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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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writing viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight visions but one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. india now has the world's 3rd highest number of corona virus infections the confirmed total now is 700000 but the real number could be far higher. our intake of this is out of syria live from london also coming up. we will not be on the way you cannot set foot in this country i will seize your block ridgeville gotten grades if you try britain target saudis over the death. as it puts human rights abuses in the crosshairs of its 1st and unilateral sanctions after brics it
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. tensions between the u.k. and china rise as the ambassador in london events his anger at gross interference in hong kong last. long. the oscar winning composer ennio morricone best known for his spaghetti western scores dies aged 91. below with more than 530000 people dead the coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing but the focus of attention has shifted yet again as india surges past russia to become the furred hardest hit nation with nearly 700000 infections or their cases per capita remain low the outbreak there isn't expected to peak for several more weeks india is now only behind the u.s. and brazil which together have more than
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a 3rd of all the world's cases and deaths meanwhile the limits of our understanding of the disease have been highlighted again as 239 scientists now say there's evidence airborne and can spread through smaller particles in the air they want the w.h.o. to revise its recommendations is about per annum begins our coverage from new delhi where some areas are reopening despite concerns the total number of cases could be underestimated. it took. 17 years to build the taj mahal in the 17th century and for those wishing to see the mob a muslim for his wife months the wait just got longer on board. we were very excited about coming here my daughter's been frustrated and so were we after sitting at home for weeks so we decided to come here when we heard that it was going to open but now we're disappointed. the indian government open the many monuments on monday for the 1st time since march but the taj mahal will remain shut
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because it's surrounded by areas under quarantine elsewhere in the country few people wanted to venture out given the rising number of coronavirus cases delhi's most famous tower the 12th century. is usually one of the most popular tourist sites in the country with $8000.00 visitors a day but in the 8 hours since it's reopened only about 50 people have come to visit. with international flight still suspended many who depend on tourism a worried about how they'll survive really all guides already voted on a ski speaking because cases are not declining they're going up because they will be feared in the psychology of the. buddhist about going to a new place and that is definitely has a negative impact not only in delhi but all over india. the indian government says it's tested $10000000.00 people so far but it still has one of the lowest testing rates per capita in the world reported cases of serious on the true numbers of
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infections that are probably in the 10s of millions of this point in time for now it's going to keep continuing to live get some of the hundreds of millions of cases and i don't really see a reason for a reprieve at this point in time because we really don't have an effective control measure. but the central government unwilling to be impose a national lockdown because of its economic impact states implementing their own measure is to do it on the podium and. has begun a one week lockdown allowing only essential services kolkata has suspended flights from the 6 worst hit cities for 2 weeks given india's large size and population health experts say different regions will experience a peak in infections at different times elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi new york's governor has accused the us president of enabling the virus with his messaging on the pandemic saying he's been making up facts and science i watch house correspondent can be how could joins us live can be quite an attack there
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from cuomo why why now. well there's a spike in cases all across the united states 40 out of the 50 showing really increased and record breaking in some cases numbers of coronavirus cases and that has certainly got the new york governor or the democratic governor concerned as you pointed out he says the president is enabling the virus what's he talking about well the u.s. president over the weekend really trying to downplay these numbers saying that the reason that there is an increase is because there's more testing going on in that 99 percent of the people to get coronavirus will that harmless this is certainly something that the new york governor has pushed back on this the president don't be a coconspirator of covert do one simple thing big knowledge to the american people that covert exists it is
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a major problem it's going to continue until we admit it and each of us to do our part. well the u.s. president has not been admitting that is a major problem instead in the last hour he's been pushing back against his joe biden the democratic presidential nominee he'll be facing off against in november in fact he's saying that far more people would have died if joe biden was in the white house pushing back on the criticisms about closing trav close in the united states to travelers from china he's also said that deaths are down 39 percent in the united states and again is pushing for the economy to reopen even as we see some states starting to close acknowledging they may have open too soon in the case of southern florida we now see jim's closing as well as some dining room still the u.s. president pushing ahead with reopening tweeting in all caps that schools especially
