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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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we'll look at the team i didn't see of the british today i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on all just 0. 0. 000 again i'm a star and this is news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes india now has the 3rd largest number of cases of 1000 in the wild as it prepares to reopen some of its famous monuments. china detains an academic cerys criticized president xi over the pandemic and his efforts to consolidate power a. devastating flood sweep across southwestern panned dozens of
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lions. and renowned attack in composing a new morricone best known for his western killed scores has died at the age of 19 . and on pieces to mess with your sports news. will not be leaving the club any time soon that's according to the club's president but a move coming up later in the program. now nearly 11 and a half 1000000 people are now confirmed to have had or have the coronavirus around the wild india has surged past russia with about 700000 cases making it now the 3rd west had country and the in the wild it's now reporting close to 25000 new cases every day more than 19000 people have died there so far and many indians. he's in
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now tightening restrictions to try to halt a new spike in cases well in australia the border between its 2 most populous states is due to close on tuesday there's been a rise in cases in victoria prompting the decision to shut the border with new south wales indefinitely and we've just heard israel is now immediately closing all boz nightclubs and gyms. in new infections their prime minister benjamin netanyahu says reimposing restrictions is necessary to avoid a wider lockdown well we'll hear more about the situation in india and australia shortly but 1st let's speak to harry forsett he's in west jerusalem harry is this coming as a surprise given the numbers that we've been seeing. i think not we knew that the coronavirus cabinet so-called was meeting on monday there had been a lot of talk about the way the numbers have been spiking in recent days and weeks hovering at around 1000 a day though 817 on sunday not 107 overnight and there is real fear in
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the government that despite what was seen as a relatively successful early lockdown you remember israel shut its borders and went into a pretty extreme set of measures very early in the pandemic that even now if there is a 2nd wave as it seems to be and indeed government officials are talking about a 2nd wave that the health system could come under extremely severe strain if new restrictions aren't imposed in this couldn't this might not be the end of it netanyahu is talking the prime minister about being on the step of imposing another lockdown but so far the restrictions are as follows or clubs at the close all bars at the close gyms as well all cultural events there was we understand some serious talk about closing all synagogues as well because again the docks communities in israel have been a major area of hotspots of infection but it is understood the health the interior ministry of interior minister rather not rule talks politician argued for
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synagogues to remain open but they will be limited from down from 50 to a maximum of 1000 people allowed in a synagogue at any one time all of this has to be approved by the israeli parliament the knesset there will be a vote later on monday and at the same time in a separate building the government is moving to get powers to allow it to impose these sorts of restrictions immediately and then be reviewed in retrospect by the israeli parliament at the moment they have to go through this extra step of getting parliamentary approval for each such measure which is delaying things they say and so they want to have a position where they can immediately impose restrictions and then have them reviewed so that piece of legislation is also due to go to the knesset how awful is that there with all the latest for us from west to east and thanks very much carol . correspondent elizabeth pradhan is in india's capital new danny she says the country is a ramping up its efforts against the coronavirus. the indian government says that
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it has is continuing to expand testing in fact it says it's now tested 10000000 people at its testing 300000 people every day and what the worst hit states are doing is that they continue to test more people. expand their facilities here in. the results of the series to determine the spread of the virus we also heard from delhi's chief minister a few hours ago and he was positive about the situation despite the fact that delhi has reached needy 100000 cases and that's because he says that only a 3rd of the region's 15000 beds a commonly in use do you remember a few weeks ago delhi had a real problem with a shortage of beds but he says that most people are now recovering at home having said that he pleaded with those who but. that's another thing that the worst hit cities are doing is they really promoting plus my therapy as
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a way of treating patients and so people are trying to the governments states are trying to deal with this by expanding testing expanding facilities but you can also see behind me i'm at. one of the most popular tourist sites in the country on the 1st day that monuments around the country have been allowed to open and despite the fact that something like 8000 visitors would come to put every day there's been about 50 who come to visit in the last 8 hours that it's been opened and the reason being is people are not going out for non essential things because of that rise in the number of cases. where we can now speak to dr singh batty he's a medical doctor and also a member of the progressive medicos and scientists for and he now joins us via skype from the capital new delhi dr bhatti let's start with what's driving the surge that we're seeing in your mind was this inevitable. i mean you know
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maine says and the soldiers are really very high but actually the long run was eased in the very early stage when the cases where the rising exponentially so and they're doing their fame there was not clear message was also given to the people and the people was thinking that because we have now we have means we ease the lockdown this means we have all welcome but what this staple for like misinformation is also played a major role and that's what we're seeing that many people are coming though they are they are not following proper. precautions the measures which must be followed by everyone and because of their things we are seeing more and more. as you say we didn't have this huge nationwide lockdown that as we saw of course so much suffering for so many people and this has now happened regardless did the lockdown achieve what it set out to do in terms of trying to flatten the cab in order to
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help the health system cope. a long known met a as such it doesn't do anything because the problem is and bend and do additional fuel down must be used for more and more testing by saluting more and more cases and trying to break the last mission but that intervention that of intervention from well meant side was not beacon and i think the bomb meant. they have also underestimated the way to send bad code that just by causing them to lock down the white house will vanish is but this doesn't happen and we have seen that during the long run also when the polls log in and says are using exponentially and the basic problem is that there is no much efforts made to break the chain off the last mission because india's population is densely and because of densely populated at the end we are seeing many people living in slums media or. some other.
