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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2020 2:00am-2:33am +03

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the streets revisiting the suv and friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition. for the only reward. who. iran confirmed significant damage to an underground nuclear facility after a fire it had tried to downplay. play it watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha and fully back people also coming out mexico rethink some of its reopening plans as it joins the list of countries suffering a surge in coronavirus. al-jazeera gains exclusive access to a group accused by the u.s. government of attacking its forces and formula one draws back into action before
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revving up their engines drivers take a need to protest against racism. iran's atomic energy organization has revealed that a fire at the natanz nuclear facility has caused significant damage a spokesman says fight is braise could slow down tehran's development and production of advanced centrifuges which are used to enrich uranium but iran will replace the damaged building with a bigger one with more advanced equipment in the past week several sensitive sites have been hit by suspicious fires including a petrochemical plant and a weapons development phase assad big has more from tehran on the significance of the announcement. significant in the sense that we're beginning to have an understanding of the extent of the damage has caused like the financial impact now
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the head of the iran's atomic energy organization. he made these comments when he was meeting the national security and foreign policy commission and he said that the financial damage was considerable but he also said that the investigation and its findings would be released soon i previously we had heard that those findings were being held back because of security issues which further fuel suspicions and rumors inside and outside the country we've also had the spokesperson from iran's atomic energy organization say that that this incident could slow down some of the production of advanced centrifuges but he went on to say that iran compensate for this by increasing capacity now that's a political statement that's a political statement for those that are looking at iran's nuclear program and what it says to them that incidents such as this won't slow iran down in fact it will encourage iran to work harder and that nothing can slow down iran's nuclear program and that's why he made that statement for people inside but also outside the
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country trita parsi is executive vice president of the washington think tank the queen seen situations he thinks iran has been very restrained in its respond to over the latest incident. previous efforts of sabotage have actually targeted that site as well in fact destruct virus was targeting centrifuge that were in that facility so in a sense what your commentary said earlier on is quite true it seems like the iranians may actually be coming out and explain the damage that has been done precisely to take the opportunity to on the one hand signal that they're going to double down on the nuclear program as a result of this but also perhaps to signal the europeans that once again the iranians are showing a degree of restraint in case it turns out that this actually was a call an act of sabotage from the hostile power and i think they're building up their cards to put pressure on the europeans that the europeans have to do far more
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than they have done so far when it comes to keeping the nuclear deal why there is an accusation that is $100.00 government has been far too weak when it comes to protecting the nuclear program standing up to it and pushing back against the pressure that the trumpet instruction is opposing on them so signaling that they're going to replace it with a bigger with more advanced centrifuges is a way of signaling not only the outside world but also iran's would read the government's internal critics. and iran's foreign minister has been heckled by members of parliament and called a liar during a speech outlining the president's foreign any comic policies and was was. javid zarif was briefing parliament and defending the government he was interrupted several times 200 m.p.'s have also tabled a motion to question president has some rouhani saying his policies have led to the current economic crisis. libya's un recognized government has condemned air raids
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on a recaptured air base in the west of the country it says a foreign air force carried out the attack and loss of the facility in may was among a string of recent defeats for war tiny for have to are pushing and pushing him out of large parts of western libya after launch an offensive to seize the capital tripoli last year a more adapted one had has more from libya's capital 5 strikes targeted by an identified warplanes but the government here in tripoli especially the defense minister just stated saying that. foreign fighter jets carried out the attacks on turkish military facilities in a little. air base that includes an air defense system according to a pro. media outlets we have not. reported any comment from the
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turkish military as of yet but only the approach. media outlets that reported that among the military facilities in other words targeted by a poor health or fighter jet is an air defense system units no casualties have been reported but the ministry of defense of the government of national called in tripoli here says that this attack by planes is trying to send a message to try to disrupt what it calls the victory that has been achieved by the government forces helped by the military and specially taken control of western libya from forces loyal to the world really for have to. corona virus infections and deaths continue to surge across latin america after reporting record numbers of new cases for several days mexico now has the 5th highest death toll in the world the virus has killed more than 30000 people there the government has been