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should reopen in the fall committee how can i thank you very much indeed. the border between australia's 2 most populous states has had to close indefinitely as cases of corona virus saw on one side of arteries in victoria scrambling to bring its infection rate down isolating residents and bringing in more social distancing measures like a cage reports from canberra. trapped in their homes unable to leave for any reason 3000 residents in 9 public housing towers in melbourne will remain inside their flats for at least 5 days an unprecedented lock down for a strike after the buildings were linked to dozens of corona virus cases it's very very challenging but it is far preferable to saying vast numbers of people with underlying health conditions infected with this virus spreading it between each
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other for many inside english is the 2nd language food and essential items are being delivered and is 24 hour police surveillance but some of question the fairness of the tough measures only affecting those in the public housing blocks. it's a massive crippling relations that individuals are now confined to. little out to leave except for very few exceptions and we're not saying that exceptions being exercised astray or has been relatively successful in suppressing coronavirus but in the past week infections in the state of victoria have soared it recorded 127 new cases on sunday prompting the closure of its border with neighboring state new south wales indefinitely this is the 1st time in 100 years the border between australia is true most populous states will close several towns straddle the truce sought some residence though it will be given exemptions and permits allowing them
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to travel across it's a decision that will no doubt be a huge setback for australia's economic recovery as it heads into a recession we have done this based on health advice and especially given the fact that when our nation had those higher number of cases back in february and march the vast majority of those cases were the by the space travelers all the direct contacts what is happening in victoria is very different which is why the fuck you take this case a serious stand a strong leader has fared better than many countries during this pandemic with about 1500 cases so far but the melbourne outbreak has concerned many a clear example of how quickly this virus can return and spread quickly gauge 0 cambra. israel is immediately closing all bars nightclubs and gymnast prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's necessary to avoid a wider lockdown nearly
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a 1000 new cases are being reported every day in the shop rising infections israel has recorded at least 30000 cases and 332 deaths. the u.k. has announced economic sanctions on those involved in the murder of saudi journalists . 49 individuals and organizations have been sanctioned under the government's new systems to punish human rights offenders rational for te's implicated in the death of lawyer said gave manusky of also means targeted sanction individuals will be barred from entering the u.k. using banks in the country or profiting from the economy or those with blood on their hands the thugs of the sports the henchmen dictators will not be free to waltz into this country to buy property on the king's road on king's road to do their christmas shopping in knightsbridge or frankly to siphon dirty money through
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british banks rather financial institutions so nobody who has more on the government's new scheme. dominic robb made no bones about exactly what he wanted to come out of this law he put it in very strong terms indeed and it's almost a sort of personal project of his he'd have 1st raised this back in 2012 he is of course from human rights lawyer background as well he has consistently kept in contact with the widow of sergei magnitsky natale here and so for him it's got that personal touch with changing the british foreign policy perhaps from what has been criticized that it would be perhaps compromise in the aftermath of brics it to try and form strategic relationships with our eyes who perhaps have. huge. problems with human rights such as saudi arabia for example but this is trying to
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be put the human rights aspect front and center ahead of those strategic relations with which britain can now go forward with our lives fully leaves the transition period after brics it china's ambassador to the u.k. has lashed out at the british government's offer of potential citizenship to millions of people in hong kong usually means says the move amounts to gross interference in china's internal affairs and accuse the u.k. of making irresponsible remarks britain is among dozens of countries to criticize china's decision to impose a harsh new security law on the territory but it is also offered a home to nearly 3000000 eligible hong kong residents with a prospect of eventual you cases and ship the nose while hong kong is no longer under its colonial rule and the hong kong has retained john. now
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john. you'll hear has no sovereignty or is diction or rights of reason obama after and over all over the ok government keeps making you responsible remarks on hong kong. through its soul or 6 monthly report. or shamming also criticized the u.k. prime minister's u. turn on using technology built by the chinese firm huawei in the country's 5 g. network their master said china was being treated as a hostile country and boris johnson would have to prepare to quote bear the consequences. meanwhile in hong kong 3 high profile activists appeared in court charged with organizing an illegal protest the trio included pro-democracy leader joshua wong who has denied the charges his political party disbanded last week after china imposed