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areas very bad there if if even among medical people becomes was it because they have a tendency to infect too many number of patient so unless a little way is less of the ways there which was to come to isolate more than what people. just by imposing along don't bet on such anything so as our correspondent ms was saying the country has to step up testing but in your mind is that enough as we see the economy continue to reopen. law means the government need to build more in law testing and that the thing is that me nor the lady has which outlets to be affected be also normal decks won't be out of yet getting more and more people are getting infected so all knowledge of the approach must be to good to do the. best or almost everyone means who are living indoors look at libby's were living in the slum
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a lot i mean that they must be tested everyone and then i salute them in the garment facilities that are then being nice so letting them do the same area from the a b. and b. they become infected beasts these that broaches must be done but bill knowledge means that the p.c.'s which is the best meal for. bacon or singapore would be ashamed side to be said best thing but. instead of getting all the former dates came up with the pseudo logical testing the rich have a question they will have guts to mabel efficacy and sensitivity and specificity so all that i'll. still bit is the bit is some that i.e. is school for some cost cutting send rule and not actively or a not as good as simply going behind the white house and build on the been there policy makers want to realize this thing that they need to be aggressively grand the way it is i salute the bishops and big chain of transmission and then we were
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not expecting any downside to it but a lot of what let us talk to had to sing about even speaking to us from really great to get you on the ground inside town out of there thanks for being with us dr . thank you. now the border between astray is trimmest populous states is closing indefinitely as corona virus infections on one side or there it is in victoria scrambling to bring a spike in cast members back down in the states locking down residents and bringing in more social distancing measures and i gauge reports from the capital well the capital city of australia canada. trapped in their homes unable to leave for any reason 3000 residents in 9 public housing towers in melbourne will remain inside their flats for at least 5 days an unprecedented lockdown. after the buildings were linked to dozens of corona virus cases it's very very challenging
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but it is preferable to. vast numbers of people with underlying health conditions infected with this virus spreading it between each other for many inside english is their 2nd language food and essential items are being delivered in this 24 hour police surveillance but some of question the fairness of the tough measures only affecting nose in the public housing blocks. it's a massive. relations. with individuals are now confined. to leave except for very few exceptions and we're not saying no exceptions being exiled astray or has been relatively successful in suppressing coronavirus but in the past week infections in the state of victoria have soared it recorded 127 new cases on sunday prompting the closure of its border with neighboring state new
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south wales indefinitely this is the 1st time in 100 years the border between australia is true most populous states will hold several towns straddle the truce sought some residence though it will be given exemptions and permits allowing them to travel across it's a decision that will no doubt be a huge setback for australia's economic recovery as it heads into recession we have done this based on health advice and especially given the fact that when our nation had those hard number of cases back in february and march the vast majority of those cases were the by the space travelers all the direct contacts what is happening in victoria is very different which is why the fuck you take this case a serious state. did better than many countries during this pandemic with about i 1500 cases so far but the melbourne outbreak has consumed many a clear example of how quickly this virus can return and spread gauge
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0 camera. well hundreds of scientists say there's now evidence that covered 19 is airborne 239 experts and 32 countries are publishing an open letter to the world health organization saying the virus can spread through smaller particles in the air they want the w.h.r. to update its recommendations on just how the virus infects people but the agency is resisting the mounting evidence saying that it's unconvincing w.h.y. maintains that cover 1000 spreads primarily from passenger passing through small droplets from the nose or mouth. well actually i spoke to simon is an associate professor of cellular microbiology at the university of reading he says the reason to bring some of the w.h.o. his own guidelines into question the more people who've studied transmission of this coronaviruses code 90 the more evidence they've come up with to suggest that
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it is spread further than the one meet the world health organization has said all along that people need to stand away from one another in order to to reduce their risk of picking up the infection there is and has been for some time now increasing body of evidence to suggest that up to 70. count be exposed to the virus and that's because it's so in their eyes that models it is hanging in the air much finer spirit droplets than the large ones the world health organization has has been looking at and has been worried about that the world health organizations justification perhaps it's that just because you're exposed to a virus doesn't mean you're exposed to enough of it to cause an infection so the normal reaches of a cough or sneeze with a flying apart cools off restricted droplets carrying virus will be found you may