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easing restrictions with more on the situation across the region we're joined by alice on the run katie who is in colombia's capital bogota and is on the road mexico now has the 2nd highest death toll in latin america after brazil and some have criticized the government for being too slow to impose restrictions and too quick to lift them. absolutely flawlessly and the truth is that mexicans are increasingly confused about what's happening in their country and the government's response that's because weeks ago both the president lopez obrador and the secretary of health have said that the country was very close to reaching the peak or had already reached the peak and that they could expect a reduction in the number of cases and the following weeks instead the opposite as happen mexico as the 5th highest death toll anywhere in the world surpassing france and this week will most likely also overtake the number of dates that in italy so
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it's a very complicated situation and this while the government as also confirmed that the real number of cases and that is probably much higher because they haven't been able to do enough tests and that's why we've also seen even if the president didn't see it in the need to continue to reopen even further the economy there there has been a reversal of some reopening that were scheduled this week in the in particularly in mexico city in downtown mexico city some stores reopened there on friday there were huge crowds the stores were in really controlling the number of people going inside and that all of these stores had the gene measures in place and so the mayor there decided to go back she said it's just going to be a pause about obviously they're very worried by this ticking cases and not only in
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the capital but also in many states especially the states that border 2 in the northern states the border states in the unit united states of america what about the situation in colombia way you honest on the dole. yes also seen an important increase in number of cases in the last couple of weeks as this country has reopened the important sectors of the economy as also allowed the informal sector which makes up almost half of the working population to go back to the streets this was seen as a necessary because after months of lockdown it was very difficult for them to be there the result though is that increase in hospitality stations the situation is very complicated and i see you you need to here in the capital more than 80 percent of them are now fool and there's also has been a big increase in number of deaths in cases along the caribbean coast the atlantic
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or region has just a 3rd of the population but it's seen double the amount of deaths and his sons are saying very much for that update on a sunday forest area in bogota. noun june 25th iraqi government carried out a raid on. a group linked to iran accused of attacking u.s. forces it was a test for a new prime minister. who has promised to crack down on costar operate outside the law for days later those detained had walked free al-jazeera simona 14 gained exclusive access to the hezbollah base that was raided. we're about to get a rare glimpse into the most secretive armed group under iraq's popular mobilization forces brigade 45 better known as. this is the 1st time journalists have been allowed into one of its military bases. is nominally incorporated into iraq's
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security apparatus but has been accused of acting outside the formal chain of command al-jazeera gained exclusive access to dislocation in southern baghdad after it was raided by iraq's counterterrorism forces the iraqi government says it had been tipped off that a rocket was about to be launched from dismissal of it towards the green zone where u.s. and other diplomatic missions are based 14 people were arrested and several weapons seized but the group says the raid was illegal carried out without an arrest warrant. they have evidence for the celebration they can show it to the people but here there are no missiles and launching pads the spices bring you since 2015 we have a formal letter from baghdad operations command this base is used for logistical support this was once a farm that belonged to saddam hussein's government after 2003 it was taken over by al qaida and bombed during the sectarian conflict during our visit we didn't see
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flags or signs marking it as an official facility belonging to the popular mobilization forces and none of the soldiers were insignia or. the pm if is being targeted so we didn't keep the flags because the surveillance drones are always flying around here. our visit was tightly controlled free fighters were allowed to speak on camera under the condition they hide their faces and withhold their names they admitted their not just part of the popular mobilization forces but also the so-called islamic resistance which fought u.s. troops in the wake of the 2003 invasion they still regard america's presence in iraq today as an occupation and aggressive up in the new year we are both at the same time the resistance and the popular mobilization forces the resistance was formed before the popular mobilization forces it for the occupiers after 2003 and expelled them in 2011 to this day the resistance groups are standing against