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a controversial national security law in the territory form said activists would be prime targets of the law which bans any activity china considers subversive sarah clarke was outside the court and says the activists still want international support. but 3 arrived at court to appear on charges of inciting taking part and organizing what was deemed an illegal assembly in june last year at the place headquarters and this was at the beginning of those anti extradition anti-government protests that joshua won and ivan lam they pleaded not guilty to all those charges i discharge pleaded guilty to 2 of them inciting and knowingly taking part of the 3 valid to continue their fight for democracy in hong kong but in light of the introduction of the new national security laws the big knowledge they face an uphill battle and they've called on the international community to help free up us. about our future with a friend of life sentence and also big target by beijing but we also encourage the global community to let our voice being heard in the world we still have to let the
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world to know that now is the congress than before and now is the time for home foremost keep our momentum joshua long was the face of the occupier pro-democracy movement back in 2014 and has long been a target or political target of by china and hong kong government he's told the media he expects to be pursued under these new national security laws and could be extradited to china but he says he want to kowtow to beijing is already had his books removed from government libraries in hong kong but he says he won't be silenced as well. still to come when i was there are dozens of people were killed after 3 days of floods and mudslides in southern japan. and the show must go on and how the. u.k. government is making sure it's not yet. the country's long down. and
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that is the more the west sunshine across some areas of your psyche throughout much of the mediterranean the southwest even the central areas there is actually a line of thunderstorms beginning to form but before they move in the last by the look at this up into switzerland just the most stunning scenery the most amazing mountains clear blue sky and some beautiful flowers and at the foreground very nice weather as well across into poland into southern poland upon the touch of clear not quite as a summary across into norway look at this that would have a high live ation about 2000 meters and in fact the road in and out is the highest road in the whole of europe so why pretty well we still some snow but it's plenty of rain still in the mix as we go through tuesday some fairly brisk winds coming in from the west sydney across much of denmark the low country is quite cloudy and another mass of rain working its way in through will central regions of the u.k. keeping this time it is a little bit lower although paris beginning to improve 24 the high on choose day and exact kind of case guys elsewhere but this is the line as i say this developing
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some fairly severe thunderstorms at times working the way through ukraine western russia and on across in the balkans it does the going to swing its way further east as on wednesday still sitting across western russia could be a wet day in moscow though a warm day with a high of 30 celsius on a cloudy day across the u.k. and more showers widespread across central areas. from fossil fuels to a renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such an amount as a global power developing to the investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the student. we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and vironment leigh sales energy solutions for future generation the brush fire nearing future energy.
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i've. heard one of the top stories here now jazeera india has surged past russia to record the hot 3rd highest number of grain of r.'s affections in the world at almost 700000 confirmed cases. the u.k. has about sanctions on those involved in the 2018 murder of saudi journalist. and china's ambassador to the u.k. is when the british government to stay out of hong kong's affairs or face consequences. the former partner of convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein has been moved to a new york city jail british socialite maxwell was arrested and charged in you have shown thursday she'd been held over the weekend at
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a jail near her luxury home when rescuers say she was lying low maxwell is accused of working with that scene to facilitate a sex trafficking ring. joins us live from new york so what's the latest. maxwell was transferred to this prison that you see behind me it's the metropolitan detention center in brooklyn actually the bureau of prisons a federal agency that runs this isn't giving us a ton of details other than to confirm that she has been transferred here she was transferred here early on monday after spending the weekend in a jail in new hampshire where she was arrested last thursday in that 1000000 dollar home in the woods in a very secluded part of new hampshire about an hour and a half drive north of boston she's now facing 6 indictments. 2 for perjury 2 counts of conspiracy and 2 other very serious counts of enticing and