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not be exposed to any infectious dose to enough virus to cause an infection so just because you're exposed to a virus doesn't mean you're exposed to enough of it to enough of it to be infectious all intensive care units are filling up in colombia's capital as kay says then stands and doctors i worry that many deaths are also going on reported as hunger and petty reports from bogota. victims arrived. on the outskirts of. the recent increase in the number of deaths in the capital has meant cremation service is tripled here in the last couple of weeks. funeral workers say it's a sad situation for the relatives who can't give their loved ones a proper goodbye. people are hopeless they see this entering the hospital 1520 days before they never see them again until they meet us in the
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closed coffin of. columbia's reopening of important sectors of the economy in june following a strict quarantine seems to be responsible for a sharp rise in hospitalizations. intensive care units are now 80 percent full in the national government but new ventilators to increase availability but a lack of trained doctors means not all of them can be used at the same time and now authorities are worried by a sharp surge along colombia's caribbean coast soldiers and police in full protective gear or on the streets of the port city of butler in kenya to enforce quarantine measures. the atlantic a province has registered almost double the number of deaths compared to with only one 3rd of the population. authorities say here people have been more openly flouting social distancing rules holding parties in other gatherings and doctors
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fear some could be the 1000 related deaths are not being reported. many patients dying at home or arriving at the hospital dead are not being included in the sticks but from feedback from families and clinics it is clear that the person died of corona virus and we are not reporting it. the sharp turning pales in comparison with some neighboring countries like brazil this very worrisome especially since health authorities say we're still weeks away from reaching the peak of infections and the government is excluding the return to stricter measures saying it's time to revive the country's battered economy leaving much of the responsibility in the hands of people wearing face masks and maintaining social distance a lesson that i'm just. well let's bring you some other news now and 3 high profile hong kong activists have appeared in court charged with organizing an illegal
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protest last year that trio includes pro-democracy leader joshua one who denies the charges his political party disbanded last week after china imposed a controversial national security law on the hong kong but our correspondent sara clark was outside that hearing in hong kong. 3 arrived at court to appear on charges of inciting taking pot and organizing what was deemed an illegal assembly in june last year at the place headquarters and this was at the beginning of those anti extradition anti-government protests that joshua won and ivan lamb they pleaded not guilty to all those charges i discharge pleaded guilty to 2 of them inciting and knowingly taking part of the 3 valid to continue their fight for democracy in hong kong but in light of the introduction of the new national security laws the big knowledge they face an uphill battle in the court on the international community to help free all of us are worried about our future with a friend of life sentence and also big by beijing but we also encourage the global
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community to let our voice being heard in the world we still have to let the world to know that it's the crime to stand before and now is the cry for home home and keep our moment of joshua long was the face of the occupier pro-democracy movement back in 2014 and has long been a target of a political targeted by china and hong kong government he's told the media he expects to be pursued under these new national security laws and could be extradited to china but he says he want to kowtow to beijing is already had his books removed from government libraries in hong kong but he says he won't be silenced as well all that's all come as china has detained a law professor who strongly criticized president xi jinping over his handling of the pandemic and his efforts to consolidate power in an essay titled a viral online fury overcomes fear shows young ron wrote the cause of all these lie is ultimately is the axle that's a reference to xi jinping and the cabal that surrounds him and began with the
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imposition of stand bans on the reporting of accurate information about the virus which served to embolden deception at every level of government. well we can now speak to william yes he is a journalist and also the vice president of taiwan's foreign correspondents club he joins us now via skype from taipei william let me start by asking if you're surprised by these events when it comes to mr sure. this is actually not a very surprising move ever since he published those series of articles criticizing of the chinese government is handling of the agenda make it has been a looming at the back of many of the chinese observers mind that there will come a point when the chinese government decides to act and do to rest him he has been very outspoken since 28 in criticizing the abolishment of the presidential term and also later on other serious moves that xi jinping has been trying to do to consolidate his power and he's articles and consider as one of the most
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authoritative critique on the chinese government in those who seek to solve why samus to show his friends have also certainly not been surprised at all and mr scherer himself kept to a bad with close on the truth brushing on the front door for when they came for him i think had also been barred from teaching at a very prominent university and then also even placed under house arrest after writing a critical article his k. they're not shying away from criticizing the government despite their threats how is he then regarded by the public and china. so a lot of the liberals and also pretties of the chinese communist party has been viewing him as one of the most influential intellectual ever sins of the deceased. nobel peace prize laureate illusional or because of the same way that he's willing to go at length to criticize the chinese government and also at the same time she is very familiar with china's legal system and political system and