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occupation. the u.s. has previously bombed positions in iraq and has pressured the iraqi government to take action the raid on this base was an unprecedented move by the iraqi government against groups that the u.s. has accused of targeting its forces prime minister. has promised to restrict weapons in the hands of the state but the backlash against this operation shows just how difficult it is to deliver on those promises. the night of the raid a convoy of pickup trucks with heavily armed men breached a fortified green zone to demand the release of the 14 people detained hours earlier but the government yielded handing them over to the popular mobilisation forces which acquitted them days later the type hezbollah released images showing its fighters as they stepped on the prime minister's picture and burned the american and israeli flags their interviews were broadcast on. own channel it was
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all to deliver a stern message to iraq's prime minister. the prime minister has totally failed and he has to understand if the reliance on the americans rather than the iraqi people he will fail and if he continues this way he will show his cards as an agent of the americans and that he serves the americans more than his homeland a government spokesperson says one of the 14 detainees remains in custody but has not provided details the government's substitute response has left many questions on answered and has raised doubts on whether the prime minister is able to confront powerful groups like. al jazeera but the bat. still ahead on al-jazeera something's wrong with donald trump being the republican campaign that's working to get a democrat elected to the u.s. president. and a desperate plea for help them families this place has
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a devastating impact sweep through. the weather remains very hard to cross central canada central and eastern parts of the u.s. and with the hate was a massive storms you can see the storm clouds spilling out a sketch of the type of pushing down across the dakotas last a little system down towards the louisiana down towards the fos out of the u.s. as well and that's going to bring some very wet weather across the southeast of course as we go through the next couple of days a system will continue to make its way further north which in east was eventually will see the west the weather punching out around the carolinas around the middle part of the week the heat remains in place 32 celsius in minneapolis with close to 30 degrees there for winnie pagan plenty of heat into that east side of canada with
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eastern parts of the u.s. some of the cold and wet weather coming in across western canada through the pacific northwest but it does stay dry across a good part of the west coast of the u.s. not to bad into the caribbean we've got quite a splash of showers to western areas particularly just around central america some heavy downpours on the cars here we have got some other live the rain for a time just around the way in which as the leeward will see some wet weather coming in across trinidad and tobago heading towards quite a rash of showers here so much drier and brighter the greater antilles. from imprisoned dissident to inspirational. and. from founding the independent state to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary series i just see a world explores the rise to power of the 1st luger of an independent bosnia
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herzegovina. is a bag of rage. from prisoner to president on a jazzier. order the war. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera iran's atomic energy organization has a knowledge that last week's fire at a major nuclear facility caused significant damage that has slowed down the country's production of advanced centrifuges which are used to enrich uranium to libya's u.n. recognized government tests condemned air raids on the recaptured air base in the west of the country it says
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a foreign and force carried out the attack the loss of the base was among a string of recent defeats warlords 25 times and mexico's coronavirus death toll has found 30000 the 5th highest in the world has been reporting record numbers of new cases for several days now and some restrictions are being green polis in the capital mexico city. and other world news votes have been counted need to minicon republics presidential election sunday's vote was delayed because of the corner virus pandemic 6 candidates are vying for the top job including businessman and front runner luis abbey not their opinion polls suggest he could oust the governing center mass party which has been in power for 16 years as speak to money are up on those been following this election from mexico city forest so the polls have closed any early indications of who is going to win money. the polls have closed the votes are being counted rashly waiting at this point for the electoral
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authority to announce the 1st 20 percent of counted votes but in the lead up to the to the election on sunday it was a clear front runner as you mentioned foley that's luis now that he is a 2nd time political presidential candidate he's a well known businessman in the tourism industry and dominican republic a u.s. educated economist and also the nominee for the modern revolutionary party or p.r.m. in dominican republic his main opposition he is the main opposition he's running against. he is a former minister of public works and also the incumbent the nominee for the incumbent party dominican liberation party there isn't a lot of of ideological differences between these 2 parties they're considered centrist within the context of presidential politics in dominican republic but when by then it would take power away from the dominican liberation party's stranglehold almost 20 years of the last 24 years have been under the control of