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transporting young women for sex somewhere you know according to the indictment young girls as young as 14 years old this case certainly is going to garner international attention because. the sheep maxwell was for a long time british socialite from very elite level of british society that traveled in very high in circles of the wealthy and famous people who lived a life of luxury for almost her entire life but of course no longer anymore as now she's in this jail p.c. behind me so what will happen to her next. she'll have a court appearance by a federal judge in new york later this week it could come as early as thursday or friday it will be primarily a bail hearing and prosecutors are going to vigorously argue that she should be did
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not i failed to get out of prison because they say she has 3 passports and access to potentially tens of 1000000. dollars prosecutors say in over a dozen bank accounts that she is linked to so they say she's a flight risk so they're going to be arguing in front of the judge that she needs to stay in prison as her case winds through the justice system here in new york. thank you very much indeed. and he's 44 people have been killed in japan after 3 days of floods and mudslides more than half a 1000000 residents have been told to leave the island of cuba as to actual rain inundates the region bribe reports. a weekend of punishing rains across the southern japanese island of q shoe and this is the result. wide scale flooding and landslides especially along the swollen kumar river which burst
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its banks as the rains intensified thousands of people were urged to leave their homes but some opted to stay fearing the coronavirus despite assurances from the authorities that they'd be safe one elderly care home was inundated with a number of its residents presumed dead or missing rescue teams have been sent to the area to help look for missing people and to help with the clean up i wish there was someone who can help us says this restaurant owner the government says it's mobilizing all resources to tackle the emergency. over 40000 members through the units of the police fire department self defense forces and coast guard are putting all their effort into searching in rescuing to save people's lives. for japan it's the worst natural disaster since a typhoon struck last october which killed around 90 people q shoe is used to
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powerful summer floods and has in place strong defenses against them but for now with more rains forecast those defenses seem to be overwhelming. rob looked broad 0 to wrench and rain and thunderstorms are continuing to batter large parts of china from the country's southwest to its east coast the central city of where the corona virus was 1st discovered has raised its emergency alert level of the days of heavy downpours earlier this year the city's mayor said crucial flood defense work would not be interrupted by the pandemic or so of the city under lockdown for more than 2 months in june rainfall across china was 13 and a half percent higher than the seasonal average but always new president is pledging to crack down on corruption as a shock wearer has used his inauguration speech to criticize previous administrations were not fulfilling their promises ceremony was scaled down because of a surge in coronavirus cases which would double to more than $1400.00 in the last 2
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weeks where it came to power after winning and storage rerun of lauri's presidential election in. french president has kept most of his government's key figures in place after a reshuffle but emanuel mccall has replaced his interior minister his took us to there after he faced heavy criticism for his response to black lives matter protests in france comes after he pointed to shock us tix as prime minister on friday or in local elections last week. the british government is offering a $2000000000.00 lifeline to save the arts and culture sector thousands of people have lost their incomes welfare to as museums and music venues have remained empty during the coronavirus outbreak the government says they support package will save the crown jewels of the u.k.'s art industry but can't protect every job or each owns reports from its west end. what is a theatre without an audience or a gallery with no art lovers nothing more than expensive real estate with high
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bills and 0 income for weeks the u.k.'s arts and culture industry has been begging for government help saying that theaters music venues galleries and museums shuttered by covert 19 might never reopen late on sunday night the government's responded. one the half 1000000000 pounds is the world beating pattern there's ever been anything of this scale in the u.k. for culture and indeed globally we have to accept that we won't be able to say absolutely everyone but we try we will try to stretch as far as we can the announcement of $2000000000.00 in grants and loans has been met with gasps of relief this small theater in london's west end would have been 4 plays into its season by now can't robie is deputy director she says if the german street theater sees some of the money it could start filling seats again early next year but that's far from clear yet obviously it's brilliant at this money has be this package has been announced but there are huge questions about how that will then be
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spread between all of the different industries that work in the arts so you've got theatres museums galleries music venue is artists themselves how they were going to individually be exposed chosen or selected for how much what the money will do is give venues that receive it a lifeline cove it has changed how many people can be squeezed into often quite cramped spaces and that has huge and perhaps long term implications for places that rely on crowds most theatres have to fill at least 2 thirds of their seats just to stay afloat but in a socially distance world they may have to keep 2 thirds of their seats empty to operate safely so despite this government lifeline big questions remain about the future of the industry or italians al-jazeera london. there's good news elsewhere in europe too as the world's most visited museum opened its doors again the louvre