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a lot of the present some baccy has been made over the last few years are in fact things that are as aiming at the heart of the problem in china i say that when officers raided his home they took away his computer and also some documents but at the same time they're saying he's been detained because he was soliciting prostitution how does that add up. so the this case in of all the disabled device is not a very uncommon way in china these days one of the police dishonest raids aids activists were in selections housed but the also actually beating the soliciting prostitution like charges against him is basically also just shows that the chinese government is trying to use of theory and unfounded accusation to smear an intellectual but they want to detain they're trying to find a reason to detain him and the thing is that according to his friends he did not
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leave beijing during that time and so today it was in fact a pretty strange that his wife got the call from the police from a different problems that to inform her that he has been detained for that charge so this is just all make it out to let it show that the average very nature of the exchange well let me ask you this then when i was still clearly in the middle of a global pandemic season thing has taken a lot of flak including domestically for his response to the pandemic and many speculated that that could have political implications is this an effort to crack down on that and try to reimpose some sense of power at home. right so this campaign actually has started ever since the lockdown in unhappy and over 400 chinese citizens have been detained for meat and online comments sharing information about the virus that the government deen as too sensitive and a lot of them have been released but this trend just shows that there is
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a very strong urge and also a strong campaign on the chinese government side to try to rally and wrestle back the control of the narrative around the endemic they don't want to be seen and view as steve because of this full global endemic rather do want to get a turn around this image and then let it be and actually a positive story that you know they successfully contain the virus and that's what we have been seeing over the last few months lammy and there the vice president of taiwan the foreign correspondents and a journalist speaking to us from taipei thank you for joining us here on out is there a great to get your thoughts when you thank you for having me. well beijing has now accused washington of sending warships to the disputed south china sea to provoke tension between countries in the region the u.s. says its 2 navy aircraft carriers have been conducting military exercises since saturday while china says the u.s. is deliberately trying to show off its military power. now opposition candidate
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carries out the not it has claimed victory in the dominican republic presidential race that election had been shuttle to take pay a speck in may but it was postponed because of the crying a virus outbreak the west of any caribbean nation our correspondent daniel repeller has. the government of the dominican republic east coronavirus restrictions on sunday to encourage people to get out and vote in national elections. the dominican republic is the caribbean nation worst affected by the pandemic special voting schedules were adopted to account for elderly voters considered more at risk during the outbreak but i hope that in this election's the candidate loses is a good looser and the one who select that knows that he was the people who chose not so he can benefit but he nordica wark or the people of. sunday's national elections with the 2nd since 1994 to elect a president vice president both chambers of congress and representatives to the central american parliament to the minute
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a republic is leaving now i'm unique and i have to say that we are witnessing a major shift in the political bodies over into the meaning congress where one party has only needed or the last 24 years their local elations the smarts. that scales in favor of them or their revolutionary party or b r. presidential candidate luis you know that nominee for the modern revolutionary party was ahead in the polls in the lead up to sunday's elections. having secured more than 50 percent of the vote 52 year old least we know there was announced president elect of the dominican republic and lit up a little al-jazeera. now dozens of people are feared dead in southern japan as torrential rain and severe flooding continues across several countries many of the victims were elders who had been staying at
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a nursing home in the region and rescue teams are still on the lookout for survivors of a prize has already asked. a weekend of punishing rains across the southern japanese island of q shu and this is the result. wide scale flooding and landslides especially along the swollen cooma river which burst its banks as the rains intensified thousands of people were urged to leave their homes but some opted to stay fearing the coronavirus despite assurances from the authorities that they'd be safe one elderly care home was inundated with a number of its residents presumed dead or missing rescue teams have been sent to the area to help look for missing people and to help with the clean up i wish there was someone who can help us says this restaurant owner the government says it's mobilizing all resources to tackle the emergency. over 40000 members
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from the units of the police fire department self defense forces and coast guard are putting all their effort into searching in rescuing deceive people's lives. for japan it's the worst natural disaster since a typhoon struck last october which killed around 90 people few shoe is used to powerful summer floods and has in place wrong defenses against them but for now with more rains forecast those defenses seem to be overwhelmed. robert bride al jazeera. and let's stay in japan to find out about the weather prospects in the news rob doesn't look very particular you know seasonal rain and. me i think we got a bit more still to come maybe look at the close behind they've been following the lone. scuse me of the japanese are the main islands for about 4 days. the result of that is $500.00 millimeters half
