the name david stokes al-jazeera. or there's no stopping the by a munich steam train in germany after clinching the season's blunders league title they now have added the german cup to complete yet another domestic double. leverkusen in the final on saturday to win the trophy for a record extending 20th time a few weeks ago by and wrapped up their 8th straight title and they still have a chance to win the european champions league win that comes back in august. over in italy you venters extend the bay lead in syria with a comfortable win in their darby match against torino 42 year old the you've a goalkeeper jen luigi before and maybe $648.00 for league appearance that breaks the all time record set by paolo maldini at ac milan it was also
1:56 pm
a record breaking night for christie on a rinaldo he scored a trademark free kick which would you believe was introduced in $52.00 tents this becomes the 1st event is played to school $25.00 league goals in a season since 1961 you've easily winning this match for one to move 7 points clear of luck 0 at the top. and one of us former players less than even him of h. did his old team a favor on saturday the swede helped a similar in defeat 2nd place last 3 no to slip 7 points behind uva as a result of the defeat even him a bit from self made for the penalty to help movement a 6th in the standings and in positions on the 5 for the next season's europa league major league baseball teams are in training camp ahead of the start of the season in less than 3 weeks but it was a painful day for one man this is new york yankees pitcher masahiro tanaka he probably wasn't expecting this though it hit on the head was enough to send the
1:57 pm
japanese to hospital for evaluation and tasting thankfully he's ok and was released later the same day yeah i mean that stops in your tracks and you hope for the best when i went out to the mound you know you know at least in the immediate felt somewhat good about it because he was alert and very aware of. it was doing ok so there was a little relief there but you always worry about the next minutes and hours and whatever so the fact that we're getting good news is a good thing horse racing's epsom derby usually attracts 100000 spectators to the coals but the 241st running of the race had an easy atmosphere instead fans of being shut out because of the coronavirus pandemic but those who watched on t.v. would have witnessed a spectacular victory for soup in time who opened up a huge lead on the favorites and just kept going that was a record 8th in this race for training aid in o'brien. and that brings us to our
1:58 pm
own finish line for. thanks so much well that's it for me for this news out nick will be hit in a moment with more of the day's news i'll be back after. this countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. of the neighborhood and many feel the economy is being prioritized about for human life until fall of people getting the focus on day out here what spike in public like to face as we
1:59 pm
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