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in paris home to the mona lisa has been shut for nearly 4 months directors say the closure has cost about $45000000.00 in lost ticket sales visitors now have to wear face masks and are only allowed to visit in limited numbers around a 3rd of the museum is still roped off because social distancing there is more difficult. oh say health is well fed one man in india has taken that very seriously injuring the coronavirus pandemic shanker court today it says he paid nearly $4000.00 for a pure gold face mask to protect him from infection the businessman says the precious metal covering weighs around 50 grams and has small punctures to allow him to breathe he lives in the western state of the her estra which has been hit hardest in india's spiralling outbreak. of the oscar winning italian film composer and corny has died aged $91.00 in a career spanning several decades he produced original scores for more than $400.00 films he was best known for redefining the soundtrack for western films including
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the good the bad and the ugly bitter again be his back is life. you don't need to be a fan of classic westerns to recognize music composed by. his collaboration with director says so called spaghetti westerns such as the good the bad and the ugly and a fistful of dollars helped define a cinematic era. really i don't describe images with my music when there is an important movie it's key that the music sees what is ensued and what you cannot see. until the 1960 s. film schools were unassuming designed to go almost unnoticed that morricone change that usually for a composer became a star. what morricone central. mid sixty's almost
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exactly to get a famous to get us to a soundtrack is a day thank you much more from your role. than are almost pop music the italian composer was honored by hollywood with an oscar for lifetime achievement in 2007 then 9 years later he won the academy award for best original score for director quentin tarantino's weston the hateful 8 it was a job more coney originally turned down until town tina allowed him to break with the style of music he'd written for westerns in the past. this is something amazing unexpected because really in my type of work you don't think of the positive or negative consequences in general there are negative ones but sometimes they can also be negative consequences there it is the film doesn't succeed or people don't like the music but this time everything went well thank goodness i'm
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happy amazed. marconi with a pearl if a composer not just in terms of the number of films he worked on but the diversity of genres it's a measure of his success the some of his schools even more famous than the films he wrote them for. a man of the top stories on al-jazeera india has surged past russia to record the 3rd highest number of corona virus infections in the world at almost 700000 confirmed cases the country is pushing to reopen and the outbreak isn't expected to peak several more weeks. york's governor has accused the u.s. president of enabling the virus with his messaging on the pandemic saying he's been making up facts and science with 130000 americans have now died from code 19 and
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cases are accelerating in states which move to ease their restrictions mr president don't be a coconspirator of covert do one simple thing big knowledge to the american people that covert exists it is a major problem it's going to continue until we admit it and each of us states up to do our part israel is immediately closing all bars nightclubs and jim is from minister benjamin netanyahu says it's necessary to avoid a wider lockdown the a 1000 new cases are being reported every day in a sharp rise in infections the u.k.'s announced economic sanctions on those involved in the murder of saudi journalists. 49 individuals and organizations have
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been sanctioned under the government's new system to punish human rights offenders sanctioned individuals will be barred from entering the u.k. using banks in the country or profiting from the economy. china's ambassador to the u.k. has warned the british government to stay out of hong kong's affairs all face consequences unusual mings says the u.k.'s offer of potential citizenship to millions of people in hong kong was to gross interference. the former partner of convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein has been moved to a new york city jail to british social articulate maxwell was arrested and charged in new hampshire on thursday x. was accused of working with it to facilitate a sex trafficking ring and faces up to 35 years in prison. to stay with us here not just the stream is coming up next.
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and i'm family ok today on that stool we're going to look at how the country successfully trickled on the virus and the constant welcome to the streets. my name is custom else and i'm the assistant to the director of health so i'm a former journalist and i've been helping my director and the chief epidemiologist focus their message to the people. so it's been a it's been a quite a right here and i think i can't wait to talk to you all about it but look we're looking forward to hearing about it welcome to the struggling to the south tell global audience. thank you for have.


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