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a meter of rain typically over q sure and more specifically i've just seen some video from the same area $602.00 millimeters the toshi goes up in the mountains of course and you saw the river burst its banks because you know that amount of water because they're all may 3rd in the last 5 days. in 2018 they had even more than 200 people died then which is why it's not good news there is yet more rain still to come for crosswise you got the idea of these slope of the rains the orange here is just the heaviest stuff it does catch tolls and i think catches home shouldn't. take you through tuesday the start finish by then but i think the emphasis might be the next wave building which is further upstream in china similar story but rather fossil land here now there are new rains here of course fill the yanks have yet to regain the pole river it's expected and always there are rescue efforts to minimize it is in will harm as a result was that who hands forecast is
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a wet one heavy rain for the next 2 or 3 days so we'll see more of the same as does it. still ahead here on al-jazeera. we take a closer look at the multi-billion dollar thing u.k. government is giving the creative sector. a cabaret some of us how the u.s. and afghanistan are working together to present a rich heritage. and sport here with. a way into man on man to pave the way mr. frank assessments tourism income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in poaching quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive rhetoric that has become very normal and it really is. citing in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for diplomacy you say
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treat cleric not only you seem to greedy but he's great to be just a really deep hole with all continues inside story on al-jazeera i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover for impulse the national security this is very much a political impounds here's the paul flick how do we illustrate it are we telling a good story will people get what we're trying to think here they're living outside in makeshift tents this is not the way any family wants to raise their children we're really good in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise it's absolutely feels that you were there.
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and again i'm the star of the attack and let's remind you of our top stories here. israel is immediately closing all boz nightclubs gyms and event halls after a surge in new coronavirus infections prime minister benjamin netanyahu says a re imposing restrictions is necessary to avoid a wiser lockdown. india has overtaken russia to become the 3rd west head country from the coronavirus pandemic it's reporting nearly 25000 new cases every day with nearly 700000 infections now confirmed nationwide and. and china has arrested a professor who published essays criticizing president xi jinping handling of the pandemic. jungians friends say he was taken from his home in beijing by more than a dozen officers on monday. kenya's pres. has announced
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a phased reopening of the country with international flights now set to resume on the fast of next month he's under pressure to kick start the country's ailing economy often nearly 4 months of coronavirus restrictions well we can now speak to our correspondent catherine so as she has all the latest from the capital nairobi catherine i see that can answer is also loosening restrictions to allow movement between counties in kenya but the curfew remains in place and this is all happening as numbers are continuing to climb so how do people there actually feel about the timing. well that's a big concern and we have spoken to some people who've said particularly lifting travel across the country is is quite the true mental they say it's too soon to do that some of these analysts i've spoken to because a lot of people not that people can move around the country freely so a lot of people may opt to go home to visit their elderly relatives in the jones in the regions where the health care structures are not quite in place or are quite
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poor but the president said that this decision that has been made was made a lot of consultation and weighing all these priorities that you talked about in the intro yes this is still 1000 is still a very big threats to the people of kenya as of now we have 8000 confirmed cases 164 people dead we have had reports that some private hospitals are you know feeling the pinch of feeling overwhelmed quarantine facilities the fool the government looking into how it can enforce self quarantine so all those things the president has said he has looked into that and then on the other side this is a quantum which is basically down on its knees thousands and thousands of people now have lost their jobs shot companies are shutting down so he said after weighing that that's how it was decided to be this assess the station of movement in and out of nairobi and that the coastal town of mumbai you also said that
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charges and mosques can reopen but with conditions not more than $100.00 people can go to service those who are over 58 years old and with underlying medical conditions they can't go to a charge or a mosque he also says that someone should be kept out of a maximum of one hour and he said that the government is going to be more nice hearing this for the next 21 days and evenings think things evey's sees things worse in the vendor. don is going to be imposed again but like i said a lot of people still concerned especially with the travel across the country and catherine you've also been monitoring things for us and burundi a new president there and also a new approach to dealing with this pandemic now i see. huge policy change and you know we've been talking to people in burundi who are saying that this is for the good of a lot of people who are waiting for this change in policy the president or the new