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this party so there are signs of a massive almost tectonic shift in politics in the country and there are a number of reasons why these elections are are noteworthy the 1st the obvious one it's taking place under a backdrop of the corona virus pandemic the countries the worst hit in the caribbean by bike over at 19 but the country's president maybe not the incumbent president he served 2 consecutive for. 2 consecutive 4 year terms making him ineligible to run again in this is also the 1st time or the 2nd time since 1904 that the country is not only voting for president of vice president $190.00 members of congress $32.00 senators and also representatives to the central american parliament so it is being seen as a sort of all encompassing election folly briefly manny how has the coronavirus crisis affected the vote. under normal
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circumstances traditionally we would look at the campaign season in the dominican republic as a very high energy very outdoorsy public events where people are able to directly engage with campaigns and with presidential candidates and due to the coronavirus lockdown despite an easing of restrictions given the lockdown there has been a noticeable reduction in public participation and public engagement with the current elections but nonetheless people did bring of the ongoing outbreak again the worst affected country in the caribbean so that they could participate in sunday's elections thank you very much for that money on top of the line for sarah in mexico city. as the u.s. election approaches friends and donald trump is not just fending off attacks from members of the opposing party but also his own prominent republicans are saying they will vote for the presumptive democratic candidate joe biden and they're actively working to help him get elected i call hayne has more. there's morning in
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america this viral ad to put a new group called the lincoln project on the political map not because it has been viewed almost 3000000 times under the leadership of donald trump our country's weaker and sicker. this was an attack from members of the president's own party and he responded by attacking them well after midnight on twitter their reaction. republican operative rick wilson is one of the founders of the group he says the ad did exactly what they wanted every day donald trump is distracted every day don't i was running around like a crazy person doing the things that he does with a tweet gets in his head read it says this campaign is not focusing on beating joe biden every day he's thinking about us is something about him with surprising speed the group turns around ads meant to get inside the president's head something's wrong with donald trump the shaky weak speaking walking hitting
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him on issues that he's made clear bother him like crowd size turnout in tulsa. his physical health we seen it you're shaking. can't keep the polls up and it's getting worse and his handling of the coronavirus i don't think he was. but the group is also airing ads praising former vice president joe biden and democratic senate candidates will also attacking republican senators up for reelection richmond has a nice ring that's drawing criticism from other republicans but they're doing it not only opposed to election but to flip the senate to democratic majority control . to say that shasta you know give the democrats control of the senate because you oppose trump that makes no sense thank you very much but wilson says it's a kind of insurance policy you know we don't want to have a situation where donald trump if he does want a 2nd term has an easy route to continue to do things in this nationalist populous
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way that we think is a danger to the country and more republicans are joining his cause hundreds of alumni from the george bush administration have formed a group to try to help biden get elected. the trump campaign says it's further proof the establishment is working against them this is highly unusual members of a political party turning against its old leader openly and in public. imagine how big the crowds will be when he's gone actively raising and spending money to see him defeated and their own political party completely out of power patty calling al jazeera. the number of people who have died in ethiopia since the killing of a popular singer and activists is now at least 166 officials blame the deaths on both the response to the unrest by security forces and interethnic violence singer had a child on death was a member of ethiopians lantis ethnic group the a rumble he was shot dead in addis ababa on monday night at least 34 people have
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been killed in southern japan as to wrenshaw rain and severe flooding continue across several asian countries and a half of the victims in the. region were living in investing home reports. it's a challenging tolls for these emergency workers in southern japan the risk of more month's lines is high on the island. a trail of destruction can be seen from the air there's more rain and severe flooding in the weather forecast for the next few days. weather conditions are hampering rescue efforts in the west hit areas. of those killed or missing since sunday had been living in elderly care homes. and on to the cooma river burst its banks transporting people to safety by boat is a difficult and dangerous job on sunday prime minister sets up a special force to tackle the crisis and has deployed $40000.00 military personnel
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to help with the rescue efforts the. people in the area are required to continue to be on maximum alert with regards to self defense forces please prepare to dispatch 10000 personnel for further emergency support please do this that you are able to respond swiftly and adequately. some to 5000 people have been warned to leave their homes ahead of the floods japan's meteorological agency says the rainfall is the worst it's has ever recorded in the region. in china people are bracing themselves for more flooding weeks some of the heaviest rain seen in decades has killed more than 100 people millions of lives homes and businesses have all been affected especially in the south. we have disposable 50 people to help pre-mortal have also this. severely affected by the floods we are now making all over force to prevent further from our being from water dreaming into orbit. and these homes