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president of a recession maya last week declared coronavirus the biggest threat to the people or buddhi and since then we've seen a lot of movement in the country today was officially the beginning of mass testing we this is something that we hadn't seen before several centers have been set up in fields in the commercial copy called to do great other provinces of what we're seeing who indians what are you currently boy to get tested the spokeswoman with each of this waiting for this moment the. health minister is going to be addressing the press at some point today and we are hoping to hear more about especially the social distancing measures that are going to be in place these are things that we did not see before in the so yes huge huge policy change catherine story there with all the latest from around the region for us from nairobi thank you very much catherine. one of the world's most visited museums is opening its doors again after
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the pandemic forced its closure the new for in paris home to the mona lisa was last opened back in mid march directors say the 16 me closer has cost the museum about $45000000.00 in lost ticket sales now usually during peak tourist season the museum draws up to $50000.00 visitors a day but managers expect those numbers to drop drastically with tourism still at a standstill. when the british government is investing $2000000000.00 to help its cultural institutions and the arts during the pandemic the emergency grants and loans will be available to both public and private museums galleries there says heritage sites and music venues industry leaders have been calling for financial help to several weeks now warning that many venues are on the brink of collapse well it's now speak to rory chalons who is standing amid the field is a london's west end i believe rory this must be she truly for the whole push out scene. our absolutely yeah there's been
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a collective gospel of relief from across the arts and culture industry this news for weeks now you get the sense the desperation has been increasing in getting louder and louder at key figures have been speaking out campaigns have been launched trying to prompt the government to do something you can see one of the campaigns here this is how this shuts the door was covered in tell you say live fears are missing the fear is being that unless something was done that some 50 to 70 percent of the it is in music venues except might never open their doors again a huge cultural and economic loss to the country there have already been redundancies the national theatre has lost 400 casual stars so this money is an absolutely essential lifeline bartz it doesn't solve the bigger questions that remain about the industry's future if social distancing has to continue then
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audience size is will have to shrink but some places like this they need to fill a least 50 percent of their capacity in order just to breakeven so this money will help bert's the arts and culture in the u.k. it's not out of the woods here or a challenge there live for us on the streets of the west and in london thank you very much warren. well staying with culture in times of crisis and some of the earliest statues of but among precious items housed in the national museum of afghanistan but the united states estimate finale 70 percent of the treasures have been looted or destroyed during 4 decades of war and under strict taliban rule now historians at the university of chicago and teaches and afghanistan are working together to try to preserve what's left of this cultural heritage john hendren reports. under the taliban this would have been unthinkable bringing pre islamic
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art to students boys and girls across afghanistan. we feel like we're inside the national museum and watching all the history our country has 5000 years of history we knew about it but we did not see them close up there are in conflict ravaged afghanistan travel can be prohibitively expensive often dangerous sometimes impossible so in an extraordinary collaboration with the u.s. state department the university of chicago's oriental institute has crafted 3 d. replicas of the historic treasures of the national museum of afghanistan in kabul afghanistan is one of the richest areas in the world for the history of the development of civilizations and this very rich heritage has been threatened over the last 30 or 40 years by constant warfare that has devastated not only the country and its people but also the cultural heritage the history that defines what
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that country is. now halfway around the globe a mobile museum is taking replicas of afghanistan's cultural heritage on tour go to the dog i saw all these specimens only in books but today we saw them right here this creature is called a little too it stood outside the assyrian palace of king sargon in what is now northern iraq around $700.00 b.c. it has the body of a bull the wings of an eagle and the wisdom of man and for that reason it's just the kind of graven image the groups like i still have destroy sac religious the goal of the museum is to preserve endangered art like this and in afghanistan where many people can't come to the museum to bring the museum to them. and the project is one part education one part cultural preservation to end the kind of efforts to erase known islamic cultural heritage that occurred when the taliban blew up these
4:43 pm
massive 6 century buddhist figures that barmy. rule the thought should happen in the villages because off the lack of knowledge about the importance of the city. with the taliban actively seeking a return to power the replicas recreated in a university of chicago web or also insurance that whatever happens to the original objects of art crafted on afghan soil the country's historical artifacts will not be erased john hendren al-jazeera chicago well let's now speak to aaron thompson she's an art historian and a professor at the john jay college of criminal justice she also writes about what it means when people to nebra destroy icons of cultural heritage she joins us now on skype from new york aaron great to speak to you again here on al-jazeera thanks for being with us now that projects that john has been showing us that is clearly a really wonderful initiative but i i can't help feeling a little sad too that it's had to come to digital reconstructions of artifacts
4:44 pm
rather than students a new generation is being able to experience the real thing. and that's true around the world where so many cultures have their artifacts in other continents it's estimated that something like 90 percent of african cultural heritage objects are outside of the continent of africa in western museums do you think erin the something like this the reconstructions this could be a bigger print of sorts for conservation elsewhere i mean there has been so much destruction of heritage as well during times of conflict definitely and i think that can exist online as well to allow everyone to explore these things and this project says and then what needs to happen collaboration between countries instead of one country imposing a vision of the past on another just zooming in here on afghanistan specifically can you talk us through the extent of the looting and destruction that's taken
4:45 pm
place there it's really been our whole so. again it stands cultural heritage has disappeared through looting and her and then destruction under the taliban. what is really at stake here is the present not the past by destroying images that show a past of cultural and religious toleration but taliban was really passing a message to everyone else in afghanistan saying if you don't worship exactly like we want you to then you too will be smashed. erin there's obviously an ongoing lack of peace and security in afghanistan how is that affecting things especially when it comes to conservation. well there is a real worry that all of this effort put into conserving objects that were attacked by the taliban years ago might be put to nothing if taliban authorities come back to power and are able to smash objects again so we really have to think extensively
4:46 pm
about how we can all do our part to protect our past and you spoke a little bit at the beginning there about some of the artifacts that end up in museums not their places of origin can you talk us through a little bit about what you think needs to be done there because so much was looted from different countries do you think things need to be returned or could initiatives like this potentially allow more people to share and incent experiencing that heritage i think 1st of all the most important thing is for people to stop buying antiquities without a very clear truth that they're not illegally you can go search on e-bay today virgo and harman and you could use which are ancient enemy and. so many many of which i think but some of which are still needed so we need to stop buying and the need to think hard about how do. some folks think that everything should be repatriated i think in terms of long term loans or more cooperate endeavors like
4:47 pm
this one there is a lot of possibilities and erin a huge amount of what was taken from afghanistan has ended up abroad can you give us a sense of where things have ended up and whether or not you feel that that afghans have a sense of possession of their cultural heritage given that so much is abroad. it's very difficult to say because the private our market is very it's a lack of transparency so we don't know where a lot of things are and other countries are sometimes more or less transparent so the british museum has a large. objects that receives that were shot and been noted that were saved in london and served and then cooperated we returned or seen. the again government decided it would return and that's a great. there are countries make this decision and it seems for them to have the objects without ever consulting with the source country and that is
4:48 pm
a more questionable aaron thompson their art historian speaking to us from new york thank you very much for joining us again aaron great to get your insights here on al-jazeera thank you now the oscar winning italian film composer ennio morricone has died at the age of 91 he wrote music for more than 500 films avatar getting the looks back at his life and legacy. you don't need to be a fan of classic westerns to recognize music composed by. his collaboration with director says on so-called spaghetti westerns such as the good the bad and the ugly and a fistful of dollars helped define a cinematic era. really i don't describe images with my music when there is an important movie it's key that the music sees what is ensued and what you cannot
4:49 pm
see. until the 1960 s. film schools were unassuming designed to go unnoticed that morricone change that usually for a composer became a star. what morricone central kind of. mid sixty's almost exactly to get the face to get us to a soundtrack is that they thank you much more prominent role. than are almost pop music the italian composer was on it by hollywood with an oscar for lifetime achievement in 2007 then 9 years later he won the academy award for best original score for director quentin tarantino's weston the hateful 8 it was a job more coney originally turned down until turn tina allowed him to break with the style of music he'd written for westerns in the past. this is something
4:50 pm
amazing unexpected because really in my type of work you don't think of the positive or negative consequences in general dirani could have ones but sometimes they can also be negative consequences there it is the film doesn't succeed or people don't like the music but this time everything went well thank goodness i'm happy amazed. marconi with a pearl if a composer not just in terms of the number of films he worked on but the diversity of genres it's a measure of his success some of his schools even more famous than the films he wrote them for. now the dalai lama is known for his score for well peace and resistance against chinese one of tibet but this year he's decided to try something new. but it was the one. that's most of. the
4:51 pm
exile but a spiritual leader is marking his 85th birthday with the release of a music album of monk chosen teachings it's called in a wild and it came about 20 musicians from new zealand contacted him and 2015 with the idea of collaborating. on still ahead here on out of their 5 a side football for a pandemic well telling you about a new socially distance game in argentina. business leaders just want to find a bra spot. business
4:52 pm
leaders just want to buy the bra spot.