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along the water in india's financial capital mumbai all dangerously close to being flooded july is usually the wettest month during the monsoon season but this year nearly a months worth of rain has fallen in just the past 5 days. more than a 1000000 people have been affected by flooding in northeastern india many of them have lost their homes that are low to the water level is increasing over here fishing is also there and so we don't want any loss of life that is why we request the authorities to come here and see what is going on and most is not. across asia and the agency services are overstretched also dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and with more rain expected in some areas the coming few days maybe even more difficult. for no one has made an exciting return after 3 months delay because of the coronavirus pandemic terry
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bought us one the austrian grand prix but while champion lewis hamilton missed out after being handed a time penalty all that after an eye catching protest against racial and social injustice that it's reports. before the race in austria all 20 drivers took part in a protest against racism after reports of disagreements among the group is how best to do it they all wore end racism t. shirts and the majority took the name 6 chose not to the world champion lewis hamilton f. only black driver was the only one wearing a black lives matter shirt. then it was time to race 4 months after the original work here in melbourne was called off because of coronavirus the sadie's valtteri bottas was on pole and got away cleanly at the start to open up a healthy lead. his team mate hamilton started back in 5th but quickly worked his way up to 3rd and that soon became 2nd after red bulls much to stepan was forced out with engine problems on lap 14. despite numerous incidents and safety because
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miss eighty's managed to keep the tyson hamilton safely out in front but they did warn them they needed to look after their cars. well treatises james ticket box issue is critical to the state of the show show then more drama followed kimmie reichen in lost his right wheel which meant another safety car had to come out while stewards recovered his al for a mayo that bunched up the pack and allowed others to put the miss a tease and the pressure alex album in the red bull attempted to pass hamilton with 10 laps left hamilton blocked him and alvin spun off and ultimately out of the race but it was to cost hamilton did too even though he crossed the line 2nd behind but us he was handed a 5 2nd time penalty which dropped him down into 4th which meant it was ferrari chose the clerk who took 2nd mclaren's lando norris inferred that 20 years old he's the 3rd youngest driver ever to claim
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a podium finish in formula one there was no social distancing back in the mclaren garridge i'm just a bad piece of history to be on the podium in the 1st place yes it would be nice to share with the fans in. to have to have a few more people. yeah i'm just so happy i did not expect to be to finish peter today so yes we may debate the best out of it's for me best way to start the season as a team i think we're leading of course we could have got more points i don't know if . stickley anyway right now i think it just the race is done and i just feel like moving forwards it wasn't to be for hamilton in the opening race but thanks to this season's makeshift calendar you'll get another chance at the same circuit in a week's time david stokes 0. 0 again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al jazeera iran's atomic
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energy organization has acknowledged that last week's fire at a major nuclear facility caused significant damage that could slow down the country's production of advanced centrifuges which are used to enrich uranium libya's un recognized government has condemned air raids on a recaptured a base in the west of the country it says a foreign and force carried out the attack and loss of the base was among a string of recent defeats for war 24 have taught mexico's corona virus death toll has passed 30000 the 5th highest in the world it's been reporting record numbers of new cases for several days some restrictions are being imposed again in the capital mexico city border checks have also been tightened over fears of infected travelers visiting from the us and us on the run kitty is monitoring developments from colombia the mexicans are increasingly confused about what's happening in their country and their government's response that's because weeks ago both the president
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locusts over the door and the secretary of health have said that the country was very close to reaching the peak or had already reached a peak and that they could expect a reduction in the number of cases in the following weeks instead the opposite as happen now mexico has the 5th highest death toll anywhere in the world surpassing france and this week will most likely also overtake the number of deaths that in italy. votes are being counted in the dominican republic surprise adventure of the election 6 candidates are vying for the top job including businessman and front runner their opinion polls suggest a governing center left party which has been in power for 16 years sunday's vote was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera. stay with us. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter
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of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. my bag it was my drug. if i have my drug. i'll do everything by going to my group i going to do anything to.


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