4:53 pm
it is now time for support and his peace thank you mr barcelona superstar captain you know messi is going nowhere and he will finish is korea at the catalan club that's according to club president but tomorrow may see help decide to a 41 leader win over via rail on sunday but they has been a lot of talk in the last few days about the origin time being unhappy at the club reports suggested he might leave when his contract expires in 2021 but bosses president insists that will not be the case. to football in italy where in some lands title hopes have suffered a big blow after defeat at home to bolivia and it was all going so well for into romelu lukaku scored to put them one up in bologna or had a man sent off and into had a penalty to make it to no but keeper lucas school groups made a double save to keep them out and it cost them levelled things up through message water to win had one of them in scene 2 for
4:54 pm
a 2nd yellow alessandra bust on me before. school but when a bad 0 with the side in go back means interesting in 3rd but they are 11 points behind leaders you venters with only 8 games left to play. so with them to slipping up better lentil took advantage with a $10.00 win over calley r.d. but it wasn't a straightforward is the amount of light scoring what seemed the super bowl only for it to be ruled out for handball will you decide how much of a handball the sexually is atalanta were not complaining though after the ball and it was a red carded lewis moody l. tucked away the penalty to move atalanta to just one point behind 3rd placed into. an england newly crowned premier league champions liverpool have racked up yet another win this time a 2 no victory over aston villa or manchester city lost at southampton liverpool now need 12 points from the last 5 games to beat city's record of $100.00 points in the season but you're going club says he is not focusing on that. only not
4:55 pm
a number 6. and maybe 9 points for example because it was very easy for the game. it's just not. going to be they. can do something special it's great really don't think too much. porter have restored a 6 point lead at the top of the portuguese premier league or they thrashed struggling side at bell and insists they have no take of the goals came stoppage time as opposed to regain possession from their opponents' corner and launched a counterattack. for running the ball from inside is an awful scoring a stunning long range goal to seal the 3. the n.h.l. i saw the season has been given the green light to resume in toronto and edmonton after the league and players association agreed on coronavirus protocols the season could resume in late july or early august it was postponed in march because of the
4:56 pm
role of virus players and staff will be tested fork over 19 on a daily basis and players are not obliged to take part but must inform the league by tuesday if they wish to opt out american golfer bryson has picked up the 6th p.g.a. tour title and he's putting it down to the coronavirus shut down the world number 7 estimates put on about 9 kilos of mostly muscle in the break and that's helped him improve his power and distance off the tee the 26 year old put in a fantastic front 9 in detroit on sunday finishing 3 shots clear it's a little emotional for me because i did do something a little different changed my body changed my. mind in the game and i was able to accomplish a when playing a completely different style of go off and it's pretty amazing to see that and i hope it's an inspiration to a lot of people that if they set their mind to it you can accomplish it meanwhile
4:57 pm
football fans in argentina are doing everything they can to get back on the pitch including inventing a new sport it's a local 5 a side pitch into a human foosball table by marking out a rectangular zones each player must stay within their box to help maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic which as it turns out is not bad easy and no tackling is allowed. now yeah. it does the idea is very good for these times given the situation we're going through it's being able to start something that gets us moving and to shake off problems through support for life and for me football is very important and it allows me to forget the daily grind. of the truth that i tried to talk to. the 1st time i've kicked a ball in so many analysts i'm telling you this truthfully i'm emotional ok i'll be back in a couple of hours with sports news updates. well that's it. way
4:58 pm
on the back in just a couple of minutes. stay with us here on out. on counting the cost of pandemic decimates jobs pushing variants rick st paul the secret of green recovery save the global economy senegal flagpoles from try the screws are moved to overfishing by speed processing fox may quarterbacks have been . trying to call on al-jazeera. the zipper willed ring and disjointed days especially for the young my life changed because i can't go will say we have to be careful to not get sick at all said university study found the one in 5 children and now afraid to leave their homes the sense of disorientation and confusion of being very understandable natural reaction to children and in the past few weeks
4:59 pm
secure mental health units have been forced to discharge large numbers of patients there are children suffering from psychosis who believe the virus is a conspiracy others with eating disorders or histories of self harm we fear that we're going to have a time bomb this is building up to a nation mental health epidemic the world's attention is on controlling the virus for the rick helpless he didn't victims even when the pandemic passes there will be many in desperate need of help. that is resistance. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parity and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s. gun a controversial
5:00 pm
a witness documentary on al-jazeera. play an important role protecting it when. india now has the largest number of coded 19 cases in the wild and the southern states he is imposing what it calls a triple locked down. but again i'm mr tate and this is algis there at live from doha also coming up more restrictions imposed on israel bombs in nightclubs in gyms will be closed in an effort.


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